The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


May Leaders' Meeting

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1996
East Garden
Translator Peter Kim

We all have our present missions which we all tend to give priority to. However, we do not know what is happening beyond the scope of our own missions. We do not realize how the providence of restoration is being carried out and what kind of purpose lies beyond our missions. God's providence comprises the entire cosmos and our mission is like one small part of this greater providence. In our own minds we regard this one small part as everything. That is where we are mistaken.

Our mission is like a small outreach or branch of the main providence, but it cannot be central in the cosmic providence of God. Your mission outreach station spans out in 360 degrees. It isn't just one-dimensional. Have you ever thought about that? Centering upon America you have different missions, but do not make the mistake of imagining that your mission represents the entire mission of America. There is always a 360 degree realm there. In order to save America we need to access all 360 degrees in order to fulfill this mission.

Father's concern is how can we secure the central aspect of God's providence and make sure that things go right. [Father is drawing a diagram to illustrate on the board] We may be in one particular outreach station without moving, but God is always moving around all 360 degrees to interconnect all the different aspects of our mission. At our level we have to build connections going around 360 degrees and expand our influence to greater and greater levels. If your responsibility is for one outreach station of the providence, and 360 different directions come to you from the central station what would be your reaction? Would you take the attitude that they have nothing to do with your mission and refuse to deal with them? (No.) If you take such an attitude then you will become disconnected to this 360 degree providence which will cause a setback to the providence.

Even though we are responsible for just one outreach station, we always need to be connected to 360 degrees through the central station. Along this 360 degree line there can be millions of different missions that we are unaware of. Usually American people are so pragmatic that it is only when we are convinced logically to do our missions that we do them. But if some direction comes to us which is beyond our logical comprehension then we become confused and are unable to act. It is because we are located at one remote outreach station of the providence that we feel confused. From the central station's point of view the direction is logical and it is urgent.

It is as if everyone stationed along the 360 degree line pitches baseballs towards the center station. Then the central station has to catch all of those balls and stack them there. On the contrary, if 360 baseballs are pitched from the central station to your position then you are supposed to catch every one of them and stack them beside you. Are you confident to be able to do so? Even if there are only three different directions coming at the same time, you open your eyes in amazement and don't know what to do.

The providential history of restoration is maybe hundreds of millions of years old. This is like a warehouse full of stuff. Now Father is opening the doors and taking everything out from this warehouse and is trying to resolve it all. From this perspective can you say that you want to just stick with one single clear cut mission and not care for anything else? (No.)

Within the American situation alone there are scores of different problems surrounding us. Therefore you cannot demand to focus on your own single mission and ignore everything else. This huge country of America is not totally united with the central station. There are no clear directions from the central station to you due to lack of connection and communication.

This is the reason why Jesus needed twelve disciples to represent the twelve different directions. These in turn formed 360 degrees. If those twelve disciples of Jesus had fulfilled their mission centering upon their outreach stations then Jesus would not have had to go to the cross. Even three out of the twelve were unable to be united. They all felt their individual missions were important and looked down on the central station directions. They considered their local outreach stations more important than the central headquarters.

Father always teaches us to train our members as leaders and send them out to the world. The individual is supposed to sacrifice for the family, the family for the society, the society for the nation, the nation for the world and the world for the cosmos and God. You should place more value on the number of people whom you have trained and sent out as leaders of the world, rather than taking care of your church work. Do you understand? This is very important.

The entire Unification movement is somehow troubled by the issue Father is explaining here. If Father calls upon someone to take up a certain responsibility they always say that Father is the only one who is able to do it. Before they even attempt to accomplish anything they respond this way. If you have that kind of attitude you have no future. By doing so you are denying the central headquarters role. Do you understand?

If the Japanese movement had originally sent all of the elite students to UTS as Father had requested, then by now the entire Japanese movement would be taken care of by those UTS graduate elite leaders. This same principle applies to the American movement. The American movement also sent only the second and third grade members to UTS. Where are all those UTS graduates? We are supposed to think in terms of our future and the future of the world and the central headquarters role instead of thinking only of our own situation.

As the founder of the Unification Church, Father doesn't just focus on Unification Church issues. Rather he is concerned about the future of the entire humanity, world and cosmos. Even if it is almost impossible, Father is trying his absolute best to solve the problems and tackle various challenges in this regard. Because of this effort of giving his heart and soul, Father is able to mobilize the angelic world and through them this rebirth phenomenon is taking place.

Working and helping me only brings prosperity. Father's foundation throughout the world has happened because of the principle of focusing on the central purpose first. Your local position is not as important as the headquarters role and mission. Do you clearly understand that? In other words, you need to put more effort and soul into achieving the work of headquarters rather than your own work. Without a healthy root system the tree cannot be secured. No matter how difficult your situation might be, even if you are in prison, you are supposed to give your absolute support to the headquarters. Then you will never be forgotten.

If you truly live such a quality of life then even if you are imprisoned God will come and assist you in solving your own problems. A highway will open up for you to run on. Even if Father goes to the remote countryside in South America where he might be alone with one fishing pole, if Father has that absolute standard of the central headquarters then the entire world can move. Even if Father forgets the fishing pole in his hand, he must never forget the role of headquarters and the entire world situation. No matter how urgent a situation might arise, wherever he may be Father can immediately give direction and guidance to those carrying out the urgent missions throughout the world.

Who in this room took the mission and goal of tribal messiahship seriously when Father gave us that mission? Through tribal messiahship our goal is to restore our nation. Through restoring heavenly sovereignty we want to save the entire world. As tribal messiahs, before we think of restoring our tribes and nations, we are dealing with our own physical situation -- how to earn enough money for food, and so forth. But in God's mind there is no such situation. We are like trash from God's viewpoint. We must understand this. Father even neglected his family and abandoned the nation of Korea for the higher Will.

With the fatherland of Korea in such turmoil and difficulty, Father neglected it and went to South America where there is no foundation and he began all over again. For what? Because Father has to establish heavenly sovereignty in order to save the entire world. No one in the entire nation of Korea understands this. Father is the only one who understands this and that is why Father walks the path of the pioneer even now.

Father's determination is that even if he sacrifices his own children, Father is going to accomplish this mission. That is why Father's own family is suffering and struggling. Father feels that even if his entire direct children are taken by Satan and destroyed, Father will never change his determination. Because Father is the central headquarters point and this mission has to be carried out for the sake of the world.

Father is in the position to secure the heavenly headquarters and to protect the entire cosmos. That is God's way. No matter how difficult our situation might be, we have to consummate this ideal. After the Fall humankind lost everything. How can the ideal of God on Earth be established again? Through your family, your tribe, your nation, to all humankind. Without this we cannot create God's ideal. This is the correct viewpoint. Is this true? (Yes.) The foundation of our own home is last, not first.

We have been living our lives centered upon ourselves, particularly American young people. We have held the attitude of enjoying being subsidized. We must hold the ideal of God foremost in our minds. This is most important. Father may give you this last piece of advice and leave America. The Washington Times and University of Bridgeport are important for the sake of American Christianity. Father knows that in order to build Christianity within this country, there has been so much sacrifice of tears, and shedding of blood. Father cannot abandon Christianity in America. Therefore, Father has been launching the campaign of uniting the Christianity of North and South America. Do you imagine this is an easy task to accomplish?

Among you leaders gathered here, has there been even one of you who has seriously and sincerely dedicated yourself to go to South America and offer some money to educate even one single Christian minister down there? How can you claim to be true children and call Father your True Father? How old is Father now? As an almost eighty year old man Father is traveling back and forth between North and South America. The remote South American countryside is a place where a great deal of danger exists. But you stay behind and sleep.

There are millions of Catholics in South America, and some of them would do anything in order to protect their religion. Father reveals all the deep secrets of Jesus' life to the ministers of these churches. It is just the opposite of what they believe. Who knows what some of them might try to do. Yet Father has been clearly teaching them even in the midst of potential danger. Father told these Christian ministers how Mary conceived Jesus. How could they take that? Their root system is now being shaken. Some of them might feel that Father is a threat to their churches and decide to destroy Father.

In order to give you rebirth and save your lives, for so many years Father has been preparing. Do you believe this? (Yes.) True Parents sent Heung Jim Nim and Daemo Nim to the spiritual world so they might work in the position of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are mobilizing the high spiritual world to come down to the Earth and assist True Parents in this providential work.

True Parents have reached to the level of perfection here in the physical world. However, in the spiritual world Jesus is still in the stage of imperfection. Through Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim the process of rebirth can take place in the spiritual world. Just as God sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to the physical world in order to give rebirth to the entire humanity, True Parents have sent Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim to the spiritual world to give rebirth in the reverse way. [Here Father writes on the board] In order for anyone to enter the Kingdom of God, centering upon True Parents, we have to be able to inherit True Love, True Life and True Lineage. In other words the family unit has to be established.

Father gave the Blessing to Jesus on February 2, 1973. Because of the condition of the Blessing Father gave to Jesus, then Father was able to bless Heung Jin Nim as well. Through this, Heung Jin Nim has his family in this physical world. Originally, those who enter the Kingdom of Heaven are supposed to have experienced having a physical family in this physical world. However, there was no one who went through this course. Therefore, after Heung Jin Nim's ascension, Father established Heung Jin Nim's family in a reverse way in this physical world.

The leadership here is being cleansed and all those evil spirits are being sent into the spiritual world to be educated that they might become good spirits. This is the way we can liberate Hell. Hell on the Earth and in the spiritual world will be liberated. You are presently residing in the physical hell of your physical body. How can we liberate this physical hell and then the spiritual hell? Now Grandmother Hong and Heung Jin Nim are working together to liberate hell in the spiritual world. They mobilized the fallen Archangel Lucifer. Even Lucifer has repented and confessed and is now being used to work to liberate all those evil spirits in this physical world as well as the spiritual world.

When all of these liberated evil spirits who turn into good spirits become enough to form a nation there, then the entire spiritual world can immediately be restored. Once that is established then Satan's world will no longer have any influence. Because God's ideal home settlement can be established on the foundation of the nation, Satan will not be able to defeat that foundation. It will be an eternal place of settlement for God.

This is a time of great urgency. It is the time to save your nation and save the world. You cannot simply just focus on your own local mission and your family. Your local mission and local state is nothing compared to the restoration of the entire world. You have to connect with the headquarters power, the world power.

Father is presently educating Christian scholars throughout North and South America. Your responsibility is to save Christianity. Because of the demise of Christianity we are losing so many young people throughout the world. Do you follow Father? If the American movement had truly fulfilled its mission to save Christianity in America, then America would have become the saving nation for the world. Then instead of one nation under God we would have the slogan of one world under God. Then America would prosper eternally in fulfilling such a work. But the reality is that America is declining into hell. Only Reverend Moon can halt this decline. Be alert. Wake up!

Father is an absolutely serious man. Now I have to return to Korea because the North and South are unable to unite without Father. Do you understand? (Yes.) Without my mediation we cannot establish one nation of Korea. Actually it is a matter of life and death when it comes to the Korean situation. There are so many important issues that Father has to deal with for the sake of North and South Korea now.

If you continue to maintain the attitude that you have held in the past, then you have no future. But with a new determination you can remain as mediators with the local station of your mission. But you must be connected with the central station. Otherwise you will have a miserable future. This is not just Father's idea, this is universal law. Will you take responsibility for this nation of America? (Yes.) If you don't take responsibility Father may leave America, abandoning all existing foundation here. If Satan wants to take the University of Bridgeport and The Washington Times then let him take them.

Once Rome failed then God abandoned it. When Christianity failed to receive the Lord of the Second Advent after World War II God abandoned Christianity. But Father reclaimed it and has a grip on it now. [Father writes on the board] Father established Japan in the position of the Eve nation and America as the Abel nation and Germany as the Cain nation. Therefore the Christian culture and the Islamic culture are connected. That is why America was not abandoned. From Father's viewpoint, America has been the worst enemy nation. The whole Christian foundation of the world was for the Lord of the Second Advent, but America broke this foundation. That means America is in the position of the worst enemy.

However, still Father desires to see America standing in the position of Abel, the country of Blessing. Directly after World War II, centering upon Christianity, the allied nations failed. Therefore, Father desires to restore their failure by educating the American people and uniting Japan and Germany. As you know, these nations combined with Communism to try to destroy Reverend Moon. This is not a concept, this a historical fact. God is unable to use a central figure once it fails. America failed, therefore God is unable to use America again. However, True Father is in the position of son, and from that position Father was able to choose America again. As God's son, Father took responsibility for the mistake of America and restored it.

You also need to take the same attitude of responsibility to save this America and the free world. America was placed in the position of Abel again only because True Father chose to take responsibility for its mistake. America stands in the position to give support to both Japan and Germany. This is why, ever since the end of World War II, America has been giving economic support to countries such as Japan and Germany. Today the central providential nations of Japan, America and Germany are on an almost equal level.

Therefore, after Father first came to America he sent out missionaries to the world. These missionaries comprised of Americans, Japanese and Germans. Upon sending them out to the world Father instructed them to become united with their own embassies within their mission countries and fulfill the mission there. If those missionaries truly had done this, then the Unification Church would not have stood in the position to receive so much persecution in the late 1970s.

If there had been even one country where we had built a strong enough relationship to receive protection from the embassy there, then centered upon that particular embassy all of those countries could have been mobilized to support the work of the Unification Church. However, our Japanese, American and German missionaries in each nation were all fighting with one another over who was Abel and who was Cain instead of working for the higher purpose. American missionaries insisted they had to be Abel because all missionaries were sent out from America, the victorious Abel nation. The American missionaries felt that as Germany and Japan had been in the position of the enemy nations in World War II they could not stand in the position of Abel.

On the other hand, the German missionaries argued that many years had elapsed since the end of World War 11. They felt themselves to be very intelligent as a people and superior to Americans. They argued from a position of power. The Japanese missionaries argued that their nation had become one of the super economic powers. That God loved Japan so much that it was assigned as the Eve nation and held a greater mission than any other country. Therefore, the Japanese missionaries felt themselves superior to the American and German missionaries. Everyone wanted to stand as the central figure. This is how Satan was able to infiltrate their work. Therefore, in twenty-six mission nations our missionaries were imprisoned.

During the time of the Carter administration, a letter was sent out to over 120 nations recommending that these various nations arrest Unification Church missionaries as they posed a harmful threat. As a second alternative Father sent 1,600 Japanese women missionaries to the world. True Mother became the spearhead for this. When children are fighting the mother has to intercept and control the situation. When Father sent out these 1,600 Japanese missionaries he gave them the same direction. Father instructed them to build a good relationship with their embassies in the various countries and make sure those embassies protect the Unification movement in those mission countries.

Following the viewpoint of God's providence, Father has been preparing everything step by step. Father never consulted with or sought advice from anyone else. Just as Adam and Eve never received advice from anyone else. No matter how famous the religious leaders of the world might be, Father never consulted them for advice, but rather did everything by himself. Recently, Father has been invited by various leaders in different countries to give advice and messages to them, but Father has never consulted anyone else for advice, because they are all in the position of Archangel nations.

Now we are in the age when the elder sonship has been restored as well as parentship. We are now living in the era of direct dominion which is the time of kingship. In order for us to be qualified to follow True Parents and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we members of the first generation must go through the training session in Korea in order to cleanse ourselves. We need to reach the stage of Adam and Eve prior to the fall. None of you want to be scolded by Father. Rather you want to be praised. But no matter how difficult it may be, even if you have to crawl, you have to cross over the boundary of nationalities.

When Father visited North Korea he visited the tomb of his parents and brothers and sisters. There are two sisters of Father still living. If Father was an ordinary person in this world, he would do everything within his power to support, protect and have his family treated in a special way through appealing to the high officials in North Korea. However, Father never opened his mouth on their behalf while he was in North Korea. Even at the tomb of his physical parents, Father never shed a tear.

Father's elder and younger sisters burst out crying at the tomb site. They cried out to their parents recalling how their parents always continually called out the name of their son (True Father). But Father never shed a tear. Father felt he came to North Korea in order to save the entire nation, not for his personal purpose. Therefore, at the personal level I cannot show my sorrow. In his mind, Father promised before his physical parents' tomb, that on this day I am indebted to my elder and younger sisters because I did not share any sorrow at this time. But I will return and in front of all those North Korean high officials I will declare what I feel toward you, my physical parents, in tears. But only after I bring about reunification of North and South Korea with my own hands. Then I will shed tears.

No one has ever understood why Reverend Moon is so serious, not even in North Korea. Even if Father had shared this serious heart to the most trustworthy disciples, they would forget it. Therefore Father never revealed it because they are incapable of understanding. Father never forgets when he left North Korea how his physical mother and sisters grabbed his legs and tried to prevent him from leaving. Yet Father knew that if he stayed there he would not be able to do his public mission for which he had been called. Therefore, almost kicking them, Father ran away from his home.

If you truly understood Father's life history you would cry. But nobody fully understands it. Not even the experiences of imprisonment are understood. Just as Jacob's descendants had to follow in his footsteps, and Jesus' disciples, including the entire Christianity, had to walk the path of Jesus, likewise we Unification Church members, disciples of Reverend Moon, must be able to follow in Father's footsteps. If Father revealed his difficult life course and the different stages of persecution, we would have to go through such stages also. But Father doesn't reveal all the details because he doesn't want to see us going through such a difficult course.

After joining the spiritual world, you will see all the different stages of Father's life course. If you had known all of this while on Earth and had not been able to fulfill your role then you would be in deep trouble in the spiritual realm. Therefore, Father is protecting us by not revealing all the details. Then you can always claim not to know fully all of the details of Father's life. This is out of Father's parental love to provide us the room to be able to repent, even in the spiritual world.

When Father begins to think about his own life course, even without realizing it, he finds himself in tears. When Father is alone at the river, while holding a fishing pole he might reflect upon his life course and be overcome with tears. Father never remembers any moment of his life which was lived for his own purpose. How far we are from Father in this sense. But Daemo Nim and Heung Jin Nim understand Father's heart. That is why they are working with us to assist us in growing closer to Father's heart. Do you understand? Therefore, don't forget headquarters and the liberation of the entire world. That is important and precious.

Even while eating, sleeping and working, you still have to remember those public goals and try to build your career at that public level. Father has been living his entire life for that public goal, so God can never abandon that foundation. During the last forty years Father has been establishing a foundation. You have to realize that Father has made God cry many times. Each time Father made God cry then there was the establishment of some foundation completed by Reverend Moon.

If we claim ourselves to be children and disciples of Reverend Moon, we have to ask ourselves if we have caused Father to shed tears due to our effort and work in the past. This is the measuring stick to determine what quality of work we have accomplished in the past. During Father's public speaking tour in America, in forty days he covered forty-eight states. At that time Father felt that even though the fallen people did not understand fully what Father was doing, the creation knew what he was going through. Father shed more tears than your founding fathers and ancestors for the sake of your nation, America. Don't ever become indebted in heart or you will perish.

Father's message may become Father's will for your country because Father cannot promise when he will be able to meet you again. Please take this seriously. Do you understand? Your outreach station mission is not as important as the headquarters central role and God's providence. Therefore, give your support to the headquarters first in liberating the entire world. This is more important. How, centering on true love can we liberate God? Without the hope of a true love family there is no hope to connect with God. This means that God will not be able to liberate your nation.

God cannot break down the worst Satanic power. That is our mission centering upon True Parents. This is the Divine Principle viewpoint. Is this clear? You have to clearly understand this. This is not an Oriental concept. This is God's concept. You have to understand this, how much persecution Father has received until now.

How can you connect with God's family, God's nation and God's world? You have to seriously concern yourselves with how to create such an atmosphere to enable this connection to take place. Without doing so, this nation cannot be saved. It is a very serious matter. Father went out onto the Hudson so many times in order to catch striped bass. But his true purpose was not the catching of striped bass. He shed so many tears on the Hudson River. There have been many times when Father stood at the holy rock and, looking out on the Hudson River, prayed in tears saying, "When the Hudson River has crystal clear water running then God's tears will be dried." Who is going to be able to do this? Can any American do this? If this is the task that can save the American people then Father will do it. This is Father's deep determination.

No one really knows how difficult it is to fit in all the different programs for the sake of the entire world, or all the different stages of the providence Father is implementing for the sake of the world. No one can accomplish this and no one can truly understand Father.

America in general must recognize Reverend Moon's contribution of halting the decline of America. Without Reverend Moon's help America would have declined far more rapidly than it presently has. You followers of Father, do you have the confidence to save America and the free world? (Yes.) Because of America's immoral influence the entire free world has been declining during this past forty years. Satan almost took over Christianity. Do you clearly understand this? (Yes.) Do you? (Yes.) Do you only want to save your lives and focus on your own families while millions of young Americans will die within ten years because of AIDS? (No.)

If you are truly serious about it, can you spend time to eat meals and sleep? Wake up! If True Father is not here, then you have to be determined to go out and do ten times more than True Father does. Can you pledge to Father in this way? (YES.) Father is giving you this final piece of advice. Since you heard vivid testimony from those who attended the forty day training in Korea, now you know the reality of the evil spirits affecting your body and your life. Therefore, if you truly follow Father's directions today and implement it in your daily lives then America still has hope. Wherever you may go make sure that you are in the position to represent kingship. Make sure that you are the representatives of heavenly kingship.

By following God's direction centered on True Love, True Life and True Lineage, Father has been undertaking this restoration work for the entire humanity. Likewise, if you go out to your mission field with the same level of dignity and integrity as True Father, you will be able to accomplish your mission successfully. Will you do so? (Yes.) If you truly go with absolute faith, as soon as you go beyond the growth level, then Satan will leave you. Because God will lift you up. Even if you believe in Satan's lie with absolute faith then eventually he will have to give up and let you go to God. Because absolute faith belongs to God, not to Satan. Do you understand? (YES.)

Are you willing to take such a venture, following Father's teaching? There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Your friend, your police chief, your governor, what is so difficult about approaching them? Tell them if they accept your advice, the entire state can be educated and there could be enough resources to have your state prosper. Challenge the police chief and governor to gather all of the state officials and police officers and give you the opportunity to teach them and let them hear what you can offer. Tell the governor and police chief to test you to see if you can do it. Challenge them by telling them that if they don't choose to save their state and nation then you will do so. Why not? God needs such powerful and courageous actions.

Consider yourself the younger brother of your state governor and the cousin of your police chief and go challenge them. Those who received the words from Father last week in Washington, DC are the local leaders in your various states. Work with them to build influence in your state. If you cannot do so then disappear from my view. From now on I need strong and courageous followers. This is like the time when the Israelites were about to enter Canaan. Joshua and Caleb were strong and courageous.

The moment that you give your response Father feels that you have determination in your eyes, but as soon as you leave East Garden and arrive again in New York you will have already forgotten. That has been your tendency. Because of the inspiration and spirit that you receive from Father at this moment, you all have beautiful eyes and the look of inspiration. However, when you go to Manhattan you will lose this. (No Father.) Will you not? (NO.)

Then when Father returns to America again will you be ready to show your results to Father? (YES.) Then probably Father may not come back. Because Father may retreat from America. People ask Father not to leave. Yet Father is seriously contemplating whether he should leave America or not. Therefore, we have made our commitment to be responsible for our nation of America, have we not? (YES.) Should we continue to do so? (Yes.)

The entire world has spread a rumor that Reverend Moon would go bankrupt. Yet Reverend Moon could not stop the providence even if he ends up in bankruptcy. Six years ago this rumor began, but so far Father has not gone bankrupt. Father even prospered during this time.

We cannot afford to eat as much as we want and to play as much as we want. Do you understand? (Yes.) Everyone thinks it is necessary to eat three meals a day. However, in reality we can survive with only two meals a day. Even one meal a day is enough to sustain you. No matter what method you take, we must accomplish this responsibility. Shall we do it? (Yes.)

Harvard may be superior to the University of Bridgeport academically, but it cannot provide the program which can rehabilitate, revive, and give rebirth to students. When you joined the Unification Church did you join because you looked into Father's face or what? It was because of the truth of the Divine Principle, was it not? (Yes.) The Divine Principle restores and recreates humanity.

As a qualification to become a leader you need the power of persuasion. Once you are equipped with the truth of Divine Principle you can persuade anyone. Secondly, you need the ability of diplomacy. When you meet governors you should be able to build a friendship with them. Third, you need economic self-sufficiency. These are the criteria for Unification Church leadership.

True Father has these abilities. When he goes to South America he has the ability to persuade the leaders there and they like him. Certainly Father has diplomatic skills. Because of Father's financial self-sufficiency he has been maintaining the Unification movement all these years. You have to follow in Father's footsteps. Do you want to become responsible for the headquarters or just one branch station? (Headquarters.) Then you have to witness.

With enough members you can solve the economic problem, witnessing and all other problems. You have to be able to raise even greater leaders than yourselves in your regions. Therefore, you have to be able to persuade people to study the Divine Principle more than you, and to witness more than you. Let people read Unification News and Today's World and have them learn from those articles. Then they can gain the determination to become even greater than those they read about in these publications. You should also be able to contact each state leader to find out which one brings the best result each month and share such results with your members so they can become even greater in leadership than you are.

If a much greater result was brought in a particular state, then you could suggest to your members that you all go and learn from that state in order to bring greater results in yourselves. You have to be able to build a ladder to enable your members to climb up to that goal. Do you understand? (Yes.) There are so many materials available now to educate them. By doing so they will be able to street preach, visit families and Christian church ministers and teach them the Divine Principle.

Your boundary of activity should be wide. If you are confined, make a hole up and down, right and left, front and rear so that you can expand your horizon and boundary of activity. If you want to set a goal for this month to persuade certain people who oppose you in a nasty way, then go ahead and challenge it. In dealing with your members ask them if they would like to voluntarily be responsible to persuade these antagonistic people, or do they want to do so only when instructed? Sometimes you can even have them draw straws to decide which person they are going to be responsible for.

In the beginning, they might feel hesitant, but once they meet these negative people a few times and get to know them and gain confidence, they will be more and more courageous. If members in your state have been trying with little result, then as their leader encourage them to try as much as they can. If they cannot make it you can tell them that you will go and complete it for them. This is the training process that is needed. Only those with enough experience will progress. All of you are good handsome looking people, so don't waste your youth. Your congressmen and senators are nothing actually. Challenge them by saying, "We'll see in the next ten years." That is how you need to prepare yourselves. If you just sit around nothing will happen. You may want to sit around waiting for some voluntary donor, but don't expect that. If you come to a certain place, have the determination to leave at least one building behind you when you leave that place. Not to take anything from that place. Once the people of that place learn about your action, they will be impressed. You are the ones who have to make impossible tasks become possible. If any task is already possible it will already have been done in the satanic world.

Do you think that Father has only undertaken the possible things in life? If it seems impossible then put twenty or thirty times more effort into it and you will be able to make it possible. Do you understand Father? When Father was your age he had to deal with very heavy persecution all the way to this point. But now, due to Father's victorious foundation, there is no more persecution. You are all young and strong, so what are you doing?

You American leaders are like tall trees. Do you want to become a poplar tree or a pine tree which bears the fruit of pine nuts? American citizens have a free pass in South America wherever they go. They are not even required to obtain a visa. But when Father goes to South America some countries have been difficult in issuing a visa to him. Father wants all the Unification Church members to be able to travel freely throughout the entire thirty-two nations of South America without any visa. Father wants to accomplish this.

Therefore, find the most fearful and difficult person in your state and challenge that person. Will you do so? (Yes.)

Maybe you should go and find a rich person and persuade them to invest in this project. Don't just visit their family right away. First you have to do some homework. Find out how many children are attending elementary, middle, high school and college. Then through that kind of connection you have to be able to find a natural access. Just as when God created the world He created the environment first. You also need to do your homework in advance. Through preparing a positive environment you establish yourself in the position of subject and the person you are approaching will be in the position of object. Then challenge that person maybe by getting to know a member of his family first and gaining their help to persuade that person.

Once you secure that support then you can go and see that person and provoke them. They would surely fight you back. Then that would be a good time for the member of his family whom you know to intervene and take your part. These are some suggestions of how you might approach it. If this person has three sons and all three were to take your part, then their father would surrender.

Then in front of his children you can uplift and praise him and that is how you can become friends. Then have the three sons write a proposal as to how much they think their father should donate. Of course the amount may vary from son to son. Then make an average and show it to their father and ask if he plans to give more than his children proposed or less. This is how to challenge him and he will surely offer more than his children proposed.

If you find yourself invited to special banquets or functions you should be able to give a fluent speech and sing well. If it is for the purpose of advancing God's Kingdom then you have the freedom to learn how to sing well and speak well. If your host recognizes you as a very attractive, intelligent person then the door is wide open for you. You have to create that strategy to make it come about. No matter how difficult it might be to meet rich people, if you plan your strategy and succeed then it will all become very easy for you. Then even if Father instructs you to take a break you would just keep on going in order to meet more and more people. If you are doing so for a good purpose, nothing is impossible. Be sure that your motive is only for the purpose of helping and saving.

Father has great potential in using his wit. Do you understand? If you are hungry you should be able to find a place to obtain a free meal. If you are thirsty you should be able to find a drink any place. If you are hungry and happen to see a house then just go in. If someone is cooking try to sample it. What would they say? [Laughter] Then you could praise the cook by telling him or her that you have a famous chef in your family, but this food is even better than anything this family chef makes. Maybe you could encourage them to create one more dish so that you can taste it and be able to really tell how good that cooking is. If you would like something more to drink then just sit down and talk and you will automatically be offered more beverage.

If you become a good acquaintance of this person, then when you meet in the street they would invite you again to the home. This is possible. Why not? Father experienced witnessing to one particular woman for one and a half years while enduring very negative opposition from her husband. When Father was chased out through the front door then Father would go to the back of the house and enter through the rear door and sit down to share a meal with the husband while the husband showed such hatred. Father made sure that the owner's second daughter and son really liked and respected Father. These children suggested that their father should invite Reverend Moon to the house because they liked him. The father never actually said yes or no. But that was the condition under which Father entered that house. Because the father never actually refused.

Father came to that family and shared many stories with them and pleased the children in order to gain their trust and respect for the purpose of the higher goal.

This morning Father has given you a seven-hour long message so far. Does it feel as though you've been here for seven hours, or more like three hours? (Less than an hour.) If you truly think so then Father did a good job. There was one woman follower who sat many hours in front of Father and became so intoxicated by Father's speech that she forgot to go to the bathroom and urinated right where she was sitting, This happened. [Laughter] Do you think it happened because Father prepared his own sermon in advance? Father shared from his heart, giving many examples and analogies and involved them in his sermon. Father, himself as well, becomes involved and interested in the talk he gives. Father shows you all different kinds of facial expressions. Doesn't this make you happy? (Yes.) It is necessary. Therefore, do you understand? (Yes.) If you want to become a good leader you need that kind of ability and flexibility.

If you happen to see fighting in the street, go and tell them, 'Hey, there is blood all over you. This is how you can stop them fighting because they will want to look and see. [Laughter] Try it. Since you are all honest, ardent, religious leaders here, Father hesitates to give you all the really vivid stories. [Laughter] During his entire life, in order to reach to this level of success, don't you think he has trodden every possible path? Since you became a leader of the Unification Church, even within your family you should become a leader. It is not your place to become just another mediocre family member who follows the rest of the tribe. It is your role to become famous. Not famous externally alone, but the content that you provide to others should be good. Then you will become famous both externally and internally.

You leaders standing around over there, do you have the ambition to become senators and congressmen in the future? (Yes.) How many people are working under you now? No one pays any attention to you as you are. In order to become a big tree you should have a strong root system and have strong branches. It is logical that if your congressman is far uglier than you are and it took ten years for him to become elected, then for you it should take only three years to catch up with him. Isn't that logical? When you accomplish four times more than your congressman you will be able to replace him with yourself. It is that simple. There is no exception. Enjoy what you are doing. That is key. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Father certainly recognizes all of your faces here as the ones who are capable of doing good work. Why are you all so tall? That means you have bigger guts and greater ambition. In order to contain big guts and ambition, you need a big body. Do you understand? (Yes.) What kind of responsibilities do you have?

Through utilizing the modern communication system Father is able to visit Washington, DC several times a day. You know that? (Yes.) Father's conclusion is that you must make all of the tasks you receive possible, even if they appear to be impossible. Will you do that? (YES.) When Father first announced his plan to educate North and South American Christian leaders, he was laughed at. Because over the past four hundred years the South American Protestant and Catholic leaders were in bitter conflict with one another. Then how can Reverend Moon possibly unite them. But Father has been doing so.

Father originally invited 120 leaders from both the Protestant and Catholic leadership and some eighty leaders from both sides showed up at the conference. They all wanted to meet Reverend Moon in person. After hearing Father's message at that conference they were inspired. However, it also generated a good deal of controversy. They concluded that this particular conference for Protestant and Catholic leadership marked a turning point of four hundred years of Christian history in North and South America. [Applause] They strongly requested that this would be the beginning of many more such conferences.

Are you able to accomplish such a task on your own? (Yes.) Nothing is impossible. Go ahead and make it happen. If it doesn't work the first time, then just keep on until it does. Do you think it is easy for Father to speak for so many hours like this? Suppose Father continues talking to you until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. You will have your ears open but in your minds you will complain. Father concludes that if he allows you to run the American movement as you have been doing thus far, there is absolutely no hope. Therefore, Father wants you to crack this shell and emerge from this shell and change the contents with a new substance. [Applause]

Those of you who are over forty years of age, please raise your hands? At the age of twenty-seven Father turned the entire city of Pyongyang upside down. He became so controversial at the age of twenty-seven that all the Christian ministers proclaimed him a heretic. Father persuaded so many youth leaders of the main churches in Pyongyang to follow Father.

Father became labeled as the one who takes away the key members from each church. Instead of feeling ashamed that they lost their key members, rather they were persecuting and criticizing Father. Do you ever challenge Christian ministers whom you meet by asking them if they think that Jesus was supposed to marry in his lifetime? Have you? (Yes.) What has been their response? In your opinion, do you think that Jesus had a male sexual organ or a female sexual organ or in between? (Male sexual organ.) Then what was the purpose of Jesus having a male sexual organ? The purpose of this organ is for the sake of his marriage. Through utilizing his sexual organ within his marriage Jesus would have given life to his own children.

Since Christianity doesn't believe in Jesus' marriage, do you think that Christianity would have gotten rid of Jesus' children? Do you think that God would have been happy to see such children? (Yes.) Think about how many descendants of Jesus would populate the world today. By doing so the world would have been united long ago. Instead of restoring all of these fallen people, it would be much easier to gather Jesus' descendants together and restore them back again.

What does Reverend Moon gain through revealing the secrets of Jesus' life and mission? Nothing. But Father has given the truth to the world. Don't you imagine that many Roman Catholic leaders held meetings to discuss how to deal with this message from Reverend Moon? Don't you think that other prominent Christian ministers gathered and discussed this issue since it has become a world wide message now? They may say that logically what Reverend Moon is saying is right and if we oppose it we will eventually be chased out. Therefore, what shall we do?

They don't have any logical argument with which to fight against Father. Those theologians of the various seminaries who hear this message of Father's concerning the life of Jesus, may come to feel that Father is very courageous and want to know more. Jesus and Mary, who are in the spiritual world, are in trouble. Do you think that Jesus and Mary are hiding the mistakes they made in their lives. By True Father clearly revealing their lives and their missions at this time, they are actually now free to pursue their course in the spiritual world. They can begin to take correct initiative in front of God.

Who can liberate Jesus and Mary in the spiritual world? Only True Parents. If Father had revealed this truth ten years ago just imagine the kind of opposition Father would have had to face. But since Father has laid a strong enough foundation, the battle is now over. Therefore, Father is free to disclose this secret. Since declaring the True Parents to the world and revealing these secrets, this year's motto is Let's Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents. Then what is preventing you from accomplishing your missions?

When you are in a restaurant and someone blesses the food, you can speak out loud and declare that you love True Parents and are proud of True Parents three times. Then you will digest your meal well. People around you will be curious enough to ask you what you mean by True Parents? Then you can share with them. In five minutes you can explain and convince that person. It is a simple task.

Do you suppose that Father invented the terminology of "True Parents" or do you think that God gave it? If God could have given such an answer to Father so easily then why could He not give such a secret to Jesus? Suppose God gave such an answer to the American president? If God were able to do such a thing freely, then Reverend Moon would not have needed to walk through the path of persecution. Even Christian leaders now have no logic to fight against the terminology of True Parents.

The terminology of True Parents is patented by the Unification Church. No other organization, bible or holy book contains the name of True Parents. Isn't this fantastic? (Yes.) How wonderful the name of True Parents is. (Yes.) Don't you think that Father deserves to take a break after all of these hours? (Yes.) [Applause] Now I want you all to promise in front of Father that you will no longer keep your mouths closed. Rather you will go out and spread the good news that you are all proud of True Parents and that you all love True Parents everywhere you go.

Do you realize just how much the Coca Cola company is promoting and advertising itself? Therefore, will you forge ahead of the Coca Cola campaign or lag behind? (Ahead.) At the entrance of so many towns there is a large billboard advertising Coca Cola. Don't you want to create your own billboard with a big notice proclaiming that you are proud of True Parents and that you love True Parents? (Yes.) If you can't create your own billboard, then use the newspaper. Advertise in the newspapers. Don't you want to paste up more advertising posters than Coca Cola in your local communities? (Yes.)

If you want to beat the Coca Cola company in advertising then how do you plan to do it? In order to do so you have to promote True Parentism through newspaper advertisements every single day. Run ads addressing those who are seriously thinking of committing suicide to please contact True Parents at this number. Find such people. Because every year the number of people who commit suicide increases. If those who are seriously considering committing suicide call to the number advertised and you answer their call you will be able to save lives. If they study Divine Principle they will be able to give up on that crazy idea. Don't you agree? (Yes.) Then why do you just sit around and watch many young people's lives be wasted?

Why don't you visit your local high school and challenge the principal to allow you to speak with the students for three hours and you will save their lives. Why don't you do so? Do you have that kind of conviction and courage within? You are like a flock of flies and maggots. If you don't utilize your mouth to speak the truth, when you join the spiritual world your mouth will be padlocked. Why do you rest yourselves? Just go and speak out. Walk around with a sandwich board that declares you are proud of True Parents and that you love True Parents. Will you try this? (Yes.)

People might regard you as crazy, but you are not. Many saints and sages of the past were considered crazy people but they were not. When Father went into prison, many followers of True Father pointed at him scornfully asking how could he go to jail if he was the Son of God. Father has never forgotten their persecution and criticism. Father told them that he would make sure that their children would follow him and, as their parents, they would have to shed tears of blood. Father has never forgotten. He never has forgotten either the persecution he has received in America.

No matter what, Father has to be victorious. We have to renew our determination in front of God and True Parents. Don't trust anyone else. Trust only yourself. That is the key. Determine yourselves that God has no other choice than to believe in you. In this unbelievable world I am the one who does believable work. Will you make that kind of determination this evening? (YES.) Then how many people will you witness to in one month by realizing this truth you have learned from Father? Twelve? If it is twelve a month it becomes 144 people per year. Will you do so? (Yes.) Those who are determined to do so, please show both of your hands.

Even if you may not be able to reach the goal of 144 spiritual children, why don't you buy 144 Divine Principle books and distribute them to 144 people as a condition. Then go and visit them every other month. You will be able to harvest some that way. If they have questions have them call you and discuss it with you. Give them that opportunity. If you continue in this way, within six months you will be able to select from among them those whom you can invite to your church and educate them. You have not done this and so we have a miserable result in America.

Do you all have the Unification Church flag flying from your house? Do you have it hanging on the wall inside your house or hoisted outside of your house? (Outside.) When you hoist such a flag and your community feels strange about it, invite them to your home and hold a dinner party at which to share with them about it. We have a lot of content to share with them. There are many different ways. There are 360 different means and ways to approach the people. How can you continue to eat three meals a day without witnessing?

All throughout his entire life, Father has educated the elders of the church. His mouth has never rested. He has an obligation to teach us. Father continues to repeat the same things over and over like an incantation. The masterpiece is usually created through many attempts, never the first attempt. Do you understand Father? (Yes.) Those who feel ready to fulfill what Father has shared here even if Father doesn't give any more instructions and guidance, show your hands.

Today you have heard the testimonies of the kind of tears that have been shed at the training course in Korea. Now return to your states and shed tears in your missions so that you can cleanse your selves and bring greater results. After the training session in Korea where will you go? Where? The water flows naturally from a high place to a low place. Where do you think this low place is? Think about it. You'll have to be sent some place.

Father was imprisoned in America but if you are sent to Africa it would be an easier course than a prison course. Because of Father's victorious foundation, no matter where you may go in the world, the American Embassies will not ignore you. There is no problem now. As a Unification soldier nothing can stand in your way. You can march forward to clear up the path. That should be your determination all the way. For the goal of 3.6 million couples for next year's Blessing what is America's responsibility? If you are talking about 360,000 couples then what percentage of 240 million people are they? Approximately one and a half percent. America is centered upon the Christian culture but look at what is happening here in reality.

Father thinks of the twenty years he spent here in this miserable Christian culture nation and of how he could have spent those years some other place where the result might have been one hundred times greater than what we have harvested here. Father knew that, but he didn't really have a choice. Now you know what direction you have to turn to in order to survive and save your country, don't you? (Yes.)

Father understands well that you all have good brains. Therefore Father expects that you have understood well all that he has shared with you and that you will go out and implement this. Father will omit all the rest of it that was prepared in written text.

All stand up, please. Let us pray.

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