The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


Father's Prayer on True Parents Day

April 18, 1996
7:00 am Pledge Service
New Yorker Hotel

Loving Father! Today is April 18th, 1996 and we are celebrating the 37th True Parent's Day. Heaven and earth are carefully watching over this place and all people are watching whole-heartedly. Please accept this sacred altar which, centering on your true love, connects all the good spirits of the spiritual-world, their good descendants on this earth, and even our children who are yet to be born as our future hope.

You created this world in order to feel the stimulation and unrealized potency of love. In order to realize that ideal of creation, you have sought after the object partner of your love, who was to be the center of authority for the realm of your objects, and established your substantial representative.

All creations of this world should have already fulfilled your will and become united in your love. They should have returned pride and glory as your creation. The individual, family, tribe, nation, world, and even the spiritual world should have formed a unified realm as your eternal victorious foundation of eternal love. And that should have become the happy and satisfying realm of your objective partners and the foundation for your mobility.

However, our ancestors have failed to fulfill your desire and humanity has committed innumerable wrong doings until now. And there was no one among our ancestors and among the people of this world, who knew the profound depth of your heart, as you crossed the hills, wilderness, rivers and oceans of restoration, shedding tears and yearning for the day of forgiveness even as you endured all the wrong doings of humankind.

You have sent True Parents to this world and allowed the miserable Korean people to survive in the midst of powerful nations. As the Korean people walked the history of sacrifice and misery, you have allowed to them the ardent wish for the future hope through the indigenous belief in the messianic figure 'Chung Do Ryung' (man of righteousness) and kept the national spirit strong in extremely adverse conditions. I know that the Korean people should forever be grateful for this to you. All of this was a part of the preparation for finding and establishing your lost sons and daughters.

Korean people, as an individual, family, or a nation, could not stand proudly in front of other people. Valleys of tears, sweat and blood were hidden behind their history, in order to bestow the mission of being a heavenly nation in front of the Cain world. I am grateful that you have protected the path of Korean people so that they may survive and emerge from their miserable past.

In order to grant heavenly blessing and grace to the Korean nation, you have plotted the course of indemnity without hesitation to the Korean people and they had to endure misery and lamentation. Korean people cried out as they reached the limit of seemingly endless despair and as they endured even the fate of slavery, yearning for national liberation. Although the time has come for them to emerge on the worldwide level through the advent of True Parents after their liberation, the Korean people failed to receive this heavenly fortune.

The Korean people were to secure the path of True Parents, to pioneer the living environment for True Parents, and to build a new heavenly nation centering on True Parents with a strong of sense of mission. The nation of Korea, however, was divided into the enemy camps of North and South and had to go through the wretched history of bloody civil war. We know that such a history, which was woven by you, is the course for paying indemnity.

Because of that failure, I lost the family foundation and the national foundation, and I was driven out to the wilderness. From there, I tried to make the women of world Christianity the vanguard and resolve the past failure. Only then can the heavenly family overcome the environment of tribe, people and nation, and establish a new mother, new children and the name of new parents, first in a new family and moving beyond toward tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos.

Although you wanted to have a father, a mother, and children whom you could love together with all people and the whole universe in our first ancestor's family, that ideal family was never realized. However, through True Parents, you wanted to establish the joyful family, tribe, people, nation, and world which can wipe away all the pain, sorrow and lamentation.

Father, please forgive the half century after World War II which broke your heart with a even greater sorrow. Although I was cast out to the wilderness, I pioneered the sorrowful path and overcame the individual level, family, tribal, national, and the worldwide level. In the midst of the entire world coming against me and trying to destroy me, I struggled to set the tradition of your love, uniting my mind and body and never hesitating to risk my life, for I knew that I must overcome all obstacles with an unchangeable heart for the realization of your will. I am so grateful that you have been with me on my difficult course and allowed me to rise to a victorious position of dominance today.

You have suffered to pioneer the kingship of the unified world. When we realize the time for the kingship of the unified world is near, we, the members of Unification family, should tearfully express our gratitude to you.

You asked for a national level event to take place before the end of April. Through just such an event which took place two days ago in Washington DC, today's Christianity had to indemnify the failure of Christianity at the time of World War II, had to unite with You and True Parents, the Lord of Second Advent, creating the foundation of unity. Father, I know that you have walked with me for 40 years through the hills of indemnity, as I pioneered the path to bring You back from hidden obscurity, to take back the lost position from Satan, and to restore the heart of father and son.

The members of the Unification family were to set the foundation of sacrifice by tears, sweat, and blood to prepare the path of True Parents. However, they have lost this foundation of living sacrifice and have completely forgotten through their ignorance that I myself have pioneered this path with You. Moreover, they have frequently failed in their duty of filial piety to attend True Parents, who have in them the sorrowful lamentation that is many times greater than the suffering accumulated ever since the time of the fall.

It was like a dream and a fantasy to realize the realm of liberation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, in a world where God is still not free to relate with any individual, family, tribe, and nation. You, however, held my sorrowful hand and guided me through the path of True Parents, and you now grant me the present environment where I can cross that hill and be liberated. The elder sonship lost at the time of Adam's family is restored through establishing the true familyship on the worldwide level. True Parents deny the false parenthood which Adam acquired after losing the true parentship, deny Satan, the false parenthood, and the false kinship resulting from the fall. They won the victory over Satan and over the Cain world that opposed them.

As I represent the victorious original Adam, I longed for the time when I can subjugate and go beyond the kingship of this Satanic world, after realizing the victorious foundation of the eldersonship and parentship. I am truly grateful for your grace that the time has now come for the world to overcome the Satanic dominion and be embraced in your liberating love, by declaring to the world a new era of kingship on the foundation of the true sonship and true parentship.

Communism has died out and Democracy should now go beyond the environment of conflict. We should shout a battle cry louder that any revolutionary army in human history. We should be proud of True Parents and lift the Unification flag high, for we have found the center which we sought after, longed for, and yearned to receive love from.

We should become a liberated people and humankind whom True Parents can love and be proud of. As True Parents go beyond the 36th anniversary of their Blessing, reaching toward the 40th year, we have the responsibility of the 3.6 million couples' blessing, of pioneering the path for the liberation of the heavenly nation, and of connecting all these things on the horizontal level during the next four years.

Since this 37th True Parents' Day goes beyond the number 36, we know that this is the time for you to joyfully declare the liberation of humanity, because you established the foundation of victorious sovereignty through the event two days ago, because you subjugated the sovereignties of Cain nations, and because you glorified the sovereignty of True Parents from a family, tribe, people, nation, to the world.

Father, we pray Your will be done and that You may reap as you desire. Freely exercise your authority personally on this earth and upon all people! We know that no kingship in the satanic world is capable of matching the true kingship that comes after true parentship. We humbly ask that you destroy the wall of evil, replace it with the wall of peace, and liberate the cosmos by exercising your full authority and power. I sincerely ask and hope that You can grant the liberation of the world to begin from today and grant the Unification members and their relatives to glorify you for eternity by raising the torch of liberation.

We long to celebrate this kind of holy day transcending distance. Our cherished hope and longing is to connect with True Parents' direct lineage and to pioneer the path for the heavenly Parent to visit us on this earth. We held this kind of ceremony for 36 years, wishing that You can demolish the walls of separation on every direction, that You can flatten all the hills of sorrow, that You can be the absolute center together with True Parents, and that You can bring about the realm of liberation within the direct dominion. Please accept this day of hope joyfully and remember all these years as the days of victory and your glory.

Please forgive those who attended this ceremony without knowing how awesome and significant it is to attend, and how such an ignorance can violate heavenly law. On this special day, I ask your forgiveness upon the Blessed Families who failed to uphold the dignity of heaven, for True Parents received the grace from you, who have pioneered this path in the front line, on behalf of the Blessed Families who welcomed the holy days. I earnestly ask and pray that You may grant the liberated cosmos to those who follow the footsteps of True Parents, overcome the hills of obstacles and victoriously enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Centering on today's ceremony, the Blessed Families have the historical responsibility of guiding all nations into one direction from today until the year 2000 when I will be 80 years old. The standard goal of that direction is receiving the Blessing. Please grant the day of liberation and Blessing to all humankind when everyone can open their heart and their historical environment, and go without hesitation from the earth to the top of heaven following the way of Blessing.

Commemorating today, I proclaim the beginning of a new history to the physical world as well as the spirit world. Father, please allow peace to prevail in this world and realize the kingdom of heaven on earth. I pray that heaven and earth can receive the heartfelt joy and happiness of this day. I sincerely ask You to forget the shortcomings of all people of the past, present and future and declare the liberation.

I proclaim all these things on the earth in the name of the Father, in the name of heaven. In the content of this proclamation, You have permitted all people to embrace the grace of Blessing in their mind, body and environment. So I ask You to allow all people to willingly accept Your will and become the people of peace.

I proclaim all these things in the name of True Parents.


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