The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


April Leaders' Conference

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1996
World Mission Center
Translator--Peter Kim

The time has come when God's providence is progressing to the point of culmination. There should be one goal set by God and True Parents. In order to reach this one goal there should be one central figure and central direction which will be set by God and True Parents. We have to pay close attention to which country will play the central role to lead the world. That should be your focus. Because when we make a spherical motion there should be one axis. If there are two axes this motion will be confused.

If after World War II the central nations, centering upon Christianity, had received the Lord of the Second Advent and followed his direction the world could have been restored long ago. Now is the time when we need a new nation that can be totally united with the Lord of the Second Advent. If there is an enormous tree there must be a center to it. Some might feel that the trunk in the easterly direction is the biggest and so this is the center. Someone else might claim that the central bud on the top of the tree is the center. But Father says there must be a central root which is the center of the tree. This central root is the beginning of the tree. When the seed began germinating the root formed first before any other part of the tree.

When we apply this same principle to the entire humanity over the past 6000 years, we see how humanity has grown so enormous, but still there must be a central root. Throughout history people have been trying to discover the root of humanity. Even within our families we try to discover our own geneology and trace it back. Likewise, humankind has been trying to establish the central root of humanity in many ways. What do we mean by True Parents? True Parents can be interpreted to mean the central root of humanity. The very first root from which humanity begins.

Originally, without the fall, the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, should have become the True Parents. However, due to the fall humanity fell under satanic influence. In the Last Days, when the True Parents appear for the first time in history, the entire humanity has to be restored through them. True Parents are the beginning point for humanity. At this point in time we have hundreds of different nations and over five billion people on the Earth. However, once True Parents appear they will stand in the central position. Then centered upon True Parents all nations have to be united with them in order to have a new start. This is the original position of Adam.

The position of the True Parents will have every characteristic of Adam's original position. America is a huge nation, but it still needs to be engrafted onto the True Parents because True Parents are in the position of subject. America is not in the subject position. True Parents will stand in the central subject position not only on the national level, but also on the worldwide level. Therefore, all the nations in the world must be engrafted onto the True Parents. In fact, so many nations in history have been proud of themselves, but none of them were connected to the central root and trunk.

The reason Father is giving you this particular message is because the time has come when all of the various aspects of humanity, from individual to family, society, nation and world have to be restored through the central root which is True Father. True Father has been following at the end of the line of humankind until he restored the worldwide scale elder son's right position. Father had no other choice but to remain at the end of the line because the entire world was opposing him. The entire world tried to cut Father's neck and destroy him. The individuals, nations and world who stood in front of Father have been in the Cain-type elder son position. Elder Cain type means they belong to Satan's realm. The elder Cain-type son killed the younger brother. Whereas the younger brother is the champion, the Messiah.

This entire world, which stands in the position of elder Cain-type son, has failed to eliminate Father who was in the Abel position. Therefore, that line has now turned around 180 degrees. Who is in the front now? True Father. That signifies the completion of the restoration of the elder son's right. The elder son's position should have been established in Adam's family alone. Adam was originally in the position of the elder son. From the family it has been expanded to the worldwide scale. In Adam's family the elder son's position was lost. Because of the failure to establish the elder son's position, this entire world belongs to Cain. On the contrary, in the Last Days, True Father stands at the end of the line which now becomes the beginning of the line.

Through True Father, elder sonship, parentship and kingship have been restored. The elder sonship is in the formation stage and parentship is in the growth stage and kingship represents perfection stage. This represents one family unit, but this entire world is supposed to follow this model [Father draws on the board] This world can be divided into three different dimensions. This is elder sonship in the satanic world, parentship in the satanic world and kingship in the satanic world. Father has battled against this satanic world elder sonship and has won the victory. The next stage, the battle between True Parents and false parents, has already been won by the True Parents.

The worldwide scale is nothing other than the expansion of this one original family. Actually, these different dimensions are interrelated, not separated. At the time following World War II, if Father's first wife, Sung Jin Nim's mother, had understood Father and received him as the Lord of the Second Advent for all humankind, God's providence could have been completed then. It didn't have to take forty years. The Blessing could have taken place right there. The providence of establishing the family, the nation and the world could have been done easily if Sung Jin Nim's mother had received Father. In the time of Jesus, he was unable to marry and died on the cross. Because of this Jesus could not establish his family. Therefore, he was unable to bless his three disciples, twelve disciples and seventy-two elders because of his crucifixion. However, had Christianity received Father right after World War II, then Father could have expanded this Blessing to the world. It would not have taken more than seven years.

However, due to the opposition of world Christianity Father had to take another route in order to find the original Eve and true children. That has been Father's course. Because of the failure of Christianity, Father's life course has been one of indemnity. Father won the victory at each level. The formation stage was the restoration of the elder sonship, growth stage was the restoration of the parentship and in 1992 Father finally declared True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. Because of this declaration True Parents have been going out to the world and giving all kinds of Blessings. The Unification Church traditional Blessing took place on the worldwide scale. The 30,000 couples Blessing was the formation level worldwide stage. Last year the 360,000 couples Blessings was the growth level worldwide stage. We are now standing on the victorious foundation of the growth stage and Father has begun the era of kingship.

The completion of the growth stage worldwide Blessing actually indemnified Jesus' failure. At the time of Jesus he could have actually established the national level centered upon Judaism and then it would not have been difficult to win over the Roman Empire. Jesus could have expanded his influence to the entire world. That would be the direct dominion and Satan would not have been able to touch it. No matter how strong Rome was, it would have been no problem. But Jesus didn't have the family foundation. Without the family foundation the tribe, society, nation and world foundations cannot be established.

Father has to establish this providence on the worldwide scale. Jesus was unable to go beyond the national and world level. But in this time, Father is beyond the national level and is now dealing with the world level. If Jesus had established at least his tribal level foundation successfully then Father would not have had to go through such a difficult and thorny path. Having Jesus' tribal foundation means Jesus' blood lineage could have continued until now. Jesus could have been in the position of elder brother, elder parent and elder king on the national levels. Once Jesus' blood lineage had been established Satan could have nothing to do with that historically. Father could have used this lineage immediately without receiving such heavy opposition at the national and worldwide levels.

If Jesus could have established this family and given the Blessing to three of his disciples in his direct lineage, then within 2000 years the world could have been restored. Through Jesus' direct lineage the marriage Blessing could have been established. True Father has been using the truth in order to restore the world. Now we have grown to this point. If Jesus' lineage still existed today, then restoring the entire world through this lineage would have been much easier. Do you understand? Even though Jesus was unable to establish this foundation, now, in the Last Days, we finally have True Parents. Centered upon True Parents the true lineage has been established. Centered upon the true family the blessed couples who represent true tribes and nations are established. This is truly the last stage of restoration.

Centered upon Christianity Korea was originally supposed to welcome and receive True Father as the Lord of the Second Advent. Due to this failure Korea has been divided this past forty years. Once again, centered upon True Father, the Korean peninsula has to be united. Therefore Father instructed blessed couples to go out and fulfill their mission of Tribal Messiah. As we know, Satan took over North Korea and used Kim Il Sung as a puppet. He stood in the position of the false father to the North Korean people. Actually, he proclaimed himself as the father of all humankind. That was truly Satan.

On the other hand, Father has been chased out of Korea because he still doesn't have sovereignty. In many ways, Father is still in the wilderness. After the forty years that Father has victoriously walked, he has won the victorious foundation of restoring elder sonship and parentship. Once True Father finally reached the stage of kingship, the false father figure, Kim Il Sung, was supposed to depart from this world. That is the reason why Kim Il Sung died. Three former presidents of South Korea all turned their backs on Father. Now all three of them find themselves imprisoned, accused of a great deal of corruption. While they stood in the position of presidents, they represented the father figures of South Korea. However, they failed to realize that they were not the true father figures, rather they were in the position of Cain. They eventually betrayed True Father. Now they are themselves betrayed and destroyed.

If Father had been understood and his directions received long ago, then at that time reunification could have taken place in Korea. Do you follow Father? (Yes.) The Korean peninsula has been the battleground of both theism and atheism, represented by Christian democracy and Communism. But their battle was centered on brotherhood, not parenthood. Because they chased out the parent figure they have been fighting with one another horizontally as brothers. True Father, on the other hand, has been working on the worldwide level to eliminate Communism. Finally, after forty years, Father accomplished those goals.

If Sung Jin Nim's mother had received Father fully, then before Father was forty years of age the providence could have been completed. However, due to her failure Father then received True Mother in 1960. Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of True Parents Holy Wedding. From this point on we are now entering into the era of kingship. The message which Father delivered in Washington, DC three days ago was the turning point upon which Father can stand upon the entire Christian foundation of the world as a new beginning.

Actually, during Easter week of this year, the three major weekly magazines in the United States, Time, Newsweek and US News and World Report all carried the portrait of Jesus on the front cover. The articles they ran posed the question as who Jesus truly was. During that week the American population was focusing upon the birth and life of Jesus. The articles raised such questions as whether or not Jesus had a physical wife. Is it truly possible for a virgin to conceive a child? If Jesus was resurrected would he truly come down on the clouds? All manner of questions arose in these articles.

Then on the historical day of April 16, 1996 in Washington, DC, Father gave all the answers to those questions. Imagine how many answers True Father provided through his speech. How Mary was conceived, who Jesus' father was, how the Lord of the Second Advent would come again. All these answers were provided there. Since the nation of America stands in the position of Eve, in the Last Days American women will deal with many men. We won't be able to find virgin girls in this nation. Just as in the Garden of Eden, Eve was in a position to deal with two male figures, the Archangel and Adam.

In the family of Zachariah Elizabeth was in the position of elder sister (cousin) and Mary was in the position of younger sister. However, the younger sister, in the course of restoration, was supposed to take over the elder sister's husband. Mary became the elder sister and Elizabeth became the younger sister. Who then was supposed to become the bride of Jesus? (John the Baptist's sister.) Why? In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel took away Eve who was in the position of the younger sister to Adam. At the time of Jesus this process was supposed to be reversed. The Archangel was in the position of Cain who took away the sister of Abel.

In the family of Jacob, the two sisters, Leah and Rachel were never able to unite with one another. There was always disharmony. Eventually their children formed into two separate tribes. The mission of the prophet Elijah was to unify these two tribes before the coming of the Messiah in order to make straight the way of the Lord as predicted in the Old Testament.

At the time of Jesus, John the Baptist stood in the position of Cain while Jesus stood in the position of Abel. This means that John the Baptist stood in the position of the Archangel while Jesus stood in the position of Adam. Because of the failure at the time of Jesus it became necessary for the Lord of the Second Advent to appear. If Jesus was supposed to marry, then who was to be his bride? The younger sister of John the Baptist, Jesus' step-sister.

At the time of Jesus, the law was such that if any unmarried woman were to become pregnant she was supposed to be stoned to death. In such a strict society, how could Jesus even think about demanding a younger sister to become his own bride? Let us imagine ourselves in that time when the younger sister Mary actually took away Elizabeth's husband and became pregnant. Then she gave birth to Jesus. As Jesus grew up he was requesting to marry the younger sister from Elizabeth's family. Can you imagine that? It was virtually impossible, because if it had become known to the general public then the families of Zacchariah and Jesus would have been destroyed.

When Jesus was desirous of such a marriage, Zacchariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist all knew who Jesus was and whom he wanted for his wife. In the mind of John the Baptist Jesus was his step-brother, born from his father's concubine. Therefore, for John it was unthinkable that his younger sister would marry Jesus, so John the Baptist refused and denied Jesus. Because Zacchariah and Elizabeth had denied him, even Mary herself, because of the surrounding environment, refused Jesus' request. At the age of seventeen, Jesus had desperately tried to convince each of these people to give one of the younger sisters to him in marriage. But they would not listen to him. At the age of twenty-seven, exactly ten years later, Jesus tried again to convince them with all of his effort. But once again they refused to listen to him. He waited for another three years, and at the age of thirty, in a final attempt, he again challenged each one of them.

Within the Western tradition nobody wants to deal with the number thirteen. This is because Jesus waited for ten years, from seventeen until twenty-seven, and then another three years until the age of thirty. These years make up the number thirteen which was the number of failure. At the age of thirty the number thirteen was finally lost due to the opposition of Jesus' relatives. Had that thirteenth year become successful in Jesus' life, the world would have been changed right away. That is why the number thirteen is considered the worst of numbers.

At the age of seventeen when Jesus, for the first time asked his mother Mary to find his bride from the younger sisters of John the Baptist, don't you think that Mary discussed this issue with Zacchariah and Elizabeth? She certainly did. Don't you think that John the Baptist found out about it? John the Baptist then came down so hard on Jesus, referring to him as a bastard who wanted John's younger sister when John himself was not even married. He accused Jesus of destroying his family. In the eyes of John the Baptist his step-brother requesting John's sister for a wife meant incest. That is where we find the concept of free sex in this modern world today.

If America had received the Lord of the Second Advent following World War II, then it would not have gone through this rampant phenomena of free sex. However, because of this failure America is in the grip of this uncontrollable phenomena of free sex. It won't last more than forty years. The end is in sight.

In your opinion, in the circumstances that Jesus found himself in, could he have married or not? After making the first proposal, his entire family--Zacchariah, Elizabeth, and John the Baptist--all hated him. When he made the same proposal again at the age of twenty-seven, they became even more angry with him. Then on the third attempt, when Jesus demanded the younger sister of John the Baptist for his bride, they finally decided to kick him completely out of the family. That is why Jesus went out into the wilderness.

This was the miserable position that Jesus found himself in. That is why Jesus wept, saying, "the foxes have their holes, and the birds have their nests, however, the Son of Man has no place to lay his head." That was his desperate cry. Wasn't it true? (Yes.) In that miserable situation he lost his mother, his father, and he became like an orphan in the wilderness. That is why, out of desperation, Jesus began to gather fishermen and other humble people as his disciples. He expected them to become true disciples who would understand him and form his new family. But none of them were able to do so. They were always in disharmony with one another. Finally, he decided to go to the cross and sacrifice his life in order to form the spiritual family which became Christianity in the spiritual sense.

If Jesus had married the younger sister of John the Baptist that would have been incest from a horizontal viewpoint. But due to the failure of those around him this did not occur. That is why, in these Last Days in this Eve nation of America, we see the phenomena of homosexuality, incest, and free sex everywhere. But it won't last. America, centered upon Christianity, was supposed to receive Father as the Lord of the Second Advent. Had this happened, America could have avoided this immoral phenomena. However, due to this failure, America has to pass through this most difficult course and it is spreading this immorality throughout the world.

In order to save this nation and humanity, Father decided to come to the Western world more than twenty years ago and began his public ministry, centered on the Western hemisphere. All those hippies of the sixties are now the ones who are being saved. (Thank you, Father.) You may tell Father thank you now, but due to the failure of your parents and ancestors forty years ago, you all lost yourselves, your family and your world. Therefore, your gratitude is too late. If forty years ago your parents and ancestors had offered their thanks to Father by uniting with and receiving him things could have been different. Which country has been the leading force against Father. Was it America or was it Russia? (America) The sound of the name America in the Korean language has the sound of a word meaning "one having a headache." In order to lead and save this nation, Father has done every possible thing.

Americans have to work one hundred times more than Father has done in the past. We are not in the position to just sit back and wait. In many ways America is the enemy nation, but still Father is trying to save this enemy. What mistake has Father made in America? Did he commit any crime here? (No.) Because of the failure of Jesus, humankind was unable to have a national foundation. However, because of Father's appearance in these Last Days, he has established both a national and worldwide foundation. Therefore, we have the hope of establishing the individual foundation, the family foundation, tribal, national and even worldwide foundation. In order to do so we should have a central root system which is connected historically from Adam's family all the way down to True Father. Centering upon the true family's lineage, now the family, tribal, national and even Asian block level foundation has been established. Maybe now the Western hemisphere can be attached. Once Cain and True Parents become united then the entire world can be ruled.

It is time now for us to unify the two Koreas. If the reunification of the Korean peninsula is achieved due to the support of Unification Church members in America, then the Korean members will stand in the position of Abel-type Koreans. Whereas the foreign members who supported in order to achieve this great cause of reunification, will stand in the position of Cain-type Koreans. By investing all of your prayers and support for the reunification of Korea, you will be in the position of Cain-type Koreans. However, once this goal is achieved you will go through the process of rebirth. Just like Zerah and Perez. Then truly you will come into the position of younger Abel-type Korean brothers. You will have passed beyond the position of the Archangel. You will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven without any problem.

Western Unification Church members must remember that you have the course of rebirth to go through. Please don't have negative thoughts toward your Korean elders. Do you need your Korean elders? (Yes.) Even if they use baseball bats to push you, you have to accept it gratefully. For this reason, don't you feel you should learn Korean? (Yes.) If you don't master the Korean language you don't qualify to re-enter Mother's womb. Once you re-enter into Mother's womb you will be an infant again. That means you will forget everything you now know and begin over as a new life.

How many kicks to your butt are you willing to take from the Korean leaders? Think about how many parts of God have been hit and kicked historically by fallen humanity and Satan. Don't you think it is now time for Father to restore the nation of Korea? (Yes.) Since the Fall of Man and the division of Cain and Abel, theism and atheism have been divided in the world. But with the coming of the True Parents, Father is now bringing about the culmination of these two extreme world ideologies. Also the Western culture and Eastern culture are now combining because of Father's influence. Also North and South America representing Protestantism and Catholicism are being united because of Father's leadership. Then don't you think you can at least assist Father to bring about the reunification of Korea? (YES.)

Within the reunified Korea you will find your real family, your real nation, your real parents and your real love there. Do you understand? (Yes.) Those who feel they do not understand Father's message clearly, raise your hands. That means you all understand. Then close your eyes and ask yourselves if you truly understand True Father's heart. Then raise both of your hands.

In every corner of the world we can find Koreans who escaped from their homeland. They are like fugitives in a way. They had guts enough to cross the border patrol which is guarded by armed soldiers. In the near future we will witness the Mafia-type organizations being taken over by Koreans such as these. During his travels to different remote places of the world for fishing, Father has encountered Koreans in all of these places. Father's first response to them is to assume that they have come to that place to help these poor people. (Laughter) However, these people are really like thieves. Through such encounters Father realizes how wise Heavenly Father is, for already He has sent out these people to these various remote regions of the world before Father did so. Now Father finds them there waiting for him in a way. Usually Father doesn't encounter Japanese or Chinese in these places. He only encounters Koreans whose reputation is less than desirable. They are really known as wild fighters and survivors. They are able to turn their hand to anything if need be. That is the way in which God demonstrates His Will to save these people. No matter how great Cain may be, Abel is still needed in order to reach to their parents.

If the entire worldwide Unification Church members shout out to the world that we should support these Korean men, do you suppose the people in different parts of the world would follow that? That time will come, and once the trend develops in such a way as to convince people that by uniting with these Korean men there is hope to be saved, many different families will flock around one Korean man. That is the way that tribal messiahship can take place. If such a thing takes place will you be at the front of the line, or will the local people be ahead of you?

If we are able to proclaim the truth for a one-week period through the modern media system, the entire world will become inspired. They will stand up and pursue the restoration of their tribes. Unification Church members may feel they know the Divine Principle and therefore can take it easy, while those who are just inspired through hearing the truth will threaten their families if they fail to follow them. Then their tribes will be able to attend the next Blessing. That is how the registration will begin to take place. Maybe many will sign the application for Blessing without really understanding so much. However, once they attend the Blessing they will come to realize this is the greatest thing that could ever happen to them. Then they will all claim to have signed the application form completely voluntarily.

As long as they claim that they came voluntarily then no one can blame them. Not even God. Jesus died on the cross because he was unable to give the Blessing to 120 elders. Therefore, we must fulfill our tribal messiahship responsibility. Jesus lost 120 couples because he was unable to give them the Blessing. But in Father's time you have been given 180 families to be restored by you as tribal messiahs. Three times six equals eighteen, four times four equals sixteen. These have equal value. Since the numbers eighteen and sixteen have the same value, Father asks if you are going to accomplish 180 families or 160 families. No one responded that they would accomplish 180 families.

At the time of the Seoul Olympics, 160 countries participated. Also when North and South Korea became member nations of the United Nations, North Korea became the 160th nation to join. South Korea became the 161st nation to join. Since nine represents the completion of satanic numbers, then nine times nine equals eighty-one. We had eighty-one men and women from the Congress and Senate who represented the satanic world. We might have had eighty-two by having one more Congressman, but somehow this man didn't make it. Therefore we ended up with eighty-one. Actually had it been eighty-two we would have had some difficulty to interpret it in this manner. (Laughter.)

Originally, Father and Mother both should have taken the podium and given this message to the world, because of subject and object relationship as Parents. However, based upon practical considerations, Father chose In Jin Nim. By doing so, Father built the father and daughter relationship there on the podium. In Jin Nim is the second daughter of True Parents. Upon the foundation of the completion of the mother and son relationship, then in Washington the relationship of father and daughter was formed. Now we can say that Father has set the condition of fulfilling indemnity conditions and no one can dispute it. The American media was represented by C-SPAN 2 which covers mainly Congressional sessions, PBS, the Public Broadcasting System as well as the Congressional Broadcasting. Because of this representation no American can claim not to have heard Reverend Moon's address.

Now to go back to Father's original sermon today, can there be two centers? (No.) From the individual level through to the cosmic level the center is only one. In order to restore the entire world we should have one central nation which is Korea. From Adam's family through to the Lord of the Second Advent we need one central line which is Korea. True Father is in the position of the central person who can bring about the reunification of Korea. Father is like a central pillar. Have you even really thought seriously about this?

Do you need your fatherland? (Yes.) Then have you thought about bringing reunification to the land of Korea in order to create your fatherland? Rather, we have been too busy thinking of supporting our own families with no room for devoting ourselves to the reunification of Korea. There are over six million Korean residents living overseas. It will be relatively easy to unite them and restore them back as long as we accomplish our tribal messiahship. Accomplishing our tribal messiahship means bringing 160 families. If we have that kind of success then dealing with the Korean residents throughout the world can be relatively easy.

There were 600,000 Israelites who followed Moses out of Egypt. In order to establish kingship we need at least six million. There are six million Korean residents living oversees. It is the time to leave from the wilderness in order to build the kingdom. Make sure that you learn how to unite with the Koreans living in your mission countries. As long as you are united with the Koreans living in your regions and come with them to Korea to build the new kingdom there, then you will be considered one of the founding fathers. By doing so your descendants will have the opportunity to marry with those Korean's descendants.

Are you going to seek a method to become united with the Koreans living in your local regions? (Yes.) Once you become united with them and build a relationship of cooperation with them, you are opening the way for your children as well as the children of those Korean residents. Then the descendants of these Korean residents and your descendants will be able to marry one another and mingle together, even before you enter Korea.

In order to bequeath blessings to our next generation as well as the next generation of Korean residents, this is the time that we have to raise enough funds to build schools and educational facilities throughout the world. The way to create ideal individuals is through ideal education. Do you understand? We have to cultivate children through this ideal education system. Those who disagree with Father, raise your hands. The time will come when everyone will laugh at any person who opposes Father's ideal or teaching.

This is the time of completion and so Father would like to practice democracy here. Therefore, let us collectively decide how much each individual will offer in order to build the Korean education system in your nations. If you clearly understand the way of the future you have to make a decision. Father is not going to donate one penny. This is your responsibility. The money we offer will probably be able to build elementary and middle schools. However, Father has already established colleges and universities. How much more do you expect from Father?

What is your favorite number? One? Did God like that number when He began to create? (No.) What about two? If we have only Adam and Eve that means there are no children. No descendants means the generation becomes extinct. What about four? Four represents Satan. Do you want to be defeated by Satan? What about five? Five doesn't have a partner. Whether you like it or not, if you choose five you have to take six in order to make couples. Do you like seven? Seven what? Seven dollars? Well, if seven dollars represents formation stage, then seventy dollars represents the growth stage. The number for perfection is seven hundred dollars.

Please join me in prayer.

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