The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True God's Day 1997 Midnight Speech

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1997
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Translated by Rev. Sung Sang (?) Lee
Unofficial Notes

"..." means translation was lacking or unclear.) Motto: To be proud of and love True Parents is completing the blessing of 3.6 million couples. (Rev. Zin Moon Kim) "Cham pumo nim sarang gua sarang-un 3.6 man ssang chuk-bok wan-su." "Let us love and be proud of True Parents": We will continue that slogan until the year 2000. This year's slogan is loving True Parents and accomplishment of the 3.6 million couple blessing. If we accomplish this blessing, this is a universal accomplishment.

Then will be 36 million. Will that be more difficult or easier? Number six is Satan's perfection number, but when we go beyond the number six. When we accomplish 36 million blessing, then the next level is 360 million couples blessing. Then we can bless all mankind. That is the basic formula is that perfect man and woman become unchanging blessed couple. Adam and Eve are invisible and visible God. As we cannot see our mind, we cannot see God. But Adam and Eve are like God's body. So man and woman are object of God, but Adam is the male substantial image of God and Eve is the female substantial image of God. When Adam and Eve became completely one representing God's masculinity and femininity, then they accomplish the will of God and the purpose of creation.

We did not know this until now. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and had fulfilled God's true love, if they had totally experienced true love, that means loving God truly. Loving themselves centered on God means they love God. When they accomplish God's true love ... Then they inherit this love. God is all knowing, absolute, unique and one, so his love is absolute, unique, and only one. If they had become completely one with God, then they as object would have also become absolute, unique and one. Only God's true love can become one with God. (Only through his true love?) Centering on God's true love, Father and mother become completely one. Centered on God's true love, brothers and sisters become one centered on true love. What kind of love is true love? Love which is giving, not receiving.

Sacrificial love. God's love is to want to give everything for his children eternally. Also, husband and wife want to give eternally and forget everything. That is true love between husband and wife. That is also true of brothers and sisters. If they give and forget, then they have true love. This forms, centered on God's true love, vertical love between parents and children, and horizontal love between brothers and sisters and husband and wife. That is the formula we must accomplish after the blessing. Up and down, left and right... If you cannot accomplish the four position foundation going through the 3 stages of dominion, No. 7 if you cannot accomplish, centered on me, parents, grandparents and children, we must accomplish 3 objects love. That is what we call in the Unification Church love centering on the four position foundation, 3 objective purpose. What is the will of God? Fulfilling the four position foundation is the will of God. One needs parents, husband and wife and children centered on t he family grandparents, parents, children, brothers and sisters. This will be the ideal seed for the ideal family. The seed is where the past, present and future connect. Parents, husband and wife, and children, that is past, present and future, these three stages are completely connected in unity. When you plant the seed, the seed must come from the past, present and future. The seed is the result of the past. The present is the starting point. That will connect to the future. Therefore, in the seed there is past, present and future centering on family, Adam's family, the family past, present and future. If Adam and Eve's family had been completely one with God, the seed began one seed will multiply to become one million and one billion. Thus the value of one seed is immeasurable. If the family follows the same seed tradition, then many multiplied seeds will have the same value as the multiplied seed. Adam's blessing, God's blessing, future blessings. God is the past, Adam is the present position, and next is the future. So, God is grandparent position, present position is Adam's position. Centering on Adam's family, the present position connects to past and future. The future will represent Adam's descendants. Adam and Eve were centering on Adam and Eve. Adam's position is eventually king's position. Adam's family represents the past, present and future, therefore Adam's family represents God's family. Centering on Adam, God's and Adam's family and children make 3 generations. Our family also must be God's representative. Adam and Eve represent the kingship of this world. The children represent the future king(?). You mothers represents all women. You are the queen's position. The present king must represent the past and future and represent God's authority and receive God's tradition. God's position: not only does he love Adam and Eve's family but he wants to love the grandchildren. God's problem is that he could only love Adam and Eve but could not love their children. Adam and Eve as parents also must receive God's love. Centering on God in grandparents position, Adam and Eve in the present, and children in future, the 3 points must be connected vertically. Even God himself must be able to love 3 points on the vertical line. That creates the four position foundation. That third position, grandchildren's position, is the point to receive horizontal and vertical love.

When Adam and Eve or man and woman are born, what do they need before they marry? They need the love of grandparents and parents. Children must have 3 levels of love in one point in a vertical line: grandparents, parents and children. Centering on God's love, grandfather and grandmother must become one. So must parents. Then children can receive that kind of love. So, there are three stages. Children, if they receive this love in 3 stages, can grow to the Adam and Eve position. If you say husband and wife become completely one, then they must accomplish completely forward and backward, side to side, .... In God there are grandparents, parent and children all together. Adam needed God's true love. Eve also needed it. What kind of object? Love object. They have to become one with love. That means sexual organs.(?) When Concave and convex become one, then men's and women's love become one. God's love is absolute, eternal and unchanging. Man's love when convex and concave unite is also absolute, eternal and unchanging. That is the beginning of eternal love. True man and true woman become one with God's love. As a man matures, the woman also matures centering on God's true love. When their love becomes completely one, then their life also becomes completely one. Concave and convex can only meet in one point only through love. There is no other way. Then the nation and the Kingdom of Heaven can start from there. Centering on this ideal of sexual organs, grandparents and parents create the ideal family, whether your are religious leaders or not.(?) When you completely understand this point, you can understand the extent of true love and perfect God. You understand everything.

You become the master when you complete this. Concave exists for convex and vv. Men's sexual organs belong to women, and women's to men. Why do concave and convex exist? To seek love. ... In this fallen world men and women cannot find absolute love and family and life. Therefore, fallen man's love, husband and wife's love is seeking absolutely love. That is the goal of fallen man. Man and woman, concave and convex, become completely one centering on God's love, then we become the object of God as subject, completely become one with God. Marriage is the place to make man to reach his completion and woman to reach her completion. ... In that kind of family with husband and wife completely centered on God's love, they become absolute and unique, then there cannot be another family(?). When you shake hands with husband and wife, that is an absolute hand shake. Eternal, unchanging handshake. True love has to become centered on absolute standard, absolute value. In that kind of absolute family, then kiss is also absolute, everything is absolute. So, in any direction, up and down, right and left, and back and forth, Adam and Eve's family becomes the 100% absolute position. When they become completely one with God with God as subject and you as object, then if another subject comes, he will be kicked out. Adam and Eve, when they accomplish such a family, then Adam will tell Eve she is the absolute wife and mother. You can have, centered on such an absolute family, you can have God's eternal tradition and kingdom centered on true love. When Adam and Eve become True Parents, then their position restores elder son, parent and king positions. When they accomplish God's true love centered on the family, that family represents the families of the whole tribe, nation, world and universe. It becomes an example of God's true love. When the family becomes completely one with God, then Adam is king of the tribe, the world and the universe. Adam's family expands to the tribe, nation and the world. When you multiply Adam's seed, all blessed couples's seed has the same value and it is multiplied to the tribe, nation and world. In the family you must become the father and king of the family, of the tribe, of the country and of the world. Centering on Adam's family when they multiply, centering on other families, they are going to marry together. That is the realm of the royal family. Kingship is supposed to be multiplied. When we compare this ideal of God with today's fallen family, what a contrast! Do you women in South America absolutely need a husband or not? Only one husband.

Eternal, unchanging? Is it true? You can practice that. South America has a divorce rate of 60%. Will such a country perish or flourish? The individual and the family will fail. If the family fails, then the country and society fails. When Adam and Eve's family fell, the whole universe fell. When your families are destroyed, then the whole nation is destroyed. As a woman you must absolutely obey your husband. All women in South America say yes and all men say right! Thank you! ...

Your cells are trembling because you are not living true love. The key of the woman's love must be opened by the true man. Also, a true man's love must be opened by a true woman. After your blessing, if you look at other men and women, then you should take out your eyes! What do you think? After your blessing you don't have to be afraid of beautiful women, but you don't even think about them. You only think of your own spouse. You must have that kind of discipline. If you blessed woman walk in the street and there is a handsome man, are your eyes going to go to him? Love must be absolute, unique. Only such men and women can fulfill God's true love. Your sexual organ is the original palace of God's true love. Centering on the original palace of love, your family will multiply, but the beginning point of that multiplication is your sexual organs. My sexual organ is the original palace of true love, of my life, of true blood lineage. (Audience repeats). This part of you God can live with. He can live with the original palace, the sexual organ. Our sexual organ must become the original place of God's love, life and lineage. Amen. Why don't you say Amen. Our sexual organ is the absolute, absolute, absolute original palace. The central organ must connect to the vertical point, not a horizontal point(?). By marrying each other, men matures by woman's love and woman matures by man's love. Centering on God's love husband and wife become one with God's life. Then you can become one with God. God's original sexual palace is more important than your children or parents. Without that original palace, you cannot have parents and children. That sexual organ must be locked and the key must be kept by ones spouse. If they abuse the sexual organ, than they must be like a son or daughter of a bitch. In the fallen world man's and woman's sexual organ is like an abandoned palace. We must end this kind of world. Only centering on the blessing, on True Parents we must build a new kind of world. People fail God's original ideal.

But if Adam and Eve position becomes a true object of God's love. Adam and eve must accomplish the family centered on true love. That kind of seed is eternal and absolute. Because of the original family's original love was lost, then 360 degrees of family love was lost. But if they had accomplished this family, then they would have realized 360 degrees of God's love.

The history of salvation is the history of restoration. Restoration must be accomplished by paying indemnity. Your family cannot go zigzag; you must go straight. All your tangled past history must be cleaned and cleared. South America Unification Church members don't understand indemnity conditions.

If you understand the will of God, you must understand indemnity conditions.

Restoration through indemnity on an individual, family, tribal, national, world and universal level.

So, you have to come down through 8 stages: family, tribal, national, etc. True Parents opened the highway to the Kingdom of Heaven through which you can pass through the 8 stages of the restoration course. Understand? It is like 8 rungs on a ladder. If you say, "I cannot follow the 8 stages; I want to go the mainline way," then you will perish. It is a providential time now. For 40 years True Father has laid the foundation for indemnity through 8 stages. Everyone wants to follow True Father, calling his name. True Father has been persecuted all his life; you do not understand the real meaning of True Father's persecution and suffering. True Father was kicked, stepped on, etc. No one knows his suffering. People of the world on individual, family, national and world level persecuted him and tried to kill him. For the last 40 days, True Father accomplished the 8 stages through indemnity. When True Father conquered all those 8 stages through 40 years, now it is like a flat field. Now horizontal Adam's family begins to create everything. (Knocks his mike off.) Adam was the eldest son of eldest sons. Adam's position was the position of elder parent. It was supposed to be that of king of kings. To indemnify this, True Parents have the position of elder son of elder sons.

Elder True Parents is parents of parents. There are only one set of True Parents, not two. Our True Parents are the king of kings. Our True Parents must digest the democratic and communist worlds. They must not only digest but liberate the communist world. They must become the parents of the communist world and raise them up. True Parents' position is that of elder son of elder son. In Adam's family they represent Cain and Abel (?), Jesus family also had that position as does True Parents. ... In the Christian world, True Parents as elder son must restore Christianity as Cain. Also, Christianity as Eve position has to be restored as the bride. Christian culture is the bride culture. It was supposed to have prepared for the coming of True Parents, but they were fighting each other. Cain and Abel in the Christian world is Protestantism and Catholicism. But Christians themselves are fighting each other, so God cannot be with them.

Christianity, including Catholics and Protestants, unless they prepare to meet True Parents, have nowhere to go. They must unite and prepare to be the bride to meet the Messiah. So, True Father had to restore Adam and Eve's family and the failure of Jesus' family. It failed to receive him and restore the position of Messiah. There are two different worlds: Cain and Abel sides. Cain must come back to unite with Abel. In the last days, the Christian culture is the bride culture. So the Christian nations are Eve have to become completely united. If they unite, then they could have followed the second. If they had been prepared, what would have happened to today's persecution of the Unification Church? World War II the realm of Christianity was preparing for the second coming.

Because there was not enough preparation uniting U.S. and others, then the bride has to be prepared again through was not enough. God lost America and the other nation's positions, the Christian position. God had to prepare it himself. He had to chose another way. He had to go the most miserable way to restore these three nations. Japan, American, England and Germany... For 20 years in True Father's life course, if he had been accepted by Christianity, that would have prepared the foundation for the 21 year course. When True Father came to America, it was not ready to receive True Father. It was like an enemy country, so he had to go through an indemnity course. Japan was the same. Incredible persecution and suffering he had to endure. Even though True Father chose Japan, America and Germany, they were enemies. They still persecute him. Because of the failure of Christian culture and could not prepare a bride for him, then True Father had to prepare True Mother to prepare the failed Christian position to restore the bride. If Christianity as Cain and Abel united to receive True Mother after 40 years. Women's Federation for World Peace can restore based on unity between . True Mother represents Abel position to restore Christianity in Cain position. ...

Today's Christianity has to indemnify failed John the Baptist course. 50 years ago America, England and France were united to receive the messiah. True Parents would have had different children from today. NORTH KOREA and SOUTH KOREA would have become completely united centering on Moon and Choi (Sun Jin Moon's Mother). Because of the failure of Christianity, True Father lost everything. He had to establish a new family, new clan, new nation. Everything was on Satan's side. Only one person, myself, had to restore this. For God to send one messiah, True Parents, in Adam's family, God felt he had lost everything. How miserable he was! 1945 to 52 was to have been accomplished through the Christian foundation. In 1951 there should have been the blessings we are doing now. Because True Father lost every foundation of Christianity, only the underground Christian movements followed True Father. They received revelations about True Father. True Father lost the Christian foundation during World War II. He had to prepare the family, universal foundation. Only one person, I by myself. In 1960 blessing. True Father coming to America created a foundation for the bride. When True Father was in America, True Father created a successful foundation to receive the True Parents together with Mother. The whole universe was against True Father. ...

True Father was 40 years old when True Mother was 16 at their blessing. 24 years difference. True Mother had to absolutely obey True Father. True Mother did not know all those restoration course, what high mountains they had to traverse. For True Mother, True Father is like a father, husband and brother. Eve's position destroyed Adam, God, children. True Mother was 3 generations only one daughter. ... Spirit filled underground movement believed the messiah would come in a physical body. They prepared for his physical body return. Even though they all testified to True Father, they eventually all disappeared because they could not understand True Father's positions. Even though the groups disappeared, the key people True Father restored them all.

True Father was the leader of an underground, spirit filled ... Even though True Mother is blessed to True Father, she must still qualify for the position. True Father as the messiah had to have a candidate woman from 12 different religious group and from ages 12 through 80, True Father had to chose his candidate. Those women who were candidates were all convinced True Father was the absolute man. They did not care about spouses or children. They could not sleep at night in preparation to meet the messiah. They all said, "I am the only bride of the messiah." They prepared themselves. "We need to serve True Parents. So many different women said, "You are my only wife. I will have 12 children." But if ...

Someone who is married, True Father had to push them away. The messiah's wife must be virgin. True Father must persuade them to overcome all those. 60 and 80 years old women . Should the messiah obey women, or must the women obey the messiah? One lady said Eve must absolutely obey Adam. True Father has been educating those people to get rid of them! You should obey True Father absolutely. True Father persuaded all those women of all ages. In the blessing with True Mother, she cannot automatically take True Mother's position. She had to prepare for that position. After True Mother's blessing, those women still tried to get True Father. They don't give up easily. Great Mother Hong received direction from spiritual world about how to prepare for True Mother . True Mother absolutely obeyed great Mother Hong and True Father. After 3 ? years with True Mother, True Mother still had to stay in her house.

Women said, You stole my husband! They used all kinds of accusations. ... In 1992 True Mother could stand as the True Mother on the family, tribal, national and world level. She spoke at the U.S. Congress and U.N. ...

True Mother represents women as founder of Women's Federation for World Peace.

She spoke to the world, more than 40 nations, first in Japan because it is Eve, then Korea, then the world. The second level of tour was "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." True Parents, NT and Settlement." "Let us inherit the victorious realm of True Parents.(?) ... 1992 30,000 blessing. 1995 360,000, 1997 3.6 million. Today's problems: broken families and youth problems, show this is the end of the world. When Adam and Eve fell, God could not touch them. In the last days, no one can correct the problems of family breakdown and youth sex. Because their is false love, life and lineage, True Parents ... In the last days Protestantism and Catholicism must be one to create the bride position to unite ... Because of the world level of bride position, therefore True Father can bless all mankind. He can bless families. What is this years slogan? Loving True Parents and accomplishing the 3.6 million blessing. You are saying love True Parents, but I have to love God. In accomplishing the 3.6 million blessing, you must love True Parents in the same way they love God. You are the national Messiah? To be the national messiah, you must have the qualification of tribal and family level messiah. ... This is the way of True Parents. You must be proud of your family, then of your love, ... Then you can give the rest of mankind the blessing based on God's true love. The National Messiah position, by restoring the position of tribal live, you represent the Roman Emperor. ... National Messiah has to come from True Family level. The victorious Tribal Messiah foundation allows you to restore Jesus position. To indemnify Jesus' family and Zachariah family, True Father is creating 33 leaders representatives to indemnify the suffering of Jesus 33 year course centering on True Mother's victory connected to America, Korea and the world. Each country 6 cabinet minister's wife. The national Messiah 160 blessed couples in 180 nations, then you are free and able to restore your own physical country. NM's have to qualify Tribal Messiah victory to be NM. 3.6 Millie blessing is how to accomplish this. That is how we can bring victory in the whole world. Our failure or success determines this victory. By accomplishing 3.6 million blessing, then the whole world will be ready to join the blessing. It is like liberation of all man kind. When God and True Parents are one, you and True Parents are one, then a whole realm of victory has been created. All those indemnity conditions were restored last year, so now you represent True Parents. You must be proud and grateful to True Parents! By being proud of True Parents and love them. This is the accomplishment of 3.6 million blessing.

... People will automatically connect to the blessing. Politicians and media helped to create this fallen world. That is why we must create righteous media. They speak of The Washington Times as the right-wing newspaper, but actually we are not. If we create our newspaper in 185 countries. All those worldwide highest intelligent people will work for our newspapers. That is intelligence agency people. They will have all kinds of secrets which we will then have. As we develop our newspapers, we will control these people and their will be no more . We will find out who is really an evil man and who is not. Corrupted politicians unite with the mafia and do wrong in many countries.

True Father must bring them to his side. True Father wants to give those martial arts leaders directions and educate them in the Divine Principle. True Father also organized artists groups and athletic groups. Newspaper groups, martial arts groups and artistic groups united together can change this world. Do you need a martial arts group to clear up all this evil? (Has the leader of the martial arts organization stand up. Applause.) ...

This years slogan is loving True Parents, proud of True Parents and accomplishment of 3.6 million blessing. When we accomplish the 3.6 million blessing, then millions of blessings will come from that. The 33 representatives must bring each 10 people. That makes 330 > 3300 > 33,000. ... Mobilizing main leaders of the nation, Women's Federation for World Peace, Family Federation for World Peace, Student Federation, CARP and so on can contribute.

NM's, if you train 780 reps, then your country will be restored. Then I want to visit your country in my airplane. Presidents, prime ministers and cabinet ministers if they are part of 33, then the country will be restored. We should be able to have a seminar in the congress building in each country. That is the position of a national messiah. If you are confident you are going to do it, raise your hands.

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