The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


37th True Children's Day

Father's Address
November 11, 1996
Hotel Victoria Plaza, Montevideo, Uruguay
Unofficial Notes Of The English Translation

A long time has passed since the first celebration of True Children's Day. The intervening years have been like the passage from dawn to dusk, but still the world remains in darkness. The suffering of individuals and families continues, and families find themselves, as they always have, in circumstances of spiritual oppression. This oppression comes even from the national and world environment. We recognize that Satan is controlling everything even to the threshold of God's throne. We must return to liberate ourselves. This is the course of children whose ancestors fell, and whose history has been one of disgrace and suffering.

This Holy Day refers to the true children of God: have any lived until now? Let us look at the development of this history, to see if we have lived as true children of God.

From the first True Children's Day until now, was there any sinless day, any day free of shame and disgrace? Centered on God, who can be a true son? What kind of person? Who is the king, father, master and teacher, owner of this world? Without being a child, be can't be a father; without being a disciple we can't be a teacher. We have to gain authority to stand in those positions. Even to be a first grade teacher, we must pass exams. To be an owner, we must be recognized. In each of these areas, the most important qualification is the gaining of recognition by the superior. Why? Centered on love, in True Love, we must be recognized as victorious. Then we can inherit the position of children of True Parents, or teacher, or master, or owner. The only way to inherit is through love, True Love. What is True Love?

True Love is love which never changes through the 365 days of the year. It is constant, every single day. It doesn't change in 10,000 years. It wants to be connected to the original cause. The tradition of Unification Church should be established by the parents, not children. The children themselves say the parents should establish the tradition; and parents say the children are the center of the tradition. True Love thinks of the other. Think not as what you are [i.e., from your own viewpoint], but as the partner [i.e., from the partner's viewpoint]. Through True Love we establish such a relationship.

In daily life, who is a filial son? In Korea, we know the traition of filial son: someone who day and night is worried about his parents, even what they are going to have for breakfast. The filial son is the one who is worrying about his parents and wants to give to them first. When the parents eat those three meals prepared with that loyalty, parents will feel ashamed to even pick up their fork, because of the love they feel from their children.

If we are in debt, we should be thinking about our parents, before giving to our son or daughter. We need this relationship of love; not just concerning meals. We have to think of the other, when we are dressing, too, we reflect on how to prepare the best clothes for our parents. Be more effective for your parents. Even if you have to prepare for ten years, your parents, before dressing, are going to feel the ten years of devotion.

Would you like to have such children? Can you be such children? It's not easy. Subject and object have to unite, whether it be about eating or drinking, or whatever. This means a relationship of give and take with others, to add something, to give benefit. That relationship of give and take action cannot be established through money or knowledge. It is difficult to be equal centered on power. The only element for development is True Love. The more give and take action of love, the more one can grow. The world of love is one of power to develop. This is the principle through which history develops.

Are you true children yourselves? In order to be so, your mind and body must be eternally united, with the mind subject. You have not reached that point. Your mind and body are still struggling. Where did that struggle begin? Not from God; if so, then God is not an ideal God. Do the mind and body of God struggle? No; they are harmonized; harmonized from beginning, in order for God to be God.

So God created male and female. In that process, mind and body came into conflict at the beginning, midway along the path of creation. Are we natural human beings? We are not "natural." What makes us unnatural? Money, knowledge, power are not in unnatural; they are not the problem. Something connected with eternity became unnatural; something which can connect us to eternity through the relationships of mind and body, husband and wife, parents and children, teachers and disciples.

When mind and body unite in love, they will never divide, because love is eternal. False love is not eternal; True Love has an eternal dimension. This dimension of love connects us to eternity, through nations and world. Thousands of generations are connected to eternity. We can connect only through True Love. True Love is harmonized and unique. Its essence is God. Amongst the characteristics of God, God is absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging, and His love is the same. If mind is subject, the union of mind with its object is eternal.

Mind should be the absolute subject, united with God. If the mind is united with God, then the body will follow the mind. The body cannot revolve around a mind which is not centered on God. By revolution, things develop and are raised up. But today, mind and body are not united. Disunited people cannot become true son and daughters of God. Can we stand before God with that condition of disunited mind and body? No; we can approach God only if mind and body are harmonized. We violate God's principle when our mind and body are disunited. The most important task of True Children, is to unite mind and body and stand before God. God is plus, we become minus by investing for others. If we bring to ourselves alone, it is selfish. The tradition must be giving for others. When people want to just take, decadence and decay come.

What will you do about mind and body disunity? A man should live for a woman, and a woman for a man. We have to live for the spouse; that is the formula. This is the key way to bring unity: by serving your spouse. There are many who determine to be filial sons of God, but they must know what the fall was, in order to know what to do to pay the debt to God.

Adam and Eve meet in the middle, then expand a family. The concept of living for the whole is consummated at the middle. Therefore, visible and invisible meet in the middle. They were to mature and grow as man and woman. They were in the extreme east and west, and then they must seek for the center, for each other. In the middle, the vertical and horizontal, East and West, meet in the point of equality. They form a 90 degree angle to establish a perfect sphere, North-South, East-West, front and behind. Let us all meet at the center. Based upon what? money? knowledge? love. What kind of love? True love.

In True Love, the love comes from the east, from the north, from the other. We can experience the other dimension: south through north; east through west. Three generations represent three zones of love. Grandparents sleep with grandchildren; one on each arm. In this way, God can embrace all three generations.

If the couple forms the ideal relationship, the individual relationship with God is only half a relationship. It is incomplete. The complete relationship is with a spouse we love. Then we feel complete. If the spouse is not there, we feel empty, and if the children are not there we feel empty. We have to be those sons who can form families that God wants. God wants loyal sons and daughters with whom He can live.

Would you not like to have God live with you? You must create a loyal trinity with your children (God, parents and children). The course of our life is the three object purpose; that is the goal of the Unification Church. So God, parents and children must be together, and must be ready at any time. Parents, grandparents, children, together. It is the way to Heaven, throughout the generations, centered on absolute love, to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Spirit World, and be eternal.

We are created for the opposite sex to enjoy. Men like a face with no beard, with softness. Woman likes to feel roughness. Honesty is the goal of truth, and I am speaking honestly. We have to be frank. What are a woman's breasts for? To please men. Do you feel good about that? To inspire men, aren't you happy about it? Is you sexual organ yours? It belongs to your husband. Nothing belongs to you. All senses and organs are created for your companion of love; nothing is created selfishly. You can be proud of nothing of your own; nothing belongs to you. You sway your hips when you walk. Man and woman balance each other.

We think of our parents. With this standard, you will have wonderful families. We have to be proud of our parents on every level. The kingdom is based on being proud of True Parents, and parents want to be proud of their children. In the Kingdom of Heaven, we have that authority, given by God because we were kings of the family on earth. Then God will say, "You're better than me; I'm going to give you everything I have." We say: thank you, amen.

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