The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


The Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Family of Absolute Unity

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 4, 1996
Belvedere-International Training Center
Translator-Peter Kim

What this title means is that, centered upon the family, this is the era when Heaven and Earth are to unite. This is the era of unification. Centering upon families the entire world will turn. Even before the Fall of Man, God originally wanted the kind of foundation such as True Parents established in Washington, DC several days ago- the Family Federation for World Peace. That is the kind of original foundation God desired prior to the Fall of Man.

The environment always consists of a subject and object relationship of dual characteristics. As a person, we have a mind and a body, which are in subject and object relationship. Centered upon our mind, we need vertical unity which then expands horizontally into a husband and wife relationship of subject and object. This is how the formula for oneness of the subject and object relationship expands. When we have absolute unity between our mind and body, this itself becomes object and one with another subject, such as the husband and wife relationship. Once absolute oneness is attained within the husband and wife relationship, it becomes objective to the family level. Then you come into oneness with the family level and so forth.

Therefore the history of restoration is the history of recreation. God created the environment first. Second, He created subject and object. When subject and object become one, they form the position of either subject or object. Third, another relative object is created. [Father draws a diagram to illustrate on the board] Therefore, either this becomes subject or object position or vice versa. Then they become one again. The creation of the environment, the creation of subject and object, the creation of the counterpart of object are all centered upon love. As God created the environment, subject and object and the counterpart of object, since the history of restoration is the history of recreation, when we recreate humankind again, such as Unification Church members, we have to create our environment first. What then is the environment to ourselves? As a man, as a woman, we have to mature ourselves. We have to build harmony. In other words, we have to create absolute unity between our mind and body within ourselves. This means the creation of our environment within ourselves.

God doesn't have any conflict between His mind and body. Only because of the Fall of Man did human beings begin to have conflict between their minds and bodies. Without creating the environment first, God could not have continued to create other things. Likewise, without absolute unity between our mind and body, there is no creation and nothing else can be accomplished. Once our mind and body become one, then man in the position of subject and woman in the position of object becomes object to our counterpart object and become one again at a greater level. [Father draws on the board to illustrate] This united being becomes minus to the subject/object relationship of husband and wife. This is how it continues to expand.

This is the formula. Each time you build the unity between mind and body or husband and wife, it expands to even greater levels. The first condition for fallen mankind is that of the unity between their mind and body. Upon that foundation you can build the unity between husband and wife. Who stands in the position of subject between husband and wife? (Husband.) American women have the tendency to consider that women are in the subject position. However, woman's shape is like that of a recepticle. The concave shape is a receiving shape. Whereas the convex shape symbolizes giving. When water is poured into a container does it fill from the edge of the container, or from the deepest bottom? (Deepest bottom.) Since man contains the seed of life, he should plant it in the deepest place. Does woman contain the seed of life? (No.) Absolutely not. Then if you desire to receive the seed of life you have to become an absolute object. In order to qualify as an absolute object you need to demonstrate absolute faith, love and obedience to your subject.

Absolute obedience means that you have to negate yourself one hundred percent. It is the place of investing and forgetting. The absolute zero point. When you as object, come to the point of absolute negation, then your container is absolutely empty. Then when subject is ready to give, the subject would begin also from absolute zero point. The place of love connection takes place at the point of absolute negation, absolute zero point. In order to seek absolute love you cannot have consciousness of self. When you have absolute faith in God you don't exist, in a way. You totally give yourself in faith. This concept of absolute refers to two becoming totally one. There is no separation and no individual, just two becoming absolutely united. Based upon this principle can we find any American woman in the secular world who has achieved this standard? In front of love there is no self character. Because we have to become absolutely united with love first.

Since God is the owner of absolute faith, when He first created, it was on the foundation of absolute faith. We are referring to the highest degree of absoluteness, not something mediocre. All beings were created on the foundation of the absolute faith of God. Since God applied His absoluteness as the standard in order to create this universe, His partner of love was created at that level also, the level of absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. The theory of absolute giving and forgetting stems from here. Because in order to create, God had to invest absolutely everything of Himself- His absoluteness, His uniqueness and His unchanging and eternal character. These are the four major attributes of God.

Every created being is in an absolute position. Since every created being is different, each one is unique, unchanging and eternal. All created beings are considered individual truth bodies. Based upon this principle, every created being was completed. The species do not mix. The entire creation was established based upon absolute faith, love and obedience. Therefore, in order to qualify as the lords of creation we must have this absolute standard within us. Since even grass has been created with unique, unchanging and absolute qualities, when you cut the grass, don't you imagine it will feel pain? When you cut the grass you observe moisture coming out of it. That is the blood of the grass. This is how the grass dies. When we drain the blood from our bodies, we die. When we cut the grass and make food from it means we are draining the blood from the grass.

The Principle of Creation shows us that lower-level created beings exist for the higher created beings. This is true from the mineral kingdom all the way up to humankind. Therefore, when the higher level being has to absorb the lower level being, the higher level being should offer absolute love. Based upon this absolute love foundation, higher level beings absorb lower level beings. The purpose of our lives as human beings is to offer ourselves to God. What part of God would you like to be absorbed by? Once man and woman become one as plus and minus horizontally, based upon that absolute oneness, then even God Himself who is a dual characteristic Being, becomes one also. The theory of evolution doesn't refer to love at all. No ownership. It is true that lower beings develop through the higher beings, but the difference between the evolution theory and Father's teaching is, there is always a so-called love gate for a lower being to be absorbed into a higher being.

There is no way to evolve without passing through the love gate. All the species created by God have the same attributes-they are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Always the higher being will absorb the lower being. The evolution theory ignores this love relationship in terms of progress. That is why the evolution theory is wrong. Without understanding the love concept, there is a misconception of the stronger eating the weaker. In the history of humanity, always the more powerful nations invaded the weaker nations and took over. Originally, the purpose of taking over anything was for the fulfillment of love. The act of absorbing should bring the lower level to the higher level and complete love.

When American members deal with Oriental members such as Japanese and Korean, some of you might feel yourselves to be citizens of the most developed nation and so why should you have to deal with people from lower level countries. But you should not hold that kind of concept. As long as you hold that kind of concept as an American, your country will disappear some day. Do you want to hear people saying, "Yankee go home!" or "Yankee come back!" (Yankee come back.) But in the world today we hear the cry "Yankee go home!" As long as you hear that in the world America will perish because this is against this formula of recreation.

Father has always based his life upon this particular formula. If he does not he would go down the drain also. We need to serve God based upon the absolute standard of faith. In raising us, Father applies this absolute faith standard just as God did when He created man and woman. We have to stand at the absolute zero point in order to receive this kind of love and care from Father. Have we always stood in the position of absolute zero in front of True Father? Very often we have questioned in our minds and not had the mind of absolute zero. This means there is no absolute unification between Father and you. Is this true? (Yes.)

When Father goes to the Kingdom of Heaven, unless you become absolutely one with Father, can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven also? (No.) You all take pride in your individuality and privacy and that no one can prevent you from doing whatever you want. Many Americans think in this way. You are so individualistic and private that even God has to make an appointment before visiting your home. Every morning we witness the sunrise. Can we hide from the rising sun? If the sun has individualistic and private concepts and decides to hide away from us, how could we survive? Suppose the air we breathe everyday were to claim its own privacy and individualism. How could we breathe and live? Our body would be destroyed if creation began to rebel because of individualism and privacy.

The universe has no individual concept. The universe has a total concept. Those who advocate their privacy and extreme individualism are going against the universal law. Therefore, they are bound to perish eventually. If Reverend Moon were to insist upon his own privacy and extreme individualism do you imagine that he would come here on Sunday mornings? (No.) You know well. When you come here you have to be prepared to be swallowed completely. Because if even a tiny part of you is not swallowed, then Satan would work through you. Americans who continue to maintain their privacy and extreme individualism are foolish people. In our own lives we don't want to deal with people when they continue to be really foolish. By the same token, the world will reject Americans who continue to be so foolish.

Do you want Father to go away or to remain and come back? (Come back.) How close do you want him to come? Do you want to see him coming into yourselves even if he makes his way into your entire being? (Yes.)

That is the way you want him to be totally bound with you. The secular world criticizes you for such thinking. Secular Americans don't like Reverend Moon because he is promoting the things which Satan hates the most. Secular Americans naturally belong to Satan. Who is going to prevent their decline? Unification Church members who are totally united with Father are the only ones who can prevent America from going down the drain. If we can offer greater power of love and care than the American people do for their country, then we can take over and swallow this entire America and the American people.

Once you have this great power of love, which is big enough to swallow entire America, there may be some individuals who complain inside of your stomach. However, they will be digested. Americans claimed that the melting pot of America would melt Reverend Moon and Unificationists within five years. However, the reverse is happening. No matter how great you think America is and how great American people are, there is absolutely no way that the American culture will be able to digest Reverend Moon's teaching. But, Reverend Moon's teaching is big enough and powerful enough to digest and embrace the entire America and American families without any difficulty. Without the family there is no base for the nation. Without home there is no hope, no couple. Is America able to digest the young people, the family, senior citizens? The Unification Church is able to digest every aspect of society and every age group. Regardless of age and marital status, when Father invites them to the Blessing they will come.

Don't you all desire to follow wherever Father may go? Because you all knew that Father was in New York on this day, August 4, we have an overflow crowd here. However, if you all knew that absolutely Father was far away and unable to attend here this morning, then probably not even this room would be filled. That's why last night Father announced to the leadership that he would not attend here this morning.

Everything goes in stages. When an individual doesn't like something then the family doesn't have the possibility to like it either. This goes up through the tribe, nation, world, cosmos and eventually God. Every single level has to be satisfied. Do you think this is really the truth or something that Reverend Moon just made up? (Truth.) What is the essence of the truth? Do you want to enjoy just looking at the truth or would you rather become absolutely one with it? (Absolutely one.) Then what is the truth? If you take subject position to someone who is actually above you, then a gap exists between this subject being and yourself. The amount of the gap denotes that this higher position being is much truer than you are. Do you understand the concept? As soon as you discover this level of truth, then you should become absolutely united with this truth. There can exist millions of various levels of truth. We see many different scientists claiming that they all have the truth. Also religious leaders do the same thing. In every field, whether it be science or religion, as soon as this difference is discovered between the self and the higher being position, then unity comes at that level. Once you know this level of truth, then the term heretical is simply nonsense.

When the sun is high in the sky no one can claim that it is night. It is obviously day when we see the sun. If someone is running faster than you in a race, can you claim that he is wrong while you are falling behind? No. You have to do your absolute best to catch up with him. Even if you sweat and have no sleep at night, still you have to continue to run in order to catch up. When people observe Reverend Moon doing miraculous work, which normally would take ten generations of people's work to accomplish, can they claim that Reverend Moon is wrong? (No.) Instead of trying to make him wrong, they have to do their absolute best to catch up with him.

Father, as the King of wisdom says this: If you want to follow the right path then you have to adhere to one principle. All smaller beings should offer their absolute obedience to higher beings. For example, individuals should offer their absolute obedience to their families. The family should offer absolute obedience to the tribe, the tribe to the nation, nation to the world, world to cosmos and cosmos to God. God offers and demonstrates His absolute faith, love and obedience to the entire created beings. Is that okay? That is great okay. Which okay do you want, mediocre okay or great okay? (Great okay.) G also stands for God. Do you like that? (Yes.) Why? Do you like it because it is true, or just because Reverend Moon says so? (Because it is true.) G-okay place is action place, sacrifice place, throne of God-place.

When you climb a mountain and you are sweating from your exertion, would you like to take a rest underneath a big shady tree or a little tree? (A big tree.) When people follow Father climbing the mountain, they don't have to look around to find Father even if they are lost. They simply need to find the biggest tree or boulder on that mountain and Father is there. Father is a clever man and so he will never perish. Throughout Father's entire life the entire world has been opposing him. However, the time is now changed and the entire world is beginning to support and cheer Father's work. The only choice left to Father is to go up. Since Father is being boosted up higher than Mount Everest, then at the highest place in the world God will come down and meet with Father. Do you want to meet God? (Yes.) Do you think that God wants to meet you in a low place of Hell or some place high like on top of Mount Everest? (On top of the mountain.) Why on top of the mountain? Because that is where you can see the white, unstained snow. That is where you find glaciers and everlasting snow. The color white is symbolic of victory. The high mountain peaks are covered by white snow caps, because white symbolizes victory.

Satan remains deep in the dirty, dark valley, gathering debris. This white mountain peak symbolizes victory. If Father stands on top of Mount Everest are you all willing to follow? (Yes.) In order to reach the top of Mount Everest you would have to sweat a lot of water from your body. Also you would lose about twenty pounds in weight. You might wonder why you should bother. Let Father go ahead and you will set up a tent in a lower place and sleep while Father climbs up. Would you do that? If you do so Satan will immediately come and take you down to Hell. But those who keep on following Father up the mountain, sweating blood and tears, will be elevated by God. This is the meaning behind the Bible verse, "those who are willing to sacrifice their lives will gain their lives, while those who try to save their lives will lose."

When Father and his family are being persecuted, you are still relatively untouched. If anything should happen to True Father's family we have to be in the same situation with them. If someone has to go to prison, we will have to volunteer to take their place. If anything goes wrong with Father's family do you still want to sit in the valley while True Parents are climbing up the mountain? No. If you take that position you are bound to perish. The valley is the most dangerous place to be. Father has the right to forgive anybody for anything. Even America is doomed to go to Hell, yet Father is still holding onto this America.

The history of restoration is the history of recreation. In order to recreate the Cain children, Father set aside his own children and offered total devotion and obedience to you. All the love power, manpower, financial power was poured into this America. Is that true? (Yes.) Father is continuing this providence in debt. Oriental people are making sacrifices in order to save the American people. The providence must continue despite the great debt. In Father's mind, since the task ahead of him is so great, many times he would set aside his own children and just keep going. Because if he remembers all the details of his family issues he would not be able to focus on the providence.

In His great love God sent Jesus to humankind and Jesus was crucified by them. God had to continue with His providence of restoration. Because of the blood shed by Jesus on the cross, the fallen humanity had the opportunity to be restored. If any tragic situation occurs within the true family, we should take it as grace and blessing from God and True Parents. Since Father's life is based upon this absolute principle of God, if the American people make a mistake, Father still has the right to forgive them and hold onto America. This is the power that True Father has. Do you understand? At this time Father is heading in a certain direction and the entire world is following him. When Father turns around 180 degrees Father may focus himself totally on his own family and the world will be left behind.

No matter how difficult Reverend Moon's life may be, and no matter how heavy a persecution may come to Father, he will never complain. At the time of Danbury incarceration the entire world was cheering to see Father behind bars. Did Father ever complain to God about that? Think about the agony which God had in His heart at that time. Instead, Reverend Moon was comforting God saying, "I will recover, don't worry." Since the entire world is full of fallen parents, as the True Parents to humankind, Father's conviction is that he will solve this problem and if there is anything to complain about he will do so. Only after liberating God and comforting God's heart will Father say something. Even if God were to make a mistake, only after True Parents demonstrate their pride in God, comfort His heart and accomplish everything would God say that He made a mistake and then it would not be a mistake. So if Father would confess to God that he made a mistake, God would tell Father that there was no mistake. True Father would admit in front of God that all the mistakes of Adam and Jesus were all his mistakes, God would embrace True Father in tears and claim them as His own mistakes. That kind of heart would be taking place. Do you understand Father?

You are like the children of thieves. Think about the Japanese sisters who are sacrificing themselves, their husbands, their children in order to provide the financial support for the American movement. American leaders are freely spending the money from Japan. Japan as the Eve nation is like a money mother. American leaders are continually demanding more money. There is no way the Unification Church of America can expand with such an attitude. They will go down to Hell. Have any of you really contributed any significant amounts of money to the major providence? The members in Korea and Japan are selling their houses, their property for the sake of the providence, whereas in America you continue to receive money and maintain your own lives. Is this the way that we shall receive God's blessing? The attitude taken by American people is of a low dimension compared to the members in Korea and Japan.

Even when it comes to dispatching 184 national messiahs from America, America is asking help from France and England in order to fulfill 184 national messiahs. But America should be in the position to share more people with Great Britain and France instead of asking these countries to help America. This is the way of life you American members are living. Yet, Americans have ignored South America. Therefore, Father wants to make Americans feel ashamed through South America people. Do you feel good or bad? (Bad) Is it as bad as if you are dying? If you truly feel suffering as if you are dying, then you will stop begging. Father doesn't want to come to Belvedere on Sundays, to a public place. Do it by yourselves. There will be struggle and conflict. You will sit here and compare whoever comes to give service with Father. But if you place yourself in the position of criticizing people's ability and try to compare them with Father, and also complain about Father, you are doomed to Hell. Those early members of the Unification Church will face the same situation. The only chance that we have is to throng to Belvedere and increase in numbers, even if Father is not here. Then you will have hope.

That is how you will be able to pull yourself out of this deep hole, otherwise if you just sit still waiting to be elevated, you will be pushed down even further. This is how heavenly fate operates. No matter how much you feel proud of yourselves and insist on your position, it doesn't work. You Blessed couples who have been raising your Blessed children from your own thinking, and based on your behavior will all eventually lose. Father plans to bring American people to South America and have them work with the land every day. That is how your children will be able to prosper. You have to become farmers and fishermen. Americans don't like that. Fishermen are powerful. No matter what kind of difficult situation they face they have to catch more fish. Powerful men. God helps that kind of person. It unifies the country.

In order to be resurrected you need to feel very bad in the process. You will feel yourself struck everywhere and the sting of arrows of judgment all over you. The scars of these arrows will become your testimony of faith. Reverend Moon was persecuted all over the world. Hit everywhere. But he didn't fall down. American Unification Church members have concepts which are opposed to Father's concepts. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) If you truly understand clearly then you have to turn yourselves around 180 degrees. Turn back to safety. You are standing in a dangerous place, a no-confidence place. The most serious fighting place is within American couples. God doesn't like this fighting place. You have to make new beginning or you cannot go back to God's side, to the original place.

You must be feeling badly, but that is Father's purpose. Father wants you to have a new start on this first Sunday of August. If there is something wrong we have to crack it open to see what it is. That is why Father is giving this formula. In order to recreate we have to create the environment first. Have we created the environment in our homes in order to receive God? Have you really established your family so that your neighbors and entire community pay respect to your family by declaring you, as a Unification Church family, to be such a good example? We have to lift up our standard within our community and our homes. But we have ignored that aspect of life. When your neighbors all respect you and your family as an exemplary family, then they will eventually follow you.

Follow the formula of forgiving and forgetting. In following the formula of God's creation, once you create the environment, then subject and object appear. By the same token, if you create that kind of environment within your community then your family can stand in the position of subject and deal with the entire community. If you do so then all the families of your community will follow you and become unified with your family. This is the way of recreation. Remember, we have to create the environment first. If you live in an apartment complex for five years and are afraid to open your mouth in order to witness to neighbors, are you good or bad? You have to create the atmosphere around you, the recreation foundation atmosphere. Have you made that kind of foundation? No, you have not. In order to take that position you have to become subject, like God. You have to invest with your sweat, flesh and bone. You must make determination for three years. Inside, you understand God's Principle-outside you follow Satan's way. Make determination. In America Father finds it difficult to see an object world.

Only after reaching the unity of your mind and body are you qualified to get married. You mothers and sisters have to create your family by offering your absolute obedience to your husband and create the environment for your family. Have you women demonstrated absolute faith, love and obedience in following your subject? No, you have not.

What Father is teaching you is the heavenly formula way. Ever since coming to America Father has invested in every possible way in order to create the environment. In this enemy country Father has invested absolutely everything. Father's standard was one of absolute faith, love and obedience in order to recreate America. During the past twenty years Father has turned America around. Can't you sense that America has been turning? (Yes.)

Father has been supporting, serving and caring for you all these years, coming down to your low level to do so. Like Satan's servant. But at the same time you expect Father to continue in this abnormal way. No. Father has been elevated to another level, to God's throne, to a royal seat, and now it is our turn to take responsibility. Can you do this? I have taught you so carefully. If you don't follow Father's example you will not be able to survive. Therefore, you have to take up the mission and follow with absolute faith, love and obedience. This is the heavenly formula way. If you follow this way it leads only to prosperity. Repeat after Father. [here Father has the audience repeat a phrase in Korean] This means the creation of the environment.

Are you women in the subject or object position? (Object.) What about man? (Subject.) The subject has to give one hundred percent absolute investment. This is how you become one. In almost every sense women are smaller than men. Because they are in the position to spin around you 360 degrees. Therefore, you men who are in the position of subject have to fill them in so that they can become elevated to your level. Beginning in your family life, husbands have to teach their wives how to elevate to your level. Unification Church couples have a mandate from God: we all have to sell our property, pack our belongings and follow Father wherever he leads, or wherever he sends us. Are you all ready to do so? (Yes.) Why? Because you haven't done anything until now. Whereas Father has reached the level of liberation of individual, family, tribal, nation and world level, even up to God. Father has reached to that level. Since Father has reached this cosmic level he is sending us out at the national messiah level. But we cannot simply make a quantum leap so easily. We have to go step by step.

Because of True Parents grace, now if Father sends you out as national messiahs then you are elevated to that level. However, you have to invest totally, 100 percent in order to meet this criteria. We are not really qualified to perform as national messiahs. Therefore, Father teams us up as groups of national messiahs, consisting of seven different national messiahs. As a national messiah team we go out to the world. There will be more than 184 families supporting us. The first stages of national messiahship is bringing unity between the Abel national leader and Cain national leader. Father completed the creation of the environment. Father has completed the role of Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. Within Father himself, the perfected Adam, perfected Jesus and perfected Lord of the Second Advent exists. Father has already built the ladder from Hell to Heaven. Satan has tried in every possible way to cut off this ladder. But Father has defeated Satan at every stage and now the ladder is completed. This ladder stands as a highway from Hell to Heaven. There is only one ladder.

If you had to build this ladder and go up step by step it would take more than four million years. Since Father has completed this ladder, Father now lends you this ladder to climb up. You don't have your own victorious foundation of family, tribal and national messiahship. This means you don't have your own ladder. The only way for you is to use Father's ladder. We have to come to complete zero point through absolute faith, love and obedience. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) True Father has created the atmosphere for you to become national messiahs. This is the place higher than the place of Satan's dominion.

This is the place of the direct dominion. Do you understand? The only way to go up to the level of national messiahs is by going up the ladder which Father has created. This is the time to claim back God's kingship. Kingship means national messiahship. Father is the King of kings. Your position is to follow the way of absolute faith, love and obedience. This is your mission, not Father's mission. Until this time Satan has occupied the national base.

Now you have to truly represent True Parents and take dominion as national messiahs. You have to make sacrificial investment towards this end. Take such action. Otherwise you will not be able to possess that honorable position. Without assuming this position you cannot connect with True Parents and Heavenly Father. Do you understand? (Yes.) This is your mission. Satan doesn't have this formula. The formula of forever investing and forgetting. Without practicing this formula successfully, without sacrificing you cannot reach God and True Parents. This is a reasonable conclusion. Now it is daytime, not nighttime. In the clear light of day you understand this formula. Is this true? (Yes.) There is no darkness, no night, only morning daylight. This is the place of truth. God's system of recreation is a most hopeful place. Do you feel that you are victors? Not victorious. Father doesn't like the adverb. You must feel that you are victors.

Heaven represents father and Earth represents mother. You came from the womb of your first mother and your second mother is the earth. From the earth all resources are supplied. Earth is the position of women. The earth digests everything and does not complain and so women must have those same characteristics. The land is our second mother. The Holy Spirit is our third mother, heavenly mother. First father is husband and the second father, mother's landowner king. To whom does the American land belong? The American president? The people? Yes, but the nation is the mother place. However, a president only reigns for four years, but God's way is that of everlasting Kingship. Democracy is the brotherhood position. Brothers fight one another. How can they become unified? It is not easy, brother to brother. They need parents in order to unify. Heavenly parents and earthly parents. [Father draws on the board to explain his point] That kind of foundation is called the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

As you see from Father's topic this morning, the Parents of Heaven and Earth are in the position of plus, subject. Whereas the era of family is in the position of minus, object. We need absolute oneness, absolute unification between these two. God represents the vertical aspect because He is the father of our mind. Mother represents earth and our body. Do you desire a unique, unchanging and eternal body or a temporary body? God created unique, unchanging, eternal and absolute love. God needs forever, unchanging love. Which part of men and women's body is different? Their eyes? The only part that is different is their sexual organs. Woman cannot be changeable. Woman is a unique, eternal and unchanging being. Is that true? (Yes.) Centering upon her sexual organ. Man is a unique, eternal and unchanging being centered upon his sexual organ.

Do you all have absolute sexual organs? Do you American women have absolute sexual organs or free sex sexual organs? (Absolute sexual organ.) Because of the Fall this unique, unchanging and absolute sexual organ has become the worst and most dirty place. Heavenly humankind hates that. Especially the religious world has denounced immoral sexual behavior. God doesn't want to see this breakdown of the sexual organ. Sodom and Gomorah was full of immoral action which eventually led to its destruction. Now America is full of this immoral action which will lead to its destruction. Do you think that God welcomes free sexual behavior? (No.) In America the establishment of homosexual and lesbian couples is now beginning. Drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs are all Satan's weapons. The power of true love is a thousand times more powerful than all of these things. Because humanity lost true love, now they are seeking after artificial stimulation.

Free sex is like a poisonous snake, promoting AIDS and destructive diseases. One bite from this poisonous snake forever cuts down the ideal world. The enemy Satan is behind this hateful free sex action. The so-called religious world has always been teaching how to subdue the flesh body. The major religions have always maintained that human beings should not drink alcohol, nor smoke and never engage in free sexual behavior. This is the position of the mind.

The zero point is the "against" place. Without taking "against" place we cannot go down to the source, the original base. Do you understand? Original world, fallen world making unification. Satan made up that same plus. Zero point is going down non-plus. Then automatically combine. The religious world is the place of persecution. Every famous religion of the world has been persecuted. Do you understand? Unification Church leaders are all of you. Heavenly Father is God. Earthly Father is Reverend Moon, Father's body. Mind side, place of completion is vertical Father, Heavenly True Parents. Absolute, unchanging, eternal unification. Without making unification you cannot get into Heaven. This is the Principle of Creation. God's absolute law. Do you understand True Love atmosphere contains no Satan? The mind power can grow to occupy the flesh body. The mind is the place of strength and the body is the place of weakness. With the protecting action of prayer proclaiming that "I belong to God, I belong to God, I belong to God," even praying three times like this, then Satan cannot touch you. The bible teaches to pray unceasingly. That kind of mind power can occupy the body. The body will become like a baby and the mind can easily control this baby without any problem.

For three days Jesus descended into Hell and taught there. The master of Hell, Satan, could not touch Jesus because of the foundation Jesus established. Do you understand? After World War II the Christian cultural world stood on the foundation of a one world basis. America inherited that powerful position as center of that world. God's sovereign power was to create one world under God, not one nation under God. Until this time America has been proclaiming one nation under God. However, God wants one world under God.

American Christianity was represented by Protestantism, the younger brother to Catholicism. The younger brother of Protestantism took the position of the elder brother. Had America welcomed Father at that time then the world could have easily been restored. All of the blessings which God bestowed upon America were for the sake of the entire world, not for this nation alone. Because America became self- centered it has declined.

The Family Federation for World Peace rally in Washington, DC historically stands in the position of the top rally. No one can take the position of opposing. Everyone welcomes. How can this be denied?. No power in the world is able to oppose. Because at the time of the Fall God was not able to control Adam and Eve, God had to recreate humankind after He lost the True Love seed. Adam and Eve produced the worst love seed. God had to create a new blood lineage. In the womb two brothers fought. God explained that in the womb two nations were fighting each other and the big nation must serve the small nation. This is God's providential way. In the recreation process God continuously invested and forgot. How difficult this process is. Imagine what a tedious and deeply miserable situation it has been for God to endure. How long it has taken to even reach to this point in the providence.

The process of recreation has been a long and torturous course for Heavenly Father. God has been seeking his true eternal love seed. Satan's seed is an imitation. It is not genuine. God's seed is unique, unchanging and eternal. How can humankind change their imitation seed back to God's original, unique, unchanging and eternal seed? How difficult God's position is. Every aspect of humanity is rotten. How can this rotten atmosphere be recreated? The only way is for this rotten atmosphere of humanity to become fertilizer.

The Unification Church is connected with God's True Love seed, while America has become a rotten field with no power. They have no power to save the family. In the Garden of Eden this rotten seed was sown at the teenager level. That time was equivalent to spring time. We are now in the time of autumn, harvest time. Therefore, we see the rotten seed that was sown in the spring time in Eden now spread throughout the world. This is the time of family breakdown because of this fallen rotten seed. No power in the world can recreate that seed. Only True Parents, who come like physicians, can recreate God's original True Love seed.

Reverend Moon has created the individual, family, national and worldwide base. The worldwide family base cannot be touched by Satan, because this is the place of the direct dominion. Only True Love can connect to the direct dominion. Is this clear? (Yes.) Do you like absolute love? (Yes.) From where will you obtain absolute love? Without True Parents you will never be able to catch absolute True Love. The True Father is the bearer of the True Love seed.

You have to feel that your family represents all past families and future families. That was the original standpoint of Adam's family. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth represents our family. Without such family base the Heavenly King cannot come down to the Earth. Heavenly King and Earthly King connect into one. The unification of the mind and body is the place of this unification. God is the vertical King and True Parents are the horizontal King. Your mind is the vertical king and your body the horizontal king. Unification between mind and body becomes the heavenly kingdom headquarters place. The True Love center is the unity between man and woman centered upon their sexual organs.

Historically, the sexual organ has been considered the worst place. Because of the Fall everything came under Satan's dominion. Therefore, God has had to go the way of recreation through the world of religion. The formation religion was represented by Judaism, growth stage religion was represented by Christianity, and perfection stage religion is the Unification Church. We live in an age when computer technology makes it possible for us to be able to communicate with one another through a computer screen and even see one another while we speak. This means the spiritual world and physical world are moving closer together. True Parents are the central point of these two worlds.

Without the family base we cannot make the King's foundation. The family unit is the base for the foundation of the King. Soon we will have the 3.6 million couples Blessing. If you want to make a victorious foundation you have to follow Father's example. Father has given you family messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah and True Parents world messiah surrounding 360 degrees. Now Father is sending out national base messiahs. Not individual, but family base. You need to become family king, tribe king, national king, world and cosmic king.

Now is harvest time and it requires just one puff of wind for everything to be harvested. The time is so ripe now. We have to advocate the wind of the Blessing which will sweep throughout the entire world.

It is like a tornado Blessing. A tornado follows a certain path. Once we succeed with this 3.6 couples Blessing worldwide, then those who are preparing to get married will pay attention to what kind of marriage the Unification Church is promoting. Don't you agree? (Yes.) The 3.6 million couple Blessing will be a universal event. Not just anyone can create such phenomena. Only King of True Love power, only Second Advent power can create this. The Blessing tornado is coming.

In the future, once married, if a couple gets divorced, they will be chased out of their community, because that kind of community will live under the standard of absolute love. Satan was the one who broke up the original family. In order to maintain the standard of absolute love, the world has to be moblized to keep up with this standard. What should be done with Unification Church Blessed couples who deviate and produce children from such action? Father feels that we cannot accept that. Adam and Eve fell while in the period of growth. This is why they were expelled from the Garden of Eden by God. We received the blessing in the realm of perfection so how can we be forgiven if we deviate after this?

Because of the influence of American secular culture, some of the second generation children have deviated and fallen. How can this be prevented? If there are any Blessed couples producing such children, we don't need that kind of family seed anymore. They will have to be exiled so that that particular family tree can become extinct. Father is saying this now, even though it may not happen immediately. However, in the future it will take place.

You may be Americans but you cannot lead your lives based upon American standards. There are many secular Americans who have to be isolated. This is the reason that the American secular world hates Reverend Moon for teaching this truth. Imagine how much effort the satanic world invested in order to eliminate Reverend Moon. If the satanic world invests ten ounces of effort into persecuting Father, then Father gets 700 ounces of power in return in order to attack the satanic world. That is the universal law. The very title, the very name True Parents is so precious and so great that Father has to be absolutely sure that this lineage is not stained in any way whatsoever. This is the biggest test Father has to face. Throughout his life Father has never killed anyone. By this Father means spiritual killing.

When Adam and Eve fell, God, who was in the position of spiritual True Father, could not kill them. If the parents of Blessed children make mistakes then you children will be at the end of the line of human history. Right here in front of us, Heaven and Hell will be divided. Not some place else. Our bodies belong to Hell. Please make sure that you don't construct a hellish family. Please build families where heavenly True Parents and earthly True Parents dwell together with you. Do you clearly understand Father? (Yes.) This is a very serious matter. Please do not forget this heavenly formula which Father taught you this morning. Don't look at one another superficially. Look at a person's heart, mind and soul. That is the way that Unification Church members should look. We have to discipline ourselves to the extreme level that if our mouth is sown we have to rip it open and speak out the truth.

We have been shutting off all of our five senses until now. Father wants us to become bold and courageous in proclaiming True Parents. This year's motto is Let's Be Proud of True Parents and Let's Love True Parents. This time has now come. Father has held so many events in Washington, DC during the past six months. Now the people in Washington, DC are so wide-eyed and amazed. Without knowing why, they begin to follow. When the time is ripe such as this and you Unificationists keep your mouths shut, then others will come and replace you. Your younger brothers and sisters will push you aside and take up the main role if you fail to speak out.

Are you going to keep your mouths shut or are you going to speak out? (Speak out.) If we fail to do our responsibility then the animals and birds will come and play our role. The time has now come. Up until now God was unable to exercise His power on this Earth. But the time has now come when Heavenly Father can assert His power on this Earth. This means the time of hope has come. It is no longer the time of restoration through indemnity. Now is the time to show our results. This is the age of showing results. What kind of results do you wish to show?

The time of globalization of the true family has come. Therefore we no longer need religion. This means the religious world will disappear. The true family, true nation is a higher level. Now the time has come. Do you clearly understand Father? (Yes.) Time will not wait for you. Father has understood his entire lifetime how important it is to catch the moment. Repeat after Father one more time, please. [Again the audience repeats in Korean after Father] That means, please create and show the true love environment beginning from your family. The perfect subject can make the perfect object. The perfect object can make the perfect subject. Perfect humankind can make perfect God, liberate God centering on True Love. The same concept can connect anywhere. This is an amazing concept. Don't rest, just work day and night. Do you want to take a vacation? (No.) No. You have a more busy way to pursue.

Following the love atmosphere, we must make ideal couples, perfect couples. God wants to recognize ideal couples centered on True Love. Spread out and shine your lights everywhere. People will look at your loving couple, and your loving international couple, and be influenced by you. They will respect you. How can you make that kind of influencial atmosphere? Expand and be welcomed everywhere. Create God's free atmosphere. Have happy faces, angel-like faces, people cannot forget you. They will want to invite you back again and again. Give out truth. Don't take a rest even one minute. Just work toward this goal. The busy way is best.

After you pass away God will show you your property, result of seed. What kind of seed? True man, true man teacher, true man king seed, those three. Bearing children and teaching this standard, that becomes your property in Heaven. In this world money and power is your property. But in Heaven, true man is property power. God does not need money, gold, silver and other precious stones. God doesn't need knowledge or power. But God needs True Love people. The restoration course is that of recreation. The Kingdom of Heaven is now vacant. Jesus doesn't have that true family and cannot enter into Heaven. He remains in Paradise. But Paradise is a waiting place, not a registration place, not where you get a ticket, or get married. At the time of the Second Advent we have to get married, have children; we have to make one world under God. Then kingship. Centered upon True Love all can be connected, King of Kings place.

How many babies do you want to have? Many or only one? American women don't want to conceive children because they like to maintain their slim bodies. Every year the black population is increasing, whereas the white population is becoming smaller and smaller. You American sisters should think of bearing twins, maybe one boy and one girl. This would be like God's creation of Adam and Eve. How wonderful. Jesus could not form his family. His twelve disciples plus himself made thirteen. But those twelve did not unconditionally unite with him and so he could not form the family base. He was not able to stand in the position of tribal king. Everything separated.

Do you you want to have many children or a minimum number? If your wife refuses to conceive another baby, encourage her because your next baby may become a prince of God. Who knows.

Father was born as the sixth child in Father's family. However, if Father's physical parents had practiced birth control maybe we would not have Father now. When God was watching Father's family, if He observed them practicing birth control would God have tolerated that? (No.) God would not wait to give Father's physical family a chance. He would move to another place. The same applies to your families. In order to give birth to more children True Mother had to go through caesarian section four times. If your devotion is for the sake of humanity then you will have greater children each time. The true children who were born by caesarian section are brighter and more spiritual. They can see through people spiritually and try to advise Father concerning Unification Church leaders who are close to Father. If some leaders are not really worthy, they try to warn Father about this fact.

Do you wish to receive the gift of a child from God? (Yes.) If your husband is not really good enough, not mature enough, then please raise your husband to the level of king and make yourself a queen and then produce a child. Like the mother of a nation, you have to reach that level. Then make your husband the king of the nation. Then produce prince and princesses. That is fallen women's ambition. Put your effort and soul into your family in order to produce children of God. Will you do that? (Yes.)

Father remembers at the time of Yeon Jin Nim's birth True Mother's doctor was dismayed. "How can you continue to have more babies?" But of course this medical doctor did not know the Principle or God's providential Will. But Father knew that True Parents had to have at least twelve children. Therefore, Father had no other choice. Father's standard is the absolute family standard.

At the time of True Father, unless True Mother could produce twelve heavenly children there would be a big problem in God's providence. Within twenty years that task had to be accomplished. Otherwise, True Mother could not have assumed her position as True Mother. Do you follow? (Yes.) Among True Parents' children twelve different aspects of humanity are represented. All different kinds of talents are represented among them, representing the satanic world and the heavenly world, as well as True Mother's responsibility is to unite them all and educate them properly. But True Mother was not given enough time in order to educate them properly. If directly following World War II Christianity had accepted Father as the Lord of the Second Advent, the ideal family would begun to be established at that time. However, Christianity failed to accept Father. Father was forced out into the wilderness and Father's family had to start from scratch.

Father lost his twelve disciples and seventy-two elders. Right through from the family level to the national level was lost, because of the failure of Christianity. Father began to create Blessed families beginning with 3 couples, then 36 couples, 72 couples, 120 couples, 430 couples, 777 couples, 1800 couples, 6000 couples, 6500 couples and 30,000 at the worldwide scale. This is how the heavenly foundation has been expanded. From the time of 30,000 couples Blessing, at the horizontal level we have begun to push the satanic world. The 30,000 couples Blessing was equivalent to the formational level, Adam's level. The 360,000 was equivalent to the growth level, Jesus' level. The 3.6 million couples Blessing will represent the perfection level, the Lord of the Second Advent level, which is the worldwide level. In order to accomplish the 3.6 million couples Blessing on the worldwide level, all the national kings must be mobilized.

Until now there was no royal family in Heaven. Now Father is choosing royal family members on the worldwide scale. No longer on the national level, but the world level. Father's grandchildren will be given international, interracial marriages. However, this is not possible for Father's own children. It takes three generations. Within the first and second generation of Adam's family there was no other choice but to marry among their siblings. However, the third generation becomes more open to the nation and world. Do you follow Father? (Yes.) Your highest goal and dream should be that one of your descendants be able to marry into Father's lineage.

In the future those Blessed couples who go through the hardest and most principled course of life within the movement, their descendants may have the opportunity to mingle with Father's lineage because of their ancestral merit. But those Blessed couples who want to take the easy course and take a back seat, will have no chance for their descendants to marry into Father's lineage. Those who seek money, power and fame will be eliminated by God. Only those families who absolutely kept their lineage pure, as well as devoting themselves absolutely to God and humanity, only from such families will Father expect some good offspring to come to Father's lineage. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) Only then will your lineage belong to the royal family in eternity. That engrafting will take place on this planet. Not in the spiritual world. This is the Principled way.

Those who sacrifice themselves like Jesus did, up to the point of sacrificing their own lives, will be the ones who will be included in arranging this heavenly royal tree in this world. Father is in haste to establish our own heavenly educational system from kindergarten through university level by the year 2000 so that our children will remain intact, completely free from satanic influence. Amen? (Amen) (Applause) The statistics show that the more developed countries have the higher level of broken families and many social disorders. Therefore, how can we protect our children from these developed countries' influence and culture? This is the task facing us. Father is planning to move his own family from America in the near future. Be honest, is America the proper place to raise children? (No.)

At the time of Adam and Eve there was only one fallen Archangel, but he caused human beings to fall. When we observe this fallen society in America, how many millions of fallen Archangels exist? Free sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, tobacco, drugs, alcohol. It is full of all kinds of deadly corruption. Originally, Father didn't want to bring true children to America. True children could have been protected and isolated from the rest of the world. However, they have to live their lives, to study and grow in this environment. Therefore, they were allowed to deal with the secular world.

Everyone in the free world stands in the position of fallen archangels. This is the place where free sex is being practiced. The heavenly standard is absolute sex. At the inaugural ceremony of the Family Federation for World Peace True Father proclaimed absolute sex as the standard. No more free sex. Absolute sex is unique, unchanging and eternal. This is the standard which can eradicate free sex and all other corruption from this world. No artificial stimulation from drugs, free sex and alcohol can reach to the level and degree of stimulation of absolute sex. All five senses come into one, centered upon absolute sex. It is full of enjoyment. God is the Absolute Being. The power of free sex and drugs is nothing compared to the power of God's absolute love power. Within the essence of God's absolute love power is absolute freedom, absolute hope. Without such absolute couples there is no hope, no freedom, no value. All love, life and lineage is connected with the sexual organs of men and women. Heaven or Hell begins at this point.

Father is feeling so hungry now. (Laughter) Do you all understand Father's message this morning? (Yes.) Father may not come here anymore. Father has been going to Kodiak for many years now. However, this year Father began to feel an uneasiness. He began to question why he should go there. But out of love for the members in Kodiak and Alaska Father went. Then Father caught a cold and began coughing and all kinds of physical trouble came to him. If Father has to go there again he feels it will be for the sake of vacation and then maybe it will be alright. (Applause) Father's total focus is upon the South American providence at this time. Therefore, Father wonders if he goes to Kodiak again if maybe his concentration and focus will become divided. This causes Father to feel uneasy. Do you understand? (Yes.) Father's own body tells him these things.

Last night some of the true children told Father that they had been planning for one year to go to Alaska in the middle of August to be there when Father and Mother are there in order to do some fishing and hunting with Father. They know that in the middle of August the silver salmon run and so they imagined that Father would go there. Even though the true children have made this plan for one year, when they asked Father if he will be going he told them that he hasn't yet decided. Father now has to return to South America and invest his soul and effort in order to raise up the leaders there. Then Father can bequeath his tradition and foundation to them.

Now Father is focusing on farms and forests to produce timber. All manner of projects are going on now in South America. North America is a large land mass, but when it comes to the quality of the soil, South America is richer. The South American continent has been abandoned so far. If we plant trees in South America they will grow at twice the rate of trees planted in North America. The rate of growth of trees in South America compared to North America is about five to one. Also it is possible to constantly rotate the planting and harvesting of grains and crops in South America. There is no season you cannot farm. But on the North American continent this is not possible. The price of farmland in North America might cost $100,000 for one thousand acres of land. Whereas in South America that same land would cost about $500.

The time may come when Father will instruct the brothers and sisters in North America to transfer to South America in order to build the ideal village, the ideal Kingdom of God there.

This area [indicating to the map] four hundred kilometers in diameter centering around Campo Grande is bigger than the land of Korea. There are thirty different counties within this vicinity. Father decided to buy thirty ambulances to donate to each of these thirty counties. This is out of Father's love. It is grace from Father. Because Father came to realize that in this particular farmland of Brazil, those farm owners have enough money to travel by their own vehicles. However, their farmlands are so huge, and the uneducated farm workers do not have money or means of transportation, and they have to raise their children without being able to educate them properly. What happens if one of them becomes sick? Many innocent children die due to lack of proper care. Also, these children are unable to go to school so they lack education. Father's heart went out to them and he decided to donate these ambulance vehicles so that if anyone becomes sick they can be transported to the nearest hospital. Also these ambulances can be used to transport the children back and forth to school.

On August 15 the governors of these thirty states will gather at Campo Grande and we will hold a big distribution ceremony of all of these thirty ambulance vehicles. These ambulances will bear the words: "We are grateful to the Founder of the Unification Church, Reverend Sun Myung Moon who donated these ambulances to our county." These ambulances will be driven over the same roads time after time because so few roads are developed there. They will be moving along with the sirens blasting. Imagine the promotional value to the Unification Church. (Laughter) Because of this relationship, five hundred leaders of this entire region will be gathered and educated. Eventually it will be five hundred people from each county. Father wants to connect them. Father wants to tie them all up together so that when Father pulls one end of the string all the thirty different states will be pulled at once.

This is the best location for farming and forestry. There are no mountains in the wilderness of South America. Usually it is bare ground and swampy water. But this particular region is different. It resembles Korea. It has mountains and fresh water rivers. Very rarely do you find clean running water on the South American continent, but in this region unique crystal clear water runs in a river there. In one section of this one river there are twenty-two different waterfalls. This will become the most famous place in South America, as well as the entire world. (Applause)

In Brazil they are proud of their famous waterfall. But that is only one waterfall. Here on this land, Father has twenty-two falls. The water is clean enough to swim. There are many varieties of fish in that river. If you wade into the center of the river many fish will swim around you. Your children will surely never want to come out of that river if you bring them there. The local leaders of that region did not know that there were waterfalls and so they were curious as to why Reverend Moon was focusing his attention on that region. Then they learned that there are beautiful waterfalls there and they were so amazed. Those of you who want to go there and see these waterfalls with your own eyes, show your hands to Father.

Father has the scientific knowledge and technology to develop an advanced world. Don't you think Father is a strange man? (No.) Father feels that we must not and cannot lose. That is why he is planning all of this. Again, Father is reminding you that up to six-thousand innocent lives are being wasted daily because of starvation. Twenty million people in a year. Who will save them? The American government? The American people? Developed countries? They are all after exploitation. We have to eliminate this exploitation and offer help. After three years of investment in the oceanic industry we have finally come up with the best quality fish powder. This is probably the best substance to save these dying people. Now we are developping ways to produce this fish powder and send it to the starving people of the world.

This brand of fish powder is of such high quality protein that if one pound of fish powder is sent to Africa they can add up to twenty pounds of flour and it is still potent enough. If they don't have enough flour, the fish powder can be diluted with twenty times of water and people can drink it. This solution is potent enough to save people's lives. This kind of fish powder will be taken by astronauts when they go into space. If you have a backpack filled with fish powder you could survive for one month. Therefore, Father proclaims that the time of traveling while living our lives is now coming. Are you interested in this? (Yes.)

Father has spent a lot of time in explaining all of this to you. [Now Father draws on the board] This is North America and this is South America. They represent plus and minus. Father is involved in all of these various projects in order to bring North and South America into one. This is the foundation to bring the entire world into unity. Father intends to unite Catholicism in South America with Protestantism in North America. Many Catholic and Protestant leaders of South and North America believe that it is possible to unite North and South America. You may not understand, even if Father tells you this, but you can believe that this providence is going on.

Do you understand the meaning of Father's topic this morning? (Yes.) Your family is this precious. Therefore, please prepare your family to be big enough and open enough so that you are able to welcome 180 people from 180 nations into your family, even though you are not equipped with the money and space to accommodate this many people. But if you truly set a goal to do that then God will work through you. In the early days in Seoul at our Chang Pa Dong Church Father kept our church open to anyone. That is why many wanderers, beggars and such people easily came into the church to have a free meal. That was the preparation. Therfore, we have to prepare our homes in this way. Do you white brothers and sisters like black brothers and sisters? (Yes.) Only within Unification Church is this possible. Unless we can demonstrate that we can build the Kingdom of God on Earth by having all five different races living together in harmony, we cannot dream of building the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as in Heaven.

If we have such a dream, then we have to make this dream come true. We are the people to fulfill it, to make the ideal world come true. Since we have such a dream and hope within us, are you disappointed or are you just too tired to even think about it? Which one is it? (Neither.) You brothers and sisters sitting out there in the hot sun, do you feel great? (Yes.) Father is going to continue his sermon until 5 p.m. today just to see if you are all able to remain sitting there until he finishes. (Yes.) Is that as much strength as you are able to muster? Demonstrate again your response. (YES.) Good. Because of your determination Father feels he doesn't have to get into deeper explanation because he believes that you have understood. Therefore Father will conclude his sermon. (Applause)

Let us pray.

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