The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


God's Plan for the Human Family

This is an excerpt from the speech given on August 1st after the inauguration of the FFWP. The interpreter was Peter Kim.

In our world there are only two different kinds of human kind, man and woman. When it comes to human kinds again there are two kinds, man and woman. Can we change man into woman or woman into man? Well then that is the question are you born as a man because you wanted to be born as a man or vice versa? Woman, what about woman? Well we didn't even know that we would be born. We didn't even think about it. We didn't know the cause or process or purpose of man, yet one day we are born as a man or as a woman. No matter how great or famous you may be, we are the result not the cause. However, we may call ourselves, second cause, not the first cause. If that is the case there must be the first cause. Who do you think is the first cause, a man or a woman? Well we are not certain about it yet there should be the first cause. Don't you agree? You may call that the first cause God or storm or tree no matter what name you may put on that first cause, we all agree that there should be the first cause.

Well many of you are from all over the world, who are famous and well know people, therefore some of you may think well where is God? Show me God then I will believe in God. However, please take my advice, don't go that far. Therefore, tonight my topic is in searching the origin. If we keeping searching into a deeper and deeper to find our origin our root. What can we find? The origin must be one. However, since man and woman two different characters originated from the origin. This origin should have man character and woman character both.

Then what do you think is the origin of the universe? Even if we don't see God. We may not realize God. One thing we can be sure is that the entire universe consists of plus minus or subject and object relationship. Male and female. Even when we look at the mineral kingdom, there is plus ion and minus ion. Plant kingdom we all see the stamen and pistil. And animal kingdom, there is male animal and female animal. Even when it comes to mankind, there is man and woman. All male and female characters. Also, when we look at the world of existence. There is a certain formula that the higher beings always absorb the lower beings. For example, the animals and plants exist for the sake of mankind. Mineral kingdom exist for the sake of the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and human kingdom. What is that for. In other words all this existing things besides human kind exists for the sake of mankind. Man is the Lord of Creation. Even when we look at the mineral kingdom, there is plus ion and minus ion. Always they have this reciprocal relationship. Then why do the have that kind of relationship there, it is because of the power of love. The level of power may be lower than that of human beings but there is a love which keeps them having this reciprocal relationship between plus ion and minus ion.

By the same taken when we look at the plant kingdom, again there is a pistil and a stamen, they work as a plus and a minus in this kind of reciprocal relationship. Again, this they function on a base of love on the power of love. Modern technology found out that even when it comes to germs there is always plus kind of germs and minus kind of germs. Well is those plus kind of germs and minus kind of germs have to be united to become one centered on what do you think they have to become one? Centered on kissing? Embracing? What should be the central force to make them one? Love. Love is not concept. Love is a reality. When you say love, love is a concept, love is not a reality. What is the sight upon which love can be settled? Can anybody answer. Well you are right family. Then centered on what? Your family has to be settled. well you are all famous scholars and leaders of the world and through this convention hear during the last three days, you have heard from President Ford, President Bush and many other dignitaries and even tonight those famous entertainers praised the theme Family Federation for World Peace. Then from what our family should start.

Well then let me ask you, what distinguished man and woman? What is the unique part of yourself distinguishing yourself as a man or as a woman. Sexual organ. I have heard amazing thing. Does anybody like sexual organ? Is there anybody who doesn't like it. So what is your position? Do you like it or you don't like it. Audience like it. How much do you like it? Do you like it because you don't dislike it? Or do you like it, what point do you like it. How much do you like it? Well, you may say I didn't like sexual organ up until now. but now from tonight on I am determine to like sexual organ, because our future depends on how much we like sexual organ. That is not a joke.

When God first created mankind, what part of ourselves God considered to create? Our eyes? Our ears? Our heart? Our sexual organ? (audience: sexual organ) If we only have brain, human kind would have extinguished long time ago. Long time ago. this is truth. Is there anybody who disagrees with Reverend Moon about that point. That means you all admit it.

Well we are here to inaugurate the Family Federation for World Peace here, however, let us think about the time that we are all united through a sexual organ. There is a absolute sex standard, then God even joins us and rejoices with us together, then what kind of world can we create? Well we are created as a man and a woman and we have different organs between man and woman. Do man's organs belong to man or woman? What about woman's organ? Do they belong only to woman or to man? Other part of your body may belong to you. However, when it comes to your sexual organ man's sexual organ belongs to his wife. Man's sexual organ is owner is woman. Woman's sexual organ owner is man. It is a simple truth nobody can deny it.

No matter how many tens of billions of history may history may continue, this truth will never change. Look at the world out there it is all decaying and going down the drain because the main reason is because all man think their sexual organ only belong to them and all women think their sexual organ belong only to woman not to their husband not to their wives. we all say love is eternal, unchanging, unique, that is God's character, however, if human kind had known the real owner of our sexual organ is our true spouse, the world would have been in totally different shape by now. There are millions and millions of PhDs and scholars all over the world, yet none of you has thought about it. Can anybody deny this fact. Even it we start tracing back all the way back to our ancestors, even to God. When we ask this same question they will all answer the same as yes. Do you agree?

If there is anybody who doesn't agree, that means that person has something wrong up here, crazy like, crazy. Since this is the absolute formula given by God from the beginning of human history, when we reach the spirit world and stand in front of God. Depending on this very formula, we will be decided one way or another.

Fall of man, at the time of Adam and Eve, took place because they didn't realize the ownership of their sexual organs. Well you all heard Mrs. Moon's speech, that the fall of Adam and Eve didn't, was not cause by the eating of the fruits, real fruits, but because of their illicit sex, illicit love, love relationship. Because think about it, God is God of love. If they are God's children, his children ate a actual fruit, God wouldn't kick them out of the Garden of Eden, but they went against this universal formula, love formula, that is way God kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. From the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, all the way up to the human life, the partners between subject and object, partners always possess their sexual organs for the sake of their other partner. Then what is the ultimate purpose of possessing sexual organs in our bodies. Because of love. Love is at the end of the tunnel of our sexual organ. That is way the entire world exists between male character and female character.

We all say God's attribute is absolute, unchanging, unique and eternal. and who is the owner of love? Not man, not woman, absolutely not. To whom love belongs? Who is the owner of love? God. God is not two, only one God. Love is the only mediator which can make God and man united. Because God needs love as well as man needs love. Through love God and man can meet. God needs absolute love. What about us? Do you absolutely need love? Since God needs absolute love, unique, eternal and unchanging love. We as children of God, we also need absolute love, unique, unchanging, eternal love. Since God is dual characteristic. God has plus and minus characteristics, so when God created man, man was a manifestation of his dual characteristics plus males, minus female, therefore by the completion of the creation of man and woman, God wanted to see this horizontal love relationship completed as well as the vertical relationship established centering on this horizontal love relationship completed relationship between man and woman. Because man has to deal with this horizontal space, this physical world, that is way man wears this physical body. However we all have conscience, which deals with the vertical God. This is the vertical axis for man, because God's absolute love always travel through this vertical axis not through horizontal relationship. Therefore the meeting point on a horizontal love relationship between man and woman is the same point. That is the point to be created when man grows from the childhood stage grow up to adulthood and when they become adult man and woman they become one through the marriage at this point also man can meet God through establishing this vertical axis. This is the same point where we can find happiness and freedom and unification.

Only centered on this absolute love absolute God can be happy. Also, the object of absolute love to God can be happy. This very central point where God and man and husband and wife, brother and brother, sister and sister meet. This very point is the center point which can create spherical movement.

In oriental tradition we call the relationship between parents and children one, parents and children are one and husband and wife are one and brothers and brothers and sisters and sisters are one based on what? Centered on based on this very true love, love point. The relationship between God and man is father and son, parents and children centering on what? True love. How big is mans desire ambition? Is your ambition greater than that of God? Well your ambition may be smaller than that God, however no matter how shabby looking you may be. Your ambition can become greater than anybody else's in the world, do you agree?

Suppose you are the blood son of God, then when you are really loved by God, if you want to call God with your pinkie, do you think God will follow you. If God purely loves you. By the same token, your wife may be very ugly looking, very small and very ugly looking, however if your truly love your wife, when your wife calls you with her pinkie, don't you want to go to her, don't you want to follow her wherever she goes? What Reverend Moon is saying is that God loves me, but can you see that? How can you prove it? Well you say the entire world loves Reverend Moon, but Reverend Moon is talking about God's love. God's love first, then father, mother and the children, this is love's order. Don't you think that God would feel lonely when he is all alone? Have you see it? How you can say that? You dignified looking gentlemen, do you all possess love within yourself? What about life? Do you have life? What about lineage? What about conscience? Do you all have your conscience? Have you seen love? What about life? What about lineage? What about conscience? Have you touched them. They all exist, yet you cannot touch them or see them. Only through our mind we can recognize them, we can feel them. What about the existence of God. Have you seen God? Have you touched God? No. Yet, we cannot deny God's existence. Usually what is more precious and important the visible things or the invisible things? Invisible.

But we all ordinarily think consider visible things more precious, money, power. These are the kinds that are visible, we can touch them, we can use them. Yet, we cannot see, neither touch our love, life, lineage and conscience. We all have them. Yet, why can't we feel them all the time. Why, because they are totally one with us. There is no separation between ourselves and those elements.

As we continue our daily life, do you always realize how many times our eyes are blinking? If you keep counting how many times our eyes are blinking for three days, you will get fainted. Do you always count how many times we breath? Could you all life your right arm and put your right hand on top your left chest here. So what do you feel and what do you hear?

Do you hear something like the big ship's horn blowing? How many times do you hear your heart beat a day? Sometimes when we are totally busy we forget about it for months, even a year. But why don't you borrow a stethoscope from a medical doctor and put it right on top of your heart and try to hear how noisy it is, how big the sound you can hear. It is like an explosion. Even when a small fly bits in our forehead, we immediately feel the difference and we try to kill it or chase it way. If somebody pulls one strand of your hair you feel pain, yet when this size of noise, explosion constantly takes place in your body, why can't we feel it all the time? Because they are totally one with us.

You have to excuse me for this kind of explanation, but this is more vivid and realistic, so I want to use an example here. Every morning, don't you go to your bathroom and sit on top of the toilet bowl? When you do your number two, do you always wear a mask? It is a serious matter don't just laugh. Well if somebody does it right inside of your bathroom, then probably you may hold your nose and run out of the bathroom, but when you are doing your own, you don't smell it, you can even read news paper there.

Why can't you feel difference, because that is totally one with your body. When we are young children, we usually pick our nose and pick some wax and make a wax ball and usually taste it. Was it sweet or salty? You say salty, that means you tried. And why didn't we real dirty? Because that was part of our body. Nobody in the human history revealed this kind of secret which Reverend Moon is now giving you. But Reverend Moon may be able to go into deeper in explanation of this kind of relationship, yet, we already spent thirty minutes you know, time is running out.

You distinguished presidents and guests, when you cough, you have a cold sometimes, you feel some kind of sputum, do you always spit it out or sometimes you swallow it. You don't feel dirty even if you swallow it, why? Because that is part of you.

Ordinarily we all take three meals a day, but after each meal, what's happening, about a foot below our mouth, where we put our food in, is the fertilizer factory here. Otherwise, eating a meal means we are providing raw materials for this fertilizer factory, factory resource. If you truly think about only that aspect of it, providing resources for the fertilizer factory, even if you want to eat something can you continue? Or will you just drop it? if you truly look at your stomach as a fertilizer factory, would you feel good when you put food into your mouth to food your factory?

But why don't we feel that even though that is a reality in a way? Do you understand? Even if we have life, love, lineage and conscience by ourselves we cannot feel them. By the same token even though God has life, love, lineage and conscience, God himself, cannot feel them. Because they are totally one with God with them. That is why. That is why in order to feel them love, life, lineage and conscience, even God needs his object of love. By the same token man alone cannot feel all these four life, love, lineage and conscience. However, as soon as his love object appears, beautiful woman. Then all of these four elements start functioning right away, being pulled like a magnet. Isn't it true?.

Mankind didn't know that even God absolutely needs his love object. Then who do you think is in the position of object of love to God? If the monkey is our ancestor you may call man as the second generation of monkey. Monkey cannot be the cause. Well there is a evolution there however, from the amoebae to the human kind level, there can be thousands of thousands of different doors of love to travel all the way out. Can amoebae travel along through all these different stages to reach human being by himself. Nobody can change species. They have their own species. Suppose there is a very hairy man here and put him with a female monkey and have them live for a hundred years together, do you think they will produce something out of them? No. No means never okay.

God has dual characteristics; male and female, however, in order to be in the position of Father, father God, God's male characteristics is in the position of subject. Therefore, what kind of partner, object do you think God needs? Partner and object to deal with God's hand or God's foot, or God's head or what? What do you think? Do you think God needs a love partner too? Then, in the world of creation who or what can be in the position, a partner of love to God? Then can you say that only man ca e the partner of love to God? Woman? God doesn't need partner for his hand, his head or his foot, whatsoever. But God needs a partner of love. Therefore, where God dwells is the place where the man and man's love and woman's love meets and becomes harmonized. That is the place where God's love dwells. Because love is absolute. When man and woman this two love becomes absolute at one point. Then and only then God can come down to that point.

Horizontally man is the position of plus woman minus. In God there is dual characteristics plus and minus, therefore, when this horizontal plus and minus man and women become totally one, they form another large size minus towards God. Therefore, God who is the plus subject being comes down and becomes one with this human being, minus. So when does it take place. Why is our marriage important. Because through our marriage we fend love. We learn love. We find our life there. Through marriage man's life and woman's life become one.

That is where, through marriage the lineage, the lineage of your family tree takes place. Only through that you can your individual, your family, your nation and your world. Therefore it is a universal formula that centering on love parents and children and husband and wife, brothers and brothers and sisters and sister they all have to become absolutely one in your family, then only then God will come down to your family level and dwell in your family, with your family. Then when you all pass into the spirit world, you will go to the spirit world with God, that will become the kingdom of God in heaven.

But because this world is totally lacking that, there is no absolute unity centered on love in your family, in your society, in your nation in your world, that is why the kingdom of God in Heaven is still vacant. All the people who have passed away in the past human history ended up with hell. That is why when Jesus cried, was passing into spirit world, he said, "I will stay in the paradise, not in the Kingdom of Heaven". You cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven as an individual. The pre-requisite is your family, absolutely united family. Then you will be qualified to enter into the kingdom of God.

Even Jesus Christ was not exceptional to this formula. Because Jesus Christ, he was supposed to form his family and build an absolute family, so that his family could enter into the kingdom of God. But he could not. That is what he says when the Bible says, "If it is tied in this world it will be tied up in the heaven, if it open here it will be untied in heaven. That is we all have to solve whatever the problem we may have in this physical world.

Because of the fall of man, we the human kind we all live under the level of the fall, therefore, we must penetrate this cut line and enter into the new realm. It may be almost impossible to penetrate this barrier, to enter another realm, that is why even the Bible says, "Those who seek to live will lose their life and on the other hand those who are willing to give up their life, will find their life." The world we are living in right now is fallen family, fallen society, fallen nation, fallen world. That is why this world is rampant with wars and battles.

At the time of Adam's family, the family become upside down. Were Adam and Eve kicked our of the Garden of Eden after they produced their children or before? Did God chase Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden or Adam and Eve's entire family with the children. If you do not even know that simple fact, how can you claim that you are Christian and you are preparing yourself to enter into the kingdom. Ignorance is not accepted.

Well you may call Reverend Moon as six-times convict. Ordinarily when you meet six-times convict, you will run away. But because Reverend Moon has been working hard to change people from wrong side to right side all through out his life and therefore people labeled him as a brain washer and therefore he had to go through incarceration many times. All through out history those communists always felt that Reverend Moon's teaching was superior to their teaching that is why the all mobilized their forces to destroy Reverend Moon's movement. at the same time, those Christians, they thought Reverend Moon's teaching was different from what they have been teaching, that is why they labeled the Unification Church as heretics, however, who is heretics? Who has the truth? Nobody knows. Maybe what Satan likes most is what God doesn't like most. And what Satan doesn't like most is what God likes most.

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