The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


Where And How Do You Want To Live Your Life?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 9, 1996
Belvedere--International Training Center
Translator--Peter Kim

Second generation children, please raise your hands. Raise your hands higher please. What kind of message would you like to hear from Father this morning? You have attended Belvedere regularly and heard hundreds of messages from Father. However, you never really heard Father's message deeply before. Are you ready this morning to hear the real message? (YES.) Instead of you listening to Father's message, would you prefer Father to listen to your message? (Laughter.)

[Mr. Peter Kim has the audience repeat in Korean, the title of Father's message] Where and How Do You Want to Live Your Life? Uh-Deh-Suh Uh-Dduh-Keh Sahl-Goh-Ship-Eu-Nah? Regardless of gender, this is one of the most important questions for all humanity. We want to live exciting and joy-filled lives. However, it is not easy to come up with a standardized response to how we might live such a life. All the various races of the world are proud of their own tradition. But it is important to understand the origin of one's tradition, and upon what that tradition has been established,--origin, direction and effect.

Americans might claim that their nation of America has its roots in the Pilgrim Fathers. Based upon Christianity America has been progressing to establish Western Christian culture throughout the world. If you claim this, then it is necessary to understand under what circumstances the Pilgrim Fathers left Europe and, based upon the Christian values they brought with them, what direction they took upon arriving in America. Actually, in setting out on their voyage to America they risked their lives. They faced danger from the elements during their voyage. Then upon arriving in America they faced danger from the Native American Indians. The question arises, "did the Pilgrim Fathers live in natural harmony with the American Indians, or did they exert force in order to reach an agreement with them"?

In studying American history, we can only conclude that the Pilgrim Fathers did, in fact, use force in order to secure their peaceful life in this land. If we want to erase that history we need to take some action. However, now it is too late, because it has become an historical fact. The America that we dwell in is, in fact, the result of the actions of the Pilgrim Fathers. Within the population of America are many different races. But the Anglo-Saxons were the first to come here from Europe. Those Pilgrim Fathers became the original American white race. All the other Europeans which came after them became various ethnic groups. Because of this, we now face great danger in America of racial disunity. We all face the task of solving this problem of racial discrimination.

We who presently live in America, must consider how we are living our lives. We always have to remember what our ancestors have done. If you claim to be proud of your tradition, do you imagine the people of the world will blindly follow you? (No.) You have to be willing to face even more difficult problems. You have to learn how to solve and digest these problems. The American continent refers to North and South America combined.

The Pilgrim Fathers who came to North America came because of their faith, their religion. However, the founding fathers who came to South America came for money and treasure. This basic difference in purpose and direction exists. Fortunately, the Pilgrim Fathers came because they desired to worship God freely. Because of that very reason America has been prospering and also because of this saving factor, there has been no major war that might have eliminated America.

We Unificationists believe in the law of cause and effect, the law of indemnity. If we consider the lives of the American Indians in the beginning of American history, they followed the natural law. They harmonized with nature. They migrated, following the buffalo herds. They relied upon nature and honored God. They were not really centered upon their own race. Rather they worshiped nature and God. Strictly speaking, the American Indians believed in the God within nature and the God within heaven. The Pilgrim Fathers who came from Europe believed in God as well. What then was the difference between these two groups? While American Indians believed in many different gods within nature, the Pilgrim Fathers believed in one absolute God.

While American Indians believed in God in order to protect their own tribe and race, the Christians from Europe believed in God in order to save the entire world. We have to wonder why God should have given blessings to those Europeans who eliminated the Native Americans. If those Pilgrim Fathers had not harmed the American Indians imagine how many of them would be living today in America. The history books of America claim that the Native Americans died from disease and sickness. Is that not what your history books teach? (Yes.) But that is not true. The American Indians had lived in America for hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the first Pilgrim Fathers. Then why should they suddenly die from various diseases? It happened because they were massacred. You young Americans must understand these facts.

The historians claim that Columbus discovered the American continent. In fact, Columbus was shipwrecked and he was saved by American Indians. However, the historians don't even consider the American Indians as human beings. Because of this mentality, force was used in order to eliminate the Native American Indians. This same mentality has continued throughout history. Even though America has generally prospered, Americans have become even more narrow. They focus on their own nation and race. America really has very little to do with the world.

God is longing to bestow His blessing upon a nation and people who are ready and willing to live for the entire world, not for a nation that is narrow and insular. Even if God has to abandon the entire nation of America in order to bless the nation that is ready and willing to live for the world He should do so. The question is, Where and How Should We Live Our Lives? What about all of you? Americans feel so proud of their nation being considered a melting pot and a super power. However, America is becoming more selfish, and narrow-minded. Whereas a newly emerging nation might be opening its arms wide in order to embrace the world in peace. Should we cut off America and invest in that newly emerging nation or remain in America and try to do something? Do you think that the entire American people would welcome that?

If we find any movement which transcends and supersedes American nationalism, and which tries to build peace for the entire world, such a movement will become the mainstream of America in the future. Do you agree? (Yes.) That is our task actually. What about other developed nations such as Japan, Great Britain and Germany? Will they remain? They didn't become developed overnight. All of them had to shed much blood within their history in order to develop as they have.

The four major problems that we face in the world are: 1) environment; 2) pollution; 3) immorality; and 4) famine. Can America alone solve these major problems which the entire world is facing? America might be proud of being a major super power, yet America belongs to the world. The world doesn't belong to America. If America is to prosper, it must exist for the sake of the entire world. If America continues to exist for its own sake, then because of God's providence America will find itself cut off. God will choose another country to lead the world.

Would God prefer religious or non-religious people? (Religious people.) But even among those religious people, which kind would God be most interested in? Within the religious community there are two major groups. One group believes that we are all brothers and sisters and we are closer than physical family. The other group believes the Anglo-Saxon race to be superior and that the entire world should follow them. Which group would God prefer? (The first one.) Second one. (First one.) Father realizes that you are actually hearing his message this morning. (Laughter)

What kind of king would God like to become? (The king of love.) When we look at a bar of gold we cannot distinguish which one is twenty-one karat and which is nineteen karat. It requires certain tests in order to detect which one is pure gold. Does Christianity desire money, knowledge or power the most? (Money.) Then what comes next? (Power.) Next? (Knowledge.) If that is the true identity of Christianity at this time, and if God's Will has to prevail in the end, should this brand of Christianity work for God or be eliminated? (God should find another true religion.) Just as the accumulated snow of winter will be melted by the coming of spring, so will this kind of Christianity fade away by natural law. When Father observes American Christianity it looks like muddy water. It is no longer possible to distinguish the color of this water. Therefore, is America prospering or perishing? (Perishing.) Internally or externally? (Internally.) You understand well.

The American media feels that while Reverend Moon and his Unification Church are in the midst of America's melting pot, still they don't become melted. Rather they try to melt the entire America within their Moon pot. (Laughter) (Applause) When Father makes this kind of statement American people do not like it. Yet still he speaks out. In what sense are Unificationists better than American people in general? Unificationists are clean-cut? In the streets of New York young people have five different layers of clothing hanging out. (Laughter) Americans love to wear really tight blue jeans. When Father goes out fishing in Alaska and other places, Mother buys blue jeans for Father to wear. When Father tries to put them on they are too narrow at the ankle. Many times Father almost fell over trying to put them on. No one considers why the companies who produce jeans cut them so narrow and tight. Actually, the reason may be that the merchants want to save fabric. But Americans in general are fooled and believe that it is fad. (Laughter)

These money-making business merchants also created the fashion of short pants and mini-skirts. This way they can charge more money for the item and use less material. It is true. But we Unificationists are not fooled. Therefore we don't wear such items. When God looks down upon the American population who run after all these fads, do you suppose that He will prefer them over Unificationists who are more conservative in their dress code? (No.)

Immediately following the Fall, do you think that Adam and Eve only wanted to cover their genitals or their entire body? (Whole body.) Would God have enjoyed looking at Adam and Eve's fallen bodies? (No.) Who enjoyed watching their fallen bodies? (Satan.)

When Adam and Eve first committed sin, do you imagine that God would have preferred to see them completely cover their naked bodies and bow down in an attitude of repentance, or parade themselves in brief clothing? (That they cover themselves.) Do Unificationists like the idea of parading on Fifth Avenue wearing only the minimal amount of clothing? (No.) Absolutely no. Father would like you to distinguish the sound between no and know. The first should be very short and clipped and the second more drawn out and long. If this becomes our tradition, then in the future it might be that people will want to know how this distinction in pronunciation came about. Then it will be told that at Belvedere on this day Reverend Moon decreed it so.

We need to understand how precious origin is. It goes together with direction. The origin has to be absolutely one. We can interpret the origin as cause and effect. Therefore, the cause, effect and direction must be absolutely one. Did humanity originate from Adam alone, or from both Adam and Eve? (Adam and Eve.) Were they two or one? (Two.) That means this theory is wrong. If you claim that the human race resulted from two different people, that means two different directions and results. Are you saying that? (No.) Who stands in the position of subject, man or woman? (Man.) Why should man stand in the position of subject? (Because he contains the seed of life.) Unificationist women don't claim that man is the subject because they like that idea, but actually they have no choice in the matter. You really didn't believe it until you joined the Unification Church. Women in this American melting pot society claim that they should be subject. Who will eventually prevail between American Unificationist women and those American melting pot, society women?

If these American women insist on the idea of women being subject, then eventually we can bring women from Africa and India and through them sow the true seed. Then the American women, who insist on maintaining their subjectivity, will certainly face some problems. What then is your role as a woman? You are like a field waiting to be planted. Whatever seed the farmer may sow in your field you have to produce. As a field, do you have the luxury of telling the farmer what kind of seed to sow in your field? You have absolutely no choice. American women don't like such an idea. In order to respond affirmatively to Father regarding this matter, you have had to come through such a drastic change in your thinking. Once the farmer sows the seed in your field, can you claim the fruit of that seed, the harvest as your own? To whom does the crop belong? (The owner of the seed.) Therefore, to whom do your children belong? (The husband.) Absolutely the husband.

The American Constitution deals with child custody in a misguided way. Therefore, we have to change that particular part of the American Constitution. The woman's responsibility is to follow her husband. If your husband represents the bones of your body, you are in the position of the flesh. Therefore, the two of you have to become one. Otherwise we will end up with two origins, two directions and two effects. When divorce occurs between a couple, who usually wants to have the custody of the children? (Women.) Since we understand the truth, should not such women be considered as thieves in claiming their children. You women don't feel in your minds that they are thieves. Then is Father telling you a lie? (No.)

The father stands in the vertical position. Therefore if you want to climb up the vertical ladder you have to climb up your father. Your mother is in the horizontal position of the field. The head of your family is your father, not your mother. He stands in the position of the family king. How about American families? There are many, various fathers and mothers. Everything is confused and mixed up. This shows that they have completely disregarded this principle. If the Constitution of this country was written in such a way that, should divorce take place between a couple, the children should remain with their father, then the wife wishes to divorce she should go freely without taking anything. If this was the case, we would have far less divorces in this country. Suppose all of the children desire to follow their father, wouldn't the mother eventually come back because of her love for her children? Don't you think there would be a greater chance of recovering the family this way? No matter how fertile your field might be, if there is no farmer to sow the seeds, then your field will be wasted.

The well-developed breasts of women exist for the sake of their children. Their hips also exist for their children. The face of a woman is pretty for the sake of her husband. If you follow this line all the way down through the center point of your body you discover a living spring. Does that belong to you or your husband? (Husband.) That means you don't possess anything at all. Everything of yourself belongs either to your husband or your children. No one can argue this fact. Certainly members of the women's liberation movement would oppose Father's words. How can we claim equalization as women when not even in the Olympic games is there any woman who has competed with and won over men. Men are bigger and stronger than women. Even if a woman became a champion wrestler, do you think she would have the chance to win over a man champion wrestler? (No.) How can you claim equalization? Only because of love. Centering upon love you can claim equalization. When the concave and convex shapes become totally united into one, then there exists equalization. But only centered upon True Love does equalization exist. There is no equalization within the realm of love practiced in the secular world.

We Unificationists may appear to be beggars, but where this True Love travels, one can travel at any speed desired. We could travel to God in the flick of a second, and even penetrate God's throne and sit on top of God. That is the power of True Love. God will welcome and embrace True Love anytime. Regardless of season, time or place. Whenever Father is not in America, very few American members attend Belvedere. However, as soon as they hear that Father is coming, even though many of you are not qualified to be here, you all try to attend and learn something. All of us come with the hope that Father will speak for a short time only. But usually Father speaks for over six hours.

If you want to give the kiss of True Love to True Parents and true children, would you like that to be a short kiss or one that lasts for several hours? (Longer.) With that same mentality you sit in front of Father for many hours. Within your own families, children who truly appreciate the heart of their father's hard work in order to support that family, would cry together with their father. They would support their father's work and try to help him. That is the heart of a true family. Therefore, as True Father's message is one of True Love , if it continues for ten thousand years, we will still be happy to receive it. Isn't it true? (Yes.) True Love contains that kind of high level preciousness.

In the spiritual world you won't need to eat anything or work in order to live. Then what would you do with yourselves in the spiritual world? Of course, if you wanted to taste a particularly delicious food which you never experienced in the physical world, then you can do so. However, there should be someone or something that you can look forward to for even ten thousand years without becoming bored. There should be someone whom you want to embrace for ten thousand years without getting bored. That kind of object should exist there. Only the power of True Love can create that environment and atmosphere. Nothing else.

When Father leaves America we feel as if the entire country is empty, don't we? (YES.) Let us imagine a father and mother with six children, eight family members. In the morning the father goes to work and returns in the evening. If only his children are there when he returns home and his wife is out, he may say that there is nobody at home. Then his six children may protest to him, "Father, the six of us are here. How can you say there is no one at home"? If these children truly come to understand why their father feels the home is empty when their mother is not there, then they will feel joy, the joy of knowing how much their father loves their mother.

Also, your parents and grandparents will be so filled with happiness if you come home and find your new wife not home and accidently say, "No one is at home." Then your parents and grandparents will smile at you. They feel so happy because when it comes to the husband and wife relationship there is such oneness where the convex and concave join into one. No one else is able to interfere in that process, not your brothers and sisters, not your parents, and not your grandparents. In the position of grandparents, you must help your children and grandchildren to find their spouse so that they can fulfill their destiny to form a oneness between concave and convex.

Since the universal law seeks that union and protects that union, if anyone in your family, tribe or nation should oppose that process they will eventually be destroyed. The unifying process between husband and wife should ideally be supported by the entire universe which consists of your own family as well. In this case, whenever a couple would be out walking hand in hand, they would be welcomed and invited by everyone. This kind of joyful and peaceful world would be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

Once absolute oneness occurs between husband and wife your value is as great as God Himself. This is the very key which God is seeking. There is true equality there. Don't you think that your parents and grandchildren lived the life of total oneness between husband and wife? (Yes.) Also your own children will seek that life. This is an eternal process. No matter how rich and knowledgeable you may become, so long as no total oneness exists between husband and wife in ideal terms, there can be no peace, no happiness, no unification and no ideal.

Centering upon today's topic, where do you want to live your life? In the bosom of your spouse or America? (Bosom of spouse.) Is that true? (Yes.) How do you want to live your life? Do any parents or grandparents exist that want to see the breakup of your couple? (No.) There are no families, nations or world that desire the breakup of the couple. Rather they desire to protect the family. Is there anyone who opposes the ideal total oneness between husband and wife which is the ideal form of couple? If you all support this ideal and want to become such couples, show your hands to Father. Since you understand Father's message, you are qualified to follow the path leading to the Kingdom of God.

Once you grab your ideal spouse centering upon True Love, should you ever let him or her go? (No.) Should you stick with your spouse throughout eternity? (Yes.) Why? Because this is the way of eternal True Love. After a couple join together in sexual intercourse they can never separate. Together with their love partner they belong to a limitless world of True Love. You desire then to dwell in the bosom of your True Love partner? (Yes.) Those who claim not to agree with this idea, are in the position of leaves that will fall to the ground and disappear. They will never become branches of the trunk.

How then are you going to live? Since the first love given you by God is so precious, you must grab onto it and never let it go. No matter how much you may pursue free sex you will never experience the degree of excitement and joy that you will experience from your God-given first love spouse. In American society now, we cannot see those people who cherish and value their first love. Therefore such a nation is doomed to perish. Do we Unificationists value and cherish first love? (YES.)

We may not possess great wealth, but when it comes to our dream and life of faith, we are the kings and queens who dwell in the palace of the eternal ideal world. We believe in the existence of that ideal kingdom and constantly put our effort into being connected to that ideal world. Is there any ideology which is superior to the teaching of Unificationism? (No.) Why do you say no? Because Unificationism is such that a small woman is able to liberate and perfect a man who can become the king of the world, and even liberate and perfect God Himself. That kind of power lies within the teaching of Unificationism. Until that ideal is fulfilled, the Unification Church will never perish.

The American people are proud of the spirit and teaching of the Pilgrim Fathers. But their teaching and spirit is nothing compared to Unificationism. The way that you all laugh indicates that you have become Moonies. Do you regret having become Unificationists, or do you feel fortunate? (Fortunate.) [Father writes on the board] Are you able to detect the difference between these two characters? [indicating to the board] This character represents moon. This character represents father. Therefore, Moonism means parentism. The Chinese characters for father and moon both have the meaning of two people on Earth serving God with dual characteristics. Also, the Chinese character for heaven means two people.

The individual letters of the English language don't have any meaning. They simply represent a sound. However, each Chinese character has a significant meaning. The people who use and speak Oriental languages, are able to stand high above and look down at the overall situation. The structure of an Oriental language, such as Korean and an Occidental language, such as English are so different. Within the English language there is just one word to describe "shaking," for example. However, within the Korean language there is a deeper description of that particular motion. Because of this advantage, even within the structure of language, Asia stands in a position closer to God to be able to receive the Lord of the Second Advent, because Father was trained in that particular culture.

Where should we live? In the bosom of the True Love couple. [Father addresses a black brother in the audience] You have to return to your wife eternally. Do you agree? What if some beautiful woman seduces you. What will you do? Answer clearly to Father, don't mumble. (I would refuse her.)

Father is now close to eighty years of age. However, when Father was younger he was more handsome. So many women have tried to seduce Father. They were all drawn to Father and fell in love with him. Therefore, the secular world spread rumors that if you go to Reverend Moon you will never escape from him. Do you all love True Father? (YES.) Your response is too loud. If you truly love True Father you have to respond quietly. (Laughter) Do you truly love True Father? (Yes.) It is better to just signal quietly to Father that you love him rather than shouting. When you indicate quietly to Father, then secretly you can communicate without words. But if you shout out there is nothing, no connection. Between a loving husband and wife it takes just a subtle gesture to communicate deeply.

Neither Adam nor Eve were the origin. The True Love point where they could become one was the point of origin. Once they became totally one they could never become separated. That is the place where True Love dwells. Then they become an ideal couple centered upon True Love. Where is the origin of True Love? What is your answer? The place of union of the ideal man and woman in True Love is the origin. Unless you become connected through your sexual organs, there is no way for the love of husband and wife to be eternally bonded. Do you understand just how precious and valuable are the sexual organs of man and woman? Nothing can replace their value. Only the partnership of True Love can control that place forever. Therefore, the ideal marriage between man and woman and their first night of sexual love is the most precious thing in the entire universe.

There is no other place to find the universal truth and ideal. When Father discovered that this truth and ideal dwells within our own body, Father was so surprised. Therefore, we should dwell in the bosom of the True Love couple. As husband and wife, without holding onto your partner's sexual organ, how can you continue in your married life? This is the ideal way of married couples. Do you understand? (Yes.) Do you all have sexual organs or not? (Yes.) Is God a male or female God? What is the difference between the original sexual organ of God, which is the origin of True Love, and human beings' sexual organ which is the result of God's True Love? They possess equal value.

Our sexual organ has the desire to conquer the King of kings of the universe. The husband stands in the position of king, and God is in the position of King of kings. This is the palace of True Love, Life and Lineage. Without this organ we are not able to create the ideal world. The secular world has considered the sexual organ as the worst possible thing, because through this sexual organ the entire humanity was destroyed. That is why God desired humanity to live a life of chastity and follow an ascetic path through the various religions. The grandparents, parents, husband and wife, brothers and sisters (their couples) all hang onto the sexual organ of their spouse. That is why there is equalization. If this balance is broken, the entire family will be unbalanced. If the ideal sexual life of husband and wife is broken, the entire family will be shaken.

Once you American women receive your spouse, will you cling to him for eternity or try to change him. (Stick for eternity.) As the founder of the Unification Church Father has revealed the importance and value of the sexual organ, this very organ which the secular world considers the absolute worst. That is why Father has been labeled as a heretic. However, the truth is, the fall of man took place because of false love-making, the misuse of the original sexual organs. Instead of the ideal center being between Adam and Eve, they deviated and created a false center. The dividing line between Heaven and Hell is your sexual organ. Is this the truth? (Yes.) Absolutely yes.

If you misuse your sexual organ you are condemned to Hell. If you use it correctly you are destined to Heaven. This is a clear dividing line. Therefore, Unification Church teaches the process of recreation. Because the original position was lost, we have to recreate in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. No one has appreciated the value of the human sexual organ until now. As husband and wife you become an ideal couple and produce children who will be true children in eternity. Even if you produce true children within your family, if one of those children deviates and falls, they will be doomed to Hell. Blessed couples clearly know yourselves better than anyone else. At this moment your conscience clearly tells you whether you belong to Heaven or Hell. Your path toward Heaven is a long way ahead of you. If your life is zig-zagging you will never be able to go over the boundary of Satan's realm. Consider True Father's life, constantly marching on without eating and resting properly.

Those of you who have come here for the first time to hear Father's speech, please remember that the dividing line between Heaven and Hell is within the relationship with your spouse. If you follow the way of Divine Principle you will eventually belong to Heaven. However, if you misuse your sexual organ you will end up in Hell. Please remember this teaching. Once you are bound together through True Love you can never be separated as husband and wife.

When you are really tired, instead of sleeping for eight hours alone, place your head on your wife's lap and sleep for only thirty minutes and you will gain more recovery than eight hours of sleep all alone. When your husband returns after a long day working invite him to rest on your lap for thirty minutes or one hour. Then when he is totally recovered you can gently lead him into the bathroom to have him take a shower.

Are Blessed Unification Church couples happy or unhappy? (Happy.) There are so many senior Korean elders who have left their wives and family in Korea and followed True Father to America. They have spent five, ten or twelve years without their spouses. However, they don't worry about them. They have faith that their families will live in Korea peacefully. Since they live separately without having to worry about their spouse, they gain more weight and look even brighter. After five or seven years of separation, their love grows as big as a mountain. When these two mountains meet they make a big noise like the thunder. How wonderful. This is our love dream. Have you actually experienced this?

Within American society, they don't cherish this kind of dream because they are running after free sex. If you truly live your life close to your wife's True Love , don't you think that she would welcome you? Husbands should offer their True Love to their wives and wives to their husbands. If you have enough money to live your life without working, and you chain yourself to your wife so that you can never be separated from one another and live your entire life this way, then no one will ever blame you. If you find yourself in this position, you can practice every level of love-making. Go and practice every level of love-making. You are the center of the entire universe. Even if you spend your entire life practicing all the varieties of love-making, you will never be able to practice them all. There are just too many.

Now we know where and how we should live our lives. Those who clearly understand and are ready to live this kind of life, show your hands to Father. If you truly practice this, even without believing in Jesus, you will go straight to Heaven. Amen. (Applause) This way of life is not centered on your family alone, but it includes the entire world. We have to remember that my couple is the center of my family, my clan, my tribe, my nation, my world and even the center of God Himself. That is the kind of pride we should have. Just as God consists of dual characteristics of plus and minus, as husband and wife we manifest God and follow this principle. The origin, direction, and effect must be one through unity between husband and wife. The life that we will practice is one of investing and forgetting. Shall we do so? (Yes.) Living for the sake of others is the quality of life we are referring to.

Based upon this standard of life, we can divide the world into two categories: urban life and rural life. Which one would you like to belong to? (Rural life.) Recently Father heard that scholars from throughout the world came up with the conclusion that human beings generally desire to return to the state of nakedness. Why do we have such a desire? When you make love as husband and wife you do so naked, don't you? (Yes.) (Laughter.) If that idea appeals to you, that is fine. But there is no need to laugh about it.

It is the custom in America to greet each other with a hug or a kiss. When Father first came to America there were many women who tried to greet him in this way. Even in South America, that kind of phenomenon occurred. Father placed a boundary around him, so that within one meter no one can come close to him. It is very difficult actually. What kind of kissing custom is this? Does it originate from the Fall, or is it the original kissing custom which God gave to Adam and Eve? (After the Fall.) Therefore, Father wants to spit it out.

Do you think that God prefers the city or the country life? (Country life.) Why? God, first of all, began by creating the environment. He created the sun, air, water, and earth. If any of these four elements is missing, nothing else can exist. Therefore, God is the King of scientists. Don't you think that God was happy after He created the earth? He must have felt that by utilizing the elements of the soil that his love partner could be created. God created the earth out of His love and compassion so that He could eventually create His love partner. We, as the love partners of God, have the task of loving this earth as much as God does.

When God created the universe do you think that He was naked or had clothes on? (Naked.) You have to think deeply about these things. Was He happy enough to roll in the dirt, intoxicated with happiness? He created this earth and He loves every aspect of this creation and wanted to absorb every element of this earth within Himself. Just as when your husband and you truly love one another, will you only touch each other's hands or every part of your bodies?

When little children play naked in the sand, they don't mind getting dirt or water on their bodies. They play in the dirt happily. When God created this planet Earth, don't you think He also rolled in the dirt and played as well? Even if God didn't in fact do so, do you imagine that He will be upset because Reverend Moon is lying about it? No. God would not mind. He would be proud of it. Have you seen innocent little children trying to eat dirt? (Yes.) It happens. If we human beings eat this small piece of clay once a month probably it would provide perfect health for our bodies. Some scientist in the future will be able to study this and give a report on it. We absorb our nutrition from food. All the various foods are products of the earth. The resource of the nutrition of the plants is in the dirt in which they grow.

Father promised True Mother that he would speak for only two hours this morning. Already he has exceeded that time limit. Therefore, let us conclude now. (NO.) If Father teaches you more you will simply forget. Let us conclude this morning's talk. Even though Father has taken two and one-half hours this morning, he can give the conclusion in two minutes.

Since I understand that God loves the planet Earth more than anyone else, then as God's sons and daughters we will love the planet Earth more than God does. If you challenge God by saying that you will love the Earth more than He does from now on, God will not hate you. Have you ever heard the planet Earth complaining about being loved more? Whatever you do to the earth, either good or bad, it is always silent. When you wash your face with water and throw it onto the ground, the earth doesn't complain. Even when you bury dead bodies in the earth, still the planet Earth welcomes them.

Korea has more than 7,000 years of history. Actually it goes back further than Chinese history. A theory exists that even the creation of the Chinese characters were created by the original ancestors of Koreans. The Korean language itself consists of dual characteristics of subject and object. By the same token, Chinese characters consist of subject and object as well. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that Koreans created Chinese characters. Even Confucius desired to travel to the east, where Korea is situated. Koreans were champion archers. They didn't like killing. From Manchuria they retreated to the Korean peninsula where they settled as farmers. They loved peace. They never attacked other countries first. Because of the invasion of foreign forces they had to fight. But otherwise they did not attack.

God's strategy is to be hit first and then claim everything back. Never attacking first. The characteristics of the Korean race is patience and they worship their ancestors just like God. They raise their children as God. Even if Korean mothers have to skip meals, they always support their children to provide better education. Father predicts that more and more Korean students will enter the Ivy League schools of America. Some of the true children have already graduated from Harvard while others are presently studying there. Hyun Jin Nim has been accepted by Harvard Business School. Also In Jin Nim is studying at Harvard. There are very few students who are able to make it to Harvard. However, within true family we may have a dozen Harvard graduates soon. Do you think that Father is a smart man? (Yes.) I don't like smart.

Being smart always brings some trouble. If Father hears someone saying that it took them three years to accomplish something, Father immediately responds that he could do it in three days. Recently we opened an Exhibition in So Paulo for ten days. It was open to the entire nation of Brazil to come to view this Exhibition. People there were speechless. Even Father himself was surprised when he saw the Exhibition. In reality, what we exhibit in So Paulo is only one-fifth of what Father has accomplished.

Let us stop here. Otherwise it will take all day long. You will become too excited and forget everything. Let us love the planet Earth. Is that a good campaign? (Yes.) Have you tried it? (Yes.) In the past, have you been loving the planet Earth? That is the question. The planet Earth is the masterpiece of God's creation and so we must love the Earth just as God does. There are so many various colors of clay. It is so soft to the touch. Actually, women's cosmetics could be manufactured from the soil. It would be very healthy. Father is considering using pure clay to make a bath preparation. By soaking in such a preparation you could become much healthier. In a business sense Father might promote this idea. The soil contains all the elements of nutrition that we absorb through our food. If we use the original source in our bathtub we can absorb it that way also. Let us love the earth. (Yes.) Repeat after Father. [Father has everyone repeat a Korean phrase]

Since you have proclaimed this here today, then whenever you walk in the city streets you have to claim that the concrete and asphalt streets and sidewalks are your enemies. You have to seek the pure soil. Who created this asphalt culture? The so-called civilized cultures. Was it urban or rural dwellers who destroyed the environment the most? The cities of the world are like evil castles surrounded by walls. If Father says that the so-called civilized city dwellers are the cause of the destruction of the environment, is it true? (Yes.) The pollution is mainly caused by city dwellers. Immorality and the destruction of moral standards is also the result of urban life. Within cities every individual cell is divided by concrete walls. No matter what happens out in the world, city dwellers stay distant from it and pursue their selfish desires. Therefore, cities are Satan's palaces.

The children who grow up within these cities play with plastic toys and animals. There is no animated communication between these children and their toys. Whereas children who grow up in the countryside experience animated give and take with the actual creation. They learn about the various types of creatures, all the various colors of birds and animals. If you feed the birds regularly every morning then hundreds of different kinds of birds will come and expect to be fed by you. In South America Father experienced this. Within the rural life everything is available to us, because God is the master of that world. Who is the owner, Adam or Eve? (Adam.)

When Father was growing up he felt he had to conquer every aspect of creation. Once Father caught a mother bird and three baby birds together and kept them in his house. At that point Father didn't realize that there was a father bird. All of a sudden the father bird appeared and began to cry in a sad voice. When this father bird looked at Father, he cried even more sadly because True Father was the destroyer of this bird's family. Then Father released the birds, one by one. The sad tone of the father bird's song lessened. Finally, when all three baby birds were released this father bird seemed content. But when the mother bird was released then the whole family of birds greeted Father and then flew away. How did Father know that they came and greeted him? Because they circled Father's house and then flew away. (Ooh.) Ooh! (Laughter.)

Father is sharing one small experience with you here. Please remember this when you are thinking of giving plastic toys to your children. They cannot experience something like Father has shared with you through plastic toys. During his youth in Korea Father touched every kind of creature you can think of. If Father gets involved in telling stories such as these there will be no end to it. But Father will share one more experience. One day Father saw a big perch fish in a small deep pond. Father realized that this was the biggest perch he had seen and determined to catch it. It took Father forty days, day and night, until he finally caught that fish.

Father has caught almost every species of fish in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. In South America Father was told that in one particular area there were over 3,600 species of fish. This is now Father's challenge to catch all of them. You have to be grateful that Father is doing so. Because eventually Father will build fish farms for over 360 different species of fish. Then your children will benefit from this. By studying this, many different Ph.D.'s can be created by your children. Therefore, would you like to see Father stop fishing in South America or continue for the sake of our future generations? (Continue.) Why? Father wants to know how much love God has put into the creation of all things.

Have you considered the various thousands and thousands of shades of colors within the creation? There is no single fish which cannot sing in South America. That is the reality. Do you want to go there? (Yes.) If you want to go to South America with Father, you have to do fishing every single day for three years. Will you still say you want to come? (Yes.) You are crazy! Do you think we should like fishing? (Yes.) We must not kill fish for the sake of killing. That is why Father wants to create fish farms. We have to give love to the fish. Since Father is the one who preaches True Love, he wants to create these fish farms all over the world. The rest of the world is destroying the environment without a thought for the future. However, Reverend Moon is marching forward to create a new world, new nature, new environment.

The way of restoration is the way of recreation. The original father lost everything. Therefore True Father is recreating everything. We are inspired when we hear the New York City Symphony perform. However, when you go to South America and sit in the midst of the orchestra of nature in the early morning when the sun rises, there is no comparison. All the farmers are able to imitate the sounds of nature. Sometimes Father becomes confused as to whether someone is actually singing or not. Then when he looks it is a frog. (Laughter) Being in the middle of nature your five senses are stimulated to blend and mingle with everything.

The subject and object relationship, male and female, always exists within creation. This is an absolute formula. All created beings have a pair system. The five organs of created beings also consist in a pair system. Also, within our relationships there is the subject and object relationship at work. Centering upon myself, there is my spouse, my children and my parents. Centering upon the ideal relationship we can build an ideal family. Father and son, husband and wife, brothers and sisters. This is the three objective purpose. No one wants to become an orphan. We all need our brothers and sisters, our parents, our spouse and children. This is the model for the family.

Parents and children should become one at this point. [Father draws a diagram indicating this on the board] Husband and wife should become one at this point. Brothers and sisters should be united at this point. Children grow up to the level of bride and bridegroom and then they marry. Once we reach this level, God will come down from the invisible world and dwell with us. God Himself consists of plus and minus, sung sang and hyung sang. Adam and Eve are in the position of plus and minus, sung sang and hyung sang. This center point represents plus and minus combined at the physical level. Then God who has plus and minus within Himself will come down vertically and join them at this point. God can be in the position of ancestor to the children, the couples, and the parents. God is vertically connected to all these levels of the horizontal world. No matter what level we refer to, God is always in the subject position.

God is the seed of your parents, tribe, nation, world and universe. From the vertical view there are eight different levels. Once we reach this level centered upon God [indicating to the diagram] then we can travel back and forth in complete freedom. In Adam's family the father figure was God. The center remains always one. No matter how many levels there are, the axis is unchanging. The children should revolve 180 degrees around their mother in unity. The central position of father cannot be replaced. However, the position of mother can be replaced. The position of the mother is 360 degrees surrounding the father. Do you understand, you American women? All of you have to climb up the husband's ladder in order to reach God. The father is responsible for the mother and the children. Once your family is totally united then the nation should become responsible for the family. Once such nations exist all throughout the world, the King of kings should be responsible for all of these nations.

When this system in the world is naturally transferred to Heaven then it will become the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. Once we experience this life in this physical world, when we enter the spiritual world we share God's blood and flesh. No matter how difficult it might be, don't just follow your mother. However, in the Western world we don't see the kind of tradition that Father is describing. In Korea such a tradition exists. Once the family tree is set up following the elder son's lineage, no matter how young the elder son of your family might be, all of the uncles from the second son's lineage will have to respect this elder son's lineage. The axis is only one.

Therefore, the mother and children all have to climb up the father's ladder to reach a higher dimension. If the entire family becomes united then together they will climb up the ladder of the national king. Then they will climb up the ladder of the King of kings at the world level. Then finally they will climb up to God. The only thing that we have to care about is the seed of life following this vertical line. The seed is important but the mother is like a 360 degree floating figure. The mother represents a field waiting for the seed to be sown. Therefore the wife has to absolutely follow the husband.

If you are abandoned by your father and mother you can turn to your grandparents or your uncles and aunts. We need this hierarchy. This is the structure of the elder son's lineage. American women may feel that Father's explanation of life gives them no value whatsoever. Women are like a receiving basket. The basket is empty. Your value will be determined by the contents you hold within your basket. Father suggests that you utilize your beautiful face, well developed bosom and hips and produce as many precious children as possible. That is your value. Do you want to have only one child? (More.) Would you exchange your children for tons of gold? (No.) Would you like to possess only one or two gold bars? (More.) Suppose you are in the position of the prince with twelve different nations under your leadership. Would you like to send your own twelve sons to rule those nations or your slaves? (Sons.) If you have plenty of sons to send to those twelve nations then those nations will prosper and have good relations with you. The kings of history usually had more than one wife in order to have many princes to rule their nations. In that sense which way should we go? Should we have more sons or more daughters? Sons are able to produce the seed of life.

In terms of raising children, if you have only daughters it takes only a few toys and they will be content. Also a daughter would stay in a room all day long if you placed her there. Whereas boys are never content with toys. They will go out and chase after all kinds of animals. They are trouble makers. Those wives who raise many sons will naturally possess the right and power to control their husbands. That is true. This is a revolutionary philosophy. Then shall we follow this path? (Yes.) All of you might understand what Father has taught you now, but before you reach your home you will have forgotten it.

As a mother, if you produce twelve princes and hold them in your basket then your King will greet you every morning with a bow saying, "My dear Queen, Good morning." That is the way you are able to conquer even the King. When you offer some room in your basket for the King to come in, he will immediately jump inside. That is the way that you can mature yourself to reach the most valuable position. Even better than your grandmother and mother, you will become the best mother and wife. You will be able to offer your lap to all twelve of your sons, and even your King will sleep in your lap. How happy you would feel. That is why God created women's bodies with many cushions. He wants to see His children embraced in this comfortable cushioned areas of woman's body. Also God Himself wanted to be embraced by woman. That is why God created woman, His most beautiful creation, last of all. Amen. (Amen.) It is almost lunch time. That is why you seem to have lost your power. When Father gives such a compliment to women then you all have to shout out as loud as possible. (AMEN.)

We have all declared that we will love the earth from today on. Are you all ready to love the air? (Yes.) This is the way in which you show your appreciation to the air. [Father demonstrates by making a kissing sound] (Laughter) Without the air you are not able to live for even five minutes. Imagine our fate if all the air in the universe went on strike for thirty minutes because human beings didn't show appreciation. How powerful air is. Have you truly loved and praised the value of air? (No.) Imagine the degree of happiness and joy God felt when He created air. He knew this was the substance that His love partners would need to live. If you wake up in the early morning before sunrise in a high mountain and try to breathe as much air as you can, then without even eating breakfast you will feel sustained.

Let us love the air. Repeat after Father. [Father has everyone repeat after him in Korean] What shall we do in order to love air? We have to plant trees. Unification Church members have a duty to plant twelve trees every year. Just like having twelve children. If we plant twelve trees a year, in ten years that is 120 trees. If we live for 100 years, before we die we will have planted 1,200 trees. If you cannot do such a simple task then your life is not worth living. Will you do so? (Yes.) Let us love the fresh air.

Trees produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Whereas human beings take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. When you look at the big animals they all live in the midst of trees. We can solve the problem of pollution through tree planting also. There is a common principle that human beings should be able to maintain a higher quality of life than animals, fish and other species of creation. In the world of fish, the salmon practices the best love relationship. Therefore, Father pays attention to salmon. Father wants to label Unification Church couples as salmon families. Once the salmon eggs hatch, they grow and travel to the ocean about 5,000 miles within the open ocean. In four to six years they all return to the original place they were hatched. They return to their home love site. It is amazing!

They return to the cold waters of Alaska, where during the months of August, September and October there are not even insects available for the hatched baby salmon. Therefore, the parent fish sacrifices itself and dies there so that the newly hatched babies can feed on the parents' own flesh. That is the life of the salmon. Human beings, as the highest created being, should maintain a higher quality of life than the salmon do. Even in the bird kingdom, there are certain birds that, when the female dies, the male bird dies with her. The power of love is that great. How about human beings? Man is the True Love owner. We should become superior to the rest of creation. Don't you agree? (Yes.)

By observing nature we can learn such precious lifestyle. In Father's own life he didn't discover the truth through the Bible, but rather through observing nature. The origin of the creation of the universe is the male and female relationship. The entire universe is derived from this male and female relationship. Before the male and female concept came into being there existed the concept of love. The sexual organ exists for the sake of love. Only by becoming one through the sexual organs, can man and woman conquer God. The universe originated from vertical and horizontal love. That means up, down, front, rear, right, left, centered upon the family. This is the center of love, the place where God desires to dwell.

This is the place where God Himself desires to dwell. Centering upon the concept of parents, every member of the family desires to become one. Upon this unifying point the family exists. This happy home place is the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not a concept. This is reality. Do you want to live in the countryside or the city? (Countryside.) Everything flows harmoniously in the countryside. Air can flow as water flows. Love flows in the same way. There are no obstacles which love cannot penetrate. Nothing can stop it. It has no boundaries.

You all love True Father no matter what race you may belong to. If Father calls you to go to Africa with him you will follow. Is that true? (Yes.) Those of you who were matched by picture, show your hands to Father. You are all crazy people. (Laughter.) In the secular world people live with one another for six months or one year and are still uncertain as to whether they should marry or not. But you marry just by picture. How pure and genuine you are. It is like an innocent child who takes anything that the mother gives without even thinking. What beautiful children you are. You are the love race.

Through the past forty years Father has been working without realizing fully what has been happening. Now suddenly he realizes that the entire world is within his grasp. Father's conclusion this morning is that city life is the cause of pollution, destruction of the environment, and the cause of neglect and famine. The cities of the world are Satan's hell palace. Until now, people have thought that it was more beneficial and convenient to dwell in cities. However, the time has come when we can secure the same comforts and benefits by living in the countryside. There fresh air is available and clean water flows and nature surrounds us. The wilderness welcomes us.

Compared to South Americans you are all much better off. Therefore you are responsible to feed your African and South American brothers and sisters.

Father believes that if America can share one-third of its national wealth with the rest of the world, then the entire world will prosper. If Americans don't do so, then Unificationists will be mobilized to do it. Will you do this? (Yes.) Why? In order to restore and save your tribe and nation of America. Will you do so? (Yes.) Those who do not wish to participate in Father's campaign, show your hands. Those of you who are willing to do so, show your hands. Father has put both questions to you. Therefore, those of you who have shown your hands to Father cannot complain in the future.

You have no excuse now because Father gave you a choice. When Father looks at your raised hands, he sees a tumultuous and difficult path ahead of you. Your life with your spouse might mean working hard for eight physical years for God and humanity, with not even enough money to buy a nice chest of drawers. However, when God looks at you He sees you as the patriots of your country, the saints of the world, and the holy sons and daughters of God. Therefore, that is all that you need. If you devote your entire family for the sake of God you will become qualified to be called holy sons and daughters.

Do all of you like True Father? (Yes.) Do you wish to resemble your True Father? (Yes.) Then you have to know that Father is the one who has paid the most indemnity. His life course was most difficult and he received the most persecution. Father was imprisoned many times. He knows well the life inside the prison. Each time that Father was imprisoned, within a week he usually converted all of the inmates who became like Father's disciples. While they were in the prison they all tried to give food they received from their relatives to Father first. When Father was in Danbury, within one year almost all of the inmates respected Father. When each of the inmates were about to be discharged from the prison, they would bring all of the precious things they had accumulated and politely offer them to Father.

When it was time for Father to be released from the prison, all of the other prisoners prepared themselves for one week to see Father off. Finally when the day came, all two hundred inmates lined up in front of Danbury prison to try to see Father off. However, the prison officers were afraid of a commotion and so at early dawn they opened the back door and quietly led Father out. Wherever Father may go he is always surrounded by some degree of controversy. Is Father a good trouble maker or a bad trouble maker? (Good trouble maker.) Very good. Father is the most persecuted individual. However, he never tired of it and has never given up. He continues to march forward no matter what.

True Father is now almost eighty years of age. This morning he has been standing here many hours even though he just recently returned from a long flight from South America. Father has strong spiritual power. Again, do you want to live in the city or the countryside? (Countryside.) If we love God and His creation and if we desire to become God's children, we have to return to nature and offer our love and care as much as God has poured His love and care into His creation. If you continuously follow a fly it will lead you to all the smelly places. That doesn't mean that every smelly place is bad. Something good might also be hidden there.

Often lazy people like to sit in the shady places and take a nap. Therefore, God provided all of these insects to come and wake them up. They are all necessary. Some people question why God created poisonous snakes. Without them, other creatures would move freely to eat frogs and other creatures, creating a disturbance in the natural order. This enables various species to survive. If there were no poisonous snakes in the woods then the boys from the surrounding villages might overrun and kill all the small creatures in the woods. Therefore, Father concludes that even snakes are necessary for the balance of nature.

In the twenty-first century, maybe an unknown disease will erupt within humanity for which there is no cure. Then maybe only the venom of poisonous snakes will be able to cure that disease. For example, Koreans eat snake meat. Traditionally, they have learned that poisonous snakes contain certain elements which can cure various diseases and enhance the health. Westerners don't like this idea at all. However, dogs are also eaten in Korea. Also, Father wants you to remember that snakes mate with one another for seventy-one hours at one time. Whereas dogs mate for forty-five minutes at one time.

One of the reason why Korean men favor eating snake and dog meat is to gain power when making love to their wives. All created beings can be used for medicinal purposes. Within the creation there is always plus and minus, beginning with a small plus and minus which will be encompassed by a larger plus and minus. As individuals we have within us plus and minus, but the nation of America would be in the position of plus and we would be in the position of minus. Therefore we have to assimilate and support this American system. By the same token, if we go to Germany we have to mingle with the German environment. The environment always contains the elements of plus and minus. In the sense of reciprocal relationship there is always plus and minus.

This is the principle of the recreation of the world. Just as when man and woman become one, they should become object to God. We become one with the creation, then together become object to God. Father goes to the place where there is original soil, clean sunshine, unpolluted water and fresh air. Centering around the four nations of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, Father sees a great future for the Paraguay River. Eventually that will expand to the Amazon River. There we have plenty of water to do agriculture and create fish farms. This is the place where we can solve the four major problems that the world is now facing. We have to clean the water. Through planting many trees we can clean the air. Unpolluted vegetables and foods can be produced from such clean, pure soil. By following the will and expectation of God, we who live in that kind of environment will create a moral society. There will be no problem of immorality.

Also, there are plans to establish an educational system from elementary school all the way through to the level of universities. High school graduates will come there to be trained how to earn money to support themselves as well as continue their studies. Then eventually they can pursue various degrees. They will all devote themselves to solving the four major problems that the world is now facing. Enough manpower has been secured throughout the world to be able to bring any experts in various fields there. Father also plans to establish the best research center covering four major fields. 1) Through the study of agriculture we will develop the ideal environment there; 2) through agriculture we will be able to produce unpolluted soil and food; 3) we will create an ideal society which will be free from immorality, to resemble God; and 4) we will provide enough technology and food to rescue the people of the world who are dying of starvation.

The countries of the Far East are able to produce a rice crop only once a year. However, in Brazil we are able to harvest rice three times a year. We can constantly rotate the crops and sow and harvest year round. The sweet potatoes grow bigger than the size of a man's head. There is no winter season and so crops just keep on growing. There is a particular plant root that tastes like the potato. It grows so easily and readily in that particular region. Even so there are people living down in Brazil who are dying of starvation. They are in need of leadership. America has a big responsibility. Finally, True Parents have appeared to humankind and have trained people over the past twenty years in the skills of fishing and sailing. Fishing ports should be redeveloped once again. They should be developed in the area of sports fishing as well as fish farms. These fishing ports should develop the surrounding land and plant trees and also grow food.

Centered upon the Amazon and Paraguay rivers, there is plenty of land awaiting the owners who can develop the land properly in order to save the entire humanity. This is the reason why Father has been focusing on South America. It is Father's desire to offer his help to those people living in the remote countryside who have nowhere else to turn. By establishing these research centers, model farms, and other facilities we will be able to assist people to become more educated and have dominion over their environment. At the same time we will be able to help the city dwellers by bringing them to this countryside where they will be able to enjoy their lives in a pure sense. This is why Father has been focusing his attention upon South America in order to build the ideal global village where we can train people to enhance the quality of life of humankind.

Would you all like to go to the place where there is plenty of fresh air, unpolluted water, unpolluted soil and sunshine, or would you rather live in the inner cities with all the garbage and pollution? (The first one.) Therefore from now on, the Unification Church second and third generation children should live their lives in the countryside, from kindergarten through high school level. (Applause.) After they complete high school they may go any place to complete their college degree. After completing college, they may go any place they choose to live. They have to be able to travel freely the rest of their lives.

God's purpose of creation is that the entire world should become an ideal place that can receive anybody, anytime who can contribute to that place and then move on. In this way we don't have to be confined within the inner cities. The time has come when we no longer need a big Ivy League campus building in order to be well educated. It no longer takes New York City for us to gain the richness of cultural activities. You simply need one computer in the remote countryside. Simply click onto the Internet and you will be connected to the entire world. Through this system you will be able to obtain all the cultural and educational benefits that you need. Everything is at your fingertips.

Whatever piece of art that you want to observe or cultural performance you wish to see, you can do so through the Internet and enjoy as much as those sitting in the theater. Why do we have to bother with the frustrations of commuting in the rush hour in cities like New York. Rather we can do whatever work we desire to do anywhere in the countryside. There are so many young people who waste their lives within the inner cities. They get themselves involved in so many evil things. Therefore, Father intends to create many places to hunt and fish around these inner cities. There is already established such a place close to Washington, DC so that young people can be attracted away from the city to the hunting and fishing grounds in the countryside. Once they enjoy this kind of life, then we can convince them to leave the city completely. Then we can go to the wilderness and climb mountains and fish in the Amazon River. This is how we can draw young people out from the cities and send them to the farmlands.

Once Father establishes this as a formula, then even after Father joins the spiritual world, young Unification Church leaders should take up this mission and build an ideal world based upon Father's formula. Amen? (Amen.) However, this course will be tough. All Unification women must learn how to operate a boat, how to repair a boat, how to water ski and other water sports so that you can train the young people when they come. You all need to stand in the position of mothers to these young people. Isn't Father's face sun tanned? (Yes.) In the tropical regions the dark tanned face is your pride. If your face is white you have to go away. The white race are the descendants of polar bears. Their ancestors were Viking pirates. Wherever the white race goes there is always bloodshed.

Where do you want to live? When you reach your fifties and sixties and you retire, if you remain in the city you will become suffocated. Eventually you will have to travel to the ideal village which we have established and spend the rest of your life with nature and contribute as much as possible. Breathe and mingle with nature.

Then end your life with nature and go and join God in the spiritual world. That will become the course of your life. Amen? (Amen.) This is a hobby lifestyle which God likes. You never become tired. This is the highest lifestyle of humankind. Those who want to pursue such a lifestyle, show your hands to Father. What beautiful fingers and hands! (Laughter.) God bless all of you. Amen. (Amen.) (Applause.)

Let us pray.

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