The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


My Life's Fate And Destiny

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 26, 1996
Belvedere--International Training Center
Translator--Peter Kim

[Mr. Peter Kim has the audience repeat Father's title in Korean] Sook-Myung-Juk Nah-ui Sehng-Eh. My Life's Fate and Destiny.

Destiny refers to a horizontal concept, whereas fate refers to a vertical concept. When the vertical and horizontal concepts work together we discover the center. Our fate cannot be changed, we simply have to follow it. Without having a center established, our destiny refers to a horizontal relationship between subject and object. Therefore, when a division occurs between subject and object, then this destiny can be changed. Westerners have a tendency to flow with this horizontal destiny, whereas Orientals have the vertical concept as their beginning.

For thousands of years Oriental culture has been based upon farming and agriculture. This has caused them to build a vertical concept of looking toward heaven for the blessing of weather and crops. If you are a serious farmer you have to look toward the sky daily. You have to observe the direction and strength of the wind. As a farmer, this is how you connect yourself to heaven. The four major religions of the world all emerged from the Asian continent which is the center of spirit.

Western culture originated from the North Pole. They have been hunters. As a hunter you are always looking down in search of prey. In that sense the Western culture had some advantage. As hunters they always had to trace the animals' footprints in the ground. This caused them to cover great distances and this is how they came to pioneer all the different continents of the world and develop various civilizations. We cannot deny this. Our lives are a part of a culture that we are presently creating, as well as a part of civilization. Orientals, for example, write vertically from right to left. Westerners write horizontally, from left to right. If we try to combine the Oriental and Western way of writing we find it cannot be done. The ideal vertical line should be only one.

Throughout history there has been no central ideology. There have been various ideologies, all at different levels. However, there has been no connection from the individual to the cosmic levels. They have all had their various agendas. The nation of America is proud of being a world super power. However, the lives of individual Americans are not all in line with the national goal and direction of America. As individuals, we all have our own philosophies, ideologies and ethnic group ideas. In this modern world there is no unity because there is no center. If there is no center, then like a boat, it will sink.

Father's topic, My Life's Fate and Destiny, means even if you as an individual have your own life, you cannot stick with your own thinking. Rather you have to follow the direction of your family. The family should follow the direction of the tribe. The tribe should follow the direction of the nation. The smaller purpose is always living for the larger purpose and whole. As an individual you cannot become the center of the universe. It requires a central ideology which is able to represent the individual, family, tribal, national and world levels. In this modern world individuals have their own ideas, but at the end of their lives it amounts to nothing. It becomes extinct. The individual level should always be able to expand to the family level. This expands through all the various levels. This is the process of development. This is the way we can form the central vertical line.

You might try to form a circular sphere as an individual, family or tribe, but as long as you are separated from this central line you will never be able to reach to the top and will ultimately waste your life. We always have to be connected to the central line. Do you want a straight line in your life or a zig zag line? (Straight line.) In order for you to be able to live a life on a straight line, you need a straight concept. Do you have a straight concept?

What is the destiny of a life of individualism? It is destined to a road of decline. In the end you will lose everything. Individualism will lead you to destruction. Those who insist on following the way of individualism will be pushed out by the universe. This is reality. Do you follow Father? (Yes.) It is absolutely necessary that you establish your central line. What level of central line do you want to establish? (Family central line.) In American society couples are breaking up every single day. This is a serious problem. If God indeed exists, can we conclude that we need our center for every level of our life, from the individual up through the cosmic level? (Yes.)

Everything originates from God, forms a sphere and eventually returns to God. This is where the concept of Alpha and Omega comes from. Then shall we welcome or reject individualism? (Reject it.) The family consists of many individuals. If an individual member of a family is in need of something then the entire family will also be in need. However, we cannot simply cling to our own family and not care for other families. The same is true at the tribal level. If each tribe remains isolated one from the other, we can never have peace and harmony in the world. We need to unite many tribes in order to form a nation.

There are 184 member nations of the United Nations. But if each nation sticks with their own national interests there can be no concept of a world. If each of these 184 nations insists on being the central nation of the world we would have war. If America insists on being the central nation that the world must follow, the rest of the world would spit at America. Above America is the world and universe. As long as America sticks with its nationalistic pride it will never be able to embrace the world. Then only conflict will break out between the various races and religions. As long as America continues along this horizontal line, the force of gravity will drag it down further and further.

What is the center and direction of the entire world? No one knows the answer to this question. Even though everything may become united at a horizontal level, if this center continuously moves, only destruction will result. There will be conflict because other centers will form and try to take over. How can there be a concept of eternity in such circumstances? We cannot deny that everyone desires one eternal center for the world. Once this center is secured we will be able to begin building a world of ideal peace and happiness.

Unification Church Blessed couples have a tendency to focus upon their own families. As long as your family is secure you don't really care about the movement. If your life is based upon this belief, even if your family lasts for thousands of years, eventually you will be destroyed. Because there is no connection to the central line. There is no future for your family if you maintain such a philosophy. Do all the limbs and organs of our body act according to their own individual thinking? Rather they all follow a central direction. What is that central direction? It is the function of the conscience. Our conscience always tries to maintain balance within ourselves. But our body continually tries to take subject position which causes conflict within ourselves.

From the beginning of human history this conflict between mind and body began. This conflict has continued up to this present time. Until we realize total unity centered upon our conscience, there is no hope for humanity. The lives of the saints of history have always advocated the subjugation of the bodily desires. In order to do this, the various religions all advocated the practice of sacrifice, service, fasting, obedience and chastity. Such disciplines were intended to establish the central position for life. Because we have a conscience we are able to attain higher and higher goals. However, our bodies rebel against this. In order to reach to the higher levels of conscience, it is necessary to eliminate our bodily desires.

In today's world we witness the conflict between mind and body. All of the various dictators of history have all lived their lives based upon bodily desires. Consequently, all of them eventually just disappeared, because the bodily way of life leads one to destruction. No matter how beautiful a woman may appear physically, if she clings to the desires of her body she is destined to Hell. What is your position? Are you on the side of your body or your mind? (Mind.) If our lives are based more than fifty percent on our mind then we can cross over the borderline. However, if we don't even have fifty percent of our lives dedicated to following our mind, then we are still on the other side. Do you follow?

Humanity can be categorized into two groups. Those who live their lives centered upon their bodily desires and those who try to center their lives upon the mind or spiritual life. If we say the right hand side belongs to God and the left hand side belongs to Satan, would the mind be on God's side or Satan's side? (God's side.) What about the body? (Satan's side.) Do you believe this absolutely? (Yes.) Have you ever considered to whom your five senses belong? If you have one eye belonging to God and the other belonging to Satan, then your life will be standing at the crossroads between Heaven and Hell. These are not Father's words, this is the universal law.

Our conscience knows exactly where we are positioned. There is no excuse. Do you belong to Heaven or to Hell? (Heaven.) It is easy to claim that you belong to Heaven. However, to make it a reality is not so easy. Is it easier to go to Heaven or to Hell? (Hell.) You don't need any training, prayer or discipline of any kind in order to go to Hell. Just follow the ways of the secular world and you will easily be able to enter into Hell. However, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to cut off all of your secular concepts and ways of thinking and being. Do you think that it is possible to hold a meeting of conciliation between God and Satan? (No.) Is that an absolute, unchanging, eternal 'no'? (Absolutely No.)

If compromise is possible between God and Satan, naturally Satan would invade. The same is true within ourselves; if we allow compromise then Satan will invade us. As Blessed couples of the Unification Church, do you expect to go to Heaven or Hell? (Heaven.) Just by saying so? It sounds good but in reality it is not so. This is a problem. Each one of us knows ourselves. Everything, including our lives, originated from God. Therefore, centered upon our conscience, our five senses must be united. From this center we expand all the way to the cosmic level and return again to God eventually. As an individual we begin from this point [indicating to the board] and continue to expand outward to the cosmic level.

Should we have one center or two? (One.) If you decided to climb up the Empire State Building using a ladder, would you prefer one continuous ladder, or a ladder that is split into several parts? (One continuous ladder.) Actually, ladders usually have two parts. We can compare the relationship between our mind and body to this ladder. Even if we begin from two different points, eventually these two should connect and go around and return to the same original point. This is logical. This starting point is myself, including my family. We all have the desire to be the center of our family, tribe, nation and world. Don't you all desire for your family to become the royal family of the entire humanity. Don't we all have this desire? (Yes.) Actually the poorer your life, the greater your desire in this regard.

[Father draws on the board] This line clearly indicates the center. The top of this line should be Heaven and the bottom Earth. Even if we visit Hell, this principle still applies. The entire world of Hell will desire this principle. If we are in the position of this central family and we go to Hell, the entire world will follow, because we are a part of this whole. When the whole moves, as an individual you cannot be separated from that. Even Hell will welcome you if you play that role. Do you agree? (Yes.) Is it your life-long goal to seek Heaven or Hell? (Heaven.) Where is the beginning point? The individual and the family. The family unit is represented by man and woman as plus and minus. The entire universe consists of the subject and object relationship. Vertically we have our mind and body. Our limbs move, centered upon the mind. This mind is your conscience. No matter how difficult your situation might be, you have to follow your mind. This is our fate which cannot be changed. This is our destiny. This destiny means that only you can fulfill it. It is yours alone eternally. There is no power that can cut off the relationship between parents and children. Within the Oriental language we make a clear distinction between fate and destiny. Fate is eternal and unchanging. Whereas destiny is interchangeable at a horizontal level.

What is the vertical center within our families? Your parents are the center of your family. Nobody else can replace their position. Since your parents are the center of your family, even if there are billions of different families they cannot replace your parents' role. Can you deny the fact that you came from your parents? (No.) This is eternally true. This is what we refer to as our fate.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were supposed to become totally united into one. When we refer to their unity, does it mean the unity of Adam and Eve alone or other people as well? (Adam and Eve.) No one else can interfere in that unity. Otherwise, God would have created three or four, or even one hundred individuals in the beginning.

Did Adam and Eve's sexual organs belong to them alone? Did Adam's sexual organ exist for the sake of Eve and Eve's for the sake of Adam? (For each other.) That is correct. The concept of love is absolute and unchangeable. Adam and Eve had their destiny also. No one realized this fact until now. Man and woman cannot be born as they wish. We have no choice. We can never alter our fate. Marriage is on your line of fate, not just your destiny. Fate is eternal. Do you clearly understand Father's explanation of fate at a vertical level, and destiny at a horizontal level? Whoever follows the central line, the line of fate, is on the right track to Heaven.

Human beings have been wasting their lives, wandering around trying to find success, happiness and peace of mind. When Father refers to our destiny, he is not referring to one aspect of our daily lives. He is referring to the whole spectrum of our entire lives. Our daily life eventually accumulates into our entire life. If we accumulate a good daily life then we create good fortune fate. Do you understand? (Yes.) Did any woman here have a choice about your birth? It is your fate to be women. If you accept that reality can you alter your fate? No. There is no freedom there. A woman has her destiny as a woman. The same applies to men. It is the destiny of man to seek woman and for woman to seek man. That is your road of fate.

Our road of fate lies before us in order that we might perfect ourselves as individuals, become parents and raise our children in a family environment. That is our fate. Our family structure consists of up, down, right and left, parents and children, elder brother and younger brother, and husband and wife. Centered upon True Love this creates perfect families. Is this clear? (Yes.) Even if Father claims not to like this way, still each of you have to like this way and follow it absolutely. Even if Father were to abandon this way of life and go in the opposite direction, as long as you follow this principled lifestyle, you will go to Heaven. Do you understand Father clearly? (Yes.) If you truly understand then you no longer need a teacher or a master. If you truly understand all that Father has taught you here this morning, then you need no further education.

If this world consists of all different kinds of isms, would you rather cling to cosmicism or Godism? (Godism.) Why Godism? Because this is the original alpha point and we have to go back to omega. At each level, individual, family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos, the center point is God, because everything originated from God. This is the boundary between Heaven and Hell. [Father indicates on the board with a diagram] The center point on each level is the family. In our family, our parents are the center. How about in our village? Usually the mayor's family would be the center. At the national level, the president's family would be the center. At each level there should be a central position. In the Last Days, when the King of King's comes, the central family will be established. When Jesus came to this world, he came to receive his bride and form a true central family.

Whatever direction you come from, as long as you find the True King's royal family, you will be on the central line. That is why the royal family has been clung to throughout history. As Unification Church members we all wish to follow and be with true children. This is how we are able to be connected to the True Parents. What is God? He is the King of each and every level, all the way to the cosmos. Finally, He is God of God. Based upon this universal law and principle, what kind of ideology do you think that the world would adopt? A democratic ideology, or a kingship ideology? (Kingship.) What will happen to the democracy of this America then? Once this kingship appears, America's democracy will oppose it. No matter how much opposition there might be, this kingship concept is our destiny. The democratic world is now rotten with corruption of every kind.

In the democratic world, when a presidential election is held, all manner of power is manipulated in order to win. Even the power of dirty money is used. They manipulate with media. In some cases they even use a beautiful woman as a tool in order to gain more votes. Do you think such a trend should continue or be cut off? (Cut off.) In order to do so, we have to be able to educate people logically so that they can understand why it should be cut off and follow the heavenly way. This principle is the way to do so. As we continue up through the higher dimensions, at each higher level, the lower levels are included. Because of this particular relationship, from nation, to tribe, to family, to individual, centered upon your family, unification can begin.

Therefore, do you want to set your life-long goal based upon this principle that we learned from True Parents this morning, or would you rather have a secular philosophy? (True Father's teaching.) But True Father is Korean and the Western world doesn't like Korea. Koreans are making reformation, making new developments, giving hope. It is said that Koreans may be more troublesome than Jews. (Laughter.) At the same time we also have to admit, that because of their unique characteristics, historically Korea has produced such a person as Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Throughout the entire five thousand years of Korean history there has never been any moment when Korea declared total freedom. The land of Korea has been oppressed, controlled, dominated and persecuted by the so-called major powers of the world--China, Soviet Russia, Japan and even Western powers. Therefore, deep in the hearts of Koreans is the sentiment that some day Koreans will rise up and dominate the entire world. This has been the life-long goal generation after generation. The leading force of this burning desire has been the various prophecies and predictions in Korean history.

In comparing the history of Israel and Korea, we find that Israel had to wander in the wilderness for two thousand years. In Korean history, for almost seven thousand years, including Chinese history, we see that Korea has been unrecognized. Abandoned in a way. Koreans believe that even Chinese characters were originally invented by Koreans. The Koreans are the only race who absolutely worship God and their ancestors. Therefore, an order from the grandparents or parents is tantamount to an order from God in the minds of Koreans. Grandparents are considered to be in the position of God. The younger always obediently follows the elder within the Korean family structure. This family ethic is found only in Korean families. So if God wishes to send the Messiah, then God must choose a Korean family.

In Korea there is a common tradition that children are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their brothers and sisters, and their parents; that parents are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children. All family members are willing to sacrifice for one another. It is only within Korean families that we find such family commitment. Such families will become central families at any level. If American families are able to adopt this same tradition of Korean families, then no matter how many centuries pass, American families will be the central families of the world.

America is considered the super power of the world, and the materialistic culture of America is influencing every nation of the world. It is also influencing the family structure of Korea so that many evil things are occurring even within Korean families now. Therefore we hear the cry, "Yankee go home!" You don't like to hear this. Right now Reverend Moon is giving you surgery, otherwise you will never have a new life. Reverend Moon is not only cutting all of you open, but your families, tribes, and nations as well in order to remedy this problem. However, they don't want to feel the pain of surgery and so they try to drive Reverend Moon away.

If Father looks at the nation of Japan he sees that one of its legs is rotten. Therefore, Father cuts off this rotten leg and all the Japanese people protest that it is painful and they don't wish to lose this leg. They try to expel Reverend Moon for this reason. In the case of Great Britain, perhaps the brain of the nation is no longer functioning. Therefore, Father tries to do brain surgery in order to rectify this problem. But they want to chase Father away. As a medical doctor Father is rejected around the world because no one wants to experience pain. Do you like medical doctors? (No.) Usually, from the stage of infants all the way up through to grandparents, we all fear doctors. (Laughter.)

Reverend Moon has come as the physician who is able to cure the disease of the human fall. This causes humanity to tremble and run away from Reverend Moon's surgery. Since we became Unificationists, we know clearly what the disease of the Fall is. We understand which part of our lives is now damaged by this disease. On a Sunday morning, for example, you wake up at 3 a.m. in order to attend Belvedere and listen to Father. Even though your mind desires this your body tries to persuade otherwise.

In order to create a fine sword, it takes a great deal of beating and pounding of the iron and placing in the fire by the blacksmith in order to create this fine sword. Therefore, would you want to be hit only 100 times or 1000 times? How about forever thousand times? (Yes.) Then a strong sword would emerge. From this example, are you able to imagine the kind of training God gave to True Father? Until this time, God never provided anything voluntarily for Father. Father had to work in order to attain everything. However, based upon a promise with God, Father is the one who has been shedding his sweat, tears and blood all of these years in order to reach the point of promise. This is how God helped Father. Otherwise, how could he claim him as the Son of God? Whenever God promised something to Father, usually God pushed Father into a prison.

Father realizes that the testing ground for him during this particular time period is in the countryside of South America. Therefore, voluntarily Father went to South America before God asked him to do so. Even if God pulls him away, Father will continue to go there. This is how God will end up being pulled there by Father. God will follow Father. Because without Father in this physical world, there is no way to find the final culminating point of the Will of God. How about all of you? Are you able to find it without Father? (No.)

The youth of this nation of America refuse to follow Father to South America. Father has done everything that he has to do in this nation of America. It is now up to you. In a way Father is abandoning North America in order to concentrate on South America. However, in the near future Father may leave South America and go to Africa. Through this route he will return once again to Asia. Father desires to go to Africa in order to save those individuals who are dying of starvation daily. When that problem is solved, then Father will eventually return to Asia.

As True Parents to humankind, Father has the responsibility to save those twenty million people who are dying of starvation every year. This is the reason why Father is focusing on the projects in South America at this time. In the past twenty years, Father took every possible opportunity to be out on the boat fishing, setting the conditions to save these people. Have you heard of the so-called 'boat people'? Who is going to take responsibility for those twenty million people dying of starvation every year, as well as the boat people? Do you imagine that America or the United Nations is going to do so? Even if funds and materials are donated, by the time it reaches the people in need, it is only about thirty percent of the original amount.

Only under Reverend Moon's help will these organizations deliver 100 percent to those people in need. (Applause.) The work of the American Red Cross and the United Nations needs to be combined together in order to provide even more food and materials that are needed. Because the Unification Church members who are working for these projects will never steal anything, we are able to guarantee that 100 percent of the supplies will reach the people in need. Therefore, Reverend Moon has this much credibility on the worldwide level.

You don't need a teacher in order to understand at what level you are standing. Father has hardly covered the introduction to his talk and two hours have passed already. The reason being that we all have so much garbage within ourselves. Father has to actually clean you all out in order to give the message. It is the same principle as creating the environment first and then the creation of Adam and Eve. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Do you wish Father to continue on this subject when he returns from South America next time, or would you prefer him to continue now? (NOW.) As long as we stay on the central line, then no matter how wide your dimension may be, just look up at your central, vertical line and you will never lose your way. Don't feel dizzy. Just stay on the center. God's absolute love heart is one dot. Is this clear? (Yes.) The True Love central family will be welcomed by everybody.

[Father draws on the board] Divided by this central line, the left side represents Satan. Centering upon this original point there will be eight different levels of development. But at each level there should be a central family. The universe is the extension of your family. Just as within ourselves we have our mind as our center. Likewise, when we enter into our family we should find our parents there, in the position of our mind. However, in the secular world everyone feels they have the right to launch a demonstration against the mayor or president. This kind of individualism destroys this modern world.

Communism was once prospering and they claimed that they would conquer the world. However, within seventy years the demise of Communism came about. Communism actually spread the evil social forces of striking and demonstrating. They are the experts in demonstrations. However, this became their downfall. But as we continue through each level the basic principle of living for the sake of others applies throughout. This is how we can progress. If you live only for your own sake you will decline.

On this left side, which belongs to Satan, there is no spherical movement. No matter how hard you might try to climb the ladder, there are no pillars to support the various layers. We refer to this as Hell. This is the world of conflict and destruction which represents Hell. Do you have this conflict between mind and body within yourselves? (Yes.) As long as this conflict exists within yourselves there is no God. Our mind, which is in the position of subject, must be united with our body.

In the world around us, from the mineral kingdom all the way up to human beings, the subject and object relationship is always operating. The purpose of subject and object is to come into unity. Because of the pair system, movement occurs. This morning we have learned from Father the central concept. This represents Father's very topic this morning, a life of destiny and fate.

Can you have many sets of grandparents? (No.) Is your answer absolute or temporary? (Absolute.) Within American families we find step-grandparents as well as step-parents. If such families exist, are they destined for Heaven or Hell? (Hell.) This universal law cannot be altered by any human power. Grandparents stand in the position of God within the family. They stand as the special emissary of God within the family. Our parents stand in the position of king and queen of this physical world. Our elder brothers and sisters stand in the position of the directors of the governmental branches of our nation. Therefore, we must obey the law within those boundaries. There is no concept of individual freedom existing there.

The central law of America is the American Constitution. Centered upon this Constitution you have ordinary laws in 360 degrees to cover the entire spectrum of your lives. The Constitution stands in the vertical position, whereas the minor laws are in a horizontal position. The combination of the vertical and horizontal make perfection at the national level. We see the subject and object relationship within the American legal system between the Constitution and ordinary law. This teaches clearly that all human beings have dual characteristics. There is the vertical center and the horizontal center. As long as this vertical line exists, no other species can intercept. This is the law of evolution.

As long as we have this clear understanding of this universal law which Father is teaching here, then no matter where we may go we will prosper. Father's message is a universal proclamation because he is teaching the universal law. Have you ever thought about this? Often we have a very careless attitude toward Father's messages to us. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) Father is teaching Godism. No matter where you may look within the world, there is no other ideology greater than Reverend Moon's Godism in this world. Why? Because Reverend Moon's Godism is teaching that we have to liberate God and assist God in reaching perfection. Do you understand? Without our couples we cannot liberate or perfect God. The family is this important. It is the original foundation of God's ideal of creation.

As you claim to understand clearly Father's message, regardless of Father's presence in this world, now Father can claim that the world will be turned toward God and His Kingdom will come on this Earth as it is in Heaven. True Parents are the owner, teacher and master who came to save the entire world. That is what True Parents means. Even at an individual level God favors True Father the most in this world. On the family level God likes True Father and True Mother the most. But when it comes to the level of true children, they still have to go through the growth period just as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They still have the freedom to choose. God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit. Because Father and Mother brought true children to America early in their lives, they actually received a lot of damage because of this American culture. Had Father kept them in Korea this would not have happened.

The true children have to absolutely obey and follow True Parents; otherwise there is the possibility of them deviating. We also stand in the same situation. Once we restore the church, national and worldwide level, then all those who deviated will be cut off. There will be three different stages for the marriage Blessing. There will be a church level Blessing, a national level Blessing and a worldwide level Blessing. The criteria of whether we go to Heaven or Hell will be how much purity our Blessed family lineage preserved. This will determine where your tribe will belong.

There are five billion people in the world, but the central line is only one. Father has accomplished many projects and has touched virtually every area of the world. In every level of society Father has reached the top. Even in the world of sports the Il Hwa soccer team won the Korean national championship three years in a row. This became an historical record. They became the Asian champion team. Recently they played a top South African team which had been champion in fifty-two nations. Il Hwa soccer team beat this South African team five to zero. (Applause.) Also the Il Hwa team beat the famous South American soccer teams from Brazil and Argentina. The Il Hwa soccer team's background is God and True Parents. This makes them number one.

Until we reach the goal of liberating and perfecting God, the Unification Church will have to prosper. This is logical. We now know that we absolutely need our family. Therefore, have pride in your family's ability to liberate your tribe, your nation, world, cosmos and even God Himself. That should be the pride of our families. All Blessed couples, show your hands to Father please. Many Blessed couples have lived their lives on their own without having this central goal. However, we now understand clearly, do we not? (Yes.)

Do you wish to see your family expanding as the central family all the way up through the cosmos? (Yes.) Have you taken the time to think about the lives you all lived prior to joining the Unification Church and your lives since joining the Unification Church? Have you considered the kind of revolutionary life course you have all undertaken? Have you evaluated your lives in this way? (Yes.) Do you see a great transformation in your lives? (Yes.) How far are you willing to travel and to reach to what?

Even if there are thousands of princes and princesses in the palace, when the king holds a banquet they all have the equal right to participate in that banquet. The same is true for every aspect of everyday life in that palace. There are no obstacles to any of them to participate in life there. They all are able to claim it as their own palace and kingdom. As long as you become one, united upon True Love, then everything belongs to you. True Love can create perfection at every level of existence. How wonderful True Love is. How much do you appreciate and desire True Love? (Very much.) More than your life? Is this true? (Yes.)

The meaning of mansei is long life. It also is the meaning of perfection, of hope. What a wonderful concept this is. How wonderful True Love is. Every part of ourselves appreciates True Love. (Yes.) Based upon True Parents' foundation, from the individual to the world level, anyone who is united with True Parents along this line is able to travel freely to any level they wish. There has been no one other than Reverend Moon in the whole of human history who has been persecuted by the entire spectrum of Heaven and Earth. Persecution is not necessarily a bad thing. The strategy of God is to receive the attack and then to conquer. Whereas the strategy of Satan is to attack first and then lose everything.

The four thousand years of human history was indemnified by True Father within forty years. Following World War II, if Christianity and America had united with True Father, then the entire world could have been restored within seven years. The ideal world could have been built. Father had that much preparation and foundation back in 1945. However, this foundation was lost due the failure of the chosen people to unite with True Father at that time. It was possible for Father to have come up with a Heavenly Constitution within which the universal law would naturally be included. [Father now draws Chinese characters on the board and begins to explain their meaning] Let us evaluate this Chinese character here. The top part half moon shape symbolizes the entire universe and God. It is like the house or dwelling of the entire universe. The next part of this character symbolizes three levels of formation, growth, and perfection. The center line connects these three stages and this symbolizes the king. The character belonging to the one symbolizing king represents four different directions. The last one at the bottom symbolizes my own.

Centering upon God, all the four directions evolve together under God's rule. Father thinks that this particular Chinese character was formed in such a way especially for the Last Days when Reverend Moon would appear to reinterpret the meaning of this character. (Applause.) [Father continues to draw on the board and explain the meaning of certain Chinese characters] This particular Chinese character consists of the natural water flow. These three dots represent the flow of water, like a river. The flowing current of the horizontal world. The faster the river runs, the cleaner the water will be, whereas the slower the water runs the more stagnant the water will be. In the steep mountains the water runs very fast, producing crystal clean water.

We find the waters of the oceans constantly moving. No matter how huge the waves may be, eventually they come down to the flat point. This is where give and take action occurs. If there is no wind, then there are no waves. The wind always blows from the higher place to the lower place. The high air pressure always travels down to the low air pressure. This process sometimes produces tornados and hurricanes. Wherever there is an abundance of water and air, nothing is able to stop them. Anything in their path will be eliminated. Even water drops from your roof top are eventually able to make a hole in solid rock. Because of this power, water is able to travel both high and low.

Water and air have the ability to penetrate any open space. Suppose the water and air of this world had their own agendas. What would happen? They are shapeless materials. Also there is no shape within eternity and so everyone likes that. The eternal shapeless form is what everyone likes. We have ascertained that both water and air travel in eternity. How about love? Does love travel a one-way course? It travels everywhere. Suppose there was a competition between air, water and love in terms of their speed and intensity. Which would have the greater power? (Love.) In terms of ability to travel anywhere and infiltrate anything, love would be the winner.

The power of love is able to penetrate the power of death. Not even a steel plate could obstruct the course of love. The characteristics of love are such that there are no obstacles in its path. The world of love has no boundaries nor obstacles. It is wide open and eternal. It is beyond time and space. The place of absolute, limitless freedom is the Kingdom of Heaven. Can you understand this concept? (Yes.) The culminating point of love is one dot. That dot is God's heart. This is the realm of true, unlimited love. This Chinese character [indicating to the board] represents Heaven, and this character represents house. Heavenly house. It also consists of two people. Therefore, Father interprets this as the cosmos being the house for men and women.

We therefore need man and woman. [Father continues to explain the meaning of Chinese characters by writing on the board]. This Chinese character represents virtue. Embracing power. Father's explanation and deep interpretation of these various Chinese characters is very meaningful. For example, within the Chinese character representing sacrifice, this first character represents lamb. Then it is combined with another character which represents myself. Therefore the interpretation of this word is the sacrifice of oneself for the sake of others.

Orientals are taught this particular philosophy and way of being from very young. Therefore, usually Oriental diplomats are superior to Western diplomats in terms of human relationships. We Unificationists have been serving True Parents for over forty years, yet still we are unable to deeply understand True Father. After forty years of following True Father we feel tired, yet we realize that we have to continue to follow Father. (Amen.) But there is excitement in this course, is there not? (Yes.) No matter how many hours Father spends teaching you, without realizing how many hours have gone by, you simply surrender yourselves to receiving Father's message. Isn't this true? (Yes.) We are all working in the place of the True Parents as Unificationists. Just like the interpreter here today is speaking to you in place of True Parents. However, once we deviate from True Parents' standard we will be eliminated. It is this serious.

Let us return to Father's topic this morning. We must all understand that no matter where we may go, as long as we center ourselves around this central concept and live according to that center, then we will never violate the Heavenly Constitution and we will be welcomed. Do you understand? (Yes.) As long as your life is centered upon True Love, then every member of your family will want to remain eternally with you. Therefore, when you go out to the world, the entire universe will respond to you in the same way.

What color is this handkerchief? (White.) To whom does it belong? (Father.) However, Father does not think of it as belonging to him. Rather he feels that this belongs to God first. This is the difference between Father and us. Even a small item such as a handkerchief Father does not regard as belonging to him. Father's thinking is that first of all it belongs to God and the entire universe all the way down to every single individual in this world. Therefore, even if I use it to clean my nose I cannot throw it away. I have to keep it and fold it and continually find a clean spot on which to wipe my nose. When there is no more clean spot left on the handkerchief, then Father finally returns it to his pocket. Because this handkerchief doesn't want to leave from the true owner.

When you sit down to eat, don't you feel like taking the most delicious food offered there? When Father asks all the various foods if they would like to come closer so that their master can consume them, they all respond "yes". You have to be the master of True Love. Not the master of fallen love. If you are a True Love master you should reach for the dish that is furthest away from you. If you practice this method of True Love, eating the least desirable dish first, then others who are with you at the table will eat the most delicious food first. That way, it will all disappear. If the dishes that are not favored by other people still remain because you will be the only one eating them, then these foods will long for you and follow you because you are the only one who cares about them.

The entire creation understands that they want to be under the dominion of and consumed by the True Love master. All creation wants to contribute to the formation of True Parents' bones and flesh. Unification Church members, standing in the position of True Parents, should consume food in place of True Parents. Every one of your five senses, your mind and your body should all function in the place of True Parents. (Amen.) Even as you proclaimed that, your eyes were looking down. You should proclaim while looking up. Do you clearly understand Father? (Yes.)

True Parents stand in the position of representing the center of the individual, family, tribe, society, nation, world and cosmos as a King. Everyone desires to reach that position. They long to cling to True Parents in order to become the embodiment of the True Parents. We stand upon Father's victorious foundation in being able to declare elder sonship, parentship and kingship. We are now in the era of Kingship. Therefore, from the individual level all the way to the cosmic level, the various aspects of the projects and works Father has created can be united with Father's central true family.

Adam was in the position of the elder son. He was supposed to grow into the position of elder parent and then eventually he was supposed to become the elder king. The central king. However, all of these positions were lost due to the Fall. In this era of Kingship we have right wing and left wing ideologies. Because of this separation, up until now there has always been conflict. There was no natural flow of give and take until now. This conflict has existed at the individual level between mind and body, at the family level between husband and wife and right up to the worldwide level.

These eight different layers on the heavenly side and satanic side [indicating to the diagram on the board] had thick boundaries in between them. However, centering upon true family, these two worlds should become united vertically with a natural flow of give and take. Then all boundaries will be eliminated. Once this occurs it will form a 360 degree spherical movement. This is the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Unification Church has reached the pinnacle of the entire world now.

At the national level on Capitol Hill and at the worldwide level at the United Nations, True Parents have successfully brought various denominations of Christianity together as well as various aspects of human life. Now all other religions of the world should all become united as well. This is now the goal Father is pursuing.

Humanity has been divided horizontally by thick boundaries at eight different stages. However, in this era of Kingship, centered upon true family, all of these barriers and walls should be torn down. Because of this separation and division, elder sonship and kingship have all been denied. Now is the era for the tearing down of all of these walls and boundaries and for all humanity to become engrafted onto true family. By doing so this vertical shape will be able to absorb the entire eight stages of human life on both the right and the left, thus bringing them into unity with this vertical shape. The most critical problem which this world is facing right now is the problem of family breakdown. Within this secular world there is no concept of individual, family, society, nation, world and God. They deny everything. However, in the world of unification, centered upon True Parents, we have the individual center, the family center, tribal center, national center, world center and even universal center. Now True Father is forming this blessed family.

True Father's work has been to eliminate these horizontal, satanic divisions and separations and absorb all of them into the vertical line of human life. Then to restore the role of Adam and Eve. Adam was supposed to have been in the position of elder son, parent and king. But all was lost due to the Fall. Now Father reestablished this form centered upon Blessed couples. The secular world represents the left wing concept. From this worldwide scale, even Communism has come down to the level of nationalistic Communism. It will come down even further to the ethnic and family level Communism. However, within Communism there is no such concept as family. They have no cornerstone in the family.

The smaller this horizontal world becomes, the greater and more expansive this vertical world will become. Eventually, this horizontal aspect of life will be absorbed by this vertical shape and form a globe. Once the entire people of the world are united with the love of True Parents and honor True Parents, then this entire world will become one sphere, centering upon true family, true clan, true tribe, true society, true nation, and true world. Eight different stages will be formed as one unit. Once this world is formed you will be able to travel to any level. Wherever you go there will be no obstacles. Because you will be going in the place of True Parents. This is the world of unification.

The secular world has lost everything. They have lost the concept of the world, nation, tribe and family. Individuals are left to themselves. They become like hippies. In the midst of pouring rain they have no idea which direction to go in. They stand waiting for the rain to stop. This is how they eventually lose themselves in the midst of free sex, drugs, homosexuality and other social evils. This is the foundation of the secular world all over the world. This is the Kingdom of Hell on Earth. It all began from the point of the action of love. However, because of the wrong direction of this action it has manifested into this satanic world. The correct direction will create the heavenly world. This means the direction has to be changed 180 degrees. We live our lives centered upon sexuality. Through the expression of physical love the families of True Love, True Life and True Lineage are established.

All true happiness and freedom are connected to this place. If husbands and wives fight with one another, happiness and freedom are lost. Our love organs are the headquarters palace of love, life and lineage. This palace does not reside within God. Human beings' sexual organs are where the palace of True Love, True Life and True Lineage dwell. Without true loving couples and families, God is not able to create perfection. It is through the unity of our minds and bodies, and the perfection of our love that we have the power to perfect God. That is the value of human beings. We were created for this important purpose.

We have to walk the road of heavenly fate. Between man and woman, who stands in the central position? (Man.) This is the principled formula. The road of heavenly fate is centered upon our families. Then it is extended to the tribe, society, nation, world and cosmos and eventually back to God. At every level the center is the family. The expansion of your family is the world. Your family consists of grandparents, parents and children. In the world at large we can see couples who represent grandparents, parents and children. Wherever you may go serve the people as if they were members of your own family. If you serve others in this way there will always be prosperity. This American society centers itself upon couples. But where are the grandparents, parents and children of these couples? The American way of life is a failure from Heaven's point of view. If America continues on this path they are all doomed to Hell. Father has come as the doctor who is able to heal the ills of this society. This is why Father works day and night shedding blood and tears everyday in order to save the families of this world.

If we visit the parks of the cities of America, we will find elderly people sitting, looking aimless and homeless. Approach them and ask them if they would like to visit the homes of their children and play with their grandchildren. All of them would say that they would like to. However, they all feel they have to make an appointment in order to visit their own children's homes. Who created such a terrible society? Satan did. God's ideal of love was destroyed by Satan. Satan was originally the Archangel who was created by God without a partner concept. Therefore, this Archangel has created such an evil society where the ideal of love has been destroyed and deviated. That is why we are witnessing the rampant abuse of love through free sex and homosexuality. These acts have their origins in the fallen Archangel, Satan.

If the entire humanity were to follow the way of homosexuality, how long would humanity last? The entire humanity would become extinct within one generation. It is because Satan wants to see the total destruction of humanity that these terrible trends have come about. We have to understand this. Do you think that the American society is good enough to belong to the Kingdom of Heaven? (No.) Since grandparents represent God, they are in the position to be able to visit their children's and grandchildren's homes whenever they want. There should be no barriers at all between them. However, in this society, at every level, restrictions and obstacles exist. When we become old we desire to become the friends of children. This is why grandparents are the best friends of their grandchildren. Just as children are pure and innocent with no desires, so aged grandparents have to become this way. This prepares them to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Human beings emerged from zero. Then as children grow they develop and learn and their world emerges. On the contrary, as grandparents become older, all aspects of their lives shrink until they return again to the zero point again. Our origin was not our choice. As we grow old we again return to the point of zero.

When a child is born, the entire family is mobilized in order to give the proper support and care for that child to grow to maturity. When grandparents become old and helpless, the entire family should again mobilize to provide the smooth and comfortable path for grandparents to return to zero. That is their preparation for Glory. This is how they should end their lives and return again to God. Do we dislike our aged grandparents? (No.) American couples usually do not wish to serve their parents-in-law. They also limit the number of children they have so they can enjoy their lives as a couple. If there are only two of you, who would want you?

If you are able to truly devote yourselves to your grandparents, your parents and even your husband or wife when they can no longer take care of themselves with greater devotion than you gave to your infant children, then you will gain a free pass to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you Americans understand? (Yes.) This is very important for you to understand and act upon. Do you feel good? (Yes.) Not everyone has the privilege of serving their elderly grandparents and parents. Therefore, we should demonstrate this heart of love to others in the place of our elderly grandparents and parents. If you give your heartfelt service to elderly people, this practice of life will give you the qualification to enter Heaven. If you are able to create such a family environment of being able to welcome every level of people then your family will be called the palace of grandparents, the palace of parents, and the palace of children regardless of race. How precious this headquarters family palace would be.

If we want to be the people who are able to travel this heavenly highway, then as a prerequisite we have to be able to reach the ideal family level. Then we will find ourselves upon the highway. If there are ten people within your family and you dedicate yourself for these ten family members, you will automatically become the center. The more you invest and forget, the more you will become the central person and owner.

Women had no choice about being born as women. Therefore, they have no right to choose to dislike man for all eternity. The same is true for men. (Amen.) That which is the absolute truth for women is also the absolute truth for men. As soon as women conquer true men that means that they have mastered the truth. Some women may question why they were born as women. But you cannot complain about your identity. Woman is like a box that contains something precious. Suppose you have something far more precious in your box than any man. You wouldn't trade the precious item in your box with one hundred men. As you know, men are unable to give birth to children. Even though men desire their lineage, by themselves they are unable to give birth to their children.

On the other hand, women have to receive the seed for their baby from their husband. If you desire to receive this precious seed of the baby, should you be humble or arrogant? (Humble.) Your breasts belong to your children. When mothers feed their babies, is it more comfortable to sit on the chair or on the floor? If you sit on the floor you make a cradle with your legs and with your arms you support the child. Therefore, Father is instructing Unificationist women how to sit when they feed their children. If your husband wants to give you a kiss while you are sitting upon a high chair and feeding your baby, he is only able to approach you from behind. However, if you are sitting on a flat open floor your husband is able to kiss you from 360 different degrees. (Laughter.) How much happier that woman would be.

We need to combine both Western and Oriental cultures. It is the custom in the West to keep your shoes on until you go to bed. It is like animals who walk around in the mud and dirt and then just fall down and sleep like that. But human beings should be different from animals. Orientals have the tradition of looking up when they walk and of removing their shoes when they enter their home. The reason why Orientals are usually shorter in stature is because they look up when they walk and so this makes them want to sit down more and rest. Whereas Westerners are always looking down when they walk and this makes them desire to reach up toward the sky. (Laughter.) This isn't Reverend Moon's imagination, but rather a logical explanation.

In the Last Days it is natural that Western women will long for Oriental men and Western men will long for Oriental women. Is America or Asia represented here in this congregation today? Those who claim yourselves as pure Americans, raise your hands please. Not so many of you. How about Orientals? Wow! Oriental power! (Laughter.) When you Americans look at these many hands, is this fearful Oriental enemy power or your friends? (Friends.) Because they are here to save your nation of America.

Father abandoned his family and nation in order to come to save America. Without loving the four different races of people represented in this country, Father doesn't feel he can return to love his own nation and ancestors. We should be able to offer our love, care and service to people of all different races more than we do for our own race. Only then will we be qualified to return to God. Father teaches us the shortcut to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is that the individual must live his or her life for the sake of the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos and the cosmos for the sake of God. God lives for the sake of us.

When we reach the level where God can love us at the level of perfection as individuals, families, nation and world then we can truly claim to be one with God. This is how we are able to occupy everything centered upon True Love. Can you do it? (Yes.) You sound good. By now you have received enough information of how to solve the worldwide problems and even more. We all have five senses. These five senses all exist for the sake of their object. We understand the concept of subject and object relationship, don't we? (Yes.) Your husband represents the perfected individual king, the king of the family, the king of the nation, the king of the world, and the king of the cosmos. That is the value of your husband.

Your husband came all the way down from God as the seed of life. Transcending the cosmic, universal, world, national, tribal and family levels. The gift of life which you receive from your husband is not for your sake. The seed of your children is given for the sake of the entire universe and cosmos. Representing your family, nation, world and universe. Your husband came from the cosmic level of God all the way to the individual level. Now as you receive the seed of life from your husband your child will return in the reverse way back to God. It is an incredible fact that your husband came all the way down to your level to find you and give you the seed of life. Once you truly understand your husband's cosmic value, can you ever consider divorcing? (No.) It is through your sexual organs that you are able to travel to reach to eternal happiness, peace and freedom.

In order to receive this true seed of life, so many women have been persecuted by men in the position of the Archangel. Because the Archangel denied every aspect of God's ideal. Therefore, the Unification Church is the place of mass weddings centered upon God. If none of this were true, then why should Reverend Moon have had to pass through so much persecution and indemnity. In order to establish this family tradition, Reverend Moon had to pass through such difficult courses and give you this family foundation as a gift. We must clearly understand this. The moment of sexual intercourse between man and woman is a most serious moment.

We cannot trade this precious gift with the entire world even if you live for billions of years. As a blessed couple when you encounter beautiful men and women in the secular world do you still lose your hearts? (No.) This is a most serious matter. The task is how can we maintain our lineage of purity for thousands of thousands of generations to come. The point of proclamation is your marriage. Because of the misuse of the sexual organ at the time of Adam and Eve, that one particular misuse of this organ has caused thousands of years of pain and indemnity to God and humanity. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.)

[True Father addresses the clock on the wall] You clock, stop ticking. (Laughter.) Once Father is in the mood to continue, he doesn't want to consider the passing of time. However, when he looks at the clock he loses his power. If you attend a feast or banquet as a guest, once you have eaten and enjoyed all the wonderful food offered, then you are free to leave and go home. When you come here as the guest of the feast, once you have enough then you leave and go home. The host of the feast or banquet usually doesn't eat until all of the guests have finished eating. Whatever is left over the host will eat. In other words, the people who remain until the end of the banquet are the owners. Those who leave early are like the thieves. Which category of people would you prefer to belong to? (Owners.)

We don't have anything to be proud of as men and women. Because from the moment we were born we had no choice. Nothing belonged to us. As women you like to decorate yourselves and walk down Fifth Avenue and be proud of yourselves. However, there is nothing for you to be proud of. No matter how wonderful a family you might form, if you don't know God you are a failure. You must be able to register within the heavenly registration book. No matter how famous you are in this world, unless your name is listed in the heavenly registration book, you are doomed to Hell.

As an American citizen, even if you are physically crippled, you are still proud of yourself. A passport signifies that you are a citizen of a certain country. But we need a passport in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Only after you register as the citizen of one nation are you eligible to apply for a passport. When you are born, your birth is registered. When you marry, your marriage is also registered. When you die, registration has to be completed. Without registration your existence doesn't mean anything. Have you all been registered in the Unification Church Registration Book? (Yes.) Was your birth registered there? Father requires an answer from you. (Yes.) At the time of your birth? (When we joined the church.) That is correct. When you joined the church it was recorded. It is equivalent to recording your birth. You all have spiritual parents. Just as the Archangel has only one parent, so we also have only one spiritual parent. In the archangel position. The archangel doesn't have the concept of a partner, nor property, nor family, nor tribe.

After you record your birth in the Unification Church you also pass through marriage. When you enter into the Kingdom of Heaven you should be welcomed as heavenly citizens in that world. We have three different stages or gates that we have to pass through. Through the Blessing we become one tribe. There is no concept of America, no concept of Japan. We are talking about one tribe and one nation. After your Blessing you need to adopt the language of your Parents.

If a British bride went to the Netherlands and found her husband there, can she insist that her husband's family adopt the English language as their mother tongue? (No.) Then what language does she have to learn? She must put the English language aside and learn the Dutch language. Otherwise, she will fail to be received by her new family. You might feel sad because Father gives you these challenging words. However, even though Father realizes it might be difficult for you, still he has to tell you this truth.

Once you enter into the Unification Church you have to speak the language of the True Parents. The first citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven is True Father. Next is True Mother. Therefore, we have to learn the language of the True Parents. Once this heavenly sovereignty is established, those who are unable to speak Korean will not be able to put a foot on this sovereignty. Do you want to see Father secure an American passport? (NO.) Does that mean that once Father holds an American passport that all Unification Church members will have to speak English? (No.)

There is always a central root system of any tree. There is a central trunk, and on the top a central bud. This vertical line is very important. Surrounding the central bud are the branches of the tree. In the spring we might see many different kinds of buds. However, the central bud must be straightly aligned with the trunk and central root of the tree. In the world of trees, what is the center? The largest and straightest tree would stand as the central tree. In order to maintain this position it has to have the straightest line from the central bud, the straightest trunk all the way down to the central root. This one straight line is essential.

[Father draws on the board] This is the seed of a tree. As it germinates it becomes a tree root, trunk and bud. This vertical line is represented by the trunk. Within every aspect of the tree there is the realm of plus and minus. Give and take action occurs among plus and minus centered upon the central trunk. When you drive along you see thousands of trees. Father would like you to learn a lesson by observing these trees. From one small seed a huge tree is eventually created with hundreds of various branches. No matter how small a seed might be, the value of this seed is equivalent to the original seed of the tree. The original seed being plus and the new seed in the position of minus. Everything in creation develops and multiplies based upon the principle of give and take action between plus and minus.

If you were to create a beautiful statue of your husband out of gold and live with that statue your entire life, would you be happy with that? (No.) It is pure gold. Isn't that wonderfully precious? (No.) There can be no give and take between husband and wife if the husband is made out of pure gold. Suppose there is a humble looking beggar next to this wonderful golden statue. Would the wife living with the golden statue give her kiss to this beggar rather than the golden statue? She would surely choose the beggar man. Giving a kiss to this poor beggar man is more precious than giving a kiss to this precious golden statue.

By following the path of money, knowledge and power can we find love? (No.) In order to receive love we have to humble ourselves and make ourselves the objects of love. Only love for the sake of others will bring love from your partner to you. Did God create love for the sake of Himself or for the sake of others? (For the sake of others.) The love of God is absolutely unselfish. If Father had accumulated everything for the sake of himself since coming to America and used others for his selfish purpose, would any of you be here today? (No.) Since coming here over twenty years ago, Father has never spent even one second for the sake of himself. On the contrary, he has mobilized all possible manpower, money power and whatever he could for the sake of this nation of America.

Righteous Americans have no choice but to bow down to the dedication and sacrifice of Reverend Moon and Unification Church members. (Applause.) In the near future we will see that wherever Unification Church members live, the entire people of that place will come forward to praise and offer banquets for these Unification Church Blessed couples. They will realize that they were supposed to learn from these Blessed couples. However, all manner of opposition came to these Blessed couples. Once they realize the injustice of this persecution they will come forward and praise you and offer banquets for you.

The secular world has virtually been lost from the level of the individual all the way to the world level. However, the people of this world, when they look inward, they will see that everything is being recreated by Unification Church members from the level of the individual, family, nation and world. Therefore, in the near future Father declares that the entire world will be restored in a flick of a second. Can a true Unification Church member be bought for ten million dollars? (No.) How much of a price tag do you want to place upon yourselves? This means this sister is more valuable than a mountain full of diamonds and nothing else can replace her. Is this true? (Yes.) That means if she has to live her life all alone, still she should feel happy.

Unification Church members are the new breed whom the secular world is unable to control with money. Unification Church members have the special quality that even if the throne of a king is offered to you, still you would abandon that and keep your status as a Unificationist. There is true value there. Do you think that Reverend Moon could still remain as the founder of the Unification Church if he had been bought with money long ago? (No.) About fifty years ago when Father first wrote the Divine Principle in Japan, a Japanese tycoon had the opportunity to read this handwritten copy. He realized that this was the truth which could save the entire nation of Japan and the world. Therefore, he offered Father as much as 250 billion dollars for the Divine Principle. However, Father did not sell it. Do you imagine that Father would sell the Divine Principle if he is offered the entire nation of America? (No.)

What then can buy the Divine Principle? (True Love.) That's right. (Applause.) There are so many problems in this nation. Conflicts between various religions, races and ethnic groups. However, all of you maintain that you want to adopt the life of True Love. That is why Father is offering the Divine Principle freely to the world. Can we estimate how much value True Love possesses? It is priceless. Do you understand? (Yes.) All of you long for True Love. But are you able to see and touch it? (No.) Have you seen True Life and True Lineage? (No.) We are not able to see True Lineage, True Conscience, True Love and True Life. But still we all possess them.

Since we are the children of God we possess all that God possesses. Just as we have love, life, lineage and conscience, so God has love, life, lineage and conscience. But by Himself God is not able to see, touch and feel these things. All by Himself He is unable to utilize them. We do not pay attention to our constant heartbeat or the blinking of our eyes. The reason being that we are one with ourselves. The same principle applies to God Himself. A woman possesses love, life, lineage and conscience but she is not aware of them. But the moment a handsome man appears before her, these unseen elements will begin to function just like thunder and lightning. It has the power of a volcanic explosion.

If you don't have your ideal spouse, then your ideal love, life and lineage have no meaning. The same principle applies to God. No matter how great God may be, as long as He remains alone His life, love and lineage have no meaning. That is why God began to create, in order to fulfill His love. However, God's True Love ideal was destroyed because of the Fall of Man. The sexual organs of man and woman are the starting point of either Heaven or Hell. The misuse of the human sexual organ creates Hell. We see in this fallen world the result of the misuse of love, the misuse of the human sexual organ. Fallen humanity is worse than animals.

In God's ideal there is no concept of free sex. Only an absolute, eternal sex concept. Unchanging and unique sex concept. This way leads to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is a most logical conclusion. Therefore, be very careful regarding your love organ. Never allow yourselves to be seduced by this satanic secular world. The fallen love practiced in this secular world is very dirty. Is this clear? (Yes.) Your sexual organ exists for the sake of your True Love partner. Not for anyone else.

The marriage of Adam and Eve was supposed to have been the time of God's marriage also. The vertical love as the central line, combining with the horizontal line. All by Himself God is unable to experience the love of children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife, and parents. Adam and Eve were the manifestation of God on the Earth. At each level of their development they represented the visible God. As they were growing up as two aspects of God, they were observing the creation around them. They became aware that everything surrounding them existed in a pair system. This is a ladder of love. The mineral world desires to climb up to the vegetable world. Vegetables desires to be absorbed by the animal world. All creation desires to be absorbed into higher and higher creation. The highest creation is man and woman. God's love partner is entitled to eat anything in the creation. All creation exists for the purpose of love. Therefore, before we eat, we have to truly love everything. All things desire to be consumed by the subject of True Love. Nothing can compare to the preciousness of True Love. The True Love owner can occupy everything.

We all have the desire to conquer something. However, at birth we were in the position of total negation. We were at the stage of water and at that stage we desired to conquer our mother in the womb. Even though we were within the womb of our mother, instead of being conquered by our mother we actually conquered our mother. Then we conquer our father. The seed of life travels from God representing the entire universe. It travels through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms and comes to the point of the human seed of life. In the animal kingdom all male animals contain the seed of life of their species. It might have taken billions of years in order to reach that stage, but it is a fact. The male animal is always more beautiful than the female. Is this true in the case of human beings? (Laughter.) Why do you laugh. Is man or woman more beautiful? (Woman.) That is true. God, who is the king of all knowledge, art and science, had no choice but to create women more beautiful than men. Amen. (Amen.) If there is a woman who has an unattractive face, but has beautiful hips and breasts, she is considered beautiful.

Through what power are you born to conquer your mother? The seed of life traveled all the way from God, penetrating the entire universe and came to you as the seed of love. Therefore, with this power we should be able to conquer both our mother and the universe. While inside the mother's womb there is a natural flow of nourishment from mother to child. This is a natural way of conquering our mother. We consist of the seed from our father and the flesh of our mother. When life is being formed within the mother's womb, is the seed from the father or the flesh from the mother in the position of subject? (Seed from father.) The father's seed is absolutely subject.

The seed of life which is inherited from our father is almost invisible to the naked eye. However, contained within it is the entire universe. Combined with the flesh of the mother a new human being is created. Proportionately, the flesh of the mother makes up ninety-nine percent of the new child. Even though proportionately there is so much imbalance, still the seed of life is the center and core of the child. Therefore, we should love our father before we love our mother because our father represents the central core and stands in the position of God in terms of giving life to the children. The father stands in the position of king of the family. However, within secular families this concept does not exist.

Have you American brothers loved and recognized your mother more than your father? (Our father.) Do you really mean that? (Yes.) If you truly mean what you say, then you are already qualified to enter into the kingdom. Father stands in the position of the central axis. However, if you place your 360 degree axis on your mother, you don't know where you will end up because that center will float around. Who has the greater tendency to change easily, men or women? (Women.) Then how can we place woman in the position of the central axis? Who is the subject of the mother? (Father.)

The children have to stand in the position of objects to their mother as subject. However, the mother alone does not have access to the seed of life. Only through unity with her children can she become qualified to come to the father of her children. Based upon the unity of mother in the subject position, and children in the object position, they can come before the subject of the family, the father. This is how the mother can receive the seed of life from the father. As a wife, you must come to your husband with your mind and body totally united centered upon True Love.

It is the mother's responsibility to share all nourishment and her flesh and blood with the child while it is inside her womb. Once the child is born the father has the responsibility to take care of both the mother and the child. The mother is responsible to raise the child and become united in True Love with the child. Just as the mother shared her flesh and blood with the child inside of her womb, now the father has to share his blood and flesh with the mother and child. Then throughout her entire life, the mother should be able to devote herself totally to her husband and child.

As children we need the love and devotion of both of our parents. This is how families are formed and developed. The father is the one who sowed the seed in the mother's womb. That seed became the origin of the child. Inside of the womb the child receives the flesh and blood of the mother. But when the child is born, it is the law of the universe that the father be responsible to share his flesh and blood with his children and his wife. When we grow and belong to the society and nation, the entire nation should provide that kind of support for us. The ideal king of a nation would be the one who devotes himself to the nurturing and raising of the ideal family. Then he can be referred to as an ideal king. This is how we can raise the perfected family so they can enter the Kingdom of God.

Without the Fall there would have been only one kingdom under God. Adam and Eve were in the position to reach the position of king and queen and care for the entire universe. They were supposed to be in the position of God to lead people to the Kingdom of God. Man and woman are two halves of one whole. Then where can they culminate again into one? The concave and convex shapes will meet at the central point of love. This is how they can meet with the vertical love of God. By themselves, man and woman are only half of a human being. When they meet in True Love they become a whole and complete human being.

[Father draws a diagram on the board] This very point is the beginning of human life. Man to this direction, woman to this direction. This is the stage of childhood, brotherhood and sisterhood. This is the stage of conjugal love. This is the stage of parents. At each level, centered upon parents, they prosper and grow. They discuss and solve everything centered upon their parents. This is how children grow and reach to higher stages of development.

Through the stages of childhood, brotherhood and sisterhood, couples, and then the stage of parents. Then God travels down to meet humankind. As human beings, men tend to have rougher characteristics and women have more feminine, softer characteristics. As we are growing up we separate from one another more and more. But as soon as we reach to this point [indicating to the board] we stop separating. Then we begin to move towards the center where we can find our ideal spouse. When we reach this central point of God's love as a man, as a woman we will have completed the love of childhood, brother and sisterhood, couples and parents. The completion of the realms of the spiritual world and the physical world is the point where man and woman marry. This is the point of stimulation, completion and perfection. Do you understand? (Yes.) Marriage is very important in the lives of men and women.

Even in the satanic world, most of the songs people sing are centered upon the relationships of love. A true masterpiece of any art form is that which describes the most detailed and the most stimulating point of love relationship. The most beautiful and artistic eyes in the entire world, are those of a woman who expresses the deepest longing for love. Without love all is darkness. As mother and children we receive the blood and flesh of the father and so we should serve him as the king of our family. If all the children cling to the mother, they are supposed to do so in order to show more respect and love towards the father. However, in the secular world they forget about the second stage. They just remain at the first stage.

It is natural for the children to cling to and feel closer to their mother. Because the children have received more than ninety-nine percent of their flesh and blood from their mother. But the father should not feel jealousy regarding this. Rather he should add more love and concern to the children so they can experience the complete love of both mother and father. However, in the secular world there is always disagreement between husband and wife over their children. When you look at your children you should recognize aspects of both father and mother within them. The husband is more rugged and stronger so that he can work more and earn money for the family.

In order to be qualified to stand as the True Father to humankind, imagine the difficulties, hardships and persecutions Father has had to endure and come through. Father's philosophy is not to become indebted to anyone. Father has conquered the top position in every field of endeavor. In 1992 Father declared the True Parents and the Completed Testament Era at the worldwide level. Because of this victorious foundation, True Mother was elevated to stand next to True Father, side by side. The motto for 1993 was, The Completed Testament Era and the Safe Settlement of True Parents. The motto for 1994 was, Let us Inherit the True Parents Victorious Realm. Through all of this, Father has completed his mission and has shared everything with humankind. The motto for 1996 is, Let Us Love True Parents and Be Proud of True Parents. Before loving yourselves, you should love True Parents. Reaching beyond your family level, you have to love and be proud of True Parents. True Parents are the only ones who were sent directly by God for the sake of humanity.

True Parents have walked the course of indemnity at the individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide levels for our sake. Therefore, we have no choice but to be proud of True Parents and to love True Parents. (Amen.) This means we have to love True Parents more than we love our own family and our own nation. Because of the fall of man, we have inherited false life, false love and false lineage. We have to transcend this realm and move into the realm of True Life, True Love and True Lineage. We have to abandon everything belonging to this false love realm and love True Parents and be proud of True Parents. Until now no one knew how to love True Parents and how to be proud of True Parents. With our physical five senses we have to begin to practice this. Because in the fallen world no one has ever reached True Parents standard of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. We are the ones who are privileged to reach this level with True Parents.

Even if you are in the position of the president of Harvard University, if you understand this truth then you will realize that you have been receiving so much blessing from God and your parents. Then surely you would have nothing but gratitude towards God and True Parents.

True Parents are your real parents. You have original parents. Do you understand this? (Yes.) Therefore, centered upon True Love you have true knowledge and true kingship. This means you have real ownership through True Parents. Therefore, we must be proud of True Parents and love True Parents.

Actually, as children we stole our flesh and blood from our father and mother. There is nothing which belongs to us. Therefore, we have nothing to be proud of by ourselves. The role of a woman is to raise her children and to build a proper vertical relationship with her husband. Once we form this perfect family then the nation is responsible to support your family. When thousands and thousands of perfect families such as this exist, then they form a nation. No matter how precious your family may be, you have to be ready to sacrifice your family for the sake of the nation. We absolutely need the sovereignty of the nation.

Even if we sacrifice our family and tribe we have to support our nation. Even Satan is using this tactic. If there had been no fall there would have been no national boundaries in existence. The entire world would have formed one nation. All of you, regardless of race, are brothers and sisters. If you have any feeling of prejudice toward one another you will eventually be exiled to the North Pole. The time of the mass migration is coming. Those who base their lives upon this kind of teaching and practice, will eventually live within the central mainstream. While others who don't have this understanding and practice in their lives, will eventually be eliminated.

Only the Unification Church is able to provide this ultimate truth to humankind. We are the ones who can consolidate and unify this entire world regardless of race, religion and nationality and build an ideal world under God. Therefore, we should have pride and continue to strive toward reaching that goal. There are millions of so-called Unification Church members in the world, but if any of them do not wish to follow True Father and do not wish to dwell with True Father they are not qualified to call themselves Unificationists.

When a husband comes home and finds only his children there he might comment that it feels as if no one is at home. Then his children will insist that they are there so how can he claim that no one is at home. So he will explain that he and their mother are one, so if their mother is not there then he is only half. Isn't that true? (Yes.) In America, we enjoy an affluent way of life. However, even though we may have the advantage of living comfortably in America, when Father is not here don't we feel that the entire country is empty? (YES.) Is this true? (YES.) Do you think that response would make Father happy? (YES.) Everything feels happy.

Father has not returned to Korea for over six months and so the church members in Korea are praying constantly to have Father return. However, when he was there all the time they seemed indifferent, but now that he doesn't go to Korea they are all anxiously praying for him to return. If Father were to visit your home, would you offer your bedroom so that Father could rest, or would you try to put Father up in a hotel nearby? (No.) Are you willing to offer your own master bedroom to Father? (Yes.) This means transcending race and nation, you can place True Father in the center with the husband and wife on either side, using Father's arms as your pillows, all embracing as one. (Applause.) When you smile this way you all look so beautiful. Father just doesn't know what he should do with you. When you smile so warmly Father has no choice but to smile back. (Applause.)

Once we have established the Kingdom of God on Earth filled with perfect families, we will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world. Just as we were nurtured by the flesh and blood of our parents in this world, so we will be able to share the flesh and blood of God in the spiritual world. That is how we can dwell with God eternally. Our nourishment will be True Love in that world. This is how we will share God's love and flesh. The only thing that we can be proud of is True Love. God Himself is also seeking after True Love.

From the time of our conception we have received the flesh and blood from our mother. After we were born, united with our mother, we become one with our father. Once this perfect family is established, it multiplies and eventually forms a nation. Finally it reaches to the cosmos and God. This is the destiny of each and every individual life. We have to be totally united with our mother and then come before our father. Then as a perfected family become united with the king and entire nation. Then together with all other families of the kingdom, we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and receive all the elements from God and praise Him.

God originally gave the seed of life to us. Therefore we have to love our father and mother just as we love God. Why do we need our mother? Because mother is the mediator in the position of minus to father in the position of plus. On the national level the mother will stand in the position of the queen. Then together with God all the many perfected families will form the ultimate cosmic family. This is the ultimate goal of God. American women should most especially come to this realization. Women represent the field where the seed is sown. The owner of the child is not the mother. The father is the owner.

The conflicts within American families usually end in the divorce courts. The justice system nearly always grants custody of the children to the mother who then claims alimony from the father. This is how the fathers have miserable lives. However, we have to eliminate this satanic law and set the heavenly constitution. When people come to clearly understand that the children belong to their fathers, then there will be less than one-third of the divorce cases than presently exist. Without Godism, how can we solve the many family problems. All of the religious, social and political leaders have no solution whatsoever to the problem of broken families. Only True Parents have the solution.

Unless Father reaches the top of any field he cannot rest, no matter what field of activity it might be. When we return to our families, we have to praise and serve our father and mother just as we do God. As a child we have to serve our mother just as we serve God. Then together with our mother we have to serve and be united with our father centered upon True Love.

This is the formula course for everyone to walk. Within your family you cannot be proud of yourself. You have to follow your parents and become united with them. From that position you have to be able to lead your nation. Once you become united with your nation you have to be able to lead your nation to the Kingdom of God. Until we have reached this ultimate goal we cannot be proud of ourselves, our families, our king or our nation. Only after reaching the ultimate goal of becoming one with God can we feel pride. Until now the history of restoration has been the restoration of the sad history of God. This is our destiny and fate from the infant stage all the way to God. Then eventually we will become the children of God as well as the friends of God. If God were to appear in such an environment, then all the people of your village would come forth and dance with God, welcoming Him. This same principle applies to the relationship with True Parents. Father has to establish the heavenly order now. Do you think Father has this kind of ability? (Yes.)

When preparing examination questions for students, teachers sometimes make a tricky question. Unless you totally understand the question you can fall into a trap. Maybe Father is doing the same to you. If Father tells you that he is the biggest liar and swindler in this world would you believe it? (NO.) Many good words begin with the letter 'n'. However, nobody likes the word 'no'. The unification of North and South Korea cannot take place without True Father. There are many projects which Father is working on beyond your imagination. As ordinary people we all have some kind of habit. When facing a difficult situation we feel stuck. Then whom do we call first? God.

We have to understand that we cannot alter this formula course. This fate has been given to humankind by God Himself. Without following this course we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven nor meet God. Is this clear? (Yes.) This is an unchanging formula for your lives. (Amen.) That means 'number one man'. Do you clearly understand Father's message this morning? (Yes.) How many hours have we spent here together? (Six and a half hours.) Do you know that Father's age is getting close to eighty years? Can you imagine how much his legs are aching after standing here for more than six hours? He pours out every ounce of his energy for us. Now he feels that his hips are too heavy. Father is also very hungry now. Did you enjoy Father's message this morning? (Yes.) Do you feel happy? (Yes.) (Applause.) God bless you all. (God bless you, Father.)

Let us pray.

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