The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True Parents' Wedding Anniversary Address

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 3, 1996
East Garden
Translator Peter Kim

Father declares that from now on, those who rule and control the clean waters will become the eventual rulers of the world. Whoever is able to occupy and utilize the snow and ice in the North Pole and the clean water resources of the South Pole will eventually rule the world. Therefore, Father is studying the River Paraguay which runs centrally through South America. It is like the lifeline of the South American continent. Father wants to discover the key points along this river where we can establish our foundation. For the development of farms and ranches in South America, they all need this river which has abundant resources. This river will play a key role in the world because the South American continent will provide the unpolluted natural resources to the world eventually.

We must understand why Father has focused attention on Kodiak in North America, which is close to the North Pole, as well as a country such as Argentina in South America which is connected to the South Pole. Father also would like to see us establish a foundation in Siberia, formerly Soviet Union territory, because these are the key regions which will eventually save the world. It is not an easy task to pursue the oceanic venture. In fact it loses money. However, Father sees the future of the world heading in this direction. Therefore, even though we are losing money, Father continues to push this oceanic business. In South America alone Father has begun to establish 400 fishing regions. Four hundred boats are being built and there are plans to build small landing strips where small planes can land and take off without any restriction.

In the future, oceanic related tourism will comprise more than two-thirds of tourist vacation spots. When people go to the beaches and oceans of the world, so often they urinate in the water while they are swimming. This is one of the reasons that the water becomes polluted. If a statistical report comes out stating that a certain percentage of the ocean is polluted with human urine, then people will stay away from the beaches. In the future there will be privately owned beaches. If you wish to transport people to such beaches you need small privately owned planes. Ordinary people do not know this. People don't see the future yet, but in twenty or thirty years it will become apparent. The leisure industry will become the most attractive and money-making industry in the world.

What do you think will be more expensive in the future; the price of gasoline or drinking water? Think about it. Because of air and water pollution, in the future people may become sick. What will they look for? Pure, clean drinking water. When such a time comes, those who live in urban cities will eventually travel in search of clean air and water. When such a time comes there will be tough competition as to who possesses clean water and air within certain territories. People will fight over such territory where clean air and water can be preserved. That kind of territory will not allow any pollution-related businesses and factories at all. There will be a campaign to eat raw food. Once that time comes raw fish and vegetables will be the best food. That will be the only choice in order to avoid pollution. Also there will be a campaign to live without wearing clothes. Then it will become unnecessary to wear fancy clothing.

If we are presently able to live to the age of eighty years by wearing all manner of clothing throughout our lives, then without clothing we can surely live one hundred years, because our skin, tissues and cells will be able to breath more naturally. This isn't random talk on Father's part. Father has thought about this a great deal. Different people have various ways of predicting the future. However, Father's vision is what he explained here-just like the life of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden where they lived naturally with the animals.

The North Pole has an abundant supply of clean, unpolluted water. If we wanted to live there without clothing we would freeze to death. Therefore, we can conclude that the only other place where we can live naked, with abundant clean water resources, is South America. There is one particular swamp-like region on the border between Brazil and Paraguay which is approximately twice as large as Japan. In that region alone there are over 3,000 different species of fish. Father is interested in that region. If that region can be developed to create fish farms with all of these various species of fish, then the entire world will become interested. Everyone will want to come to visit such farms.

All along the River Paraguay, which is 3,200 kilometers in length, there are thousands of various sizes of lakes and ponds. If you observe it from the air, you can see that the entire area is covered by lakes. The weather is always good, making it possible to fish throughout the year. Also one could fish and live without clothing. Do you now understand why Father is focusing on South American projects? The River Paraguay itself has many species of fish. Therefore, if Father catches a cat fish he thinks to himself that this cat fish represents Brazil. Then if he catches another variety of fish he thinks that it represents Argentina. He puts national labels on the fish he catches.

Fishing from a boat or from the bank of a river is the best way to make plans and to think about the future of humanity. Traveling around the world as a fisherman is the best way to avoid misunderstanding or suspicions from different nations, because if such countries become suspicious of Father's coming and going it will cause difficulties. But as long as they know that Father is a fisherman, then there will be no misunderstanding or suspicion. The life of a fisherman and hunter is constantly moving around. Father only carries fishing poles with him and so he is not considered a threat.

Father is out in the hot sun for many hours with armies of mosquitos and there are no political figures or people of ambition who would dare go through such hardship of life. But Father does so. Therefore, they cannot misunderstand Father. Even if there is lightning, thunder and storms, once Father goes out in the early morning, he sits in one place and focuses on fishing until midnight. Therefore, there is no way for anyone to misunderstand Father. Those here who are interested in such a life, show your hands. Well, you showed your hands to Father but you may not be truly serious.

Another merit of being a fisherman is that once you go to a place and get to know three local fishermen, then you will learn through them everything about that particular region within a short period of time. If you met ten fishermen from ten different nations in your fishing ground, then through talking with them you can obtain as much information as you want about these ten nations. Are you sisters here interested in such a life? In the future Father may make a Women's School and you will have to carry fishing poles, hunting rifles, and go around the world. How would you like that?

Our ultimate goal is to build the Heavenly Kingdom. This means the world centered upon God's sovereignty. Don't you agree with Father? (Yes.) Those who are interested in this life among the ladies here, raise your hands. Why this way? Are you saluting? Show your hand properly. If you truly understand Father's vision, please educate and encourage your children to pay more attention to ocean related projects and businesses. Whatever Father does with ocean projects is the area your children had better become involved in.

Down in South America the sun is often very hot, but if you go into the shade you can feel a difference like between summer and autumn. Here in North America we are not able to feel that degree of difference in temperature. Therefore, in South America people have a habit of taking a nap in the middle of the day. This can cause them to become lazy. We should launch some kind of revolution to prevent them from adopting that habit. Maybe we should build a sleeping kingdom down there. By this Father means to say, that instead of them sleeping in the night, let them sleep in the daytime and work in the night. If you want to do something in the night you require light. Therefore God has provided an abundance of electricity in South America. In Paraguay, for example, they have a surplus of electricity. This electricity could be utilized to light the entire country at night.

If you sleep during the day then automatically you have to work in the night. There is still the problem of mosquitoes, but if we have the possibility to construct areas that are completely covered by mosquito nets, then this could be Paradise. This isn't idle talk. Father is actually doing these things now. Due to the intense heat from noon to 3 P.M. it is difficult to work, so during this time is when we are all supposed to take a siesta. This means that everyone must sleep. If anyone fails to do so we need to pinch their nose. They must sleep during these hours of the day.

The soil in South America is so rich and fertile that once you plant a fruit tree, you are able to pick fruit year round. It won't even be necessary to build houses, because once we have fruit trees planted everywhere then people can naturally rest underneath the trees. You can comfortably go about in your underwear. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We know exactly what is underneath our clothing. Once we become accustomed to seeing one another we just take it for granted after a while and no longer feel uncomfortable.

The animals in South America enjoy a great abundance of food. Are you interested in such a place? Don't worry about educational school systems. Once we have a telecommunication system built, then they can all be educated. Father is planning to develop a distance learning program from elementary school up. Just imagine what kind of impact Father has given to the world ever since beginning his public mission.

There exists within the Unification Church some indescribable magnetic power that pulls and attracts everyone as long as their original mind is functioning. That is why one person, even though friends and family all persecuted them, was able to abandon them and come to Father. They continue to come here to see Father all the time. They are attracted to come. They don't know what it is, but some unseen, intangible force is always leading them to go along with Father and believe in the teaching of the Unification Church. What kind of power and force is that? Is it the way that Father looks? Does Father have magic powers? No. It is the power of the truth of the Divine Principle.

We must understand just how much revolutionary power the truth has. How about you? When you first joined the Unification Church, was it because someone was nice to you, or seemed a good person? No. You did so because of the power of the truth. Within the Divine Principle we can discover True Love, True Life and True Lineage. The New Heaven begins there. How precious this is.

Every human being has a sexual organ. Without that place we cannot find love. This is the starting point of love. Without this place men's and women's lives cannot be connected and they cannot connect with true lineage. Without these three we cannot make an ideal family, tribe, nation and world. Without this place the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth cannot come about. Until now most people have not known this truth. You have been learning the value of this place through Father's teaching. The Divine Principle is more precious than the fallen people's sexual organ because Divine Principle has the power of recreation. This is reality, not conceptual.

The couples in the fallen world may love one another, but no matter how loving they may be, their love cannot connect with the Divine Principle. The love of the fallen world is connected to Hell, whereas the Divine Principle love way is connected to Heaven. You have to know this. Reverend Moon is the only one who discovered this content. This one book of Divine Principle is able to create a revolution in the minds and hearts of humankind. Once they read it their original minds awaken.

How many times have you read the Divine Principle book? You have to constantly study and read this book every single day. You cannot imagine how much sweat and blood True Father poured out in order to discover the truth of the Divine Principle. The late President Eu put so much sweat and effort into the structure of the Divine Principle book When President Eu was formulating the structure, chapter by chapter, he had to receive Father's approval for each and every paragraph during that process.

Ever so often American leaders have tried to come up with different translations of the Divine Principle. Father doesn't like this. It is essential that you all learn to speak and read Korean. Even when Father listens to this translation of his words, he understands that there are a lot of omissions and things that are not translated correctly. No matter what, the unification of the language has to take place. Only with Divine Principle and True Parents' guidance will this become possible. Otherwise there is no way to unify all the languages of this world.

In a way we all abandoned our families and joined the Unification Church. At this point, which do you suppose would be the easier, abandoning your family, or learning the Korean language? If you truly invest your heart and mind for a period of three years, you will be able to master Korean. From May 1996 the Transitional Period began. Therefore, you must maximize the Divine Principle book. You don't need to depend upon a lecturer; a good student will always borrow the book which the teacher's class is based upon and learn more completely. During a lecture, a teacher doesn't necessarily cover all of the details. When a student borrows the book and covers all the various aspects and then comes back with detailed questions for the teacher, it is unlikely that the teacher will be able to answer all the questions. This is how the teacher and student can become friends.

The position can also be reversed inasmuch as, to a certain extent, the teacher can be the student and vice versa. The teachers are not the owners of the book, but rather those who introduce the books to the students. If you want to stand in the position of ownership of the Divine Principle book, you have to reach the standard of God's heart. That is, the standard of God's heart at the point this truth was given. Each sentence of the Divine Principle was checked by God. There were questions and answers and verification. We have to be able to reach that point.

When Father first came to America, the late Dr. Young Oon Kim had her own version of the Divine Principle book, the red cover one. Dr. Kim insisted upon her book as being the best one to introduce Divine Principle to Westerners. She really placed such value on that book. When Father reviewed her book he found that it lacked many details of the Divine Principle. Therefore, Father clearly stated that many points were not included in that version and Dr. Kim could give no answer to Father. Do you understand Father? Even if it is difficult to comprehend Divine Principle, still continue to read the original book until you understand more deeply.

Mrs. Won Pok Choi happens to be here this morning. When Father first requested her to translate the Divine Principle into English, Father gave her a deadline of forty days in which to complete this task. Mrs. Won Pok Choi was an English literature professor at Ehwa University. Therefore, her command of the English language was superb and so she was able to accomplish this task within forty days. There are fundamental differences between the Korean and English versions of Divine Principle. For example, the Korean language evolves from the root, trunk, branches and leaves. Whereas the English language evolves from the leaves into the root. How then are we going to overcome the difficulty of translating from one language to another when there exists such opposite structures between languages?

If you happen to receive a spiritual revelation through reading a translated version of the Divine Principle book, it is far below the level of experience of those who are able to read the original text. In the future there will probably be thousands of different translations of the Divine Principle book. However, the original Korean language book is the root. This means that all of these various branches can be cut off someday and everyone must return to the original Divine Principle book in order to truly understand. Do you remember the book God's Will and the World which Mr. Kamiyama published after coming out of Danbury prison? Even in that translated version there are many secrets which Father revealed which cannot be comprehended.

A great many leaders have doctorate degrees and some are seeking to obtain doctorate degrees. However, such degrees are nothing but trash. God is the King of all the degrees, and True Parents are the King of Kings. Therefore, if you truly wish to obtain a doctorate degree, then please obtain the degree of tears and prayers. Those who seek doctorate degrees in this Western world are mixing with many secular scholars and their teachings. Out of this garbage, can you try to obtain your doctorate degree? Rather, you should enter a monastery and live an ascetic life for ten or twenty years. Then alone in that situation you will certainly obtain a degree in enlightenment.

Even if we bring 10,000 people to the desert no one will be able to discover diamonds there. Diamonds are only found in diamond mines which are usually very secret places. We need to find those secret places in order to discover diamonds. Unless you find such a diamond mine you will never discover a diamond even if you mobilize ten million people. The Divine Principle book has the value and content of being able to bestow blessings to up to one thousand generations to find the diamond that connects them to True Parents. That amount of preciousness is there. This is where you can discover God, peace and unification.

Father is not a fool. Over fifty years ago, when Father first came up with his original handwritten version of the Divine Principle book in Japan, one Japanese scholar offered 250,000 yen to Father. In the reality of this fallen world, if there were a suitcase filled with one million dollars, gangsters would not hesitate to kill people in order to obtain it. However, the value of the Divine Principle book far exceeds millions of dollars in value. Also, this book contains the power and ability to give salvation to the entire humanity. How can we compare the Divine Principle book with monetary value? This book should be our family's number one treasure. We should really honor and value this book. By doing so, this kind of treasure will be bequeathed from generation to generation.

Jin Sung Eu, who is the elder son of the late President Eu, is present today. When the Divine Principle book was first presented to Jin Sung Eu's uncle, who was a well-known brilliant scholar, he was totally shocked. He felt that compared to all other theology which he had studied, the Divine Principle was like a cannon, whereas all other theologies were more like rifles. Almost like an atomic bomb. Therefore, this older brother of the late President Eu, told him that if he were to continue to study this Divine Principle he would become famous. He certainly saw the value of the Divine Principle. Do you understand?

Here in America so many people looked down on the value of the Divine Principle since it was introduced here. Even Unification Church members have looked down on the value of the Divine Principle. This truth is the thing which God loves the most. Therefore, if we neglect the Divine Principle God feels alienated from us. Do you understand? Some of you are pursuing various degrees in theology in the secular world; however, this is not necessary. It is more important for you to teach these various professors the content of the Divine Principle. In order to find this truth millions of people were murdered and oceans of tears have been shed. We have to realize this.

How can we recreate the sexual organs of human beings is the question. Right now the sexual organs of humanity have many holes and is leaking from everywhere. There should be only one entrance to this sacred place. Therefore, we have to go through the recreation process. Without going through the Divine Principle way we will not be able to find this process. How many years has True Father been talking about the human sexual organs? Maybe seven years. Father has preached the value of True Love since the 1960s. However, recently Father began to give us more detailed teachings concerning men and women's sexual organs. This is an Eternal Holy Place. But the world has conceded that the human sexual organ is the most dirty place. This is because of the Fall of Man. Through this act we lost the entire universe. But originally this was and is intended to be the Most Holy Place.

Father is the only one who is able to build the ladder to cross over this swamp ocean to rebuild the sexual organ which is the Most Holy Place. Without True Father, who can even dare to think about it? Even now, if Father has to write a Divine Principle book he will do so overnight. Actually, Father is the one who has to fulfill the ideal of the Principle of Creation. In reality no other part of the Divine Principle book has anything to do with Father. We need the original Adam in the position of John the Baptist. Some scholars, simply because they studied in various fields, try to correct the Divine Principle and revise it, but don't you ever try to do that.

There are some scholars who have challenged Father with their theories. However, when Father came back with the original fundamental truth then they had nothing to say. We have to know that there have been thousands of people who have tried to destroy Reverend Moon. When Father meets with a scholar for the first time, even though that scholar may be an expert in a certain field, Father is above him. They certainly recognize that. One famous scholar in Korea came to see Father and, in his quiet way, was arguing with Father. But within thirty minutes he surrendered to Father. Don't ever think that Father is an old grandpa sitting in the back room doing nothing. Even when Father writes scripts for public speeches, it is he who writes and corrects the text. In Father's mind the introduction, main body and conclusion are clear. We don't know clearly because we don't know the truth. But Father already has the clear picture in his mind.

The reason Father is giving this specific message this morning is because he wants you to know that there is limitless mystery and treasure within Divine Principle which we have to discover. Once Father gave a command to the entire Unification Church membership to pray concerning the meaning of December 17. But no one has come up with the answer yet. Do you think that the explanation which Father has just given is something he just conjured up? Father began preaching the restoration of elder sonship, parentship and kingship four years ago. Who knew this before? Now this is the time when Father has completed the restoration of elder sonship, parentship and kingship. Now the era of kingship begins. This rebirth issue has to be expanded to the worldwide scale. No matter how famous individuals may be, they are not able to accomplish this. All of you Unification Church leaders in and around this New York metropolitan area must understand Father's message. We are like walking sticks with no brains. Wake up please. Father is not going to continue to teach you these things. Unless you really pay attention to where Father is and what he is doing and obtain information constantly from those around Father, you will never understand what Father is doing.

The other day Father was thinking that when we are born we actually took our mother's blood and flesh. That became our body and blood and we were born. Then after we are born we team up with our mother and begin to exploit our father's blood and flesh in order to survive. This is the meaning of receiving love. Taking the source of life from father. The wife's responsibility in raising the children is far greater than their husband's in this regard. That is the way your families have been formed.

Then beyond your family level you have to seek your national father figure. If there is land and sovereignty, that must belong to the king. In that sense, all those individual families and tribes are receiving the king's blood and flesh in order to survive. When we watch baby piglets, they all fight one another in order to suck more milk from the mother pig. By the same token when there is a true king of any kingdom, that king is providing blood and flesh to all the individual families who are part of his kingdom. The true king of the nation is like a father who feeds and raises the people of that nation. However, historically speaking there has never been any kingdom or king like this.

When you live in such a kingdom with a king who shares his blood and flesh with every individual family, then naturally when you all join the spiritual world, together with that king, you will share God's blood and flesh in the Kingdom of Heaven. You must follow and go through the path of parental love. Love is the key to creation and recreation in this world. The husband originally receives the seed of life from God; this seed is sown in the womb of the wife. Through this process, the life of the children are created and born. These children are then raised with parental love and care and eventually the process of production continues. That is the way the multiplication of the human race continues. Therefore, God loves those children who receive parental blood and flesh, which is love.

As a mother who gives birth to a child, you must have the same level of love as God. Because you are the one who germinates the seed of life and raises the children. That standard of love is necessary in order to raise the children properly. Mother and child together climb up the ladder of the father's leg. Then together as a family they walk up the ladder of the king of their nation. With the king and all the citizens of the kingdom together they climb the ladder of God in the spiritual world. Only when you reach that stage will you all become the top. As the son you will become the king and as the mother you will become the queen and as the father you will become the king. In other words you will all become a second God; you will become royal families.

Father has taught that all individuals should sacrifice for the sake of families, families for the sake of tribe, and tribe for the sake of nation. This is logical. Do you understand Father? The king of your family is your father, the king of your nation is your father and the king of the entire spiritual world is your father. That is how it should be. The king of your family should be God; the king of your nation should be God; and the king of the entire cosmos should be God. The notion of democracy is based upon the ideology of brotherhood. Only until the Lord of the Second Advent appears is such an ideology needed. We need kingship now. How about Americans? (Yes.) Do we need an eternal king or one who can be changed after four years? We need an absolute eternal king. There is one eternal father that can never be changed. Nothing in the universe can ever change the parent and child relationship.

True Parents means your family king, national king and cosmic king. Once you are absolutely clear about this you can surely obtain heavenly citizenship. You can practice filial piety in your family and become patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters for eternity. Therefore, each one of the seven Family Pledges begins with the words "centered upon True Love." This Pledge teaches us the four great realms of heart and love. Also filial piety, patriotism and holy children are all contained within the Family Pledge. Even at the family level you need to become the sons and daughters of God. You should have the right of the sons and daughters of God. No matter where you may go, never forget this.

On the family level you have to cherish the ideal of love which has its origin in God. If there are ten members of your family, and you live for their sake more than any other person does, then you will become the heir of your family. If you desire to become the true representative of America then you have to go all the way down to the bottom to total zero point. From that place you have to invest your sacrificial heart and pass through the recreation process and live your life for the sake of the entire 240 million people of America, then you can become their true representative, unlike all the presidents of this nation who manipulate, trick, cheat and lie. If American presidents truly study the Divine Principle then this nation will prosper rather than decline. This also applies to the incumbent President Clinton.

The earth is represented by the mother. Therefore, when you relate to the earth you should immediately feel your mother because this is where your flesh comes from. Then together with the earth as your mother, you have to be united with your father which means Heaven and God. We need this ladder to be able to reach to our father, with our mother. We need and miss our home town. Once you find your home town, then you can go beyond it in order to find your home country. In order to restore our home nation we have to go through three generations in our home town. Unification Church members need their home nation; their fatherland. We have to create sovereignty. From that place we can begin to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

We must live our lives with gratitude and thanks from the time of birth until we pass into the spiritual world. We need to be grateful for our home, home town, home nation and even spiritual world. That has to be our heart.

In this world where we live, our home, our family, our land is our home town. Your home town contains your family, your house, your land, your God, the original Creator. Alpha and Omega should be one in that place. The entire world will belong to you then. Do you follow Father? If you use (for your own selfish reasons), any resources that are available for the purpose of restoring the heavenly sovereignty, you will stand in the position of a traitor in God's eyes. You Americans, do you have that kind of faith and understanding? Normal Americans certainly do not have that understanding.

True Parents must be at the family, tribal, national and cosmic levels. That is the way we return again to our original God. In order to discover our God we have to put our mind and heart into finding True Parents at all these levels. This has to be our eternal desire and effort. This is the process. Once we understand this secret, can we live our life any way that we feel? No we cannot. In order to prepare ourselves to live a better quality life in the spiritual world we have to do our absolute best to improve the quality of our lives while on Earth. Centering upon True Parents, the family, nation and world should be united into one. From this point Father wants to turn the world right side up again.

When you serve your nation, you must never touch any national assets. If you do so, when you join the spiritual world you will find yourself in Hell. Everything has heavenly value, human value and God's love value. Do you understand Father? If you want to discover this truth, you must continually study the Divine Principle. As you do so, if you come to a place that you don't fully understand, then mark that place and continue to study. That is the way you can prepare your own notes. You can include all the details from Father's message. When Father gives such a precious message as this morning and you just sit there and take no notes, your future descendants will cut off your hands. They will feel they have no need of such a descendant.

Unification Church leaders who come to such a gathering often try to find a good seat, a higher seat without realizing who they are. The position and chair is not the point. Prepare yourself as a comfortable chair upon which God can sit. You should be able to truly represent God in order to sit on such a chair. Once the heavenly sovereignty is established and you come to see Father, even from one hundred miles away, all the angels will line up and check you. If you are not ready you will not be allowed to approach True Father. The angels will report to Father what kind of mind and heart you have within. It will be even more efficient and swift than modern technology. God's form of communication will be superior to that of human beings.

[Father addresses the True Children in Korean] Father is telling the True Children to study True Father. Father is not a simple physical father like any other. Father has unique value. Therefore, do you all here understand True Father? (Yes.) The time of great fear is coming. If Father reveals all the details you may shiver from fear. When Father went to North Korea in 1946 he was known as a Shaman minister because Father utilized the angels to check on the people who came to the church. If someone entered the church without having prepared properly, the angels would report to Father. Then Father would confront the person asking what did they do the night before and how dare they come to the church. Then Father would expel them from the church building. Even if they did seven days of fasting and three or four days of cold shower condition sometimes they were still kicked out of the church. That time is coming again. Nobody can complain when such a time arrives.

Up until now Father has come down to our level. Father has the task to open this world so that it can be connected to God once again. Therefore Father has been working on our level all these years. That is why even Satan cannot prevent Father from continuing on this path. Father established the victorious foundation on the physical level in this world so that Satan has no base to accuse Father. Father is the mediator, and ladder which God can come down and go up. God absolutely needs Father. Jesus lost his body due to the crucifixion, but he was supposed to give both spiritual and physical salvation to the world in his time at the national level. But he failed to do so. Therefore Father has come as the Lord of the Second Advent and has accomplished this goal both physically and spiritually on the worldwide level.

There is no choice. That is why Father is pushing leaders out to their mission nations. If those leaders who received the word went through the 40-day workshop in Korea and neglect their assigned mission nation, then instead of giving them an award Father will give them punishment. In the early 1950s there was a scandal surrounding the Ehwa Women's University because a number of students and professors joined the Unification Church. In order to indemnity that on the worldwide level, Father sent these 54 leaders to Korea to go through the training session. As Cain children, we who received Blessing from True Parents, were supposed to accomplish our missions. However, we failed to do so. Therefore, the Abel children, within true family are paying indemnity now. Not because True Parents and God made any mistakes but because we made mistakes. It gives pain to God.

The second son Heung Jin Nim died and the second daughter Hye Jin Nim passed away eight days after birth. The late President Eu, Cain-type second son, died. The second son of Father's tribe, Yong Sun Moon, died. In Father's lineage all the second sons were sacrificed. Since Father knew this, at the time of Heung Jin Nim's ascension, Father connected Heung Jin Nim with God. Heung Jin Nim was sacrificed for the sake of the entire world, but not because of any mistake on his part. Therefore, Father was able to connect Heung Jin Nim to Heaven. In order to give salvation to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Jesus, Heung Jin Nim was sacrificed and ascended to Heaven as the king to rule over them.

Upon the victorious foundation of True Parents' work in this physical world, Father could send Heung Jin Nim to be the True Parent in Heaven. Grandmother Hong plays the role of True Mother, the Holy Spirit in the spiritual world. Whereas Heung Jin Nim is in the position of king. Daemo Nim stands in the position of the Holy Spirit, in place of True Mother. Together they are working in this physical world. Since True Parents are still in this physical world, there is no foundation yet in the spiritual world to give rebirth to all the myriads of spirits there. Therefore, since Daemo Nim ascended to the spiritual realm, she began to perform the role of True Mother there. That is how she began to give rebirth to the spirit men and women in the spiritual realm. Now, together with Heung Jin Nim, they have established a comparable foundation in the spiritual world to that laid by True Parents in this physical world.

Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim are now begging True Parents to consider at the time of the 3.6 million couples Blessing, to allow the Blessing to be given in the spiritual realm to those spirits who have gone through the rebirth process there. Then even in the spiritual world there can be a heavenly sovereignty established, centered upon Heung Jin Nim and eventually centered upon True Parents. The spirits who go through this educational process by Heung Jin Nim, will stand above the position of the Archangel. Therefore, they can mobilize the angels now. This means, once the spirit men in the spiritual realm are able to stand above the angelic realm, they can receive the Blessing there. Because they have reached the stage prior to the Fall of Man. However, until the heavenly sovereignty, kingship here in this physical world is established, they have to wait even after receiving the Blessing.

In order for Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim to be able to do this, Daemo Nim as well as True Father's physical parents, and elder brother received Blessing from True Parents at the time of the 360,000 couples Blessing. Because of this foundation in the spiritual world, centered upon Heung Jin Nim, it is now possible for Blessing to be given there at the time of the 3.6 million couples Blessing. Only those who live under True Parents love here in this physical world will be able to enter the Kingdom of God together with True Parents. Because True Parents are not in the spiritual world yet, as a condition with Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim who had the experience of living with True Parents, this can all take place.

True Father is now commanding that all Unification Church members go through the training session in Korea in order to be cleansed and lifted up to the stage prior to the Fall by Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim's help. Our body is like the resurrected body of 6,000 year old humankind or in other words, 6,000 year-old evil spirits who have only cared about their family, their tribe and nation. All manner of evil spirits dig into our flesh and build their nests there. It has become like a home for evil spirits.

When God created this world, He applied absolute faith, absolute love, absolute sacrifice and absolute obedience. That is the standard upon which God created this entire cosmos. Therefore, in order for us to be qualified to enter the Kingdom we must be able to live our lives at the level of Adam's perfection. We have to create this armament of absolute faith, absolute love, absolute sacrifice and absolute obedience. Even forgetting your spouse, your children. This is like God's commandment to Adam and Eve. This is the starting point of True Love. We have to be able to emulate God's absolute standard of faith, love and obedience, otherwise we will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? This is the purpose of the 40-day training in Korea.

This is the 36th anniversary of True Parents' wedding. True Father welcomed our entertainment to offer joy to Father and Mother this morning. However, Father doesn't see anyone who sees the true meaning of True Parents' holy matrimony. Therefore, Father gave you this special message.

When Father was young he dealt with gamblers and fighters. Father understands the secular world well. Father has familiarized himself with every aspect of human life. Father is able to be a king in every possible aspect of life. As an Abel king, if he bestows forgiveness then the Cain king will automatically follow. At the age of seventeen and eighteen, as a student, Father would listen to the story of many prostitutes in order to understand their lives. Often Father would offer words of comfort to them and they would cry. That is how Father studied the life of the people of this fallen world. Because of this condition Father gave them grace and promised to save the world of prostitution from Hell. That is why Father opens the doors to everyone in the Unification Church Blessing. Father promised in tears to be responsible for the lowest element of society.

In Kodiak when Father goes fishing, by shedding sweat and tears on the ocean Father indemnifies and forgives all those people who died while fishing and who died cursing God and Heaven. If your wife and children are starving and there is no food whatsoever, you tell your wife and children to wait while you go out to fish, but when you go out fishing you are unable to catch a fish even in twelve hours. Then it falls dark and there is no way to continue and so you return home. Since you know they are now starving to death and waiting for you, can you enter your house without bringing one fish at least?

Father knows how poor South Americans are. Mothers of many children have no milk or food so the children die. Father prays with desperation. Skip meals and pray for those people. Heaven will respond. Father has confidence Heaven will help no matter where he goes.

Father's life is King of tears, desperation and love. If you center on self-interests, then in Spirit World you will realize you have misunderstood Father. Even now, when there is good food in front of Father, he remembers that Adam could not share good food with God. Father has been mocked and persecuted and treated as the lowest possible man.

Without tears, tears of blood, you cannot live Unification Church life. Even True Children do not understand clearly. In history, Cain killed Abel and Cain could not show exemplary life to Abel.

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