The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


View of the Principle of the Providential History

True Father
Belvedere 4/14/96
translator: Mr. Peter Kim

No matter how much humankind may deny the Fall, it is obvious. We do not live in a peaceful, happy and unified world. It is obvious humankind began on a wrong footing. God possesses everything and He wants for nothing. However, he cannot create love without His partner of love.

How are men and woman able to create a lineage? Individually they cannot create a lineage. Only through man and woman coming together, centered upon true love, can lineage be created. Money, knowledge and power will not create a lineage. Therefore if knowledge, power and money are unable to create lineage what value do they possess? America is so proud of its power, money and knowledge. No matter how proud America might feel one nation under God does not embrace the world, cosmos and God. One world under God should be our theme. Ultimately one cosmos under God. No matter how difficult it might be this is the vertical axis that needs to be established.

All humankind have five senses. Upon what can these five senses unite? Not on money, power, authority and knowledge. Only the power of love is able to unite the five senses into one. Without love the five senses cannot become one. Each of your senses desires to taste, smell, see, hear and feel love. The unification between men and women comes about through the power of love. Without the unity of love there is only conflict. The history of humanity has been one of conflict. God wants to solve this conflict and realize a world of harmony, peace and love. Who can solve this conflict? Fallen beings cannot do this because they lack the concept of perfection. There is no ideal seed, ideal love, ideal life nor ideal lineage in this fallen world.

The Bible refers to the wild olive tree which is symbolic of the fallen world. The fallen world needs grafting into God's original lineage. The fundamental solution to everything is lineage. How to connect with God's lineage. This is everything.

After the fall humankind lost God's original lineage. God desires that mankind reconnect again with His original lineage. The role of religion has been to reconnect humanity again with God. Judaism was the chosen people? What does it mean to be the chosen people? It means a change of lineage. Rebecca and Tamar were instrumental in making a condition to change the lineage through the seed of their children. Through the reversal of elder and younger sonship.

We need to completely deny all that we have inherited from Satan. We must long to return to our original home. Reverse back to the original resource place. Deny the five senses that have been centered upon the fallen world. The life in the fallen world is a miserable imitation of the original world of God. The fallen love relationship of men and women is the origin of all the problems. Through which part of the human body can man and woman become one? The sexual organs. This is the place where the blood mixes and lineage begins.

Humanity has been misusing their sexual organs. This has become Satan's armament. This is a fearful place. Without this organ we cannot find true love. Not free sex, but absolute true love. Family breakdown, society breakdown comes about through false love. This is the most miserable position. There is no hopeful future. The mind and body are agonizingly separated through this miserable path of free sex and homosexuality. This road leads to the complete devaluation of humankind. Who can protect that sexual organ? The individual has to protect that sacred place. Man and woman's pure blood lineage should mix in that sacred place. Husband and wife should have this consciousness at the time of sexual intercourse. All senses should blossom into one. This was God's greatest desire for Adam and Eve. The true love key is what opens the sacred place to the human sexual organs and brings the spiritual and physical senses into oneness.

This is the time for the education of the Christian world. This Christian world is divided between Cain and Abel, Protestant and Catholic. South America representing Catholicism and North America representing Protestantism. How to make them one?

We live in a world of such advanced technology now. It is possible to call on the telephone and see the person while you speak on a computer screen. This is like living in the spiritual world. Immediate availability. Beyond nationality boundaries. You will be able to connect all over the world. Once we are all able to connect in this way what will be our problem? The problem of language. Who created such a variety of languages? The parents of the Fall.

American youth cannot have fallen concepts. American youth need to feel deeply how much they need grandparents, parents, brother and sisterhood eternally. Without this base they cannot create conjugal love. Many young Americans have been born out of free sex, mixed blood place. We are supposed to have one father and mother. You have to realize this clearly. There are three distinct stages to fulfill.

Grandparents hold the position of God. Next generation is Adam and the third generation is Adam's son. God doesn't have Adam's son. Adam's son is God's grandchild. God does not have this grandchild. Until now humankind has been unaware of God's family formula base. Each position is eternally connected with love.

The Christian world starting point is not clear. The fallen world starting point is not clear. The Unification Church starting point is clear. The misuse of love is the essence of the Fall. During their teens Adam and Eve fell and sowed the seeds of fallen love. This is the harvest time of the fruit of that fallen love.

No matter how powerful the American government and military power may be, they are unable to solve this problem. Satan wants mankind to make free sex action. Free sex began in the Spring time of mankind. Now is the Autumn time of harvest of this action. It is poisoning humankind and this world.

The Bible refers to the origin of free sex by using the image of a snake. Woman's sexual organ is like the open mouth of a snake filled with poison. Man's sexual organ is like the head of a snake. If you think of fallen love action in these terms you feel disgusted and so you should. It is poison to humanity.

The Unificationist purpose is one world under God. Whereas Americans hold the purpose of one nation under God. God doesn't care for one nation under God. God is seeking for one world under Him. John 3:16 states that "God so loved the world..." Jesus came for the world, not for a particular denomination, not for America alone. Once we have one world under God, then next there will be one cosmos under God. Then one love under God the Absolute true love Being. The Christian world does not have that kind of concept. Centered upon true love we can digest our enemies without any problem. Jesus had that kind of concept. Only that kind of love is able to digest Satan's world without any difficulty.

God lost all of His children through the Fall. What a miserable situation Parents heart endured. Adam and Eve, God's children, God's couple, God's parents were lost. Children's partnership was lost. Conjugal love partnership was lost. Parents love partnership was lost.

This has been an agonizing situation for God.

The truth of the Divine Principle is so powerful in this hellish world. The power of this truth if very great. It is more powerful than money, power and knowledge. You have to understand this clearly. In South America so many churches are ready and willing to teach the Divine Principle . We don't need money, man power or knowledge. This knowledge is the most powerful of all. Famous Harvard professors don't know this. But if they once can understand this truth they would kneel down. The power of God is within this truth. Even though God is an Absolute Being still He absolutely obeys true love.

Our homework is how can we create Adam's original ideal seed that God desired within ourselves. We have inherited fallen Adam's seed. This was not God's ideal. We are connected with the worst parent of Satan. The original parents were intended to be True Parents. The question is how to solve their mistaken love action. We are surrounded by ignorance from the individual to the world level. How can this be solved? The Communist world proclaimed that they had the solution. However, they have disappeared. The democratic world proclaimed they could establish the ideal world. But the ideal world is disappearing. How can we receive more of True Parents love and unite Cain and Abel. How can the brothers of Cain and Abel unite? Needs Parents love. The democratic world is the world of brotherhood. Constantly fighting one another.

Father is often in the mountain side in Brazil. There are sometimes mud slides, then it is so slippery. Therefore Father took off his shoes and walked barefoot. The famous Unification Church leader walking barefoot. (Laughter) Living in a remote area like a farmer king. During the rainy season the military there attacked me. What kind of military? Mosquitos. (Laughter) They were everywhere. If I called you American brothers and sisters to come to the remote South American countryside you would feel difficult. Eating, sleeping and surrounding atmosphere is not so good there. Everything seems difficult. How would you like that. Especially American women, beautiful women. Is it good or bad? From that place God is making resurrection. In the most sacrificial place. The place that Satan's side dislikes the most. That is the place that Satan cannot come.

The key element to fulfill this are true families centered upon True Parents, true couples and true brothers and sisters. These are the crucial elements. When they are all united together they will become the central family which we will call true family. When God originally sowed the seed within Adam's family He expected that seed would germinate and form Adam's family centered upon God. Then it would expand to the nation, world and cosmos. The entire cosmos should belong to God. Its beginning point is the family. But what particular element of the family? The union between man and woman's sexual organs. It is a very serious matter. Only through the true union of these two different sexual organs can we expect ideal children, ideal family, ideal nation and ideal world. If God truly loves humankind, what part of the human body do you imagine that God created first? Sexual organs. Up until now, it has been the general teaching of Christianity to regard the human sexual organs with disgust.

If there is a saintly person do you think that the sexual organs of that saint came into being because of that saint or vise versa? Which came first? Sexual organ. This is the original place which produced the saint. We refer to Jesus as a saint or holy man. Who gave birth to Jesus? (Mary) He came out through the sexual organ. Without the sexual organs life cannot get inside the womb and cannot come out again. (Laughter) All the kings of the past and present, and all the presidents of the world all had to go in and come out from that place. Same is true for Father. Therefore that particular organ is more precious than True Father. In a sense it is more precious than God, because only through that organ God's ideal can be achieved. Do you really understand? (Yes) If you understand then you have to protect this sacred place carefully.

This is the original fountain from which God's children, God's messengers will be born. Without going through that particular organ there is no one who can be born. If we want to assess the value of this particular place, there is nothing to compare with it. God has to use that organ in order to give birth to His children. Do you realize that you have that kind of precious treasure within you? When we visit museums we view so many precious items. But what do we have within us that we can be proud of to the whole world? (Sexual organ) Correct. We need to have the thought that if there is an exhibition of all kinds of sexual organs, that we want to present ours there also. (Laughter) Therefore you must keep your sexual organ in tact. You have to provide complete protection so that when the time comes you can be proud. As the founder of the Unification Church, Father always refers to human sexuality in such a colorful way, that is why some people label Unification Church as the Church of sexuality.

We are called heretics by some religious people. If someone asks what is the most precious thing in the world, woman must be able to respond, "my sexual organ". Man must be able to respond, "my sexual organ". If everyone is in agreement then let us use this new terminology. This is the truth of all truth. The truth lies deep within ourselves. Without this organ we cannot discover love, life and lineage and the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth and in heaven. You are couples of prosperity.

In one day how many times do you go to the toilet? Maybe eight times per day. This is the cleansing of your body and you should feel grateful for this. It is a precious place and dirty place combined into one. Isn't it strange? Every day we eliminate our body waste through this area. The place of true love embraces and digests everything. There is no concept of dirty. With true love we can digest all of humanity. Without our sexual organs, man's love and woman's love cannot connect. Is that right? (Yes) Centering upon the sexual organs their love connects. Man's life, woman's life come into one.

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