The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True Parents' Birthday

Unofficial notes
Reverend Moon
February 24, 1996
Unification Church Headquarters Building in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We all are born for the sake of others. Based upon the principle of investing continuously, what God needs and wants most is not knowledge, power or money, they are all parts of God's attributes, so God possesses them all. But love, life for the sake of others, is what God needs.

There are many Ph.D.s here. Will they deny the need for knowledge? They built their lives on knowledge . Usually the heads of state are obsessed with power and have a weak ethical life. But God doesn't exist for knowledge, power or money.

Secular people say a strong country requires a strong economy, and what right does Reverend Moon have to say these things? Those who like money best, raise your hands. (No one does.) With money, knowledge and political power, you can do anything in this world. But you cannot buy true love.

On each level of creation there are dual characteristics. Does plus emerge for itself, or for the sake of minus? This applies to man and woman. Is man born for man or for woman? For woman, and woman for man. Woman is part of the a-priori concept of man, and vice versa.

What of the purpose of eyes and nose? For themselves? Is the mouth for talking to myself or others? Ears are to listen to others, not to my own talking. Hands exist to touch one's partner's hands, not one's own.

Do you marry because of money? You're a thief. Knowledge? You will perish. Power? You'll go to hell. Man's will and woman's love can be exchanged through marriage. This is happiness.

A true man lives 100% for his wife; he lives and dies for his wife. The essence of this spirit is love. There is where you find the value of life; it is the realm of true liberation and freedom.

Since God is absolute, God's love is absolute and uni-directional. The beginning and ending are one. If Adam and Eve had the same start as God, and their descendants had the same start, then this world would be God's ideal world. Nothing could make them deviate. Only the power of love can make this happen. Just like the sunshine never changes in quality, so too God's love never changes in eternity.

So we need money, right? (NO) Is your answer absolute? Will it change? If one denies money, power and knowledge, he will be closer to God. He will be separating from Satan. So, what do God and man like most? Love. Yes, but before you talk about love you need subject and object.

Scientists say the universe came from energy. But what came first, energy or action? Energy came first. Can man alone act? If he acts alone, no energy comes from it. Before action, we must recognize our object partner.

First comes our partner; then comes the action of give and take, and from this energy is produced. The universe functions, acts, through subject-object relationships.

For subject and object to act upon each other, there need be no knowledge, power or money, but only the common thing they both like, namely, love. Centered on one love, they exist in relationship for eternity.

Subject-object applies from lowest to highest level. There are even male and female germs, scientists now assert. For bacteria to multiply, it is not random; it is through male and female.

The principle which God applies is continuous giving and forgetting, to the absolute level. Based on absolute self-negation, God created absolute giving. Through absolute giving, the infinite world exists.

We all want to become the center of the group we belong to. To achieve that, we must offer ourselves, in a spirit of giving, not taking. On each level, whoever gives more will become the center of that level.

The Creator God is still giving and forgetting for the sake of His creation partner, man.

Even the president of a university will achieve honor and fame by giving. But if he demands from other universities, he will be forgotten. Again, if you give infinitely, then you will live in the infinite world. Doing that, all the levels will approve of you, and you will absorb their power and energy, by which you live eternally. That's how I have lived my life.

God's goal of creation is to establish True Parents of mankind. What is the possession which God and True Parents set as the standard? True love. Everything and everyone is based on True love. Life, death, marriage, everything.

We have five senses, all located above our neck. That's where our value system is formed. You need a true head, true guts and true sex organs. They all exist for the sake of others.

The value and importance of sex organs are not too low for a religious leader to speak about. They are part of the true reality, so I must talk about them.

The man of True Love is the man who can control his sexual organ. When people misuse sexual organs, it causes the destruction of the individual, family, society and nation. When we lose control of our sexual organ, we lose our life.

Biologically speaking, the shape or the female organ is best to fit the man's organ. For God, it was most difficult to create these.

Are the sexual organs created for making money! (NO!) Is the woman's sex organ created for sake of knowledge or power? (NO!) Women are a greater problem than men because they are able to open their sexual organ for money. Promise you won't. (Yes.) But you are experts in lying, so I cannot trust you.

If any woman is willing to sell this, is she evil or good? How about selling it for knowledge? Such women are trash. If a woman is selling love for power, is she a good or evil woman? (Evil.)

Can we find a woman who doesn't care about money, knowledge or power, but only loves her husband no matter how poor, ignorant or powerless he may be? Unification Church members are cousins of beggars, uneducated. But reflect: even God Himself has been abused in order to find the true man. All saints and sages have also lived this way; persecuted, but in the eternal world they are in the highest position.

Leadership in the fallen world is based on money, knowledge and power, but eternal world rulership is based on love.

What is the will of God? Theologians say it is too complicated. What is your definition? Not to received blessing for my own sake, but for the sake of giving it to others.

Read John 3:16. Is the Kingdom of God individualistic or universal? Roman Catholicism doesn't understand God fully; Protestantism doesn't know everything about God.

You must practice the life of Jesus Christ, even washing his disciples' feet. Try to grasp Jesus Christ's heart when he said you have to have the heart of a child. He was fed up with the adult world's evil. Father wants to make one Christianity under God, as Jesus taught.

The first stage is the love of husband and wives, then together they become one with God's love. Husband and wife are seeking each other's love. They form a global shape, spherical. Husband and wife and God totally unite, then go back to their hometown, centering on their family.

Through what can you revolutionize man and woman? Only through True Love. Where do human and divine love meet? In your grave? your heart? What's the meaning of marriage, anyway? Two half-human beings come together and form a whole.

Another way to describe marriage is: putting together the man's world and the woman's world and inviting God to join there. Only where there is unity of mind and body can God dwell. If there is struggle of mind and body then God cannot come.

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