The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True God's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1996
Morning Speech
World Mission Center
Translator - Peter Kim

By now everyone of you should be able to read what Father has written and also understand it. What do you think this title is? True God's Day. Repeat after me, Cham Hanna-nim-e Nal. There was a time when even God's name was not restored. Now His name has been restored and so we call this day True God's Day. The time that God's name is restored means the time when all of humankind should be restored. Then God's name could be restored.

There are people who are still working for the restoration, and other people who are restored. There is the origin of the universe, which is God, then there is division and again union. [Father draws on the board to illustrate] In communism they used "struggle" instead of division. That is the interpretation given by the lord of the fallen world. Origin, conflict and union. However, this teaching here [indicating the board] is given by the Lord of the Restored World; origin, division and union. This interpretation is given in the restored world. If we apply this formula to our individual level, then we can see that there is conflict between our mind and body. When mind and body are united then union can occur. [Father continues to draw on the board.] When an individual is restored then certainly there is no conflict here.

Our mind and body are still in conflict. Because we are in the fallen world, it is almost impossible to have complete unity between mind and body. The conflict between the mind and body of Adam and Eve has expanded to the national and worldwide level. Consequently, human history has been laden with all manner of conflict and wars. There is no peace, harmony and happiness. Where there is conflict, there is always Satan-centeredness. Man and woman, as individuals, experience conflict between their mind and body. Therefore, as individuals with conflicts within themselves, how can they become united?

The world is fallen and so we see conflict between leaders and followers, parents and children, brothers and sisters. We see this formula existing within the satanic world. In the Last Days we will witness division at all levels of society. On the worldwide level, we will see all manner of division. Like grains of sand, all divided one from another, centered upon extreme individualism. This will be rampant in the Last Days. People are declaring that they are unable to believe in their family, their grandparents, their parents, man and woman, their nation and the world. Therefore, individuals end up becoming extremely individualistic. This comes from the fallen Archangel. The cause was the fallen Archangel. Then once we eliminate him, we can restore humankind.

Is America a Christian nation or a satanic nation? You Americans, please answer Father. (Satanic) Then does that mean God left your nation and Satan came in? Why? Because where there is conflict God cannot dwell. The king of struggle is Satan and the king of peace is God. Do you understand this notion? Therefore, all of mankind is in need of restoration. However, the history of restoration does not happen randomly; it follows a formula. What is the formula? Before God created human beings what did He create? The environment. What is the essence of the environment? Sun, air, water and earth. These are the four major elements of the environment which are the foundation for humankind to exist. Without these four major elements, physical life cannot be sustained. In the environmental world there is always subject and object relationship.

In order to prove this, we simply need to observe the world of creation from the mineral world up to humankind. In the mineral world there is plus and minus; in the plant world, stamen and pistil; in the animal kingdom, male and female. In humankind there is man and woman. Subject and object relationships exist at every level. In terms of the sun, air, water and soil there are always subject and object relationships operating. Without subject and object relationships nothing can exist. But the reality of this fallen world is that there is always conflict between subject and object. Therefore, ideally speaking, they cannot exist. Eventually this kind of world will be eradicated.

Within an individual there is mind and body, plus and minus, subject and object. These should be in complete unity. However, due to the Fall of Man, they have been in conflict. The body which is supposed to be in the position of minus, acts as if it were plus. That is why conflict always exists within the individual.

Satanic love came into play which caused the body to act as plus instead of minus. The mind was originally in the position of plus, but the body came into the position of opposing plus. That is why conflict is always existing. Satan knew that originally this was the formula. [Indicating to the diagram] This was the structure: origin, division and union. However, Satan created his own formula [indicating to the board] origin, struggle and union. Then, he used this as a formula to keep all of humankind under his control.

This conflict between mind and body eventually has to be erased. In the world of restoration, where the mind is plus and body is minus, all will come into total unity. In this formula the natural unity is existing where no interference from a third object is accepted. Only plus and minus relationship. However, in the fallen world formula, in order to make the subject and object one, there should be the third force from outside influencing. That force has been represented by the major religions throughout history. Religions came to play a major role here in order to strengthen the position of mind, which is in the position of plus, thereby weakening the bodily force. Religion has been working hard to eliminate this bodily force and bringing it to complete surrender.

Religions have been using two major tactics. First, by receiving the spiritual power from God, religions strengthen the power of mind and lead the minus force, which is the bodily desire, to follow the mind. Second, by crushing the bodily desire to zero point, the mind can have complete subjugation of the body. That is why religions have always taught us to do that which the body hates most, such as fasting, service to others, sacrifice and eventually becoming an offering. When it comes to the concept of offering we are referring to bloodshed. That is what the body hates the most. It takes force in order to press the bodily desire down. At least three to five years are needed in order to create the habit of resisting the bodily desires. That is how we will be able to lead humankind into the original state of being.

Communism is in the position of inheriting this satanic tactic whereby Satan cheated God and humankind and dominated humankind. Communism took over that particular tactic and tried to dominate the entire world this way, against God's will. There are two different time periods for God in terms of Restoration. The first is that in which this fallen world has to be restored during the course of restoration. The second time period for God is the time after the providence of restoration is completed.

>From the mineral kingdom to the animal kingdom, do we see them fighting one another in order to become one between plus and minus? No. There is always cooperation and natural harmony. The same is true in the plant kingdom. There is no concept of conflict. Have you seen animals launching wars against each other? Since this entire universe exists in a pair system we see within our own body the pair system operating within our five senses. We have two eyes. Are they in conflict with each other? Are your two nostrils in conflict? Are your lips in conflict? Are your hands in conflict? They always become one harmoniously. Only when there is perfect harmony between subject and object can they be supported and uplifted by God.

Our two eyes represent God's attributes of plus and minus. When our two eyes focus on one point then union occurs again. From God we have two eyes, plus and minus, and by focusing on one point we create union. This is the result. [Father draws on the board] Where the origin and union meet this is the center point of this divided position. This center point, where union comes up and origin comes down, meet right in the center. That is how it can revolve and circulate. Like give and take action between subject and object. Once we realize that we have this conflict between our mind and body, then we know that we have to deny ourselves. That is the position we must take. If Satan is in the position of plus, the fallen world that is centered upon bodily desire, is in the position of minus.

When we are controlled by Satan, then together with him, we will be in the position of struggle against the origin. Without the Fall, God was supposed to be in the position of plus. The entire universe created by God was supposed to be in the position of minus. Then total oneness was to have taken place between them. However, due to the Fall, humankind became minus to Satan in the position of plus. However, the conscience still existed and has the ambition to remain plus. That is the gateway that can lead humanity back to God. Therefore, our conscience is working toward the bigger plus and eventually connecting with God again.

We have to pray in order to eliminate satanic power. Once you become totally one centered upon your conscience, then you can go beyond Adam and Eve and Satan can be eliminated from your lives. This is a special task. However, the normal strategy is that by believing in religious faith you weaken your body. That is the way to subjugate your body. No matter what you may think or do, without having complete unity between mind and body we cannot return to the original formula which is origin, division and union.

We must return to the original formula which God applied in order to create the universe. Origin, division and union can occur only based upon the complete unity between mind and body. How can union occur? True Love. What is True Love? As we see from this formula, after origin we always experience division, subject and object, plus and minus, man and woman. How did this come about? Because of God's plan. Why did He create this division? For the sake of love. But what kind of love? Adam's love? Eve's love? or God's love? The conclusion is that Adam's love alone cannot become united with God's love. Eve's love alone cannot be united with God's love either. The only way they can be united with God, as a substantial manifestation of God's love, is for plus and minus from God to become totally united to begin with, then based upon that unity they can become united with God's love.

This right-hand side represents man and the left-hand side represents woman. Even to secure this position of division as a man, there are three stages: formation, growth and perfection. Then man can assume this divided position as a perfected being, just as Adam was supposed to pass through the growth period of formation, growth and perfection. The same applies to woman. There should not be any concept of conflict in man or woman. Upon the completion of unity between mind and body, within man and woman, they then become one again. The force of love is that which unites them.

How then does the power of love operate? What does it do? Man's love organ is convex and woman's love organ is concave. You understand this by now. This Chinese character written here [indicating to the board] means harmonizing or becoming one. When this love between man and woman unites do they grow more distant from each other, or do they become totally one? (Closer) Not just closer, but this power of uniting with one another actually infiltrates them and goes beyond them. That kind of force and power is operating. This uniting force will penetrate you as an individual and go beyond you to the entire world and bring you both together in one embrace. Do you understand what that means? It is a metaphor. However, the uniting force is that strong. Indescribably strong.

Have you seen animals fighting with one another when they mate? No. They become totally one with no space in between them. Blessed couples, raise your hands. When you make love between husband and wife, do you push one another further away, or do you draw one another closer and squeeze tightly? (Squeeze more) Another way of interpreting this formula of origin, division and union, is the Origin which is God's position and can be interpreted as plus. The union can be interpreted as man's position which is minus. Once this union takes place, bringing absolute unity between husband and wife, do you think that God is pulling this union toward Himself, or is this union pulling God toward them, or they are repelling one another? Which one? Does no one have the answer? When God sees this perfect union taking place, don't you think that He would want to draw that toward Himself? Don't you think the couple would also want to pull God down toward them? It functions in such a way that God will pull this united couple up as strongly as He can and the couple will pull God down as strongly as they can. Therefore this circular motion takes place.

In your love relationship as husband and wife do you want to just sit and look at one another and smile? Or would you rather have a love relationship that is so tight, so sweet, so strong that you would become totally one like a rubber ball, and roll around together? Once you become totally one and begin rolling together like a round ball, when you roll too fast you will shout and scream and God will hear you and come down and enjoy watching you. [Father demonstratesj Interesting? Exciting? (Exciting)

Are you so excited that your five senses stop functioning? Caught by complete suprise your entire bodily functions stop. After you have heard Father's speech up until this point, and observed Father's bodily expressions, do you understand the extent of excitement that Father is talking about? (Yes) When you have that kind of love relationship between husband and wife, do you think God will exist among you and mingle with you, or will He remain outside and watch you? God will stay right at the central core. Which is the most enjoyable position, God's or man and woman's? (God's) Does that mean that God participated in the love making action between husband and wife? (Yes) If that is the case, then does the motivation and origin of your love making come from God or man? (God) Universal, sacred, core motivation. This is the ideal motive for the creation of the universe.

Whose love are you borrowing and practicing when you make love? (God's) Who is the owner of love? (God) Those people who are in conflict can never become the owners of love. From the beginning, this original base, which was supposed to begin the ideal love, was stained and destroyed because of the Fall. Therefore in the Last Days we have to destroy this satanic base and plant new love there. Who do you think initiated love making first, God or man? (God) Then to whom did Adam and Eve's marriage belong? (God) God's dual characteristics of plus and minus, were manifested in man and woman and originally formed union there. The plus characteristic of God goes down toward the minus of the union. You can prove this by observing man and woman when they are about to become one-man's right hand usually touches woman's left hand. Woman's right hand touches man's left hand because they are facing each other. That is the way you become one.

In the Western world we find many left-handed people. However, in the Orient, left-handed people are considered handicapped. Those who are left-handed raise your hands. Don't be shy. The majority of humanity are right-handed. Therefore, you left-handed individuals can be considered handicapped. Why? This circular motion takes place between man and woman when they hold each other's hands, man's right hand woman's left hand. Wife's right hand and husband's left hand. Then they hold hands and pull and push each other and that is how rotation takes place. But if you are left-handed there is no balance in doing that. Do you follow? We can conclude from this particular example that left-handed people should be labeled as handicapped.

In storing your clothes at home, please make sure that the wife's garments are never on top of her husband's garments. When you make love who takes the upper position? (Husband) Therefore, when you hang up your garments, the wife's garments should always be underneath, not on top. Do you American women understand? (Yes) This is not Father's words; this is the principled way. Once you know the truth then practice it from this day on. Even when you place certain items on shelves in your home, do not place wife's items on top of the husband's.

Suppose both husband and wife wake up at the same time in the morning and both are in a hurry. Who should take the bathroom first? (Laughter) Don't laugh. I'm teaching you divine law. Then, according to divine law, who should take the bathroom first? (Husband) Suppose he takes times and doesn't come out and you have an emergency? (Laughter) Well, if he takes too much time, and the wife has no way of stopping herself, then she may go into the bathroom. If the toilet is still occupied then she can relieve herself on the floor. Then if she makes the floor wet she can wash the floor thoroughly afterward. Who is supposed to clean the floor? Who wet the floor? (Laughter) Wife did, therefore she should clean up. Women usually relieve themselves while sitting down. Then while in this position can she shout at her husband and scold him for taking too much time and order him to clean up the floor? Can she say that? Those Blessed couples' husbands, you should never follow your wives with dried rags to clean the floor. If you have practiced such a life, you have to change it immediately.

Even while sleeping together as husband and wife, the wife is not supposed to place her leg on top of her husband. A woman is like a soft cushion, and so her husband can take advantage by placing his bony leg on top of her and feeling comfortable. (Laughter) Don't laugh too much. This is not a laughing matter. You have to practice this in your daily lives. When Father had to come up with all of these answers, imagine all of the complexity he had to deal with. Actually, today's topic is True God's Day. However, what Father is teaching you has nothing to do with True God's Day. Rather, Father had to explain this aspect of life because the object of your life should be an ideal object. In order to create an ideal object, Father had to explain such details for you.

Once they become totally united here [indicating to the diagram] then who is going to steal this union? God will try to pull this union toward Him and man and woman will try to pull God to their level. That makes the circular motion. From this formula we can conclude that human marriage meets in the center to form the wholeness of one another. Man alone is only half a human being. Woman herself is only half a human being. But through marriage they can form a whole human being. When man and woman first fall in love, they begin from this smaller scale. As time passes and their love relationship grows stronger, their scale grows and eventually, in the center, they become one. Then each of their minds and bodies will move like a piston back and forth with much vibration. Horizontally, the two become closer and push their love force up higher and higher, making it stronger and greater.

Since God's dual characteristics are plus and minus, His minus characteristic comes down toward this level [indicating to the diagram] while this plus characteristic of union will go up toward God. God is the one who will prepare the ladder so that husband and wife can climb up. When they reach this center then plus and minus will collide and there will be an explosion. [Father writes on the board] This will become the core and body and the circular motion will take place. Man represents east. Woman represents west. God represents up and down. This is the original place where Adam and Eve, without the Fall, were supposed to meet together and form this absolute union centered upon God's True Love. That is the Principle.

If we were to press the relationship between man and woman and draw them closer and closer together, because there is a certain amount of room that has to be created, it will expand vertically, making it higher and higher. When there is a totally airtight embrace, with no space whatsoever for Satan, then God will come down and stay in the middle. When they are hugging each other with all of their strength, they are creating a pillar or axis between them, centered upon that core, which is God. That is how the first love should take place. Without the Fall, this is the place where Adam and Eve were supposed to make love. However, no one has known this throughout history. Dr. Rubenstein, famous theologian, do you agree? Because of this relationship we can say that human beings are truly the children of God. If God is the first generation, we can call ourselves second generation God. First generation God is in the subject position representing plus. The second generation God is in the object position representing minus. It is natural and automatic for plus and minus to combine into one. This is the divine law.

Due to the Fall of Man this entire plan was destroyed. If there is absolute love which God desired, and absolute love which man is seeking, they should become totally one. Without the unity between God's absolute standard, and the absolute standard which man is seeking, there will be no absolute ideal world realized. The Fall can be interpreted as two love pillars. That is why conflict always exists. In your love relationship as husband and wife, do you want two different kinds of love or one absolute love? One absolute love, with one absolute direction. The direction is one and the purpose is one.

Who is God? The original core love parents. God is an invisible being. True Parents represent God's body. Even at this core meeting point [indicating to the board] the vertical unity should occur first. Then horizontal unity between Adam and Eve. Centered upon True Love, God is in the position of the vertical True Parents of humankind, and True Parents are in the position of horizontal True Parents for humankind. Mind means vertical self. Body means horizontal self. Buddhism is always trying to find out what is Mind. But Father is giving you the clear answer here. Our mind is our vertical self and our body our horizontal self. Mind seeks the higher position. Our body seeks horizontally toward satanic desire and ambition. Religions always emphasize disciplining our bodily desires in order to enhance our spirituality.

The Western culture, which has been pursuing material, has become like an animal world. Whereas the Oriental culture which has been pursuing spirituality, has become a more noble world. Westerners greet one another by shaking hands horizontally, whereas Orientals greet one another vertically by bowing down. Many Westerners sleep on the stomach. Raise your hand if you sleep on your stomach. In the Orient, those who sleep on the stomach may be considered animalistic. Because cows and other animals always sleep on their stomachs. No matter how smart any animal may be, there is no animal which sleeps on its back exposing its stomach. Only human beings have this privilege. Human beings lay on their back and stretch out their arms and legs. This is the position to welcome God, telling Him to please come down and be embraced by you. When you sleep on your stomach and kick your legs like this [Father demonstrates] no matter how hard you may kick, God cannot come down, because you are turning your back against God. It is the position in which animals search for their food.

There are many people who constantly eat. They eat while walking, while talking, even while sleeping. It is like animals. As soon as animals secure a certain amount of food they keep it in their mouth and try to run away from other animals to eat it. While still running they eat. But human beings are supposed to have a nice table in front of them with nice china and enjoy their meal. As you take each mouthful of food you have to thank God and invite Him to taste it with you. This meal table can be like an altar upon which we make our offering.

Considering all of these different aspects of life, where do you think that the Lord of the Second Advent should come from, the Western world or the Oriental world? (Oriental world) What Father is telling you is not a joke, it is based upon reality. What is the meaning of True God's Day? This is the day that God gets married. How about that! (Applause) How can the day of God's marriage take place? The original unfallen perfected man and woman appear in this world and establish the foundation for the ideal family, ideal tribe, ideal nation and ideal world which will eventually become the Kingdom of God on Earth. When that true perfected couple appears as the Lord of the Second Advent, that will be the time. Through their marriage, God's marriage can be achieved. (Applause)

When it comes to the perfection of God's ideal, God is in the position of subject. Without having God's perfection as the subject, there is no perfection of God's ideal. When you give your genuine love to your spouse in your love making relationship, then as a second God you are practicing love in the place of God. God will come down and enjoy participating in your love making when there is a genuine love relationship. Eventually this will expand to the family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level. We have both visible and invisible love making organs. At the Fall, Satan's invisible sexual organ invaded human beings' visible sexual organ. Through this, all the destructive social evil has taken place. Satan uses all kinds of methods in order to destroy the original love relationship and to prevent human beings from returning to God eternally.

It is the mission of humanity to restore this fallen world back to God. How far do you feel that God is from you? Where is God? When Father explains this truth, some theologians stand up and protest that God does not need a partner. True Love is absolute. Therefore, even the Absolute God will bow down before True Love.

Without love there is no way to connect with life, blood lineage, and conscience. The first motivation is True Love. The characteristic of True Love is to live for the sake of others. True Love gives without ceasing and without remembering. This continuous giving creates a circular movement. True Love is invisible. The dual characteristics of God began with giving, investing, not with receiving. God's True Love motivation is to give eternally. Do you understand?

Father will explain whether God needs a partner or not. Please keep count of the times you blink. After three hours you will become dizzy. Normally, do we feel our eyes blinking? But if someone else comes and touches even one strand of our hair immediately we feel some vibration. However, in one blink of the eye hundreds of eye lashes are moving and water is spreading over your eye but you are not so aware of it. Why? Because there is perfect balance in that action. There are more than forty billion cells within the human body and yet we don't feel any separation one from another. Because they are in perfect balance. But as soon as there is a breakdown in the balance we feel agony and pain. If there is imbalance within your bodily structure, the universal force tries to push it out. Therefore you experience pain. The universal force only protects when there is absolute unity between subject and object.

Where there is harmony there is development, but where there is division there is no development. When there is absolute unity between subject and object it will always be protected by the universal force. Father says that we call this heavenly fate. However, where there is imbalance and disunity, there is no protection. As long as there is disunity between your mind and body you will keep going down. But once you become totally united in mind and body then you will go up and progress. Once there is total unity and balance between mind and body they will push one another upward. Up higher toward progress and prosperity.

Father is holding a small towel between his two palms, and even if it were heavy metal, when there is absolute balance between the two hands the weight cannot be felt so much. When you go to the bathroom in the morning do you wear a mask because of the smell you make? You don't wear a mask because you don't feel that it is dirty? But if someone else goes to the toilet you immediately smell their waste. But you don't smell your own waste. Sometimes you even analyze it according to the difference in smell, what kind of food you ate the night before. Why don't we feel that it is dirty? Because it is totally one with us. Do you feel that your saliva is dirty? (No) How about someone else's? Chemically it is probably the same. Then why don't you feel that your own saliva is dirty? Because it is totally one with you.

When you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner do you eat only in a good mood or in a sad mood? Which would you prefer? (Good mood) We can interpret our eating habits as providing material to create fertilizer in our stomachs. Therefore we keep eating three meals a day. How about that? It is a fact. Would you feel good about eating your meal with that thought? Don't forget that your own fertilizer factory is only one foot away from your mouth. Is that true or not? (True) Have you really thought about the existence of this fertilizer factory right underneath your mouth while you are eating. No. We just enjoy eating. We don't feel the existence of this fertilizer factory within us because it is one with us.

Raise your right hand. Place your hand on your left chest. What do you feel? Of course you feel your heart beat. If you check your heart beat with a stethoscope it sounds like a bomb exploding. Yet how many times do you feel your heart beating during the day? Not to feel it for one week is very normal. Yet some busy people don't feel their heart beating for one year. It is still normal. It is like a piston pumping inside of you so why don't you feel it? (Because it is one with us) There is perfect balance and oneness there. This is reality.

You all have love. Have you seen love? Is love tangible? (No) Do you have life? (Yes) Have you seen and touched it? (No) We all have lineage which provides the seed of life. Sperm and eggs. Can we see it? Only when there is love making action between husband and wife will this life seed come to play a role. Other than that we cannot see it. Have you seen your conscience? Have you touched it? But in fact we have all of these. Then why don't we feel them? Because they are inseparably one with us.

It is absolutely true that love, life, lineage and conscience exist within ourselves. However, we don't feel their existence because they are one with us. They are ourselves. Then where is God? It is true that God is the root of love, life, lineage and conscience. God is stationed at the bottom of the root of love, root of life, root of lineage and root of conscience. God exists there but why don't we feel Him? Because God is completely one with us along with our love, life, lineage and conscience. Therefore we don't feel God. If you want to find God, centering upon true love, give away all that you have-love, life, lineage and conscience-to other people, then God will surface.

Offering your love, life, lineage and conscience for the sake of others you will then fall into the position of zero. When you reach zero point you will find God. If this vertically hidden God can be found through offering your sacrificial love, life, lineage and conscience, then horizontally you can make God the center of your love, life, lineage and conscience. Then the subject of love, life, lineage and conscience will be God. Centered upon this harmony, peace, freedom, unification and happiness will all come about. In such a world we don't need religion. When you pray don't look up in the sky for God. God is deep within yourself. Therefore you have to look deeply within yourself and ask yourself to form such a degree of love, life, lineage and conscience, like God.

Since conscience belongs to God, it precedes your parents. You are not the owner of conscience. It belongs to God. God stands in the position of the original parent and He is the teacher of all teachers. Yet your conscience precedes God. Your conscience is the owner of all owners. Since your conscience belongs to God, we can say that your conscience is the master owner. If we may say that America is owned by the President, then your conscience precedes the American President and all kings. Therefore, we should conclude that conscience is the most precious gift from God which is more valuable than your parents, more valuable than your teachers and more precious than anything in the whole world. God Himself came into yourself and exists as your conscience.

If, from the beginning of human history, all human beings were educated to respect and follow their conscience more than their parents and kings and queens, then the Fall would never have happened. This is the way that humankind can inherit God's attributes. Our ancestors did not know this. Because of the ignorance of not understanding the value and the function of conscience, our ancestors were invaded by Satan and the Fall took place. We must know that the love we have within ourselves belongs to God. It is logical to conclude that because of the foundation of having love, life, lineage and conscience upon which God can dwell, it is possible to build an ideal family and eventually ideal nation. Your sexual organ does not belong to you. Your love, life, lineage and conscience do not belong to you. They belong to the universe and to God.

Your love, life, lineage and conscience are like the leaves and branches of the tree. Since God is in the position of the tree, they have the same value as God. If we were to cut off a small twig and put it in the ground, another tree can grow. Do you understand? We are second God. What can qualify us to become second God? Our conscience. Your conscience knows everything about you even before God. No matter how insignificant a thing you may do, if you are doing something wrong, your conscience will immediately tell you not to do that. But if you listen to your conscience, even to the smallest degree of advice, then there will be no Fall. You will automatically enter into the Kingdom of God. However, we don't listen. We go against the advice of our conscience and all manner of social evil is rampant.

Do you think there is any detail of your life that your conscience is unaware of? Can you cheat your own conscience? Your conscience knows all of your secrets. Your conscience knows what is the right way and what is the wrong way to use the function of your entire five senses. There is no exception. Those who have confidence that your conscience does not know what you have been doing in your life, raise your hands. Your conscience has a special machine which video tapes every aspect of your entire life. When you enter the spirit world there is a machine which shows you the entire spectrum of your life. You will see everything. Even though you may have forgotten about it. Even man-made computers are so incredible in their function. However, don't you think God's computer would be millions of times superior to the man-made computer? Therefore everything is recorded intact.

As long as you have your conscience antenna high up you will be able to discover all the universal secrets. That is the way Reverend Moon found out this truth. Consult with your conscience before doing anything. Your conscience is the absolute standard. It is your God-made computer. Therefore, when you consult with your conscience in whatever you need to do and follow the direction of your conscience, you will not have to worry about your afterlife. You will automatically enter into the Kingdom of Heaven by following your conscience.

In your life, if you find yourself stuck and in some difficulty, then focus internally and ask your conscience what to do. Then your conscience will lead you to find your direction. At first it may show as a kind of blurry image, but as you continue to train yourself you will be able to see more clearly in what direction you have to go. When you completely liberate your conscience and subjugate your bodily desire then whomever you meet you will be able to discern who has a good thought and who has an evil thought. Therefore your conscience is the teacher of all teachers. Even your parents may abuse and manipulate you as their child, but your conscience will never betray you. Your conscience is the most precious thing in all the world. Yet you have not realized this. No matter how close a friend you might have, if that friend tries to lead you in a certain way and your conscience tells you no, then don't go.

Your conscience never tells you to violate laws. Let us make a proclamation all together. Conscience precedes parents. (Conscience precedes parents) Conscience precedes teacher. (Conscience precedes teacher) Conscience precedes owner. (Conscience precedes owner) By owner we mean whoever is in charge, such as the head of state. Conscience is positioned above all of the constitutions and all of the laws of the secular world. Therefore, as long as you remain with the direction of the conscience you will end up in the Kingdom of Heaven. >From now on, let us raise our conscience up to a higher level. Your conscience teaches you to work harder than anyone else. How can we become the owner of love, life, lineage and conscience? The only way to accomplish this is to resemble God, offering and investing yourself for all eternity, never remembering what you have invested. Live your life for the sake of others, just as God has been doing. That is the only way to become the owner of your love, life, lineage and conscience. Otherwise you will remain as a caretaker.

When we reach the ownership stage, at that moment God will appear as the vertical owner of your love, life, lineage and conscience. Only when this takes place will you find peace, freedom, unification, love and happiness. Then your dream can be realized. In this secular world everyone has their dream. However, their dreams are stained by Satan. We have the obligation to seek those young people who are seeking after such dreams and turn them around 180 degrees and have them find their real dream. Amen.

There is one thing more valuable than your conscience and that is your blood lineage, and your life, which your received from your parents, is higher than your blood lineage. Ultimately the most valuable thing is love itself.

Why do we have to obey our conscience? Because this is the only way that we will be able to inherit the ideal lineage of God, ideal life from God and ideal True Love from God. Then we can claim ourselves as the second God and discover real peace, real freedom, real unification and real happiness.

Even though you have love, life, lineage and conscience, man alone is unable to feel these qualities. Same goes for woman. Who are they resembling? God. We must understand that even though God is the root and king of every existence, when He is alone, without His partner, He is unable to feel these elements. Human beings are the same way. Do you agree?

What is the highest value of truth for man and woman? Partnership. We absolutely need our partner. Does God need His partner? (Yes) Then who is in the position of God's partner? (Man and woman) What kind of man and woman? (Perfect man and perfect woman) We have to know that God has not been liberated in front of love. He has not realized the perfection of love yet. Therefore God cannot practice freedom because of this imperfection. Through man and woman, God was supposed to perfect His love ideal. Yet man and woman fell. God could not reach the perfection of love. No one has known this throughout history. Our families, husband and wife, are of the highest value and can liberate God. We are in the position to bring true love from God and create true love in front of God.

As Father taught you this morning, marriage can be interpreted as half a human being bride and half a human being bridegroom joining together and creating a whole human being. By doing so they become an ideal object of God. That is the purpose of man and woman, and centering upon True Love, liberating man and woman. That is the way we can perfect and liberate God. The meaning of marriage is conquering our spouse's world and conquering God. That is why marriage is more precious than anything else. Marriages in the satanic world are not as precious as your marriage. Realizing what kind of ideal value our families have, and knowing how our families can become the ideal object of God's True Love, yet still we have betrayed God so many times. Therefore, we have to be made fully aware of this value again. Man is born for the sake of woman and woman is born for the sake of man.

Woman's love organ is for the sake of man. Man's love organ is for the sake of woman. Husband and wife are able to become one through True Love from God. True Love means we have to serve God as our center, not Satan. When there is love making action, we should do so with God together. Since God is an absolute being He wants an absolute object. He does not want a temporary or conditional object. Therefore, can we think of the concept of divorce? (NO) Adam and Eve were not supposed to have many different step fathers and mothers. Humanity should not know this reality. When children have more step mothers and fathers it means that the heart of children will have more holes. Incurable holes in their hearts. That is what is happening in America. Therefore America is doomed to perish. If America resists, we have to kick it. Don't be proud of being American. God has left America. The only hope for this country is that Reverend Moon remains here. Therefore God still holds onto America. (Applause)

If anyone is confident that America is not going down the drain then prove it. Father will challenge your proof. Do you think that God needs His love partner? You haven't believed it up until now. How long will it take? If you wait too long you will go to spirit world. The scholars have the tendency to give all kinds of excuses. That is one aspect of scholars that I don't like. Reverend Moon has met thousands of those so-called VIPs throughout the world who have promised many things. However, many of them just quietly disappeared without fulfilling their promise.

God is an absolute being. Yet when there is absolute love, God will bow down before it. Because of the fact that people believe that God is absolute, yet they abuse that very notion, there has been much bloodshed throughout human history as a consequence. Even Christianity abused that notion and killed thousands of people for their own sakes. Like the battle between Catholicism and Protestantism in the Reformation. They both claimed to be on God's side. But God's love is for the sake of others. Because of this love we have hope that eventually humankind can be restored.

We should know the meaning of True God's Day. In order to perfect God to become the absolute God, we need True Parents. True Parents come with all the truth needed to perfect God. Also True Parents come to liberate God along with us. When we become united on the family level that is where we can find peace, freedom, unification and happiness. Blessed couples, raise your hands. Remember, as a Blessed couple you need to keep in mind what kind of life True Parents have lived up until now. If God is in the position of the first God and True Parents are in the position of the second God, then Blessed couples should place themselves in the position of third God and follow True Parents' footsteps, so that we can eventually resemble God and True Parents.

God being invisible Parent as plus and True Parents being visible Parents as minus become totally one. Upon this foundation, we in the position of minus to True Parents become one with True Parents. Then without actually dealing with God directly we can be united with God. Only through True Parents can we be reborn and united with God. This is our mission. It is now the time when we have to proclaim ourselves. We have to pledge to God and True Parents that our family is the very foundation upon which we can build an ideal family and become the third God. Through True Parents we can be united with God, which eventually will lead to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Those who are determined and confident to fulfill that mission, raise both hands to God and True Parents. Beautiful hands. God bless you.

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