The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True God's Day

These highlights are from the God's Day Morning Address given on January 1, 1996 in the Grand Ballroom of the New Yorker Hotel, NYC. The interpreter was Mr. Peter Kim.

Within an individual there is mind and body, plus and minus, subject and object. These should be in complete unity. However, due to the Fall of Man, they have been in conflict.

The body which is supposed to be in the position of minus, acts as if it were plus. That is why conflict always exists within the individual. Satanic love came into play which caused the body to act as plus instead of minus.

This conflict between mind and body eventually has to be erased. In the world of restoration where the mind is plus and body is minus, all will come into total unity.

In this formula the natural unity is existing where no interference from a third object is accepted. Only plus and minus relationship. However, in the fallen world formula, in order to make the subject and object one, there should be the third force from outside influencing. That force has been represented by the major religions throughout history. Religions came to play a major role here [indicating to the diagram] in order to strengthen the position of mind, which is in the position of plus. Therefore weakening the bodily force. Religion has been working hard to eliminate this bodily force and bring it into complete surrender.

When we are controlled by Satan then together with him we will be in the position of struggle against the Origin.

Without the Fall, God was supposed to be in the position of plus. The entire universe created by God was supposed to be in the position of minus. Then total oneness was to have taken place between them.

However, due to the Fall, humankind became minus to Satan in the position of plus. However, the conscience still existed and has the ambition to remain plus. That is the gateway that can lead humanity back to God.

Therefore, our conscience is working towards the bigger plus and eventually connecting with God again.

Once you become totally one centered upon your conscience, then you can go beyond Adam and Eve and Satan can be eliminated from your lives.

We must return to the original formula which God applied in order to create the universe. Origin, division and union. This can occur only based upon the complete unity between mind and body.

How can union occur? True Love. What is True Love? As we see from this formula, after origin we always experience division, subject and object, plus and minus, man and woman. How did this come about? Because of God's plan.

Why did He create this division? For the sake of love.

But what kind of love? Adam's love? Eve's love? or God's love? The conclusion is that Adam's love alone cannot become united with God's love. Eve's love alone cannot be united with God's love either. The only way they can be united with God as a substantial manifestation of God's love. Which is plus and minus from God and become totally united to begin with. Based upon that unity they can become united with God's love.

Father is writing here, origin, division, union. This right hand side represents man and the left hand side represents woman.

Even to secure this position of division as a man there are three stages, formation, growth and perfection. Then man can assume this divided position as a perfected being.

Adam was supposed to pass through the growth period of formation, growth and perfection. Same applies to woman. There should not be any concept of conflict in man or woman. Upon the completion of unity between mind and body within man and woman then they are supposed to become one again. The force of love is that which unites them.

How then does the power of love operate? What does it do? Man's love organ is convex and woman's love organ is concave.

When this love between man and woman unites do they grow more distant from each other, or do they become totally one? (Closer) Not just closer, but this power of uniting with one another it actually infiltrates them and goes even beyond them.

This uniting force will penetrate you as an individual and go beyond you to the entire world and bring you both together in one embrace. Do you understand what that means? It is a metaphor. However, the uniting force is that strong. Indescribably strong.

Blessed couples raise your hands. When you make love between husband and wife, do you push one another further away, or do you draw one another closer and squeeze tightly? (Squeeze more) (Laughter) Another way of interpreting this formula of origin, division and union, is the Origin which is God's position, can be interpreted as plus. The union can be interpreted as man's position which is minus. Once this union takes place bringing absolute unity between husband and wife, do you think that God is pulling this union towards Himself, or this union is pulling God towards themselves, or they are repelling one another? Which one? Does no one have the answer? When God sees this perfect union taking place, don't you think that He would want to draw that towards Himself? Don't you think the couple would also want to pull God down towards them? It functions in such a way that God will pull this united couple as strongly as He can and the couple will pull God down as strongly as they can. Therefore this circular motion takes place.

In your love relationship as husband and wife do you want to just sit and look at one another and smile? Would you not rather have a love relationship that is so tight, so sweet, so strong that you would become totally one like a rubber ball and roll around together?

Once you become totally one and begin rolling together like a round ball, when you roll too fast you will shout and scream and God will hear you and come down and enjoy watching you.

When you have that kind of love relationship between husband and wife, do you think God will exist amongst you and mingle with you, or will He remain outside and watch you? God will stay right at the central core.

Which is the most enjoyable position, God's or man and woman's? (God) Does that mean that God participated in the love making action between husband and wife? (Yes) If that is the case, then does the motivation and origin of your love making come from God or man? (God) Universal, sacred, core motivation. This is the ideal motive for the creation of the universe.

Whose love are you borrowing and practicing with when you make love? (God's) Who is the owner of love? (God) Those people who are in conflict can never become the owners of love.

From the beginning, this original base which was supposed to begin the ideal love was stained and destroyed because of the Fall.

Man alone is only half a human being. Woman herself is only half a human being. But through marriage they can form a whole human being.

This is the original place where Adam and Eve, without the Fall, were supposed to meet together and form this absolute union centered upon God's True Love. That is the Principle.

When they are hugging each other with all of their strength they are creating a pillar or axis between them. Centered upon that core, which is God, that is how the first love should take place. Without the Fall, this is the place where Adam and Eve were supposed to make love.

Because of this relationship we can say that human beings are truly the children of God.

Due to the Fall of Man this entire plan was destroyed.

If there is absolute love which God desired, and absolute love which man is seeking, they should become totally one. Without the unity between God's absolute standard, and the absolute standard which man is seeking, there will be no absolute ideal world realized.

In your love relationship as husband and wife, do you want two different kinds of love or one absolute love? (One absolute love) One absolute love, with one absolute direction. The direction is one and the purpose is one.

Who is God? The original core love parents. God is an invisible being. True Parents represent God's body.

Even at the core meeting point the vertical unity should occur first. Then horizontal unity between Adam and Eve. Centered upon True Love, God is in the position of the vertical True Parents of humankind, and True Parents are in the position of horizontal True Parents for humankind.

It is absolutely true that love, life, lineage and conscience exist within ourselves. However, we don't feel their existence because they are one with us. They are ourselves.

Then where is God? It is true that God is the root of love, life, lineage and conscience.

God exists there but why don't we feel Him. Because God is completely one with us along with your love, life, lineage and conscience. Therefore you don't feel God.

If you want to find God, centering upon true love, give away all that you have, love, life, lineage and conscience to other people then God will surface.

Offering your love, life, lineage and conscience for the sake of others then you will fall into the position of zero. When you reach zero point you will find God.

If this vertically hidden God can be found through offering your sacrificial love, life, lineage and conscience, then horizontally you can make God the center of your love, life, lineage and conscience.

Then the subject of love, life, lineage and conscience will be God. Centered upon this harmony, peace, freedom, happiness and unification will all come about.

In such a world we don't need religion. When you pray don't look up in the sky for God. God is deep within yourself.

Therefore you have to look deeply within yourself and ask yourself to form such a degree of love, life, lineage and conscience like God.

Do you think there is any detail of your life that your conscience is unaware of? Can you cheat your own conscience. Your conscience knows all of your secrets. Your conscience knows what is the right way and what is the wrong way to use the function of your entire five senses. There is no exception. Those who have confidence that your conscience does not know what you have been doing in your life raise your hands. Your conscience has a special machine which video tapes every aspect of your entire life. When you enter the spiritual world there is a machine which shows you the entire spectrum of your life. You will see everything. Even though you may have forgotten about it. Even man made computers are so incredible in their function. However, don't you think God's computer would be millions of times superior to the man made computer? Therefore everything will be recorded intact.

In your life, if you find yourself stuck and in some difficulty, then focus internally and ask your conscience what to do. Then your conscience will lead you to find your direction.

At first it may show as a kind of blurry image, but as you continue to train yourself you will be able to see more clearly what direction you have to go in.

When you completely liberate your conscience and subjugate your bodily desire then whomever you meet you will be able to discern who has a good thought and who has an evil thought.

Your conscience never tells you to violate laws.

What is the highest value of truth for man and woman? Partnership. We absolutely need our partner. Does God need His partner or not? (Yes) Then who is in the position of God's partner? (Man and woman) What kind of man and woman? (Perfect man and perfect woman) We have to know that God has not been liberated in front of love. He has not realized the perfection of love yet.

Because centering upon love, God cannot practice freedom because of this imperfection. Through man and woman God was supposed to perfect His love ideal. Yet man and woman fell.

Therefore, God could not reach the perfection of love. No one has known this throughout history. Our families, husband and wife are of the highest value and can liberate God. We are in the position to bring true love from God and create true love in front of God.

That is the purpose of man and woman. Centering upon true love liberating man and woman. That is the way we can perfect and liberate God. The meaning of marriage is conquering our spouse's world and conquering God. That is why marriage is more precious than anything else.

Realizing what kind of ideal value our families have, which can become the ideal object of God's true love, yet we have betrayed God so many times. Therefore, we have to be fully aware of this value again. Man is born for the sake of woman and woman is born for the sake of man.

Woman's love organ is for the sake of man. Man's love organ is for the sake of woman. Husband and wife are able to become one through true love from God.

When there is love making action we should do so with God together. Since God is an absolute being He wants an absolute object. He does not want a temporary or conditional object. Therefore, can we think of the concept of divorce? Should there be divorce? (NO)

Adam and Eve were not supposed to have many different step fathers and mothers. Humanity did not know this reality. When children have more step mothers and fathers it means that the heart of children will have more holes. Incurable holes in their hearts. That is what is happening in America. Therefore America is doomed to perish.

God is an absolute being. Yet when there is absolute love, God will bow down before it. Because of the fact that people believe that God is absolute, then they abuse that very notion and there has been much bloodshed throughout human history as a consequence.

Even Christianity abused that notion and killed thousands of people for their own sakes. Like the battle between Catholicism and Protestantism. They both claimed to be on God's side. But God's love is for the sake of others. Because of this love we have hope that eventually humankind can be restored.

We should know the meaning of True God's Day. In order to perfect God to become the absolute God, we need True Parents. True Parents come with all the truth needed to perfect God. True Parents come to liberate God along with us.

When we become united on the family level that is where we can find peace, freedom, unification and happiness.

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