The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


The Time Of Liberation For The Family Of World Peace

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 8, 1996
Belvedere -- International Training Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

Father feels that you understand the meaning of this title. As man and woman are born they must go through the process of family life, then the nation and world until they eventually arrive in Heaven. We begin on Earth and we join in Heaven. During our journey we will encounter various kinds of individuals. From the individual to the cosmic level there are good and bad individuals, good and bad families, good and bad societies and good and bad nations. From the individual to the cosmic level both Heaven and Hell are represented. Do you agree? This is the structure of the world. When we look at our lives, everyone has the natural tendency to claim that which is good as their own, and to reject that which is bad, and this applies to the individual level on to the world level. It is very important to know the criterion by which to judge what is good and what is bad. Is money that criterion? (No.) How about knowledge? (No.) What about power? (No.) Then what is it? (True Love.) That is right. Humankind cannot live without love. Therefore, love is the most important factor. We need families because we have to meet love within our families. Without family, we cannot find love. That is why it is natural for man and woman to meet within the family structure.

What then is love? Which is more delicious, love or a hamburger? (Love.) (Laughter) If you eat three times a day and hamburger is the only food available, then you have to eat hamburgers three times a day. However, do you eat love three times in a day? Do you eat love or do you practice love? (Practice.) In the Bible it tells us that Adam and Eve ate the fruit of good and evil. What is that fruit? The love organ. Whose loving organ was it? Eve's. If a woman meets a king then she will produce a prince or a princess. However, if she meets a beggar she will produce a beggar child. Therefore, woman's sexual organ is the crossroads between good and evil. By observing the result, you will be able to discern what is good or bad. A woman's love organ is the determining factor.

Which description is more vivid and realistic: Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil or Adam and Eve practiced the fruit of good and evil? (They ate.) Because if you eat something it becomes a part of you, your tissues and cells. But if you practice something it may have nothing to do with your body. If a man has a relationship with a virgin girl it is common in the Korean language to say that he ate her. The Fall of Man took place because of love. Therefore, the Fall of Man is love that took the wrong direction. This love took a wrong turn by the misuse of the sexual organ. If Adam and Eve did not have sexual organs then humanity would not exist. Without our sexual organs we cannot even think about having the Kingdom of God on Earth. Only through this good, true sexual organ can we establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. However, a bad sexual organ creates Hell on the Earth.

The meaning of the Kingdom of God is eternal and unchanging by definition. Do you American women prefer your sexual organs to be eternal and unchanging or changing from day to day? (Unchanging.) American men and women like to practice free sex. Is free sex eternal sex, eternal love? (No.) What is it then? (Hell.) It creates Hell, but what is it? (Temporary.) You say that it is temporary but in fact it is less than a second. If you practice free sex then in your life you experience joy for less than one second. Do you really want to pursue that kind of life, that kind of love? (No.) The Fall of Man is the misuse of the sexual organ. The misuse of Eve's sexual organ meant that she took the wrong partner. As long as you practice the misuse of the sexual organ, then the human world, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, even the insect kingdom -- wherever you go in this universe you will be rejected because you are acting against the law of the universe. Why do we say free sex is bad? Because if you practice free sex you change your lineage, minute by minute, as you change your partner.

The history of America has come down to you through your ancestors, the Pilgrim Fathers, from generation to generation. There are some good traditions and some accidents and mistakes that have taken place. You cannot change all that overnight. If we want to claim that America is a great country, then you have to be able to present your ancestry all the way back to the Pilgrim Fathers, proving that American history has been straight and good. However, if you just extract all the evil parts and then claim that America is good, that becomes a false representation. America looks good on the surface, but in reality is America a good country? (No.) In general, the clothing of American men and women is luxurious and expensive and they seem proud of themselves and their clothing. But are they good people deep inside? Not necessarily. Suppose we have someone who changes his or her clothes three times in a day, and another who doesn't change for one year. Which of these is a greater person? Perhaps the person who changes clothing three times a day is also someone who changes their mind and attitude and behavior three times a day. On the other hand, the person who doesn't change his clothing for one year may be steady and straightforward consistently without even blinking. (Laughter) Which one is greater?

In comparing the Chinese with the Americans, many Chinese of the past wore the same garment on their body for three years without any problem. However, American people would spit at them. But are the Chinese or the Americans a greater people? (Chinese.) Why do you say so? We can interpret your answer as meaning that the American people are generally impatient. They don't know how to practice patience and silence. If this room were filled with American people each of them would want to talk. They don't like to yield and listen. But if there were one hundred Chinese people here this room would be quiet. It is better to be quiet rather than noisy. If you are noisy, chances are you will go downward. However, when it is quiet you have room to move up.

When we compare day and night, in the daytime people and animals move around in the world. It is noisy and crowded. However, when night comes, people and all creatures sleep and it becomes quiet. When do you think animals and plants and all living creatures grow? (Night time.) Why night time? Because in the still of the night, whatever nutriments they absorbed during the daytime they utilize to grow. But in the daytime, it is so noisy and they have to give attention to all directions. If you visit Manhattan you will always feel that it is noisy whether you are on the street or in an apartment. However, if you visit a Chinese city, even though there may be thousands of people on the street you will feel it is quiet. In general, when American people like someone it doesn't usually last more than three years. However, once Chinese people come to like a person it goes on for three hundreds years. Father feels that America may be a great country now, and has been leading this world while making lots of noise. However, China, has been very quiet up until this point, but once China begins talking, then Chinese power will govern the world.

In a hot tropical zone where the climate is very hot and humid, Americans might last there for ten hours and then run away. However, Chinese people would settle and cultivate farms there no matter how hot and humid it might be. If we go by this formula who will be able to rule the tropical and frozen zones of our planet? (Chinese.) Father used the example of the Chinese people, but perhaps Unificationists could be more extreme in every way than even the Chinese. (Applause)

It is customary between American couples for the husband to give a kiss to his wife in the morning and greet her. But in the case of Chinese couples, even if you were to observe Chinese families for one year you would never see them kissing one another or referring to one another in endearing terms. (Laughter) American couples may also fight and raise their voices to each other even daily. Whereas whatever Chinese couples do, it is done quietly.

Everyone claims to like God and has a certain way of thinking about God; however, God has been silent for billions of years. Is that a good God? Do you still like God? Speaking in a logical way, since Chinese people are able to exercise patience and silence for many years, then as the ruler and owner of the Chinese people, God has to be even more extreme in that way. This being the case then we can say that the Chinese people are the ones who have stimulated God and have provided the motivation for God to be quiet and silent for millions of years. And to have endurance. That is power! Look at Father's life. For the past forty years, from the beginning, Father had everything planned, step-by-step. However, Father did not reveal everything all at one time. Rather, Father has been quietly implementing the plan, step by-step, until the time is right to reveal certain truths.

Up until this time, people from every corner of the world have labeled Father as a heretic and all kinds of names in order to persecute him, but Father never blinked. He just left them alone and continued on his path. Like when you visit a village where you are unknown, the dogs from that village will bark at you because you are strange to them, with strange aroma, strange smell. In the same way, Father has been pursuing the path of God for all these years, but the people of this world have not recognized him and have acted like barking dogs. Father goes to Korea, Japan, South America, North America; wherever Father goes, people don't remain silent. Those dogs may bark loudly yet Father does not say a word to them. Ultimately, Father's voice is even greater than their barking. That is why Father keeps himself very quiet.

Would you say that Reverend Moon is a troublemaker or a peacemaker? (Peacemaker.) (Laughter) Why do you laugh? If you truly believe in what you say then you have to show a serious expression. Don't take what you say so lightly. Don't laugh. If you laugh it indicates that you don't take it seriously. The secular people of the world may consider that Father has created all kinds of controversy throughout the world. However, is there any Unificationist who believes that Father has caused a lot a trouble to the world? (No.) Unificationists may have differences among each other, but whenever we see True Parents we always rush to follow them. Isn't it true? (Yes.) Why do you do so? Because you have to climb up the ladder. We know that this ladder is very high and steep and it is difficult to climb even one step at a time. But because we know what is waiting for us on the top of the ladder we continue to follow in the footsteps of True Parents.

Have you heard the news that Father is sending out national messiahs to the world? Each national messiah group consists of seven different national messiahs. Father has directed them to go to their respective countries and live in the same house with one another. Do you like that idea? (Yes.) Would you prefer to live in a house with your family alone or together with seven other families? (Together.) You Americans favor your privacy and individualism. Who are the ancestors of privacy and individualism? The fallen Adam and Eve. The root of that is Satan. Everyone wants to receive love. However, can we apply the formula of privacy to love? We all want to receive love from the individual level right up to the cosmic level. We want to receive love from our spouse, our parents, our family, our society, our company, our nation, our world and even from God Himself.

In receiving love can we practice the life of privacy? (No.) If you stick with a life of privacy there will be no love partner. This is a reasonable conclusion. Those who advocate the life of privacy, please show your hands to Father. In your mind you still like the life of privacy but you dare not show your hands before Father.

This morning, Mother has to leave for the airport by ten o'clock at the latest so Father has a time limit to finish before then. But if Father continues like this we will be still going at five o'clock this evening. (Laughter) Do you think that what Father has taught us so far this morning has something to do with his topic today? (Yes.) Suppose our way of peace is centered upon money. Would you like that way? (No.) How about seeking peace through knowledge and power? (No.) Then what would be your vehicle to seek peace? (True Love.) Do you really like love? (Yes.) But love cannot be practiced alone. It always takes two. Without exception, everyone in this world wishes to achieve peace and happiness through love. Do you like this idea? (Yes.)

The term free sex is indicative of brief and temporary happiness. Would you like to have temporary happiness or unchanging happiness? (Unchanging happiness.) Sounds good but your motivation is not so good. We all seek happiness. But centered upon what do individuals seek love and happiness? (Eternal, unchanging and absolute love.) Therefore, it is completely logical to say that only when we live our lives centered upon absolute love, can we have absolute happiness in our lives. Have you thought about absolute love? (Yes.) Do you think about it all by yourself or with your ideal spouse? (Ideal spouse.) Is your ideal spouse eternal or temporal? (Eternal.) When you refer to your ideal spouse are you referring to the one who can freely touch you and embrace you anytime of the day or night without a time limit? Is that what you mean? Or, do you mean that this ideal spouse can only embrace you between certain hours and when you are eating they should not even talk to you? (Laughter) What kind of ideal spouse are you talking about here? (The first one.) (Laughter) You don't have confidence in your answer; that is why you are all laughing too much. But this is a serious issue.

We can only receive love from our partner. Therefore, if you want to find absolute love you need an absolute partner. Then you have to give your absolute faith, absolute love, absolute trust and absolute life to your spouse. Otherwise you cannot receive absolute love from your spouse. Do you imagine that your eyes would prefer absoluteness or changeability? (Absoluteness.) Your five senses like absolute love.

Have you ever turned off your five senses against your husbands? (Yes.) (Laughter) Only when you have an absolute relationship between husband and wife can you expect to receive absolute love. This is the prerequisite. Do you understand Father? (Yes.) Do you think there is room in the minds of secular American women who marry and divorce within a week to think about absolute love relationships? (No.) Where can we find absolute love? In kissing? (No.) Where then? Our absolute sexual love organ, which brings man and woman into unity is the place where absolute love can be found. Sexual intercourse place. People do not know this truth. Those of you who are without sexual organs, raise your hands. (Laughter) Your sexual organ exists for the sake of absolute love. This is your unique, eternal purpose. God needs sexual organs, too. Do you think God created man and woman just because He needs man and woman or God needs sexual organs too?

Eternal love is found through your ideal spouse. People have been unaware that the owner of the woman's sexual organ is her ideal spouse. Likewise, the owner of the man's sexual organ is his ideal spouse. When this ideal husband and wife become one through their sexual organs then the owner of the unification of their sexual organs is God. We have to know that our sexual organ does not belong to our self but rather to our ideal partner. And our combined sexual organs belong to God. This is the backbone of the human history. Without the sexual organ we cannot make human history. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven begins from this point. The ideal family, ideal people, ideal nation all come from the sexual organ.

If you are tired of hearing Reverend Moon talk about sexual organs and if you turn away from the truth you will be turned back again 360 degrees to the original point. We need our sexual organ in an absolute way because we have to find absolute love. It is that valuable, that important. It cannot be exchanged for anything in this world. There are many secular American women who would even sell their own husbands for enough money. Are such women true women? (No.) If you want to find an absolute husband you have to offer absolute protection to your husband. You cannot separate yourself. Your original mind seeks that level of love. The reason that we don't have this is because of the Fall of Man. Father concludes that the owner of free sex and privacy is Satan, because through free sex the human sexual organ is destroyed. The crossing point of Heaven and Hell lies within your sexual organ. Centering upon your love, your mind and body can be united. However, you vacillate so often even in the course of one day.

Until now man and woman didn't know what ideal love means. However, Unification Church members have been taught this morning what true ideal love is. Therefore, we should practice it. Since your sexual organ is the most valuable thing in the entire world you should protect it in the most valuable way. That way, it will never change. Have you Blessed couples ever considered divorce? Are you tempted by handsome men and beautiful women who pay attention to you? (No.) Actually, all manner of thoughts come and go through your minds. Father's conclusion is that many American women have inherited the lineage of prostitutes. But you don't feel badly about it. American women feel superior to and scorn prostitutes, but in reality these prostitutes are earning money, this is their job. However, American women are even worse because they practice free sex just because they enjoy it. Who is the owner of love? God is the owner of love. The owner of love gave you your spouse and assigned you to become this man's wife. Therefore, you stand as a public couple and your union should last eternally. It is logical to conclude that as the attributes of God are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal then the couples who are anointed by God should possess the same attributes as God: absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. So of course, we, the people whom God likes, should also have these same attributes.

We have to learn about Adam's family. Adam's family crossed the line of love. Centering upon false love, a false lineage was created within Adam's family and this family became upside down. Who can enter the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is the place where only absolute, ideal couples who practice absolute love centering upon God can enter as a family unit. Since Satan knew of God's strategy to restore the entire humanity back to His bosom, Satan sought to destroy humanity, completely 180 degrees opposite of what God wanted. Therefore, Satan has spread the disease of free sex, homosexuality, lesbianism and all manner of evil. Through the practice of this free sex life like homosexuality, humanity will become extinct within one generation. In lovemaking it requires the sexual organs of man and woman in order to fit together. However, homosexuals think they can make relationship between the same sex. This is Satan's strategy in order to destroy God's ideal and purpose of creation by spreading such evil ways. Humanity would eventually be destroyed.

If America clings to this way of life do you think America should perish or prosper? (Perish.) No matter how much America may resist, if it continues on such a path then God will eventually come down and punish America. God hates the American atmosphere. Satan created this kind of Hell on the Earth. God's ideal world doesn't have that kind of activity and atmosphere. The Bible tells us that the weeds will be thrown into the fire and only the grain will be stored in the warehouse. Who are living in America today, grain-type people or weed-type people? (Weeds.) Certainly not real grain. Adam's original family was to be connected to God's blood lineage. These were to be represented by real grain. After the Fall the blood lineage of humanity became connected with Satan. In order to climb back up to God's level there are eight stages to pass through. Servant of servants, servant, adopted son, step son, true son, mother and father. Individual, family, tribe, nation, world, cosmic and God's level is the vertical line. [Father draws on the board the eight different stages both vertically and horizontally]

God created man, but because of the Fall, in God's eyes there are no men. Everyone was taken by Satan. Therefore, the recreation process is needed. Even the angelic world fell. God begins His restoration process from the bottom up. The Archangel was originally in the position of the servant. After humankind fell, they fell below the level of the servant to the servant of servants level. This level is lower than that of a slave. From this position the restoration process begins. We then have to restore to the level of the servant which is the level of the Archangel. The Archangel caused the fall and he himself fell. We then have to go beyond that level to the adopted son level which is above Satan's level. Therefore, we have to be even better than the fallen Archangel. In order to accomplish this in the secular world where Satan dominates, and the original husband stands in the position of the Archangel, God's restoration comes through the second husband. Originally God should have stood in the position of the one and only husband of mankind. But through the Fall Satan took the position of the original husband. Therefore in the restoration process this has to be reversed. God began in a similar position to that of concubine.

We can see this process clearly in the Bible in the family of Isaac. His wife Rebecca actually cheated her husband and elder son by giving the blessing to her second son Jacob. By doing so the three generations of grandparents, parents and children should agree with this providence. Her husband should be happy to share this with her. That kind of role was played out. When God comes in the position of concubine, in order to create God's lineage in the family, the original archangelic husband, satanic husband, should say "well, you are the only woman there, so through you my wife, you should have children, have lineage" and should give his blessing. Otherwise, the restoration is not complete at each stage. The restoration process continues through the stages of servant of servant, servant, adopted son level and then step son level. God comes in the position of the concubine, the second husband, because the wife is already taken by the archangelic husband. Because of this relationship the step son comes and then true son. After this then wife, mother and father levels. The world is unaware of this process. Only Reverend Moon has revealed this truth to this world. (Applause)

The mission of the True Parents, who reveal this truth, is to wipe out the evil parents. Because of the Fall of Man, before God there existed fallen mother and children and restored mother and children relationships. But in this world where Satan dominates is this fallen mother lineage, this fallen lineage here [indicating to the diagram on the board]. In order to restore this lineage back to God it is not possible to do so horizontally. This lineage has to go down vertically and restore it back again. In order to accomplish this restoration process, God comes in the position of concubine and eventually He has to restore His position as the original spouse. There cannot be two lineages in the Kingdom of God. There can be only one line, not two. That is the reason the second mother and the younger son are in the position to play the central role to lead to the Kingdom of God. This is what we see so clearly throughout the history of God's providence. If this relationship continues in the way in which Satan has set up, it means the original wife's path is towards Hell.

However, when this is turned around 180 degrees, then the first wife becomes the concubine and the second wife becomes the original wife. By the same token, the first son from the first wife takes the position of the second son and the second son from the concubine takes the first son's position. In that relationship, the first son should offer absolute obedience to the second son. The first wife's lineage is the satanic father's lineage. However, even though this second wife took the first wife's position this lineage is a good lineage from God. This particular phenomena took place in Jacob's family. [Father draws on the board to illustrate] Originally, Rachel should have become the first wife of Jacob. Leah was supposed to be the concubine. But as you recall, Leah somehow took the first wife's position. In the Old Testament era, the rule was "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." When it comes to restoration between the first and second wife, it followed that same rule.

As in the Garden of Eden, in the family of Jacob, Rachel who was originally supposed to become the first wife of Jacob, became the second wife instead. Leah was not supposed to be in the position of the first wife but she took that position. Just as Eve took the first wife's position by the Fall. This was not the original wife's position. But with two mothers and two children's lineages they cannot enter the Kingdom of God. That is why the restoration has to take place within this family. In order to return to God, not just directly from Leah to Rachel, but through their children, it has to go around and eventually return to God. When Jacob was in Haran, Laban tried to destroy Jacob by giving his daughters to Jacob and claim all the wealth of Jacob. However, on the contrary, Jacob was wise enough to take both wealth and daughters from Laban and return to his family.

So remember, Laban who tried to prevent Jacob from taking away his wealth and possessions, eventually offered his servants and three servant's maids to Jacob. Through them ten sons were born, and from Rachel there were two sons. This became the twelve tribes. From this point the struggle between the northern ten tribes and southern two tribes began. [Father again draws on the board to illustrate] This is tribal level [indicating to the board]. However, on the family level at the time of Jesus, centering upon Zachariah and Elizabeth, his wife, and his son John the Baptist and Mary and her son Jesus, this same phenomena took place. Elizabeth was in the position of the first wife and Mary was in the position of the second wife to Zachariah. Just like Jacob's wives, Leah and Rachel. But unlike the time of Jacob where Leah took the first wife's position, at the time of Jesus, Elizabeth actually introduced Mary to her husband Zachariah. This was completely opposite to Leah who desired to occupy Jacob and his family. Whereas Elizabeth's desire was how to save God's providential foundation within their family. Because of God's revelation she invited her younger sister Mary to take the position of wife to her husband.

John the Baptist was in the position to offer his absolute obedience to Jesus. God's providence of restoration took place at the time of Jesus in this relationship [indicating to the board]. Originally, Zachariah's lineage was going in this way [indicating to the diagram] but this was cut off and Mary and Jesus took the position of the first wife and first son. By doing so, Jesus took the position of the elder sonship and Mary took the position of the elder wife. That is how this satanic lineage was restored back to God. By doing so vertically, from one parent, same parents, one mother line, one lineage was established. The main reason that John the Baptist could not follow Jesus with his whole heart and soul, was because John the Baptist knew that Jesus was his half-brother.

In the Garden of Eden the Archangel took Eve who was in the position of the younger sister. Therefore Jesus was supposed to take the younger sister of John the Baptist as his bride.

Jesus' position was the completion level Adam. In the Garden of Eden the Archangel, in the Cain position, took Eve the younger sister of Adam. At the national level, Jesus in the position of Adam, was to take the sister of Cain (John the Baptist). This is how restoration was supposed to have taken place. In the mind of John the Baptist do you think it was tolerable that Jesus, his half-brother, should marry his own sister? No. It is unimaginable even that Mary literally took Elizabeth's husband and assumed the first wife's position. Then Jesus, the half-brother of John the Baptist, wants to marry his own half-sister, the younger sister of John the Baptist. Can you imagine such a thing? At that time they could be stoned to death for such action. The entire tribe could have been stoned to death. That is why Jesus was unable to receive his bride. Then he had to leave his home in order to establish his spiritual foundation in the wilderness. When that failed he had to take the road to the cross.

This same phenomena will appear again in the Last Days because we have to indemnify this particular relationship in the Last Days. We have to expect the Lord of the Second Advent, but at the same time we see all manner of evil taking place and the families being destroyed. In order to indemnify what happened at the time of Jesus then in the Last Days all of the families should be turned around to the right direction, with all manner of things taking place. (What we are talking about here is incest.) Had Elizabeth protected her younger sister Mary, and had John the Baptist followed Jesus then they would have become one family. Christianity stands in the position of the bride. Since Christianity is the bride religion, in order to indemnify this particular relationship of Jesus' time, in the Last Days the same thing will happen. Since World War II, the rulers of the world are like the evil ones, like step-sons who are not really directly connected to God's lineage. This is the time when women will feel confused in their lives. That is why women have the tendency to dislike their legal husband. They are supposed to look for the true husband. In that position the Lord of the Second Advent comes like a concubine position. All women are supposed to seek such a husband. Therefore, women are in a position to dislike the existing relationship with their husband and are otherwise compelled to seek their True Love ideal.

Satan immediately intervened in that situation and provided free sex and has led many people astray. Usually when this kind of relationship takes place the woman gives more attention to the second husband. The first wife should follow the second wife in order to be restored. The second wife is in the position of concubine who has more experience in dealing with men. This is the time period, the Last Days when the first wife is in the position to introduce the concubine, the second wife to her husband, and then follow the second wife to reach to the road of restoration. But they do not know how to do this. Therefore at this particular point [indicating to the board] the Lord of the Second Advent appears. He will act as a kind of traffic controller. All the women in this world who stand in the position of the first wife should be restored through the Lord of the Second Advent, Reverend Moon, who comes at this particular point. Even American women have to love True Father more than your husband, more than your children, more than your parents. Reverend Moon comes as husband to 2.5 billion women of the world. Reverend Moon is in the position of the King of the grandfathers, King of the fathers, King of the elder brothers, King of the younger brothers and King of the husbands. If you don't feel that way you fail. Reverend Moon represents the fulfillment of men's position, true husband, true father, true grandfather.

This is the Second Advent with Reverend Moon in the position of connecting to the true blood lineage of true family, true tribe, true nation, true palace place, True Parents. The worst parents are the fallen parents with the false blood lineage. We have to change, indemnify. You have to change 180 degrees back to God's true blood lineage. The way is through one mother, one child. One lineage, not two mothers, two sons. That family gets to Heaven. Is this clear to you? (Yes.) When we look at human history and the life of women, they have been hurt and heartbroken by their husbands and men in general. Men have always been paying attention to other women. Because of these complicated relationships billions of women have been heartbroken and hurt. Therefore, in the Last Days, when finally the Lord of Second Advent, the real true man appears in the world, then all the women have the tendency to go towards that man. He comes in the position of the true bridegroom. Through this phenomena this world will be turned around.

At this crossing point the Lord of the Second Advent should appear here as the vertical pillar, upon which the entire women of the world can lean then turn around and return back again to the original world. But because of the opposition from Christianity directly following World War II, the Western world, led by America, just kept on falling further down and down and now we observe this rampant uncontrollable sexual behavior. Again, had the entire world followed Reverend Moon directly following World War II they could have gone in this direction [indicating to the board] but because of the failure of Christianity this world kept falling further down. How could Christianity with 2000 years foundation in this world fall to such a degree that we see Christian nations rotten and weakened by immoral behavior? How could America become so rotten and chase out the Lord of the Second Advent? Now it is turning around.

Because of the Fall of Man, God's blessing became upside down. But now with the advent of Reverend Moon he will make it right side up again. This is the mission of Reverend Moon. From 1992 Father declared the liberation of women and True Mother was elevated to True Father's level horizontally. Women had no power. Until then Mother followed Father vertically. This is the first time in history that on the world base True Mother stands by True Father, side by side, on God's throne. All humanity, following True Parents, have the same value. Because of this blessing, since 1992, these eight different stages of the world, from the individual to the cosmic level, can travel back and forth horizontally, jumping from one stage to another easily and freely. In the last forty years, the kings who represent the vertical relationship and the people, who represent the horizontal world, all were mobilized to oppose Reverend Moon. On the individual and family levels they all tried to destroy Reverend Moon. That is why we witnessed a lot of kidnapping incidents within our Church. In order to kidnap, organizations usually mobilize the entire family. Imagine, parents kidnapping their own children. Every direction, all around, were hitting Reverend Moon.

Reverend Moon's name is being resurrected at this time and the world is turning around. Now world leaders are recognizing Reverend Moon. World leaders are welcoming him. Reverend Moon is marching on as True Victor. How can we save all the families of the world and turn them back into original families centered upon God? The original family seed, Adam's family seed, was lost. Now True Parents have come to claim back God's original family seed and establish God's ideal family on the Earth. True Parents must make up Adam's family purpose, Jesus' family purpose and world family purpose. Take back from Satan. The way of restoration has been the way of being struck and claiming back. No matter how much this fallen world may hate Reverend Moon they cannot kill Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon stands in the direct dominion place. Reverend Moon did not fall down even when Satan struck so many times, this could not block Reverend Moon's perfection stage.

Within the family of Adam we lost elder sonship, parentship, and kingship. On the world base Father took back all these things. Father took back by liberating the free world and the communist world. By Father's hand we won back. Once we accomplish the 3.6 million couples Blessing, then 36 million and 360 million couples Blessing will be easy. Inheriting the true blood lineage of True Parents automatically opens the way to Heaven. This means the place of no religion and no separation. One world, one cosmos under God. No fighting field. The power of true love is the strongest power in the world. The five senses unite in one core centering upon true love. Once this true love power is established it is impossible to turn back to any other direction. The power of true love is stronger than the power of drugs, alcohol or anything else in the world. You can never be turned back. Exciting Power. True Love Power. All cells in your body connecting to this power forever. Ideal couple settling place. All families systems will connect. In schools, elementary school children will be asking their teacher, "Teacher, is Unification Church marriage good or bad?" The teacher will reply "not bad." If the teacher says "not good," children will confront. All will be following the heavenly way. Connecting to the family base.

It takes the family base unit in order to be able to enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, after the 1997 Blessing, Father will begin to bless people in the spiritual world so that they can have families and enter into the Kingdom of God. (Applause) Through Heung Jin Nim, Jesus will receive blessing and then following that, all the saints such as Buddha, Mohammed and Confucius will receive the blessing so that they may enter into the Kingdom of God as well with the True Parents. Without the family unit it is impossible to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Within the blessing there is no religion, no bride culture, only a one-way culture. The home of the true family is the center of everything. Same value as True Parents. Absolute love.

When this time comes there will be no need for religion or philosophy. Even Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Confucius all need true families in order to enter into the Kingdom of God. When that time comes it will not be necessary to believe in a religious leader, but rather your parents, your husband, your wife, your brother and sister will be your leaders. Grandparents represent the spiritual world, parents represent the King of the physical world; the next generation couples represent the King's palace. That kind of value will exist. You will not need any leader on the Earth, from any category. Parents follow grandparents, children follow parents and grandparents. Clearly and logically understand this, please. Take all of life and go this victorious way. Be absolutely dedicated to grandparents, absolutely dedicated to parents, absolutely dedicated to your love partner, absolutely dedicated to your children, centered on True Parents. That's all. True Love connecting everything when God is King. God, connecting all the time, everywhere, everything. It is True Parents' mission to establish this base.

Jesus lost the nation base, the family base. True Parents have gone over all the way to the world base. Therefore you have to graft onto True Parents with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. When God created this world He created with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Even every creature was given a love partner. God invested everything in the love partner. Investing and forgetting. All that investment went into Adam's family. God went to zero point in obedience. That kind of action. You have to follow the São Paulo declaration of last year. That is the mainstream. You must demonstrate absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. This is the formula to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Without this, you cannot get into Heaven. Is this clear? Only God and Reverend Moon can make all these directions of victorious foundation. Spirit World must unite also. Now we are growing up to that perfection world. With what? Perfection family. Ultimately, there will be no trouble to make one tribe, one nation. No problem. And Kingdom of Heaven, too.

Therefore, Father has given you today's topic, The Era of Bringing Liberation for the Family of World Peace. From this Father declared the Eight Stages of Restoration (Pal Jong Shik) on August 31, 1989 in Kodiak, Alaska. Then the next day, September 1, 1989 Father declared Heavenly Parentism. That way, all the secular forms of ism should disappear. Democracy, too, should disappear. Worst foundation is the democratic system. Party-fighting system. That is not God's concept. How can that be the foundation of the nation owner king? Democracy is the concept of brotherhood, Cain and Abel. They are fighting. The foundation of the nation cannot be established on such a foundation.

On September 1, 1991 Father declared the Tribal Messiah providence. Then on April 10, 1992 Father formed the Women's Federation for World Peace centering upon True Mother. In 1993 Father declared "True Parents and the Completed Testament Era." In 1994 the motto for the year was "True Parents and the Safe Settlement of the Completed Testament Era." Even if the entire world opposes us, we have to establish a safe settlement in this world. Neither Communism nor America can destroy us anymore. In 1995 the motto was "Let us Inherit the Victorious Realm of the True Parents." Because once we are settled then the blessing will come. Therefore, it is natural to inherit. By doing so Blessed couples can become totally united with God and True Parents, centered upon absolute faith, love and obedience. In that, can we find the concept of America? No, we cannot. The original world does not contain the American culture. Not Anglo-Saxons. Do you understand? (Yes.) All that exists in the original world is God, True Parents and children, speaking one language. That language is not English. English is not humankind's hometown language. The American culture is a horizontal culture. No vertical concept exists there. The horizontal love that is practiced in most of America is like animal love. I don't like fallen America. It is heading for destruction in the very near future.

What is this year's motto? For all humankind, all creatures, all things on the Earth, "Let us Love True Parents and Be Proud of True Parents." On October 3, 1988, directly after the Seoul Olympics, Father declared the "Day of the Opening of Heaven." From that point all of these other necessary steps have taken place, and based upon these various victorious foundations of our True Parents, from this year the world starts turning! Centering on Father, everything is turning around. Following Father's long, long tail. Grabbing Father's big, big tail. This is the significance of it all. In these eight different stages, this year is the culminating stage and the entire world is now beginning to turn around and follow behind True Father. On a worldwide scale the restoration of elder sonship and parentship has taken place and now kingship has to be established. Therefore, in this year alone, Father has formed the Federation for Island Nations, the Federation for Peninsula Nations and the Federation for the Continental Nations. By doing so Father is bringing all these organizations to the United Nations where they can stand as Abel organizations.

Through these Abel organizations all the base units of families can be mobilized and so the nations can be restored which means the Kingship can be completed. Adam means the King of Elder Sonship, King of Parentship and King of Kings in the family base. We want to bless one nation under True Parents. Kingship experienced on the Earth. That flat base kingship can connect with the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth. Is this clear? (Yes.) It is now in sight. This is reality, not some concept. No matter what, Americans have to follow Reverend Moon. Father has made this powerful base in North America and South America and is now bringing about brotherhood. The unity between the elder and younger brothers. No matter how strong Roman Catholicism may be it has to follow Protestantism. No matter how strong Protestantism is it has to follow Reverend Moon in the position of Abel. You know the Divine Principle viewpoint and how all these things connect. It is a logical conclusion. It cannot be denied.

Please understand that today's topic, The Era of Bringing Liberation to the Family of World Peace means that Father is liberating the satanic world families in order to build the world peace family, the family of peace. Where can we complete our love? Through our sexual organs. When Father speaks of liberation it means the liberation of the sexual organ as well. The opposite of free sex is absolute sex, unique, eternal and unchanging sex. The root of True Love begins here. We cannot change anything. The power of True Love is so valuable.

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