The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


Following The Cosmic True Love Way

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 5, 1996
Belvedere -- International Training Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

When we raise the question of the purpose of life with ordinary people, no one seems to know the answer. Do we live for the sake of eating or eat for the sake of living? If animals don't eat then they will eventually die. Why then do we eat? Why do we live? These are fundamental questions. If you had the choice, would you rather be born as a woman or a man? There are more than five billion people living on the Earth. They all exist in relative subject and object, plus and minus relationships. This is also true within the mineral kingdom. Therefore, we can conclude that the universe consists of the relationship of subject and object and plus and minus.

If only plus elements existed or only minus elements existed within the universe, all species would become extinct. Likewise, if there were 2.5 billion women in the world and not one single man, then how long would these women last? One generation. If there was only one man in the world and 2.5 billion women, what would happen? [Laughter] Do you imagine the entire 2.5 billion women would all rush toward him and try to grab him or just observe him from a distance? (Rush to grab him.) That would probably be the most fearful last war in human history. [Laughter]

When these 2.5 billion women are rushing toward this one man, do you think all the women would make themselves beautiful and wear their best clothes before approaching him, or rush toward him naked? What is your answer? Would they cover every part of their body and approach him or try to show everything to him? Would they approach him with a fearful appearance, or offer the best smile possible in order to attract him? It is more than obvious that women would try to present themselves in the best possible light.

Men and women look similar in a way, even though there are distinctions. When you were first born did you concern yourself with your spouse and future marriage? How about while you were growing up, did you really worry about such things? No. Why not? That is the way you were created. While Adam and Eve were growing up do you think they were concerned about their future spouse? No, they were not. They didn't have to worry about it and neither do you have to worry about it. It is all well prepared and arranged.

What was the cause of this universe? In observing the world outside, we can conclude that the entire universe consists of male and female, plus and minus, subject and object relationships. If Father concludes that the entire universe consists of male and female would you agree or disagree? (Agree.) By being born as a woman do you carry eternal purpose, or only temporary purpose? (Eternal purpose.) You know so clearly. If there were no women is there a possibility that men would exist? The reality is, we do have men and women in this universe. If women were born for their own sakes and men were born for their own sakes, then they would go their own way instead of combining together. They would have nothing to do with one another. If men and women were living such parallel lives would they perish in the end or prosper? (Perish.)

Then are women meant to live their lives alone, following their own goals, without considering man? (No.) It is a very serious subject. Women alone cannot live their lives. No matter how great a man might be, he cannot live his life on his own. No matter what this world might say, the inevitable consequence is that man and woman must travel together in life. Whenever we say man and woman together, then the entire universe will immediately bow down, smiling in agreement. As soon as we claim anything to the contrary, the universe will shake its head from side to side at us.

Then how should men and women live their lives together, in conflict or in harmony? (Harmony.) Suppose they fought each other in order to occupy the central position? Who is usually the central figure of the average American family? You American men answer Father. [Laughter] Are you the center of your families? (Yes.) We are not talking about Unification families, but rather secular American families. Who plays the central role in the average secular American family? (Woman.) Those American women consider themselves as family queens who can control their husbands. Would such families prosper? (No.)

There is a great deal of family breakup here in America. Is the husband or wife usually the cause of this breakup? (Wife.) You know well. Is that a good thing to see? (No.) Absolutely not. It is very bad to see the family destruction. When a divorce case comes before a judge in a court of law, which side usually gains the most sympathy from the judge? (Wife.) Do the children of this divorcing husband and wife belong to the father or mother? (The father.) Even if a couple goes through the divorce, the children must belong to the father. Why? Because the origin of the seed for the children comes from the father. The mother is like the blanket or scarf within which the seed is wrapped in order to germinate and grow. Usually it is the wife who insists on being given the custody of the children. Is such a mother right or wrong? She is wrong.

If there was a law written into the American Constitution which states that children from divorced couples belong to the father, there would not be so much destruction within American families. With such a Constitution, if there was a divorce case, the wife would leave her husband but she would receive no child support or alimony whatsoever. According to American law, when a husband and wife divorce the wife has the right to raise the children and receive financial support from her husband to do so. This gives them something to lean on. Otherwise they wouldn't dare divorce so easily. Do you agree? (Yes.)

Women are given breasts to feed their children and large hips to raise the children inside the womb. While your baby is inside your womb you share your blood and flesh with your child. The more children you have the more full will be the mother's love. Just as a man who lives a long life and experiences many various situations, a mother who raises more children will be filled with more love and knowledge in raising children with different characteristics. The mother will become a more rounded and loving person. The mother represents the earth. The four seasons take place centering around the atmosphere of the earth.

We human beings obtain our nourishment from the planet Earth. Likewise children gain their nutrition from their mother's body to begin with. In that sense we can say that women represent the Earth. On the Earth we have four different seasons and twelve different months. Mothers should be able to have many children and in raising them become a more rounded and loving mother. She would not complain, just as the planet Earth doesn't complain to anyone. If you have twelve children who represent the twelve different months, some months will be in conflict, some will compete and fight. However, as long as they have a loving mother who acts as a harmonizing force amongst them, they will be able to harmonize with one another.

All the children will extend their arms and embrace one another and, including their mother, become one big harmonious circle. How wonderful this is. Amen. How about that? Woman's purpose is so precious. Should we have as many children as we can afford, or just a limited amount? (Many.) Many or money? [Laughter] There are some women who want to have only one child. But why did God create two breasts? These two breasts are indicative that you should have at least two children. If you have only boys or only girls, one way or another the human race will end. Father concludes that unless you give birth to a boy and a girl, at least one of each, you cannot say that you are a mother or a father. No matter what, you need at least one boy and one girl.

Since you women have fully developed hips you are able to sit on the floor this way. Since woman represents the Earth she should sit on the floor. In order to have a greater chance of conceiving children, you always have to keep your hip area warm. A Korean style room where the room is heated underneath the floor is ideal for you. Therefore, you should marry a Korean husband and live in Korea. The under floor heating system began in Korea. Since this Korean heating system was created many years ago, we can conclude it was to keep mothers lower body warm. Therefore, Korea may produce world class leaders and eventually the Lord of the Second Advent may come from Korea.

Korean women usually wear long, loose fitting dresses. It is like a wind blocker because it is full. By contrast, Western women wear short, tight skirts so that when they walk with high heels [Father demonstrates] [Laughter] they are off balance. Western women, in general, don't wish to have many children. In comparison to Oriental women, Western women are more nervous by nature. If there is only one Oriental woman and ten Western women here who are engaged in conversation with one another, who do you think would be the last person to give advice? Oriental women.

Should we have as many children as possible, or only a limited number? (Many.) With your twelve children sitting in front of you and your husband sitting behind them, won't you feel really grateful to your husband to see that, in part, the children resemble him? Have you ever thought that your husband is the one who gave you the opportunity to use your breasts and hips most fully for the original purpose? Who is the one who caused the utilization of your breasts and hips most fully? The father of the family. You all experience your monthly period. Why? Does that indicate that you wish to reject your husband or still welcome him?

In order to have a relationship with your husband you have to be married. Women who refuse to marry will be condemned to death. If you were to survive, the universe would eliminate you. This is the truth. In that sense, following Father's teaching this morning, can we find a true original woman in the American secular world? (No.) Is there even one single woman who qualifies to meet Father's criteria? Does a woman with small hips have a good chance of bearing many babies? Do you American women prefer large, fully developed hips, or small, nice looking hips. Do you women prefer to have a slim body or a fat, well developed body? This question has something to do with our ability to bear children. Logically speaking, if any woman has small hips she is supposed to have small breasts as well. But usually it is the other way around. Even though women have small hips they have large, fully developed breasts. This means they are unbalanced. Whatever is unbalanced will eventually be eliminated by the universe.

You proud Americans sitting before Father feel as if you are condemned. In general, women have been living their lives in ignorance. There is a world of confusion out there. Was it a wise decision to join the Unification Church? You may not prosper in your generation, but your future generations are guaranteed. Guaranteed. Do you like that? (Yes.) Remember, your body structure is for the sake of your children and your love is for the sake of your children. If woman and man claim that their sacred sexual organ belongs only to them and no one else, what is going to happen in terms of their relationship as husband and wife?

Both will become extinct. Suppose you have a choice between two types of husbands; one claims to exist for you for all eternity. The other husband claims to exist absolutely for you only until he reaches thirty years of age. Which one would you choose? (First one.) When your husband claims to live for your sake throughout eternity, this means he lives for every part of you. For your belongings, your relatives and nation. Would this not make a wife so happy? This husband should have the concept that he does not live for the sake of himself, rather he is totally devoted to his wife. Do you want that kind of husband? (Yes.) Really? (Yes.) Father believes you.

This same principle is applicable to wives. A wife who loves every part of you and everything and everyone related to you, then you can certainly refer to her as the number one wife in the world. The final conclusion is that we should live our lives completely for the sake of others. This creates happiness in our lives. Do you understand Father's message? Father hasn't even begun to scratch the surface this morning and already one hour has gone by. Should we stop here? (NO.) (Tell us more.)

Why do your five organs exist? Do they exist for your sake alone? Does your nose exist so that you can smell yourself? (No.) Do you think that your ears exist in order to hear yourself? Does your right hand exist only to touch your left hand? They all exist for the sake of your object. Man exists for the sake of woman and vise versa. That is the natural conclusion. Is there anyone who disagrees with Father? That means you understand Father's teaching well. Some Westerners have blond hair, blue eyes and a different skin color. Sometimes Father wonders if you understand Father because you look so different from Orientals. Yet you understand. It is amazing! [Laughter] Therefore, the truth leads everyone in the one direction irrespective of race or cultural background.

If there was an American woman who was totally individualistic and living her life selfishly, then upon hearing Father's teaching, wouldn't her original mind begin to accept the truth? Just like a gradual soaking from the rain, the truth penetrates our being. Why then are we born? For the sake of others. Why do we live? For the consummation of love. That is why Father's topic today is Following the Cosmic True Love Way. That means we have to conquer that Cosmic True Love Way. Those who live their lives for the sake of themselves will automatically flunk the test. However, those who dedicate their lives for the sake of others eternally will be able to conquer cosmic love. That is a logical conclusion.

Since Father knew this truth, he didn't mind the thorny path of persecution and difficult life course up until now. Still Father continues to practice this Cosmic True Love Way. Therefore, the universe begins to recognize Father and praise him. This is the stage Father has reached now. Whoever is close to God and belongs to God, will eventually be revealed. Even if that person is buried in the mud, as the universe continues to evolve, his presence will become apparent. Because God has been wanting to give so much to the universe. However, there is no way to give anything to the universe and so God's eyes are swollen from shedding oceans of tears. It is not easy for God to see the sunlight anymore. He has cried so many tears that his eyes are so swollen and almost melted.

We can say that God's eyes are supposed to be the King of all the eyes in the entire universe. Don't you agree? In the same way, God's five senses are the King of all senses. God automatically thinks for the sake of others without ever thinking of Himself. Don't you desire such parents? Don't you also wish to have such a wife, brothers and sisters and fellow patriots. On the other hand, if you truly love your wife, your parents, family and country, do you think they will refuse you? If they refuse you then they are wrong and you are right. If you truly dedicate yourself for the sake of others and the universe, you can expect that reciprocal kind of relationship. When you are happy you want the entire universe to be happy also. Then when you are sad you want to receive their sympathy.

When you mothers breast feed your babies do you feel arrogant? Each time you feed your baby do you keep a journal as to how much milk you gave to your baby? (No.) When a mother gives such loving care to her children there is no beginning and no end in terms of value. It keeps going on and on. The reason we live for the sake of others is because it is the way of True Love. The rope of love is wrapping around your body more and more. That is how we can conquer the love of the universe. The universe stands in the object position in terms of the love of God. But through such a life we can even conquer the subject of love, who is God.

Where do you suppose God would want to dwell? He would like to dwell at the core, the very center, where the universe becomes one, centering upon True Love. That is the place that God wishes to dwell. Centering upon True Love, totally uniting our minds and bodies and bringing unification within our families. Then the entire universe is in perfect harmony and by so doing I can claim the entire universe as my own. That is the state of the True Love life. Women have two duties: to love your children and to love your husband. Who comes first, your children or your husband? (Husband.) You don't sound very confident in your answer. Please answer Father clearly. (HUSBAND.) That is true.

From whom do you begin to receive love? From your husband. Until you receive love from your husband you cannot conceive your children. You all know the preciousness and intensity of the first love your received from your husband. However, you should have an even greater degree of love that you can pour into your children. That is the way that you can raise your children properly. Do you understand? (Yes.) They will become the children who can dwell with God. Such children's entire bodies will be covered with the traces of their parent's love. They will be sealed within parental love. How wonderful such children are. (Amen.)

If you have such quality children, then when you enter the spiritual world God will receive your children and then you will be admitted eventually to the Kingdom of Heaven, too. Otherwise, you have no hope. Do you imagine that we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without practicing love for the sake of others? (No.) Absolutely no. Father feels sorry for you women. However, Father also realizes that we are all fallen descendants who are not perfected yet. We have only one choice and that is to receive this teaching from the Lord of the Second Advent who came as the only True Father. [Applause]

Unless the women in the world eventually receive Father's teaching and follow that teaching, they have no other choice but to head toward Hell. Therefore, you have to follow Reverend Moon's teaching. When you use your five senses in speaking, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting this must be done with love. Your five senses have two different paths. The original path is centering upon the unification of your mind and body and your five senses should follow that original direction. The alternative way is separating your mind and body and following your bodily desire. We always have to check ourselves as to whether our five senses are functioning in the only original one way, or whether we are deviating. This is the cause of a lot of confusion in this world.

There is a simple way to solve this problem. As long as you live your life in the spirit of love for the sake of others then you are on the right track. There may be some people who wish to remain as a seed that doesn't have to germinate or grow and practice Father's teaching. They want only to receive Father's word and keep it as a seed while continuing their lives in a different way. In fact, if Father's word is the seed for the teaching of happiness, peace and all good things, that seed is supposed to be germinated and grow and bear fruit and produce another seed. There are some people who claim to love Father's teaching but who don't want to follow the practice of Father's teaching. They conclude that it is too difficult to follow in Father's footsteps. Can they claim to be a true seed? (No.) Absolutely not.

What kind of Unification Church leader do you all wish to become? Once you hear one word from Father do you wish to practice one hundred times more than the word that Father gave you? Would you rather hear one hundred words and practice only one word out of the hundred? Would you say that even if you receive one hundred teachings from Father that you don't even want to practice one out of the hundred? Is that what your mind is saying? (No.) It is important for us to clearly understand that while this seed may have quality, only the good seeds which can reproduce will be stored in the heavenly storage barn. When you hear Father's teachings, such as this morning, yet you don't practice it, then you will have nothing whatsoever to do with Father in the spiritual world.

When you look at the life of snakes, they have to rid themselves of their skin at various stages of their growth. Likewise, sheep and cows shed their thick coats when Spring comes. What about you men and women? Looking at the world, we see all living creatures going through such stages in their lives. Are we an exception then? When you hear such precious teaching as Father is giving us this morning, do you think it will help us to grow or not? (It will help us grow.) These words will take off your skin and give you rebirth. Without this process you are not able to grow.

When a snake rids itself of its dead skin, it passes through a space smaller than its own body. Do you also want to do the same in order to shed your old skin? That is what is called the way of indemnity. Most people don't like this road of indemnity. However, only by passing this way will we be able to grow ourselves and move up to another level where the entire world will embrace us. There is a beautiful world outside. Why are we sitting in this small room listening to this teaching? Shall we stop this sermon now and go out and have a stroll? (No.) Father likes the Spring as much as you do you know. Father has millions of ways of communing with nature. However, whenever he comes to this room he feels suffocated.

Yesterday, Father had an exciting boat ride from Tarrytown all the way up to the Unification Theological Seminary at Barrytown. The Hudson River is known as a most scenic river. There are high mountains, small hills, picturesque towns, and places where it is covered with morning mist. Then Father realized that it is, in fact, the most scenic and exciting river to sail along. There are trains running to Albany and New York, while on the New Jersey side there are long freight trains. There are also trees and hills and Father was so happy to see it all. Father felt like a miniature world was surrounding him as he sailed up the Hudson.

In one particular village along the Hudson Father saw this old-fashioned boat which is started by hand. Its engine spit and spluttered. Father realized there are so many different situations and circumstances developing along this river. Then as the subject, I have to become a dancer, an engineer, and an artist. Father thought of how, when God was dealing with the entire universe, how busy He has been because he has been dealing with every possible situation. God may need more than a million ears and incredible eyes and organs that are way beyond our imagination. Otherwise God could not deal with all these different facets of His creation.

However, we must follow the course of the road of restoration. No matter how scenic the riverside was, the goal was to reach the Unification Theological Seminary. Therefore, Father's boat just kept on going. 'Merrytown' is a very good town because there we have UTS! [Applause]

During the time spent in Barrytown it began to rain and so for the return journey Father sent all those who came with him home by car. But Father himself traveled back to Tarrytown Marina by boat, in the rain. Because Father didn't want to lose that opportunity of observing the various aspects of the Hudson River again.

Now let us discuss substance. Why are we born? For the sake of love. God's first thought was of love. In order to achieve love there should be two shapes of convex and concave. The male shape is convex, while the female shape is concave. What is the purpose of these different shapes? For the purpose of true love. If the purpose of creating man and woman is to create true love, then what degree of fit should these two shapes have? A perfectly tight fit. When these two fit perfectly and someone comes along and gives them a big kick, should they still fit perfectly or should they expand and move? They should continue to fit perfectly tightly.

We are born for the sake of True Love and in order to achieve True Love we need the perfect fit between concave and convex. Just like being welded together so they could never come apart. This perfect fit should be eternal. Everyone desires this absolute love. Repeat after Father, ABSOLUTE LOVE. (ABSOLUTE LOVE.) UNIQUE LOVE. (UNIQUE LOVE.) FOREVER LOVE. (FOREVER LOVE.) UNCHANGING LOVE. (UNCHANGING LOVE.) How wonderful they are. (How wonderful they are.) [Applause]

Can you ever forget your first love? (No.) When it comes to the notion of your first love, is it stained or pure genuine first love? (Pure and genuine.) Do you think that your five senses are looking for pure and genuine love, or stained and deviated love? (True and pure love.) As a woman, as soon as you hear the word love you should immediately think about your husband and no one else. Supposing that you are seventeen years of age and walking on Fifth Avenue and encounter one very pretty woman and handsome man holding hands and talking together. What would you feel? Would you feel jealous or would you feel that no matter how beautiful and happy they may look I have a husband who is far better in every way and who gives me so much happiness. You should feel that they are like kindergarten school students compared to your couple.

Who is the oldest man in the world? (God.) Do you want to love God? What degree of love are you willing to offer to God? Will you love your husband first and then God or will you push your husband aside and love God first? (Love God first.) You are laughing. Is that because you like that idea? (Yes.) Then the sound is not so bad. Where do we receive love from? Practically, we receive love from our parents. Then we have to trace back all the way to God. In front of God, centering upon True Love, what is the closest to us, our children or our partner? (Spouse.) That is correct. God created Adam and Eve as His son and daughter, but God had in His mind their relationship as husband and wife. Therefore, at their level, that relationship comes first. If God is a male-oriented Being what position does He stand in? (Father.) A convex shape. Human beings are in the position of concave. That is the secret of the creation of the universe.

Until this time, no one understood this truth. As a man and woman, until you become totally one between husband and wife, you are both only half of a human being. A mother has within her plus and minus elements. The children, as sons and daughters, representing male and female, should then unite with their mother. From that position they can stand before God. Do you understand? Who is in the position of subject? The subject is represented by the vertical position and the object is represented by the horizontal position. When we are young and going to kindergarten we always run to our mother in order to share everything, both good and bad. By sharing with our parents, even at such a young age, we try to find balance within our lives.

Parents are like a nucleus and children are like the flesh surrounding this nucleus and they evolve around God. In the world of God's love there is no falsehood. Parental love is supposed to be the original genuine love. At the stage of elementary school there will be the same relationship of parents representing the nucleus and the children representing the flesh. The children revolve around the parents in harmony and unity in front of God. Eventually, that level elevates to greater levels. As an adult God stands as the central plus, then the parents as plus and children as minus, together form another minus to God's central plus.

Vertically God and parents and horizontally parents and children. [Father draws a diagram on the board to illustrate] When you reach this horizontal cutting line as a man and woman you cannot continue separately in this way [indicating to the board]. This is the growth period, then naturally you are growing separately centering upon God and your parents. However, when you reach adulthood, in order to find your own love you have to come back to the original center point and find your spouse. God is the origin of love. Then the question is, how can we meet God? The reason God gave us this period of growth, is so that both parents and children can pass through different stages of experience. God Himself had that kind of period spiritually speaking. In passing through these various stages of growth we can gain many experiences which we can then share with God. Do you follow? (Yes.)

God's growth period, which was spiritual, has to be manifested at this physical level. For example, when we want to see a tree we have to first plant a seed and have it grow into a tree. Looking at the seed itself we cannot see the tree. Then at what point can the invisible God become united with His visible children? That is a key question. God has His internal plus and minus, male and female characteristics. Spiritually, God passed through these different periods but there was no substantial body. However, because of human beings' different stages of growth, God Himself can substantialize His body. First, the reason that God created human beings is that He wanted to see His physical form in them; second, humankind was created as God's love partner; and third, in order to create unity between God and man and woman.

It is very important to remember that the very reason God created man in such way to have the growth period, is that God wanted to manifest His own growth period and see it manifest in this physical world. Do you wish to look at your childhood photographs? (Yes.) We are all so interested in observing our various stages of physical growth by looking at pictures of our childhood. In the case of God, His spiritual growth period is not visible anymore, that is why He created Adam and Eve so that He could observe their growth just like you looking at your childhood photographs. God is always happy to observe His children. God's past spiritual growth period is now being manifest here on the Earth as a living being through His children. By looking at His children He desires to feel such a great deal of stimulation, almost like an explosion.

In this physical life, we are first in the womb stage of life, followed by infancy, then brother and sister relationship, and then the conjugal relationship of husband and wife. Eventually we can become parents ourselves. Centered upon our parents we kept on growing higher and higher. This growing period is aiming toward securing the parental position. Before reaching the position of parents we first have to experience our love partnership. Only after experiencing conjugal love will we be able to obtain the parental position.

God exists for the sake of love. The ideal of God's creation is the manifestation of His invisible Being, including His growth period. Then finally as a substantial Being, through man and woman's perfection, He wants to create the foundation of love for the visible and invisible world at the uniting point. The period of children, brother and sister, husband and wife and parents are all very distinct one from the other. The children have to be united with their parents, then brothers and sisters centered upon parents should become one, husband and wife should be united with their parents and as parents you have to become one.

Even at the fetus stage your parents represent the nucleus of your world of existence. This is true at the various stages of your growth, childhood, brother and sister, and husband and wife. All the way up through each stage your parents are the vertical center of your life. Then even when you become parents yourselves, your parents are still your center. Father concludes that when it comes to the road of the practice of vertical love, there is one vertical axis. From the stage of childhood, brother and sister level, husband and wife level and as parents yourselves, still your parents' love is the vertical center of your life.

As we go through these four different stages, God's love experience will be with you at each and every stage. God will come down to your level vertically and meet you at each stage. This invisible, spiritual realm comes down to the physical realm and becomes one. That is the point where the ideal of children's love, brother and sister's love, conjugal love and parental love meet. [Indicating to the diagram on the board] This very point is where the internal purpose of love, and external purpose of love occurs at the time of your marriage centered upon God. This is where the convex and concave meet for the first time.

Shall we have two vertical center lines or only one? (One.) Absolutely only one. This left-handed side [indicating to the board] as a woman from infancy through adulthood, then on the other side as a man from infancy through adulthood. Then they come to the central point and meet and form this double layer at this central point. The conclusion is that the culminating point of True Love for each of these stages of growth is where the marriage of man and woman occurs with God's blessing. Marriage is the place of eternal settlement. Which is the place of sexual intercourse? (The sexual organ.) Until now all human being's sexual organs were considered bad. But originally it was the central love palace place. This is the Holy of Holies Headquarters Palace Place. How wonderful.

Without that sexual organ connecting place we can never discover True Love, True Life and True Lineage. Without that place there can be no beginning to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the way to true peace, true freedom, true happiness and true unification. Freedom means an open place, not a hidden shameful place. Husband and wife meet one another naked and unashamed. Completely liberated and free. The love action is a totally free intoxicating action.

When you make love as husband and wife do you proceed very carefully or do you proceed using your full power? That is the moment that the entire Heaven and Earth are shaking. It is like thunder and lightning and then the rain comes down. Man and woman are the King and Queen of love. Making noise is good. Every cell of your body is intoxicated with joy at that time. Don't you want to see such a phenomena. Humankind has to follow the recreation owner, the second Creator.

What is the Unification Church? It means the place of unification of the mind and body and the place of study of the Divine Principle. This teaching instructs clearly how to unify the mind and body, man and woman, parents and children centered upon True Love, True Life and True Lineage. The West and East are separated now, but with the appearance of Reverend Moon the East and West can become unified through true marriages.

Those internationally Blessed couples, raise your hands please. There is one particular American brother in Kodiak who told Father that he has several physical brothers who are all married to American women. However, this particular brother has an Oriental wife. When the brothers gather together they sometimes have arguments about who has the better wife among them. According to him Orientals have the softest skin and so as far as touch he has the best quality. Many Western women have hair growing even on their legs, which they shave. Therefore, when they put their legs next to their husbands in bed at night, the husband feels a roughness. On the other hand, Oriental women don't usually have body hair. They are so soft and smooth.

Because Oriental women are so small, they sleep like a shrimp. [Laughter] In order to find your wife you have to search around the bed to find her. This is what Father was told by this brother, this isn't coming from Father's imagination. [Laughter] Some Western women are larger than their husbands. But this brother told Father that his wife was so small so he had no fear. She is so small that he could embrace her entire body in his chest. However, Western women are usually large enough so that you cannot embrace them in the chest. From that lesson Father comes to the realization that God is the King of wisdom.

Between a husband and wife which one is supposed to be helped the most? If you are walking together and you come to a stream that has to be crossed by getting your feet wet, if your wife is larger than you it isn't easy to carry her. If you happen to have a large wife, then even if you give her a ride on your back her feet may still touch the water and she will direct you to raise her up higher. But a small Oriental wife will say nothing even if you give her a ride on your back with her facing back to front. When a husband awakens in the morning and wants to have just another few moments of dozing, a Western wife would make a lot of noise by wearing high heeled shoes around the house even if she is only making one pot of coffee. However, an Oriental wife would quietly slip out of the bed and make no disturbance whatsoever and prepare a delicious breakfast table by the time you wake up.

An Oriental wife would welcome her husband home and prepare everything for his comfort; she might even clip his fingernails. [Laughter] That's true. [Laughter] She would even trim her husband's nose hair. Do you American wives know how to do such things? (Yes.) Even if you do know there is no fun when an American woman does these things. This one American man in Kodiak concluded to Father that it is much better to have a small Oriental wife than an American wife.

Whatever is precious is usually small. Have you ever seen a diamond as big as a house? Precious treasure is usually small enough for you to be able to hide it. [Father suddenly notices the clock on the wall] There is something wrong with that clock. What time is it? If any minister tries to give a sermon for more than thirty or forty minutes the congregation would try to kill him. [Laughter] How about all of you, do you want Father to continue? (YES.) With such a wide topic Father might have to continue to talk for more than one year.

Father wants to give you in a nutshell what the essence of this topic is. Therefore be alert. Now you understand this point, that God is the first Creator. Adam and Eve were in the position of the second Creator. Adam's children were supposed to be in the position of the third Creator. God as the first generation; Adam and Eve as the second generation and the children of Adam and Eve as the third generation. These three generations had to be perfected. However, God was unable to have His grandchildren and so this world became a fallen world. The family is the center of the universe because God, husband and wife, children and each stage of human beings' lives is centered upon the family. Where is that central place? (The sexual organ place.) The feeling when you say that isn't so good.

The action of the Fall destroyed this most holy place. Therefore, whenever anyone mentions this sexual organ in the secular world it is the worst kind of curse or feeling. No matter how handsome or pretty you may be, you all have the destiny to secure that holy place. The sacred place of your sexual organ is the final place that you have to conquer. Ever since His creation, God has been seeking after that most holy of places. Because that is where Love, Life and Lineage emerges. That place is the final destination for God and human beings. Without that particular organ God is unable to perfect Himself centering upon love. Because of man and woman's sexual organs, centered upon True Love, we can liberate God. This is absolute truth.

Throughout human history has there been anyone who knew this very truth which Father teaches now? (No.) We must understand that thousands of lives have been sacrificed, and thousands of kingdoms have passed throughout history and yet God has been seeking this very secret place. In order to find and secure the value of that organ God has had to sacrifice millions of lives. Therefore, Father concludes that if we use this sexual organ properly following God's direction, the entire universe will be restored. However, if we should deviate even one degree, the entire universe and your life will be destroyed. With what can man and woman find this very central point. Can it be achieved through marriage between woman and woman? (No.) How about man and man? (No.) Even in the animal world this does not occur. Love is the most valuable and precious thing.

Once Adam and Eve would have become totally one centered upon their sexual organs, then God would have followed them. The first generation is represented by grandparents, then parents, and the children as a couple. Do the grandparents live their lives holding onto money? (No.) What then? They live by holding onto each others' sexual organs. That is the best and only thing. Once that relationship is broken everything else will be destroyed.

Do you think that there is any family who wishes to see their grandparents broken apart? (No.) Everyone wishes to see their grandparents holding onto one another. Is money the glueing power between a mother and father? (No) It is their sexual organs. What about you, between husband and wife? Once your love relationship is broken with your spouse your house and assets all fall apart. Love is the key to everything. This is not some concept, but this is reality. Do you clearly understand Father? (Yes) God is the first Creator; Adam and Eve are the second Creator; Adam's children are the third Creator. If the grandchildren level had been perfected at the time of Adam then this foundation could have been expanded overnight.

Once it is perfected at the level of children, then the number can be multiplied instantly. Because of this reason and relationship, those who reject the levels of God and parents, cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, don't you feel that you should have your children? We are referring to prior to the Fall. Adam's children were supposed to be in the position of the third Creator. As Father explained earlier, God's experience of this growth period was inherited by Adam and Eve through passing through this practical, physical growth stage. This invisible growth stage was manifested within Adam and Eve's lives in the visible world. Combining these two, Adam and Eve's children will pass through the same experience. They will inherit Adam and Eve's growth stage experience in this physical world.

In the Unification Church teaching, without knowing the content of the first Creator, God, and the second Creator, Adam and Eve and the third Creator, all the children, these secrets cannot be revealed. That is why the Unification Church is teaching these various teachings and content. The children's level are God's grandchildren. When Adam was growing up, to reach this point he received only God's love. However, the grandchildren, when they reach the same stage, will receive love from both God and their parents, Adam and Eve. In other words, they inherit the kingship from the spiritual world and the kingship from the physical world. That is the way the Kingdom of God on Earth will be naturally connected to the Kingdom of God in Heaven. The Kingdom of God will include this physical world kingdom and the spiritual world kingdom. They are inseparable.

Have you American young people received both grandparents love and parental love? Many have only step-grandparents, and step-parents, not original grandparents and parents. This is not God's ideal. Those who do not experience living with their grandparents and parents and receiving the proper love and care from them, do not have the right to bequeath your tradition to your generation following God's direction. Do you understand Father? (Yes.) That is why the family is the key. The family is the only place that you can find that kind of treasure of love and experience. Without the family you cannot inherit the ideal kingdom. Do you understand? (Yes.) This is the formula.

True Parents are in the position of grandparents to all of humanity, True Father position to all of humanity, Husband position to all the women of the world; and Elder Brother position to the entire world, particularly women. This is precious good news for us all. Historically, our ancestors failed in fulfilling this goal and so this is the last golden opportunity that we all have to unite with True Parents horizontally. By doing so we can expand this level of the ideal world and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth here. Together, following True Parents we can enter into the Kingdom of God in Heaven. [Applause] Father is now erasing this diagram from the board. You understand this content fully, do you not? (Yes.)

The reason that Father discloses the very secret of why God created human beings and what kind of relationship we should have with Him, is because as heavenly citizens we must have full and complete understanding of this very truth. We do not begin to learn these things after entering into the Kingdom of Heaven. Imagine if this kind of heavenly secret were to be revealed through live television coverage to all 240 million American people. How many days or hours would be necessary for a great percentage of the American population to turn to God? Once they clearly understand this, what percentage would turn around do you think? Nobody knows. Do you think this is some kind of fiction story or the truth? (The truth.) Because of this power of truth, the Unification Church, in such a short time period, has spread throughout the world. No matter how severe the persecution has been, once people know the truth, they can always overcome that kind of obstacle and remain with God.

If the citizens of the developed countries of the world continue to oppose Father and refuse to accept this truth, then African brothers and sisters who openly embrace this truth will become the masters of these developed countries eventually. The history of the Unification Church is almost fifty years old. The world population now stands at approximately five billion people. If each person on average lives to one hundred years of age, then each year we are losing fifty million people worldwide. They pass into the spiritual world without knowing the truth. We have wasted billions of people in the past fifty years because we didn't teach them the Divine Principle.

The so-called developed nations status is now being taken over by Oriental nations. The Orientals are working day and night like ants. Western people are like grasshoppers by comparison. The developed countries are losing the edge now. Do you suppose that America is able to digest Japan, China, Reverend Moon, Communism and Soviet Russia? Single handedly Father has launched campaigns to unify China, Japan, Soviet Russia, Africa and America. This is the reality. Does Father have a good brain or not? (A good brain.) Satan's world is completely opposite to the way of God. Satan doesn't like this 180 degrees opposite way to his.

There is now a competition between the South American nations as to who is going to adopt Reverend Moon's teaching first. The African countries are trying to claim that ideology even before South America. African brothers and sisters feel that 3.6 million couples is an easy task because the African continent alone can reach that goal.

As you know Father completed educating 3,600 Christian leaders in Brazil. They felt that 3.6 million couples could be found in Brazil alone. Brazil has a population of 170 million. The neighboring countries of Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay complain that it is unfair of Father to pay so much attention to Brazil just because it is a big nation. Even though they are smaller in size they claim that they can do better than Brazil because as their nations are smaller it will be easier to restore and for Father to establish the heavenly sovereignty and build the Heavenly Kingdom there.

Father is thinking of hiding himself somewhere deep within the Himalayan mountains where no one can find him. In that deep mountain sanctuary Father might issue an order that anyone who truly wishes to see him in person should come and find him. Father expects the Unification Church members to be the first ones to come to find him in the Himalayan mountains. Is that true? (Yes.) Problem or no problem? (No problem.) Suppose Father were to hide himself deep in the jungles of South America and issued the order to the people in the world, would you Unificationists come and try to find Father or would you stay away? (Find Father.) If Father were to stay in the Arctic and you were not allowed to travel to see Father by boat or airplane, but rather you had to build a bridge to the South Pole, would you do that? (Yes.) Is that true? (Yes.)

Since the nations of Uruguay and Korea are exactly opposite to one another geographically speaking, instead of flying around the world in order to reach Uruguay, how about building a tunnel from Korea to Uruguay with an elevator system? If Father were to issue such an order to all of you to begin digging a hole from Korea, would you do that? (Yes.) If Father tells you that unless you complete digging this tunnel from Korea to Uruguay you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God, then you will probably accomplish it.

Once you were willing to do whatever Father told you to do, like when you first began to follow True Father. You temporarily abandoned your families and homes and some even had to go to jail just for following Father. Isn't that true? (Yes.) We are all born for the sake of love. Love is very equal. When you achieve the quality of love when you are living in an externally poor state, it is more precious. If you are living an affluent life, there is a greater possibility for your love to fluctuate. Are Unificationists wealthy and affluent people? (NO.) We are all cousins to beggars actually. However, we still enjoy our lives more than kings and tycoons in the secular world.

If Father directs you all to pack up and go to Africa today, would you do so? (YES.) That is a fearful sound. Members of the CIA and FBI might come here secretly, but Father is glad if they are here to receive this message. There is absolutely nothing to hide. Even within America there are many various layers of communication systems. Even if such a hearing device is hidden here, Father cannot be restricted because of that situation, otherwise Father is not a true prophet. However, Father desires to declare the truth in front of anyone. Father is not a thief and so he is unafraid.

We have to follow the path to find love. From where does love begin? During the month of April, around Easter week and True Parents Day, Father taught us that we all have to go through mother's womb stage, then united with mother go through father. This is the stage that we have to travel in order to find love. Without doing so we cannot achieve the goal of love. All of us want to become the center of the world. Isn't this true? (Yes.) Also we all wish that people would follow us. However, the world is wide and big with thousands of years of history. The world grows and develops in various stages. Even though human history is fallen, the ultimate destination of human history is the original world. We all want to become the center of various stages of human history.

Adam's family, tribe, society, nation, world and cosmos are all different stages. Adam's family represents the seed of humanity. When there are many seeds like Adam's family then they will become a tribe, society, nation and world. The vertical tradition always comes down to the point of one single family. Without the family we cannot connect the various stages. The Unification Church's teaching has this vertical central axis which is connected all the way down from Adam's family to the center of the world. Adam is the center of his family and the king of all humanity will be the Lord of the Second Advent.

This worldwide scale king's family and Adam's original family are the same in value as the seed. However, due to the Fall, this seed family disappeared until this time. As a fallen human beings we all have to go through this seed family, otherwise we cannot be saved. Therefore, finding this seed family has been the purpose of human history. Since this seed family is here, even though we didn't inherit all these various stages of seed families, from Father's seed family, various stages can be engrafted. It can come down to our individual family. Blessed families will stand in the position of seed families on the worldwide scale. The True Family is the central vertical axis. However, when it is spread horizontally there should be many Blessed couples. Once True Parents have appeared the unity between man and woman will occur and they will create a new seed again and the various stages will be engrafted.

On the worldwide scale, beginning from the True Parents, Father has given Blessing to 30,000 couples at the formation stage, 360,000 couples at the growth stage, and next year 3.6 million couples at the stage of perfection. The globalization of Blessing is taking place. The secular world also talks about the globalization of sports, academics and economics. However, no one has any idea of globalization of the ideal family. Because the key problem of the world is neither economic nor political. Rather the problem within families is the key. Particularly the developed countries families are all torn apart. The central country which has been spreading the practice of free sex throughout the world is this America.

The time is coming when the United Nations will come up with a resolution to prevent American young people from entering the rest of the world. Why? Because they are the source of free sex and AIDS and all manner of disorder. Is this true? (Yes.) Just because Americans have sufficient money individually does not qualify them to travel wherever they want. Especially when they used their money to spread some incredible immoral disease. Therefore, America is doomed to perish.

If America were a country where all the poor people live, in other words if America were a poor country, it would have more hope than it presently does. We need the globalization of the ideal family. Do you understand? There is no one in the world who has anything vaguely like this idea. Have you gained or lost ever since knowing Father? (Benefited.) You are all indebted to Reverend Moon for eternity. That doesn't mean that Father wants you to pay him back. Rather, Father wants you to raise your children in place of Father. In other words, when you have your own children, stamp your label upon them and bequeath to the next generation. You need to set that kind of tradition with your families.

How many couples will America be responsible to bring to the next Blessing? (360,000.) What is the population of the United States? (240 million.) If America had received Father as the Lord of the Second Advent directly after World War II, then by now at least two or three generations would have prospered as God's children. You all want to become the central families centered on True Love, don't you? (Yes.) Therefore, do you clearly understand Father? (Yes.) In order to follow the road of love you cannot travel alone. We must come to the realization that we are nothing other than the fruit of thousands of generations of human history. We are not the origin, but we are the result.

This brother here has over forty billion cells in his body. Each cell of his body contains elements inherited throughout human history from the time of Adam. In order for any tree to bear fruit and produce new seeds, the tree has to become full-grown. It needs to develop its root system, trunk, branches and leaves. Once the tree reaches maturity, that is the only time that it bears fruit and eventually creates new seeds. In the same way, this brother is sitting here, but in order for him to be sitting here it has taken all of human history. He is the result of all of that. Ultimately there may be many seeds, but this brother wishes to become the central seed which will play the major role in the future.

We have to understand clearly that each of us is the result of tens of thousands of various generations of fathers and mothers resulting in his lineage. Adam's family time, Adam's nation time, Adam's worldwide time, this kind of lineage is all connected to him. Because Adam represents God Himself, the center of the family, but at the same time the body of God. The center of the nation, and yet God Himself. The center of the world, and yet representing God.

Human beings are born to achieve the unification at the family level; national level; and Heaven and Earth level. That kind of seed of potential is entering into the wife's womb from the husband. This is not merely from the husband himself, rather it is connected with history. Bequeathed generation after generation. Do you think in these terms? When you look at your husband you have to think in such historical terms and value. Your husband is not simply one man, but rather he is connected all the way back to Adam through thousands of generations. Your husband is the inheritor of all these thousands of ancestral seeds of life which will be given to you as his wife.

These seeds have the vision and desire to be connected with and continued through thousands of more generations to come, eventually to be able to build the Kingdom of God here on the Earth where God's loving children can dwell together with Him. Connected vertically to God all the way down [Father draws on the board to illustrate] to your couple. This point here represents your husband in the plus position. This represents the wife in minus position. Between husband and wife a branch can be developed. As a wife, have you ever thought that you have received the historical seed through your husband, and together with him you are about to create a new historical fruit? The seed of life never perishes.

The love-making between husband and wife is the place where you receive the historical seed. It is the place where you can generate new historical seeds and create new life. As an ideal wife you should not be ashamed in front of anyone, neither should your children. You should be proud that your husband represents the entire male population of the world. Because your husband is the number one male in the world, your couple is supposed to create the number one children in the world. In order to do so, don't you think you have to become absolutely one with your number one husband? Your ten senses, mind and body, every part of you should exactly fit in perfect harmony with your husband. Have you become one with your husbands?

This human seed contains the plus and minus characteristics of both you and your husband. The wife stands in the position of a big minus and the husband in the position of a big plus, then together you form perfect oneness. That is how the revolving motion will take place and you will be expanded to a greater level. In order to accomplish this, first the mother and children should be united together. Based upon this unity between mother and children, then unity with the father takes place. This is how unification will continue throughout eternity. Without securing this unification, these various historical stages will become broken, which means that your family cannot have any connection with the original seed of God. Do you understand? (Yes.)

This took thousands of years of history. Since mother and children are supposed to become one, the mother is in the position to share parts of this seed of life from the stage of pregnancy. Because you are sharing your flesh and blood with your child in the womb. That is how you can become one with your children. Even at the stage of fetus, children receive the flesh and blood of their mother. In this sense they are part of the body of their mother. When they are born they are fed by their mother and that oneness continues. Once you have total unity with your children then you bring your children to your husband so that all of you can become one.

Until you are born you receive everything from your mother for your existence. However, the seed of life which the baby contains, comes from the father, but the structure is from the mother. Nothing belongs to you, yourself, when you are born. You have to understand that clearly. Nothing belongs to you. Therefore, until you die you have to be absolutely united with your father and mother because everything belongs to them. Do you clearly understand? This is the way in which we can spread this horizontally. You are the result of thousands of years of vertical history and at your level you can spread this at a horizontal level. This enables your whole family to be connected to this vertical lineage.

Remember that of yourself you have nothing. When do you become the owner of yourself? If Adam and Eve had become perfectly matured, then God would have entered their lives and they would have been able to claim that God belonged to them and that they belonged to one another. The only time that we can claim ourselves is when we consummate the married life of True Love. Through the practice of True Love you can claim your husband, your wife and your children. Because that is the place where God can dwell. This is the point where you become totally one as husband and wife and one with God. Upon that foundation you have to offer your absolute love, faith and obedience to True Parents and then you have hope.

Until you find your ideal spouse with God's blessing you have to give your absolute obedience to your parents. You don't have any concept of freedom. These are not the words of Reverend Moon; rather this is the law of creation. You American leaders need to understand this clearly. You all have a concept of freedom and privacy. What is freedom and privacy? Until you are blessed as a couple you have no freedom of your own. Even in the secular world, only when you are introduced as a married man and woman are you perceived as a serious mature adult. You have to reach the position of parents.

Have you really obeyed your parents until you got married? In order to reach the Position of Adam and Eve's blessing they had to be centered upon God. When you reach the stage of husband and wife, then you should inherit True Parents' heart. That is the only way that you can produce children of True Parents' heart. Then when you have your own children, until they receive the Blessing, you have to always protect them and carry them around with you. Do you understand? You cannot let boys and girls run freely together.

Do you think that you should give your first kiss to your eternal spouse or to some other playboy? (Spouse.) That is your original mind responding. Even holding hands and giving your heartistic embrace should be only for your first love. Pure gold will transmit electricity using every part of that gold. This is how pure men and women are possessing that same eternal value.

If you fail to go through these stages in this physical world, when you join the spiritual world you will have no choice but to go through this process. This individual family expands to the worldwide level. The husband is the center of the family. The center is one point, but the angle should be 360 degrees when it revolves around. Mother and children should unite together and then become one with the father.

When your children are inside the mother's womb they receive their flesh and blood from the mother. Once they are born and begin growing up, then together with their mother they receive flesh and blood from their father. The father has to go out and shed sweat and tears in order to bring back home food to the wife and children. During the first stage of existence in the womb, children receive flesh and blood from their mother, but in the second stage, together with their mother, they receive blood and flesh from their father. That is what a family is. No concept of self existence should exist within the family.

As a husband and father we have the responsibility to raise, feed and share our flesh and blood with our children and wife. Even if husbands have to shed blood, sweat and tears out in the world, they have to appreciate that. As a child, you should consider your mother as the source of life, love and lineage. Then together with your mother you should consider your father as the source of love. This is the way that your family will become united and perfected. The seed of life came to you from your father. Therefore after becoming one with your mother you eventually have to become one with your father who is the source of the seed of life.

We have to become good quality mothers whom children can unite around. Also, as a mother you have to be able to unite with your children. It is essential that you all become mothers of this quality. The mother alone cannot raise the children. Because the children are supposed to share the flesh and blood of their father as well. Therefore, how can you even think of taking your children away from their father.

[Father begins to draw a diagram on the board] This is the stage that we refer to as the family Kingdom of God. The next stage that we refer to is that of national parents. Therefore, we have to become national level parents. Who is the national level father? Adam and God. Adam and Eve inherited that right from God, but actually it is the position of God as well. This represents the nation. The parents of the nation, representing plus and minus, make up millions of families within the nation. Within these millions of individual families there should exist unified families who should have a reciprocal relationship with the parents on the national level. Do you understand?

If these individual families live their lives for the sake of the entire nation, then the national level central parents will give and share their blood and flesh with those individual families. The king who is willing to sacrifice his own children, and his throne in order to save his people will be called a righteous king. In this relationship we can see this ideal relationship between the family of the king and your individual families. On the national level, if this situation is an ideal one, then this king will take care of the individual families personally. Such a king would be referred to as a righteous, saint-like king.

Then to whom does this land of America belong? Do you have an American king? You have an American president. However, the position of president is only in place for four years. This is the land intended to be prepared to receive the Lord of the Second Advent who will rule this world for eternity. Just as the father shares his blood and flesh with his children, then on the national level the king is supposed to be in the position to share his blood and flesh with all the families of the nation. The land of America belongs to the king and the king's family.

We are all standing in the position to receive blood and flesh from our parents. Without our parents we cannot exist. Who are the children of filial piety? The children who please and obey their parents are referred to as the sons and daughters of filial piety. On a national level, when you devote your entire life for the sake of the entire nation you are referred to as a patriot. However, at a higher scale, when you live and dedicate your entire life for the sake of God and humanity you will be called a saint. On the cosmic level you should be able to sacrifice everything, yourself, your family, your relatives, your nation. Until you reach that point, there is no concept of yourself, your family, or your nation. Only when you are fully accepted by and become one with God can the concept of myself, my family, my nation come into existence. Because of the lack of this system of understanding there has always been conflict, dictators and wars in this world.

First, within your family you should achieve unification; second, you should achieve unification with your king; third, you should achieve unification with God, your ultimate parent. On this final level, more people are involved. Yourself, your father, your mother, and your king which includes your entire kingdom. Then you can go to God and become one. Then you can truly claim yourselves as children of God. Do you clearly understand Father? (Yes.) In one kingdom there can be millions of different ideal families. Under God there can be many thousands of different kingdoms united with God.

Our Family Pledge No. 2 states: We families centered upon True Love, pledge to attend God and True Parents, to become central families representing the cosmos. To fulfill the way of Heaven, becoming individuals of filial piety for the family, patriots for the nation, saints for the world and holy sons and daughters of Heaven and Earth.

Please remember, until we reach this final stage, in the process of becoming one with my family level parents, national level parents with your ideal king, there can be no concept of the individual self, family or nation. Only when you become totally one with God will you become totally liberated to claim yourself, your family, your nation and your world. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) Until we reach that ultimate level, we can have no concept of our individual self. In order to reach that goal please become one with your mother first. This is the first stage in this process. We have to clearly understand our path. Then finally when we become totally one with God, we will be fully recognized as children of God. Then we will stand in the position of sharing love with the world in the position of lords.

We need to follow the family level parents, national level parents, and cosmic level parents in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. In such a world, could you possibly imagine any concept of self? No. That is why those who enter the Kingdom of God do so with their restored nation. The perfected Adam's family will enter the Kingdom of God. This includes the family level, national level and cosmic level. If you reach to that level then God will dwell with that family. That is how Adam's family will become qualified to enter the Kingdom of God. Once you make mistakes at these various stages, how difficult it is to return to the original position.

This four position diagram [Father draws on the board] as we learn these eight different stages, we are all helped and obtain approval from parents. That is the only way we can proceed through the various stages. Isn't this true? (Yes.) Father's conclusion is that in order to achieve the ideal of True Love, we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to reach the family level, centering on family level parents. Then we have to reach the goal of national level parents. Finally we reach to the cosmic level God and we will be able to achieve the ideal of love.

Through living our lives for the family, this family then exists for the nation. This seed of life came from God originally so we have to go through various stages, then the ultimate goal is to reach God. Once we reach the place of God then a new universe and cosmos of peace, love and freedom will blossom. There will be no worry concerning money, food and material needs. This will be the life in the Kingdom of God.

In such a world we won't need any physical vehicles, food and clothing. All we will need is True Love. Whatever you have based upon the spirit of True Love will manifest before you immediately. This vast universe will become your holy ground; your home. Many precious stones are awaiting their owner. This means God's true princes and princesses. In such a world you can travel billions of miles in an instant. With the spirit of True Love, the moment you have the desire to see someone, then no matter how far away that person might be, immediately he will appear right in front of you. Centering upon true love and the Will of God, if you have the notion to have a banquet for thousands of people in the grounds of Belvedere tonight, then as soon as you have a clear plan the entire set up will appear here before you. Everything is possible in that world.

Once you experience that kind of world, you will lose all interest in this limited physical world. The world of spirit is such a convenient place. It is the world that transcends time and space. Do you want to follow where True Parents go? (Yes.) Then you have to know this truth. Only after Father established the victorious foundation to be able to introduce these secrets is Father revealing these truths to the world. Father knows this very truth from the individual to the worldwide level. Therefore, he just continues to follow this course. Today our topic is Following the Cosmic True Love Way. What Father has described to us is exactly that. Through following this way we can reach to the position where we can claim to be the children of God and the friends of God.

Since we originated from God, we have to return to God by following the Cosmic True Love way. Do you understand that? Chinese characters are deeply meaningful. This one here [Father indicates to the board] means two people. Then together with this character [indicating to the board] it means the house that is surrounded by God. A God-caring house where two people live is the cosmos. How about that? That is why Father's title today is Following the Cosmic True Love Way. Centering upon True Parents, on the family level, we will become the true children of filial piety. On the national level we will become the true patriots. On the world level we will become the true saints. On the cosmic level we will become the true holy sons and daughters. Throughout history no one has accomplished this. However, since we have learned this secret truth from True Parents, we stand in the position to achieve this. God Himself needs His family because He is all alone now. After establishing all of these various foundations we can claim to be holy sons and daughters.

This means that we have to invest everything for the sake of the family; the family for the sake of the nation; nation for the sake of the world; and the world for the sake of God and the cosmos. This is the course. We have received too much, that is why we have to constantly invest and give. Do you understand Father's message this morning? (Yes.) Since we have learned this cosmic true love way from Father, we have to follow this path. Those who are determined to follow the true love way show both of your hands to Father. This is the month of May when everything is flourishing. Just as God's blessing is pouring abundantly upon creation during this time, may His blessing pour down upon all of you. Please join me in prayer.

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