The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


The Viewpoint Of Cosmic History And I

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1996
Belvedere--International Training Center
Translator--Peter Kim

Those who neglect to attend official gatherings such as this are the ones who don't care about their lives. In the world at large we can observe how the animals flock together and live as a group. Also human beings cannot live their lives isolated from the rest of the world. We need our family, our tribe and our group. We need companionship with one another. This tradition has been inherited from generation to generation.

Father especially prepared today's topic for the entire membership of America. However, upon looking at the small number of people gathered here today, Father does not feel like giving this message. How many Japanese brothers and sisters are present? What about Americans? It is clear that the Japanese are more represented here this morning. We have to base ourselves upon reality.

Whom do you resemble? (Our parents.) Have you ever considered tracing your ancestral line from way back up to the present time and you? In this way you can claim that each ancestor resembles you. This is something you should have thought about. We have to understand that the present history of America represents the entire human history. The present history resembles the entire universal history from the very beginning. We are the fruit of history. American brothers and sisters represent the fruit of American history. There exists both the vertical as well as the horizontal world. Man and woman and parents and children. The vertical and the horizontal.

You cannot achieve unification by yourself. In order to achieve unification, two worlds need to be involved. The topic of Father's message this morning is, The Viewpoint of Cosmic History and I. Chun-Joo-Sa-Gwan-Gwa Nah. [Father begins to explain the meaning of this title by illustrating on the board] This includes everything, past, present and future. In observing both the created and the human world the question arises, "who am I"? What is our center? What is the most important thing in your life? We all have five senses. We have, in fact, five senses of mind and five senses of body. There are five senses representing the past as well as the present.

Another way to categorize this would be the five senses of Western people and five senses of Eastern people. Do you agree? Do Occidentals and Orientals have to stand back to back, or do they have to become one? (Become one.) Then which side comes first? (Orientals.) Why do you say so? You Westerners are originally from the North Pole. You have long and high noses because you have traditionally had to breath cold air. Westerners have blue eyes because their ancestors lived in the snow and always dreamed of the coming spring. In their dreaming they visualized the color blue, like clear blue water. That is why they have blue eyes. Westerners are taller than Orientals because they had to hunt animals for food. Naturally they needed long legs for this. (Laughter.)

Orientals obtained their food through the cultivation of rice and barley as farmers. They worked the land and would look to heaven for the blessing of good weather for their crops. If the crops failed they always turned to God for help. Orientals have brown eyes because as farmers they always looked down at the soil.

In the tropical zone of South America one can observe many beautifully colored fish. The water temperature is always warm. Therefore they don't have to move fast, they simply blend into the nature and environment. Cranes fly high with a slow and steady movement. If a crane was as heavy as a duck it could not fly as high. Relatively speaking, a duck has a heavy body. Therefore ducks fly really fast over a short distance and then land. According to the environmental surroundings, the lives of all existing beings change.

Westerners wear their shoes inside their homes and they sit on chairs. Whereas Orientals remove their shoes in their homes and they sit on the floor. This is because the lives of Westerners have been based upon hunting. If there was the slightest sound of an animal they had to be ready to run out with the gun. Also, by sitting high up on a chair one has a better possibility of hearing animals. Orientals sit on the floor. Because after the harvest time, once they go into their warm room they have to be able to live and sit there for six months. Since it is so warm and comfortable, they continue to sit there and their legs become shorter and their hips become wider. (Laughter.) Eventually this is how Orientals were formed.

If a person's life is based upon sitting on the floor, then when they wish to greet a guest it is a nuisance to stand up and shake hands. While sitting down it is natural to greet one another with a bow of the body. Whereas Westerners, who are already sitting up on a high chair, can easily extend their arm and shake one another's hand in greeting. Do you see the importance of the surrounding and environment?

Once we leave this physical realm where do we go? (The spiritual world.) Will you be heading toward your sanctuary where you keep your privacy? (No.) You have different bodily organs, so if your hands insisted on their privacy and individualism how could they coordinate with the rest of your body? Do you imagine that the concept of privacy and individualism exists among the various organs of the body? (No.) We must clearly think about what it is we are supposed to do.

Once we focus our attention on something, then all of our five senses and organs of the body are in unison. How about you restless young Americans, are your organs and five senses in unity with what you are doing or not? Do they all really agree with what you are doing? Americans always promote the concept of privacy. However, privacy leads to self-destruction. If your eyes insist upon their own privacy they will become blind. If your nose were to insist upon its own privacy it would become blocked. All coordination becomes cut off. Men and women have their own unique bodily smell. Likewise, our mind, and each of our five senses have their own unique smell.

The world consists of three different levels. Even our eyes consist of three parts: the white, the iris and the pupil in the center. Our eyes work in harmony with one another, as do the nostrils of our nose and our lips. Is there any so-called freedom of choice for them? Can the right eye decide to look in a different direction from the left eye? Certainly not. Unificationists understand that the left side represents Satan. Therefore can you disregard your left hand completely and only use your right hand? Can you do that? Will you only embrace your spouse with your right arm? Is there any concept of choice or freedom there?

Is there any room for the concept of privacy? Do you women absolutely need your spouse? Would you all prefer your own privacy and live alone? (We need our spouse.) American women generally insist on their own privacy while living with their husbands. How can you secure your own privacy while two people are living together? If you insist on your own privacy as a woman, then your entire body and ten senses will cry. Is this true? (Yes.) Those who favor absolute privacy raise your hands. You would be kicked out from the universe. Those who were once proud of maintaining your own privacy have changed after hearing Father's message. A woman's mouth is always ready to advocate privacy. That is true. It is like a machine gun firing. Do you wish to live together with the entire world at the cosmic level, or in your own private world? (Cosmic level.) Therefore you consider the cosmic level better. If you want to change your lifestyle from a life of privacy to a cosmic lifestyle, you have to eliminate all unnecessary garbage from your life.

Once you eliminate the junk from your private world will you abandon that forever? (Yes.) When you sit down to a meal do you like to see a variety of food or just one kind? (Variety.) Then do you want to be alone or have many family members? In the town where you live do you want to see just one house or many family houses? (Many families.) If 300 families live close to one another in a small town, conflict might break out if you insist upon keeping your life of privacy in the strictest sense. Then if 300 families live together in your town, that would be approximately 1,000 or more people. If each of these 1,000 people insist on their own privacy then your own privacy cannot be secured. That would result in your running away from that town. This is how people become hippies and drift aimlessly.

Can the concept of privacy be found within the universe? If America is the country which advocates the concept of privacy the most, then the universe which has nothing to do with the concept of privacy, will naturally bring judgement upon America. That is the way in which America will decline. Can freedom be found in America? How about justice? The innocent Reverend Moon was incarcerated in this country. Just imagine how much America is indebted to Reverend Moon. Are we also indebted to True Father? (Yes.)

The notion of privacy and individualism goes together with the negative response rather than the positive response. Up until recent times, most Americans urged Father to go home. But now they are urging him to stay. On April 16, when Father delivered his message to the world in Washington, DC, all those so-called proud leaders of America were present. These people used to look down upon Father in times past. However, they have changed their attitude 180 degrees. These are the people who now urge Father to remain. Why? There is a clear distinction between the private and public life. Centered upon "I" there are two opposite directions. This is the way of individualism which leads one to destruction. This is the way of public life which leads one toward prosperity, freedom and all positive things.

If a husband and wife truly love one another and yet insist on their individual privacy, can true freedom exist between them? In True Love you expect your spouse to occupy every cell of yourself. There should be no secrecy. You have to be totally one. One body, one person. In the world of privacy we cannot find freedom. In the world of love can we find privacy? (No.) As long as America insists on the notion of One Nation Under God, which is based upon privacy and individualism, there is no way of uniting the world. This means you will be stuck in your own world. The concept of absolutism does not exist for one nation alone. That which is absolute is for the world and cosmos.

If America continues to stick with its own wealth and refuses to share, then the entire world will tear this nation apart. The entire creation is laughing at America. But Americans do not realize this. When Reverend Moon gives this kind of warning to Americans they do not care to hear it. If Americans hate Father and refuse to see and hear him, then the future generations of America will have no eyes or ears. The American race will become extinct. On a Sunday morning such as this, everyone is supposed to attend here to receive Father's message. However, they don't come because they are based upon individualism. They don't think about their descendants and history. However, the Japanese brothers and sisters are here. They will take over America and the world eventually.

No matter how much you resist, if the American way of life stands in the way of the cosmos, you will be kicked aside. Father is not standing here sharing this message because he is inferior to you. He realizes that you don't care to hear this message. But he continues to give the straight warning all throughout his life. Because of this, he has been imprisoned many times. Father realizes that if he goes beyond the family, tribal and national levels then the world level is awaiting him. Like a new Springtime.

Once Reverend Moon's teaching becomes the universal truth throughout the world, then the present American way of privacy will no longer exist. This particular Chinese character [writing on the board] means Heaven. The structure of these two letters represents two people. Without subject and object there is no concept of Heaven. Man's and woman's entire five senses all function in oneness. If you wish to enter the Kingdom of God then your mind and body must become united. Husband and wife should become totally united.

The East and the West must become united into one, this is how we can build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Heaven and Earth should also become one. Can you find individualism there? (No.) In the mineral world we see clearly this give and take action. If there is only man and no woman then the entire human race would become extinct. Likewise, if you only inhale you would not last more than a matter of minutes. The same is true if you only exhale. The subject and object relationship of giving and receiving is necessary. No concept of privacy and individualism exists there. As a man and woman who advocate the concept of privacy and individualism, you do not need your sexual organ. Does the concept of privacy exist within the sexual organ? That organ exists for the sake of your ideal spouse. Not for yourself.

Father's message to you this morning is very important for you in your practical lives. The concept of privacy and individualism derives from Satan. Privacy denies the existence of God, Adam and of your spouse. If Americans insist on individualism and privacy they are doomed to Hell. Are individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol prospering or declining? (Declining.) This world of free sex will become extinct soon. In the world of free sex you deny your parents, your grandparents, your children, your grandchildren and everyone. In the world of free sex your mind will declare that your body is lower than animals. The world of free sex will destroy American families.

The ideal love base is something that our absolute God wants to protect. When we refer to ideal it refers to one ideal love partner. Absolutely one. This absolute standard is what is referred to as the ideal love base. Do you clearly understand what Father is teaching you? (Yes.) The cosmic historical viewpoint has nothing whatsoever to do with individualism. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) You, as an individual, are a part of the cosmos. You are not alone. [Father refers to what he has written on the board] This "I" here signifies that we all want to represent our family. This means that I am a representative of my family. Is that a public way of thinking or an individualistic way of thinking? (Public way of thinking.) You understand well. As a citizen of your nation, don't you want to represent your nation? (Yes.) This is a public desire. Would you like to become the central figure of the entire world? (Yes.) With your mouth you respond 'yes', but your body language indicates an uncertainty. However, your mind desires this.

How about representing the entire cosmos? (Yes.) Who is the owner of the cosmos? God is the owner. Then if God is here would you like to invite Him to live with you, or would you prefer to just follow God? (Live with God.) Regardless of race, each person here is in agreement on this. Those who do not have such a desire are simply animals. Well, monkeys have eyes, ears, mouth and nose just like us. However, animals walk on all fours with their eyes downward. Whereas human beings walk upright on two legs and look upward. They have a bigger vision than animals. Men are supposed to look above forty-five degrees, and women are supposed to look below forty-five degrees. The physical structure of women is such that they have heavier hips which draws them closer to the earth. Whereas men have strong and wider shoulders which draws them upward.

Why is it that there are more men in the military organizations of each nation? Because men are usually standing tall, looking ahead more aggressively. Whereas women usually have a tendency to rest in a hidden place. That means, if your military enemy is made up of all women there is no need to shoot them. You simply need to make sure that they follow you for three days without resting and they will surrender. Because their hips are too heavy which makes them tired. Father thinks in such strange ways, doesn't he? That is why he was able to come up with the unique Divine Principle.

All of us would enjoy having a ride on the back of our parents wouldn't we? (Yes.) Don't we sometimes enjoy having a ride on the back of our elder brother as well? Naturally, we all ultimately would like to have a ride on the back of our Heavenly Father. Therefore, do you believe that this concept which Father has been explaining to us is absolutely necessary for our lives or not? (Absolutely necessary.) The reason why Father demonstrates to you such an impressive manner of pronouncing this word 'absolutely' is because he wants you to remember this. By thinking about Father's expression here today, please remember this word.

Remember that you are here to conquer God. After conquering God you will overcome space and time. Once we go beyond the limited time period of this physical world we find eternity. We calculate one year of time of the galaxy's one full circle around the sun. However, the entire cosmos is comprised of a hundred billion galaxies such as this one. Therefore, in order to complete one full circle of the entire cosmos it would take hundreds of millions of years. If we contemplate the birth of the stars, do you imagine that they came into being by their own will? All existing beings were created and placed in position by the Original Cause. All things in the universe are resultant beings. No one can deny this fact.

Compared to the magnitude of the universe, human beings are like tiny dots. But these tiny beings want to occupy and conquer God, the Original Cause of this universe. Then can we be considered normal or crazy beings? Why don't you answer Father instead of smiling. If you clearly know the answer then clearly respond to Father instead of just sitting there smiling hesitantly.

In the entire history of humanity has there ever existed anything or anyone who has been able to eliminate public mindedness in humanity? (No.) Otherwise human life would be meaningless. The entire universe resonates with the concept of public mindedness. If you maintain individualism and privacy as your center then you will not be able to go beyond even one person. Do you understand? We have to become the people whom the entire universe can welcome. We should be welcomed no matter where we go. We should inspire others to the extent that they welcome us more than they welcome their closest and dearest relative. This is the only way to go over these boundaries, all the way up to the cosmic level.

What is the ammunition we need in order to break through these boundaries? (True Love.) Then is True Love the gun or the bullet? We should become True Love guns and True Love bullets. Both aspects are needed in order to penetrate these boundaries. Would you fire your gun while lying down or while you are standing and aiming? (Standing and aiming.) If you were able to lean on a tree to steady yourself would that be better? (Yes.) Instead of a tree, suppose you could have a person to lean on. What kind of person would you choose? Can the tree actually think and give you the blessing to hit the target? (No.) How about a person whom you choose to lean upon? (Yes.) Who is that person? (Spouse.) Suppose you manage to hit the target, who would be the first to run to see where the bullet hit? (Our partner.)

If your partner is able to find the bullet itself he or she would be so excited to show it to you. Where is your shotgun then? (Laughter.) Your shotgun is your mind. Your mind will stabilize you in order for you to aim and fire. In this concept, has there been anyone in human history who has ever hit the target? (No.) But in principle there has to be someone, someday. That person is the Messiah who will be able to hit the bull's eye. Actually the word in Japanese that sounds like Messiah means the owner of a restaurant. (Laughter.) (Father writes the word on the board) It means bread house. What kind of bread? (True Love bread.) (Laughter.) You hit the bull's eye.

As long as the human race exists they always need a Messiah. The Messiah is the first person in human history to hit the bull's eye all the way up to the cosmic level. The Messiah is the one who naturally breaks down all of these heavy layers of walls and constructs a pathway. Where the Messiah goes, even Satan has to open the gateway to his fortress and allow the Messiah to pass through. The Messiah comes as the King of Love. Even God Himself cannot play this role. God is the Creator, but in this sense God will have to follow in the footsteps of the Messiah.

Ever since the beginning of creation, God has been waiting for His ideal to be realized. God is the eternal, unchanging King of Love. Should boundaries exist in the world of love? This is a fallen world where the false lineage of Satan has constructed every possible boundary. Therefore, we need True Parents who will be able to tear down the boundaries created by fallen individuals. God has not been able to prevent the erection of these boundaries until now because there has been no True Love, True Life and True Lineage established. The fruit has not been ripe enough to harvest. Therefore, God was unable to intervene. That is why He was unable to intervene in the Fall of Adam and Eve.

We all have to clearly understand why we need the Messiah. First, due to the Fall false parents, false love, false life, and false lineage have been established. These boundaries of false love, false life and false lineage have been created. This is the exact opposite to God's ideal. The fallen world has created as many boundaries as possible at all levels. Because Satan knew that one day the Messiah would come and tear down all the boundaries, Satan established as many boundaries as possible. Satan has utilized the weapon of extreme individualism in order to create all manner of boundaries and walls.

God raised America to become totally united upon Christianity and thus embrace the entire world. However, America developed the slogan of One Nation Under God. Instead of embracing the entire world America desired to remain within its own boundaries. This is clearly Satan's influence to block God's ideal for America. This is not some conceptual explanation, but this is the reality of history. America must learn from the Messiah and follow exactly the path of the Messiah. Instead of false parents we now refer to True Parents. True Love, True Life and True Lineage now replace false love, false life and false lineage. Upon this foundation we establish the family, nation, world and cosmos. They are all presently blocked by various layers of boundaries.

In the beginning, due to the Fall, this all took place at the family level. Therefore the true family has to be established. As long as we remain in the satanic world we are bound to go to Hell. We have to go beyond these boundaries and restore them. This is how we seek our eternal lives. It has taken many thousands of years in order to tear down these boundaries. God could not allow the entire human race to go to Hell. God was finally able to send the True Parents. Through True Parents, Love, Life and Lineage are all at the cosmic level. The true center is the Messiah. The Messiah will carry the burden of restoring the family, tribal, society, national, world and cosmic levels. The entire process of restoration.

In fact, this entire spectrum was the mission of Jesus 2,000 years ago. But because of Jesus' uncompleted mission, following World War II True Father came as the Messiah. However, the central nations of the world at that time--America, Great Britain and France--were supposed to support True Father. Great Britain stood in the mother position, America stood in the position of Abel and France stood in the position of Cain. These were all once enemy nations. However, during World War II they were drawn together as allied nations. These three nations at that time represented the entire worldwide level.

Through the action of the Fall, Adam, Eve and the Archangel all were condemned to Hell. In the process of the Fall, the Archangel and Eve became united first. From that point on the entire family was lost. Throughout human history God has been working tirelessly to restore humankind. At the time of Adam all was lost at the family level. However, at the time of Jesus God desired to restore everything at the national level centering upon Israel. Had the nation of Israel, centered on the mother figure, Mary, become united and helped Jesus, then the national level restoration could have taken place. Rome was certainly not the problem. However, because Jesus was unable to fulfill at the national level he was crucified.

During World War II this was expanded to the worldwide scale. Because of the Fall, True Parents Love, Life and Lineage was lost at the family level. At the time of Jesus this had to be restored at the national level. If Jesus had been able to establish his own lineage, then long ago this world would have been restored. If Jesus had given the Blessing through mass weddings, the world would certainly have been restored by now. Then centering upon the True Love, True Life and True Lineage of Jesus as the True Parent, the true family, true tribe, true nation and true world would have been established. In order to fulfill this practical goal do you think that the Messiah has to come in the flesh or in the spirit? (Flesh.) The Messiah has to establish a physical family. Therefore the Messiah must come in flesh.

How do Christians generally expect the Messiah to come? (Spirit.) It is the same as the Israelites at the time of Jesus. They were all expecting the appearance of Elijah through some spiritual phenomena prior to the coming of the Messiah. Even though John the Baptist came in the position of Elijah they refused to accept that fact. By the same token, Christians today are expecting Jesus to come on the clouds of heaven. Christians do not realize that John the Baptist failed Jesus.

Do you think that the Lord of the Second Advent should have three eyes? (No.) Should his mouth be vertical instead of horizontal? (No.) Is the Messiah supposed to look totally different to the rest of humanity or the same? He should naturally appear the same. Do you think that the Messiah has no need of food and sleep. Is he supposed to live alone with no wife or children? (No.) He is supposed to live the same physical life as the rest of humanity. The difference between the Messiah and the rest of humanity is the motivation and direction of his life. [Father draws on the board] The central vertical line here is love. Which direction we follow is the key.

The borderline which divides Heaven and Hell is love. True Love translates into Heaven whereas false love translates into Hell. This is the clear distinction. True love begins with God. False love begins with Satan. Centered upon God this true love way of life is the path we should follow in order to enter into God's Kingdom. Then which side of this boundary do you belong to in your own lives? Are you existing on the borderline or what? The left hand side, which is the satanic world, has many different layers. It expands from the family, tribe, nation to the world of false love. This represents the entire secular world at this time. This is Hell on Earth. Do you understand?

How can we eliminate this world and restore ourselves? We have to go in the exact 180 degrees opposite direction. Centering upon the spirit of True Love we have to develop the individual, family, tribe, nation and world of True Love. In terms of the world of false love it actually only extends to the national level boundary. However, on the heavenly side it expands to the cosmic level. In order to develop the way of Heaven we have to totally abandon and cut off the realm of false love. This is why the religious path has always been one of cutting off from one's past and beginning a new life centered upon God.

On the cosmic level God is waiting for us. In order to reach to that level we have to abandon and negate everything of this fallen world and come before God as a fresh, unstained being. God Himself could not marry, could not find True Love because True Parents did not appear on this Earth. God's original ideal of True Parents and True Family had never been established on this Earth. Therefore, all religions have encouraged the life of celibacy. The reason being they should wait until the establishment of True Parents and True Family.

Because God lost the original Adam, then all the religious ascetics have lived a life of purity and arrived at the point of the original Adam before the Fall and could be embraced by God. Then based on the establishment of True Parents own family, they too could begin to establish their own families. As you know, Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden. Therefore, Adam has to be restored back first. From where? From the establishment of the true, ideal family. This is what all the religions have longed to witness. Absolute faith, love and life is the ideal of the Messiah in each religion. Different terminology but the same spirit. No matter how beautiful a woman you may encounter in your life, you have to be able to spit upon her and go your way. The dirtiest king is Satan. If our body belongs to Satan then we are dirty also and we have to deny everything that the body desires. From that point we can return to the original viewpoint of Eden.

All religions strongly encouraged their people to live the ascetic life. Are your grandparents and parents sinners? (Yes.) All of your ancestors have belonged to Satan's side. How can we cleanse this satanic world so that God can have hope again? Here at Belvedere this morning Father can see many brothers and sisters from Japan, Great Britain, America and other nations. However, Father wants to see you as one race, one people, one culture with one language. What kind of culture? A culture centered upon True Love. From the starting point of True Parents God wants to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth. Is this clear? (Yes.) True Parents are the ones who come with all the secrets of God as well as the secrets of Satan.

Because Jesus lost his physical body, then in the Last Days we will see the world divided into two parts. The world of democracy and the world of communism. The position of mind being represented by the free world and the world of body, the realm of Satan, being represented by the communistic world. The country of Korea was divided north and south. Whereas Germany was divided east and west. Recently Germany has been united into one nation again with the fall of communism. Now only Korea remains to be unified.

The free world has been referred to as right wing, and the communist world has been referred to as left wing. This terminology has its origins in Jesus. At the time of Jesus' crucifixion there was one thief on his left and one on his right. The thief on the right represented God's side and the thief on the left represented Satan. From here the world began to fight. The loss of Adam's family was devastating for God, but the loss of Jesus was even more miserable. Even at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent the prepared Christian world did not welcome him and the worldwide base was lost. This was even more miserable than the loss of Adam and Jesus.

Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? (True Parents.) Who then is True Parent? (The King of Love.) You refer to him as a king. However, in order to be a king there needs to be a nation. Where is the nation? The entire Christian world has been against Reverend Moon. God has been without His people, His territory. Then how can He reign? The land and people have belonged to Satan only. What shall God do? How desperately God longed for the coming of the Messiah. How desperately humanity needed the Messiah in this world. God longed to send the Messiah to restore His children.

All people and property have belonged to Satan. The Messiah brings the restoration of the blood lineage. We have to claim back God's ownership. This is the so-called tribal messiahship mission. The Blessing of 160 families. After the Blessing we can take registration. Without this registration we cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Our Blessing day is our birthday. The territory of the Kingdom of Heaven is enormous, without boundaries.

True freedom means total liberation. Being able to jump into the arms of God without any problem. Therefore, we have to meet the Messiah. Once we meet the Messiah then eventually we will have to meet the True Parents. Have you found True Parents? (Yes.) Are you grabbing onto True Parents? (Yes.) What if the entire 240 million American people pulled you away from True Parents. (No way.) It is like a huge elastic band. Those who are pulling on you are the ones who would fall over the cliff. But once they fall over the cliff the huge elastic rubber band, which is yourself, would snap back toward God and True Parents with great speed. Then you would be caught by God and True Parents. How exciting! Would you like that? (Yes.)

The True Love rubber band is so flexible and elastic. There is no comparison between the power of God's pull and Satan's pull. Eventually Satan's side will completely break down. God desires that we stand in the position of being able to dwell totally with Him. The couple who is totally united in the True Love spirit desire to sit in front of God as His body and for God to sit behind you representing your mind. That is the kind of relationship you desire. Even when we join the spiritual world we cannot see the face of God. We can only see the face of the True Parents. If you don't believe Father, go ahead and die and experience it first hand. (Laughter.)

We live in this physical world with a physical form. Once we join the spiritual world, if there is no substantial manifestation of God, then how can we live our lives there? Adam and Eve were to be God's substantial form. If we realize the eternal value of True Parents then what an incredible blessing we have in this physical life to actually know True Parents. Sometimes Father taps our head or pinches our cheek. How precious it is to build such a personal relationship with True Parents in this physical world. Finally, when you join the spiritual world with a smile you can remind Father that you were often sitting in the front row at Belvedere and were hit by him. Don't you think Father would smile and remember those occasions? Then Father would hit you once again. Those who sit in the front row here are the blessed ones. If Father makes contact with you, it means you become Father's object at that moment.

We have to find the Messiah, the True Parents. True Parents existed before the creation, after the creation and in eternity. God created this world centered upon the ideal of True Parents. God's entire universe is made up of the pair system. Without the partnership between man and woman there can be no completion. Both men and women are needed in order to make the ideal completion.

The ambition of human beings is enormous. There is no limit to the ambition of men and women. Therefore we must become the center of the universe. Please understand this clearly. Don't ever think of yourself as alone. Rather think of yourself as the center of your home. In order to become that kind of center you should be able to love your enemy. As long as you practice the life of True Love there are no enemies. If you travel the way of True Love, then even Satan himself will open the door and welcome you. This is how you will be able to overcome and conquer the different levels of the satanic world. Finally, Satan himself will surrender to you. Then the world of freedom will open up before you.

However, you have to come through the zero point which is the point of self-negation. At this point you will meet God and True Parents. Then centered upon true love there will be God, True Parents and yourself. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) This is the point of total negation. Therefore, your love should not come first. Before your love there exists True Parents and God's love. God and True Parents would rejoice over telling you how they have waited to find you for thousands of years. Then you will have arrived to the exact point upon which God began to create the universe. The point of absolute faith, life and obedience. In order to become the object of this point we have to offer absolute obedience, love and life. By doing so you will negate everything, including yourself. It is then that you will find yourself embraced by love and everything will be returned to you.

Just as water evaporates and becomes steam, so you too will become a purified new being. This is the way in which you will live in the world in a new way. Do you clearly understand Father? (Yes.) Then do you understand The Viewpoint of Cosmic History and I? This particular Chinese character is pronounced kwan. It consists of two different characters. The first character being moon, which represents truth. This is actually Father's name. The second character means to observe or look with deep insight. Therefore, together these two characters mean to search for truth. [Father refers to the board] This Chinese character refers to the entire plant kingdom. These two characters represent the human race. These characters represent the world of birds. Then combined with the first two characters Father referred to here, the complete meaning of these Chinese characters is the careful observation of the entire world.

The individual and family viewpoint should not be divided in this way. Rather it should be one straight line. Money, knowledge and power cannot alter this course. This one straight line course is that of true love. From the individual level up through the world level, this line should be connected. We have to live our lives exactly like God. God constantly gives and forgets. In order to create this entire universe can God give one time and be content? Never. He constantly invests and forgets.

The teachings of the Unification Church tells us that individuals should be able to sacrifice just as God has done. The individual is for the family, the family for the tribe, tribe for the nation, world and cosmos. The cosmos is for the sake of God. By doing so we all become the owners of True Love. Just as God is. That is why we all have the ambition and desire to reach to the very top. Do you have that kind of ambition? (Yes.) Is it possible to achieve such an ambition? (Yes.) With what? (True Love.) That is correct. How long has Father been talking to you? (Three hours.) Then you have to learn a lesson from Father of how to keep your audience's attention for three and a half hours.

When you go to see your enemy you have to prepare yourself in advance both internally and externally. You should be able to treat your enemy with more love and heart than you treat your own parents and grandparents. Then see if your enemy surrenders to you. If you offer your sincere heart and effort, then at least he will offer his gratitude to you. Your original mind tells you that he would. Wherever you may go, if you truly invest yourself in the spirit of true love, then the entire world will welcome you. This is the only way that the restoration of humankind can be accomplished. God has exercised infinite patience for all these millions of years. Don't you want to become the sons and daughters of God? (Yes.) Then you should resemble God. In order to become qualified to be the sons and daughters of God, you should be able to offer everything in order to have your enemy surrender. If you do so three times then your enemy will become your friend.

God would be very interested in your actions. This is how we will be able to eliminate the satanic world. God is the king of wisdom. When Father came to this country, 240 million American people opposed Father. However, they are now welcoming Reverend Moon. Do you also welcome Father? (Yes.) If this is true, then since you came, first of all of you should take the leadership position and educate the American people in the way of following True Father. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Where was Father supposed to be going today when he suddenly decided to stop by and visit America? (South America.) As you know, the South American continent is predominantly Catholic, while North America is predominantly Protestant. Who is able to unite Cain and Abel? Only True Father is able to unite North and South America. However, this is not an easy task. In fact, it is more difficult than anything else. That is why Father has been investing every ounce of his life and is still doing so even now. No matter what circumstances await him, he is constantly giving and forgetting. Don't you think that Father needs a great deal of money in order to accomplish this project? If there is no money then Father has to sell the jacket off of his back in order to raise money for them. Father is willing to become a laborer. He is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of this project. How do you imagine God would feel in observing Father taking such action? God will come down and help Father to accomplish this mission. If God comes down to help Father with this noble project, then not even Satan can accuse him.

Father believes that if necessary we should sell East Garden, Belvedere, the Washington Times or anything we have here in order to help South America. What about selling the University of Bridgeport? Would you welcome such action? After selling everything, all that would remain would be your own personal assets. In your opinion, what should come first, selling our own personal assets or our public assets which are supposed to become historical sites from generation to generation? Would you rather sell holy property or your own personal property? (Our own personal property.) But American members claim they have no personal assets to sell. Then what shall we do? Shall we cut off the hair of women and sell it? If a woman has beautiful long hair it can sell for a high price. Would you welcome such an idea? (Yes.) Those women who are willing to do this, show your hands to Father. You have all become the champions of raising your hands.

If Father requests that you American women give all of your personal belongings so that he can take them and sell them for the sake of South America would you do it? (Yes.) If, by sacrificing all of our possessions we are able to save the thirty-two nations in South America, are you willing to do it? (Yes.) When the time comes that the thirty-two nations of South America are saved because of your sacrifice, the people of South America will all be eternally grateful to you.

The men and women in South America are your brothers and sisters. You are in the position to tear down these thousands of years of old barriers that are between you by giving everything that you have. If this is accomplished then you will be welcomed wherever you may go in South America. Once you join the spiritual world you will be welcomed by all the ancestors of South American people. Once that happens then North America will stand in the position of head of the American continent and the entire North and South America will become united.

Why is Father targeting women this morning in his sermon? It is because women chased away Adam three times in history. At the family level, the national level and the world level. Without liberating women we cannot even speak of restoring children. American women are in the position of queens. However, Father has to bring you down to the position of slaves and restore you back again. This is the Principle. When Father first came to America he placed himself in the position of slave to the world. He was the king of all slaves. Therefore, women have to naturally follow this example. Otherwise they cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the course of restoration. By uniting North and South America which originally stood in the position of enemies, it will become extended to the European unification. Then it can be further extended to the world of Islam and Judaism. Without unification there is no returning to the original homeland. We have to tear down the walls that exist between them. Also the restoration of Zachariah, Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, as well as the restoration between Jesus and John the Baptist. At Jacob's family level, the relationship between the ten children of Leah and the two children of Rachel have to be restored. Then finally down to the level of Adam and Eve. After they fell their children became enemies to one another and eventually cut off their relationship with Adam. These relationships all have to be restored.

In the course of restoration it is necessary to restore Eve first. Then she has to bring her two children, Cain and Abel back to Adam and be reunited with Adam. This is how the entire family can be restored. North and South America represent Christianity. Therefore they represent the bride nations. South America represents Cain and North America represents Abel. Both centered upon the mother of Christianity. Within the European culture, centered upon the mother, unity has to also be achieved.

At the time of Jesus the two mothers, Elizabeth and Mary, had to be united centering upon Mary. Also Leah and Rachel had to be united. However, they failed. At the individual level, centered upon the mother, Cain and Abel children have to be united first and then return to Adam. Then from the North and South American level, traveling all around the world and ending up at the family level. It was in the family that everything was originally turned upside down. Now we have to make it all right side up. That is why Unificationists have been declaring the need for heavenly sovereignty. We have also denied our own physical parents and called Reverend and Mrs. Moon our True Parents.

Many of you have faced the situation of being challenged by your own parents regarding this matter. You have been opposed by your relatives and your nations. This is how the entire nation of America has been opposing Father. Even at the individual level the teaching of Divine Principle encourages us to follow our mind rather than our bodily desire. The desire of our body is always opposed to our mind.

However, all of these various levels of opposition have now been eliminated. The entire world is unable to stop Reverend Moon. From the individual level it connects to the world level directly, centered upon True Love. Even if the gift of True Love is small, you should not exchange this True Love with the world. The restored value is equivalent to that of the entire world. This is the fruit which contains the seed. This seed will be now sown here. Do you understand? (Yes.) Centered upon True Love, the value of original Adam's family, and those couples who have received the Blessing of True Parents, have equal value. This is where the value of Blessed couples comes in. They are the center of the universe. We Blessed couples should belong to the heavenly royal family. No matter how famous a king and queen might be, if they do not have their royal family and their people then they have no value at all.

Will you be in a position above the king or below the king? Will you be in the position to receive or to give love to the king and queen? After you have completed loving the human race, then in the spiritual world you will be in the position to receive love from God and True Parents. Do you understand? (Yes.) Without utilizing the True Love power you cannot move God and True Parents. During the past year Father has been in South America where he has accomplished more than he has done in North America in twenty years. Father felt that America was already an affluent nation that needed very little help externally. However, in South America there was a great need of help. Therefore, Father invested more effort there causing the various projects to develop rapidly within a short time.

Some day the world will realize just how much debt Father incurred for the sake of South America. Then the entire human race will indemnify that debt. No matter how great that debt might be, the entire human race will follow Father in the future even if he is in the realm of great debt. Do you understand? (Yes.)

As long as we become people whom history is able to respect for what we are doing, then we will be the ones whom the entire world will respect. Also, we will be remembered by future generations. Father's topic this morning is The Historical Viewpoint of the Cosmos and I. This means that we will become the central role players, like kings and queens, in order to carry out God's providence. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) This is the way that we will be able to build the Kingdom of Heaven right here in America. (Applause.)

If you pledge to follow in Father's footsteps, are you willing to sacrifice yourselves as much as Father has done? (YES.) When we have accomplished the goal of bringing 3.6 million couples to the November 1997 Blessing, then all of the existing problems will be naturally resolved. Amen. Are you willing to undertake this mission? (Yes.) Then raise both of your hands. (Applause.)

Let us pray.

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