The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True Parents' Day Is My True Son's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1996
World Mission Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

The reason that Father has lit the candles and cut the celebration cake before giving his message, is because he wants to connect this victory to God first. [Applause] [Here Father speaks straight for some time in Korean] Therefore you have to learn the Korean language. Then you will not need to listen to Father via an interpreter. From now on the reason that we light the candles and cut the celebration cake before the message is given is because the time has come now. It is thirty-six years since our True Parents' holy wedding. The number thirty-six also represents three sets of twelve couples of the thirty-six Blessed couples. The number twelve represents Adam's couple, Noah's couple, and Jacob's couple. According to the solar calendar, each year is represented by 365 days. However, according to lunar calendar calculation, each year is represented by 360 days. Therefore, in the lunar calendar every fourth year there is an extra month added. The number 360 is representative of the entire sphere or completion.

According to this explanation, and the victory won by True Parents, and this thirty-sixth celebration of True Parents' Day, there are now four more years until the year 2000. This four-year period is very significant and providential. The whole world will eventually have to follow True Parents into the Kingdom of Heaven. There is only one entrance, not two. Consequently, we have to make sure that we are very strict in following True Parents and ensure that all of humanity will eventually follow our footsteps. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven after the year 2000, we have to enter as families, as Blessed couples. This is the great significance of the 3.6 million couples' Blessing which will occur next year. The fulfillment of this goal has to be our new determination.

At the time of Adam and Eve they were supposed to form a perfect family upon the foundation of their individual completion. However, they failed to form an ideal family. Consequently, all five billion people of the world all belong to Satan. But due to the grace and victorious foundation established by True Parents, the whole world is within the realm of True Parents' grace. Blessed couples have the mission to spearhead the way and to lead all five billion people so that they can enter the new millennium with True Parents as Blessed couples. The new era of resurrection is coming. This resurrection process will lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world.

What is the meaning of True Parents? Because Adam and Eve failed to establish the ideal family, the whole world has become a satanic world. Now, with the advent of the True Parents on this Earth we all have to follow the perfected Adam's family. We cannot enter the Kingdom of God without True Parents' grace. We have to follow in their footsteps. By doing so we will be engrafted into True Family's lineage. Then we will be able to claim to belong to True Family's lineage. Once the lineage is connected we can then establish the relationship of parents and children. That is the role of the Blessed couples.

Due to the fall of man, at the time of Adam and Eve the entire family was turned upside down. In this age, because of True Parents' grace, and the perfected Adam's family level, we can now turn all the families right side up. The only way that we can receive grace to enter into the Kingdom of God, is by following True Parents. But first of all we have to be qualified to register ourselves as heavenly citizens. As Blessed couples we have to follow True Parents. Adam and Eve were supposed to become True Parents. After the fall they became the worst kind of parents. They connected all of humanity to Satan's blood lineage. How can this be erased? It needs the power of True Parents' love. True Parents' blood lineage is in the perfection stage, whereas Satan's blood lineage is only at the perfection level of the growth stage. Once the True Parents' lineage is established here on the Earth, Satan will be unable to go over that place. No matter how much the world of Satan opposes this, they cannot change this principled position. Automatically they have to eventually follow the position of perfection.

True Parents' lineage can be connected to all of humanity and can turn this world completely around to God's side. The true ancestors' position is the position of True Parents. This means the True Family foundation of True Parents, connecting to the tribe, nation, world and cosmos. This connects ultimately with God. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. Until we reach this place there is no unification. Without this place of unification there is no family, no brotherhood, no tribe. There is only the individual viewpoint. Satan is in the position of the Archangel. The Archangel cannot take the blood lineage. God did not permit partnership and property ownership to the angels. Therefore, Satan does not own blood lineage or property.

Centered on the United States, people are all tending toward individualism and private lifestyles. At the time of the Second Advent the Christian world represents the realm of the bride. The Christian world is the base of the bride culture. Their position is to welcome the coming bridegroom, the Lord of the Second Advent. At the time of the fall, Eve chased out her real husband. After World War II the Christian culture was completely victorious over the world. But the Christian culture is only a spiritual foundation, not a physical foundation. At the time of World War II, England, a Christian country, held the position of the mother and bride.

The reason that the bride's position is only spiritual is because Jesus' body was lost. No matter how difficult, Eve's position is to make restoration of the lost body. America was born out of England and stood in the position of Abel. France stood in the position of enemy to both England and America. France stood in the position of Cain. Centering upon the mother, England, Cain and Abel, France and America were to combine into one. This would form the world national base. This was the base and power of the Christian world after World War II. However, they lost all power. On Satan's side, Japan stood in the position of Eve, Germany was in Adam's position and Italy stood in the Archangel's position.

In this world man stands in the position of king. King is subject. Woman is not subject, no matter how proud a position she possesses the object cannot control the subject. American women, be careful. Women need to follow behind their husbands. I can feel that American women don't feel so good about that idea. No matter how you may feel, you have to take the opposite way from now on. America needs Divine Principle. This is not Father's viewpoint. This is the divine perspective. You have to know that clearly. Women have wide hips like a cushion whereas men have narrow hips and wide shoulders. So you see they complement one another; woman is wide at the hips and man is wide at the shoulders. Combined into one they make a square box, a secure foundation.

Beautiful American women have been so admired, but from now on things will be different. Be careful, you American women. Do you understand? (Yes.) Women have the role of making the original family foundation. The fallen starting point has created such ignorance within humanity. How can people choose the correct way now? It is complicated. In the Last Days this ignorance will be eradicated and a new starting point, based on ideal family life, will emerge. When will we welcome that absolute love-centered husband? In the Last Days such a man will emerge, the True Father of humankind. The True Parents will be the source of True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

Humanity needs to become engrafted onto these True Parents, to this True Love, True Life and True Lineage. After the fall, all humanity connected to a seed of false love, false life and false lineage. Is this clear? (Yes.) We have to turn this right side up. This has to be clear. No matter how famous, powerful and knowledgeable the people of this world might be, they are all under the fallen realm of Satan. The way to reform this Satanic world is through True Parents' True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

No matter how powerful America may be, no one can save it except God and True Parents. The direction that Americans are heading toward is hell. All five senses of humanity are in agony. They don't want to hear, see, smell, taste or feel this fallen reality. Does the animal world practice free sex? (No.) Why not? The concept of free sex doesn't exist in the creation. It is the result of fallen human beings. Originally, woman was responsible for taking this bad action. Once Eve shared her love wrongly, all kinds of hell followed in the wake of that action. This terrible practice of free sex in today's world stems from that original action of Eve.

Women of this fallen world may appear very beautiful and enticing externally, but it is all the manifestation of a snake. Do you women understand me? (Yes.) Satan is the king of sex. He has broken the ideal world and expanded the world of free sex. This is completely connected with Satan. Do you understand? (Yes.) How can this be restored to the original position of ideal husband and wife? The fallen world cannot accomplish this. God has to send the True Love owner, the true husband. At the time of the Second Advent, the True Love owner and God will connect into one. The coming Messiah is the complete Adam physically in this world. How can God's True Love and humankind's True Love connect in one settlement? The starting point is the act of marriage between ideal husband and ideal wife. Then the love owner, who is God, descends vertically into that union. The fountain of the lineage is humanity's sexual organ. This is the original True Love starting place. True Love parents connect with that ideal love palace. This is the original starting point of True Love, True Life and True Lineage connected with God.

The ideal axis of the ideal world is originally 90 degrees, both vertically and horizontally. However, after the fall it became 91 more and 89 more. The only true settlement place is 90 degrees. The original love settlement is always 90 degrees. This pillar connects at every level all the way to God. No one realizes this. God cannot teach this. God is the True Love harvest owner. God lost the first starting point because of the fall. He has not been able to harvest the fruit of True Love. Only the True Parents understand this. True Parents are not in ignorance like the rest of humankind. Rather they clearly understand Satan's secret and God's secret. The mission of the True Parents has been to rebuild a straight highway back to God.

The worst parents, our original ancestors, sowed the seeds of ignorance through the fall. True Parents reestablished the one clear direction of God's True Lineage again on the Earth. This truth is now available to all humankind through True Parents' victorious foundation. Humankind has the opportunity to reconnect with the original true blood lineage of God. The five senses can dwell in the realm of God's absolute, unchanging and eternal love. Every woman desires an absolute, unchanging, True Love partner. Every man desires an absolute unchanging True Love partner.

Within true man's and true woman's sexual organs, True Love, True Life and True Lineage are contained. The True Kingdom of Heaven on Earth appears from this point. God's original ideal begins at this very point. Is that right? (Yes.) That means this place is more precious than anything. It is more precious than life itself. This is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven. Men's and women's freedom depends upon the integrity and absolute purity of their sexual organs. The abuse of this most precious place is the worst crime. The world we see today is the kingdom of hell because of the abuse of this sacred place. You have to know this clearly. Because of the fall, all of humanity are prisoners in Satan's jail. God has suffered in misery being unable to embrace His children until now.

The liberation of God and man begins with the establishment of a True Love couple, True Love family, True Love tribe, True Love nation, True Love world and True Love Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth. Otherwise, God can never be liberated. Humankind dwells in the realm of the fallen lost love, fallen blood lineage, and fallen life. They cannot be free in this realm of death. This is not Reverend Moon's concept. This is the universal historical concept. Is this clear? You have to understand this miserable situation. For thousands and thousands of years God has endured such a miserable situation. Because of whom? Woman and man. The liberating action of men and women is the providential history of restoration.

Father's whole life has been sacrificed and dedicated to reestablishing God's original ideal of creation on the Earth. Satan has hated Father the most and has persecuted Father at every turn. However, Father has never been defeated. Throughout Father's life, every level of society has come against him and considered him and his followers the worst of enemies. Satan's world has protested loudly against Reverend Moon. However, Father has never been defeated by their opposition. Father has only grown stronger and continued to expand his victorious foundation on this Earth. America has not been victorious over Reverend Moon in spite of the infamous court case against him and his unjust imprisonment. Father has only triumphed. Now this is being understood more day by day.

The purpose of humanity is to restore the family. In order to discover this purpose, people have to find True Parents, the true ancestors. True Parents contain True Love, True Life, True Lineage and True Family atmosphere. In the realm of the fallen world there do not exist True Love couples, True Love parents, True Love children, no True Love elder brother and sister, no True Love younger brother and sister, no True Love grandparents. There is a prevailing uncaring attitude. Therefore, the atmosphere of free sex and homosexuality can prevail. Do you like free sex? (No.) How much do you dislike it? (VERY MUCH NO.)

In God's heavenly order, which position do you think is first, father and son or mother and daughter? (Father and son.) Why? Father and son is the vertical position and mother and daughter is the horizontal position. Woman represents the earth and so woman feels like a cushion. [Laughter] This is true.

Ever since Father declared this True Parents' Day thirty six years ago, we have been celebrating this day each year in order to find the true son. Without having a true son, True Parents' name doesn't mean anything. Without True Family there is no foundation for a true nation. Without having true nations in this world there is no way to build a true kingdom. Without having a subject and object nothing can exist. Parents' position is subject position. Children's position is object position. When they unite into one they can exist for eternity. Everything within the universe operates within this subject and object relationship.

When we walk there is some coordination between legs and hands. We have two eyes and they always move in unison. When we use our nostrils to breathe in air, we use them both. Our mouth contains upper and lower lips and the two operate together. When we listen to sound it filters in through both of our ears. When you want to lift a heavy object you use both your hands to lift it. If an object is very heavy, you usually measure the weight with your right hand and then as soon as you lift it you use your left hand to hold it with both hands. Nothing is stable without the subject and object relationship.

Children need their subject. As long as children have their subject, their parents, upon this foundation history can continue. Without this relationship there is no foundation upon which history can stand. Regardless of your sex, if you practice free sex then your lineage will become extinct within one generation. Those families and nations that consume drugs will become destroyed. By taking drugs what kind of benefit can you obtain? Do you ever gain anything from becoming an alcoholic? Do you gain anything from smoking? In today's society heavy smoking is being outlawed. There is no smoking in public places anymore.

As long as no subject and object exist then nothing can exist. What are we doing within the Unification Church? (Practicing True Love.) Then what is True Love for? (For God.) Then what is God for? Unificationists are forming unique, unchanging, absolute couples centered upon True Love, creating a peaceful Kingdom of Heaven. Unification requires subject and object. A church is a gathering place for the purpose of education. Therefore, the Unification Church is a place where the teaching of unification is offered.

The Unification Church is where we build the unification of subject and object. Who is subject? (True Father.) The name Reverend Moon is more famous than the name of True Parents. In general, the world hates the name of Reverend Moon the most. However, Unificationists love that name the most. (YES.) Too much noise. We have been making a lot of noise on various occasions. When we make a big noise here, we are creating one very loud subject and object relationship.

Father spoke at the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC two days ago to over 3000 leaders of this country. What did Father tell you the meaning of Hilton was? "Hell town" representing Satan's kingdom foundation. Do you understand? To break it down feels good. [Applause] Father already wrote down the title of today's message on the board, but if he wants to finish talking on this topic it would take all day long. Do you know True Parents? (Yes.) How much do you know True Parents? Do you know True Parents as much as you know Tyler Hendricks? (More.) Of course you all claim to know True Parents. But when we say that we know and understand True Parents, is that the same level for all of us, or are there perhaps 1000 varying levels of knowing and understanding True Parents? Americans usually claim that we should respect each others' privacy. Therefore you may feel it is your own private matter as to how much you understand True Parents. As long as you cling to the concept of privacy you may get stuck and confined so that you are unable to get out from there.

Are you willing to erase the concept of privacy at this moment? (Yes.) Those gathered here today are various skin colors, but even when it comes to the color of skin some regard it as a private matter. [Laughter] Do we have to admit that as a fact or should we deny it? Whose standard shall we apply in order to understand True Parents? (God's.) Everyone, without exception, will want to understand and know True Father from the level of God. However, when it comes to the individual level, if you stick with your own level of understanding, then there are perhaps over 1000 different levels. This causes a split. Therefore, our crucial task today is how to raise our level of understanding of True Parents to the level of God. Do you want that? (Yes.)

If God closes one eye and from that view understands True Parents, is that the standard we are referring to? (No.) If God only uses one eye to observe and gain an understanding of True Parents, and we are free to use both eyes would our understanding be less or greater than God's? (Less.) If what you say is true, then how can we claim to want to reach to God's level of knowing and understanding True Parents?

If God looks at True Parents with only one eye, don't you think that He would open up both of His eyes because of His excitement and joy? Or would he close the other one? (Open both.) However, when God looks at us who are using both eyes to know and understand True Parents, and sees our low level of understanding, maybe God will close both of His eyes. He doesn't want to look at us in this state. If this is the case are we heading toward heaven or hell? (Hell.) Then as True Father stands and observes this situation with God, do you think that True Father would want to close his eyes also? Answer Father. (Open. Close.) If True Father closes both of his eyes that means we are abandoned. It is a serious matter.

God Himself has five senses and all of His senses are fully utilized to know and understand True Parents. God is doing that. However, if we had ten senses, how much of these ten senses would we be fully utilizing to know and understand True Parents? Does True Father appear handsome or ugly? (Handsome.) I don't hear the sound of the American sisters here. You American sisters answer to Father, is True Father handsome or not? (YES.) You American women may want to grab onto Father but if you do Father will kick you away. Also you may fight with one another in order to occupy True Father. Is that true? (Yes.)

American women have a high nose and large deep eyes. A high nose indicates that you are so proud of yourself. Your large and deep eyes indicate your arrogance. You have the hidden mind of thieves. Because your eyes are set deep it means you don't want people to observe you from the side. It is as if you are hiding in a way. It is true. It is fearful actually. Father's way of interpretation of the Western features is that your nose represents Satan's spear tip. Your eyes represent Satan's warehouse. Don't you agree that you are greedy? If any struggle or feud goes on in your town you never want to lose.

Is there any American mother here who can claim to have had no conflict or fight during her pregnancy? Does such an American woman exist here? Father wants to keep it as a record if there is. Please answer if there is such a person. During your pregnancy is your baby sleeping in your womb or jumping in your womb? (Both.) That is the answer of an American woman. It isn't the answer of a real mother. That is true. Most of the time the baby is resting. While the baby is sleeping in their womb, mothers don't concern themselves with the baby's state. Instead they argue and use their mouths and tongues to the fullest extent. Forgetting your baby you go ahead fighting and arguing.

As long as you American mothers maintain such an attitude with your precious baby in your womb, then these babies will inherit nervous and agitated personalities. This means that your entire nation will have no future. If Father gathers all the women of the world and gives them a competition of silence, which nationality will be the first to quit that competition due to lack of patience? (American women.) That is true. Even if Father claims it is true none of you protest that. Therefore it means that you admit it. From which nation would the remaining woman come from? Unification women.

If God wants to choose one child out of all the children born out of the women who participated in such a competition, which son would God choose? Do you think that God would choose the son of the woman who runs away first because she cannot endure the silence. Or would God choose the son of the woman who remains until the end? (The second one.) Really! You know this. From that place we can create a hopeful turning point toward the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

According to common sense it should be the Chinese woman who would win the competition. However, Father said it would be the Unification woman because all Unification women are the product of international and interracial marriages. Therefore, even though they may feel like fighting, because of the barrier of language and culture they all have to carry their burden in their heart. This trains them to be so patient. Eventually it would be the Unification woman who would win. Are you all determined to become the kings and queens of patience. The kingdom of patience. Do you welcome that? (Yes.)

Who are True Parents? True Parents have the most powerful fighting skill. God is the most powerful, omnipotent Being. As the Son of God, Father has such a power. Do you imagine God to be silent or always talkative? Heavenly Father is the king of silence. During the 6000 years of human history how many millions of times and billions of people have cursed God. They have complained against God and have done every possible evil thing against Him. Some have claimed there is no God. In spite of all of this God has done no harm to humanity. Why do you think God has endured so patiently? He has been waiting for the day when the true human beings would appear and change all of humanity around and turn them into the true children of God. This is the mission of Unification Church members. [Applause]

During half a century Father has been undertaking public mission work for the sake of humanity. However, Father has had to endure an incredible amount of abuse, negativity and misunderstanding. Yet Father has never taken revenge on those who treated him wrongly. Because Father wants to save and restore all people who have opposed him. Some people wonder why Father is so quiet in the face of such unjust persecution. Father knows that all of the negativity and opposition which comes through our five senses will eventually disappear. This is only a temporary phenomenon. It will not exist eternally. Therefore, if Father deals with this temporary phenomenon it will create a scar on his eternal life. That is why Father has not paid attention to it.

We must understand that America was originally in the position of the bride country. If, centered upon Christianity, directly after World War II America had been united with and received the Lord of the Second Advent as the bridegroom, then the world could have been restored. However, America, including Christianity, has failed. America has been like an enemy nation toward Father. But when Father came to this country he poured out every ounce of energy, sweat and blood for the sake of this country while enduring silently. That is why two days ago, when Father gave such a declaration to the people of America in Washington DC, silent God, who has been watching Reverend Moon all of these years, was there to support Reverend Moon. God has been following Reverend Moon all these silent, lonely years.

The time has come when, wherever Reverend Moon appears, God will be there all the time. Whatever Reverend Moon may say, that will be God's message. There will be an immediate response from God whatever may be happening there. This is the time period that we are now in. God is the Creator of the whole universe. You must understand that God is an all-powerful Being and even at the time of Adam and Eve, even when they fell away from God, He could have created a one-hundred times greater world than He originally created for Adam and Eve. Yet God has been patient and waiting until now. Finally, the Son of God, the Lord of the Second Advent is here. When Reverend Moon is trying to create something, God is fully supporting him. Therefore, instant miracles can occur now with God's instant support. That time is coming.

Because of Satan, Reverend Moon has been living an imprisoned life. Now God has every right to liberate him and give him the privilege to do whatever he wants to do. Amen. [Applause] You must know that the history of the Unification Church centered upon True Father, has been the history of han. However, the era of new Spring is dawning, It means all possible life is now germinating and spreading throughout the world. We are heading toward summertime in God's ideal providence. This is the time of God's and True Parents' seed, the seed of equalization. It is a forever expanding seed.

Do you want to establish such a family? (Yes.) From such a seed a sprout will spring up and eventually blossom into a beautiful flower. Can you do that? (Yes.) From that position you have to forget about American citizenship. You have to go to zero point and become pure soil that can be recreated. There is no American concept or American tradition existing in that place. Without zero point we cannot follow the path of absolute love. Today is a cosmic turning point. Therefore, you have to come to the place of absolute denial.

Do you want to be alive or dead? (Alive.) Then no matter how difficult it may be, you have to come to zero point. At the original creation time, God created from the zero center point. That point is only one, not two. Without that kind of standard we cannot be recreated. This is the providential viewpoint of restoration.

God is seeking for that original zero point. This is the Divine Principle viewpoint. You have to deny yourselves and come to that point in order to be recreated. [Father writes on the board to illustrate] After the fall everything went in the opposite direction from God's ideal. This is Satan's place [pointing to the board]. How can we go back up to God's place? This place is the zero point. This is the dividing world between God's and Satan's world. From here Satan's world completely declines. [Father continues to point to the diagram on the board] This is the dividing point of humanity.

Satan has occupied humankind's flesh body and has turned everything upside down. Now the body is taking the subjective position. This is unprincipled. The fallen world has to pass through this zero point, otherwise the original humanity cannot be recreated. Do you understand? (Yes.) Therefore, no matter how much difficulty you may feel, you have to pass through this point. Without doing so God's world will not emerge. Is this clear? (Yes.)

Father emphasizes the importance of us learning Korean. Father realizes he needs an interpreter, but he doesn't like using an interpreter. This message has to be received directly in the Korean language. Our condition is to begin our lives at the point of total negation. If Father has to speak in English or use an interpreter, it makes it so difficult. In order to help Father, please study Korean. [Applause]

Are you going to learn Korean? (YES.) Those who are more than willing to learn Korean raise both of your hands. In order to keep the place of total negation even God Himself has had to be so patient. He has had to behave as if He had nothing. We Unification Church members have been patient and silent and so people think we have nothing. Yet we have such a pride that we feel we own the whole universe. Do you follow Father? (Yes.)

Have we seen the True Parents Day in this world or not? (No.) Among Unificationists True Parents' Day is always celebrated. However, at the level of the nation and world there is no such concept and day being celebrated by all of humanity. The Unification Church possesses everything, Even when it comes to policymaking, there is no politician who can see the future and direction of this world like Father. Also there are no economists in this world who are able to see the future of the world economy as Father can. This is true of every single field of life. The Unification Church sits on top of all of them. There is no field which Father has not touched.

Within this world there is no individual whom God loves more than Reverend Moon. There is no one else who knows God more than Reverend Moon. If you don't want to, don't trust him. Father doesn't care whether you believe Father or not. It is entirely your choice. But don't you agree that there is no one else in this world who knows as much about God as Reverend Moon does? (YES.) [Applause] Once someone knows all the secrets of God he has only two choices. Either he can manipulate the knowledge he has obtained; or because of this information he can become the true son through his practice of this truth. The road of practice of this truth has been the way of True Parents. This is the true way for humankind.

We need to understand that even though Reverend Moon has been walking the path of the truth of God throughout his entire life, and we Blessed couples and some tribes have been created by Reverend Moon, True Father's role has been contained within the Unification Church. Therefore, we need a heavenly sovereignty of at least one nation which can deal with God directly. That is our goal and we are still pursuing this goal. Eventually this one nation under God will be expanded to the sphere of one world under God. But there is no such notion within this existing world. However, Father will accomplish this.

One nation under God is the motto upon which this America was founded. However, their goal was to create one world under God. This was supposed to have come about through receiving the Lord of the Second Advent. But due to their failure to receive the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II, America didn't even come to understand the notion of one world under God. Therefore, if America continues on its present path it will have no future. America still has a long way to go in order to reach one world under God. The Unification Church not only has the notion of one world under God, but also we have the understanding of one love under the cosmos. Because God Himself bows down to love.

True Love under the cosmos is our final destination. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven reaches to the cosmic eternal level. Isn't this correct? (Yes.) Do you understand clearly? (Yes.) Then are you able to reach to that final destination? (Yes.) You have to be very clear in your answer. Will you do this? (YES.) You are all influenced by individualism and the concept of privacy, and as long as these rule your lives you are committing suicide. In reality there are thousands of young people ruining their lives. We must understand that we have such an important task. Even this True Parents' Day celebration has to move through different stages, from individual level, family level, society and national levels. Finally, it has to reach to the worldwide level because True Parents have already established enough victorious foundation worldwide. We have to follow True Parents' directions so that we are able to accomplish our final goal.

Have you ever seen the silk worm? The silk worm produces silk from its mouth. When does this silk worm produce this silk? It is when the silk worm reaches the point when it has to be transformed into another stage of life. In other words, the silk worm has to die and then the silk is produced. The silk is the substance for its cocoon. When the time of maturity arrives it makes a hole in its cocoon and emerges as a butterfly. Unification Church members are now in the stage of silk worms who are fully grown and mature. We should have enough silk inside of our wombs in order to produce our cocoon. The quality of silk is so good that once you build a cocoon then nothing else will be able to penetrate it except your own teeth from inside. This is a special power. Do you understand? (Yes.)

We are now in the end time and we are surrounded by our protection which nothing can invade. Do you understand? Then eventually we can emerge as butterflies, flying freely. That means our liberation. Then we can fly up to God's throne without any difficulty. That kind of world is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is filled with freedom. What beautiful children you will be.

Once we are able to make a hole in our cocoons and fly freely then we can truly celebrate True Parents Day. [Applause] We have to think about another issue now. Who are we? Am I a being who can be separated from the whole universe and the origin of the creation? No. I am, whether I like it or not, a part of the universe. I am a product of the creation, one of the millions of eggs in existence because of creation and because of the universe. Seed and egg represent all surrounding beings. From this point expansion takes place to the cosmic level. This wonderful seed represents manhood and womanhood which, when combined into one through love represents God's hyung sang and sung sang.

From this point expansion takes place all the way to the cosmos and back to God again. Each level of expansion has the same eternal value as this seed. Is this clear? (Yes.) I'm not so sure because English is so very difficult for me to speak. It is complicated for Father. Now you understand True Parents' Day. That means anytime Parents come, you clean up your house and welcome them more than kings and more than presidents of the United Nations. In that place there are no secrets. Your center is True Parents. Therefore, as individuals and families you have to absolutely follow True Parents. Your opinion cannot stand against True Parents. Then there will be no problem. Otherwise we will not be able to achieve ideal restoration. This is not Father's concept. This the universal viewpoint.

Do you welcome this concept or not? (Welcome.) How can we make our home Parents' home so that you can become the standard to inherit True Parents' formula? Without establishing such a family, you cannot enter Heaven. Abel's family has to recreate Cain's family through the power of love. The power of love shall include and embrace every kind of power on Earth. You need to combine 160 families and then you will be able to register your nation in the Kingdom of Heaven. Without that kind of nation you cannot enter Heaven.

Even though as Blessed couples you may have many children, if you do not have your nation you will not be able to register your babies' names. Do you understand? We will have heavenly passports. The Kingdom of Heaven will be where we belong. When you are asked "where do you come from?" you will be able to reply, "I come from Heaven." Are your family, tribe, nation and world worthy to dwell with True Parents? Once we reach the tribal, national and worldwide levels then the world will include all the smaller levels. We must go after the world. Because of the understanding of this ultimate truth, our goal is the restoration of the whole world. What we have been doing is going after the world. Father has blessed our brothers and sisters internationally and interracially and through such marriages we experience life at the worldwide level. Through this we are establishing, from the individual to the worldwide level, the foundation to receive True Parents and to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. In this kingdom we will sing our songs and seek the truth and beauty of the world God originally desired.

When Father blesses 3.6 million couples, is this on the worldwide scale or cosmic scale? (Cosmic.) That is correct. Originally, Adam and Eve were supposed to receive the blessing of marriage through God. However, due to the fall they received the blessing of marriage from Satan. In the Last Days, when God looks down and sees Reverend Moon bestowing blessings upon millions of people in place of God then He will say that Father is even greater than God. Without the fall, God would have given only one blessing to Adam and Eve. Naturally that blessing would have continued and multiplied. Now 3.6 million Blessed couples represents an available power that exceeds God's power of blessing. How wonderful it is. [Applause]

Those spiritual mediums who truly wish to understand Reverend Moon should go through seven days of fasting and praying. Then they may realize the value he has. However, still they may not be able to fully grasp who he is. If they cry and pray continuously for seven days more, or forty days more they may discover the agonizing heart of God and True Parents.

That is why Father is the King of Kings. Father doesn't want to become a king, but rather he wants to make all of you kings and queens. That is the way Father can receive the glory as the parent of all the kings and queens. Now we understand the responsibility of True Parents. Since we understand True Parents then we need to understand what True Son means.

Can I have the concept of myself? You want to become the center of your family. It is possible only when you take the subject position within your family through interpersonal relationships with other family members. You cannot do this alone. Also you want to become the central person among your relatives. In order to take such a position you have to influence them in a good way. That means you have to invest yourself in them. Investing yourself for their sake means to become more humble. As your body side goes down your family side will go up. There is no other way. God Himself applied this very principle of investing and forgetting eternally.

Centering upon you the scale becomes bigger and bigger all the way up to the cosmic level. [Father draws on the board to illustrate] This is the vertical view of these stages. Who is the center? Man and woman are the center. Only the power of True Love can create unity between man and woman. We erase all fallen viewpoints by passing through the zero point and connecting with the ideal of True Love. The fallen world doesn't have the power to recreate this ideal. Only the power of the love of the King of Kings is able to recreate this ideal.

One world under God would have no limits or boundaries. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. Are you able to occupy that place? (Yes.) Is that an easy way or a difficult way? God has endured thousands and thousands of years to realize this ideal. If you recognize that reality you will realize how long your restoration may take. God understands and that is why He sent the Messiah to shorten this course of restoration. That has been God's purpose. Who is the Messiah? In the Garden of Eden there were Adam, Eve and the Archangel. The process of the fall was from the Archangel to Eve to Adam. The restoration way is the opposite way. God promised to send the Messiah as the new Adam. Then restoration flows from Adam to Eve to the Archangel.

Christianity is in the position of the bride. America, representing worldwide Christianity, should have welcomed the bridegroom. Then America would have stood in the position of the queen. This could have begun after World War II.

Two kinds of mothers and children appear here. In the original world of creation there was only one mother. Fallen mothers and children are going down. How can they go up in order to get into Heaven. There is a one-way course to Heaven. That is a one-mother and-children course. This is the elder sister [indicating to the board]. This is the younger sister. Younger sister means concubine position. This [indicating to the board] is the original wife's position. In Jacob's family we see these two branches. The denial of elder son and father took place. Restoration means turning 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

In Jacob's family his mother cooperated with him to deceive the elder son and father in order to gain the birthright for Jacob, who stood in the position of the younger son. Elder sonship was lost in the Garden of Eden. Eve made this kind of mistake. This had to be restored so that the younger Jacob took the birthright of the elder son Esau. This is the principled viewpoint. Until now no one has understood this. But before Jacob could return to God he was challenged by the Archangel. His hip bone was dislocated by the Archangel but still Jacob would not give up until the angel gave him his blessing. At last the angel bowed down and blessed him.

God's side can create a restored family. Elder brother becomes younger brother and vice versa. This was Jacob's course. God could connect with the seed of Jacob and restore Abel's family. Jacob was forty years of age when this happened. Then there is the story of Tamar who lost two husbands without bearing children. She was denied marriage to the third brother and so she tricked her father-in-law into having a relationship with her. This is the worst action. Then how come God allows blessing to come to such a lineage? No one could understand until now. Why should God bless Jacob? How could God protect the action of Tamar with her father-in-law? In her womb two twins fought each other. She prayed to God to know why. God clearly explained that within her womb were two nations. In the future the power and blessing would go to the elder son.

God has always been with the younger son providentially. From the lineage of these families Israel emerged. Israel means victorious race. The Roman Empire spread to a worldwide base. It represented Satan's elder nation. God's settlement was not in the elder position. God worked to purify the lineage in order to send the Messiah. Israel was in the position of Cain to Judaism in the position of Abel. Without unification between Cain and Abel there is no foundation for the Messiah to stand.

Historically, Cain and Abel have failed to unite and this has caused tremendous problems in God's providence. Satan has always invaded due to this disunity. Even though Israel was God's chosen nation, when they failed to recognize and unite with Jesus, who stood in the position of Abel, they lost everything. They fell under Satan's dominion. The same is true today for this nation of America that represents Christianity. If they fail to recognize and unite with the Lord of the Second Advent, they too will end up in hell.

The Christian world and the Communist world combined against me. However, neither one of them have been victorious. Only Father has emerged victorious. America has been an enemy country. The Christian world also stood as an enemy, especially during the Carter administration. However, Unification Church missionaries were sent out to 120 nations and Father's foundation spread throughout the world from 1976. The Carter administration was expelled from power.

Today we are celebrating the thirty-sixth Parents' Day. Day before yesterday, Father's speech, given in Washington DC, was shown on C-SPAN. "C" means look and SPAN means everywhere. Therefore, the eyes and ears of America have to be opened. They cannot stand in front of the real truth foundation of Reverend Moon. They have to follow behind me or be against me. No matter how much they have persecuted me or complained against me, Father has only gone forward.

Adam is God's elder son. At the time of their engagement, Joseph was in the position of elder son. Joseph's father approved of his son's matching to Mary. He hoped to make a new family and peace centering on the father and son. But Mary conceived Jesus before the marriage took place. Once this happened, Joseph's father didn't want Joseph and Mary to wed, even though Joseph did nothing. Actually Mary took the opposite direction to Eve in God's providence. She deceived both her father and the elder son.

Without Joseph's protection, Mary and her conceived child would have died. How could he protect them? God came to Joseph in a dream and told him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife. This protected Mary and the child within her womb. Mary was in the position of the handmaiden of the Lord. She obeyed God's direction absolutely. [Father draws on the board] In Zechariah's family we have elder sister and younger sister and Cain and Abel. How could this be turned around to the original position? Also within Jacob's family there was the same phenomenon at a different level. Leah and Rachel were unable to unite with each other. Without creating the foundation of unity the Messiah could not come.

The mission of Elijah was to make clean the environment in order to welcome the coming Messiah. The Old Testament makes this promise. At the time of Jesus, Elijah appeared in the form of John the Baptist. The mission of John was to cleanse and purify the chosen people in preparation for the coming Messiah. The position of John the Baptist was that of the heavenly Archangel.

At the time of Adam the blood lineage became stained. Therefore, it was customary in the Jewish tradition to circumcise the male children. At the time of Adam, Satan invaded the human sexual organ. At the time of Jesus the cleansing was through the power of love. This is the restoration course. Then a new breed of people could emerge centered upon John the Baptist. He gathered the people and urged them to purify themselves through baptism and repentance. Therefore, John and his followers stood in the position of Cain who was awaiting the coming of Abel.

Jesus came as the second True Parents of humankind. The original first parents were Adam and Eve. If Jesus had not been killed, the unification between Judaism and Israel would have come about centering upon Eve, the mother position. The Messiah comes in the position of parent and king. The king needs his queen. Jesus stood in the position of the bridegroom, and his 12 disciples, 72 apostles and 120 elders were all in the position of the bride. Once the bride and bridegroom positions united, then it was possible to return to the original True Lineage. Israel doesn't realize this. The Christian world doesn't realize this.

The first Israel and the second Israel both have made the mistake of believing that the Messiah comes exclusively for them. However, the Messiah comes for the whole world. The True Parents' position is for all humanity, not for some denomination, religion or church. God's salvation purpose is one. Today, so many Christians still believe that the Second Advent will be only for them. It is a completely wrong concept. We talk about God as being our parent, but in order for a parent and children relationship to come into being, there needs to be blood lineage. Without blood lineage there can be no parents and children. Blood lineage comes into being through the unity between man's and woman's sexual organs. Woman was born to connect in love with man's sexual organ. Is this true? (Yes.) Man's and woman's sexual organs are the places of the True Love palace.

Why is man subject and woman object? Because man carries within him the seed of life. Woman does not contain the baby seed. Woman's breasts are the property of her babies. Her hips are the home of her babies. [Laughter] Who likes woman's face? (Man.) Man is not so good. Rather woman's face exists for her husband. In God's ideal there is only one father and one mother. In this world of Satan there are many different mothers and fathers in one family. This is miserable for the children.

Shall we end here? (No.) You may feel difficult sitting there hour after hour. However, for me standing up here with so many eyes following me constantly for hours, it is not so easy either. That is true. Do you still want to listen to Father? (Yes.) I'm so hungry. How about you? Be merciful and allow Father to stop. Okay? (Yes.) You have to know how important it is that you speak Korean.

We have to clearly understand the divided family system of two mothers and two children and how to unite them into one from the historical restoration viewpoint. Without such a united family appearing on the Earth, history cannot be cleansed. It is a serious matter. Do you understand? (Yes.) Zechariah represented God's position, the result of the cleansing of the blood lineage in the mother's womb. Mary deceived Joseph and Joseph's father, as well as her own parents. This was to restore the deception of Eve. The younger sister becomes the elder sister, and the elder sister becomes the younger sister. The younger sister stands in the mother's position and the older sister stands in the position of the daughter.

Mary stood in the position of the second wife to Zechariah. [Father draws on the board to illustrate] Why, in the Last Days, does God permit divorce? The culture of hippies was that of no home, no partnership, no property and no traditional birth. They were without virtue. Those who followed the path of the Unification Church out of this culture were all turned around 180 degrees. Unificationists have a connection to everything, just like God. God desires such a love partnership. Every human being should hold the concept of kingship and queenship. Without that you are unable to connect with God.

That kind of ambition originates in God. That kind of value concept was completely lost because of Satan. The fallen history of humanity has been one of lost value and the inheritance of hell. You have to know that. How can we permit Satan to continue in this world? No matter how difficult our situation might be, we cannot permit that. We have to clean up our actions and our concepts. Who has to have that kind of concept? True Parents' children do. God cannot clean up this world alone. He needs the cooperation of His children. He has endured with agonizing suffering, waiting for this time to come. The principle does not allow God to take action on the Earth. The appearance of the True Parents is needed. True Man, True Woman, True Love and True Ideal centered upon God.

Two thousand years ago, John the Baptist testified to Jesus. He understood who Jesus' father was. They shared the same father. At the fall there came about two directions, two roots. In the time of restoration one root has to be established again. The only way is for the elder brother to welcome and serve the younger brother. Zechariah, Mary, Jesus. What should Mary have done centering upon Jesus? She should have been concerned with assisting him in bringing about his marriage. Two kinds of marriage took place within one household. [Father illustrates on the board] This is the elder position and this is the younger position. God, Adam, Cain and Archangel. Adam should absolutely follow God. The Archangel should absolutely follow Adam. This was the original ideal course.

John the Baptist did testify to Jesus at the Jordan River. Heaven opened and he received the revelation from God and he saw the dove descend upon Jesus' head. When he felt the spirit of God, he testified to Jesus. However, afterward he was blocked by allowing himself to think from his own viewpoint. Elizabeth was Mary's elder sister. God claimed back the elder sister's husband through Mary. Mary then stood in a position to be stoned to death through this action. That is the kind of atmosphere that surrounded Elizabeth and Mary. Within three months Mary conceived Jesus. This is an historical concept, not Father's concept. Jesus' father was Zechariah. Mary was in the position of the second wife, or concubine. John the Baptist understood that Jesus was the son of his father's concubine. The original wife, John the Baptist's mother, suffered so much agony through this.

From a human viewpoint, John the Baptist felt unable to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Also Jesus spoke of having to marry within one family. In Eden, Satan took Adam's younger sister. In the course of restoration, the true Adam, Jesus, had to take back that younger sister. This was the same situation, only 180 degrees different. John the Baptist was in the position of Cain and his younger sister was to be Jesus' bride. She stood in the position of Eve, younger sister. Jesus stood in the position of Adam, elder brother. John stood in the position of the Cain side elder brother. Jesus was the first true father to appear on the Earth. Jesus' wife would have been true mother. Once the true father and true mother embrace as one, then the true tradition would have been established.

Had Jesus' family established such a foundation then automatically it would have expanded to the tribe, nation, world and cosmos. Adam's position is that of the king. Through the true Adam, God would have dominion over the whole universe. Centering upon God such a foundation could have easily overturned the Roman Empire. Satan divided the world at every level. However, God is the absolute settlement pillar of the one True Love world.

Which side did Jesus' mother Mary stand on? Was she in the position of Jesus' mother or his daughter? Mother's position? (No.) There was only one mother, Eve; and only one father, Adam. On the national basis there is only one husband and one wife. From that viewpoint which side is Mary standing on? (Daughter.) What kind of daughter? Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist were all obstacles to Jesus and caused him to travel the road of indemnity. All of them, as a family, were supposed to automatically follow behind Jesus. Mary was supposed to help him in his marriage. This was her mission. Seven times Jesus explained his marriage situation to Mary. He urged her to assist him.

Originally, Mary risked her own life in order to conceive Jesus, according to God's directive. She could have been stoned to death and so Mary declared that she conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary explained it that way. Who guided her to explain it that way? Zechariah. Mary did not want that kind of concept. Mary was engaged to Joseph. She traveled to visit with the family of Zechariah for three months. When she returned she was pregnant. Automatically Joseph asked whose baby was she carrying. It is natural that he would. God intervened by giving Joseph a revelation in a dream not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife. Therefore, Mary and Jesus were protected.

Because Joseph took this kind of action the Bible refers to him as a righteous man. It was God's desire that Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist surround and protect the Messiah no matter how difficult their family situation might be. None of them wanted to protect Jesus. Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist all knew how Jesus was conceived. They all were opposed to Jesus marrying their younger daughter. This family secret phenomenon became the basis for the problem of incest.

America represented the Eve nation at the time of the Second Advent. This has the same meaning. Fallen Eve had two sons, one representing the spiritual fall with the Archangel, and the other representing the physical fall with Adam. The restoration of these two positions is essential in order to return to the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Last Days we are witnessing the phenomenon of the fall taking place among young teenage boys and girls in this society. This is the harvest time of illicit love. Everywhere we see this fallen action. This is Satan's work. Satan claims in front of God that men and women's children belong to him. Satan is accusing God in this way.

The phenomenon of free sex that we see rampant in today's world is Satan's last-ditch effort to destroy God's ideal through fallen men and women. Satan's aim is destruction of the true order of creation and creation of the kingdom of hell. Free sex, homosexuality, and lesbianism are creating the worst kind of hell on this Earth.

This is the society that has accused Father throughout his entire life. The satanic world has made a big noise in accusing Father, Sun Myung Moon. Moon means "truth" and Sun means "bright" and Myung means "combined." How wonderful this is. [Applause]

In Jesus' family God lost the positions of mother and daughter. This is a problem. How can the restoration course turn this back? Eve killed her husband three times in history: in Adam's family, Jesus' family, and the Second Advent time. The worldwide bride position of Christianity chased out the Second Advent owner to the wilderness. That world base sadness cannot be compared to Adam's family base sadness. After the fall of Adam it was so difficult for God to create the world base. How miserable for God and the Lord of the Second Advent to have that foundation destroyed by the unfaithfulness of the worldwide bride position of Christianity. Do you understand?

During forty years of wilderness course, the Lord of the Second Advent had to endure immense agony in order to recreate the lost 4000 years' foundation again. How could he recreate the lost heart of children, brothers, husband and wife, and parents? In one fallen action all of these were lost. Every woman needs to find the true man's position and true children. The time of the Second Advent is the time to reconnect to the true Adam, true brotherhood, true husband and wife and true parents.

The Second Advent comes in the position of the true father, true husband and true king. In Adam's time the elder brother was killed. In Jesus' time the true parent was killed. In the Last Days, the world king of kings was knocked down. You have to restore this. No matter how difficult your situation may be, you have to follow behind the Lord of the Second Advent. You have to follow completely.

True Father created the Women's Federation for World Peace in order to restore all that woman originally lost. You American women, are you clear? You don't need any man; grandfather, parents, husband, elder or younger brother. You only need the true Adam. Without connecting to God and True Father in the family, you cannot connect many women. Do you understand? (Yes.) This is a happy indemnity mission.

Now you have to hold this content within you, otherwise you will not be able to go over the place of liberation into freedom. Therefore, be silent and absorb Father's words. Do you want to hear more? (Yes.) From here I am appearing, connecting to God's original purpose of creation. True Parents represent True Love, True Life and True Lineage. You have to respect that position. From that place the seed of the child begins; from the position of the True Adam.

Adam's mind core and Eve's mind core come into one. Centering upon mind center or flesh center? Which? (Mind core.) Mind core first? I don't know. That's up to you. You're the expert. Mind core first, or body first. Which one? (Mind core.) Mind is the core body position. That is God's body. Which one is first to connect in an embrace? Mind core connects first? Flesh connects first? You have to be clear. The mind core. Core means God first. The owner of love is not Adam. Adam is God's flesh body. You have dual characteristic parents, horizontally represented by the flesh body of Adam's position; vertically represented by the mind, representing God. Centering upon True Love, there is one body and one mind.

Marriage is the perfection place of child's love, brotherly love, conjugal love, and parents' love. That one place is man's and woman's sexual organs. Such a marriage doesn't belong to Adam and Eve, but rather it belongs to God. It is God's marriage. Is this clear? From this point we connect to the original blood lineage. The thunder and lightning of the natural world is equivalent to the action of love between man and woman in marriage. All the cells of the body are filled with excitement and joy. Everything bursts out, making noise and lightning. Man is plus and woman is minus. Why are you laughing now? (From joy.) Joy? That's good. [Laughter] That is the most precious place of all.

This is the most precious place. At the time of the fall it became such a dirty place. The human love organ originally was the most precious place and has become the most dirty place. Can you understand? (Yes.) When your husband arrives home with a sweaty smell do you welcome him with a grateful heart? Love has the power to lift every creature up. Every morning you sit on the toilet and the smell is not so good actually. But you don't feel that your own waste is smelly. The reason is that it is all a part of yourself.

God created love partnership, life partnership, lineage partnership and conscience partnership. One body action is represented by the first embrace. There are no boundaries there.

I like the love power territory world. How about you? (We like it.) How old is Father now? Seventeen. [APPLAUSE] True Love power keeps Father a teenager. Father has spoken straight for sixteen hours at one time. Love power can control everything. You know that. [Applause] God's original principle can never be changed. The seed of son and daughter originated in Adam. What kind of Adam position? (Immature Adam.)

If the fall did not take place, man and woman would have grown to perfection and formed a family. Then there would have been only one nation. This would have expanded to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. God would have reigned as the eternal king. In the spiritual world you don't need a car and food production factories. The spiritual world is full of many kinds of fragrant flowers connecting with a True Love atmosphere. That is God's love body connection phenomenon. Who is God? Original True Parents, Original True Teacher, Original King of True Kings.

The Second Advent True Parents have that kind of concept. Combining everything into one individual viewpoint, family viewpoint, and nation viewpoint, there would be no boundaries. This is the love ladder that we climb up to God's throne. It matters not whether you are young or old -- there is no time, no space. This is the realm of limitless supply of everything, centered upon True Love. You have to reach to this place, the original ideal purpose. You have to change your concept to the ideal concept of God from now on. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Next year True Parents will bless 3.6 million couples. So many of you feel that it is an impossible number. That is a conceptual problem, not a real problem. You need the conviction that you alone could bring that number of people without any difficulty. Do you have that kind of conviction? You American people, how many couples are you intending to bring? In one night True Father's speech was broadcast through C-SPAN, and the whole country could see and hear Father. If this continued for six months, how much would this nation change its direction? It wouldn't even take six months. During forty days it could be turned completely upside down. No problem.

How can we connect the world foundation to the ideal marriage foundation? Only Reverend Moon is able to give the Blessing to 3.6 million couples. The world has never witnessed such a phenomenon. In God's eyes 3.6 million couples is far too small. Thirty-six hundred million couples would be better! How about that? [Applause] No problem. It can be done. The worldwide family base has been lost. Now the family can reconnect again to God. We can build up an ideal family, ideal nation, ideal world and ideal universe without any problem. All this can be done centering upon True Love. This is a happy, happy foundation. Will you do it? (Yes, Father.) Will you do it? (Yes, Father.) This is your homework. To create God's sovereignty on this Earth. Starting from today we are marching on. Those who pledge to do so raise both of your hands please. I believe in your determination. Thank you and God bless you. [APPLAUSE]

Let us pray.

(Mr. Peter Kim offered the prayer)

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