The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


Leaders' Conference - January 2, 1996

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1996
World Mission Center
Translator Peter Kim

It has been a long day for you. When do you want to go home? Father is leaving the country on January 5, in three days' time. The year of 1995 ended the day before yesterday. Now we are beginning the new year of 1996. The days do not change, and yet the year changes. People grow older and eventually pass into the spiritual world. However, no one really remembers what happens in each year or carries that memory with them. Each year people have plans. Individual plans, family plans, national and world plans. Yet no one is really aware of those plans when they go to the spiritual world.

If there is a one hundred year old tree, each year that tree grows larger and age marks appear within the tree as the years go by and new branches grow. Yet no tree remembers all of those expenences over the years. Have you seriously thought about death? People usually die when they are not expecting it. Since Heung Jin Nim entered into the spiritual world, twelve years have passed, but Father feels as if it were only yesterday. In a way Father repented because when Father and Mother think of those seemingly short twelve years, Mother naturally considered that in twelve years Father would become almost 90 years old. In that sense Father felt sorry.

It is an historical question and imminent task for us: how to achieve our goal within twelve years, because God's providence is now blooming. This year Father will become 76 years of age. How many years until Father reaches the age of 100? Twenty-four years. How many months? 360 months. That sounds like a long time. However, when you watch your children grow, the infant stage may be now, but they grow up very fast. When they get married you will all feel as if it were only yesterday that they were babies. Father feels the same way. This twenty-four years will pass like one month.

You have made so many pledges of determination in the course of your life of faith. When we first left our homes for the mission given by God, remember the kind of pledges we made? If we do not fulfill those promises and have to return home, how agonizing it will be for us. And the people of your hometown, when they hear about your pledges and see you return empty-handed, what will they think? Is there anyone who has confidence that they do not have to join the spiritual world at any time? What if you should die tonight? We have to think about this. The fact that we are still alive means we are standing right on top of death. This means we are fighting against death and are winning. That is why we are alive day by day. No one can guarantee to win their constant battle against death. Some day you will lose the battle and you will die.

In the mirror we may enjoy ourselves and feel that we are handsome or beautiful. However, when we die this body will rot and decay back into the soil and we will be left with nothing. How miserable. The Unification Church movement is the most precious gift for any human being. This is the place where you can purify yourself, and accomplish what God wants you to do. This is the best opportunity for you to accomplish anything as a human being. Yet when you left your home, you left promises behind you that you would become a true person, a true hero, but in the course of your life on this path, you didn't achieve these promises. Instead, you made a lot of mistakes and ended up in the spiritual world where no Unification Church members are -- in other words, in Hell, while others have ended up in the Kingdom of God. Later on your village people, your relatives and neighbors who have known you in the physical world, will join the spiritual world and realize that you, a Unification Church member, ended up in Hell. Imagine the kind of feeling you will have to go through.

In that kind of miserable situation what kind of feeling would you have within you? This is a serious matter. No matter how miserable you might feel, nothing can be undone then. While working for God and the Unification Church you were opposed and persecuted by so many people. Though you were supposed to accomplish your life's goal, instead you ended up in Hell. When you realize that you fell lower than non-Unification Church members, think about how miserable a feeling you will have to bear. The course of the life of faith is winning the battle with death.

The year of 1995 has passed. With the ending of each year we have to be grateful that we passed through it. With what substance? Not because you are still alive, but rather because of what you have accomplished during any particular year for the sake of God. What kind of result have you achieved? If you think about this seriously, you have to fight with yourself in order to find one more extra day in order to accumulate more results for God. When it comes time to go to bed at night and you try to squeeze one more hour into that day which will cover one whole day of tomorrow, then you have to accomplish. If by doing so, you gain one more extra day, what would you do? In that extra day you earned, if you are able to convince someone who can then move your entire nation, that means you are saving your nation. That one's day result is possibly saving your nation.

This means saving your time in order to do the public work you are destined to do, and disciplining yourself to follow the right course -- the course of the life of faith that we all have to walk. Do you understand this? Everyday we have to think about death. Today I am walking this way but if I suddenly drop dead what is going to happen? Even if you drop dead in the middle of your walking, if your determination was by going that way for one hour you would win one day, you will be successful. Unification doesn't come through the entire course of your life. Unification comes in one particular moment. If you have an archenemy for example, but you say one word to melt his heart, in that instant you will become friends. Then unification comes about.

Whenever you finish your mission at the end of the day, please think that through your action you want to add one more hour of success to that day. When reaching their seventies and eighties people have a general sense of when they will join the spiritual world. Those who have important missions to accomplish, like Father or other big leaders, are under so much pressure. They have a general consciousness of their death. Particularly those exiles who are caring for and loving their countries. They have sleepless nights so they can predict their future.

Father's life has been so tumultuous that he has been imprisoned and tortured many times. In each particular moment while he was being tortured and imprisoned, he thought that he must not die, because Father knew who was to be responsible for the course of humanity. Therefore, he felt he could not die. Even on the verge of death, if you truly pray and shed tears which can lead you beyond death, then God will come down and help you. Do you understand this? Torture and suffering are not the problem. Rather, you have to make sure that you accomplish your mission before you die. That is the question all the time. That is a fearful mission. Have you really thought about it?

Please remember the day when you truly dedicated yourself to God and truly worked for the sake of the entire humanity. Those days should be remembered by you. If you remember those days and the high level life of faith that you began ten years ago and yet you feel differently from that time, then you have to repent. You need to reflect deeply within yourself and ask why. It is obvious that there is a difference between your effort in giving to the public mission then and now.

We know the terminology of restoration of the cosmos. That concept includes the liberation of God. When it comes to the restoration of the entire cosmos, have we stood in the position of restoration of the cosmos for even one single day? That is the question we have to ask ourselves. If not, then what does the restoration of cosmos have to do with ourselves? We have to sacrifice ourselves and go beyond death in order to be connected to that particular cosmic mission. Otherwise we do not have anything to do with it. We cannot travel just horizontally; our life has to travel vertically upward. As you continue your life, don't expect it to become easier. Rather it should become harder and steeper.

The course of our life is one where we have to build bridges through sacrificing ourselves so many times, giving our devotion and life in order to do so. On our own we cannot complete our goal of scaling this vertical ladder. Therefore, as we continue to climb the ladder, with each step we have to shed our genuine tears in repentance telling Heavenly Father that we want to do our absolute best to climb the ladder, though we are unworthy to do so. From this position, we can beg God's assistance. That is the only way that God will come down and help us to accomplish our mission. Do you follow? You cannot retreat from the course of climbing this vertical ladder. If you fail to accomplish your public mission then you will be criticized. If you cannot climb up further what shall you do?

If you feel that you are unable to go one step further, then you have to determine to sacrifice your life in order to reach another step. When you are in the position of feeling stuck and unable to move another inch, then you have to remember the kind of course God has walked all throughout human history. God, who lost His original Adam and Eve, has not been able to restore them back completely, even after 6,000 years. When you think of this, you will feel that you can go beyond death. As soon as you feel God's heart of agony and you shed tears because of that realization, then you will be lifted up and go beyond the goal that you are trying to reach. Because God will help you. Unless we reach the point beyond our death we cannot receive help from God.

After Father leaves this country on January 5, he plans to research the ocean front in South American countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay and others. When Father thinks about these projects he realizes that they will make him fatigued. Ordinary people might feel that when they are tired they should rest, but Father feels challenged to go through the fatigue and accomplish. Father's thinking is this: if in a particular boat there are ten of us strong people, yet even if nine of the others collapse in the midst of the course, I cannot because I have the biggest mission. God likes such a person. When we think in a self-centered way God does not help us.

You ladies feel good when you apply make-up to your faces. When you are dressed up and made up and you leave your home, perhaps you meet a woman wearing rags and no make-up on her face. What do you feel when you see her? Do you feel embarrassed? Even in an encounter with such a person, you should be able to feel that she is like your mother, your sister, or your daughter. That is the key -- how to generate that kind of heart -- because God's heart always goes out to such people.

Father has experienced many different types of prisons. Therefore Father has seen people who were so hungry that once they got some food they collapsed and died. Then other inmates would take the food from the dead person's mouth and eat it. If the parents of that dying inmate were there, do you imagine they would take out the food from their dying son's mouth and eat it? (NO) If you have such a parental heart, then all the inmates of that particular prison would honor and respect you naturally. While Father was in Hung Nam prison in North Korea it could be so bitterly cold in the winter time, if you spit, your saliva would freeze even before hitting the ground. When the prison uniform was given out, it was very thin material. One shivered all night. In that kind of environment how can one generate a parental heart to the inmates to the point of being able to take off one's prison uniform and give it someone else? That is the key. God comes down to that kind of place, that kind of heart. Even if you take off your jacket in that severe weather and give to another, you don't die.

Among 240 million Americans how many of them have that kind of serious parental heart? Father really wants to know if we truly consider the Will of God as my will; if we truly consider the True Parents' will like our own. Do we consider the Will of God as something separate from ourselves? If we consider this Will of God as belonging only to God, or as True Parents' goal, then we have some distance because it is relative to us. But when we feel that it is our own will, then there is no distance. God has been seeking the restoration of the original Adam and Eve. However, He is not seeking them from some place distant but rather from within "myself." That is the attitude that we should have.

What kind of course do you imagine Father had to go through in order to determine the cause of the Fall? Have you thought about it? When Father truly felt the heart of God at the time of the Fall of Adam and Eve, Father immediately traveled to the original time when God first felt that agony and heart. That painful agony came about at the point of the Fall of Man. This pain itself forms a subject and object relationship. Therefore, Father concluded that the Fall took place due to the misuse of love. What kind of agony have you experienced because of the Will of God? If you truly feel the pain at not being able to fulfill the Will of God, your heart will travel to the point where you can find your object.

In the course of the providence, whenever Father makes a decision it is the correct one. Father does not take chances. He doesn't act on whim. Once Father is connected to God and figures out what is the most agony that God has, then Father immediately travels to that spot and can make decisions based upon that situation. Then just as God has no friends, Father has no friends. He is alone. That is why Father always feels that he has to do everything himself. Since God's dispensation in South America began one year ago, just imagine how much work Father has accomplished in that year.

Even when Father decides to have a conference on a certain day, everyone around Father tries to delay in order to have more time to prepare. But Father alone insists to go ahead, with or without enough preparation time. Because Father knows the timetable. If they truly understood what Father understands, they would be in an even greater hurry than Father. But they are so ignorant of the providential timetable.

Walking through this course of dispensation, Father has trusted our members just like his own sons and daughters. He gave much responsibility to many members. However, many of them have failed Father.

When Father looks at you all, there is no one who is standing straight in front of the Will of God. Can you confidently claim to have been standing straight for twenty years in front of the Will of God? There may be thousands of thin roots underneath you, but the central root should be just one. Where there is one central root, there should be one central trunk, not two. That is the shortest distant that you can travel. Not traveling in a zig-zag manner. Since you joined the Unification Church has your life followed the central trunk and central root? Usually, once we discover the truth we make such strong determination to give our lives. However, within a couple of years we lose our determination and we vacillate. Remember, from the central root straight up the central trunk and on top of this central trunk God's throne is waiting for you.

God has been seeking the true children who can inherit the throne of the Kingdom of God in Heaven. What about the life of Adam and Eve? Did they demonstrate a zig-zag path? That is why human history has become so complicated. This is not conceptual. This central root, central trunk and central body are still there, planted by God. But we have to find the right person who can stand in that position. The twelve disciples of Jesus Christ created their own denominations eventually. But the central root position is only one. Who can take that position? No one.

It is incredible that the Unification Church finally came up with the teaching of elder sonship, elder parentship, and elder kingship. That is straight from the central root, central trunk and central body course. This is a vertical relationship, but when we expand it on the horizontal level it spreads out from the individual to the cosmos. The reason Father is giving this special teaching is because we overcame one hurdle. Therefore, Father will not have so much time to deal with you as often as he has been doing so far. The time of the life of the elder son is different from the life of elder parents. The period of elder sonship is different from the period of parentship. When the period of kingship emerges it is a vertical time. Unlike the time of family under parentship. As Father completed his religious conference, Ecumenism in America, this realm is represented by Abel. Now Father has to create the Cain realm which will be represented by the secular world heads of state.

If Father gives them enough time to work and prepare to invite such people to Washington, then they will just take it easy. However, if Father gives a deadline of three days to accomplish then everyone becomes more desperate to achieve the goal. It is a matter of your heart, attitude and determination. The time is not the key factor. How about changing the date for the 3.6 million couples Blessing Ceremony from November 1997 to November 1996? Would you not become more serious about this event if that were the case? If Father gives the goal of November 1996, would you become more serious about this event, or would you be knocked down and give up? Even at the cost of our lives, and even after we die we still have to accomplish this. No one is going to help you. It isn't a case of firing the canon ball. The canon ball has already been fired and is on its way. Now it is a matter of hitting the target.

Without doing this, how can we restore through indemnity the 40 years of history or 4,000 years of history? We have to give our one hundred percent effort. It is all a matter of your mental attitude. With the right attitude God will come down and work through you. Do not imagine that you can sit eating your meal in a relaxed manner. Eat while on your way to witnessing. You answer well. But answering is not the key. Practice is the key. When people talk much they usually have a lot of excuses to offer as well. Do you understand?

Whenever we want to plan an event, do we need to have three weeks, two weeks or one week in order to prepare? God does not like long periods of preparation. Father is giving you a practical tip here. Whenever a major event is being planned by Father for the first time, remember that the event may be held in the future as well. Therefore, you have to make plans for the second and third conference already. Then when Father gives direction for such an event you can tell him that you are able to accomplish it within three days.

Geographically speaking, Uruguay is in exactly the opposite position to Korea. If you were to drill straight down in Seoul, Korea then you will end up in Montevideo. (Laughter) It is on the same axis. How often has Father been teaching us about the importance of axis. Already Father has thought about this axis line with Uruguay down there.

Father has been practicing the philosophy of fishing here. He gave the bait to Uruguay and then the bigger fish of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay kept their mouths open, waiting for a bigger bait silently. The bigger the fish the bigger the mouth. Therefore Father is able to hook them more easily. (Laughter) When such a central figure thinks in such a way for the sake of God, and accomplishes such events for the sake of God, then that person will never lose. In order to catch a big fish you need a big bait. When you throw the larger bait into the water, there should not be people around making a noise. It has to be quiet and when the big bait begins to sink the big fish will bite it.

The country of Uruguay itself will become a bait for bigger countries. In your case, to whom do you want to grab onto? Would you prefer to grab hold of Father or a small local leader in your region? (Father) Suppose your local leader kicks you out of the movement and persecutes you. Because of that would you leave the church? Then you are like a small leader shrimp. That means you are not even worthy to become chum. Are you bait or are you chum? What are you? We have to think about this. When Father stands before an American congregation of our members, he doesn't feel attracted by your appearance. He doesn't see anyone who really appeals to him. Father is not an ordinary person. He is different from everyone else. Do you understand that?

During the 1950s in Korea, there was a small village located approximately 55 miles from Seoul. In those days there was no nice paved roadway to that village. But during that time there were three sisters from one particular family who were praying constantly for Father to come to visit them. They often received revelation that the next day Father would come to visit them. Then they all prepared delicious rice cakes and cleaned their houses and waited for Father. But Father never came. However, instead of giving up, they continued to pray even harder. Upon receiving another revelation they prepared again. They did this so many times. How about you? If that were to happen to you, would you give up and destroy everything and complain about the revelation? Whoever complains in the life of faith will have much potential to fail in his life.

Do you have a tendency to complain about things? Someone said "no complaints," but when he spoke he didn't look straight into Father's eyes. If Father were to complain about his course of life during the past forty years, imagine how much he would have been able to complain. Keeping it all within his heart, what kind of agony would he store up? Father had absolute confidence from the very beginning that this truth would save America, Russia and the whole world for forty years. However, many people didn't accomplish their missions. If Father had begun to complain about his followers and the evil world that didn't accept him, what kind of miserable life Father would have. Do you understand?

Do you think that we would have the opportunity to even know about the terminology of True Parents? Yesterday Father conceptually wrapped up the concept of True Parents for us, but if he really were to get into details about the meaning of True Parents it might take thousands of years. We have to understand this. Father's character is like a fire. No one can compare. Yet Father is also most patient. This is where the value lies. That is why everything has been possible up until this point. What about our lives since joining True Parents? Have we complained during our life of faith up until this point or not? Those who have not complained at all show your hands to Father. The course of the life of religion is even going beyond death. We are still alive. Therefore we cannot complain.

The Bible teaches us that those who are willing to sacrifice their life shall gain it, while those who are trying to save their life shall lose it. Suppose this particular sister here was so dedicated to the mission that she forgot to comb her hair for one week and may appear as a crazy person. Yet when God looks down upon her would He love her or would He consider her as a crazy woman? (He would love her) If she is really such a person, then when God comes down and sees her, should anyone laugh at her God would punish them and give all the fortune of that person to her. We all learned from Father Satan's strategy and God's strategy. God's strategy is being attacked first and then claiming everything back from the attacker. This is a mysterious strategy. On the contrary, Satan's strategy is to attack first and ultimately to lose everything.

Our attitude in life should be to wait and understand that the road of restoration is the one where we change the road of death into the road of life. Even if it means to go to the extreme of sacrificing our lives. Then you can survive and be successful. While you are alive you have to experience death. If you have to walk such a path, imagine how miserable your life would become. Because you have to become the partner of God who has been giving and investing and forgetting. You have to become like God. The life of faith is killing my present self and preparing my future self to a greater degree. In our life of faith the most fearful thing is becoming a leader. Do you follow Father? The leader's position is one of giving and investing. Not taking from someone.

Father has now achieved his goal and is sitting on the top of the world and he knows that many important people want to meet him. Therefore, Father is retreating to the extreme countryside in South America and hiding himself where there is water, untouched soil, trees and mountains, just like the original creation of God. That is the place Father is going. Returning to nature is Restoration again. Loving that water, grass and trees there just as God loves them. God created all these elements as well as the fish in the water. All different kinds of fish. If Unification Church members catch a certain number of fish from some place, you have to pay them back by offering a month's supply of food to the fish. Whenever Father goes fishing the first fish caught is always released as a condition. Suppose Father is only able to catch one fish per day. He still has to put that fish back. Sometimes Father sets conditions. For example, if he is only able to catch one fish a day, then as he releases the fish he prays: Since this is the limit I am able to catch, by releasing this fish, then for one month I don't have to release the fish. If I catch two small ones then I will release both of them. If you have such a heart then the fish will naturally be attracted to your bait and keep on biting.

When leaders fish together with Father, the leaders sit there for many hours without being able to catch anything, while Father is catching many. Some people believe there is magic in Father's fishing pole. Even when it comes down to the level of fish, when there is a heartistic relationship, fish are drawn. That is why it is exciting for Father. People who usually go with him become tired within a few hours and try to run away. Yet for Father, he never feels tired. He can fish the whole night long. Since Father is on the topic of fishing, he is affirming his direction to you as you receive four different types of boats. Leaders of each country, you must train yourselves how to drive and repair boats and do fishing. If you do well, Father may build a boat yard or factory in your country in the future.

Father is launching the project which your ancestors are doing. Therefore, you have to have the attitude that since it is your ancestors' project then we are the ones to first inherit this. You don't like to think that way though. Some people tried to duck out when Father first tried to bring them fishing with him. But now they are crazy about fishing. Even if you want to go fishing, you cannot unless Father agrees. When you complete your mission then Father will take you fishing. Father has completed his work in other areas; that is why he is cultivating this oceanic enterprise in many ways. But if Father were to go into details about his future plans today you would all go crazy. Therefore, Father won't reveal these things now. Even if Father tells you what is going to take place this year and next year it is difficult for you to believe. If Father were to explain things that may happen in twenty years from now you wouldn't believe it. Just as the members who left twenty years ago heard Father's explanation as to what would be happening today but they didn't believe. Now, standing outside of the movement, they realize that these things actually came to pass.

Even though many of these former members have made their careers since leaving the movement, they now realize that they won't be able to take their money and career with them when they die. They feel stuck. All the money and careers they have made has been under the condition of the enemy Satan. As we continue to build the road to our physical death, are you going to build a wide enough road so that 1000 people can line up and walk with you? Is this an easy task to accomplish? If you take your life easy, do you imagine that you will be able to accomplish this? As you continue to build your road, have you thought of building it wide enough and fast enough that True Father will follow your road and even God will travel along your road through different nations? Do you want to receive True Father to your country? Originally, those who were born outside of the United States, please raise your hands. Most of you. Have you really thought about building a super highway that God and True Parents can travel along with you?

Where Father is going don't you think that God will want to travel also? Where there is a steep mountain and narrow valley you cannot build a super highway wide enough to bring many people along with you. The secret is, instead of building a narrow road due to the circumstances, you have to develop many attractions there. Then they will come. If God and True Parents come there you can show how to catch many different species of fish. Then you can explain to God how, since He created so many varieties of fish, you can catch them in all different ways. Then you can make God and True Parents excited.

When Father was recently in Brazil, he woke up before 5 A.M. and would go out to the small rivers for fishing. People would wonder what he was doing. The fish are limited in number and how much can one fish in the dark? But they don't understand. We have to be trained in many different ways, so that in the midst of a down-pouring shower, if God comes, you should be able to take God out for fishing. Also, if there is a flood and land sinks, you should still be able to find a certain spot to catch fish with God. That much training we need. Suppose there is pouring rain, but one fish bites your line and takes off. Then you have to follow that fish. In order to catch the fish you will forget about the umbrella. You will forget about being wet and still cling to your line and go after the fish. Unfortunately, after all this effort, the fish you catch is only small. Then you will begin to realize that in order to catch this little fish you got completely soaked, broke your umbrella and that when you go home your family and neighbors will persecute you.

You have to prepare yourself to be able to cope with that kind of treatment from people. In that embarrassing situation you taste life. That is the beauty of life. No matter how unfriendly or rigid looking a husband one may have, when he falls into that situation he will have to smile and be nice to his wife. Then she will realize that he is never this way, and remember that particular day as a most memorable day. Thinking power is a great thing. When you have that kind of variety of experiences you can make yourself a versatile leader. You will be able to lead in any circumstance. When someone is crying you will hold onto his ear and slap his face. Naturally, he will rebel against you for taking such action. Then you have to give him a nice reason such as, "you look exactly like my elder brother and he used to slap me a lot. I wanted to kind of pay him back so I slapped you." That will make him smile or laugh. That is how you can instantly become close friends.

If someone keeps acting like a big shot and boasts about himself, keep on praising him until he reaches the top. Once he realizes there is no way to go further up, he will plummet to the bottom. That is the time you can step on him. This kind of practice of life causes every kind of people to like Father. Not only Unification Church members. Fishermen, miners, farmers, even thieves like Father. Those thieves could sit down with Father and after listening to him speak, get up and leave without stealing anything. Don't you think this is an exciting life? Those who want to accompany Father on a fishing trip, raise your hands. If you want to be eligible to do this then establish a fishing club consisting of fifty or more members. Minimum membership is fifty.

If you become successful in forming such a fishing club membership, then some day Father may call you and tell you to bring your club members. You don't need to bring fishing rods, bait or anything. But you still have to buy the tickets. (Laughter) Then Father will take you and your club members to a particular spot where you can catch big fish. Are you interested? Father will open his eyes and watch you. Those of you who are confident to build such a fishing club with fifty members or more raise your hands while closing your eyes. Father is counting now. Keep your hands up. Please translate for the Japanese members to help them understand what I am saying. Keep your eyes closed. If you truly feel that you want to do it then please show both of your hands. If you have good fishing boats in your country you can digest up to thirty people at a time. By doing so you can train them.

Father will establish a focal point, something like a headquarters office to where you can report regarding your fishing activity. Where there is potential Father will send his representative to further investigate what kind of fish can be caught at your location. Then we will send tourists and sightseers. As Father predicted, in the near future, the world will be attracted by this industry.

Have you heard the great news regarding the Il Hwa soccer team of Korea? (Yes) Three consecutive championship victories. In this third year, after they won the championship in Korea, they were sent out as the representative team of Korea and won the Asian cup again. (Applause) We are referring to professional soccer matches with Asia. As a bonus, Father is inviting these Il Hwa soccer team members to Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay and Father will provide a match with the national teams there. (Applause)

Now we shall organize the fishing clubs. Those who raised their hands today to form fishing clubs in your countries, please provide your names on the list before leaving. When you have the opportunity to go on a fishing trip with Father do you want to cover about ten miles from your home town and go fishing or do you want to go as far as you can with Father? How far? One-day course or two or three-days' course? (One week) How about those who are willing to go around the world with Father? Raise your hands please. Go ahead and form your clubs then. This year of 1996 Father will call upon you. Four or five teams at a time may be called to Montevideo. All the fish that you catch will be bought back with the top price. If you really know how to calculate plus and minus, how many fish you catch and how much money you can earn, then you can become successful. Then wherever you go with your club members you can always rent a boat at a cheap rate and have money left when you return home.

Whoever reaches up to 500 membership will receive a mold of the Good Go boat in order that you can build your own boats in your country. Eventually there should be the entire 163 nations building boats. Then you can sell the boats and make money. Right now these boats are being built at a shipyard in Korea, but when the time comes you will be able to build your own boats and make money. In the near future there is a plan to build submarine villages. We will have submarines under the water with five or ten families living there together. Anytime you want to move from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean you simply sail there. This time is coming and we will do this.

The people living on the land will observe that a particular submarine village submerged over a month before without surfacing and so they may all be dead. However, when we have submarine villages, we will have small holes in the wall where we can stick out our fishing rod whenever we need fish. Are you interested in this life?

The big shots of the world have already covered the famous places of the world. There are beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro. There thousands of people will pour to the beaches in season. When they are in the water swimming they often urinate in the water. Those who are guilty of urinating in the ocean while swimming, raise your hands. You are laughing which means you are already guilty of this.

Suppose there is a beautiful beach with clean water and tens of thousands of people come there to swim. Then a newspaper reporter comes and takes a sample of the water and has it analyzed. If the result shows that ten percent of the water is urine then immediately people will stay way from that beach. Then where else can they go? Once they come to learn this information through newspaper articles they no longer will frequent the well-known beaches. Rather they will go to hidden, untouched, small places. Therefore, they need small airplanes and small landing strips in the remote countryside.

Actually, as long as there is land it isn't so much of a problem. In South America Father saw places where it took a bulldozer one week to create a natural landing strip. These small planes are able to land on the grass or even sand. It isn't so much of a problem. In the near future we will have many small airports throughout the world. Unification Church members will be in charge of operating them and you can live your lives on that income. Also you can go wherever you want to go. Because you are in charge of the airport airplanes have to come and land there and if they are not full they will give you a seat.

The time for automobiles is passing away. Soon we will witness the small airplane era. Small airplanes are not so expensive actually. In each country the most beautiful and scenic areas are in the remote countryside. Therefore if we were to build small landing strips in such locations and have our own privately owned resorts then people will come and visit. We are living in such a time when we don't have to own these airplanes. We can charter small planes and use as many as we want.

Suppose we have small airports in 160 nations in small scenic and beautiful resort areas and a tourism guide book showing all the different locations with information and photos. Then once you have your fishing club membership up to fifty people or more, once again you take them to different locations throughout the world. Within five years the club membership will expand to hundreds of people. (Applause) Once they come and have a wonderful experience because of the good service and friendly environment, they will be totally amazed.

The time is coming soon when there will be dozens of cruise size love boats and dozens of small submarines and helicopters. Then the love boat cruiser will drop off a group of people here and there around the world and they will spend a week in each place. Then as the boat comes around they can be picked up again and another group dropped off. This kind of sightseeing arrangement can be made. Isn't it exciting? Those who have enough money won't have to remain in one place. They can travel to the remote countryside of the world and do their work at the same time they are enjoying their lives.

Suppose one company buys twenty round-the-world tickets. It doesn't have to be limited to one person using all the tickets, but rather all the company directors and executives can share the tickets and go wherever they want to go and enjoy their lives. When you have a number of boats you can share the boats to also travel wherever you want to go. The route can be decided by yourself from north to south or east to west. This will also include hunting expeditions. For hunting purposes we can create animal farms of even tigers, wolves and lions. We can raise them and ship them to wherever we are going to do hunting. It is just a matter of shipping them from one place to another.

We will cultivate fish farming for the sake of fishing. All manner of fish can be farmed so that people can catch whatever type of fish they want. If one place has only three kinds of fish we will be able to connect it to another fish farm that has a larger variety so eventually people will be able to fish for a greater variety of fish. Father's plans are limitless. Where there is hunting and fishing then we can also create a soccer field, tennis courts, volley ball courts and even a playground like Disney World.

When soccer teams have to travel to play matches, they don't necessarily have to fly. Rather, they can take the love boat on the way. The reason for the idea of submarine villages is because there are so many restrictions due to national boundaries worldwide. If you have a submarine you don't have to be bound in that way.

You should know by now what God's future plan is. The time is now right where we shall not need school buildings nor office buildings. Wherever you go you need only have a laptop computer and you will be able to communicate with everyone. You can swap your office workers from one place to another, maybe fifty at a time. You will not be restricted by one particular bit of information whatsoever. The revolution of information and transportation technology has broadened the human horizon so widely. Video tapes will be utilized for the purposes of education. Then you can study whatever you want to at any level. That is why Father has been combining and organizing scholars from all over the world, and also newspaper organizations, in order to make propaganda. Are you interested in all of this? (Yes)

Do men like this better, or women? You American women claim that more women are interested. This means you need to learn how to drive boats as well as cars. Also submarines. Prepare yourselves.

What is this year's motto? Let's Be Proud of True Parents, and Love True Parents. Since you heard Father's New Year's message do you now feel that you know why we need True Parents? (Yes) We must understand how many murders, suffering, struggle and persecution that history has come through until True Parents appeared in this world. The notion of True Parents existed even before creation. That was the standard God wanted to see. When God lost the name True Parents because of the Fall of humankind, what agony and suffering God had to go through. This is a reality.

This is Father's written direction to you for 1996. Write it down now.

January 1, 1996 New Year's message: Let's Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents:

I. Let's be proud of True Parents.

A. The original standard of the purpose of creation is True Parents.

In other words, True Parents are the center of the entire creation. Do we want to stand on God's side, being proud of True Parents or standing on Satan's side? Instead of Satan's side, let's say human being's side or Unification Church's side or God's side? (God's side) God never had the chance to be proud of True Parents upon that original standard. If Adam and Eve had perfected themselves and become the original standard of True Parents then they would have become the pride of the entire physical world as well as spiritual world for eternity. On God's side we should be proud of True Parents and place ourselves in the position of parents to be proud of.

B. True Parents are the purpose of God's absolute love.

C. True Parents are second God.

Don't you think that we should be proud of True Parents? (Yes) The more proud you are of True Parents the greater you will become in terms of scale and size. If you do so at the village level, you will become famous in your village. Whereas if you do so at the world wide level then you will become a world leader. People will pay attention to True Parents and to God.

D. True Parents are the model of the heavenly family.

True Parents are the model to build the heavenly family. In other words, without True Parents we cannot build a heavenly family.

E. God dwells with True Parents and True Parents become the cornerstone, or foundation to build the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as in Heaven.

F. Let's be Proud of True Parents so that all of the creation, humankind and even God Himself can be happy to hear that news.

G. Centering upon myself and my family, let's prepare to expand the realm of the Blessed couples.

This means we have to bring the victory for 3.6 million Blessing due to take place next year. Upon the completion of our family we should be proud of our tribe, our society, and so forth.

II. Let's love True Parents.

A. Let us love True Parents beyond the level that Abel was made an offering, and love the enemy.

Because we all carry satanic blood lineage, we don't have any direct connection with God's blood lineage. In order for us to be qualified to enter the Kingdom, we have to love our enemy's children more than we love our own children. This will be the condition that we can be connected spiritually to God's direct lineage. That is the level we are addressing here. Originally, man was supposed to become God's true children who would naturally have a direct connection with God.

Since God's creation, human history consists of thousands and thousands of years. Yet only 4,000 years ago the foundation for God to begin the history of restoration began. Why? It was the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not because God had no interest in restoring humankind earlier. Humankind received God's love enemy's lineage. Put yourself in God's place. You have your fiancee whom you are going to marry tomorrow and tonight your enemy appeared and snatched your fiancee away from you. That man then becomes your love enemy. After several years he and your former fiancee return with their children, your enemy's children. What kind of animosity and hatred would you hold against your love enemy?

When you face the children of your love enemy you still should be able to love them more than you love your own children. That is the only way to restore this lineage. Do you think that it is possible for you? What do you think? Without question it is very difficult. In front of God there is only one Adam and one Eve. According to the Principle He cannot create other ones. Therefore, He has to restore them back to the original state. Even if you offer your love to your enemy's children more than your own children, don't you think the concept of the enemy's children will remain with you? Will you be able to completely eradicate the concept that they were your enemy's children or will you constantly struggle with this feeling? Which way? You will remember from time to time, will you not? That is why it has taken tens of thousands of years. Up to ninety percent that feeling was eradicated and then came back to the original point again. That repetition went on throughout history.

God's heart is a million times purer than our own hearts. Once that scar was engraved in God's heart because of the fall of man it couldn't be erased so easily. Do you follow? That is why God had to have Abel sacrificed. Abel's blood was shed in order to save Cain. Throughout history Abel, on God's side, sacrificed himself, begging God to love Cain more than God loved Abel. That was the way God's heart began to melt. On the other hand, think that by losing His children over and over, God's heart gained thousands of scars and dulled His sensitivity. At the time of Abel's sacrifice, Abel's appeal to God suddenly inspired God to be able to embrace Cain. That is the way you can overcome the agony and sorrow and embrace and love the enemy's children more than your own.

That process should occur from the family, nation and world level. Do you understand Father? Jesus taught us to love our enemy. However, loving our enemy is not so difficult. But to love our enemy's children more than our own beloved children is more difficult.

B. Let's love True Parents more than you love your own family members.

God's heart when he loved and embraced Cain is included here. Just like Abraham's heart which enabled him to sacrifice even his only son Isaac. The heart that enables you to sacrifice your own son with your own hand, because God's love is always restoring, embracing and loving Cain. Within yourself there is always the Cain aspect which is represented by your body. Throughout your entire life your Cain body has to be sacrificed. That is the way you can comfort your heart, the Abel part of yourself.

C. Let's love True Parents more than you love your own country.

In order to restore your country you have to love True Parents more than your country.

D. Let's love True Parents more than God loves the world.

God loved this world so much that He sent His own begotten son. Number four tells us to love True Parents more than that.

E. Where you live the life of true love is the foundation upon which God will dwell together with you and you will participate in God's work.

III. After being proud of True Parents and loving True Parents, let us give thanks to True Parents, because True Parents are the ones who lead you to save yourself, family, nation and world.

A. Let's give thanks to True Parents for being able to meet True Parents.

All throughout the course of human history, no matter what people may have desired, they had no opportunity to meet True Parents. But comparing True Parents' physical lifespan in this physical world it is like one small dot on human history. This is the particular time period that we are living with True Parents. Therefore, we should give thanks for being able to meet True Parents. The fact that we are able to meet True Parents in this particular time period is a miracle of miracles.

B. Let us give our thanks to True Parents for the fact that we learn from True Parents all the truths we need to restore ourselves and build the ideal world. Therefore our lives should be filled with thanks at all times. Just as we return thanks to our spouse whom we love, by the same token we have to return our thanks to True Parents.

C. Let us give our thanks to True Parents for showing us the way to become filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints and holy children.

Remember the main numbers: I. Let's be proud of True Parents; II. Let's love True Parents; III. Let's thank True Parents.

We must remember this. This is our mission: to let the world know whom we are proud of, whom we love, and to whom we give thanks. Let's be proud of True Parents, Let's love True Parents and Let's thank True Parents, in detail. Through this teaching we can solve all individual, family, society, national and world problems. Even the problems of the spiritual world as well as cosmic problems can all be solved with this teaching. We should make a lot of stickers, pamphlets and posters and spread it all over the world. (Applause)

Whenever you have time, go out with a bunch of posters and place them on any open space. That is your job. Do you understand? (Yes) We should be more professional than worldly advertising companies. Advertisers come up with all manner of slogans for the purpose of making money. We will do this in order to save people. Therefore we should do better. From now on there is a separate direction. Advertising and spreading Father's name is for the purpose of bringing more people to the next Blessing.

IV. Go over the goal of the 3.6 million couple Blessing

Our goal is 3.6 million couples. The more detailed title is 3.6 Million Couples Blessing. While we are being proud of True Parents, loving True Parents and thanking True Parents our goal is to reach 3.6 million couples for the Blessing. Do you follow? (Yes)

A. Completion of Tribal Messiahship

We must complete this responsibility. Whatever country you may live in, there is a head of state, a Cain-type king. As a tribal messiah you are in the position of Abel-type king. You should therefore be able to educate your Cain-type head of state. That is your original mission as tribal messiah. On the worldwide level, Father is the Abel king of all the 160 nations. The purpose of Adam's family and Jesus' was to secure the kingship. But they did not fulfill this. As you know, Jesus failed on the national level because he was unable to establish his family. Father is sending you out as a tribal messiahs to 163 nations. Each of you are in the position of a national Abel-type king. Therefore, you are the one who has to fulfill your mission as a national messiah there. Abel king of your nation.

The original Adam was in the position of the family level messiah and Jesus Christ came as the national level messiah. However, Jesus was unable to establish his family. But based upon the victorious foundation of True Parents at the worldwide level as the Abel king of the entire 160 nations, you have the blessing to form your own Blessed family. Sent out to the 160 nations in the position of Jesus Christ who establishes his own family and stands in the position of Abel king of each nation, you are, in a way, in the position of the second Adam and Father is the perfected third Adam. You are now going to restore the nation of Israel.

As you go out to 160 nations you will represent each nation as an Abel king and when this entire 163 nations are restored together then at the worldwide level Father will sit on the throne as the Abel king of the entire 160 nations. You will sit underneath in the position of national Abel kings. Please pay attention. This is very important teaching. As a Blessed couple and tribal messiah, we are all sent out to each nation. Remember, eventually these 160 nations will have to become united into one nation. One Israel. At that time True Father will be the King of these united nations. Even before that stage comes, as you work in each nation you will be working as tribal messiahs in the position of Jesus Christ, the second Adam position, while True Father will stand as the perfected third Adam and Abel king of your nation.

Eventually, when the number of countries which will totally surrender and become united with True Parents increases, then the entire humankind will be one nation and Father will sit as the Abel King of the entire humankind. We will be standing at Jesus Christ's level. However, we will be more fortunate than Jesus because we have established families due to the grace of True Parents. Once that one world under God and True Parents is established we will have state governors' positions all over the world. But there is no place like that now. As tribal messiahs you are now establishing your positions as state governors all throughout the world.

As a tribal messiah, you all have to restore the original Adam's family level foundation, then upon that foundation Father is now sending you out with your own family. This means you stand on Jesus Christ's level with the restored family as Blessed couples. Your mission is to establish foundations through helping leaders of the different nations to be united with True Parents. In your own nation serve and honor True Parents as Abel King of your nation. When nations such as this increase worldwide, the entire 163 nations will be under Father, the King of kings. One World Under God and True Parents. When such a time comes our Blessed couples will remain as heavenly citizens there. All of the satanic world kings will be reassigned at state leader levels, because there will no longer be a national concept existing, only one nation. Therefore, state leaders and state governors will exist but there will no longer be any kings. Father will be the only Abel True King of the entire humankind. (Applause)

In order to accomplish your mission and lead your nation to True Parents you have to begin by restoring 160 families. This is the first stage of your mission. Then in your own nation twelve different tribes are to be established. That is how you will go up step by step.

B. The restoration of 160 families.

As tribal messiahs this is the only mission you have to accomplish. Restoring 160 families then you will naturally belong to any of the twelve tribes. By then there will be twelve different tribes established and you will be able to register yourself with one of those twelve different tribes.

C. The completion of Adam's family.

This means the first Adam's family level as a tribal messiah. As a tribal messiah you have to complete that mission there.

D. The remembrance of Father's prison life.

As a tribal messiah, no matter what manner of difficulties you may encounter in the future, nothing compares to the hardship of Father's life course of imprisonment and persecution. Whenever you encounter difficult situations remember Father's life course in prison. Therefore, you have to become totally united with Father in heart and united with God.

E. The need of understanding or acknowledging the restoration of your nation.

F. The tribal messiahs, in the realm of absolute environment, must resemble the life course of True Parents and experience it by heart.

When Father refers to the realm of absolute environment, this includes past, present and future.

G. Organizing prayer groups of 360 people in each nation.

Since tribal messiahs are sent out all over the world, there should be tribal messiah signs hung out all over the world. The entire world should be decorated with such tribal messiah church signs. In each team there should be ten people per prayer group, praying in different locations throughout your nation. Ten people in thirty days per month requires 300 people. But you will have sixty more people so it will rotate continuously. Then if possible, twice a month all 360 people should gather together and go over the details of your prayer conditions. We are talking about prayer vigils of ten people rotating.

You all have inherited the tongil candle which should be used for prayer conditions. Through this tongil candle prayer, the entire 360 people will become totally united. Just as 360 days become one year.

H. Centering upon the Blessed couples we have to unite all the secular families.

This means your relatives and neighboring families to begin with and eventually expanding this unification of families to your 160 families. Centering upon true families, we have to unite all those families.

I. We must establish the way of unification of the world by the year 2000. We have to make the entire world unified by the year 2000. We have to provide the means or the way by then. We are entering into the time of mass migration. Centering upon your 160 families which you are responsible for, the time will come when this mass movement of humanity will take place. From one nation to another. The time of mass migration means that the time has come when Father has to re-shuffle in terms of structure of our leadership.

When 160 families centering upon their tribal messiah move to Korea then the Korean people will have no place to go. Therefore they will have to move to Africa. This kind of exchange migration will occur all over the world. At the time of Stalin in the former Soviet Union, Stalin was the satanic messiah figure. He actually tried to practice the migration method. For example, moving 300,000 Korean residents from one section of Siberia to another, they were dropped in the wilderness and told to live there. Kim Il Sung practiced the same thing. But when our time begins it will be only voluntary. No force will be used. Therefore, if America is unqualified to register they will be the last. There will be no racial discrimination whatsoever. First come, first served will be the rule.

Because of the Fall of Man God lost the first, second and third generation because they all belonged to Satan. At the time of restoration, centering upon True Parents as the first generation, now the second generation position is held by tribal messiahs. Our responsibility is just enormous. We are unable to fully comprehend how enormous. We have to become bridges. Do you understand? The entire humankind was supposed to become the children of God. Due to the Fall, all became the descendants of Satan. Now at the time of restoration we all have to switch our position. Turn 180 degrees toward God's side. That is the massive task before us in the field as tribal messiahs. Don't you agree?

This is not Father's own thinking but rather the Principle of Restoration. That is why Father tells us that mass migration will occur. The Japanese cannot live their entire lives in Japan. They may have to move someplace else. According to their order of registration on the list, the first on the list will probably go to Korea, while the second tier will probably go to Japan and third tier to Archangel country. In this way people will move. Do you understand? That is how the course of restoration will take place.

One lineage, one culture, one tradition will be established. Do you have any questions about it? In order to prevent any confusion or complexities when this type of mass migration occurs, Father is preparing already through international, interreligious, interracial Holy Wedding Ceremonies. Naturally, all those Mafia and evil groups of people will be eradicated, chased out. Once this heavenly sovereignty takes place, it won't matter if you have a million dollar house or assets. Once your destination is decided you have to go. If you want to secure the position of restored Adam, you have to go out to the secular world and bring your Eve to be restored. The men are supposed to move to some place and restore the women there for the Women's Federation for World Peace. This is how you will restore the Eves.

If your husbands are being mobilized by Father to go to another country in order to restore the women of that country through Women's Federation for World Peace, then wives should remain patient and await your husbands' return. That is why Father has trained you in all the tactics of fundraising. Who is usually better at fundraising, men or women? (Women) That is right. Therefore, when your husband is away don't go far away to do fundraising, but stick close to your neighborhood and try to make your livelihood there.

In order to fulfill our mission we have to come up with a certain determination. Father's next title is:

V. My Pledge

A. My pledge is to do my mission.

B. I will win victory.

C. I will bring the result. Without bringing the result your world will be in vain.

D. I shall become the exemplary person within my country. This means under the existing sovereignty or national flag. That is how you will be connected to the world.

E. Tradition of True Parents, true teacher and true king in our daily lives. This means, as Father has taught us, our conscience precedes parents, teacher and master or king. Centered upon our conscience we shall establish the tradition of True Parents, True Teacher, True King in our daily life foundation.

This is our pledge and determination today.

Father will not give you a timetable of when he will restructure the leadership and move people around. However, someday he will do these things. Father is giving you time, particularly wives, in order that you can prepare yourselves on how to support your families without your husbands. Sooner or later Father will mobilize your husbands to some other place for another mission.

According to God's timetable, those who were born prior to 1945 must be mobilized this time, because they belong to the Cain side. They belong to World War II. Those who were born prior to 1945 were supposed to belong to the Lord of the Second Advent. Directly following World War II, had Christianity not rejected the Lord of the Second Advent, you who were born prior to 1945, would naturally, automatically belong to the Lord of the Second Advent. Then together with the Lord of the Second Advent, you are the ones who were supposed to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

At the time of Jesus' birth, the Romans were taking a census and each citizen had to go to their birthplace in order to re-register. Likewise, those of you who were born prior to 1945, after forty years of wilderness, you are supposed to move with Father in order to return to your own home. Your home means True Father's home. You have to follow Father like following Moses. It is a big challenge, is it not? When the time comes for you to move yourselves, those who have less property will have it easier. Therefore, make sure that you lead a simple life.

This is the Will of God. I don't have a choice. Without accomplishing these things how can we expect to restore the entire world so that no discrimation exists? There is no way to do so. Our future generations must be able to inherit heavenly tradition through us. But there is no heavenly tradition whatsoever in this world. Therefore, Father established tribal messiahs and sent them out in order to establish heavenly tradition in all the nations of the world. If in fact, right after World War II had the 800 million Christians of the world accepted Father as the Lord of the Second Advent and united with True Father, tribal messiahship would have been established. Then the entire world would have been restored overnight. It would not have taken a long time. But because of the rejection by Christianity of the Lord of the Second Advent, the last nation became the first nation. Turning 180 degrees. For example, Japan was most miserable directly following World War II, but now Japan has become the number one country economically in the world. However, if Japan fails to accomplish her mission, then Japan will become the last once again.

The Christians of Korea rejected the Lord of the Second Advent; now as the Unification Church membership grows and people from all over the world rush into Korea, the Korean Christians will have no place to go. There is no choice for them. They have to move from Korea. Don't you think that it is logical? Where else can they go? They cannot continue to live there.

God's ideal of establishing the elder sonship and parentship and kingship within the three generations of Adam and Cain and Abel, was destroyed by the Fall of Man. Everything was lost. In the Last Days, centering upon the Lord of the Second Advent, out of nothing Father has to create these different generations as well as the restoration of lineage, true ownership and heart. This restoration of heart represents restoring Adam's family. Unless you have the same heart you cannot receive the Blessing. As long as this Principle exists then there is no other choice but to build the unified world eventually. Once you truly understand this truth you have no other choice but to study Korean and master it as a language.

Suppose there are ten people existing in similar situations. If any one of them speaks Korean fluently and understands the Korean culture, that person will become the first choice when it comes to restoration. Another privilege or advantage is having an international marriage. If Japanese people wish only to marry with other Japanese then they will fall behind. This applies to all nationalities. This is a very serious teaching that Father is giving. We need a very clear understanding. When the time of kingship comes we all have to re-register as citizens. Therefore we need to have a clear understanding of what Father is teaching us. The era of elder sonship and the era of parentship is now passing. We are entering into the era of kingship. We need to clearly understand in order to be able to complete everything.

We will have many different tribal messiahs and they will all be registered under twelve different tribes. This is a very senous matter. For example, the Kamiyama tribe may now be registered under that name, but at the time of this re-registration if some of the Kamiyama tribe members are left out, for whatever reason, then once registration is completed they will have no place to go. They cannot re-register in the Kamiyama tribe at a later time. They will have to try to re-register under another tribe and will encounter difficulties. Do you understand?

If the entire world had received True Parents directly following World War II, then the entire world would have been able to register. Even after entering the Kingdom of God we all have to be mixed. That is why Father is encouraging you to enter into international marriages in order to prepare for this. Since the Unification Church international Blessed couples are in the Abel position to the internationally married couples in the secular world, our internationally Blessed couples must be able to save them. These secular internationally married couples may feel lonely and be comforted to find other international couples such as our Blessed couples. Then it will be easy for them to come and attend the Blessing through us. This is how we will be able to restore them.

In order to save Japan, Father has instructed Reverend Kwak to mobilize the nations of Canada, Philippines, Taiwan and New Zealand so that these four nations will have a sisterhood relationship in each prefecture with Japan. There are 55 provinces within Japan and these four nations will establish sisterhood relationships with each province. Father already instructed Reverend Kwak to accomplish this. While Father was in the Philippines delivering his speech, two Japanese leaders came there to give a report to Father. At that time Father instructed them regarding these sisterhood relationships.

You have responsibility now so don't pay attention to where Father may go from now on.

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