The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True God's Day Midnight Address

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1996
World Mission Center
Translator Peter Kim

The purpose of the creation was to see the coming of the True Parents who would create an ideal world. This has been the desire of all creation, including human beings, as well as God's desire from the beginning of time. Without the Fall, Adam's family could have become the ideal family which God originally intended to see. It would have become the perfected family through whom God could have worked.

If there had been no Fall, Adam and Eve would have become the True Father and the True Mother of the universe. They would have been able to embrace all of the created beings from the mineral kingdom right up to men and women. They would have functioned as the True Parents to the entire universe. God's desire at the time of the creation was to be the center of the universe through the perfection of Adam and Eve. Who then was Adam? He was God's elder son. Adam should have become totally one with God and become the True Parent of all mankind. Adam was also to have become the king of kings. If Adam and Eve had reached the level of True Parents, then the entire human race could have become their younger brothers and sisters, also children of True Parents, and the subjects of the true king and queen.

Adam and Eve were to have become the True Parents who were to receive love from God for the first time. Also they were to become the king and queen who would interact with God at the beginning. Elder son position, parents' position and king's position was supposed to have been taken by Adam. Through establishing such a vertical relationship with God, Adam and Eve should have expanded their horizontal foundation to the family, tribe, society, nation and world levels. This automatically would have become the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as the Kingdom of God in Heaven.

Because of the Fall of Man, Adam and God lost everything. This has caused agony to both God and humanity throughout history. The vertical order could have continued undisturbed had the Fall not taken place. God in the position of plus, Adam in the position of minus should have become absolutely one. Then once Adam was in the position of plus, Eve was supposed to be in the position of minus and they were to become one again. Eve, standing in the position of plus as mother, her children Cain and Abel, should be in the position of minus and become one with her. As you know the providence of restoration is the providence of recreation.

What is the formula that needs to be applied for the recreation process to occur? The formula of the creation process is that God first created the environment. Second, He created subject and object. Third, reciprocal relationship between subject and object. Within the realm of the environment, the subject and object relationship always exists. Therefore, when progress occurs, there is always give and take between plus and minus from the smaller scale to a larger scale. This is how progress takes place. Even in this gathering here today, there is always subject and object relationship operating. Father standing in the position of subject to us all in the position of object.

Within the environment, beginning with the mineral kingdom up through the plant and animal kingdoms, we find plus and minus. Within human beings we find man and woman. Without the subject and object relationship nothing can exist in this world. This is the formula. God in the position of plus, Adam in the position of minus become one. Then Adam in the position of plus, Eve in the position of minus become one. Then Eve in the position of plus, Cain and Abel, as children, in the position of minus become one.

Once Adam and Eve became totally united, then without God's help they would be able to bring total unity between parents and children. Once Eve in the position of plus and Cain in the position of elder son become one, then without help from God or Adam they can exist because of this formula. The subject and object relationship has been established. Likewise, once Cain and Abel become one, because of the universal formula, they are able to exist. We need to apply this same formula to the restoration of humankind. This original order given by God at the time of creation was destroyed by the Fall. Therefore, in the place of God, Satan came into being. All the figures of the original order were erased. Originally, God was to stand on the top. However, due to the Fall, Satan took the top position. For the purpose of restoration, God had to take the bottom position.

In the history of restoration we have to reverse this course. Therefore, Abel, the younger brother, has to take the position of elder brother. Cain would then come down to the younger son's position. This exchange takes place between Cain and Abel. Cain was born as the elder brother, but due to the Fall, Cain should take the younger son's position and Abel should take the elder son's position. Originally God was supposed to be positioned on the top and Satan at the lowest level. But these positions were reversed. The restoration process occurs from the bottom to the top. This has taken thousands and thousands of years for God to go up from the bottom.

Human history has been one of struggle. At the crossing point Satan started coming down and God started going up. This meeting point or crossing point is interpreted as the Last Days. The left side represents the evil world and the right side represents all the goodness. On the left side we see false parents and on the right side True Parents. After this crossing point of the Last Days, everything will be reversed. The good side will absorb the side of evil from the individual to the universal level. God's originally intended family should be established and that family should be expanded to the worldwide level.

When it comes to the formula for restoration we need to remember that Cain should come down to the younger brother's position. Abel should come up to the elder son's position. This reversing order needs to occur. Otherwise, there is no way for restoration to occur. At the time of Adam there was a failure at the family level. At the time of Jesus Christ this was to be restored at the national level. But again there was a failure. In the Last Days, at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, the worldwide level restoration needs to take place. Human history has developed from the Cain and Abel relationship at the individual level, then expanded to the family level, tribal level, society level, national level and worldwide level of Cain and Abel relationship.

We must understand when we look at human history, there has always been a Cain and Abel struggle. It has manifested through all manner of battles and wars. In Adam's family parents were lost and so the children, Cain and Abel, fought to the death. It is almost unimaginable that the first family which God created ended in bloodshed. The result of the Fall was God losing His elder son, also parents' position and king's position. These three positions were lost at the time of the Fall. In order to achieve the restoration of humankind there needs to be a reversal of order. This needs to occur from the individual level to the world level.

We always feel that our body is leading our mind. That is the battle we face daily. Because of the Fall, all humankind has now to go through all of the steps back into the original way. We are presently within the fallen world and so we have to go in the reverse direction. That is why we always feel such struggle between our mind and body. Originally, the top was the plus position, and bottom was the minus position. However, this order became reversed. Individually we experience struggle between our mind and body.

Our body was to have been led naturally by our mind. Because of the Fall all of humankind is now in the position of constantly experiencing struggle between mind and body. The body, which was supposed to have been in the position of minus, has been acting as a plus toward our mind. If we pose the question "does the body lead the mind or the mind lead the body most of the time?" everyone will know the answer because we are experiencing this daily. In order to reverse it to the original position we need help. That is why God established religions in order to assist us. The major religions teach the subjugation of the body so that it may follow the mind. The major religions all teach human beings to do that which the body hates to do most. For example, fasting and sacrifice. Religious people have often become complete offerings, which entails shedding blood.

Do you like to believe in religion? Our bodily desire is so strong that we have to push it all the way down to zero level and train it this way for at least three to five years. Otherwise you cannot eliminate your bodily desires. The Fall took place in the growth stage. There was no elder son's birthright, parentship or kingship established at the time of Adam and Eve.

Because Adam and Eve lost the positions of elder sonship, parentship and kingship, God took all of these positions back and kept them. Adam and Eve secured the satanic elder son's position, satanic parents' position, and satanic king's position. God had nothing to do with these positions. Therefore, God took the original positions back to Himself.

In this satanic world there is constant struggle between good and evil taking place. This is Satan's strategy which prevents humankind from being restored back to the place of the conscience. Therefore, we can interpret the meaning of the Last Days as the time when the satanic goal is achieved, and God's ideal goes down to zero. Look at the secular world. Truly we are living in the Last Days. Without the Fall, all of humankind would have become totally one. Beginning at the individual level, unity between mind and body, at the family level, unity among family members. All should have naturally become one and built such a nation and world. Then only peace, prosperity and happiness would have existed. However, due to the Fall, the world has become Hell on Earth where all manner of evil and destruction takes place. We also are witnessing the extreme of individualism rampant in this world. This is clear evidence of the Hell we now live.

Do you prefer individualism or living for the sake of the whole? (Wholeness) What about people in the secular world? (Individualism) How about America, does it enjoy individualism or wholeism? (Individualism) Therefore America is doomed to perish. There should be no practice of free sex, nor concept of homosexuality, lesbianism, and drug addiction. But in reality this nation of America is full of these evil things. It has become Hell. In order to walk through the stages of restoration we have to reverse the order. If America is enjoying such evil things, then in order to follow God's direction we have to turn around 180 degrees, which is exactly the opposite way in which America is heading now. Who is practicing this 180 degree opposite way to America? The Unification Church.

Do Unificationists practice free sex or purity? (Purity) How about free marriage? Free dating? Without official permission from God the Unification Church does not allow any sexual activity between men and women. Can you date as members of the Unification Church? (No) What comes first, your Holy Marriage or dating? (Holy Marriage) As Unification Church members do you want your spouse to have had a lot of experience of dating members of the opposite sex? Or, would you rather have a spouse with no experience whatsoever of dating? (No experience)

We have to draw the conclusion from the formula upon which God created-God and Adam, Adam and Eve, Eve and children. These plus and minus relationships have to be established. Once we become totally one in mind and body then we can fall into this category of perfection of subject and object relationship within ourselves. In men and women there is plus and minus, mind and body. This is the formula which comes from the original creation. For the sake of recreation we have to apply the same formula. Once plus and minus become totally united within man and woman, then man and woman as subject and object become totally united. This unit then reaches the position of reciprocal partnership. This is how progress occurs. Such parents, with total unity between mind and body and husband and wife, become plus position to their children in the position of minus. Between parents and children total unity will occur and become a family unit. In position to the tribe or clan, the family will be in the position of minus and the tribe will be in the position of plus. That is how expansion occurs, to the national and world levels.

Actually, if we understand this formula we will be able to understand the theory of evolution. As a woman you all want to become the queen of queens. Likewise all men desire to become king of kings. But there is a course that we have to follow from the individual level to the worldwide level in order to reach that goal. These different stages are like steps of a ladder. Even if you want to become queen of queens and king of kings, you must go through these stages. Otherwise you will not be able to reach this goal. First of all, your mind and body should become totally united. Next level is total unity in the family. From there it expands to the tribe, nation and world.

Whenever there is a larger scale unit than the one you are part of, you naturally have to adopt the object or minus position. As long as you have consciousness of self, realization of self, it is more difficult for you to become united with your subject, the unit larger than yourself. At the crossing point here you have to go through the position of zero. Total negation of yourself. That is the position from which you can progress again. The zero point represents us going totally against our mind and body which belongs to this satanic world. Without doing so we cannot reach the position of zero. Being absorbed by what? Money, knowledge, power and politics? No. Because of love human history came upside down. We therefore have to restore human history through love.

God must begin from the lowest position. This means God has to work through Abel who is in the lowest position, then He has to assist Abel to take the elder son's position, Cain's position. At the same time, Cain should come down to the younger son's position. Therefore we have to deny our bodily desire. There should be no self-consciousness existing there. This is how restoration progresses. Cain who represents Satan, comes down to the younger brother position. Abel, who represents God, should go up and take the elder brother's position. The course of restoration goes such a way.

Adam and Eve, in the position of parents, started this struggle due to their Fall. Until the Lord of the Second Advent comes to this world as Parent, restored perfected Adam, this struggle between Cain and Abel on the worldwide scale will continue. Because of the failure of parents within Adam's family, Cain eventually killed Abel. Therefore, at the time of Jesus Christ there should have been unity between the nation of Israel and Judaism. Israel in the position of Cain and Judaism in the position of Abel should have totally united into one. Based on that total unity they should have become one with the bride of Jesus Christ who was supposed to be in the position of mother, restored Eve's position. Then upon that foundation they should have become totally one with the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, who came in the position of father, restored Adam. Then the Kingdom of God could have been built at that time. However, this did not take place.

At the time of Adam and Eve, the failure was at Adam's family level. At the time of Jesus Christ, as Father described, if this restoration process had been successfully achieved by Israel and Judaism with the bride of Jesus, then on the national level restoration could have taken place. Then the family level restoration could have occurred at the same time. However, due to the failure of the Israelites and Judaism Jesus Christ was crucified. The history of Cain and Abel began again with the thief on the right and on the left. With the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, humanity lost parents again. Therefore, the Cain and Abel struggle began once again. This time from the national level the struggle expanded to the worldwide level.

At the time of Adam's family Abel represented the right wing, and Cain represented left wing. But at the time of Jesus Christ, on the national level, the right-hand side thief represented right wing, and the left-hand side thief represented the left wing. This eventually expanded to a worldwide level. In modern terms we refer to right and left wing struggle on a worldwide scale taking place. The parents were lost at the family level at the time of Adam, and at the national level at the time of Jesus Christ. This struggle from Adam's family level to national level at the time of Jesus Christ, and the worldwide level all started and still continue because humankind lost parents. Because there are no parents, humankind is struggling as younger and eider brother. The Lord of the Second Advent comes as the parent who will stop this conflict between brothers. The Lord of the Second Advent comes as the perfected elder son, the perfected parent, the perfected king.

Immediately following World War II, Great Britain, America and France, the allied countries and Germany, Japan and Italy, the axis countries represented two groups. In order to restore what was lost at the time of Adam, God created these two groups. Great Britain represented the mother, Eve and America represented Abel and France was Cain on the heavenly side. On the satanic side, Japan represented the mother, Eve, Germany, Abel, and Italy represented Cain. Great Britain gave birth to America. All three nations had been enemy nations at one time or another. Great Britain is an island nation. In Adam's family we lost Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Right after World War II, at the national level, all these symbolic figures were prepared by God.

The axis countries on the satanic side were in the position of Cain, plus. The allied countries on the heavenly side were in the position of Abel, minus. That is why axis countries attacked allied countries first. At the end of World War II these allied countries won the war. By doing so the positions were reversed. Allied countries became plus and axis countries became minus. The order was reversed. During World War II these axis countries tried to destroy the religions of the world. As we know, six million Jewish people were massacred as well as millions of Christians. It was the expansion of the struggle between mind and body. Our body is always attacking and repressing our mind. By the same token, on the worldwide level, during World War II, this happened. The axis countries tried to subjugate the allied countries.

When the allied countries won the war, they should have embraced the axis countries and become totally united. Had they done so they could have established mother's position, Abel's position and Cain's position all united. At the time of Adam, on the family level, we lost the mother's position, Abel's position and Cain's position because of the Fall. However, after World War II had these allied countries done what Father explained here, then based upon this total unity on the worldwide level the Lord of the Second Advent could have come as the True Father of humankind. Then the Kingdom of Heaven could have been built on Earth at that time.

Christianity is interpreted as the bride culture. All the allied countries centered upon Christianity were supposed to receive the bridegroom at the end of World War II. For the first time in human history that was the chance to unify the entire world. Again, these united allied countries, even including the former axis countries, should have received the Lord of the Second Advent at that time. This is the historical formula. Had the allied countries, centered upon Christianity, received the Lord of the Second Advent as the True Parent of humankind, all that had been lost from the time of Adam could have been restored at the worldwide level. Then the True Parents who were lost at the time of the Fall, and even God who was lost, could have been restored through indemnity.

Had this occurred, then from 1945 which was the end of World War II, within seven years, by 1952, the Kingdom of God on Earth could have been established. Because of the Fall, humankind didn't even have the concept of parents, and so no concept of True Parents. That is why the Bible tells us that the day of the Lord of the Second Advent will be known to nobody. Only God Himself will know. What if the Lord of the Second Advent came upon the clouds? Would there be anyone who would not know? Everybody would be able to see if that were the case. What does it mean then, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes nobody will know? At the time of the Fall humankind lost their parents. We don't know for whom we are looking. Did anyone know that John the Baptist came as Elijah in his day? No.

At the time of Jesus Christ the people were expecting Elijah to appear from the sky in a chariot of fire. Yet, Jesus told them that John the Baptist was Elijah. But people didn't recognize this fact. That is why he was finally crucified. Also, at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah will come as a physical man and nobody will recognize him. Just as in the time of Jesus, when John the Baptist came as Elijah, not in a chariot of fire from the sky but as a physical man, likewise the Messiah will come with a physical body also. If after World War II these allied countries had totally united and had seen the Lord of the Second Advent coming on the clouds what would have been the outcome? They could have welcomed and received the Lord of the Second Advent wholeheartedly. However, the Lord of the Second Advent came as a man and so they could not accept and believe.

Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? True Parents to humankind. True Parents are in the position of perfected elder son. Because Satan took away the elder son's position at the time of the Fall, then the Lord of the Second Advent should come in the position of restored elder son, the first parents and the first king.

The position of Eve was erased due to the Fall. In the course of restoration once total unity between Cain and Abel is established, they have to find the new Eve which can be created because of their unity. That is the course they now have to follow. This Cain and Abel relationship must come through the struggle and finally achieve the total unity and come to unite with the position of Eve, their mother. Once they become totally united with Eve, their mother, then they can come back to the original Eve's position. The satanic side Eve's position will be transformed into the heavenly side Eve's position.

Again, right after World War II, these particular relationships between Cain and Abel were manifest on the worldwide scale among the allied nations of Great Britain, America and France. This same relationship was exhibited here. For the first time in human history this unity between mother and children, Cain and Abel, was established right after World War II. If, based upon this foundation, they had received the Lord of the Second Advent as their bridegroom, then in the year 1952 the liberation of women would have been declared. That means the era of Mother could have begun right there. However, due to the failure of these allied countries and Christianity, another forty years of wilderness course took place.

Even though God prepared these nations to such a stage that they could receive the Lord of the Second Advent as perfected elder son, as perfected true parent, as perfected king still they failed. Therefore, this victory centered upon Christianity, was claimed by Satan again.

At the time of Adam and Eve, on the family level, the first misery of humankind took place. However, right after World War II we are talking about a worldwide scale Fall. Therefore, it was a million times more miserable than at the time of Adam and Eve. The world Christianity created the biggest crime in the world because they didn't receive the Lord of the Second Advent. The mission of the Lord of the Second Advent, right after World War II, was to establish the Kingdom of God from the individual, family, society, national and worldwide levels; building the ideal world in other words. However, due to the failure of Christianity everything took place in the opposite direction. From the individual level to the worldwide level it became the living Hell.

Originally America was in the position to become the restored Adam's nation by receiving the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II. This restored Adam nation of America was supposed to have been engrafted into the perfected Adam, who comes as the Lord of the Second Advent, who comes with the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as well as in Heaven. However, instead of being engrafted into the perfected Adam, this restored Adam nation of America rejected him and chased him out. This perfected Adam who came as the Lord of the Second Advent could not go back to God. Number three is supposed to be the perfection. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent was chased out to the wilderness to wait for the right time.

He was supposed to be received and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. However, due to the failure of Christianity he was chased out to the wilderness and everything was taken by Satan again. Look at the world today, particularly America. How much extreme liberalism is dominating this nation of America. How could it be possible? This is not empty talk. This is the reality of the secular world. Who could imagine that the free world, which is centered upon the spirit of Christianity, could come down to such a low level within forty years. After World War II, Christianity chased out the Lord of the Second Advent to the wilderness; they therefore have come down to an even lower level than the wilderness. They have been living in Hell. Failure took place on the worldwide level. Therefore, from the worldwide level at the top, all the way down through the society, tribal, and family levels of this world have been destroyed.

America has enough super power to control the world, yet America has nothing to be proud of. Instead, America is going down the drain. Why? Because America rejected the Lord of the Second Advent. Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? (Father) What kind of Father? (True Father) True Father, true king, true elder son. When the Lord of the Second Advent was chased out to the wilderness he had to begin from scratch. He didn't have his family, tribe, nation whatsoever. By the same token, America who rejected the Lord of the Second Advent, lost everything. America now doesn't know where to turn for the future.

Even though Reverend Moon was chased out to the wilderness, Satan has known all these years that one day Reverend Moon would return. As long as Reverend Moon survived he would return as the Lord of the Second Advent. Satan knew that the Lord of the Second Advent came to this Earth with a physical body. Satan knew that this Lord of the Second Advent could not live for 4,000 years with a physical body. Satan concluded that he would come back within forty years in order to restore this world. That is why Satan has done his absolute best to destroy the foundation of this world that the Lord of the Second Advent was supposed to stand on. That is why this world is now a living Hell.

The Lord of the Second Advent who was supposed to be in the position of the king of kings, was chased out to the wilderness and driven down to the lowest possible level. That is where he had to begin again. Just as our body has been leading our mind, the Lord of the Second Advent, who lost every foundation and was chased out to the wilderness, had to endure the persecution of the satanic world. The flesh body represents Satan's domain. The history of the Unification Church has been one of fighting all these social evils, such as free sex, homosexuality, prostitution, and so forth.

Had the allied nations, centered upon Christianity, received the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II, then he could have established his true family. Based upon that true family there could have existed the true tribe which would have expanded to the worldwide level. The re-unification of Korea could have taken place at that time. That means, the late Kim Il Sung who claimed himself as the father of the North Korean people, would not have come into existence. Kim Il Sung was in the position of atheistic, satanic father. If unity between mind and body had existed, there could have been only one father. But due to disunity the bodily father, Kim Il Sung, appeared.

The Korean peninsula was cut in half and North Korea followed atheism and South Korea followed the world of religion. An expansion of this to the worldwide level is described as the Cold War, the communistic world and the free world. During this Cold War period, there was a vertical confrontation which took place between North and South Korea and a horizontal confrontation between East and West Germany. Due to the unification between East and West Germany, the time is coming for the vertical re-unification between North and South Korea.

Had the allied countries received True Father right after World War II, the re-unification of Korea would have taken place right away and become the fatherland. The fallen world doesn't have a fatherland. This is a problem. This was the first time in history that the appearance of the fatherland took place. This is not a concept. This is reality. However, no historian is aware of this truth. America is unaware of this truth. If such ignorance persists, America will perish. Reverend Moon came to America to prevent America's demise. Without Reverend Moon, America would have vanished long ago. The Lord of the Second Advent must unite the free world and the communist world. Jesus Christ came as the parent on the national level. The Lord of the Second Advent came as the parent on the worldwide level. That is why the worldwide communist and free world should become one under the guidance of the Second Advent.

Reverend Moon is holding the key. He is the one who made it possible for the demise of communism to come about. Also it is Reverend Moon who holds the key to stop the free world from perishing. In his right hand he has been holding onto the free world, and in his left hand he has been holding onto the communist world. Still Reverend Moon is holding this decaying and perishing free world and turning it around toward restoration. That is why the former Soviet bloc nations now support Reverend Moon more than the free world supports him. The second generation in these former communist countries are now studying Divine Principle through the textbooks that have been created based upon Divine Principle teaching.

Even though Father is holding the free world in his right hand and the communist world in his left hand, once he turns around 180 degrees the positions will be reversed. In other words, the free world will be placed on the left-hand side, and the communist world may be placed on the right-hand side. The former communist nations, because of their training under communism, all have a view of their nation, the world and even the ethical view. Whereas the free world has lost all of these things. America, for example, is taken by Satan. Therefore, God has to grab hold of the communist world because it is all that is left and turn it in the reverse way. Satan took hold of the head position. Once you turn 180 degrees the position is reversed.

The second generation of the free world who follow the practice of free sex, homosexuality, drug use and so forth will have to be educated by the second generation from former communist countries. They will also have to stand behind them. These young former communists were trained under totalitarianism. They were trained to follow once an order came from above. Whereas the free world is filled with individualism. If there are 1,000 people there are 1,000 different directions. In this kind of situation do you imagine that this free world can win over the former communist world who have been trained under hardship and discipline? If Reverend Moon had not helped America, it surely would have diminished.

At the time of Jesus Christ, the thief on the right and left began to struggle with one another because Jesus Christ was killed on the cross. In order to unify these two sides, the Lord of the Second Advent should come as the parent who can harmonize and unify these brothers, the communist world and the free world. That is Reverend Moon's mission. After this forty years of wilderness course, time identity occurred. In other words, the time as it was supposed to have been in 1952, came around again for humankind. After forty years, finally in 1992 the time was right again.

If the allied countries right after World War II had completely accepted the Lord of the Second Advent, there would be no division of the Korean peninsula and there would have been no appearance of communism on the Asian continent. Also Father's physical family and Moon tribe would not have been divided in half. The family and tribe were divided in two. After the Fall, Adam's family was chased out. After this second Fall caused by the failure of the allied nations and Christianity, Father could not have a family, children, tribe, or nation. That is why all the misery and agony occurred within Father's family. Satan used women to destroy Father's family. For example, he used Sung Jin Nim's mother as a tool in order to destroy Father's family.

If Father had followed Sung Jin Nim's mother's direction, then everything would have been destroyed at that time. That time, siding with Sung Jin Nim's mother, Korean Christianity came against Father in order to destroy him. At the time of Adam and Eve, Satan worked first through Eve. Likewise, Satan worked through Sung Jin Nim's mother first to try to seduce Father to fall. That is why Father could not follow her. Practically speaking, the division of the Korean peninsula came about because of the failure of America and Japan. We can conclude that unless America and Japan together help Korea to bring about the unity of the Korean peninsula, this entire world does not have hope. Without knowing why, America still holds onto Korea. There is no special reason, yet America is still holding on. Meanwhile, Japan still expects to see two Koreas, North and South.

We must understand just how difficult and how complicated the history of restoration has been. Just as the nation of Israel appeared as the completion of the Old Testament era, America appeared as the completion of the New Testament era. They represent the first and second Israel. The third Israel is represented by Korea. Therefore, Father had to spend the first twenty years of this forty years of wilderness in Korea in order to establish foundation there. During this time period, after fourteen years following 1946, finally Father could hold the holy matrimony of True Parents. During this twenty-one year course in Korea, Korean Christianity supported by worldwide Christianity was opposing Father. Yet Father stood firm, even against the government, and reversed the trend.

At the time of Jesus Christ, Judaism and the nation of Israel were supposed to work together to fight against Rome. However, Israel worked together with Rome to destroy Jesus Christ. Therefore, at the time of True Father, this had to be restored through indemnity. Father worked together with the Korean government and fought against Christianity in Korea. True Parents' holy matrimony took place at the top of the growth stage because the Fall of Man took place there. Of course this is the indirect dominion, and the direct dominion begins from here.

Together with his family, Father had to pass through this first seven year course in Korea following the holy matrimony. After the three seven years course, Father finally reached the point where the nation of Korea and Korean Christianity were unable to destroy Father. Father established a strong enough foundation there from which he could go out to the world. That is why Father came to America, which represented the entire world at that time. Since True Parents' holy matrimony took place at this perfection level of the growth stage, the third perfection stage is the place where Satan can no longer interfere. Even though Satan could oppose True Parents and persecute them, he could not get rid of True Parents. True Parents began from the beginning of the perfection level.

After passing through the seven year course of the perfection stage, True Parents completed the formation, growth and perfection stages, then Father entered into the direct dominion period. Due to that condition, Father could come to America in order to save the world. When it comes to the worldwide situation, centered upon Christianity, America is in the position of the bride. As the bridegroom, Father came to America in order to save the world. Upon the completion of this third seven year course which fell in the year 1967, the worldwide dispensation started. Therefore, Father came in the beginning of the 1970s in order to launch this worldwide salvation, that he might restore the Christian realm. But if we count the three seven-year courses from the time of True Parents' Holy Matrimony, which took place in 1960, then these three seven-year courses ended in 1981.

Originally, at the beginning of the 1980s, this 1992 dispensation could have begun. However, there were twelve years of postponement. Then finally, in 1992, the worldwide dispensation of True Parents started. America must realize that she committed a crime against Heaven, because she placed the Lord of the Second Advent in a prison.

From 1992 Father was finally able to place Mother on the same level as himself and place her on the front line to give all the major speeches, including the speech on Capitol Hill, the United Nations and the worldwide speaking tour. That was the start of women's liberation, and the Women's Federation for World Peace being established. Women lost the position of bride due to the Fall. But based upon this victorious foundation of the wilderness course, Father could have Mother go through this course so that all women of the world could restore the bride's position. This dispensation began in 1992. During this time Mother went on a speaking tour to the fifty states of America. Then following this, she gave the Capitol Hill and United Nations speech. America stood in the position of Abel and the United Nations in the position of Cain.

Just as the allied nations should have united with the axis countries right after World War II, in the time of Mother from 1992 on the horizontal level Mother had to unite the nations of the world in the subject-object relationship. Finally in America the Parents Day was established. (Applause) The time is coming when the resolution of Parents Day which passed Congress and was signed by the President, will become the worldwide Parents Day. Now we are working through the United Nations to have this happen. The time is coming. That was the conditional foundation at the worldwide level which failed right after World War II.

From April 1992, when the Women's Federation was established, the three years course was the one where Mother had to take responsibility. This was equivalent to a separation period. Mother had to go around the world separating good and evil. Mother spoke at forty major university campuses in Korea for the sake of separation of good and evil. Then she went on a forty- nation speaking tour in 1993 in the position of parent. That was how Father bequeathed his victorious foundation to True Mother. True Mother inherited that victory and shared it throughout the world.

After World War lI the world could not accept the Lord of the Second Advent or True Parents' family. Therefore, from 1992-1995 is the period upon which the True Family was supposed to be welcomed and received by the entire world. Had the allied countries, centering upon Christianity, accepted the Lord of the Second Advent's family right after World War II, then this family could have been received by the entire world. However, this failed. Therefore, at this time, the True Family should be accepted by the world. Even the tribe of the Lord of the Second Advent, all of these Blessed couples who received the Blessing from True Parents, stand in the position of the tribe of the Lord of the Second Advent.

Centering upon True Family in the position of Abel, all Blessed couples are in the position of Cain. Until 1992, True Mother was supposed to follow Father's footsteps, always behind, never at an equal level. But due to the significance of this time, Mother could now stand side by side with True Father. That is the position that True Mother perfected: the role of the perfected bride.

This three year period from 1992-1995 is the period that True Parents and True Family had to spread the truth to the entire world. That is why many things happened during this three-year period. For example, Father initiated the sisterhood relationship between the enemy countries of Korea and Japan, with 160,000 couples. This sisterhood relationship was extended to America and Japan. They formerly were enemy countries. These conferences are ongoing. Father worked from South America, which is centered upon catholicism. Father worked in the reverse way. North America and South America stand in a Cain and Abel relationship. Father worked to build harmony between these two Americas in the reverse way.

The restorative work between Cain and Abel countries and Eve and Adam countries eventually leads to the Adam country of Korea. When Mother was engaged in the speaking tour of the university campuses in Korea, leftwing radical students representing communism in South Korea are the ones who came forward and supported her. It was like a symbolic unity between Cain and Abel, embraced by True Parents, which eventually will bring about the unity between North and South Korea. That is why Kim Il Sung passed away. Before, there used to be two fathers claiming to bring about the unification of Korea. The bodily father has gone; now, centered upon the one original father, the reunification of Korea will take place.

Once the reunification of Korea takes place, there will be no more conflict between atheism and theism in the world. This was the time that everyone was supposed to restore their tribes. Father sent you all out as tribal messiahs in order to restore your tribes. That is why Father had to visit his home country of North Korea in 1991 to set the condition. In 1990 Father visited Moscow and embraced Gorbachev. After Father embraced Gorbachev in Moscow the demise of communism came about. After Father visited North Korea and embraced Kim Il Sung, then Kim Il Sun passed away. It is not a laughing matter. It is a very serious course of history that nobody understands.

America could not abandon Korea over the last forty years. That is why American soldiers are still in Korea without any external reason for being there. However, on the internal level, Father had to hang onto America through these years and support this nation. This way Father has put the brakes on the demise of America. Unless America follows Reverend Moon it is bound to perish. This is the truth. Even if a CIA or FBI agent is present, Father boldly declares this because it is the truth. Even such agents know that Father makes such statements all the time and so they might take it for granted. However, this is the truth.

In the near future, True Family will rise above the entire human race and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. When you look at the world throughout the Unification Church history, Reverend Moon has been considered the smallest, standing at the end of the line. Reverend Moon has been labeled a dictator, a mafioso, a brainwasher, and all manner of labeling. They have placed him at the end of the line. However, Reverend Moon has never given up. He has been working step by step conquering all opposition. One of the major tactics Father adopted during this restoration course was the heavenly matrimonial tradition through Blessing, beginning from the 36 couples, and finally reaching the international wedding ceremonies of all races and religions. After completing the 360,000 couples Blessing throughout the world, Reverend Moon is recognized as the one who achieved his goal through international holy wedding ceremonies.

In 1945 World War II ended. Within seven years, by 1952, the Kingdom of God on Earth could have been established. That means at the worldwide level the ideal family could have been established. Yet, due to the failure of Christianity, here we are after Father's forty years' wilderness course. Now on the worldwide scale, the 30,000 couples Blessing took place in 1992. It was the formation stage of the worldwide scale Blessing. Three years later, 1995, the growth stage of worldwide scale international holy wedding took place of 360,000 couples. Was there anyone here who believed that the 360,000 couple Blessing would be possible when Father declared it in 1992? However, did Father achieve that goal or not? (YES)

Can you think of anyone else in the world who can do as much as Father did through this holy wedding? Through these holy wedding ceremonies, Father can liberate all these satanic families. Based upon that foundation, Blessed couples now stand. This 360,000 couples represent the perfection of the growth level. The next stage is the perfection stage which will be 3.6 million couples. Once this goal is achieved, there will be no obstacle whatsoever in terms of restoring the world. It will be the period of kingship. Father already established the Abel-type families in the midst of the satanic world. We now have a strong enough foundation. Therefore, once we reach this 3.6 million couple Blessing, there can be heavenly kingship taking place in the midst of the satanic kingdom. In other words, kingship can start. (Amen.)

Because Father has established the family level foundation in the midst of the satanic families, from this year on, in the midst of Cain's king world, Abel's king world will begin. From this year on. The significance and meaning of Father's last world tour was in his gathering of the heads of state and teaching them. In other words, he rose above them and declared kingship. That was the preparation for Abel-type kingship to begin this year. Based upon humanism, which appeared right after the French Revolution, communism was dominant through the history of the modern world. Now is the time; through Father's foundation, the time is changing. Communism is waning. Due to this communistic influence in modern history, the religious world is being divided and destroyed step by step. We have to restore the religious world.

The time is coming that we have to abolish the concept of separation between church and state. We need a political party centered upon religious ideology. The world of democracy is based upon the ideology of brotherhood. That is why Cain and Abel struggle exists there. Changes of power always head towards the satanic side. This democratic period in human history is passing away. Soon the heavenly sovereignty will be established to lead the world.

This is the ceremony of declaration. At the end of 1995, by Father explaining all these details, this past is now erased. Now a new year is dawning. Upon this foundation of unity between the mother figure, Eve, and the children, Cain and Abel, they can receive the Lord of the Second Advent who comes as the bridegroom. Then the satanic side will be transformed and be reunited with the heavenly side, God, and Adam, who comes as the bridegroom. Of course this bridegroom comes as a perfected Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent. Then together with the perfected Adam, all will build total unity and eventually become one with God. That way we eradicate the satanic plus and minus. The fallen history will be completely cut off. Finally this original heavenly side, plus and minus relationship, becomes established. The original relationship between God and Adam, Adam and Eve, Eve and the children, and Cain and Abel will be established.

The era of the elder sonship, kingship, and parentship begins. You simply have to follow your elder brother, listen to your parents, follow the direction of your king. Then all the problems will be resolved. This represents Adam's family and expands to the tribal level, society, national and world levels. The upper side represents Abel, the lower side represents Cain. On each stage there is plus and minus, subject and object relationship. Between the larger and smaller level there is always plus and minus relationship as well. This heavenly side has a plus and minus relationship between the larger and smaller level as well as the Cain side. Everywhere we find that kind of relationship.

The human race will reach this point at the worldwide scale as should have happened originally. Viewing the world expansion in this way from a bird's eye view, it becomes like one circle, from the individual to the worldwide level. Centered upon the family, the world of unification takes place. God can start from this family and go to the world and beyond and come back to your family again. In other words, God dwells within your family. This is the world in which no national boundaries exist. Satan created national boundaries. Do you imagine that sparrows have national boundaries? What about animals? Have you seen animals practicing racial discrimination? Only fallen people do such things.

Once we know this truth, then those who believe in God must save these stubborn atheistic people. We have to discipline them somehow to follow the way of God. At the time of the Fall, Satan sacrificed Abel and took the world away from God. This is the time when the heavenly side, Abel's side, can make the Cain side surrender. We have that right in order to restore Hell back to the Kingdom of God. Although Satan has played all manner of tricks in order to destroy the heavenly providence, this is the time when individuals can be convinced by the Unification Church's teachings. From the period of parentism, now the era of kingship begins. Kingship represents the vertical time period. The direction is therefore different. This is the time when Father must work through the world heads of state. Now is the time that they are in the position to listen to Father, not Father to them. Now is the time of the Abel king standing in front of Cain kings and leading them into the Kingdom of God. That time is coming. The time of the automobile is passing away. Soon the period of airplane travel will be here.

Once this original relationship is restored, the entire world, down to the family level, will be able to restore the original relationship among family members, because of the grace of Father's foundation. At the time of the Fall Adam, Eve and the Archangel were involved. In the Last Days, at the culmination of human restoration, this same phenomena will occur. Centering upon Eve there were Adam and the Archangel. The Fall of man can be interpreted as Eve, who was intended for Adam, instead joining with the Archangel. At the time of restoration, this order will be reversed by having all the fallen women, who inherited satanic lineage, liberated through True Mother, the restored Eve. Upon this foundation they can come to True Adam, not the Archangel anymore. Therefore, we are referring to three different figures. The entirety of women of the world can be considered representatives of Eve. The entirety of men of the world can be considered representatives of Archangel.

This means that all the men in the world are in the position of the fallen Archangel. The Archangel does not have a partner. Therefore, in these Last Days, the motivation which rejects the partner is taking place in the form of homosexuality and lesbianism. The Archangel does not have the concept of partnership. Therefore they all have self-centeredness. All the women in the world are in the position of Eve. They have to go toward the perfected Adam who is the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent. All the women of the world are like a branch of Eve, a branch of True Mother. That is the position which you are responsible for.

During the past 2,000 years, Christianity has been in the position of the bride. At this time, on the horizontal level, all the women of the world in the position of bride will be longing and waiting for the ideal bridegroom, not Satan's side bridegroom, which represents the fallen Archangel's position. All women need now to follow the true Adam, the true bridegroom. Therefore, this is the time when the Lord of the Second Advent sets the direction from every angle, north, west, east, and south, and all women should come and stand behind and follow him. Centered upon religion, this bride culture can be established. All the women of the world can be united and stand behind the Lord of the Second Advent. Do you women love the Lord of the Second Advent, True Father, or not? (YES) Most dangerous women are American women. If you were permitted to kiss True Father, American women might take a bite out of Father's face! Is there any woman, in general, who doesn't want to kiss True Father? (NO) All of you women who would like the opportunity to kiss True Father raise your hands? If you say so, Mother will come with a baseball bat. (Laughter)

When it comes to the life of the Lord of the Second Advent there will always be two kinds of women. One, the restored perfected Eve who stands next to the Lord of the Second Advent, and behind him are all the fallen Eve's who want to be restored. Consequently, there might be some conflict there. The true perfected Eve standing side by side with the Lord of the Second Advent should love and embrace all these fallen Eves who stand behind Father. If perfected Eve hated these fallen women of the world, there would be a big problem. All the women in the fallen world are like branches of True Mother. Therefore you have to resemble True Mother. If True Mother tells you to go to the north, then you have to go obediently to the north. If Mother tells you to go to the south, you have to turn around obediently and go to the south.

True Mother is in the position of true root, true trunk and true bud for women. You women are in the position of branches, leaves and twigs, but the same body. Therefore, since you are branches and leaves, you cannot separate from this main root and trunk of the tree.

Suppose there were a real opportunity to restore the CIS back to God if we were to sacrifice through international marriage with one virgin from the Unification Church. Even if you don't like that idea, you should be willing to offer yourself to marry someone from the CIS for the sake of God. As long as you follow True Mother one hundred percent, that means naturally you are listening to and following True Father, because True Father stands in front of True Mother. You will be in the realm where you can receive love from True Father through True Mother. True Father gives love to True Mother and she in turn shares that love with you. As the branches of True Mother you will be elevated to the level where True Mother stands, which is next to True Father. That means you will be on the same line as True Mother. If all the women are standing on the same line with True Father and True Mother, then when True Father turns in one direction, True Mother will be right with him and 2.5 billion women will be right behind True Mother.

How about the women who already have their children? Will they want to follow True Mother? Will it only be the single women who want to follow True Mother? If all the mothers of the world follow True Mother then their children will automatically hang onto their mothers and will follow as well. That means, with the exception of husbands, all the wives and children naturally will be standing behind True Mother and following True Father. Naturally, centering upon mothers we can turn the world around to go in the direction of the Kingdom of God. Then only the husbands and fathers are left out, because they represent the Archangel's body. Originally, they are the ones who should have inherited God's lineage through Adam. Due to the Fall, the male figures are left in the position of fallen Archangel. Since America represents the bride nation, all the women in America will naturally be united with America. Therefore the husbands in America will naturally serve their wives as their queens, like servants.

In American families, the wives generally play the role of queens. Husbands now gather together and are planning to restore the rights of husbands. This is the time now. Originally this should have taken place right after World War II. All of the women in the world should have stood behind True Mother and followed True Father along with their children. But due to the failure of Christianity after World War II, this entire plan was destroyed. Those men representing the fallen Archangel in the world play around, dealing with many women at once. American wives now come to feel that since their husbands are doing so then they should do the same. Because Christianity chased out the Lord of the Second Advent, American women stand in the position as the ones who rejected the Lord of the Second Advent. They are living their lives without any hope.

The world society is chaotic because one man has many different wives. They have their original wife, concubines and second wives. All kinds of divorce and separation is happening in this society. Actually concubines, or second wives, should be in front. Many of the world leaders have been born through the concubine, not from the original marriage. Why? Because when it comes to the degree of love between husband and wife, usually there is more passion and a greater degree of love with the concubine. That is why they produce even stronger lineage. The time of streaking, of Adam being naked, has now passed. The time of the hippies has passed also. Do men tend to become hippies more than women or vice versa? (Men) That is correct, because they are in the position of Archangel. The Archangel is not supposed to have any possessions. The life of a hippie is one without possessions, wandering aimlessly. They have lost everything and they commit suicide very often. Because the male figures, Archangel figures, have damaged God's dispensation greatly, many of them end their lives through suicide.

Once we accomplish the goal of 3.6 million Blessing ceremony, then all of the young people in the world, from elementary school up through college, will look to the Unification Church Holy Wedding Ceremony. They will know that is the only place for them to find their ideal spouse. What will their parents and teachers say when these young people ask if the Unification Church Holy Wedding is ideal or not? Once we accomplish this 3.6 million couples Blessing they will only answer that it is ideal. This is occurring even now. There are many people who want to send their children and grandchildren to the Unification Church in order that they might find their ideal spouse. Once we accomplish 3.6 million couples Blessing, there will be many nations who will want to mobilize entire nations and have them pass through the Unification Church Holy Wedding Ceremony. It is just a matter of time to restore the entire human race once we reach the goal of 3.6 million couples Blessing.

Therefore, Father is now proclaiming that the international wedding will become the worldwide movement. Once this time comes the world of peace, world of harmony, and world of happiness will become a reality. That is the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. That time is coming. Amen? (AMEN) Father has a problem because he now has 3.5 billion women, including Mother, following behind him. What should he do with them? They have to come through the restoration course. All husbands should treat their children as if they are their heavenly princes and princesses. They should also treat their wives like heavenly queens. That is the course of restoration. The course of restoration will take place in such a way that the children of these parents will unite so totally with True Mother that they will restore their father. That is the way the course of restoration progresses. The husbands are in the position of Archangel, which means they need to serve their wives as queens and their sons and daughters as heavenly princes and princess. By doing so their children will unite together. Then they will become united with their mother. In order for these women and children to accept their husbands and fathers, they need True Father's approval.

This approval will be given based upon True Father's recognition that the husbands have set the proper indemnity to be restored into the position of Adam. Only then will Father give approval. Until the age of sixteen Adam did not fall. That means Adam was a branch of God. After the age of sixteen, he fell and became connected to Satan. Through this, the entire world has become the Cain world, the satanic world. The course of restoration is the one where Adam figures must negate the satanic side and be engrafted to the original Adam's side, connected to God. This is the way to restore his position.

The Lord of the Second Advent comes in the position of the perfected Adam, the position which can restore the 6,000-year old satanic world. He comes and establishes the True Parents. This means he will restore the satanic father and mother figures back to life. The entire humankind actually has to go through True Mother's womb. You have all been born wrongly. Therefore, you all have to go through the womb again in order to be born correctly. You have to deny this false seed of life, love and lineage which you inherited at the time of birth. You have to pass through True Mother's womb and receive the true seed of life and the true seed of love. In order for you to be able to do this from the individual level, family, nation, world and cosmic level, the foundation established by True Father and True Mother is necessary.

Centering upon True Mother, all Blessed wives are in the position to offer your wombs as an individual mother's womb, family level mother's womb, tribal, societal, national, world and cosmic mother's womb, in order that you may give rebirth to the human race. The Fall of Man took place at the level of family. The fallen world expanded to the tribal, national, and worldwide level. Therefore, in the Last Days, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes and establishes a foundation on the worldwide level, it goes in the reverse order. From the world level, because of this victorious foundation, now the Lord of the Second Advent can send all Blessed couples out to the 160 nations on the national level. Blessed couples can stand in the position of tribal messiahs to accomplish the work of restoration there, based upon True Parents' foundation. Then the tribal and family levels will be restored automatically.

Unless you accomplish your tribal messiahship and eventually restore your own family, you don't have the right to go through this rebirth process. From your family level this should take place. Since all the women in the world, particularly Blessed women, are in the position of branches of True Mother, you are the ones who must go through True Mother's womb again. If you were born originally from the left side because of the Fall, now you have to come the right way around and be reborn. Within this realm of True Parents' love relationship, your color has to be restored to the original color. Due to the Fall, you became a totally different skin color. Passing through the rebirth process, in the realm of True Parents' love relationship, you will become close to the original color again. Maybe not exactly the same as the original color, but similar. It will take time to perfect your true color. This rebirth process should take place within your family. This process will absolutely cut off Satan's lineage forever. Satan can never connect with True Parents' blood lineage.

To go through this rebirth process is not easy. You women should always experience the same feeling as True Mother. You should resemble Mother, even in feeling. Single women have to be totally united with and resemble True Mother until you are blessed. True Mother's position is one where she has to embrace all the women of the world. If there are women who do not want to follow True Mother, this means that Mother is not doing her job. Mother has to embrace all of you. Within Jacob's family there were two sisters, Rachel and Leah, and there was always conflict between them. At the time of Jesus Christ, the relationship between Elizabeth and Mary was reversed. There were two sets of mother and son relationships. Between Elizabeth and John the Baptist, and Mary and Jesus. Who was in the position of concubine? Mary. Who was in the position of original wedded wife? Elizabeth. This was supposed to be reversed. Two separate lines cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. They should be united into one line.

The original wife's children, that is, the elder sister's children, should stand behind the children of the concubine. That is the order. If we remain with this satanic blood lineage, there is no way to accomplish restoration. It has to come out like a branch with a new start. That is how the history of restoration continues. At the time of Jacob there was fighting between the two sisters, Rachel and Leah. At the time of Jesus there was harmony between these two sisters. Elizabeth and Mary were cousins from their mother's side. This is the historical formula so they could not avoid this. This is why there is the concept of restoration of elder sistership position and restoration of elder sonship.

Who was Jesus Christ supposed to marry? The sister of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was in the position of Cain and Jesus in the position of Abel. In the Garden of Eden, Adam's younger sister was taken by Satan. At the time of Jesus Christ, this younger sister, Mary, was supposed to be taken by Adam, Jesus Christ. Who was that? The younger sister of John the Baptist. That is the way that restoration could have taken place. That is why Jesus quietly requested to Mary three times for that marriage. But it never happened. Who was in the position of younger brother of John the Baptist? Jesus. John the Baptist's sister, who was to marry Jesus, was his step sister. However, they had to marry. Imagine, Jesus's mother actually took her elder sister's husband. Then at the level of Jesus, the younger brother was to take away the elder brother's younger sister. This is an unimaginable thing. But this was supposed to have happened. Because of this particular situation and the failure to make it happen, the phenomena of incest and free sex developed.

While this phenomena was rampant in the world, particularly America, Reverend Moon came to America to rectify the situation. But because America rejected the Lord of the Second Advent, America is going down even deeper into Hell. These things happen due to this original cause. There is always cause and effect. This is the secret of Christianity. Actually this is an historical secret. Father is the only one who knows all of these secrets. That is why, in the midst of this chaotic satanic world, Father alone can swim around and find a solution to save this entire world. We clearly have to understand that free sex is the satanic weapon to destroy pure love and life in this world. Also drugs are satanic weapons to intoxicate human beings and break down their ambition of conscience. Alcohol, smoking and evil social behavior are also satanic weapons to destroy the human race. Once we understand this clearly we cannot touch those kinds of satanic weapons. We have to destroy them.

The Fall took place at the age of sixteen and the entire world has become a satanic race. At the time of the Lord of the Second Advent this entire human race should be cut off and be engrafted to the Lord of the Second Advent. He comes as the perfected Adam, not a sixteen-year old pure Adam, but as perfected Adam. That is why the entire human race can be engrafted into the Lord of the Second Advent. In order for 2.5 billion men in the world to receive the restored Eves, they need to go through the process which Father has just explained.

Those 2.5 billion women standing behind True Parents will be matched with the 2.5 billion men who get engrafted to the Lord of the Second Advent. This is the arrangement Father will make. All the women of the world absolutely should become one with True Mother, and all the 2.5 billion men should absolutely become united with True Father. The conclusion is, through all of this difficult course of history finally there are people who won the victory on all these levels, our True Parents. Amen. The purpose of winning all of the victories over all the difficulties throughout history is because True Parents wanted to create a True Family, and then to give blessing to all of you in order that you can create your own true family.

All Blessed couples are branches of True Father. The perfection of the individual, family, tribe, nation, world, cosmos, and even God can take place through True Parents. Wherever Father may go, Blessed couples should become one with Father and follow. There is nothing else, as an individual or as a family, that you can be proud of other than True Parents. We are not qualified to receive such a blessing and be engrafted to True Parents. But because of the grace and blessing from True Parents we find ourselves in the position of being engrafted to True Parents and moving and working together with them. This is the most precious treasure that we could ever imagine as human beings. We can eventually become true children and children of God. We become the champion of all the wars. We can become the general of the generals of the world and take the highest position within the human race.

Just as True Parents went around the world and declared truth to the entire five billion people, we now have the mission to be proud of True Parents and to love True Parents before our body, which is in the position of Cain and in front of our family, our tribe, our nation and world. We should be proud of True Parents and love True Parents in any circumstances. Wherever you may go, whatever you do, you should be proud of True Parents and love True Parents. Amen. Just as True Parents have gone around the world and declared True Parentism, as long as we are proud of True Parents and love True Parents, wherever we may go, whatever level we are dealing with, everything you are trying to do will naturally be achieved because of the assistance of God.

Remember, during Father's life course to this day, Father had to stick his neck out and risk his life in order to proclaim True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. However, our time is different. The entire world is welcoming us when we come with this kind of proclamation. However, if we cannot declare True Parents to the world, Father himself will create our own hell and put us in there. Do you understand? Are you going to keep your mouth shut, or will you use your mouth all the time in order to proclaim this truth? Even while you are smiling you should be proclaiming True Parents. But also when you are angry because of opposition you still have to proclaim True Parents. In any circumstances if you continue to proclaim True Parents then the Kingdom of God will come. While you are proclaiming True Parents to the world, if someone punches you, keep smiling and offer your other cheek and still continue to proclaim True Parents. That is how you have to live your lives.

Those people who do not want to proclaim True Parents, who do not want to talk about the Unification Church teaching, your tongues will shrink and become twisted so that you will be unable to talk. That kind of fearful time is coming. Your eyes will constantly seek the people who can proclaim True Parents. Your ears will be wide open to hear True Parents. If your ears do not hear people proclaiming True Parents, then your ears will tell you to go and proclaim them. While we are proclaiming True Parents, being proud of True Parents and loving True Parents the entire creation should be happy and join you in this praise. Set a record in your own way. If you gain blisters through walking around too much then do even more. Eventually you will be able to be proud of your own feet and show them to people.

You can set your own record of waking up sleeping people more than anyone else. If you make such a commotion, then even sleeping rats will come out and imitate you. Remember, you have to do your absolute best so that the floors, ceilings and walls can hear you. Otherwise you will be unable to do your mission. That is how we can liberate from our individual level, to our family, tribe, national and world levels and create the environment where we can enjoy the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as in Heaven.

Objectively speaking, True Parents have gone through six times of imprisonment in order to achieve this goal. We don't have to fear being imprisoned, so if we are unable to declare True Parents and let the world know, then where else can we go except hell? Even to the degree that we are so tired and sleepy, even at that moment you have to shout out, "True Parents I love you, I'm proud of you" then you accomplish your mission. Now you understand what you have to do in order to accomplish your mission don't you? Even if you cannot get married, you have to have the conviction to proclaim this truth to the world. Even if you lose your life, you have to do your mission of proclaiming True Parents to the world. Amen.

Are you going to accomplish your mission voluntarily or because you are told by Father? God will respond joyfully to see your determination to be proud of True Parents, to love True Parents and eventually to love God and proclaim that to the entire world. Then God will rejoice. Wherever you may go, as long as you proclaim True Parents, are proud of True Parents and love True Parents, God will be with you. There will be a super highway ready for you to travel along. Then God can travel on this super highway because you are the ones to lay the cornerstone to build the super highway. Without you there is no super highway. Once you build this super highway to every corner of the world, God will ride on this super highway and bring incredible Christmas gifts to you. Because the road of the super highway will be built, God will be able to come, because God will want to visit you. If you really become fatigued, God will come down and embrace you and put you safely to sleep. Do you like that? What a happy place that would be.

Be proud of True Parents and love True Parents. How much will you love True Parents? More than you love your own physical parents. More than you love your own children, your spouse, or your nation. More than anything in this world, you have to offer your love to True Parents. Then you will be able to dwell in the world of love. That is the way to become the children of God, the body of God. That time is now dawning. By the time we complete the 3.6 million couples blessing in 1997, then the gate of the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth will be wide open. How far is the Kingdom of God? Is it close enough? Since the Kingdom of God is just around the corner we have to prepare ourselves. How can we do that? We have to do our absolute best every minute of our lives to be proud of True Parents, to love True Parents and allow all humanity to know about True Parents. That is the way we can prepare ourselves to enter the Kingdom of God when the time comes. That is why Father has given us the New Year's motto, "Let's Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents" on this New Year's day of 1996. Amen.

Father is now posing a final question to you. We precious brothers and sisters sitting here, are we going to take up the mission of spreading True Parents proclamation to the entire world or are we going to wait until the millions of Christians take our place and complete the mission? If we don't do so, then the elder son's birthright will be taken away by the Christians. Also the true parentship and kingship will eventually be taken away from us if we fail to do our mission. Father will go where the elder son's birthright, true parentship and kingship is. If you fail to do our mission, then Father will go to those who will. If America fails to do so then Africa will be ready. It is like when there is a line of people and everyone in that line turns 180 degrees around, then the person at the end will become the first. Do you want to be the first or the last? You like to be first? Then Father will wait and see. You have promised Father so many different times, but Father has never seen the result. But today's promise is a real promise, isn't it? Then will you do it?

Everyone lift up your hands and open your palms. Give your full force and make like an eagle claw. Bring your entire energy from your toes to your hair and shout out. WOW, WOW, WOW! I believe you.

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