The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


True Ancestor And True Nation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
True Parents' Birthday
February 5, 1995
World Mission Center, New York
Translator -- Peter Kim

Congratulations! to all of you because this is the 50th year since the end of World War II. This is a turning point in human history. Because of Father's victory, a new history is beginning. Father gives congratulations to all of you.

Today is True Parents' Birthday celebration. This is such a special birthday. If we expand the meaning or significance of the birthday of True Parents, this is the celebration day for the entire True Family. Father would like to call In Jin Nim's couple to the stage and celebrate another special occasion with all of you.

Until this point in history, there have been and are millions of Christian ministers and pastors all over the world. Within our movement, we have many ministers who work in a capacity as pastors and reverends, but Father never officially ordained anyone. Because of the victorious foundation True Parents have won, now the True Family can stand upon this victory. Since Father's second daughter, In Jin Nim, recently graduated from Harvard Divinity School, Father would like to officially ordain In Jin Nim as the first official reverend of Unification Church. (Applause.)

This is a triple celebration. First, it is True Parent's Birthday; second, Father is ordaining In Jin Nim as the first Unification minister; and, third, Jin Sung Nim, In Jin Nim's husband received his Ph.D. yesterday. He received a scholarship from Columbia University after graduating from Harvard University. He studied at Columbia University and went back and forth between Harvard and Columbia. He received the scholarship to finish his Ph.D. Therefore, today we will celebrate In Jin Nim becoming the official pastor of Unification Church and Jin Sung Nim's receiving his Ph.D. Let's invite both of them to the stage. (Applause.) There is also one more significance here, Jin Sung Nim is the first among the True Family members to obtain a Ph.D. (Applause.) Let's welcome them!

(Father is writing on the chalk board.) Let's use this one (pointing to a Chinese character) as a pronoun because chuk stands for a celebration, and sajang is like a priest or judge in the old Judaism tradition who did all the worshipping and sacrifice and rituals. Chuksajang is also like a priest of the Catholic Church or a reverend or minister of a Protestant church, but Father added one more task to this minister and that is to celebrate blessings. There will be different levels of chuksajang in the future. The hierarchy will follow in such a way: family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level. We should say "Chuksajang!" right now. (All respond, "Chuksajang!") Father will officially pray to ordain In Jin Nim as "Chuksajang." (Father prays in Korean. Mother gives her own ring to In Jin Nim to commemorate this moment. (Applause.)

Today's topic is "cham chosang qua cham choguk," "True Ancestor and True Nation." Because of the Fall of man, humankind never had true ancestors and true people. At the same time God had no true position as "God." God initially wanted to see a true family, a true tribe, a true nation and a true world established, but because of the Fall of man He never had it. That's why we, as human beings, have a responsibility to find our true ancestors and a true family, in order to find a true nation. Because of the Fall of man, the world has been dominated by Satan. No matter what people have received, peace, happiness, harmony or whatever, it didn't have anything to do with God; everything has been false.

When we look at the world, all is confused and lost, chaotic. Through the history of restoration, God has been restoring the false world to a true world, true family, true nation, true world, where true peace, true happiness and true harmony can be established. Right now, it is on the verge of perishing. There is no center in the world; on the individual level, the family level, the society level, the national level and the worldwide level, there is no center. This is why people are lost and confused; they don't know which direction they are going. We must understand this kind of phenomenon in light of God's providence. The world has been under satanic domination. This world must end one way or another before we receive the true Messiah who comes as True Parents for all mankind. True Parents and the new civilization will begin from the individual level, going to the national level, the worldwide level and the cosmic level. This is an inevitable phenomenon. Centering on True Parents, the new world develops and emerges in exactly the opposite way that it developed under Satan. Satan finally fails and loses everything. Everything is turned over to God's side. This is the crossing point, the turning point. That's why Father gave this year's motto, "Let's Inherit True Parents' Realm of Victory." In other words, this victory is not just True Parents', but God's victory as well. God and True Parents want to share this victory with all mankind, who are in the position of children of True Parents. All of this is based on the law of indemnity. Due to the Fall of man, Adam and Eve did not have absolute faith and an absolute vertical relationship with God. Therefore, this is the time that we have to establish absolute faith in God and establish an absolute vertical relationship as children of God centered on True Parents and True Love. In this way, the dominion of God is restored.

Now we have this privilege, because True Parents are totally united with God. Father has established an absolute line of faith centered on God and established an absolute father and son relationship centered on God. We only have to follow True Parents' footsteps and we will receive the same blessing, enjoy the same privilege. Do you understand? Like Father centering on God absolutely, you must center on True Parents absolutely. You must combine absolute faith and absolute love for True Parents. This connection makes one body. (Father explains in English.) God is turning, True Parents are turning and man is turning, becoming one body going from Satan's side to God's side. Do you understand?

Let's talk about the true ancestor. A man cannot forget his hometown. Why? Because that is where our ancestors' lineage still remains. >From generation to generation, our ancestors lived there and their memories are still there. The meaning of the nation or state is the protector of the hometown. That's why we cannot forget or deny our hometown or nation because, centered on love, it is our foundation. We can live in our hometown and our nation will protect and secure us. We must remember our hometown and cherish the meaning of our nation.

People did not know that all hometowns and nations throughout history were all under satanic domination. There has never been any true hometown or true nation under God until this point because of the Fall of man.

There are 240 million people living in America alone. We have our hometowns and we have our nation, America. No one can deny that our hometown in this country, America, was not made or initiated by God. It is still under satanic domination. It does not belong to God. We must understand this point clearly! Once we clearly understand this that our hometown and our nation still belong to Satan, then we can understand the meaning of the true hometown and the true nation.

America is the leading country of the free world and the entire world; but let's look at this situation honestly. Is America really qualified to be a true nation, which can lead the world according to God's will?

This country, America, is a melting pot. There are numerous problems here, racial problems, discrimination problems and all kinds of social problems. How did all these problems occur? Who caused them? The simple answer is man and woman! Why? Because they were not true man and woman. Today, there are about 2,000 people, here in the audience; however, at the same time Father sees about 2,000 different characters and different ways of thinking.

Man and woman were originally created by God, who is absolutely omniscient and omnipotent. Men should have a certain standard or formula to live by and take after God. Vice versa, woman should also have that. If man and woman lived this certain standard, then they would be called "true man" and "true woman." The fundamental problem is that man and woman are not totally united and, therefore, do not live with God's standard.

What is the meaning of man and woman? One is concave and one is convex. So why are they shaped differently, concave and convex, not flat? (Father drawing on the chalk board.) This is the love organ given by God. In philosophy, there is a problem deciding which comes first, matter or spirit. The entire universe exists for the sake of love and because of love. When we look at the mineral world, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and mankind, all are divided into two, positive and negatIve. The animal kingdom is divided into two, male and female. The mineral kingdom is divided into positive and negative, i.e. electricity. Why do they exist in dual characteristics? Because they have to make a circular motion. Once there is a circular motion, what comes next? Action! Action initiates energy and produces energy. In order to have this kind of circular motion, one single man or woman can't do that. There has to be a subject and object relationship, a reciprocal relationship. Without a subject and object relationship, there will be no circular movement in the entire universe from mineral kingdom to man.

How did this universe start to emerge? By giving or by taking, by investing or receiving? What was it? What was the starting point? (Giving!) After giving, should we remember that we gave, or just give back and keep giving? Eventually, what happens? When we give and forget, this proves that we are giving for the sake of love. If you remember that you gave, then this is not the practice of True Love. You have to forget and then give again. That is one formula. Another formula is that every existing being wants to see its love partner better than itself. Ten times or one hundred times, which one? One hundred or unlimited times? lnfinite, better. The love partners for a woman are her husband and her children. What about for man? Man's love partners are his wife and his children. This makes a harmonious relationship. Man wants woman, woman wants man, children, mothers and fathers are all interrelated. Where can we find unification in men and women? If you are proud of yourself as a man there is no unification and vice versa, for woman. If you a just being proud of being a woman, a pretty woman, there is no unification. Where can we find unification? We have to learn from God. God created the universe by offering Himself first and giving infinitely. Just as God invested Himself infinitely, so when man gives infinitely of himself for the sake of his love partner, and vice versa woman gives of herself for her love partner, then they can find unification.

The next question is, what is the meaning of true man and true woman? True man and true woman are the ones who resemble Father in giving and forgetting and giving and forgetting. Giving for the sake of others or for the sake of your partner and living that kind of life for the sake of your love partner are so called true man and true woman. Why? This is the formula for True Love. Do you understand?

Rev. Moon recognizes Dr. Richard Rubenstein's couple over there. Have you become a true husband and a true wife, a true man and a true woman? In your marriage life, you should never calculate your money saying, this much for my husband and this much for me. (Laughing.) You should not have two savings accounts or checking accounts. Everything should be one. (Applause.) Do you agree? Yes, they do. (Applause.)

All existing beings in this world, from the mineral kingdom to the world of man and woman, everything exists in subject and object relationship for the sake of love. The different levels of existence have different levels of love, making motion and action. The minus or object is making a circular motion, but it does not want to remain as a minus, it is longing to become a plus or subject. Their purpose is to increase and to add more. By performing circular movement, they want to become bigger and add more for the sake of love. That is the way they can develop and progress. On the other hand, when you move or take action there is a waste of energy. What is the power pushing this kind of circular movement upward, forward and making things bigger? True Love, the power of True Love.

For example, Father is giving love to me, but I shouldn't be content and satisfied just to receive it. As I receive His love, I should add my own idiosyncracies, my own characteristic elements and return it to Father. Father will receive my love as new and exciting and He will be made fresh. Father will then go up one more level, even higher. He will give love from an even higher level to me and I will respond the same. This process of giving love will occur over and over. This is the way to reciprocate love. At the same time, we will develop and we will become an even larger reservoir for True Love. (Father is drawing a diagram.) Wow! bigger and bigger! This can go on forever.

In our position, no matter how high or how low, we are always seeking an even higher place. Let's compare this with our life. We begin as a infant, then we progress through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and college. We can get our Ph.D. and we also become parents. As we build our career, eventually, what do we want to become? We want to become like God.

Is God masculine or feminine? (Both.) God has both dual characteristics, but how does He appear, as a masculine God or a feminine God? Masculine is in the subject position and the giving place. Feminine is the object and the receiving place. Do you understand? That is why God is portrayed as masculine, the absolute Subject.

Since everything started from God, everything should return to God. There are Christian ministers here and they may be shocked by this statement. What does that mean, that we must return to God? When you are alone for a certain period of time, do you feel lonely or do you feel very excited? (Lonely!) How lonely? Sometimes you feel like dying, because you don't have anyone to talk to and nothing to do. Suppose a woman has to live her entire life by herself, without anyone. Will it be a sad or happy life? (Sad life.) Will you shed a lot of tears or will you smile all the time? (Shed a lot of tears.) Suppose you are in that situation: You don't have anyone to live with, but you have your husband's handkerchief, a small piece of handkerchief. Do you think you will kiss it? That little piece of handkerchief becomes your object. You are not just a subject alone, but you now have an object. Suppose you are holding one side of the handkerchief and your love partner is holding the other side, gradually, both are getting closer as each takes more of the handkerchief to their side. By the time both hands meet together, you kiss each other. You can keep the handkerchief with you forever to remember your partner. Whenever you miss your love partner, you can always kiss the handkerchief and remember. You can live in that memory and you can dance in that memory. You may look abnormal, but who cares. Father is trying to teach you the value of an object. No matter how small it may be, no matter how insignificant it may be, the object is important. When you get married, you truly want your spouse to be better than yourself, even a hundred times better. Where does this kind of thinking come from? Another fascination you have is to be able to trace your ancestors. Where does this way of thinking come from? God! Yes, God will give you the same answer. If you ask God, "Do you really want to see Your object a hundred times better than You, even a billion times better than You?" God will even get angry and punch you and say "Sure, why do you ask such a silly question! That goes without saying." God is the first and only Cause. Mankind is the result of the creation, not the cause. If the result is such a way, the cause must also be such a way. Does God need His love partner or not? (Yes!) Father is saying "No!" (Yes!) No matter how big you may be, no matter how famous or prominent you may be, you will become humble in front of truth. Do you understand? Because of this kind of truth, even Dr. Rubenstein needs his wife, absolutely, and Mrs. Rubenstein vice versa needs her husband, absolutely! (Laughter.)

All existing beings in this world, it doesn't matter whether they are man or animals, exist for the sake of love. If we look at a tree, there is the central bud, the central trunk and the central root. There can be many different small roots and different branches, but let's talk about the central trunk. There are many leaves as well, and they all come together to make a tree. In other words, it doesn't matter which branch or leaf it belongs to, eventually, the sap has to go through the central trunk and the central root in order to maintain the life of this particular leaf. No matter how beautiful this particular leaf may be or no matter how strong this branch may look, they all resemble the central trunk and they all have to get nourishment and everything from the central root; they all belong to the central trunk. They can't become the central trunk or root themselves; they are the object of the central trunk or the central root. If we put numbers for each part of the tree, the central root would be one, the central trunk two and the central bud three. Take one branch of the tree, still the central root is one, the branch is two and the leaves represent three. If they all belong to the central trunk and central root, they all have the same subject. That's why even though they bear fruit on different parts of the tree, the fruit they bear has the same value, as long as they have the same subject. The fruit they share receives the same nourishment, the same water and the same sweetness that the central trunk and center tree absorb and distribute. The fruit becomes the same kind of fruit.

Let's compare this to human history, the tree of human history. There is a central root, a central trunk and a central bud common to all mankind. Therefore in God's eyes, no matter how powerful Americans may be or how rich they may be they still belong to the central root and central trunk. They (Americans) are not the central trunk themselves, they are only the branches of the tree of mankind. There are many different branches and many fruits from the different branches, but they all have the same value because of the same identical trunk. Therefore, when the owner of the orchard comes and sees his trees bearing fruit, do you think he will say, (for example, let's use apples), "you apples don't belong to me, you don't have any value because you are not from the central bud." No! as long as the fruits are on the same tree they have the same value, right? On the other hand, when the owner of the orchard sees an apple on a lower branch that's bigger, more beautiful and more delicious than the other ones, even those closer to the center bud, he wants to store it in the best storage place and give it the best care. When we apply this to our lives, no matter how minimal or insignificant your family may be, if your family produces good children, the best quality children, then God will choose these children and store them in His most precious place. That's the way your family will be held precious. Do you understand? Do you want that? Your family is the key, the family is the most important place! Why did God create the universe? God wanted a love partner. God wanted to have a real partner. Who then is in the position as the love partner to God? A monkey? No! Monkeys laugh by showing their teeth. A man who is supposed to be in the position of love partner to God should jump up and down vertically, not horizontally by showing his teeth. God is up there, so we have to jump up and down. (Laughter.) Don't you want to grab something higher or do you want to push yourself down further? Higher! We want to go higher all the time, all our life. What is the significance of being a man? We shouldn't act like animals; instead, we should be proud of being God's love partner. Have you seen God? Have you touched God? How can you make a partnership with God, if you can't see or touch God? This is a problem. Therefore, we must know God. Dr. Rubenstein, again, (Laughter.) do you know God? If not, it means you are not totally qualified to be a love partner of God. Once you make a love relationship with anyone, you always have the right of possession. When a love relationship occurs sexually between two people, the couple is unified and ownership takes place. Suppose there is a royal family with many beautiful children. One day a gangster kidnaps one of the children. The gangster and the child become husband and wife. No matter how proud that royal family may be of their child, that gangster claims ownership of that child and no one can deny it. They have to let their child go and live with the gangster because of that unification through the love relationship; ownership takes place. Do you want to give ownership to someone for eternity or only temporarily? Which way do you want it? (Forever!) Forever! Forever. Only through a True Love relationship can ownership take place for eternity.

Free sex practice is Satan's way of blocking the road to the Kingdom of God on earth. This action doesn't last. It is a false action. Do you like free sex? (No!) Why? The secular world is making this action all over the world. Since we know the formula of True Love, we don't like free sex and we want to eliminate that action, absolutely! Since the world is rampant with free sex, do you want to watch it happening and ignore it? Or do you want to take action against it? (Take action!) Take action! Is that right? Will you die working to stop it! Who will? Raise your hands! God doesn't want to see free sex! This world has become God's enemy! He hates it!!

Where is your love partner? Where is your subject, your object? What about these women? Why were you born? You were born for love! If the purpose of life is love, how can you get the love for which you were born? You can get it through man. Without man, you, women, cannot find True Love. Never, never, never!! This is the absolute truth! You must only follow this way!

Love must have a subject and a object. The subject, or plus, is represented by the convex shape and the object, or minus, is represented by the concave shape. In this way God created man and woman, plus and minus, to achieve love. Because of love, you are shaped as either convex or concave. Isn't it true? (Yes!)

Are we all born for the sake of love? Is this true? (Yes!) That is why we have to get married, to become whole. Only through marriage can we become one and complete, and thus become an object of True Love. Centering on True Love, we can become the object of God and we can occupy God. Ownership with God takes place when we become totally one through True Love. That is why we can occupy God, belong to God and become God's property. This unification will bring about a peaceful and happy world. Without this unification, there is no way. No way means that there can be no God. Do you understand? Making a balance and centering on God, happiness and freedom can occur; there is no other way.

You, men, must hold onto your woman for eternity and never let her go. Eventually, you have to go to God and occupy God, but without your woman you cannot do that. You women have to say happily, 'even if you choke my neck, if that's the only way you can occupy God, then go ahead and do it quickly." Do you understand? You women must obey, unite and work with your husband to achieve the goal. Since man is now in the objective position to God, no matter what it may take, you must make unity with your wife. All the woman has to do then is hang on like a clamp, as tight as you can, to your man all the way to God. It will take absolute faith, centering on the law of unification. Do you want this? (Yes!) Do we absolutely need married life, yes or no? Yes! Man has to do his absolute best to occupy woman and woman vice versa has to do her absolute best. Together they will become an absolute object to True Love and, with True Love, they will create total unity. They will be an object of God, like the body of God. God is in the position of mind and we are in the position of body, centered on True Love, as husband and wife. This is the way we will build the Kingdom of God here on earth, as well as in heaven. The entire cosmos started from God and we have to return to God. If God is the subject and we are the object, we have to resemble God. Yet we are all finite beings, so we need a bridge to reach God; that is conscience.

Do you want Father to end his speech or speak more? This is Father's birthday celebration so we should give our congratulations, instead of making him work hard. Are you in the position of filial sons and daughters or patriots or saints or what? What are you? Whenever you run out of any answer, you want to stop talking. That is fallen nature, because you want to hide yourself, like putting on a mask.

Suppose a man and woman, husband and wife, become totally united. What kind of method do they use to build such a unity? The starting point from which God created love and the starting point from which He created mankind is it the same or a different starting point? If there were two different starting points of love, the direction would be different and they would be separated. So the starting point must be the same. Where is it? Regardless of your sex, what is the most precious and valuable organ within yourself. The sexual organ is the love organ which God created with the most concentration. Only the sexual organ connects to love, life and consciousness. This is God's place that connects love, life, blood lineage and consciousness; otherwise He cannot connect those four things and make unity. There is only one point where unification occurs.

Why is Father revealing this truth to such a famous theologian as Dr. Rubenstein? Dr. Rubenstein may not understand or believe this truth in this way. If he doesn't, he should stop and think. Dr. Rubenstein, what do you think, do you agree with Rev. Moon? Dr. Rubenstein said, "We fought hard, but we believe Rev. Moon is right."

Have you seen love? If so, raise your hand. Father did, why not you? You have not seen love itself, but you have seen the love phenomenon. The phenomenon is not love itself, the phenomenon is only a phenomenon. It is like a shadow of love. Have you touched love? You may feel love, but you cannot touch or see love. At the same time, if you are alone all the time, eventually, you cannot even feel love. Love is generated through the reciprocal relationship with your love partner. What do you think God cherishes most? Does He want knowledge, power or money? He only wants love. What kind of love? True Love. What is True Love? The definition of True Love is sacrificing your life three times. First, you sacrifice your life for the sake of a particular love and you are resurrected. You sacrifice your life again and you are resurrected again. Three times you give your life for the sake of love. That quality of love is True Love. You must sacrifice your life three times because of three different stages: formation stage, growth stage and perfection stage.

The love experienced by husband and wife after marriage, before having children, is the formation stage of love. Love matures when they begin producing their own children. Through their children they experience the growth stage of love. When their own children grow up and begin having children, they become grandparents. They then feel another level of love, this is the perfection stage of love. Love cannot be perfected without the experience of raising your own children and the experience of enjoying and raising your own grandchildren. The four position foundation can only be established through these three different levels of love. The family is the seed of love. The way to harvest the love seed is through your grandchildren and your parents and your grandparents. These three generations allow the fruit of love in the family to become ripe and the seed of love to become ready for harvest. The relationships between each person in the family is so important. The children, the brothers and sisters, must be able to love each other beyond even their own life, sacrificing their desires. That same level of love should be practiced between parents and children, between parents and their own parents, between grandparents and the children, and between husband and wife, all being interrelated. This is the formula of how to harvest the family seed. Grandparents must go through their own children in a partnership. This love relationship should be carried further from the grandchildren through the in-laws and eventually going back to God where the grandparents are. Once love reaches your level you have to add your own love and pass it on, following a circular movement. You cannot separate from the love once the circular motion takes place. Husband and wife, grandparents and children, and parents and children are all looking for the highest quality of love. Each is trying to give the most. when you embrace someone, do you want a small embrace or a big embrace, like you would embrace the entire universe in your bosom? (Father demonstrates with Mr. Kim.) This formula includes all mankind. Your family is the training ground where this model, the paradigm of the entire universe, the Kingdom of God on earth, is created. Once you are trained in your family to practice such high quality love, you can go to a foreign country where, among many unfamiliar things, you do not even speak the same language. When you see older people like your grandparents, you are already trained to practice the same level of love you show your grandparents; the same is true for all the ages of people you meet. If you practice that high level of love toward all those people, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will surely come. This is the formula.

Let's apply this principle to Rev. Moon's life. When he came to America, did he practice such a love towards America? Yes! Think about the time America really opposed Rev. Moon, did not understand him and sent him to Danbury Prison. Did he hate America or did he give more love to America? More love. If Americans truly understand the love Rev. Moon has for America, unite and follow Rev. Moon, then this place will become the Kingdom of God on earth, built through his guidance.

Why do we have to offer even a higher quality of love to others, than to our own family members? If you have ten family members, that means you have ten people very similar to your character and they know you. Among these ten family members, if you force them to surrender to you, there will be a big conflict. This is not the way to win their support. If we look at the way God, in the beginning of the creation, showed us how to humble ourselves and invest ourselves for the sake of the creation, we will know how to win our family's hearts. We will be able to become the central person among those ten people. We will then be able to totally unify all ten members.

We can raise this family's level of love even higher by totally living for the sake of the ten family members. By becoming an example of this sacrificial love, the ten family members will be able to develop a higher level of love as well. This is the law of progression. On that level, another round of sacrificial life can be exhibited and practiced, thereby reaching an even higher level of love. As an individual, you have to be able to open yourself and give of yourself ten times to ten different people. Finally, all ten members will become yours. That is the way you win them and unify them. Your family, the ten of you, should practice the same principle of loving in front of your tribe. Your tribe consists of many different families. You should not sacrifice your tribe for the sake of your family. Instead, your family should sacrifice for the entire tribe. If you sacrifice your own family for the sake of all the families in your tribe, these families will be elevated to a higher level. In the same way you sacrifice your tribe for the nation, you sacrifice your nation for the entire world, you sacrifice the world for the cosmos and you sacrifice the entire cosmos for God. What about God? God will belong to me and He will come to the individual level. That means God is mine! The full circle of love was all for such a wonderful purpose! This is the Unification principle. From the individual level, all the way around to God and God comes back to the individual level. Do you understand? What do the communists say relating to ownership? Yours is mine and mine is yours, that is the satanic concept. The Unification view says, not yours is mine and mine is yours, but mine is for the sake of family, my family is for the sake of my tribe, my tribe is for the sake of my nation, my nation is for the sake of my world, my world is for the cosmos and the cosmos for the sake of God. Eventually, God comes around for my sake. God is mine and God's property is my property. Rev. Moon has been investing everything, including himself, for the sake of the world and God, in order to give this ownership to mankind. Rev. Moon won such a victory during the last 40 years of persecution and opposition by exactly resembling God. God's example during the last six thousand years, was that He invested Himself and forgot, invested and forgot. Rev. Moon has the same attitude, the same understanding and the same practice all these years. Therefore just like God is, eventually, the victor, Rev. Moon also wins the victory; then Rev. Moon shares these victories with God. That is how Rev. Moon achieved the victory. Do you understand? The purpose of history and the direction of history is for this. Without this principle, this formula of history, there is no unification or happiness possible. We would be doomed. Can you pledge that you will really live up to that kind of expectation? Frankly, when you look inside yourself, you may have love for your wife and children, but do you really find love for the sake of your nation, your world and for God? We must practice this because God's fundamental goal is saving this entire world and God Himself. How can we liberate God? God is not liberated yet! God's ideal of love is not achieved yet in this world. Logically you cannot deny that. Dr. Rubenstein, do you accept Rev. Moon's explanation? (Dr. Rubenstein's response, "I must never lie to Rev. Moon.") Father wants to know yes or no. What about you, the audience, yes or no! (Yes!)

When it comes to your public mission, though you are supporting your family, sending your children to school and feeding your family, you cannot neglect your mission. Your nation will be doomed to perish and even God's providence will fail, if you do not have the right attitude. You will not be able to make this a purposeful world. God has sacrificed everything to save this world. Everyone must absolutely follow God, the Subject, in this partnership. There is no other way and no other concept that will work. You must follow one time, absolutely, with obedience making one heart of unification, thus making one body, that is all. This is the purpose of the formula. You have to absolutely follow, otherwise, there is no hope; there will not be a peaceful world nor a world of happiness. Will you do it? Will you take this action? Raise both hands. Thank you.

Well, we have a problem. Previously, you answered that you cannot touch love, you cannot see love, you cannot even see your conscience and you cannot see your life, then how can you feel them? You are totally one with yourself; that is why we cannot see or feel love. In order to stimulate the life, love, lineage and conscience, you need your love partner. Without utilizing your love partners power, you cannot feel your love, your life, your lineage and your conscience. Do you have love? Yes or no? Yes! Do you have your life? Yes! What about your lineage? Yes! What about your conscience? Yes! But you cannot say you know that you see or you feel it. Well, you alone may not be able to feel how much love you have; however, when your love partner appears and stimulates your love, your heart starts beating faster. You experience many different shades and angles of love. Suddenly your love starts showing or making you feel it and aware of it. Isn't this true? Yes! When you meet your partner, you feel thunder and lightening and you are so excited. Lightning and thunder heralds the marriage of nature. That is true! Like rain coming down, there are tears and all kind of water in the union of a man and a woman. Do you understand?

There is another important concept of love. Suppose a husband and wife become totally one and the wife reserves 30 percent of her heart from her husband. She will only be able to receive 70 percent of her husband's love, even though he may have given 100 percent of his love to her. Therefore, in order to receive 100 percent of each other's love, you must go down to the zero point. In other words, you should not feel any reservation whatsoever, then you can feel 100 percent love from your spouse. It is like a subject and object relationship, 100 percent stimulation. Once you become totally one, there is no problem. This is a universal secret. Once you become totally one as husband and wife, you should not feel any reservation; you are just one, like you cannot see your finger. Therefore, when you start walking into the wedding room, you must be in the position of zero, nothing of yourself remains. When these two zeroes come close together, they spark each other and there is lightning and thunder. When the wedding comes, the entire world and universe will embrace you. God will look upon you at that blessing and see you as one complete being. How wonderful you are in making love! Until now there was no true ancestor, true family, true tribe, true nation or true world. That is why even many religions, i.e. Buddhism, Christianity and all the major religions, usually encouraged faithful people to live ascetic lives and keep a life of chastity throughout history. In the Unification Church, Father is sending everyone to their hometown to be tribal messiahs. This is truly the time of glory and victory and hope for humanity. In the Unification Church, what do we teach? The Fall of man produced the false ancestor, false family, false nation and false world. Now we have to restore this entire fallen world and everything through receiving and believing in True Parents, reaching True God and eventually making ourselves into true selves. That is the goal of the Unification Church. By doing so, we claim that we will build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven centered upon True Parents. Isn't this our goal? That is our goal, but we first must understand the starting point. The tradition is centered on True Love, True Parents and God. This is the starting point. From what point does True Love from God and man meet and start? The sexual organ, true sexual organ. We do not know our conscience, the function and detail, but where is the root of our conscience? The root of love, the root of life, the root of lineage and the root of conscience are from God. Where can we find God? God is within the deepest part of yourself. You cannot find God, because God is one with you. Once your partner, who has God within himself or herself, becomes one with you, then the God within yourself will be stimulated; you will feel and become aware of His existence.

Originally that was the way Adam and Eve should have become totally one; they would not have felt any difference whatsoever. God, Adam and Eve were supposed to become totally one and inseparable. The Fall of man stopped that and the original place of God was occupied by Satan. Satan infiltrated and took over the position. Now we have to say that the true ancestor and true nation must be derived from the love organ of a true man and a true woman. Once husband and wife become totally united centered on True Love, your love organ becomes the palace of True Love, the original palace of your life. The central life palace, the central lineage palace and the central consciousness palace all connect to the couple's love place. This precious place will begin the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. There is no other way. Adam and Eve were created as the body of God. Logically you cannot deny this. Adam and Eve's love organs were to be the central original palace of love, life and lineage. Now ours is the palace of love, life, lineage and even the conscience. This connects us to the central root and central branch. Protect your love palace, life palace, lineage palace and conscience palace. Satan is trying his absolute best to destroy your palace of love, life, lineage and conscience. Because of the failure of Adam and Eve, mankind has not known that the four great realms of heart were destroyed. That is why, husband and wife now totally become one and go back to their hometown. This is the highest goal of fallen mankind, to find our original hometown where we can build the Kingdom of True Love, True Life, True Lineage and even True Conscience. Mankind did not know until this point and that is the place where we will start building the Kingdom of God on earth. That is the completion of the history of salvation.

We must know that we are without our true nation. We must return to our hometown and restore our hometown as a true hometown. We should eventually develop our hometown and expand it to our true nation. That is our mission! Our goal as members of the Unification Church is to return to our hometown and become the first ancestor of our true hometown and the first founding father of our true nation. This must be our conviction today! You must understand that God has been shedding His tears, even blood and sweat all these seven thousand years of history to reach this goal and to accomplish this goal. We must liberate True Parents and, at the same time, liberate God. This has been the True Parents' goal too. How? By finding and establishing our true hometown and true nation. That is the only way! Do you understand?

This is the 50th year since the end of World War II and that is why, upon the victorious foundation of True Parents, now Father gave us this year's motto "Let's inherit True Parent's realm of victory." Centered on the vertical True Parents, God, and horizontal True Parents, our True Parents, we must live up to the expectation of God and True Parents. This is our eminent task. We must strive to achieve that goal and be totally united with True Parents. To achieve this goal we have to invest and sacrifice everything we have, including our life, just as God and True Parents have done. Those who make the determination and the pledge to do your absolute best to live up to the expectations of God and True Parents with conviction, raise both of your hinds! This is your gift to True Parent's on their birthday, today. Stand up and raise your hands! God bless you! Amen!

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