The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


Where Is The Base For The True Ideal?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 3, 1995
Belvedere -- International Training Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

As we always try to practice our Korean, is there any non-Korean here who can read the title that Father has written here on the board? We all need to study Korean don't we? (Yes.) Then please repeat after me: Chamdoyn Yisangjuk Geejeeneun Uhdeenya? Where Is The Base For The True Ideal?

Do you understand the meaning of "ideal"? Does this word originate from mankind or from God? (God.) People in general talk about idealism, but they don't think about the source of the ideal. They just assume that it comes from man. However, it has to come from God who is the source of true happiness, true peace, true ideal and the root of all goodness. Happiness, peace and unification all originate from God.

A tree might have different sized branches and leaves, but it has one central root. Cutting off some branches will not affect the root. This tree may have branches that go in different directions, and with the changing of the seasons its foliage may change and even die and fall to the ground. However, as long as the central trunk and root are alive, the tree will be fine. Nutrition travels through the root to feed every branch of the tree. However, beyond the root there is a mainstream energy source that feeds the root and trunk of the tree so that the tree is able to survive. This mainstream element has to be consistent; in the past, present and future the source of nutriment should always be the same. If the degree of this mainstream element of nutrition changes in any way, the actual species of the tree may even change.

We maintain that we have our own individual ideal, our own private ideal. However, can we honestly claim to have our own ideal? (No.) No matter how great you may be, you cannot claim to have your own ideal. We can only claim our ideal when we find our ideal partner. When man and woman are united and become one, then you can begin to speak of the ideal. For example, focusing upon one of your eyes, can it claim to be ideal? Can just one eye, either left or right, say this is ideal? But when both of your eyes are functioning properly, then you can maintain that you have ideal eyes and ideal vision. Whenever we refer to the ideal, it must always include our object and subject. Ideal is a relative term. Your nose has two nostrils, not one. If you block up one nostril and claim to have an ideal nose, you would not be speaking the truth. Suppose you had only one lip, upper or lower is irrelevant. With only one lip you cannot claim to have an ideal mouth. (Laughter.) Suppose the right ear says that it doesn't care about the left ear? (Laughter.) The ideal exists within a subject and object relationship.

The internal center of conscience is subject, the external center is object. This dual system exists within the whole of creation. One way systems will disappear. No matter how much homosexuals claim they have the ideal way, within one generation humankind would disappear. Is that ideal? (No.) Many American women insist upon living their lives alone. They claim not to need men. Is this ideal? (No.) If every woman were to adopt such a lifestyle then within one hundred years the human species would disappear. Ideal means more vertical, more global, expanding forever. Without the subject and object relationship we cannot find the ideal world. Is this clear? (Yes.)

Does your right eye exist only for the sake of itself, or does it exist for the sake of its partner? It exists for its counterpart. Both eyes exist in order for you to see your partner, your object. How about your nose? Does it exist for itself alone or in order to smell the object world? (Object world.) Do you understand? When your mouth is being used to speak, is it doing so for your self alone? (No.) It exists for the sake of your partner. You have two hands, but if you have to hold your own hands for even ten minutes you may become tired of it. However, if you have to hold the hand of your beloved spouse, then even after one hundred years you will not tire of it. (Laughter.) The terminology of ideal does not fit with an individual alone. Therefore are the individualists of this world who seek their own lives without concern for others truly idealists, or those who are ruining this world? All Americans please answer Father clearly. What kind of people are they? Such people as these will eventually disappear. They cannot maintain such a way of life eternally.

Nothing in this world exists by itself. Even particles have plus ions and minus ions. In all plants plus and minus exist. In order to connect to the ideal world, the subject and object relationship is necessary. Otherwise, from the individual alone, we cannot be connected to the expanding universal world. The conclusion is simple; without partnership we cannot exist and expand forever. Is this a right or a wrong conclusion? (Right conclusion.) American people consider Reverend Moon a bad person. But no matter what they may say, this conclusion is the correct one. Therefore those women who live alone without a spouse should not feel proud. Rather they should feel ashamed. After the Fall, generation after generation sank further and further into hell.

Is there anyone who ever met a true man? Not former president Truman, but a true man. (Laughter.) What kind of person is a true man? (Father.) Because you think that way, Father has been criticized. What is the difference between you and Father? You have two ears, two hands and so has Father. Therefore, what is the difference? Do you think that Reverend Moon's eyes don't blink? (Laughter.) Then what is the difference between us and Father? The difference is direction and the concept we cherish. All the things that human beings think now, Reverend Moon thinks the opposite way. The partnership world is the way in which Father thinks. In following and establishing such a world, automatically the ideal settlement will come to pass. It's very logical.

Is there any woman who is perfected yet? (Yes.) When you look at the world, do you see any perfect woman from God's viewpoint? (No.) In the eyes of God do you think that there is any man whom God truly wants and praises? Is there any man whom, when God draws near him, without realizing it, God would kiss him. Is there such an attractive man existing in this world? When it comes to the love relationship between husband and wife, they sometimes do not realize that they are being irresistibly drawn together while they approach one another in order to kiss. Do you think there is any man whom God feels irresistibly drawn towards? Absolutely not. Suppose God found a man or woman in this world whom He was drawn towards and without realizing, God was constantly kissing this man or woman for ten years. Would you consider God crazy? (No.) (Father laughs.) There is an eternal capacity centering upon love and, therefore, eternal happiness.

Have you husbands and wives ever kissed one another for ten days non-stop? (Laughter.) Suppose a husband and wife want to keep on kissing one another eternally but, due to circumstances, they only do so for ten days. Would such a couple be miserable or happy? (Happy.) How happy they would be. Suppose you find some strands of gray hairs in your wife's hair. You would try to grab them and pull them out. Then would your wife feel badly about it? Do you think that she would yell and hit you, or would she turn around and give you a hug or a kiss? (Laughter.) Which one? (Laughter.) You may not be living such a life between husband and wife as Father has just described, but at least you should have that kind of concept of your married life.

When it comes to the terminology of base or foundation, it goes together with formula. Do you want to have your base shaky or stable and unchanging? (Stable.) Do you think that going to parties where people drink and dance and shake their bodies about and lose their minds is the stable base of their lives? (No.) Do you find your stabilized base at your home or at a dancing party? (Home.) From whom at home? (Spouse.) You may say spouse. However, man is a monster to woman and woman is another kind of monster to man. Can two monsters get together and bring hope? (Laughter.) How can you control your monster at home? (Laughter.) Do you need a whip to control and tame it, or a leash to pull your monster around by? Because your monster is always acting funny and changing every which way within a matter of minutes. You might feel it will be easy as long as I supply enough money for this monster. However, there would be no end to the amount of money this monster would consume.

Knowledge would not be able to control your monster either, even though so much emphasis is placed upon its value. How about controlling your strange monster through power? (No.) Everyone understands this. The conclusion is that no money, power or knowledge would be able to control your strange monster. Then what can control your monster? (Love.) What kind of love, free sex love? Secular American love? (No.) What kind of love? (True Love.) What kind of True Love? (God's love.) What kind of God's love? You don't know. You have to learn through me by absolutely obeying the precious teaching I give you which I have worked so hard for. Then it is possible to teach, otherwise you cannot teach and cannot reach to the ideal place eternally. That is the reasonable conclusion. Is that true? (Yes.) This teaching is a precious thing.

You need money, knowledge and power as well as True Love. However, not for your own self but for the purpose of the whole. Partnership-centered consciousness should be first and foremost in your minds. What about God? What kind of God is He? Does God need knowledge? (No.) He is already the king of knowledge. How about money? (No.) God can create whatever He needs. How about authority and power? (No.) God can do anything. The Creator does not need knowledge, power and money. Then what does God need? Partnership. He needs His partner. Then who is qualified to be God's partner? Monkeys and gorillas? After visiting the zoo, can you tell your friends and children that you just met with their ancestors? (Laughter.) If you visit the zoo with your friends and stand in front of the cage of gorillas, are you able to tell your friends that the gorilla is their grandfather? (Laughter.) Do you think your friend would be happy with you, or would he or she give you a kick?

When it comes to our love partner, we are seeking the highest possible being. Isn't that true? Before you were blessed did you really hope for a spouse far inferior to yourself, or rather were you expecting a person far superior to yourself? (Superior.) Father says, inferior. (NO.) (Father laughs.) Even if Father insists you are looking for a spouse inferior to yourself, but you keep on telling him no. Because you can say no means that human beings can eventually be restored to God. Suppose you had hoped for an intelligent and handsome husband, but instead you ended up with a mediocre one whom you don't really like and respect. As a wife, do you have to ask him to please die? When you quietly in your mind hope for your husband to die so that you can have a second chance, that feeling is centered very much upon your own individual desire and greed. It is not arising out of sympathy and concern for your husband.

If you see somebody in a more miserable situation than yourself, it is the heart of God, the parental heart, to feel compassion for that person. Suppose a mother has two sons and one is like a vegetable and will never awaken, while the other son is a president of a nation. Which son do you think the mother's heart will go out towards the most? (The first one.) The same principle applies when it comes to your relationship with your spouse. If your spouse is not as wonderful and as capable as you expected, then your heart should go out to comfort his heart and support and help him. Your heart should be like a mother's heart towards her children. This is like God.

In the first scenario you are hoping for your spouse to die in order for you to have a second chance. Suppose you were given that second chance and you received another spouse who was better than the first one. However, if you see someone who looks better to you than this spouse you will still have the heart of hoping that this second spouse will die soon. Are people who practice free sex happy? (No.) Those homosexuals are constantly seeking for a better looking partner. Eventually they would target even the president of a nation because of his fame and dignity. They might even end up with an animal in Africa. The justification would be that having tried every kind of man as a partner, they found that there was no one extra special; therefore, why not with a chimpanzee. Think about how horribly depraved such a direction would be. There is no merciful heart.

Father has flattened you American women here this morning, just as when fish are flattened through a certain machine. Do you still feel all right?

Then you are crazy. Do you still like Father? (Yes.) Father hates you. Do you still love Father? (YES.) Then there is a big problem here. (Laughter.) It is a good problem, even a revolutionary problem. You all joined the Unification Church and met the so-called world brainwasher. When you evaluate yourself, at this point do you think that you have become better than before you joined? (Yes.) Suppose that Reverend Moon gathers all of the American women together and tries to match them. Do you suppose they would go to that marriage for their own sake or for the sake of the whole? (For their own self.) Own self? Is that right? (Well that's what they usually do.) (Laughter.) To marry for the sake of the whole is not so easy. But it is the most precious. If we do find those men and women who are willing to be married to anyone for the sake of the entire universe and cosmos, how precious and great such an attitude that is. If there is such a person who finds a woman to marry, he would consider his spouse to be the essence of the entire five billion people. When feeling such a way, how much love he would pour out upon her and how he would cherish her. You may claim that your spouse represents the entire human history; past, present and future, and all different races.

If you are white and your spouse is dark-skinned, you can claim her to be finer and more beautiful than all the white women of the world. White people are daytime partnership people. I prefer nighttime partnership instead. Nighttime kings of love-centered partnership, how wonderful they are. What do you think? Which one would you choose? Day love center or night love center? Which one? Do you have ears? (Laughter.) Use your ears. [Here Mr. Kim translates for us.] When Father says day king he is referring to the white race, and night king refers to the black race. (Ah!) Are you with him now? (Yes.) The night king has already passed the stage of the day king. Whereas the day king has a long way to go in order to reach the night king. Then which one do you choose? (Night king.)

Therefore you will become a well-rounded person. God will love you from every angle; top, front, rear and side. Then you will feel so happy. Day kings may insist that in order to love them you have to approach them from the front side only. Do you want the kind of spouse who will be open to your approaching from whatever angle you wish? Which would you prefer? (Second one.) Do you think that two black people making love in the darkness will be able to see each other's faces? (Father laughs.) Well, maybe they won't see the face of their spouse during lovemaking, but if they make a big scream or yell due to excitement think of the echo it will create. It will reach to the entire universe.

Before Father found True Mother, don't you think he was considering finding a dark-skinned wife as True Mother? Do you think that Father considered this or not? (Yes.) Suppose God provided one black woman for Father's marriage; do you think Father would have rejected her? (No.) When God first created this entire universe it was created from darkness, not from daylight. If we are referring only to daylight, the white race, we are referring to only one side and not the whole. Even when we refer to light and we extend it infinitely, are we able to see the end? Usually it is described as darkness. Just as when we observe the universe we see the darkness. When God is embracing this universe, will He only embrace the portion that is lit by sunlight? No, He would embrace the entire universe, even the places beyond our reach, described as darkness.

We need to compare here three different cases. Firstly the night people long for and miss night people; secondly, day people miss and long for day people; thirdly, night people miss and long for day people. Of these three, which is the strongest case? (Night and day.) You know that. If you have such a concept and feeling then the entire world may become the Kingdom of God on earth. Because the entire day and night will embrace and become one. However, if you remain with only a one-sided feeling, then there is always division existing.

When you were growing up, before you had strong feelings towards the opposite sex, girls usually paid no attention to boys because they were bothersome. They would pull your hair and pinch you, all manner of naughty behavior. Also the boys don't really care for the girls because they always cry, etc. They usually don't like one another very much. It happens this way in order that they are able to experience two extremely different poles, such as the contrast between the North and South Poles, before they really get together. Once they have the experience of feeling far apart, then when they grow up and discover the speed they can travel towards one another, it will be extraordinary. It will be so great that they will shoot to the sky together, centered upon True Love of course. But when they meet in the center, if the angle is deviated, instead of traveling upwards, they will travel at a deviated angle eternally. Therefore this is very crucial.

[Here True Mother explains what Father said in Korean to Mr. Kim.] (Father laughs.) I need many interpreters. (Laughter.) [Mr. Kim: You must forgive me. Mother is always the best interpreter.] If man and woman are exactly the same size, when they collide with each other in the center, they will become one flat figure. Then there would be no spinning and circular motion. However, man is much bigger whereas woman is smaller. That is why, when they collide with one another, they will begin a revolving motion that will continue throughout eternity. Do you understand? Do you wish that, in general, women would become bigger than men or that this would stay the way it is now? (Stay as it is.) Who is the center, man or woman? Father claims that the small size should be the center. (No.) The bigger one should naturally be the center. Looking out over the field here at Belvedere we can see that the tallest tree is the center. When people view the trees from far away they will automatically see the tallest one first.

Therefore, who is the center? (Man.) Within your family, do you women make your husbands work like slaves or do you serve your husbands? What about you? The woman who makes a slave out of her husband will endure or disappear? (Disappear.) Really? (Laughter.) It is a big problem. You women have to dedicate yourselves to making your husbands kings within your families. The center is absolutely one. Can you admit this? If you women mistreat your husband, making him your worker, then your family will have no hope. In American families, do we find grandparents there? Are parents there? No. Do we find true couples there? No. Neither do we find true brothers and sisters, nor true children. This means families are the expansion of hell on the earth.

God is longing for the ideal family and ideal home all throughout America. But instead, families are losing everything. Grandparents are not there. Parents are not there. Couples are not there. Brothers and sisters and children are not there. It is like a barren desert. Is it hell or heaven? (Hell.) The dungeon of hell. Father is so sorry to have to say such a thing. From the viewpoint of God's providence, and in many ways, Father knows and understands America very well. Then why do we claim that man must be the central figure? [Father begins to draw on the board.] When we divide, in general, there is plus and there is minus. The upper side is plus and the lower side is minus. What does woman represent? (Minus.) Minus means that you are in the position of receiving. The position of plus is the position of giving. If you are in the position to receive, should you be on the top or on the bottom? (Bottom.) Even when you make love woman is supposed to be at the bottom. What is it you have to receive? The seed of life. Through this seed of life, the seed of True Love and True Lineage can be connected. If it becomes upside down there will be trouble. Have you ever seen it raining from the ground to the sky? When the water flows, does it flow from the lower to the higher place? Does the air flow from the area of high pressure to the area of low pressure or vice versa?

In the relationship between man and woman, who usually seduces whom? (Man.) When man comes around, even innocently, he always tries to get your attention and tease you. When riding in a jam-packed subway car, men and women are often mixed together. Usually, does the man's hand come to the woman's hip or the woman's hand come to the man's hip? (Man.) MAN. Man, naturally. Usually it is man who takes the initiative in love-making. The reason being that man is trying to give life. Woman has nothing belonging to herself. Your breasts and hips belong to your children and your face and your sexual organ belong to your husband. These parts of you do not belong to woman. Man likes woman's soft face. Therefore women make up their faces with cosmetics every morning. [Father demonstrates.] (Laughter.) She is calling her husband close to her through making her face beautiful.

If men don't like the pretty soft faces of women then what shall women do? (Laughter.) It is a natural phenomenon for butterflies to flit around looking for beautiful flowers, and for hills and mountains covered with snow to wait for the coming of spring. Women are supposed to stand in that kind of position. You are created in such a way as to await man's action. Woman is supposed to wait and remain alert. When you see the right man you have to cling to that person and become one vertically. That person will become your eternal spouse, your king forever. Do you understand? It is also the universal truth when it comes to the concept of man. When we are talking about women we are already referring to men's existence. Not for woman's sake alone, not for man's sake alone. If we think in this way we are speaking of destruction. For the man, woman comes first. For the woman, man comes first. Do you feel bad? (No.)

Within the secular world, people have claimed that whenever men wanted women, they were there for them. That is not so. Man is there for the sake of woman also. That is how we can find the balance. You women all have eyes. Suppose you are walking on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. With your eyes do you always look at women or at men? Which one? Automatically your eyes see men and not women. Everything in this universe exists for your opposite sex. Not for your own sake. Therefore, woman exists for the sake of man and man exists for the sake of woman. If the entire five billion people have this absolute concept then we would have a one man, one woman kind of world. No destruction whatsoever. The subject center is always God-centered. The individual, family, nation, world, and cosmos have as their center God. Forever. This is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This was to have been completed at the time of Adam and Eve.

Had God found such an ideal man and woman, even if He had to abandon the entire five billion people of mankind, He would still cling to this ideal man and woman. Through such a man and woman the entire universe would begin revolving around. Do you understand? Amongst you women, are there any who feel they do not need men? Please raise your hands if you feel so. If there is such a woman, you have to plug up your love-making organ with concrete. Because if any woman claims such a thing she is not a woman anymore. One of the reasons that this world has been turning into such a hell is because women have been misusing that love-making organ. Woman has claimed ownership of that love organ and it is not woman's possession. It absolutely belongs to man, now and forever. This is the formula way. Make sure that you understand that your love organ does not belong to you. It belongs to your king, your spouse. The secular world has created a very complicated problem.

Only true man centered on this absolute base can find the ideal world. Then he can connect everywhere to that hopeful world, free of conflict and pain. After the Fall humankind lost everything. Man and woman have embraced the concept of self-centeredness and this is a real problem. Individualism has brought this country down to hell. America is losing everything. No matter how much America may oppose Father, they are declining deeper and deeper into hell. This is a reality. Do you understand? God poured down immense power to this American Christian-culture world. Centering up on God, Father has understood how much God has poured out and lost, and His untold agony. America rebelled against Father and put him in jail. They want Father to disappear. But throughout the entire world the cry of "Yankee go home!" can be heard. They don't need the exportation of America's free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism. These are Satan's armament to destroy God's side. Is this clear? America is going to hell. Father spent twenty years during this important age in his life in this country.

Throughout twenty years you have sat here and faced me and I have poured down my whole energy and power towards you. I have poured out every source of energy, manpower and finances into America during this twenty years. Autumn time is the time for harvest. How can we harvest America? Looking around we see we cannot harvest this America. In reality we cannot find even one fruit. No matter how much hard work has been accomplished in and on behalf of this nation, I have to turn away. I am sorry for you. I poured out my heart and educated you so many times, but you did not study. There is no result. If you were to be given a grade mark, you would have failed. I have not found anyone, anywhere in America who can make the kind of promise and commitment that is needed. You have to know that yourselves. Do you understand? (Yes.) During the summer years I have poured out tremendous energy and now, in the Autumn years, I cannot harvest even one fruit. That is why Father has to go to South America.

Originally Father didn't plan to come to speak here today. But Father was urged to come to teach you where is the base of the ideal. Why then is woman born? (For the sake of man.) Man was born for the sake of whom? (Woman.) Your husband or your wife is your partner forever, not your temporary partner. You are parents to your children eternally. Satan has used the armament of temporary partners to destroy this society. Is this clear? (Yes.) Therefore, you alone cannot achieve the true ideal. You need your partner. If we are referring to an ideal school, then you need teachers and students. The teachers are working for the sake of the students and the students work hard with the help of their teachers. That is the ideal.

Within any company, the president of that company is not in that position for his own sake. Rather he is in that position to lead his employees. Employees are there in order to achieve the goal sought by the president. For the sake of your own family you are not permitted to take public items from the company and use them for your own family. You cannot do that. If you practice such an evil deed, your country will decline. If American people keep taking advantage of the nation as a whole then this nation will eventually perish. Because of the social security system and pension system, all those lazy people abuse and take advantage of this nation. It is not balanced and fair. If there is imbalance, either within an individual or a nation, eventually there will be decline.

Are you Unification Church members here in order to receive from Reverend Moon for your own sake, or are you here in order to give to Reverend Moon for the whole? (To give to Reverend Moon.) Even if Reverend Moon failed, the Unification Church would prosper. Reverend Moon is not indebted to you, members of the Unification Church. Up until this age of almost 76, Father has been going through all kinds of pain, struggle and difficulties. Still he never gives up. Until he joins the spiritual world he will continue to do the work and invest his effort as always. Father never forgets that at least fifteen million people per year are dying of starvation. Who is going to be responsible for those innocent lives? America? If America turns its back on such innocent lives then America will not prosper. Rather America will perish. However, Father's conviction is, even if Father is bombarded with debt, still he will go forward and help these people until he dies. That is the way Father becomes the center throughout the entire human history. This is the absolute conclusion.

When John the Baptist first saw Jesus, he declared; behold the innocent lamb bearing the burdens of the world. It is the same meaning. We have to live for the sake of good people, evil people and even for the sake of hell. If you truly practice that kind of life then God Himself will come and bow down to you. If there is such a person he will never perish. By the same token, the entire world for the past half a century has been mobilized to criticize and persecute Reverend Moon. However, Reverend Moon continues to prosper. Even now Reverend Moon is not failing or declining. Father is revealing the secret, that while he has been investing his entire life and assets for the sake of America this past twenty years, he has only prospered. Now Father tells you Americans that if you invest everything you have for the sake of South America, then America will only prosper. America, instead of losing, will gain even South America.

America may abandon and reject Father, while South America welcomes Father. Father began in North America from the position of servant of servants. Now Father is able to start in the South American nations on a much higher level from the beginning. A campaign has already been launched to select 500 of the elite from each nation and educate them with Divine Principle. But if we are not in the position to digest all of these South American leaders who will be educated by Father and come here to work with you, then you will become losers. Therefore, Father may take you all to South America and train you there so that you can become even braver soldiers.

Comparing the family systems of North America, based upon Protestantism and South America, based upon Catholicism we see that the South American family system is more stable. America's own ideal cannot exist alone. It needs partnership. Do you want to follow Father's concept or work against Father's concept? (Follow.) Then let Father lead you and you follow behind him. High level members of society respect Father more than you do. I was not taught by the scholarly world, rather I taught them. The political world has been taught by me, as well as the cultural and religious worlds. I have made this kind of foundation throughout the world. No-one can deny I have made my foundation worldwide within my lifetime, because of God. Father is moving in God's mind. You need to understand this purpose. This is summer time and for building a new river. I am making the river and God is pouring out the water behind me, creating a new culture, a conscious world. No one knows that, but time will tell. Rev. Moon is going higher and higher. Now top leaders of the world are going to respect me. It is not I who am going to respect them. Is that right? (Yes.)

America believes that it will stand forever as the central nation of the world. NO. Until now America has held the central place in the world based upon the Christian culture. The Christian culture base is subject and the American culture base is object. If America no longer has Christian culture world subject consciousness, then it means the end of this country. The subject object relationship makes the field of the ideal. Look at America now. There is no longer any partnership. They think they will control by power and everyone will follow. No. America has to take the leadership role for the sake of the world. Otherwise there is no way for America to lead.

The Israelites thought that the messiah was coming for the sake of their own nation and they would be the central nation forever. But God's concept was different. His concern was how to save the world. The messiah was sent for the sake of the world. God did not need only the one nation of Israel. Rather God desired that Israel become totally united with the messiah for the sake of the whole world. Do you understand? The same concept applies to Christianity. Catholicism may have Rome as its center, but from that center Christianity is to serve and save the entire world. They don't realize this. Rome needs the partnership of the world. The partnership world means the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth.

Father came to the United States to proclaim the ideal of one world under God, not just one nation under God. It has always been God's desire that the American ideal of one nation under God be extended to the ideal of one world under God. However, American people do not realize this fact. America's role is to invest and forget everything. True Mother invests in her children and forgets her investment so that such children can never separate from such a True Mother. Isn't that correct? This can create filial piety. Do American women invest in their children according to this standard? Children are often left behind, alone, awaiting their mother. This cannot be an ideal home environment. Do you understand?

The same thing applies to Unification Church members. If you think that God's blessing is for you alone it will lead to destruction. Your role is to invest and forget. This is how God has created the universe. He has continued to invest in mankind for thousands and thousands of years. God's children have to have His original blood lineage centering upon absolute love. The problem is that fallen mankind has inherited Satan's blood lineage. Because the Archangel connected with Eve sexually, this act begot fallen parents, fallen man and woman, fallen children, fallen nation, fallen humankind. This has expanded to the world we live in today. This world is populated by wild olive trees. This world does not have true olive trees. God understands this reality. How can this be restored? The way of God's providence is the restoration course in order that God can send that one true olive tree; the messiah. Then all the wild olive trees may be grafted onto the one true olive tree and God can harvest, at last, the fruit of His lineage. God does not have such fruits in his warehouse. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place of families, not individual men and women, nor children separately.

Was Father speaking to you in Korean or English just now? (English.) Because you have not taken seriously Father's directive to learn Korean. You have to study the Korean language. If you do not speak the Korean language, you cannot follow True Father into heaven. True Parents speak Korean, therefore it is all humankind's hometown language. Is that correct? (Yes.) You answer yes. Then you have to speak your hometown language. We do not need to speak hundreds of different languages. Humankind should speak just one language. Why do you have to learn Korean? Father's teachings now comprise 250 books. There will be 300 more. Reading these in the original language you will understand everything. Divine Principle is just one part. It is not the entire doctrine of the Unification Church. There are 300 more. Sometimes I read those books. I realize that I have taught everything to the Unification Church members. I have precisely taught you. You cannot accuse me of not having taught you well. All the things that I taught in years past have now come to fruition. Amazing situations have occurred all throughout the world. Fifty years ago I taught all of this. Do you understand? (Yes.) I have thought of everything.

The topic today is, Where is the Base of the True Ideal? We can interpret this as where is the formula for the true ideal? There should be a formula for tasting, for eating, for smelling, for seeing, for dwelling. However, the original formula should be the one which God has been seeking. There is a formula for women and there is a formula for men. Can we exchange them? Even if you don't care for your formula as a woman, can you take man's formula and become a man? (No.) Never. Yours is the most precious one. We consider a diamond as the most precious stone. It is considered the hardest stone. This is one of the reasons that diamonds are precious. Gold we grade differently. It is a graded metal but it never tarnishes, never changes. Therefore it is precious. Pearls harmonize other colors. They do not change. That kind of specialness and uniqueness is there. Do you think that God would apply a changeable and unstable formula for the creation of mankind? No. Do human beings desire changing and unstable formulas? (No.)

When you face God, do you want to be inferior to Him? Or would you like to be equal to Him or even better than God Himself? (Better.) Better than God. God is unique, unchanging, and eternal. Do we have these attributes within ourselves in order to become better than God? This is what we need to ask ourselves. Who is the richest being in the universe? God. If God wants to, He can create an even bigger universe than this one, something eternal and absolute and everlasting. Therefore, God can provide and create anything anytime. Then what is it that God needs? An ideal object of love. Who is that ideal partner for God? Monkey? (No.) True man, true woman, true couple, true parents, true family, true children, true brothers and sisters. Are you true? Is every part of your being true? God is seeking, but cannot find His true object. As a human being you have four branches; your arms and legs. Which of them is true? Is your hand true? Are your lips true? What about your mind, is your thinking true? No.

If you have only one true attribute within yourself what would that be? Knowledge? (No.) Power? (No.) Authority? (No.) What then? (True Love.) Did you ever see that True Love? Are you able to touch and see it? (No.) Are you able to see your conscience? (No.) No. These are invisible, but invisible attributes are the most important ones. We are not able to see God. It is the same meaning. You proclaim that you have life and you have love, but you are unable to see and touch these things. Neither can you see and touch your blood lineage, but you cannot deny their existence. God is the deepest and most central root of our love, life and lineage. Logically we cannot deny this.

The Bible teaches us to do our utmost to love God with all of our heart and all of our soul. This is the number one commandment. God is our subject. We have to love our central figure. Suppose we expand our conscience and love to the end of the universe, who should be the center of all these attributes? God has to be the center. [Father draws on the board.] After the expansion of our conscience and love, eventually it will revolve back to the original point, where God is the center. Day and night. Plus and minus. This is the ideal world. [Father continues to draw on the board as he explains.] Right wing, left wing. Reverend Moon made that kind of victorious foundation through right and left wing ideology.

Do you want to meet God? (Yes.) If you truly wish to meet God then give up your life for the sake of the entire world, and try your absolute best, and then you will find God. Even when it comes to God, He exists in the center, but He has been devoting and giving every ounce of Himself for the sake of the universe. God is invisible. Eventually the energy and heart that God has poured out will revolve and return to the original place where God dwells. That becomes the vertical axis, or pillar [indicating to the board] centering upon God. We cannot see God even though He is the axis of the entire universe. As a visible being, man and woman revolve centering upon God and that is why this entire universe is visible. Where can we set the axis? Centering upon America? (No.) The starting place is the individual. [Father draws on the board.] The entire universe consists of man and woman, plus and minus. When we write M on the top and W beneath it, then they fit together into one. Convex and concave should come together and become one. If we do not experience putting them together, we do not understand love.

Without forming W and M together, we cannot say that man and woman's blood mix together. Only through the mixture of man's and woman's blood can a whirlpool form with a center where your being can exist. It becomes an axis. There we can draw the father and son relationship, brother and sister relationship, and husband and wife relationship. All of mankind, without exception, needs parents. Man needs woman and woman needs man. Everybody needs brothers and sisters. Everybody needs children. This is the formula. Without having parents we are called orphans. If you do not have a spouse you are referred to as a widow or widower. If you don't have brothers and sisters you are referred to as an only child.

When it comes to your family lineage, you don't want your stepson or adopted son to inherit your lineage. Americans have many stepsons. American children have many step fathers and stepmothers. Are these ideal fathers and mothers? Are these ideal brothers and sisters? No. We have to understand that we need these four different relationships. We are referring to the Four Great Realms of Heart. Without this we cannot actually think of forming this four position foundation. This vertical line [indicating to the board] represents the relationship between parents and children. The horizontal relationship represents the conjugal relationship between husband and wife. This lower stage of growth is the siblings' relationship. [Father continues to draw on the board.] At the bottom here is the children's relationship. First there is the love of children towards parents, then love between brothers and sisters, then conjugal love, and then the love of parents towards their children. This is the formula. Without experiencing these four realms of heart we cannot form the four position foundation base.

As human beings, we all have to pass through and experience these four realms of heart. This is how we can grow and mature. If we apply this formula to any level of society, even to the nation and world, it will fit. This formula will fit any age group within any society. The base for experiencing these four great realms of heart is your family. Once you master these four great realms of heart, you will be able to expand it to the community, national and worldwide level. This base is very important. [Father draws a diagram.] There are three different stages; grandparents, parents, and children. Once they become one, this revolving movement should occur. This central line [indicating to the board] may represent the brother and sister relationship. However, the center point here [indicating to the diagram] is the central point for all the different types of relationship.

Infants need to be embraced by their mother, nurtured and fed by her milk. Even if, while feeding, the baby cries and kicks, still the mother loves the baby. In that case the baby is the king over the mother. The mother's deepest heart and the baby cannot be separated eternally. No-one can separate that kind of partnership between mother and child. Father cannot separate them, grandfather cannot separate them, relatives cannot separate them. They are completely protected. Isn't that right? (Yes.) How wonderful this is. The entire universe protects this relationship. Do you have mothers? A mother of temporary love or a mother of eternal love? (Eternal love.) Do many American children have mothers of eternal love? They are crying out day and night. This is a problem. Is this true? (Yes.)

Children desire a hopeful settlement with their parents where they will never be separated. Do you have such parents? No you do not. Eternal plus and minus cannot be separated if they are centered upon unchanging love. This kind of atmosphere we describe as the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. Everything is within that atmosphere; true conjugal love, true parents', true sons' and daughters', true brothers and sisters', and true children's love concepts are all there. All gathered in one place. This is the place of marriage. This is the eternal formula of God. This is home for everyone of the entire world. This is the place of welcome.

[Father continues to draw on the board.] Three generations after the fall, God's position was grandfather. Adam's position was that of parent. Children were not there. Three generations. This is fallen.

God's formula is that of a couple, not two men and two women. But a man and woman couple. Absolutely one man and absolutely one woman centering upon absolute love. Then there would be no problem. Do you understand? (Yes.) Every angle would welcome such a couple. This is the ideal place. God is in the position of the absolute grandparents, True Parents' position is that of Adam and Eve, children centering upon absolute love. The universe welcomes and protects this. This kind of ideal king and ideal queen represent God's love ideal. However, the fallen world does not have this ideal formula as its base. In our church there is God as our absolute center, True Parents are in the position of Adam and Eve, children are the church members. No matter how difficult it might be, nothing can separate the power of family love. Love can control the unification concept. American Unlfication members could not complain especially when their marriage is between black and white. This is God's original ideal of creation. God needs one seed and that will represent humankind, that is the connecting place. Up to now God did not have any kind of tradition. 5 billion people are like that.

Our Family Pledge number 3 is going back to this formula. The family is the love text. You have to make this concept formula otherwise you cannot enter heaven. Is that right? (That is right.) The universe agrees. Adam and Eve, as an ideal couple, could have borne twenty children. (Laughter.) Yes. That is true. Then they could have been greater creators than God Himself. God created only one couple. Adam and Eve could create many couples. They could have harvested more fruits for God than God Himself. However, the center would be only one. God. You have then to multiply many babies. How many dozens? (Laughter.) Children of true parents would bring only joy to God. God would bless them abundantly. Therefore, you need many children, just like me. (Laughter.) How wonderful. Centering upon Father you have to accomplish this. Can you do so? (Yes.)

Therefore, Father's conclusion this morning is that our family is the training ground to create ideal individuals. Also the family is the formula to establish the ideal base which is the ideal formula. The family is the essential base that we have to establish and perfect. In order to complete and protect this absolute concept of ideal base and ideal formula, would it be better that you go through seven days of fasting and get closer and closer. How about forty days of fasting, could you do this? Fasting forever, no problem. Dying, no problem. (Laughter.) Father is referring to your love partner. When you look at your parents you feel happy just looking at them, don't you? (Yes.) Even if you have to go around the entire world you still want to be with your parents don't you? (Yes.) That is the way. That is the formula of love. Do you Americans not feel that you need brothers and sisters? (We do.) You do feel so. When you say 'yes' is it low, medium or high? (High.) Father doesn't see many Americans who cherish brotherhood and sisterhood as much as Oriental people, such as Koreans. Koreans really cling to one another as brother and sister. Many are willing to die for their brothers and sisters. Sometimes they sell their own bodies in order to save their brother or sister.

If you are trained within your family unit, according to the high standard Father has explained here, then since this world is an expansion of the family unit, this world will become ideal. Because there will be only ideal people and ideal families. When such individuals who are trained as ideal individuals within ideal families join the spiritual world, your way will be so easy and joyful. Father has been imprisoned six times within his life. He has faced all manner of accusations and persecution. However, Father has lived his life with excitement and joy because he knows the value of that kind of world, from the individual to the cosmic level, including the spiritual world. The invisible world is the eternal subject world. There are many stars there, gold, diamonds, etc. In that world we can travel freely and be easily centered upon the love concept. In one second we can travel the universe. Your thought concept can make you free. Whatever you desire will be immediately manifested, a place filled with beautiful fragrant flowers. Do you understand? (Yes.) You will possess a beautiful young face in that world. Not an old face. For you, when you first enter the spiritual world, it might be that you don't realize this person or that person is your grandparent, or great grandparent, because they appear youthiul. It takes time to realize. There we connect in love forever. I know this well. It is a most convenient place. This world is a most inconvenient place.

No matter how much America and the world may persecute me, I have to go over it. Do you understand? Don't separate from your grandparents. Don't separate from your parents. Don't separate from your husband or wife. All of humankind are your brothers and sisters, don't separate from them. Wherever I go I automatically stand in the subject position centering upon True Love. Your mind automatically is pulling you towards the True Love dwelling place. It is a natural phenomenon. Do you understand? (Yes.) Did you truly love me? (Yes.) How deep and how wide? Father has that love power rope that Satan cannot separate.

Since we know that because of the True Love that Father has explained to us, we were born, we live and we work. Therefore, we will establish an ideal base within families and we will accomplish what Father has instructed in his place. We will bear and harvest the fruits. Do you think that we are good enough now, that Father can place his trust in us and leave this country expecting us to do our mission here? Those who have confidence, please raise your hands. You will become those real original seeds, like during the harvest, you have gold value. Is that true? True Father's family value and your family value will bear the same fruit value. Do you understand? One seed will sprout and grow and produce the fruit for harvest. One seed planted, many seeds planted all having the same value. Do you understand? If your family is in South America, some remote place out there, and you are growing there as True Parents and then expanding, you can harvest there. Can you make that kind of seed within you?

The main family is the same. When it comes to love between husband and wife, every family has the same conjugal love. All couples create their children in the same way with sexual intercourse. That is why, after the Blessing, Father orders those Blessed couples to become tribal messiahs. If you accomplish your mission as tribal messiahs, the entire world can be united without going through fighting. Do you understand? Father's life within this country during the past twenty years, has demonstrated clearly what kind of exemplary life we, tribal messiahs, have to live. Now, don't you think you have matured enough in the past twenty years? (Yes.) That means you are now mature enough to bear fruits and produce the seeds of new life. This is the mission of the American Unification Church members. Do you understand clearly? (Yes.) Those who want to accomplish this mission please raise both of your hands. Shall we say Father we shall win? (Father we will win.) Father we will do it. (Father we will do it.) Connecting with the American people we will do it. (We will do it.) (Applause.)

Once we understand and practice this formula we can build the Kingdom of God on earth, we can liberate the spirit world, we can even liberate hell.

Please join me in prayer.

[Mr. Peter Kim prays.]

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