The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


July Leaders' Meeting

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 8, 1995
East Garden
Translator-Peter Kim

Since Father has been in America for the past twenty years, he knows exactly what is going on in America. Even though changes have occurred here in the past twenty years, Father feels that these changes have been for the worse rather than for the better. Also Father has seen so many young Americans deviate from the side of goodness during this time. Therefore, Father is truly worried about the future of America and how things will be twenty years from now. This is very much Father's concern. America may be enjoying her affluence materially, but spiritually speaking, America does not have enough power to control this material influence. Father doesn't see any educational institutions or religious organizations providing the solution for this. That is why Father sees no hope in the future of America. This is how Father began comparing the situation of North America with that of South America.

Just because America is the most affluent country in the world does not mean that this is the future standard you should expect from this nation. The more affluent a nation is, the more corrupted and decadent it becomes. The government does not have any power to control people's immoral behavior. But Father feels there could be a way if people work together.

The countries of South America are obviously quite poor. If you bring something that can benefit their lives they are really appreciative. If they study Divine Principle and Godism, and with that kind of strength and foundation they work together, what kind of commitment might we expect from them? During this recent speaking tour, Father has poured every ounce of his effort into teaching them. Regardless of age, if Father gives them a straight talk and they accept and understand it, then there is the possibility of a solution there. Fortunately the people of South America have the foundation of Catholicism. This gives them the basis to understand Father's explanation, particularly young people. It doesn't even have to take three hours. Rather in thirty minutes Father could change them around.

However, here in North America, even brilliant young people are so self-centered and individualistic. Even though they understand the reality of the truth, instead of following and accepting it, they try to analyze and question it. Therefore the future of North America lies in the unity between North and South America; particularly amongst young people. Without the unity of the young people of North and South America, America doesn't have a future. Therefore Father is questioning where he should place his focus: North America or South America? If Father is to focus on South America, it means, to a certain extent, he must neglect his work in North America. It should be natural that all Unification Church leaders think the way that Father is now thinking; focusing upon South America.

People who are in humble circumstances meet their challenges by coming together and working together. However, here in America, people have so much. When a challenge comes up, instead of tackling it they tend to criticize and analyze it and make no move. Father concludes that people who have more than enough in the way of material wealth have a weakened spirit. That is why they perish. This is what America is now facing. Who is able to turn America around? Can you do that? Father will not be here. He will be in South America. Therefore it is important to find the way to support South America financially.

When there is an area of high pressure, it should naturally come down and fill up the area of low pressure. That is a natural law of existence. Although South America is poorer than North America, their spiritual level is higher. Their influence should flow into America. Comparing the former Soviet Union to America we see that the former Soviet Union had a strong spiritual power based upon their communistic ideology. America had material affluence but there was no spiritual center. Since the demise of communism, how can we make these two nations unite? The only solution is through God. That is what Father has been working on. Now Father has to help the South American people so that they may be elevated to the higher level spiritually which will ultimately help the people of North America at the spiritual realm. When we reach that level, Father will conduct an international marriage between North and South America.

As in the time of Moses, the first generation should be able to create the foundation to receive the Cannanite seven tribes, and the foundation to receive Moses and the second generation to work upon. However, the first generation has failed. Father has to eliminate all these first generation people. Do you truly understand how significant and important a mission the Campus Minister has? It is more important than church leadership. Amongst those Campus Ministers who raised their hands a while ago, those of you who solely devote yourselves to Campus Ministry without doing any other work, raise your hands. What about those who are serving as a State Leader as well as Campus Minister? Father advised Reverend Pak that from this year on we must focus on witnessing to college and campus students rather than to ordinary people on the street.

Father would like to know how many revival meetings you have held each year? You should have one at least four times in each season. One year has fifty two weeks and you should be able to give lectures for forty weeks out of this fifty two. Probably twelve weeks or so is the time you can use for other purposes. You have to work for eight hours a day if you want to survive. In the early days, in the fifties, Father had former President Eu give lectures for an average of sixteen hours a day. Therefore, within forty days he could give Divine Principle lectures from cover to cover. If there was no-one who was listening, Father told him to give lectures by himself and the audience would be the empty space. You have to bring your relatives and friends and lecture to them. If you cannot find those people who will come to you, then you have to hit the street and give the lecture there. That way you have no excuse.

You can give a two hour lecture six times a day, that makes twelve hours. This is still less than the sixteen hours a day that former President Eu used to do. That is the way we began witnessing in America. Father attended almost every day that President Eu lectured. Father scolded him if he failed to do it. Do you think this came out of a normal way of thinking? No, it was under abnormal circumstances. Without lecturing he could not eat. There was no room to think about lunch and dinner. All throughout these years Father's philosophy has been that if he has even a small amount of time he begins to teach. That has been Father's lifelong philosophy. What about you? You eat three meals a day and eventually create a fertilizer factory within your body, and eventually you will simply pass away from this world. You live your life only once. Once you join the spiritual world, you will regret wasting this time for eternity. Father knows this to be a reality and that is why he is now telling you in advance. Even if you have to go through the prison life, rainy days, or snowy days, if you feel you didn't fulfill your mission you have to repent until you accomplish. It is that serious.

How serious have you been in regard to your mission? Have you had the feeling that you were like the prisoner about to be executed? It is a life or death matter. Only those who live like Father could join him in the spiritual world and live in the same place. Do you imagine that you can continue to live your lives the way you have been doing up until now? Then simply because of your acquaintance with True Father that in the spiritual world you will be able to shout out to Father that you are there? Just by being a Blessed couple you think this is enough. Blessed couple level is not Father's level. You have to live at the same level as True Father in order to be with him. This is not Father's viewpoint, this is the principled viewpoint. Do you understand?

Since everybody has hands, what do you expect to do with your hands throughout your life? Do these hands exist for your sake? They are not for yourself, but rather for your partner, your object. Man comes into existence after saving woman and woman comes into existence after saving man. Do you follow me? Man was born for woman and woman was born for man. A woman's breasts are not her property, they are the property of her children. Woman's face is not her face. It exists for the sake of her man. Likewise man's face exists for woman. A woman's sexual organ exists for her husband's sake and a man's sexual organ for the sake of his wife. Man's love partners are his wife and children centering upon God's viewpoint. God Himself is their love partner. Woman's love partners are her husband and children. This means a family. Centering upon love this is an unchangeable formula. There is only one set formula to achieve this goal and that is man existing for woman and woman existing for man and creating children together.

Inhaling and exhaling is give and take action. One arm swinging forward and the other one swinging backward is give and take action. Just as high and low pressure systems exchange positions. Water flows from top to bottom. If one side is too dry then the water will evaporate from the wet side. Nature is always trying to create equilibrium and balance. Does anyone know when they will die? What if you are supposed to die within one month and you know this formula as a reality? Don't you think you will do your absolute best to fulfill this condition before you die? Even if it merely becomes a small dot on your body as a condition. Don't you think that you would do your absolute best to secure that? If it is just a small dot on your body, not even your feet would fit on that. How could you stand on that condition? Suppose you absolutely know that you will die in one month and no matter how you try to fulfill this condition you will only create this small impact. Would you still try? (Yes.) Don't be too confident.

Father shortened his third seven year course by four years. You have to forget your sleeping time and constantly keep on running. Even during this last trip, those accompanying Father who are much younger than him, constantly tried to find a hiding place to take a rest. If Father needed someone to do some errands, instead of us coming to Father, he had to look around to find us. When we join the spiritual world, everything will be recorded there. When we see all this different behavior of our own selves, what kind of feeling do you imagine we will gain from that? Your ancestors will step on you and tell you that you don't belong there. There is no personal feeling involved in this. This simply goes along with the formula. Father knows only one formula. If he wants to see the true son, then he has to make that son go through all kinds of difficulties and emerge as a victor. Father knows this formula and so he pushes us. Because Satan will always tag along with us. Therefore, you have to put yourself in the place where you must die. The Bible states that those who seek their lives will die and those who give their lives will find it.

When you are assigned to a certain mission, you must have the conviction and pride that you are the first to be willing to sacrifice your entire life for the sake of this mission or this state. In the past there may have been those who have tried to work for the sake of this state, but they are not like me. I am the most serious one. You need that kind of attitude so that even Satan cannot cope with you. Once Satan cannot cope with you and interfere with you, then God will automatically come and intervene and help you. So many millions of people must have come and gone in your state, but they are all fallen people. You however, have to go beyond that level.

What time is it? Well, not enough time to sleep before we leave. Father will leave for Kodiak after morning pledge service. Thank you!

Mansei! Mansei! Mansei! (applause.)

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