The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


The Time of Youth

These highlights are from the sermon given at Belvedere on July 23, 1995. The interpreter was Mr. Peter Kim.

Can those Unification Church members who truly understand the truth of Divine Principle, go some place else and live their lives comfortably without the Divine Principle? Absolutely not. This same principle applies to Father. Father himself knows the truth, so going through all kinds of difficulties, imprisonment etc. he never gives up and never changes.

Even if you sweat because of your hard work, when you lift up your face you will see love existing there. Husband and wife will look upon each other with sweaty faces knowing what they are presently doing is building the eternal kingdom of God on earth. That is why they are sweating. Then, looking at each other you will keep on smiling. The sweat you shed will become the cornerstone and tradition to building the Kingdom of God on Earth. The shedding of sweat and blood makes it a most valuable cornerstone.

Father saw many different people during his speaking tour of South and Central America. There were black, white and oriental faces. All different people. They all looked different, but they all had the same quality of tears. Because they had the same kind of heart. Not because of the human effort and endeavor, but because God existed within their hearts.

Do you think that God loves Reverend Moon or not? (YES) Father doesn't think so. God is sometimes ruthless.

Because God has sometimes promised Father a certain amount of blessing and instead Father ends up in a prison. Why? Because God wants to give the most unique blessing to Father, and so He has to give absolute protection to Father. Because of that reason He puts Father through such a difficult path that nobody else will dare to follow. Whenever it was time for Father to go to the prison, there were people who pledged their lives to Father, but at that point they disappeared. But God always works in mysterious ways. By the time Father emerged from prison, he always encountered a better quality of people than those who left him. God prepared those people for him.

In order to restore Christianity Father has to work with this nation of America. America was falling, but Father had to protect and push it up again. Because of beginning with such a conviction, even during the time of Danbury, Father never changed his idea or cursed America.

Do you like the idea of making North and South America into one? (Yes) Do you think it is possible? (Yes) With what can we accomplish this? With your fist? (No) What is the method? What is the weapon? The truth of True Love. Truth never changes, never tarnishes.

True family consists of true man, true woman joined together as a couple. Having children they create a true family. Individuals with united minds and bodies, joining as husband and wife, creating children is what creates a true family. Without this kind of foundation True Love will not dwell with your family. If True Love does not dwell with you then God cannot dwell with you.

Do you think that God wanted to love this world as a young God or an old aged God? (Young God) A young God created Adam and Eve and waited until they grew into a young man and young woman to have an eternal love relationship. If this had come to pass, there would have been such a bursting out of stimulation of love between God and Adam and Eve, because they were all young.

Because of the God given mission Father came to America and even went through incarceration in Danbury, and has been going around the world to spread the truth.

Reverend Moon shed tears even looking at the stars, sky and planet earth. Father has shed tears looking at the American land, American sky, and American nation. Tears have flowed in great quantity from Father's eyes. In order to restore your country now, you should be able to shed tears and sweat more than Father.

Our mission is for the sake of the world, we eat, we sleep, we wake up and we work. Everything is for the sake of the entire humanity. That is our mission.

God created this world based upon the foundation of absolute faith.

God created Adam and Eve based upon the absolute unity between mind and body. Adam and Eve were, in some way, in the position of God's wife and husband. Like His living temple. Dwelling place, which means house. Adam and Eve means God's dwelling house.

Based upon an absolute love and absolute faith foundation, God created His world with absolute obedience. God gave everything belonging to Him to mankind and the entire world. That is what absolute obedience means. In other words there was no Self concept. It was like a total vacuum.

With that kind of standard, that kind of condition God created the entire universe including Adam and Eve. Therefore, God told Adam and Eve to live with absolute faith, love and obedience.

Even if you believe in Jesus Christ, if you offer your absolute faith,

love and obedience you will still belong to Heaven. By the same token, if you belong to a certain religion and you offer your absolute faith, love and obedience in following the founder of that religion, then you will belong to the world which he belongs to eventually.

In the course of the life of faith we encounter thousands of times of crisis. Whether we go the right or wrong way is always the challenge before us. The Bible teaches us that those who seek their life will lose it; those who are willing to die will gain life.

We came into this world because of mission not because of a job.

Once we become united in mind and body, husband and wife, parents and children centered on True Love we don't need any religion.

Our general attitude should be that even if we sacrifice our own family, we should be able to serve our own tribe, because the tribe is bigger than our family. By the same token, sacrifice our tribe for the sake of our nation and the nation for the sake of the world.

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