The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


Perfection of the True Self and Safe Settlement of the Family

by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

These are highlights from a sermon given on Sunday, March 5, 1995, at the Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, New York. Translated from the Korean by Mr. Il Hyon Kim.

You have to hold service gatherings in an earnest manner. As the last days get nearer you must gather more often and with more devotion to worship service.

The things I do are quite different from the events that religious workers in general perform. You must know the fact that I go forth in step with the providence of God.

Until now, no one has known the providential program. You must know the fact that what the Unification Church is doing is not just something temporary that will pass away. Rather, we are establishing a standard by which history can be measured for eternity.

We all have to go through the eight stages of perfection: individual perfection, family perfection, tribal , racial and worldwide perfection, cosmic perfection and Godly perfection. Since we all have to make such progress, we must not get comfortably fixed, adhering to old customs. This may be likened to a tree. A tree must grow.

Think about it. Can God, who guides and governs the world, who created the entire universe, and who is eternal and able to pull the whole universe, enter into you? That is the question.

Established habits, manners and customs of these Americans have absolutely nothing to do with God's dispensation. Traditions centered on any nation and all the foundations based upon familiar old ways of thinking of Koreans, Japanese and any people of the world today have absolutely nothing to do with God's dispensation.

You only wish to live in comfort. This is not the Kingdom of Heaven but hell. If you seek to live in comfort here, you must know that you will fall into a deeper hell.

America has become the kingdom of individualism, and its people are individualists. You must realize that America has become the kingdom of Satan.

Privacy means that Satan wants to protect himself. By asking for privacy, Satan wants to safeguard the satanic world. America belongs to the satanic realm, not God's realm. Satan wants to prolong the history of the satanic world. But it is over, it is all over for him.

What is Godism? It means the way to go forth having God at the center and tuning into Him. It is not the case that God is tuning into you. You must tune into Him. Why is that? Because you are fallen.

Without having unification between mind and body and between families, you cannot reach the level of a united race, nation, and world.

Speaking of Godism; it is first absolute love-ism; second, it is absolute eternal life-ism; third, it is absolute lineage-ism; and fourth, it is absolute conscience-ism. When we say Godism, we mean these four points.

What is the meaning of "ism"? It means "direction". When we say things like nationalism, Communism, atheism, and theism, we are referring to direction.

Headwing Thought. What does it mean? It simply means "true parentism". The term came about after the fall. In the original world we do not need this terminology. What is true parentism? It includes individual true parentism, family true parentism, tribal, racial, national and worldwide parentism, cosmic parentism, and Godly parentism, the whole eight stages.

Because God could not materialize all these, that is, God could not attain absolute love-ism, absolute eternal life-ism, absolute lineage- ism, and absolute conscience-ism due to man's fall, God wants to go back through True Parentism to achieve His ideal.

How many Adam's and Eve's did God create? One Adam and one Eve, one absolute man and one absolute woman. Had they united with God they would have produced an ideal absolute family. But because they did not, they could not produce an ideal family.

There were not True Parents after the fall, and that is why the struggle between Cain and Abel, the confusion, took place. That is why we need True Parents, absolutely.

What is the purpose of True Parents? Their purpose is to introduce and to restore absolute love-ism, absolute eternal life-ism, absolute lineage-ism, and absolute conscience-ism. To go into the Kingdom of Heaven you must go through the door of True Parents.

The family is the basic unit required to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is, when the Heavenly Kingdom is organized, families become the basic units that fit the formula.

Therefore, unless you realize the perfection of your family, you cannot go into the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the path that the True Parents walk, which is true parentism.

You need to have both absolute faith and absolute unity. Why? Adam and Eve in Eden did not have absolute faith, and thus did not unite heartistically with God. Because of that, they lost everything.

The first step is to unite mind and body, the second is to unite husband and wife, and the third is to unite with children. There was a fight between mind and body within each spouse of the fallen couple, and a fight between themselves. Then Cain killed Abel. How can you expect unity when your mind and body fight against each other?

You need mind and body union, conjugal union and children's union in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a formula.

The restoration course is the course of recreation. To recreate you must create the union between your mind and body. Most problems arise from the conflict between mind and body. Therefore, if that conflict is solved, all problems will be solved.

I proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" throughout forty nations, including America, Japan, and Korea, and at the United Nations. So now, when people hear "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age," they recognize that as talking about Reverend Moon's couple.

Safe settlement takes place only because the proclamation has been made. If it had not been made there would not be safe settlement.

Christian culture and the sphere of Europe, Islamic culture and the sphere of the Middle East, Confucian culture, and the Indian culture- the spheres of the four great religions, the spheres of four great cultures, and all those who are in conflict-all welcomed and embraced True Parents.

That was how the Safe Settlement of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age came into being.

The safe settlement of the True Parents means that you become united with the True Parents and God, and the safe settlement of the Completed Testament Age means that all of this fallen world moves into the age of promises fulfilled. Now, even upon hearing me speak about the upcoming 360,000 Couples Blessing, no one opposes it and the whole world seems eager to receive the Blessing.

Mere understanding will not connect you. You need to take action and produce results. There's no other way around it. It is not God's mission, not True Parents' mission, but your mission.

If the Emperor of Japan happens to learn the Divine Principle and decides to receive the Blessing, then the whole Japanese population, one hundred and twenty million people, would be ready to receive the Blessing from True Parents within a week. All at one time! That means a whole nation registering for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Once that happens, many hundred levels of Tribal Messiahs will be created, each Tribal Messiah having one hundred and sixty families. "Level" here means ancestors. Many thousands of levels of ancestors will appear. The four thousand years will create an infinite number of different levels.

If the Emperor unites with True Parents and becomes the second generation ancestor, and the rest of the people enter under the third generation and below, then many thousand of years of difference in terms of generations will be created.

By being able to connect and register first, you can become your neighbor's ancestor from thousands of generations back. That is the supreme importance of Tribal Messiahship!

The fall brought about varieties of language, culture and many other things throughout the world, but through the Blessing and registration, a mass migration, as when people gather into a nation, will take place for the first time.

The interesting thing is how, like enemies becoming relatives when their children get married, the people you used to laugh at will become your ancestors.

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