The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


True Ancestor and True Nation

True Parents' Birthday Father's Speech
February 5, 1995
World Mission Center, New York, NY
Translator: Mr. Peter Kim

Because of the fall of man, humankind never had true ancestors and true people. At the same time God had no true position as " God".

God initially wanted to see a true family, a true tribe, a true nation and a true world established but because of the fall of man God never had it. Because of the fall of man the world has been dominated by Satan. No matter what people have received i.e. peace, happiness, harmony or whatever, it didn't have anything to do with God, everything has been false.

When we look at the world, all is confused and lost--chaotic. Right now it is on the verge of perishing. There is no center in the world; on the individual level, the family level, the society level, the national level and the worldwide level there is no center. This is why people are lost and confused, they don't know which direction they are going.

We must understand this kind of phenomenon in light of God's providence. The world has been under Satanic domination. This world must end one way or another before we receive the true messiah who comes as True Parents for all mankind.

True Parents and the new civilization will begin from the individual level, going to the national level, to the worldwide level and to the cosmic level.

Centering on True Parents, the new world develops and emerges in exactly the opposite way that it developed under Satan. Satan finally fails and loses everything. Everything is turned over to God's side. This is the crossing point--the turning point.

Due to the fall of man, Adam and Eve did not have absolute faith and an absolute vertical relationship with God. Therefore this is the time that we have to establish absolute faith in God and establish an absolute vertical relationship as children of God centered on True Parents and True Love. In this way the dominion of God is restored.

America is the leading country of the free world and the entire world. But lets look at this situation honestly. Is America really qualified to be a true nation which can lead the world according to God's will?

This country, America, is a melting pot. There are numerous problems here i.e. racial problems, discrimination problems and all kinds of social problems. How did all these problems occur, who caused them? The simple answer is man and woman! Why? Because they were not true man and woman.

Men should have a certain standard or formula to live by and take after God. Vice versa, woman should also have that. If man and woman lived this certain standard, then they would be called true man and true woman. The fundamental problem is that man and woman are not totally united and therefore do not live with God's standard.

The entire universe exists for the sake of love and because of love. When we look at the mineral world, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and mankind, all are divided into two--positive and negative. The animal kingdom is divided into two, male and female. Why do they exist in dual characteristics? Because they have to make a circular motion. Once there is a certain motion, what comes next? Action!

Action initiates energy and produces energy. In order to have this kind of circular motion one single man or woman can't do that. There has to be a subject and object relationship, a reciprocal relationship.

How did this universe start to emerge? By giving or by taking, by investing or receiving? What was the starting point? (Audience replies "giving!")

And after giving should we remember that we gave, or just give back and keep giving? When we give and forget this proves that we are giving for the sake of love. If you remember that you gave then this is not the practice of true love. You have to forget and then give fresh again.

The love partners for a woman are her husband and her children. What about for man? Man's love partners are his wife and his children. This makes a harmonious relationship.

We have to learn from God. God created the universe by offering Himself first and giving infinitely. Just as God invested Himself infinitely, so when man gives infinitely of himself for the sake of his love partner, and vice versa woman gives of herself for her love partner then they can find unification.

All existing beings in this world, from mineral kingdom to the world of man and woman, everything exist in subject and object relationship for the sake of love. The different levels of existence have different levels of love making motion and action. The minus or object is making a circular motion but it does not want just to remain as a minus, it is longing to become a plus or subject. Their purpose is to increase and to add more. By doing circular movement they want to become bigger and add more for the sake of love. That is the way they can develop and progress.

Is God masculine or feminine? (Audience answers "both") God has both dual characteristics but how does he appear, as a masculine God or a feminine God? Masculine is in the subject position and the giving place. Feminine is the object and the receiving place. That is why God is portrayed as masculine, the absolute subject.

All existing beings in this world--it doesn't matter man or animals-- they all exist for the sake of love. If we look at a tree, there is the central bud, the central trunk and the central root. There can be many different small roots and different branches but let's talk about the central trunk. There are many leaves as well and they all come together to make a tree. In other words, it doesn't matter which branch or leaf it belongs to, eventually, it has to go through the central trunk and the central root in order to maintain the life of this particular leaf.

No matter how beautiful this particular leaf may be or no matter how strong this branch may look, they all resemble the central trunk and they all have to get nourishment and everything from the central root; they all belong to the central trunk. They can't become the central trunk or root themselves; they are the object of the central trunk or the central root.

Even though they bear fruit on different parts of the tree, the fruit they bear is the has the same value as long as they have the same subject. The fruit they share receives the same nourishment, the same water, and the same sweetness that the central trunk and center tree absorbs and distributes. The fruit becomes the same kind of fruit.

So lets compare this to human history, the tree of human history. There is a central root, a central trunk and a central bud common to all mankind. Therefore in God's eyes, no matter how powerful Americans may be or rich they may be they still belong to the central root and central trunk--they (Americans) are not the central trunk, themselves, they are only the branches of the tree of mankind.

There are many different branches and many fruits from the different branches but they all have the same value because of the same identical trunk. Therefore, when the owner of the orchard comes and sees his trees bearing fruits, do you think he will say, (for example let's use apples), " you apples don't belong to me, you don't have any value because you are not from the central bud." No! as long as the fruits are on the same tree they have the same value, right?

On the other hand, when the owner of the orchard sees an apple on a lower branch that's bigger, more beautiful and more delicious than the other ones, even those closer to the center bud, he wants to store it in the best storage place and give it the best care.

So when we apply this to our lives, no matter how minimal or insignificant your family may be, if your family produces good children, the best quality children then God will choose these children and store them in His most precious place. That's the way your family will be held precious.

Do you understand? Do you want that? Your family is the key--the family is the most important place!

Because this is the Last Days. The nation of America is in the position of bride. In order for the bride to receive the Lord of the Second Advent who is coming as the bridegroom, then this country should act like a bride. The bride is the queen and bridegroom is the king, King of Kings. That is why in America women are destined to be served as queens; the wives go before the man. This country represents the bride waiting to receive the bridegroom. Without receiving the bridegroom as the King of Kings, you have no future.

In the last days, one social problem is that many housewives and mothers will become prostitutes. Prostitutes are in the bottom of hell, the dungeons of hell because of free sex.

Other social problems that occur in the last days are alcoholic problems, drug problems and homosexual problems. What is the meaning of homosexual? It is man and man, woman and woman sexual union, they deny the opposite sex as a sexual partner. That is truly the end of it. Even insects don't do that. That is the dirtiest thing you can imagine in this world.

The history of mankind started with false love. This false world now has to end through all kinds of false love in order for the new world to dawn. The world started with false love and all these false lies have been lived, now these false loves and false lies must end. We have to bring a hurricane or storm and wash them away. A heavenly flood should come and wash them away. Even an earthquake should come and bury them and burn them.

When we say right, we presuppose left. When we say right we know there is left otherwise, right, doesn't make any sense. The same is true of front and rear; and by the same token when we say woman there is man and man there is woman.

Please understand women, you were not born because of you, yourself. The principle of existence is for the sake of others, i.e. man for the sake of woman.

When you are sick, why do you feel pain? Sickness occurs when one part of your body or mind is unbalanced. Your mind and body must be united at all times. The universal force is putting pressure on the unbalanced being and chasing or pushing it out. The law of universe is to protect the united subject and object totally. If there is no balance or unity the universal law won't allow the existence to be sustained. The pushing power of the universe gives you pain so you will seek balance.

For example, when you lose your spouse you feel pain in your heart. The universal power is pushing you and making you feel that you are unbalanced. To be balanced, man and woman must be together, not alone and they must be totally united or they will be cast out by all of the universe. This is our destiny. Since we are ignorant of this truth we live our lives randomly, wherever the wind blows.

There is another example, gravity. Even 1 kilometer of the pressure of gravity is very powerful but because we can balance ourselves we don't feel the pull of gravity. The moment we lose our balance something unpleasant happens, i.e. bleeding, falling or whatever. As long as we are totally one we don't feel that gravity.

In the relationship between man and woman, for example, once we are totally balanced and united there aren't any strange feelings, whatsoever.

Between husband and wife, you blessed couples, when you kiss each other does your spouses saliva taste sweet or bitter? Be honest with Father. In reality the saliva is not sweet. It is because of the power of love.

Love power is the power which can make the dead person want to live and the living person want to die. In other words, if you love your husband and he says something detrimental to you, you may want to die because of that one particular word. On the other hand, if a husband says loving words to his dying wife then those words can make his wife want to live. This is the power of love. Love power can do anything.

Are we all born for the sake of love? So that is why we have to get married, to become whole. Only through marriage can we become one and complete, and thus become an object of True Love.

Centering on True Love we can become the object of God and we can occupy God. Also, ownership with God, takes place when we become totally one through True Love. That's why we can occupy God, belong to God and become God's property. This unification will bring about a peaceful and happy world.

What do you think God cherishes most? Does He want knowledge, power, or money? He only wants Love. What kind of love? True Love. What is True Love? The definition of True Love is sacrificing your life three times. First, you sacrifice your life for the sake of a particular love and you are resurrected. Again you sacrifice your life and again you are resurrected. Three times you give your life for the sake of love. That quality of love is True Love.

The love experienced by husband and wife after marriage and before having their own children, is the formation stage of love. Love matures when they begin producing their own children and through their children they experience the growth stage of love. Then when their own children grow up and begin having children and they become grandparents they feel another level of love, this is the perfection stage of love.

The family is the seed of love. The way to harvest the love seed is through your grandchildren and your parents and your grandparents. These three generations allow the fruit of love in the family to become ripe and the seed of love to become ready for harvest.

The relationships between each person in the family is so important. The children, the brothers and sisters, must be able to love each other beyond even their own life, sacrificing their desires. That same level of love should be practiced between parents and children, between parents and their own parents and between grandparents and the children and between husband and wife, all being interrelated. This is the formula how to harvest the family seed.

Grandparents must go through their own children in a partnership. This love relationship should be carried further from the grandchildren through the in-laws and eventually going back to God where the grandparents are.

Your family is the training ground where this model, the paradigm of the entire universe, the Kingdom of God on earth is created. Once you are trained in your family to practice such high quality love you can go to a foreign country where, among many unfamiliar things, you don't even speak the same language. When you see older people like your grandparents, you are already trained to practice the same level of love which you show your grandparents, and the same is true for all the ages of people you meet. If you practice that high level of love towards all those people, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will surely come. This is the formula.

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