The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


God's Chest And Our Chest

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 31, 1995
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator Peter Kim

This morning Father's topic is easy to read in Korean. Therefore, is there any non-Korean who wants to volunteer to read it out loud? Hanna-nim-e Gasum Uri-e Gasum -- God's Chest and Our Chest. Generally we say that children resemble their parents. Then if we ask who does God resemble, we might say that He resembles our original ancestors. The most fundamental question in the world should be: what is the problem existing between myself and God? Horizontally speaking, between myself and my nation? This means we are referring basically to the problem existing between subject and object. Everyone has the desire to be the center of their family, their nation, and even with God. Isn't this true? What is it that relates all of us? What relates myself to my family, my tribe, my nation, the world and even to God? What is the binding force? Nobody knows the answer to this.

Naturally, it is not be your power, knowledge or money that is the binding force. All throughout human history individuals have asserted these things and yet no one has been able to come up with the final resolution. It is a well-known fact that these secular things are unable to bring the answer to this question. America has a lot of money. Also it is a nation that is proud of leading the world with the power of knowledge. With all this power, America is unable to digest even one individual. No matter what force we may assert, there is no way to bind together all of the people of America.

Suppose God considered the power of money, politics and knowledge as the solution to the problems of humankind, then surely He would have utilized these powers throughout history to that end. However, this is not the case. What then does God want to possess deep within His chest? God is originally the king of knowledge, power and money. He is the Creator of all things. What else is there to fill God's heart? Whom do you take after? Suppose you have all the money, power and knowledge in the world, would your heart be filled and contented? (No) Then would God feel contented with these things? (No) Why is that? Because our chest resembles the chest of God.

What then is the essence that can fill God's heart? Even if we were to fill God's heart with all the political power, money, and knowledge, still He would feel empty. If we were to also fill the chests of Adam and Eve with money, power and knowledge and then place the two of them inside of God's chest, still God would feel empty. But when Adam and Eve are filled with love and become completely one and enter into God's chest, then God will feel absolutely content. We are unable to see love, yet when Adam and Eve become the manifestation of True Love, unite into one, and come into God's chest, then God will feel love within Himself.

If we, as husband and wife, become truly one in love, you feel that you can contain one another inside of your chest and feel full of love. Once your heart is filled with love from your spouse then you don't need anything else. Do you understand? Is your chest that way? What kind of love are we talking about? True Love. What is the meaning of True Love? Love never originates from you. We all have love, life, lineage and conscience. But when you are totally alone you don't feel your love, life, lineage and conscience. The reason we don't feel these aspects of ourselves, is because they are totally one with us. Even though we blink our eyes constantly we don't even realize it. However, if another person touches even one strand of your hair you feel it immediately. The reason we are unaware of our eyes blinking is because they are totally one with us.

Every day we inhale and exhale thousands of times. However, we don't even realize that we are breathing. We are just totally one with that action. The same with our heartbeat, we don't even notice it sometimes for one year at a time. Why? Because total balance is existing there. Balance is the key. Therefore, we can conclude that every existing being is a relative being. We have subject and object relationships. Our five senses are in a pair system; also our very existence, between mind and body. Do you have a perfect balance between your mind and body? No. Because we do not have total balance between our mind and body, can we conclude that God doesn't have perfect balance between His mind and body either? After all, we are supposed to resemble God. We claim that God is absolute. Then how can we say this unless He has absolute balance between His mind and body? God must have absolute balance within Himself.

The problem doesn't exist within God Himself, but rather the problem is with men and women who have created human history all of these years. It is a battle between mind and body -- that is the problem. The problem is not America which has all kinds of social problems. Nor is it the problem of the world which is not in total oneness. Rather, the fundamental problem is the battle between the mind and body of individuals. Where can we find unification? No matter where you may seek for unification outside of yourself you cannot find it. The fundamental solution should come from within your mind and body relationship.

When you have a disease in one area of your body, do you feel discomfort only in that one place or does your entire body feel pain? Our whole body reacts. If someone pulls just one strand of your hair do you feel pain in that one spot or does your entire body react? (Entire body reacts) By the same token we can see that we, as individuals, are like a small part of the entire universe. If we are in some trouble, it means the entire universe is in trouble. My sadness, my mistake, will become an historical mistake and sadness and also God's sadness and pain. We are the key.

Do you think that God's chest has struggle between mind and body or total unity between mind and body? (Absolute unity) Why absolute unity? Because the center is absolutely one. The origin of all existence must be one. What is the eternal center? How about if we pull God's body and place it in the center but leave behind God's mind. Will God's body alone become the eternal center? (No) Even if you pull God's body toward you and leave God's mind behind, still His mind is center. Therefore, no matter what, God's body will go toward His mind. You cannot pull God's body alone. The principle of plus and minus, subject and object relationship is the same, even when it comes to God.

What fills up God's chest? Do you think that God brings in His love, lineage and conscience centered upon His life and creates balance? What do you think is the center of God's chest? What comes first, love or life? (Love) Nobody can deny that the center of God's chest is love. Love binds everything. From love the concept of life originates. Based upon that concept then man and woman, as the substantial beings who carry life, exist. Then lineage begins. Without love we cannot even think about the existence of life and lineage. Without love we cannot connect with blood lineage. Is that true? (Yes) What about conscience? Without considering lineage how can we imagine our conscience resembling our parents? Then we can naturally bring into question, what comes first among these four attributes -- love, life, lineage or conscience? (Love)

The entire universe is constantly seeking love. Therefore, when you present true love to the universe, the entire universe will embrace this love. True love is the center of the entire universe. Life itself doesn't have that kind of binding power. The concept of life must entail the substantial being. But this substantial being always moves; it cannot remain in the center. Is love visible to us? (No) Is life visible to us? (No) What is lineage? Lineage appears when husband and wife make love and the sperm and egg unite; then the lineage is created. But we cannot see that. Is your conscience visible? (No) Suppose we place conscience in the center of these four attributes, then love, life and lineage won't like that. If life is placed at the center then love will protest that. (Laughter)

Should life be sacrificed for the sake of love or should love be sacrificed for the sake of life? (Life should be sacrificed for the sake of love) Do American people agree with this? Are you love centered people or life centered people? (Love centered) In the society this may not be true though. Many are not even life centered people but rather money centered people. They are millions of miles away from God and He will spit at them. If America continues in this trend, then it will lose its position as the super nation of the world.

If we study air pressure, no matter how proud of itself a certain low air pressure may be, as soon as the high air pressure appears, then the low pressure will be immediately absorbed. This is a natural law to create balance. Water flows from the higher place to the lower in order to make a balance. If there is such an atmosphere of thick air or air that is too thin, then plants would not survive. If we observe the characteristics of air and water, we see that where there is any crack or space they always flow in. They do so in order to create a balance. Also three-fourths of our body is made up of water. Is love like water and air, constantly flowing in order to create balance or does it stagnate? (Flowing) Always flowing. It fills up the lower place first. This means the less fortunate will receive it first. Then we know to where God's love will flow.

If Father tells us that God's love will only flow to America what would you think? America is a high peak place. Should God's love flow to a low place or to a high peak place? (Low place) God is now working in Africa and other more miserable countries. Isn't this logical? Therefore, in order to have America survive, we need to send American people to Africa, a lower place, in order to create a balance. Then as the level of Africa comes up, so will America come up. Without doing this, if America stays as it is, eventually it will go down lower than any other country. Once everything flows out of America, this country will be left with nothing. We have to understand this. Then will more people come to love America or dislike America in the future? (Dislike)

Some Americans kept on telling Reverend Moon to go home, that they didn't need him. Reverend Moon's name has been resurrected from the bottom of the world to the very top now. That is what is happening in America. Are you ready to follow the trend of America or Reverend Moon. (Reverend Moon) Why? Because he is flying on the clouds and wherever rain is needed he will give it. Clouds mean people, or followers. These clouds consist of all different races. If Reverend Moon decides to save one particular country he will fly there on a cloud and give rain to that country. It doesn't matter if it is a wilderness, Father will bring it to life. Do you agree? (Yes)

During Father's world speaking tour last month, Father was wondering why many people he met in the world liked him so much. Of course Father enjoyed the fact that many people liked him, but he didn't really know why. Then Father concluded that it is because he is in total balance with them. Since they are all in harmony with Father, then as soon as there is a goal to restore the entire nation, they will all be mobilized together with Father and God's power will come upon them so that they can restore the country completely.

Blessed couples, please show your hands to Father. Father feels a fearful power when he sees your hands. (Laughter) Your hands are destroying the satanic world. The concept of the satanic world is always division. You are coming to build a balance. Do you really enjoy your married life? (Yes) What if your spouse were to disappear? Would your smiling face become sad? Once your face becomes angry or sad then all your cells will fall into that mood. All the cells of your body will feel as though they are in prison and they won't want to remain with you. There is no liberation. It is a serious matter. As a wife, do you enjoy holding your husband's hand? (Yes) How much do you enjoy that? Do you prefer to just hold his hand or kissing him? (Kissing) Do you prefer to just kiss your spouse or make love with your spouse? (Laughter) Don't just laugh. Father is asking you a question. (Laughter) We all have to go beyond this level; that is why Father is posing this question to you.

Can you think of your spouse without the experience of when you and your spouse made love? Does that experience and thought always come whenever you think of your spouse? Does it? When you give a kiss to your spouse do you exchange tongues? What about sucking your spouse's tongue? Father has the right to check if you have a correct married life or not. (Laughter) That is why he is asking you these questions. Don't forget that Father is the one who blessed you in order for you to enjoy a happy married life. Isn't that true? (Yes) Therefore, Father has every right to check if you have a good married life or not. If you think this kind of question is strange from Father, this means you yourself are strange.

If you and your spouse were in the middle of making love and Father comes to your house and knocks at the door, would you stop immediately and come to Father or would you ask Father to wait a moment? (Laughter) What would you do? Even at that moment you should welcome Father and place him in between the two of you and still be happy. You shouldn't feel shame. God originally created Adam and Eve naked. Even if the entire world were to become upside down over such an event, if that were the only way to save the world, then we should do it. That might be the highest impact we could have upon the world!

When you exchange kisses with your spouse and suck your spouse's tongue, do you feel dirty at that moment? (No) Why don't you feel so? Because that is the moment that you create total balance between you. Do you feel that your saliva is dirty? (No) This is the same. Once you become totally one there is no difference between you. Do you feel shameful if you are naked in front of your spouse? You feel free because you are already one with your spouse.

Safe freedom can stand only upon complete balance. Therefore, ask yourselves if you have absolute balance between your mind and body. Unless you have balance between mind and body you cannot have real freedom and happiness.

Communism, however, promoted the notion that through conflict freedom can come about. This was totally false. That is why the demise of communism came about. This is the natural law. In the world, all beings exist in a pair system, from the mineral kingdom right up to men and women. This is the formula for existence. All existing beings are being connected through balance. Balancing is the means by which love travels. When your mind and body are completely one, any food that you eat tastes more delicious. When your stomach is full, whether you like the food or not, you have to stop eating.

Throughout all of human history has there ever been anyone who wore a mask when they went to the bathroom to eliminate waste? But we cannot bear the smell of another person's waste. We feel oneness with our own waste and so we don't feel that it is dirty or smelly. If your husband came home from work where he sweated a lot and placed his smelly socks and feet in your lap would you complain? You should feel how hard he worked and sweat for your family's sake. Suppose he doesn't have another pair of clean socks and has to wear the same smelly socks the next morning. Then in the few hours before he has to work, the wife should wash his socks and make sure that he wears clean ones when he goes to work the next morning. That is love. Love power makes oneness between husband and wife. It builds a balance.

If there is no love between husband and wife and you still have to kiss one another and go through other relationships, how painful and complicated that relationship can become. During your whole life, do you cling to your spouse's life or love? (Love) We can therefore conclude that since we resemble God, money, power and knowledge will not fill our hearts and make us content. The only thing that everyone wants to have their heart full of is love. We can conclude that God desires His chest filled with love and nothing else. Only True Love. Where can we obtain this True Love? Can we obtain it through individualism? Love works for the sake of others and gives them rebirth. Humanity was born as a partner of love.

Do you feel good hearing that you were born for the sake of love? (Yes) All the cells of your body agree that you feel good? (Absolutely yes) Can we find love by ourselves? Through whom do we find our love? Through our object, our partner. Without our partner we cannot find our own love. The statement that man and woman are born for the sake of love means that we are born for the sake of our partner. Man for the sake of woman and woman for the sake of man. Our five senses exist for the sake of our partner. Even your nose wants to smell the fragrance of your partner. Our physical and spiritual senses are all functioning for the sake of love.

Usually the grip of woman is not that strong. But as soon as she finds her ideal spouse then her grip becomes like a tiger's paw. Love is the original power source for everything that we do. If you meet your spouse for the first time, do you feel that the heart in your chest is full or do you feel that it needs something more? That particular moment is when you have everything you need. When you hug your spouse there shouldn't be room for anything else, not even air. Is that true? (Yes) That is the state of complete unification. When unification between your mind and body exists then True Love comes in automatically. Do you want to have True Love? Remember, when your mind and body become totally one True Love begins.

You cannot feel True Love when you are totally alone. Father wants to emphasize this point to you. When you are completely alone you cannot feel love, life, lineage and conscience. How can we activate these attributes? We need our spouse. Then all these attributes become instantly activated and create an explosion. All the cells of your body instantly explode together in love. That is the way love functions. If we wrap it up, then love can be contained in a very small container. But as soon as we open it again, it has the capacity to fill the entire universe. That is the power of love. If love had a set form we would not be able to contain it. However, because love has no set form then we are able to contain it to a certain extent. Do you understand? (Yes) You could grab it and put it into your pocket, but as soon as you open your pocket it fills the entire universe.

Your mind wants to possess the whole world. Where will you keep it if you have it? There is no way to contain the whole world within yourself. The most precious things that exist are invisible, such as love, life, lineage and conscience. Relatively speaking, which is more important, air or water? (Air) If you cannot breath air for even a few minutes your life stops. Yet we are unable to see air. Again, the most precious things are invisible. God exists as an invisible being. Therefore He is able to penetrate all existing things. God's love works like a spider's web, reaching into any corner it needs. Once God reaches one particular spot for example a leaf of a tree then the entire tree belongs to God. Just as when you touch a strand of hair on an individual, you can feel you are connected to that person.

If you occupy one cell of all the forty-five billion cells, that connects you to the universe. Since this is the last day of the year of 1995 Father is giving this significant message, God's Chest and Our Chest. Do you think that God can fill up His chest all by Himself? Absolutely not. God is totally one in every aspect, but, He cannot feel love all by Himself. God needs partnership. Without partnership He is unable to feel the power of love, life, lineage and conscience. Even though God is an Absolute Being, still He absolutely needs His partner. Without His love partner God is unable to connect with the world of creation. Without connecting with True Love we cannot make the ideal world. Just as human beings desire their love partner to be a hundred times better than themselves, so God desires His love partner to be a hundred times better than Himself. Who then is able to take that kind of position? That is God's love partner. From this point it would extend to the family, tribe, society, nation, and world. This would be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Only True Love can create such an ideal universe. It begins with the true husband and wife appearing on the Earth and establishing True Parents. Their children should demonstrate filial piety. Investing life for the sake of the world, investing and forgetting. This is like God's attitude. That kind of absolute subject appears on the Earth, ultimately combines with God and is protected by the universal power. Protected by fate and destiny. Nothing can harm that kind of being. Do you understand? Eternally protected. In Father's case the entire world was against him, but no matter how powerful an assailant came against Father, nothing could destroy him. God's absolute power center place always shielded him. Father is just one man compared to the entire American nation. Nevertheless, Father has prevailed. Is that true? (Yes) Father has been victorious.

With what can we fill God's chest? True Love. With what shall we fill our chest? (True Love) Just like God, we need True Love. When it comes to the concept of True Love, does it exist only in this world or for eternity? (Eternity) Without True Love we cannot connect ourselves with God, because God is the owner of True Love and True Love is the bridge between ourselves and God. God is the core of True Love. No matter how proud humanity may be of themselves, without True Love they cannot make a partnership with God. Unification Church members understand this principle, don't you? (Yes) God has been investing and forgetting always. A true husband is one who invests for the sake of his wife, invests and forgets his investment. The same concept applies to True Parents, true children, patriots, holy sons and daughters. This is the kind of life that will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven both here and in the spiritual world.

What kind of life have you been living until now? Centered upon yourself or centered upon the universe? Centering upon the private individual. If we lead such a life, what kind of future can we hope for? A miserable one. The love concept can create an expanded universe. Otherwise, the life centered on the individual will eventually lose everything. Such a person will lose the universe, the nation, the society, grandparents, parents, spouse and children. Then such a person will wander aimlessly, not knowing where they will stay each night. Such people are increasing in number. This is a reality. Why? They have lost their True Love, true partner, true happiness, and true dream. This is a lonely place. All by ourselves we are unable to protect everything. Do you understand Father?

Then remember, without love you cannot fill your chest. Even though you hear Father's sermon, still some of you may still think you want to pursue your external career by attending Harvard University. Father feels that is just a waste. You will end up in hell. For many years you have attended Belvedere service and sat on the cold floor without chairs. Of course, Father has suffered more than you because he has had to stand up the entire time and give hours of lectures. But Father also recognized that you had a hard time sitting on the floor for many hours. You do this because True Love is here. True Love has always been taught here. Isn't this true?

This reality is invisible also, but some power attracts you to come here to have Father teach you. People in the world who do not understand think that you are all crazy. (Laughter) Love crazy. How wonderful! What kind of love? True Love crazy people. God is also love crazy. He has continually invested and forgotten His investment for the sake of True Love. Absolute power connects with that investment.

Only the power of love can make it happen. Forsaking self for the sake of others. When you pray for the sake of God and humanity, even if you have to give your life and love, then the power and energy of the entire universe will come and stay with you. That is the way you can create miracles. When your chest is completely filled do you think that you will burst? Would you burst out or would you turn and connect forever? (Turn and connect)

When you throw something it always falls down because of the force of gravity. The existence of the universe comes from three different dots, not just one straight line. That would not create space. However, when there are three dots this creates space. Centering upon God, this object world consists of three different positions. God as center, plus and minus, man and woman. Centering upon God this trinity makes a 360 degree sphere and expands. Do you understand? Then with what shall we fill up our chests? (True Love) The ultimate goal of your five senses is True Love.

When you have a chest full of True Love then wherever you go, every organ will be happy. If you live like this, then all of the bacteria which causes disease and sickness support you rather than cause you trouble. When you live your life with excitement, joy and happiness, God will be with you and nothing can destroy you with disease. If you live your life for the sake of others in this wicked world, everyone will exploit you. Seeing this, people think they should not live such a life. But if you genuinely continue to dedicate your life for the sake of others for ten or fifteen years, then your neighborhood will come to respect you. Even the worst kind of people will eventually bow down to you because of your quality of life. Do you agree? (Yes)

Do you like Father or are you afraid of Father? (We like Father) If you only like Father then you are staying far from the concept of subject and object relationship. Don't forget this. Do you understand? (Yes) The subject position is above you and thus you respect this position. This is how relationships should be. Therefore, these elder Korean leaders who have been with Father for 30 or 40 years, when they come close to Father they are a little afraid. They are always very careful. (Laughter) Father interprets that kind of cautious attitude as a kind of shrinking. It is like high and low air pressure. When there is a vacuum the high pressure comes down and fills it. When the leaders are being careful and cautious in front of Father, then Father's love comes down and embraces them.

Even when it comes to the strands of hair, they all have space where they can contain True Love. Make sure that you fill them up with True Love because they want to breathe True Love. As long as you have True Love completely filling your body, then wherever you may go, even if you tell God not to come, He will come anyway, even if you hide. Suppose there is a woman who is insignificant in the eyes of other people, but if this woman is one whose husband, children, family and neighbors all want to be with, then God wants to be with her also. These are the ones who are qualified to enter the Kingdom of God.

Do you want to see someone with an angry face and eyes almost coming out? (Laughter) Even if someone closes their eyes, where the love for others flows out from them, that is the face you want to see. Please understand, God could not fill His heart with True Love up until now because of the Fall of human beings. But this last day of 1995, we have to make sure to fill up our chest with True Love so that God will eventually be able to fill up His chest with True Love. This is our New Year's resolution. Do you agree? (Yes) If you can truly say that you will do more than God, then you can make God work for you. That is true. By the same principle, when there is a partner or object who is doing more than yourself for the sake of others, then God will help that person and work for them. In this sense, can you find any Americans in the secular world who are qualified to enter into the Kingdom of God? (No)

The secular people who are practicing free sex are even lower than animals walking on four legs, because vertically they are lower than them. They will be placed at the bottom of hell with all the trash. When Father had to appear in the American court, he had nothing to be ashamed of and he was very straight with them. Do you think that the American government lost or Father lost? (American government lost) The entire white race will eventually have to kneel down to Father's name. Amen. (Amen) Is that a true Amen or not? (Yes) That is why you are all eligible to be called crazy. (Laughter) Then you understood this morning's message? (Yes)

In Adam's family, Adam and Eve had their minds and bodies totally separated. That made four already. Then there were their children, so we are talking about twelve separations within Adam's family alone. Unification did not exist there. Adam's family became hell. The Fall of Man originated from self-centeredness. That is why we call this hell. The sadness of God was that He lost the first original family of the human race. Now at the end of the year of 1995, we Blessed couples are the ones who can restore this lost family back to God through filling our chests with True Love. Eventually this is the way we can perfect and liberate God and have God dwell within us. This is the message on the last day of the year of 1995. Please make your resolution for the New Year and have a brand new start in 1996. Will you do that? (Yes) (Applause)

Let us pray.

[Mr. Peter Kim prayed]

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