The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


Leaders' Conference - December 8, 1995

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 8, 1995
East Garden
Translator -- Sang Kil Han

Women, please raise your hands. Are you bona fide women? We have to recognize, to understand that what made the world into such a mess started with women. We must be reminded that one day's evil doing by Eve made literally tens of thousands of years of hard work for God plus all the price that humankind had to pay to redeem that one day's evil doing. What does this mean? This means that the sexual matter is of such magnitude, so important, that we can only imagine, and how many tens of thousands of years it has taken for God to get rid of it. As a result of the Fall, God lost his children, the brother and the sister, even their parents, husband and wife, and all the related relationships, all these were instantly lost. What significant impact that act of the Fall -- which happened in one day -- has brought forth to humankind. We have to have insight. So this becoming good children, good husband and wife and good parents, these four are the relationships, the perfected situations that have all been lost because of this one act. As a result of it, and only working to regain this perfect relationship of children, love relationship of husband and wife, and parental relationship toward these children, there has not been one day, not even one instant that God has been able to fulfill. All these things were completely lost. Out of these four realms of heart, not one could God retain. God lost everything, all four. What has been destroyed cannot withstand that high standard of God's ideal. No one can deny that. So what are we to do? We have to remake ourselves, restore ourselves to the position of God's perfect creation, as a legitimate, qualified restored daughter and son. This is what we have to do.

Who are Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve are God in flesh. It's their role. And these women and men, these children, when they are perfected as true daughter and true son, and also Adam and Eve, will grow up to be the perfect husband and wife and be a part of God. So one woman's act brought forth the result of losing all these four realms of heart, totally shattered it to pieces, and now she has to indemnify all the shortcomings, and perfect everything. This is very conceptual, but have you ever thought like this? Actually this is no concept, this is the reality we are facing. We have to understand that this is not only the concept that the Unification Church and Father teaches -- which you can memorize in a few seconds -- but this is reality for which God and Father and all humankind has had to work so many thousands of years to indemnify and to make that one fallen woman into a perfect woman; it's mind-boggling, the venture God has been taking on. We have to understand that. But think about it. If you were given the responsibility by God to restore, on the worldwide-scale, this whole mess of history, how pressing, how difficult would it be? We have to feel that realistically. After the Fall, the men played their role as remaining ongoing fallen archangels' position. That's how they have been trained, to keep on and on with what they have been doing.

The result of the Fall, by Eve, resulted in two things: 1) deceiving her own husband and 2) deceiving her own father. God is Father and Adam is elder son. That is the crux of the problem. Consequently, all women are responsible for restoring their own son and their own husband. Every woman on Earth has the destiny or responsibility of finding her own true husband. That means nobody is going to bring him to her. She has to find her husband-to-be and educate and nurture him so that he is the kind of husband God wants him to be. Now we have two directions: first, to restore the husband. It is hopelessly fouled up because of the existing civilization, so easier, yet more practical is to find that woman's son and bring him into restoration, finding in him a true husband he should be and that God expected a man to be -- a perfect man. You, as women, should find such a son to nurture to such a standard. Fallen woman, even though she is fallen, now realizes what she is supposed to do. She will take her son and nurture him in such a way that will bring him up to the level where the Fall didn't take place. That's where God's creation of ideal man is; you have to bring him to that and let him work it out to untangle all this history. So in restoration, it's clearly the transition time from true parentship to true kingship. In restoring this kingship, we have to restore the three. Before kingship can be restored, we should restore true parentship. Before true parentship can be restored, we have to restore elder sonship. So in this perspective, without the presence of True Parents, eternally there is no way for the Fall to be mended, or for fallen people to return to where they were before the Fall. There is no way we can reach that ideal perfection without True Parents.

When the Messiah comes again, Lord of the Second Advent, what is his specific target? Who would he want to meet? It's not his son or his daughter. It is his bride, because he expects his bride to bring sons and daughters. Through that bride, the Messiah is to plant the seed of True Love. So since she expelled God and her husband out of Heaven as a result of the Fall, now her destiny is to bring them back and establish the real husband in such a way as to bring the level up to where God can accept it. That is purity. She must restore the purity of that man. So when she becomes a bride to the groom, the bride should be of the utmost purity, so impeccably chaste it is not questionable that she is pure and worthy of receiving the original husband and rearing the original sons and daughters as well. So what the Fall amounted to was not only expelling her husband and their children-to-be, but also the One Who is to Come. Because of the absence of her qualifications, her purity, the One Who is to Come had no place to stand; so even the One Who is to Come she has destroyed. Expanding this logic and reality, she not only forsook Adam, but the second Adam, Jesus and the third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent. Adam means family-centered, Jesus means nation-centered, Second Advent means world-centered -- those three husbands were killed by Eve. On all three levels, Eve destroyed all three Adams, first, second and third Adam. And she failed to recognize her husband, a real brand new opportunity husband who came as a legitimate, qualified, true husband. In conclusion, the Messiah came and taught this, but what is the ideal expected by God and by the Second Advent? To find some woman, who without the Messiah coming and telling her, would realize that her position now is to restore this elder sonship and husband family base, the restoration of elder sonship, and parentship, kingship.

At Jesus' time the nation base lost that elder sonship, parentship and kingship. At the Second Advent time after World War II, everything was lost, chased out to the wilderness. Just like that! Defeated by the action of the bride. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes he expects to see her. She is expected to be there, preparing, knowing all these things and ready to reindemnify everything and meet the Lord of the Second Advent. She is expected to come in the most serving way. But as history witnesses, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes and the bride is not ready, then how heartbreaking and disappointing this is on behalf of God and the Messiah, to come and find this unpreparedness on behalf of women. So now women want to reach to a perfection level without understanding all these responsibilities, without understanding all these historical failures of women. Women have inherited that position at the Last Days. What should have happened was, without Father telling all this complicated story, naturally, each one of us should have been aware of all this and with repentance, waiting with bowed head for the Messiah to come, we could have received him as the legitimate bridegroom. But instead women, as well as men, are not ready, not knowing anything, and now the Messiah comes and teaches about restoring elder sonship, restoring true parentship, restoring kingship, all these things the Messiah takes pains to teach women. Women don't even understand clearly what it is all about, and they continue to be unaware and unprepared. This is truly what we face today.

What about American women? What do you feel? Did you ever dream that was woman's position? So women should understand all these things, even before anybody has to remind them, let alone teaching them in detail. They should understand this already, and duly prepare to receive the coming bridegroom, for which mankind has been waiting thousands of years. But instead, look at American women; they do not know anything about this and are unprepared, and they also think bridegroom and bride, men and women are equal. What that amounts to is, you American women think you are equal to the Messiah, the One Who is to Come, even though you wouldn't admit it. Has it ever occurred to you to restore and prepare that one bridegroom in the perfect Adam's position? God has worked so many tens of thousands of years just for that one purpose. Therefore, that One Who is to Come, the Messiah, retains that intrinsic value, because God placed that much work and that much value into him. Now he appears in front of us. Indemnity payment. Adam's past indemnity payment -- how much quantity, accumulation upon accumulation, that kind of amount. You have to know that. Why did God pay that kind of heavy indemnity? Heavy indemnity was for fallen Eve. Eve should have stayed in Eve's position, which is saving Messiahship. Eve lost that, everything. Instead of God standing in Eve's position, He had to bear such heavy burden. So women, starting from the one who is sitting on top row here as a representative of American women, must understand more about this. That's the woman's position, including American women. Now you know that throughout history God has worked and paid much dear indemnity to bring the Messiah here on Earth.

Women must understand these teachings, understand all the lessons we learned from God's working throughout history. Now they are determined, even belatedly, because Eve now stands in the original position. By restoring herself and bringing her husband in front of Parents, and also finding her children and bringing them back into perfection, all these things we have to literally undertake. That's your individual responsibility. We know that husband represents Heaven and wife and children represent Earth. Because of Eve's wrongdoing, Heaven and Earth have been separated and have lost everything. Now we understand this, and literally we take this responsibility upon ourselves to restore elder sonship, parentship and kingship. This is what we must do to prepare the pure transition of true parentship into kingship. That's why women have to restore their own husband and also their own children, based on this principle. In other words, spiritually, God has worked so hard to prepare the last Adam, the Messiah to come, in the flesh, into perfection. We can't imagine how hard God must have worked spiritually. Adam's position is horizontal as opposed to Earth's foundation representing Eve. Parents is spiritual world where God represents the center place. Here on Earth women have to do the same thing. Father, children, Adam's position, as well by Adam's having to make the Kingdom of Heaven. Until now God has been working to prepare that kind of foundation for the time of the Second Advent. Creating a spiritual Kingdom of Heaven. Whose mission was this? Fallen Eve's mission. Representative bride position means horizontal bride, vertical husband's bride. That means Adam's bride, which also means God's bride. Do you understand? Therefore, the preparation of a nation is Eve's mission. The Second Advent is on the Earth. The teaching is clear now. Until now God has taken the providential way. That providential purpose is Adam's perfection, children's position. Also the father's perfection, creator's position. God's side is plus and the bride's side is making preparation. This means the children and the real husband. Eve's mission is the restoration mission. Perfection on Earth -- this is God's ideal. Is this clear? From now on you have to create your children and your real husband. Second Adam's mission and God's mission instead of Eve's mission. Do you follow that?

We must understand this mission of Eve in a renewed sense. When the Messiah came he found desolation; there was not any such preparation. Therefore he could not teach right away. Now the time is changing and Father is able to teach. Had Father taught you this years ago, maybe it would have helped you, but Satan would have objected and claimed you back. Therefore, Father had no way to teach us freely. However, this is a different age and Father is able to teach us. Once and for all we have to understand this clearly and stand in the position we should have thirty years ago. From this point on we stand as an original person to restore my own husband, and my own children, and prepare them so that God can come and dwell with them freely. Just as God has done and Father knows very well what God has done. Now Father is teaching this to all the brides in order that they can restore their husbands and their children, Heaven and Earth. Then dedicate them to Heaven so that God can live with them. This is the mission of women.

Through her first love experience Eve chased God away. Therefore we need to follow the reverse process; we need to chase the false husband out from our homes and usher in the original husband and dedicate him to God. That is God in the flesh. God can dwell with such a family. It is not the role of the Second Coming, it is not even God's role, rather it is our role as women to restore the rightful husband and children and make them available to God to cherish as the original creation. Eve originally chased out the original husband and ushered in the false husband. This one act of one woman has nullified all relationships up until the present time. Our mission as women is to completely reverse this situation. God looks at all women here on the Earth as one woman. He does not treat millions of women differently. He applies one principle to each. Whenever God views women He sees them as one, with one role -- to reverse the process of the Fall.

The preparation here on Earth has to be laid by women so that your husband and children, in a restored position, can serve the True Parents to come. Adam must be accepted among us before God can be accepted into us. There are no two ways about it. The bride is so important. The bridegroom is the main body, but the bride is so important because the brides are the ones to bring the bridegroom into perfection. Do you understand? Through his speaking tour Father has made clear the restoration of elder sonship. Now it is to make clear the establishment of true parentship and make clear the re-entry of the restoration of kingship. In order to proclaim this, to accomplish this and make connection with this, Father made this world tour. Once the elder sonship is restored there is no way for it to be reversed or affected. It will be there permanently. Once the True Parentship is established, that too can never be affected. Now we are going over the second stage or growth stage into the perfection stage. When Father establishes kingship then the Abel of kings cannot be opposed by Satan. The more they oppose the faster they will decline. This will be the completion of the family base centered upon God.

This world is not in the direct dominion of God. When the Second Advent enters into the direct dominion era it cannot be influenced by the pattern of the indirect dominion. The Second Advent can control the cosmic base. Satan controls at the national level, which is under the cosmic base. Satan cannot control the direct dominion sphere. As we exert good influence over the world, so shall the Satanic order decline and be destroyed as the direct dominion reigns more and more. We have to understand that God has spiritual dominion and True Parents have material dominion. This is the direct dominion and Satan's indirect dominion now has no place. There are two totally different spheres existing now. This transition time which began two years ago has caused many changes in the world. It will take approximately seven years in order to change substantially. We don't witness change overnight. However, seven years is a relatively short time period for us to witness such change. We will be able to witness this.

If we look at the situation in Korea, the former presidents have failed and look at what is happening -- they are totally chastised through blame and accusation. Look at how the world order is being tested so seriously. The whole system in Japan and Korea is being shaken. In Korea two former presidents are now in jail. The presidency of America is also undergoing a most rigid testing. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is opposing President Clinton by insisting that in seven years the budget has to be balanced. When Newt Gingrich proclaims that this has to be done because America has the responsibility for the whole world then God thinks it is all right. However, if Mr. Gingrich is determined to do the same thing merely for America then it would mean other nations would be sacrificed. Other nations would be afraid if America were to insist for its own national interests alone. If America insists on acting for its own sake alone, it would drive God into such a position that He would be unable to forgive America.

We have to understand that what Father is doing in South America is not in order to establish any visible foundation such as we might expect. Rather it is to make a foundation in order to bring North and South America into a legitimate Cain and Abel relationship. Once that is established, even though America may blunder -- and now the chances of this are almost certain -- still there is another chance for America to continue to survive. This is the purpose behind Father's work. Following behind Father, there is a chance for America to find a future. Japan is also failing in spite of Father's teachings. However, Father still pushed them to make 160 missionaries around the world. When they do that it will establish enough foundation for Japan to remain. All of these things Father has accomplished here and then he went to Korea and left Mother. Centering upon Mother, all the second generation can connect with Father. CARP, in Abel position, connects with students, in Cain position, combine into one centering upon Mother and Father. Do you understand? Government is no problem. True Parents can embrace that kind of second generation. Standing in that king of Abel's position. The Cain king's position is declining and Father's Abel king position is ascending.

Kim Il Sung lost the Cain generation students. The South Korean government lost the Abel generation students. True Parents embraced the Cain and Abel side students. This is going over the mountain top. The elder son position is declining and the younger son position is ascending to the mountain top now and inheriting everything. 160 nations representatives. This is like the seed for 160 nations. This is what Father has planted in 160 nations. Connected with this foundation, the missionaries in 160 nations now have a clear message as to what they need to proclaim to the rest of the world. They need to distribute Father's victorious seed. Seed means Father's words. Same contents, same spirit, same value. Even though it is a missionary speaking in the place of Father, it will have the same value as though Father spoke because it is the Principle and Father has dedicated himself to it. No matter how humble a nation may be, if they take Father's words seriously and heartistically then the spiritual world will immediately come down and work with them. Every home should hear Father's speech content. The spiritual world is the archangel world. This is the world of Father's completion. When they connect together it completes Adam's position. Through the Fall Adam's position was lost. In this age, True Parents appear and the restoration of the Archangel and Adam can occur.

After the Fall, separation occurred between Adam's world and the archangelic world. Separation between God and humanity occurred. During this time of True Parents, Adam's world and the archangel world can unite into one. Then God can come down and connect with that original position. This is the recreation and perfection of the family concept world. Bride foundation is needed. You need to make that kind of foundation. Do you understand? (Yes) You have to work in order to make recreation come about. This is the bride's position. No matter now difficult it may be.

Through practicing this principle, you women will become invincible and be able to win over the Cain king. Your Abel king will win over the Cain king. This is how the United Nations can be influenced, far easier than you may think. It will happen. You wait and see. You will be a king maker, in an Abel king position instead of a Cain king position. Is this clear? You have to recreate the Abel king. This means you have to create a real American president. Clinton is the worst president. We have to determine ourselves based upon this principle. How can we manifest True Parents' kingship authority?

England represents the bride position centered upon Christian culture. Is that true? However, they did not welcome the bridegroom, but rather chased him out. They lost everything. American women have to restore the bride position. This is what American women's responsibility is. Do you understand what women's role is? You have to take that kind of action within this world. The Third World has welcomed Reverend Moon and I understand that if the investment in America had been given to Africa, how much more return it would give. If I were to withdraw all support and investment in America, what would this country do? It would go all the way to the bottom. We have to brace ourselves and have a renewed commitment in our lives or else we will find ourselves with nothing.

During my world speaking tour Father felt ashamed that he had spent too much time and resources here in America instead of other nations. America's wealth and prosperity is not for Americans alone, but rather for the whole world. That is God's viewpoint of prosperity. Now the time is changing. Just as God sacrificed his Abel son, the son that He loved in order to save Cain likewise we, too, must be willing to forsake our own husbands, who are in Abel's position, and receive persecution in order to save Cain. We have to make our own president into Abel position for the sake of this world. Father has always gone this way. This is clearly the role of American women. Do you understand?

All of the peace federations which Father has created, he has done so just for this very purpose. We women must become second king makers and sacrifice our families for the sake of this nation. This means the Women's Federation for World Peace members need to embrace the women of all families. Women's mission is that important. That is the bride position. After the Fall God lost the bride position, home and nation. Do you understand? You have to sacrifice your home in order to save the nation. Then the United Nations will be drawn to us. Everywhere in the world women will elect the president. Do you understand the principle Father is explaining to you? Those of you who understand what Father is pointing out to you please raise your hands. Even though Father directs this content mainly toward women, the men, too, need to understand what it is that Father is explaining.

Eventually the day will come when you will inherit every principle that women have worked on. Mother's position is Eve's position. Men are in the archangel position. Father has inherited to Eve that kind of value. Husbands should absolutely unify in helping your wive's position. From that point wives can bequeath to their husbands. All husbands need to understand clearly the mission of the bride. You have to absolutely help. This is a one-way course, not a two-way course. You have to follow True Parents and your wives; then you will be in the younger son position to Father's elder son's position. You have to follow your wives. Do you understand?

This is the way that men can receive rebirth. Father's position is elder position. This is the recreation system. What then is kingship? Upon the completion of the restoration of elder sonship, and the completion of true parentship, which has already been established, we are now about to enter into the restoration of kingship. It means we take up the responsibility to restore the Cain king within our nation. You can have absolute confidence that you can be better teachers than any women who were born here in America. Because God has wanted this situation to occur, in some way it isn't altogether bad that American women have been like queens and their husbands like servants. However, your servant will gradually turn into your ideal husband. That is the difference. Your king. You and your children must unite first and then together coax the father into an ideal person. Do you follow?

You should not use your wives as if they are your own property. They are far too precious. Therefore you should take them seriously and follow them for the purpose which Father has just described. There will be another Blessing that will take place. Even though we have received Blessing at the church level, there will be a national Blessing, beyond the church boundary. Upon the establishment of the independent Kingdom of Heaven you have to again be Blessed, connecting the church base with the national base. Then you need to receive the Blessing a third time, at the world level. When that time comes, all will yearn for international marriage. Father sees that the offspring of the international Blessings will find themselves in the mainstream of world leadership. Everyone will want to be Blessed internationally eventually.

Even though it was not so easy, Father pushed in order that later people will understand what Father's work is all about while he is still here on Earth. When that comes, it will be consistent with the flow of history and many will appreciate it, even years from now. Now Father, together with God, finds that it is time to relax just as all kings and presidents have done in the fallen world. Even though Father will not indulge in alcohol or any other vice such as that, still Father should take it easy, go hunting and fishing. Father should pursue this way while we prepare the Earth. That is what God intends. This is what Father's intense fishing has been all about, making a foundation through scenic tourism for us to have a place to go and support ourselves no matter where we are. The hobby industry is for this purpose now. We have not heard so much about condominiums until now. However, quite a number have been built. The condominium is like a commune villa where many of us can enjoy life together. We families are head of the world fashion. Hundreds of such projects have been going on for one purpose. Soon enough we will be able to experience this. We don't need to live in and enjoy one house for all of our lives. Rather we will be free to travel to South America or wherever we wish. Do half mission, half hobby and enjoyment. Just as God intended.

Father has seen all kinds of entertainment facilities throughout the advanced world. Therefore, he has a very precise idea as to what our future will be like. We will be needing many small to medium sized airplanes. They are as easy to build as automobiles. The development of so-called recreation areas has taken place only within the last twenty or thirty years. Prior to that there was nothing. Until now, the so-called recreation areas were only within the urban areas. However, Father feels there are hundreds of areas of scenic beauty that are not so accessible, but, with small aircraft we could travel there anytime. Father has developed a unique way of exercising our bodies which will keep us fit without having to go through a lot of complicated exercises.

The Satanic world has Olympic games, but equivalent to this is the Abel Olympic games. Father has to achieve something of high standard once and for all that people can recognize. An example is Father being the sponsor and owner of the Il Hwa Soccer team. If you can achieve a soccer team, such as the one Father has established in Korea, football teams and basketball teams become relatively easy to establish. All you need to do is buy the best players. Then people will feel that Father is a sportsman. This will help them get closer to Father which is a way of saving their lives. Father is envisioning having them participate in the Asian Games. If they were to win in such games people would wonder how that success came to such an unknown team. Naturally Father cannot be separated from that victory.

The Christians in Korea all get the clear message that if God is not with the Il Hwa team then how can they win the triple crown. Christians are trying in the wrong way. Eventually they will begin to accept Father. Father will invite all the high ranking religious leaders so they can learn from Father's everyday life. Father will invite the Pope along with them. Father can change all of their concepts within two years. It is not a theoretic magnetism that Father has; it is simply fun to be with Father! Father now refers to a Chinese character symbolizing fun. Living here in America should also be fun. This is the fantasy of Chinese characters. It means having fun. When Father speaks the word America, he would like to have an entirely different meaning of America. A new image of America. The ideal America. God's ideal America. Not the kind of America that we have today.

The Earth is so blessed and women can be in God's place and give recreation to the Abel husband, the Abel king, the Abel children and truly establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. How wonderful this is. In Adam's family the elder sonship was lost through the slaying of Abel. In Jesus' time the parents' position was lost because Jesus was unable to become a parent. In Father's time the king's position was lost. Father was supposed to have been accepted in the position of king and so now we are in the process of restoring this.

By the year 2000 Father will have reached the age of eighty years. If there is some extension, it may take up to 2003 or eighty three years of Father's age. In order to change the direction in which the world is going is none other than the Blessing. We have to restore the family through Blessed families. Father knows that this is the shortcut in order to bring all of humankind into the one good direction to God -- the Blessing is that way. AIDS virus in just a few years has affected 20 million people. Can you believe that? By the year 2020 it will become the main destructive factor of human life. One way to prevent this is through the Blessing. The leprosy that occurred one century ago is nothing compared to AIDS. We have to isolate this disease at the society level. We must clearly understand that the poisonous snake that caused the Fall of all humankind is precisely the woman's sexual organ and man's sexual organ. This is not an exaggeration at all. Clearly this is true.

The man and woman's sexual organs are a more formidable enemy than lions and all wild beasts put together. We have to clearly understand that lions and tigers will only consume the human flesh and leave the bones, but the human sexual organs will consume the very basis of human existence. Heaven, ideal and happiness will all be shattered into pieces through this. Do you think we have until the millennium to achieve this goal, or do you think that we are in a race against time? Those who think that we have time to take it easy, please raise your hands. If you feel that we have to really hurry or we will run out of time, raise your hands. That is true and man is only second in rank in this regard; women are so very important.

Father would like you to express this in writing so that you can remember it more clearly. Are you ready? Then take notes. December 8, 1995 upon Father's return from the 16-nation world tour, direction:

I. The Providential Perspective.

A. Elder Sonship
B. True Parentship
C. Kingship
(Father has expanded on these three already.)
D. Understanding the importance of women's position today.
E. The need to find responsible persons. (Men and women, and the atmosphere of this project should be presented everywhere in all families.)

II. Father began building boats and distributing them to other countries long ago.

1. Careful upkeep of such boats is most important. Since these boats are going to be museum pieces of these countries in the future, it is necessary to preserve them for posterity. These are fiberglass boats that will not corrode. Father is indignant that he gave two boats to each state and they have not been well maintained. We have to clearly understand that the property which belongs to the Church is more valuable than property in our own homes. America has this all reversed and therefore is experiencing difficulty.

2. Create 50-man groups. These 50 men will average one bus load and be an effective unit for operating a hobby industry. We can turn our agricultural effort into fun or hobby effort. Fishing and hunting are not chores, they are hobbies.

Each family is supposed to witness to 160 families. Since there are fifty people, one-third of them should be able to witness, the others educate. That means you change places.

3. Education and witnessing.
III. Blessing of 3.6 million.
a) Complete the mission of tribal messiah;
b) Witness through the dissemination of literature;
c) Train your clan. You have no time to wait for them to volunteer themselves. This will work, even though you don't yet understand it. Now elder sonship is restored completely; True Parentship is restored completely; legitimately, both mind and body, and kingship is restored;
d) The pure life movement begins with Mother. Because of the original bad mother the children have become bad. Now is the time to restore this.

Sixteen percent of all Canadians do not know who their father is. Father imagines that percentage is even higher here in America. Maybe up to 30 percent. The pure life movement is very necessary. Father received a very impressive note from one eighteen year-old second generation who was blessed this time. Father asked why he volunteered for the Blessing at such a young age and he told Father that his parents were so harmonious as a couple that it was an inspiration to him. How many more hidden couples such as this exist within the Unification Church Blessings? This is the good news of the gospel. That is true. If women complain then where will your children go? If you talk about women's liberation and confront your husband, what in fact do you gain? It is very bad.

Now take this down:

IV. The Era of the Restoration of Kingship.
1. Dominion from Above;
a) We should mobilize the spiritual world. You can mobilize the spiritual world when you are more advanced than your ancestors in the spiritual world. When you dedicate more heart, put more love, more effort into what you do, then the spiritual world will help you;
b) The time of unifying our ancestors is now. Instead of trying to work by yourself, work in unity with your ancestors in the spiritual world; as past and present, we will approach our second generation. Our second generation will be much better off if we do so;
c) Era of Combined Operation: This means you don't work alone but rather you work in cooperation with the spiritual world.
d) Dedicate more loyalty toward Heaven and Parents. If we do so other people will be impressed and follow our example. The display of loyalty is better than any past times in history.

2. Mother should unite with Abel king and restore the Cain king. This is the age of restoring the Cain king. In order to achieve this goal you have to restore the children and recreate the father. We have to restore our bridehood toward the bridegroom who is already here.

Now Father has dictated these notes to you, and starting from today we must pledge to put all of our efforts into being successful in accomplishing these various directives. Amen? Amen. Title I is the Dispensational Perspective. Now that the speech in Canada is over, completing the 160 nation tour, Father will travel to South America soon and speak at interreligious and media meetings there.

You must insert in your instructions the need to display a Unification Church Family Tribal Messiah plaque at your home. Is this clear? Every Blessed couple, you need to display such a plaque outside of your homes. Father may go to a city and ask the police chief where can he find such signboards on homes in that town. Then the police chief will direct Father to such homes and then Father may come and visit you and even sleep there one day. If you gather many people in your home Father will come and give a talk to them. Father can be very mobile. Once he has these small planes available, Father can fly in any direction he wants. We are well underway now to making our own airplanes. That is not a problem.

Mother, together with Abel, will save Cain. The restoration of the Cain kingship is the mission of women. Is that clear? That's all! Father wants you to understand that this is a very important announcement. It is the role of mothers to restore the unity between religion and politics. The Women's Federation has to complete this goal. Then join that foundation together with the Abel at the grammar school and high school level. In other words, the world will move in such a direction that a woman's presidency will be more vital than any man's presidency. This trend will come about.

Imagine if you make an impact in the social movement and create a better world, don't you think your presidency would be welcomed within a very short time? The religious world and political world represent mind and body. They need to come into one. The Cain and Abel conflict that has gone on all throughout human history now has the ability to end through women. You can bring them together in peace and guide them to Father. Through this, all world conflict will cease. After the Blessing, at the worldwide level, your clan will be able to move from one place to another with ease. This is humanity's destiny. You don't have to remain here in New York; rather you can go to the most remote corner of Africa. If your value is recognized you will be invited like a queen!

Now is the time of equalization; there is not so much difference in human lives anymore. The only difference is: who is closer to God? How hopeful the future life will be. Now you understand what Father has been explaining to you regarding the importance of women. This is a proclamation. There should be no human being living on the Earth who has not heard of this. Can you imagine God's joy when all that Father has said here today becomes a reality? This is God's dream.


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