The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


Original Family And Blessed Family

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 1, 1995
Belvedere -- International Training Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

Is there any non-Korean here who can volunteer to translate the title of Father's speech? Nobody. This shows a great distance between those who speak Korean and those who do not. Please repeat after me: Bohnyuneui Gajunggwa Chookbok Gajung -- Original Family and Blessed Family.

When we consider the difference between East and West there is a large gap. When Westerners meet one another they usually greet each other by shaking their hands. This is a horizontal greeting. Whereas Orientals offer a vertical greeting first by bowing from their waist. Even the use of the body to signal a person to approach is different. The way of sleeping also differs. It is very unusual to sleep on one's stomach in the Orient. But this is quite usual in the West. In the West we write from left to right horizontally. However, the traditional Oriental way of writing is from right to left vertically. East and West should become united into one.

The philosophy of the East is based upon the metaphysical world, while the philosophy of the West stems from a more practical and material basis. Therefore we can conclude that Westerners are interested in conquering the visible world, whereas Orientals are interested in conquering the invisible world. History clearly shows that the major religions and philosophies all originated in the East. The Western culture is based upon materialism. This is how Western civilization has expanded. All the major religions, at least, have their origins in the East. In the world today, spirit and matter are completely divided. The expansion of this is atheism and the mind and body separation. The world of spirit denies the world of the body and vice versa. This is the confrontation we see today.

Do all of you have a mind? (Yes.) Suppose there is a man of mind and a man of body. Which one would you prefer? (The man of mind.) When you decide to marry, do you seek your spouse based upon skin beauty or the beauty of the mind? (Mind.) Why? What is the reason? The question is, which comes first, spirit or matter? (Spirit.) Then where does this spirit originate from? Does it come about vertically or horizontally? (Vertically.) Why do we need the vertical? When we look at the vertical flow there is only one point where the vertical settles. We can claim that our conscience originated from our original ancestors. Because the relationship of conscience is vertical, we are able to trace all the way back to our ancestors in one vertical line. It is like a tree of conscience. Looking at the tree of conscience of all of humanity, there is the root, trunk, branches and twigs. Our own position may be that of one of the buds or a small twig. When we look at the tree of conscience of mankind, it comes from the top. The top is the root, so from the root down. However, the trees outside and around us go in the opposite direction. The root system is at the bottom and the trunk goes upwards and the branches develop out of it.

Father believes that we should be able to learn a great lesson just from observing a tree. Human history was reversed at the beginning point. Even trees show mankind the reality of how human history has been reversed. Instead of coming down they go up. When it comes to the root system there is the central root and the peripheral roots. No matter how large a one hundred year old pine tree may be, there is still only one central root, not two. People do not realize this. When people decide to trace back into their ancestral tree this is indicative of tracing back our own central root. Just as our body is a manifestation of our mind, so the creation is a reflection and manifestation of the invisible world.

When we compare the value between the visible and invisible worlds, which one comes first? The invisible world was first and thus contains the most value. What is the essence of human history? The mind is the essence of human history, not the body. Who do you suppose is the root of man's conscience? The invisible owner. We have to trace back to discover this. Not horizontally, but upwards in a vertical line. We have to travel upwards in order to find the original root. The origin of this original root must be the invisible owner. Therefore we have to understand that man's conscience is vertically directly connected to this invisible owner, in a perpendicular angle, not a zig zag. Then which is more valuable, the invisible or the visible? (The invisible.)

Unification Church members may respond in this way, but would people in the secular world respond in the same way? (No.) Here in America, based upon pragmatism and materialism they just go after the things they can see. The things they do not see they do not care for. That is why many people feel they do not need religion. These pragmatic, materialistic individuals expand to the family, national and worldwide levels. They want to conquer the whole world based upon their materialistic beliefs. Originally the invisible world should be the subject center and the visible world should be the object. However, it became reversed and so this entire world is upside down. Therefore, since this world is upside down, the world of mankind is in the position where all of creation is resisting and chasing us out.

Because everything is upside down and the focus is only upon the physical life, people in this secular world pursue the beauty of the body rather than the beauty of the mind. Usually men go after the woman who is beautiful externally. Even if you have your own spouse, if you see another woman with a more beautiful body, man has a tendency to abandon his original wife and pursue another one. In America today, going through divorce is like changing your food. Because of this original reversal, the secular world standard is only external, not internal. Eating food, looking at people and viewing everything from the external standard. Just as when you are hungry you go after any food because you have to fill up your stomach. When human beings deal with one another they apply this same principle. In their clothing and housing they are always pursuing something different, something better.

In the animal kingdom once they settle in their nest or home do they go looking all the time for a better one? Or do they settle always in the same place? For example, the history of sparrows may go back for millions of years, but they continue to build the same style of nests as have always been built by sparrows. Do the sparrows in Korea build different nests than the sparrows in America? (Same kind.) Correct. Mice and rats don't all of a sudden get the desire to fly. They always build holes in the ground. (Laughter.) They are created in such a way as to dig and scoop out a hole. The long teeth they have are created in such a way that they have to use them continuously. Otherwise the teeth would keep growing and penetrate their chin. (Laughter.) [Father laughs.]

Do you wish to remain within your small home town confined in a small area for your entire life? Even if your life might be more humble and you might never be rich, would you like the freedom to travel all throughout the world for your entire life? (Travel.) What about Adam and Eve, what kind of life do you think that they should have had? Why do people have the desire to travel? Adam and Eve were created as the owners of all of creation. Therefore they had the right to go around and check all the aspects of creation in the whole world. Suppose you are contemplating killing someone that you know. Do you feel good about that? (No.) Do you suppose that the person you are thinking of killing has parents or not? (Yes.) That person may have his wife and children. Also brothers and sisters. If you were to kill that one particular person do you imagine that all of these people connected to him in love are going to sit still and let you commit this crime? Do you think they would welcome your killing him or would they stop you? (Stop.) Even if someone was to kill another person, if he begins to think of that person's family and relatives he cannot kill that person. Those who consider the circumstances and environment cannot commit evil.

If there is one American that I want to kill, I can't when I begin to think of that person belonging to the whole country of America and all the American people. What about the destiny of this nation? Once you think of the entire situation and environment surrounding that person then automatically you can not kill them. Also you can expand this way of thinking all the way back to the original Adam and Eve who were the original ancestors of mankind. If it is true that from Adam and Eve this tree of mankind existed here, and I belong to this tree as a small twig; if I kill someone it means I cut off another twig. Don't you think that you would feel pain when you take such action? From this kind of analogy we can draw the conclusion that man should not live his life for the sake of himself alone, but rather for the sake of others. For the sake of the whole.

If America wants patriotic people do you think it would seek those who are public-minded or self centered? (Public-minded.) Therefore we can conclude that Americans who lead their lives for the sake of the whole are the true citizens of America. The saint is not the person who lives his or her life for the sake of his or her own nation, but rather for the sake of the world and all mankind. The major difference between the root and the branch is that while the branch is striving to gain more nutrition for the branch itself, the root is existing for the sake of the whole tree. Do you follow? The root is hidden. How ever, the trunk and branches are visibly exposed in the world. When people admire a tree as beautiful do they think of the invisible root and claim that or not? (No.) When people try to evaluate nations, do they truly look at the root of a nation or just the external things? (External.) What is the founding spirit of America? Is it invisible or visible? (Invisible.) Think of those founding fathers when they first arrived in America. Did they come after visible wealth, or were they centered upon invisible faith? (Faith.) Materially they did not have much.

It is an amazing fact that those founding fathers came here because of their invisible faith. That was what led them to America. By the same token, Americans right now, trained and equipped with this invisible faith and spirit, could go out to the world to save it. We may then expect the emergence of a new world right away. If Americans truly do this, America will only prosper. Therefore we cannot deny the fact that even beginning from the individual level we need mind (invisible world) and body (visible world) united into one. [Father writes on the board.] These words have a similar meaning but one means hope Heuimahng and Yokmahng the other means your desire. It depends upon how you interpret them, but they have slightly different meanings. Which is better, your hope or your desire? (Hope.) Hope is a vertical concept. Desire contains the element of ambition within it. The word ambition tends to mean self-centeredness. Even the words have a subject and object relationship between them.

When you walk in this manner, in Korean instead of saying Chunhee Gutda we say Chunchunhee We double the word. It means to walk slowly. Even when you walk fast, we say Bbalee Gutda which means fast walk. Rather we usually say Bbalee bbalee. It is like a subject and object concept. The subject and object relationship is very much prevalent within the Korean language. Even in discussing someone's laughter we say, 'He is laughing, ha! ha!' Double laughing. It has more emotion contained within it. It is a subject and object relationship, like plus and minus. Even the air system circulates and moves up and down. In some places the air quality is very dense and other places it is not. Therefore when the wind comes it blows in curves making a circular motion. That is how it lasts in eternity. Even when you have to drill a hole into thick wood, you have to keep pulling it out and drilling again and again. This is more effective. When you pay attention to the sound of the train running, it is never monotonous. It always has some curve or difference in terms of the sound. This is due to the density of the air, which is variable.

The conclusion is: we cannot manage this world solely based upon the horizontal system. We need the vertical system as well. The relationship between East and West cannot become harmoniously united if they always keep their backs to one another. However, when they turn and look at each other they see each other's left side as right side and vice versa. Therefore we have hope that we can be united and create a circular motion which will last eternally. The way of thinking and doing things is different between the East and the West. However, when we consider this as a relative concept rather than as an opposite concept, then East and West can be united and create greater influence and greater energy.

When you go to the bathroom, do women do so while standing or while sitting? (Laughter.) What about man? Father's explanation is that since man is the master and owner he has to stand on his own two feet, even while urinating. (Laughter.) If any danger comes he is ready. Whereas woman is born to be protected. That is why woman can sit down and relax. This is a natural phenomenon. There is a beautiful harmony in this. It is not a laughing matter. This is natural law, the way we are created.

Try to find an excellent dancer who has large hips. If you have large heavy hips you cannot become an excellent dancer. Therefore we have to understand that even though there is a difference between East and West it is not bad. This is how God created us so that we can create even greater influence through having exchange. Western women in general do not want to copy what someone else is doing. Even when Father observes hats, they don't generally want to copy someone else's style. They prefer to have their own style. How about your marriage? Do you think it to be more desirable that a golden-haired woman and golden-haired man get together. Would it be preferable to have golden-haired people and black-haired people, white, black and yellow people mixed? (Mixed.) Why? If you go after the same kind that means there is not much distance there to work around. However, if your spouse is from a different race that means you have a greater space to think and work around. Do you agree? (Yes.)

All the good religions in the world have this kind of distance, plus and minus, encompassing all humanity. The goal of religion is not to be confined within national boundaries. But the world of religion always reaches beyond the national boundaries to the whole world. Do you agree? (Yes.) Jesus came to this world 2000 years ago as the bridegroom. However, people are still awaiting Jesus as their bridegroom. Do you believe in Jesus because you have met him? (No.) We do not have any way of touching Jesus in order to believe in him, but we have a concept of Jesus. That is why we believe in him. Isn't it true? (Yes.) We use our thinking power and imagination and then we come to believe in him.

If the vertical concept is in place, then naturally the horizontal things follow. In terms of their behavior, are American people more animal-like or are they people who are centered strictly upon vertical thinking? Let me put it in simpler terms. When they go after love, do they go after the internal and eternal love, or the more physical, material love? (Material love.) It is like an animal, is it not? When you look at the animal kingdom, do they usually stand up and look around the world when they are walking along, or do they look down, smelling the land? Which is the animal way of walking? Do they use two or four legs. (Four legs.) Four legs. Man is created in such a way as to walk on two legs upright. We consider the sun as our friend and try to embrace the whole cosmos. That is the kind of man that God created, not looking down at the ground, sniffing around for alcohol and drugs. That is not the way of life God intended for mankind.

How about you young people. You young members, do you prefer the way of walking with four legs or standing upright, opening your chest and embracing the cosmos. Which way? (Second way.) Second way? You may be able to stand straight and look at things. However, how can you relate to these objects? You need your mental power. Think of the poets and authors of beautiful literature. When they write beautiful literature and even paint beautiful paintings, do they deal with things on the ground? No they deal with everything in the universe. One person tries to describe two animals looking at one another and blinking their eyes. Then another person describes someone relating to the whole cosmos, the stars, sun and moon and nature. Which one is more inspiring and romantic? Nobody likes animal-level literature.

Therefore we have hope that once East and West become totally united the world can become much greater. Do you agree? (Yes.) When Father looks into certain Western women's eyes, they have clear blue eyes like the color of a calm lake. Without knowing, Father is attracted to those beautiful blue eyes and wants to touch them. (Laughter.) That is true. It would be even more attractive if you have white skin, blue eyes and black hair. How attractive that would be. When you say brown hair people are not so excited. But when you say black hair they instantly jump. (Laughter.) That is the way. Therefore we can conclude that having a great distance between us is even better. Because even with this great distance if we become one we can create even greater power and energy. Imagine a couple where the husband is this small and thin, and the wife is this big [Mr. Kim indicates with his arms.] (Laughter.) They live happily as husband and wife. Think how wonderful that would be. If there is such a couple in your village, every couple in that village would think about them and appreciate their life. Many people would even wish to visit them and try to find out how they live. (Laughter.)

As a husband and wife, do you wish to remain as a couple that is ignored, or would you rather be a couple who is the object of everyone's admiration? Which way is better? We have couples in the Unification Church who are jet black and pale white and who live their lives happily. Isn't that a sensation? If such a couple lives happily, the people around such a couple will be interested to see the children they will generate. Don't you think that people would think about this? (Yes.) Since even ordinary people think in such a way, when God looks down upon that particular couple don't you think He would be inspired? (Yes.) There are people in the world who imagine that Father used some kind of force to bring such a couple together. But when they come to visit such a couple and observe their real life they will be surprised. When they compare this particular couple's life with their own they will see how their own life is far from harmonious. Even when a husband might try to kiss his wife she might reject him and tells him to get away because he is smelly. (Laughter.) [Father laughs.] But when they come to see this particular couple they observe how harmonious they are even though they did not know one another at all until they were matched by Father. The previous concept they held of a brainwashed couple disappears and they feel envy.

Such a couple continue their life harmoniously. They give birth to beautiful children and there is no noise in their house. Suddenly they disappear and return again from Africa, the Orient, and South America. Then the neighbors all become curious and at the same time jealous. Which way do you prefer? When you fly, do you want to fly far away with your wings wide open, or just flap your wings for a few feet and fall down? (Laugh.) [Father laughs.] (Far away.) Whenever Father travels he prefers a non-stop flight. I like non-stop air flight. (Laughter.) How about you? (Same.) When you go to find your spouse you have to definitely take a non-stop flight, not one that stops over some place. (Laughter.) How very happy you will be. Which do you prefer, non-stop flight, or stop over flight? (Non-stop.) You all resemble Father then. That means we all resemble the original master, God.

Usually in the minds of Westerners they always think of high, never low. But in the relationship between plus and minus it includes high and low. Since Reverend Moon came to the West he started teaching people how to become low. He sent people out to the field in order to experience the low life. Were the rich nations such as America and Japan born as affluent countries or did they start out from scratch? (Scratch.) Do you imagine the root of beautiful big trees will go after the clean dirt or dirt where there are more nutrients to absorb? (Dirty.) That is correct. This is a seed. [Father draws on the board.] When you try to sow this seed, do you really need to clean this seed first? Would it grow better smothered in dirt and fertilizer? (Fertilizer.) The seed needs fertilizer because it needs plus and minus. These two worlds look like opposites, but once they create the balance and become one harmoniously it creates much more power and energy.

When Reverend Moon came to America he certainly saw all the people with their shoulders high up without their legs and feet touching the ground. That is why Father has been trying to bring them down so they can touch the reality of the ground. They were resisting and giving all kinds of criticism and persecution to Father. They didn't like it. If America had listened to Father from the beginning America would be in a different position now. Those who met Father through the Unification Church, do you feel that you lost a lot through your encounter with Father or that you gained a lot in your life? (Gained a lot.) How much did you gain. (Applause.) If you truly feel that you gained something much greater than America, then you can digest something much greater than America. That kind of capacity is given to you. Do you think that you are trying to lead and teach secular Americans, or are you wanting to be taught and led by secular Americans? Which one is your position? (Leading.) Is that true? (Yes.) I don't believe it. Show me. You may answer that way to Father, but when Father looks at everybody he sees them floating and sliding and once they fall they become shattered because there is no root.

You may think you are flying, but because you are unbalanced when you try to come down to the ground level, instead of putting your legs forward your legs go backward. That is why you hit the ground head first. Is this clear? Even when Father meets the President of America, Father gives the same kind of words to him. [Mr. Kim says, "I thought he hit me and told me to repent."] (Laughter.) [Father laughs.] Do you like something big or small? (Big.) What about your life? Do you want to stand still and laugh or do you want to move around as much as you can while laughing? (Moving around.) You all know. You have different looking faces but you know the right answer. That indicates that once you are taught correctly you can be led really well. In general people say that Americans have the worst kind of habits in terms of their behavior and way of life here. Therefore, unless we reverse this trend America does not have a future. But how can we do it? Americans will have to go all the way to the end and reach the point of desperation with their families broken and their children broken. Then they will feel they are standing at the cliff edge. That is the only time we can change the direction of America.

What do you have in America to be proud of? The whole world is saying Yankee go home! Because many Americans travel abroad, they bring with them drugs, free sex and AIDS. Therefore many nations are resisting now. When Reverend Moon first came to this country Americans urged him to go home. How ever, now they don't want him to go home. When Reverend Moon declared the South American providence, then Americans cried in unison, "Don't go to South America, we need you here. Stay here." If Americans are truly devoting themselves to helping to revive South American countries, through loving the people there more than their own, then America will prosper and become even greater. If Americans try to work alone in nations such as Russia, China and Japan, they don't realize that, should something bad occur, these countries would team up together and chase America out of that continent. This would give America much difficulty. However, if America is truly united with the South American continent, and they become one country, one nation, you would have much greater power. Then if you go to the East and try to work with them, no country nor group of countries would be able to chase America out. Do you understand? (Yes.)

The North and South American continents' relationship is that of elder and younger brother, Catholicism and Protestantism. Therefore, since North and South America are in the relationship of brotherhood, if North America alone comes to the East and tries to help, they will be told that they don't have a good relationship with their own brother, South America. Then how can you dare to think you can come here and help us? But once you are totally united with your brother, South America, then you will be welcomed in the East as well. When they see the harmony and unity between two brothers, this will make all the difference.

When God looks at this world He sees the country of Japan as the kingdom of finance now. China is probably the kingdom of mankind, in terms of population. Russian is the kingdom of ideology. Therefore, what has America got to offer to them? What can you do there? That is why they may feel suspicious of your motivation and feel you have come to rob them in some way. America cannot claim to be the number one country any longer. Father says that Japan claims to be the number one country economically, China has the greatest manpower, and Russia thought that they had the greatest ideology. However, they failed. That is why they are now holding onto Reverend Moon in order to adopt his teaching and ideology. (Applause.) If America abandons Reverend Moon where can you go? You may try to go to the East, but if Reverend Moon truly mobilizes Japan, China and Russia, then America could be crushed. Father's deep rooted foundation is all over the world now. Nobody can uproot this now. That is true. Japanese members raise your hands. There are this many Japanese members here in this congregation. Are they crazy people? (Laughter.) Even Japanese women are so powerful, they control American husbands and steer them in any direction they want. (Laughter.) They may look small, but they are powerful.

This is not a concept, this is reality. How can you deny that? Think of a powerful couple growing up and bearing many children. Ten or twenty years from now, imagine such a couple with a Japanese wife steering her husband really well to the right direction. What kind of children they will have? This is the reality. We have 360,000 couples blessed in this year. In three years we will have 3.6 million couples. In another three years we will have 36 million couples. Once we achieve that goal, do you think that there will be any small village anywhere in the world where you cannot find a Unificationist Blessed couple there? (No.) That is strong power. There will be no boundaries. The time is coming when we will sit behind a desk and call 3.6 million couples. 3.6 million couples represents 3.6 million countries. You no longer have to move around. Just by sitting there you can make that many friends. Just through a telephone call.

When the time comes to take a vacation, instead of going to Florida, you can pick up the phone and call your friend in the South Pacific or the North Pole or South Pole and go there and enjoy your vacation and come back again. Just by thinking of it you feel happy. (Laughter.) It is not empty talk, you know. Father is actually laying the foundation for you to be able to do that. Even in the North and South Poles Father is laying all kinds of foundations. Think of this kind of catch phrase: Lets go and love the polar bear that lives in the North Pole. Lets go and visit the white whale that lives in the South Pole. Isn't it attractive. Imagine, just as you ride horses or water-ski, you can go to the North Pole and ride on the polar bear's back and go to the South Pole and sit on the white whale's back. Isn't that exciting? When Father gives you this kind of picture of the future, do you really wish to live such a life in the future? (Yes.)

Since the Cold War has ended, there is no longer any need for aircraft carriers and warships. Hundreds of them are available all around the world but they are no longer needed. Suppose these aircraft carriers and warships were given to Father, then Father can utilize them best. He can use them as a fleet to take people to the North Pole and South Pole. Sometimes we can line them up in a straight line and use them as a bridge to go to an island, things like that. (Laughter.) If you just want to travel directly to the South Pole it takes a lot of fuel. We could use the fleet in many different ways. We could save the fuel by using it as a bridge. It is a tangible and possible dream that we have here. Do you wish to have an aircraft carrier and use it as Father has just described? (Yes.) Do you wish to stay on one particular aircraft carrier throughout your entire life? Or would you like to move to different ones? (Move on.) Move on. All of you give the same answer.

What is the topic this morning? (Laughter.) Which do you prefer, the world of mind or the world of material centered upon your body? (The world of the mind.) When it comes to the vertical and horizontal they are relative concepts. If the vertical has to be extended further, then the horizontal should be shortened as you see here; the shorter span of the horizontal line and the longer span of the vertical line here. That is why Father says that they are relative. Originally they began with the same span, horizontally and vertically. You can see this here. [Father indicates to what he has drawn on the board.] However, when we stretched this vertical span, this horizontal span became shorter. They are relative. But when you press this vertical span downwards like this, then this entire vertical line disappears and stretches out as a horizontal line. This is the shape of Americans [indicating to the board]. No center. No vertical concept. This is also representative of animals. Animals also live in this way. Only human beings stand upright. When it comes to human life, the center is the spirit.

When we squeeze this horizontal span, then it is extended vertically. [Father continues to draw on the board.] When the entire horizontal concept is gone, then it becomes a solid vertical line. Even this way [indicating to the board] you may fall because there is no balance. Whereas when you have only a horizontal line you will start rolling because you don't have any axis. You cannot move forward. You can only roll. With only this horizontal line you cannot make any circular movement here. That is why people fall. Using this central line as your axis, you expand from the individual level, family level, horizontally, your tribe, society and so forth. That is why you need your country of America in order to keep you from falling. When you have this horizontal foundation, even if you fall, your vertical axis line will always be straight. This center point [indicating to the board] is your conscience which represents your individual self, your family, your tribe and so forth. When we build the Kingdom of God on earth horizontally in this span then the Kingdom of God in heaven will naturally be established.

When we have the same distance from this center point, vertically and horizontally then we have the four position foundation. When the universe was created, it was not just one horizontal line. The creation must have begun from three different points. When you have three points connected you can draw a curve. As long as you have these three points connected you can draw any kind of shape, such as a rectangle or whatever. That is why we have this four position foundation shape [indicating to the board]. When it comes to the relationship between our mind and our body, it is the same. Our mind is in the central vertical line and our body should be centered upon the horizontal line. Combined together they form the four position foundation. When we make this circular movement it begins from the individual and family level traveling all the way to the center point.

From God's point of view, it comes all the way down and meets here [indicating to the board]. This axis becomes extended and shorter. [Father draws on the board.] That is the spiral or circular movement. When you think about your eyes, where do they usually look? Only one particular point, or all different directions? Your looking has a circular movement. Man is created in such a way that his eyes are able to look only in one direction, and in order to look in other directions the body has to move. Now you know how precious your neck is. It is so flexible. It is flexible in order to accommodate your eyes. Not because of your ears or nose, but because of your eyes.

When you move your neck in order to look in different directions, do your ears complain? (No.) We all have five senses. Do they cooperate with one another or do they go in opposite directions? Even when referring to races, we refer to five different races. Do people cooperate and live together or keep distance from one another? (Keep distance.) That is why the world is not experiencing this circular movement. The eyes represent God. When anything is being created usually the eyes come first. Then other areas are like intelligent agencies. Once your eyes move other organs follow. Isn't it true? (Yes.)

When God looks down upon us do you think that He wishes for the five different races to work together harmoniously just like our five senses? (Yes.) How many fingers do you have on your hand? (Five.) Our organs do not resist and fight each other. Once an order comes from your mind your body naturally cooperates. Your invisible mind gives the direction to the body. We cannot see love. It is not tangible. Have you seen love? (No.) Have you seen life? What about blood lineage? What about conscience? (No.) When Father tells you that you have no conscience do you feel good? (No.) You may try to fight him. Even if we cannot see our conscience, life and love, these invisible things are most valuable and important. We cannot see God either. Then what is God? He is the root of love, life and lineage. How can we identify God? When you dedicate your life and love entirely to God, He will suddenly appear to you. Then you will be able to encounter God.

This is God [indicating to the board] like a root here. He has the power of love, power of lineage, power of life and power of conscience. When they are stuck together God is hidden there. But once you give your love, life, conscience and lineage selflessly for the sake of others, suddenly God will appear and you will see Him. Once you reach that state, then He will come down upon you as the subject, plus, and you will be in the position of minus God, object. Do you feel good when Father refers to you as a minus God? (Yes.) In front of their parents, children are minus parents. It is a new term that Father coined here today. Minus parent, and minus God. When Adam and Eve grew, these are the stages they went through: [indicating to the board] children of God, brother and sister, and then they were supposed to be husband and wife. After this they would have stood in the position of parents. Once you reach to the parents position you can come down to the children's level again. Because you will produce your children. This is your first generation. Centered upon your children it becomes another generation, the second generation. This is the formula. There is nobody who can skip this formula if you want to exist. That is why, without exception, everybody needs parents, spouse, brother and sister and children, these four levels. This is the process you go through in order to become parents eventually. Once you reach to this parental level then you come down to the children's level. Because you have your own children who represent the second generation.

This is the position where you become a co-creator with God. Because you create your own children. Just as God loves mankind, so you can practice your love towards your children. That is the way. God is the first Creator and Adam and Eve were supposed to be in the position of second creators. But Adam and Eve did not know that. Who is greater, the first or second creator? Of course God is the first Creator and the origin. However, when it comes to the reality, God created only two human beings, Adam and Eve, one couple. From Adam and Eve mankind multiplied. Adam and Eve as the second creators could have created millions and millions of people. Even in their own generation Adam and Eve could have created maybe twenty children. At least Adam and Eve should have had twelve couples representing four different directions and four months of the year. That is why Jesus had twelve disciples. This number has appeared all throughout God's providence.

Therefore, Father says that each couple can have at least twelve couples. That means twenty four children. As you know True Mother produced thirteen children, but if she hadn't stopped she could have had twenty four. (Laughter.) Which number is better, twelve or twenty four? If there is a mother who can raise and love many children, that mother will be come the object of God, who can receive more love from God. As we have learnt, masculine God is subject. When He created this entire world God created woman last. This is because woman is the most beautiful and greatest creation of God. In the Garden of Eden how many men were there? What about God? Did He not represent masculine God? Did the Archangel represent male or female? (Male.) Adam was also male. How many females were there? (One.) When God gave the commandment to Adam and Eve, most particularly to Eve, what did He say? He warned them to take care and be careful regarding their sexual organs. God had no other choice but to give that commandment. In the Bible it is likened to a snake. AIDS disease is most fearful all over the world. It is transmitted through the sexual organ.

That is why in the Bible the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil was symbolized by the snake. Because this snake represents evil and the worst kind of disease, AIDS. If the trend of AIDS continues for another fifteen years, over one billion people will become infected by this disease. In another ten or fifteen years after that mankind will become extinct. Father is trying to describe this most vividly to you. Imagine the mouth of a rattlesnake with its mouth wide open and about to bite anybody coming in. This is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. While you know this is the rattlesnake's mouth open like this, can you dare to put your sexual organ into that mouth to be bitten. If you truly know what it is, you would cut off this rattlesnakes head. Wait and see. Those in the secular world who imagine themselves to be handsome and pretty with enough money to enjoy their lives through pleasure, will all go through this AIDS disease and ruin their lives.

Particularly those who are rich and go after physical pleasure will be the ones who will ruin their lives through this AIDS disease. Whenever you encounter rich people out there who consider themselves pretty and handsome, over eighty per cent, sooner or later will go through AIDS disease. Consider them in that way. What about Unificationists, do we have anything to do with AIDS? (NO.) We have to eliminate the head of AIDS. The Unification Church is the only organization that can eliminate AIDS.

It is natural to conclude that AIDS is contracted by beautiful men and women in rich countries. It is these very people, who consider themselves beautiful and affluent who oppose Reverend Moon's teachings. Therefore their destiny is obvious. Once Reverend Moon leaves from where you are, AIDS will come in through the back door. There is no way to be protected from this disease. Who can protect you from this serious situation? Only God and the God centered man, Reverend Moon. No one else is able to prevent this. Do you understand? (Yes.) That is the correct answer.

Particularly you young Unification Church members. Father wants again to emphasize this point to you. This is like a rattlesnake's wide open mouth just about to bite anything. Can you really put your sexual organ in that mouth? The Bible tells us as we sow, so shall we reap. Because this is exactly what happened in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. That is why in the Last Days this will be repeated amongst the young people. This phenomenon is occurring all over the world amongst young people. The seed Adam and Eve sowed is now being harvested by Satan. You Americans must understand this well. In order to put a stop to this trend Father came up with these exchange marriages between Asians and Westerners. In the Orient the moral and ethical standard is still higher than that in America. That is why Father wants to raise our standard here up to the standard of the East. Do you welcome such international and interracial marriages? (Yes.)

There is a certain trend now that American girls don't want to have American boys for their husbands. At the same time, American secular women act like queens at home and use their husbands like slaves. In other words, making problems in the home. This problem of American women's authority in the home has to be reversed. Only Father can do that. Not by force or knowledge. Do you need Reverend Moon? (Yes.) However, Father does not want to stay here any longer. He has completed his mission here. Father is pushing eighty now, and as an old man what else can he do here? Americans don't like an old grandpa. Do you like that? (Yes.) Only the sound from your mouth says so. But your mind does not feel that way.

Even though the topic is written up there, we have not much time to get into all the details. (Laughter.) [Father laughs.] But once you know about the man and woman relationship, that includes everything. (Laughter.) Father's conclusion is one sentence. This original family represents plus position, subject position. Blessed families represent minus, object position. The Unification Church explains what the original family means. We know that. Do we really understand the meaning of the original family? Nobody was able to explain the meaning of the original family to mankind. Not even God. Not even Satan could do that. Because mankind began with a false family. But now the True Family has appeared to mankind and so this concept can be clearly explained. This original family belongs to which number of our Family Pledge? Where is it mentioned? (Number six.) Where else? When we recite the entire Family Pledge, from one to seven, the essence is original family. It is mentioned in number three where it mentions the four great realms of heart, and the three great kingships and royal familyship. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Father has already explained to us what the four great realms of heart mean, from children's love, brother and sister love, conjugal love of husband and wife to parental love. The culmination of children's love, brother and sister love, conjugal love and parental love all meet at one point [indicating on the board]. What is that point? It is the point where your first love is consummated. This means the first night when a blessed husband and wife make love together. Why do men and women meet and marry one another? Just because they want to look at one another eye to eye? Just for the sake of kissing? Just for the sake of embracing? What is the purpose? In order to fit the shapes of convex and concave together perfectly. Is that correct? (Yes.) You know better than me. Now your faces are beaming and so Father realizes that you understand. (Laughter.) Even those grandmothers and grandfathers here understand.

Including God, all elderly grandfathers and grandmothers, when they live their lives together, remember the love experiences of their youth; the love they felt as children, as brothers and sisters, as husband and wife and as parents. They live on that memory. God does the same thing. Adam and Eve were supposed to head in that direction step by step. These four different stages are like a railroad upon which you can perfect your love relationships, the four great realms of heart. If there is a husband who truly loves his wife, first of all he should consider her as a loving twin sister. He should be able to consider her also as his younger sister. Upon that foundation of children's love, and the brother and sister love foundation, conjugal love can be formed. They are not separate, they operate along the same line. [Father indicates to the diagram on the board.] Because this is one vertical line. They eventually reach to parental love. By doing so, just as God offered His love to mankind through the creation, by reaching to this parental love position, now they can give birth to their children and become second creators. Only one couple together for all eternity. Never two. All men and all women long for absolute, unchanging, eternal love.

Since your love is supposed to be eternal, you cannot have two spouses. That is why God created one woman and one man in the beginning. Some husbands chase women for the purpose of free sex. Suppose such a husband should encounter his wife taking the same route, running after other men. Do you think that husband would welcome that? (No.) What kind of answer are you giving to this question. Is it an absolute no, or a mediocre kind of no? (ABSOLUTELY NO.) When you have this concept is there any room for divorce? (No.) In the secular world many people marry and divorce within one week. Suppose that happened between Adam and Eve. Do you think mankind could have multiplied this way? (No.)

Whenever any man looks at any woman, particularly his spouse, he must look at her as his mother figure, his spouse, his sister and sometimes as his twin sister. All grandfathers and grandmothers remember the time of their youth. They have passed through all of the different stages of love. That is why they are able to raise and love their children and grandchildren in such a way. That is the foundation upon which we will be able to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Once we taste the life of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, then we can automatically enter the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and live with God in eternity.

Once you live this kind of life centering upon your family, then your life can be expanded to the tribal level, societal, national and worldwide levels. Then you can certainly feel much greater love there. Therefore you have to invest yourself without expectation. In order to gain a greater world you have to invest even more. One of the greatest teachings of the Unification Church is that we have to invest for the sake of our family. Our family should invest for the sake of the tribe, the tribe for the nation and world, all the way up to God. That is the way the whole cosmos will welcome you. Those who live such a life here on the earth will be embraced by the whole cosmos when they enter the spiritual world. In turn they will be able to embrace the whole cosmos. Do we all have childlike minds? Some of you women sometimes feel you would like to receive love as an infant. That is why wives sometimes want to be hugged by their husbands, just like being hugged as a child. Sometime you want to play with your husband like a young brother and sister. Then of course you want to share conjugal love as husband and wife. Through that you become parental like God. That is how we practice the four great realms of heart.

We all want to become kings and queens don't we? (Yes.) There is great significance in the wedding. Because the first night that husband and wife become one in love, is the culmination point of children's love and brother and sister love. Conjugal love and parental love begin there. Do you think that God suddenly existed as a perfected God or do you think that He came through certain stages? (Stages.) When you marry, do you wish to look at photos of when your spouse was an infant, or a young school girl or boy? Or do you not care about it? You enjoy looking at such photos, right? It is like a circular movement. Also when people grow very old their minds become like child's minds again. They are returning again. It is the age of absent-mindedness.

Centering upon this love, the desire to become kings and queens, we gradually expand our horizons. Just as Adam and Eve represented all mankind, Adam represented the seed man and Eve the seed woman. Even now when we marry we must understand that the man, the bridegroom, represents all 2.5 billion men. The woman, the bride, represents all 2.5 billion women. Since the characteristics of True Love are absolute and unchanging, then once the decision is made it is eternal. I marry. That means without any strings attached. It means that I married the best man in the whole world or I received the best woman in the world. That is the end of it. True love desires this. Not false love but True Love. That is what Father means when he says we are in the position of kings and queens. We represent the entire population of men and women. Just as Adam and Eve were in the position of king and queen, centering upon their love relationship, we also can be in that position.

Do you want to become the number one champion in the world? (Yes.) Through money power? (No.) Knowledge power? (No.)Authority?(No.)What is the tool then? (True Love.) True Love king and queen. Once you can claim yourselves to be the True Love king and queen then God will be so excited to come to see you. He will love to come to you and try to touch you. When God comes to see your couple He may crack your heads together and then put His head on the top. (Laughter.) (Applause.) Recently Father saw in Florida one man and woman embracing one another for forty five minutes. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, then their embrace would have probably lasted for forty days. True Love power is so strong.

Don't you think that God would want to join in their embrace, or just watch them? God would see how excited and happy Adam and Eve were and He would surely want to consider that His marriage. If God has only masculine characteristics then He would want to chase Adam away and take over Eve. If God were like that. Then Eve would cry and tell Him that she loves Adam and ask why God chased him away. (Laughter.) Can God appear as a visible God or an invisible God? (Invisible God.) Since God is invisible it is convenient. God can appear and join them through Adam as well as through Eve. Then they become one. (Laughter and Applause.)

God is the root of life, love and lineage. [Peter Kim says, "What else is that?" Father laughs and responds, "Conscience".] (Laughter.) Do you think that God would ignore the fact that Adam and Eve took the position first and became the masters of all four areas, or would He have to secure the position as the origin of conscience, love, life and lineage? God will have to secure that position by His participation. If that were to occur at the place of unification, who would become the ancestor of mankind, Adam and Eve or God? (God.) Why? Heavenly Father is naturally the first parent of mankind. That means He is the first husband, first wife, first brother, first sister, first child. You can apply it to every different angle. Invisible children, invisible brother and sister, invisible husband and wife, invisible parents, any way you look at it. But due to the Fall we lost all of these different relationships. Is she a daughter of God or a descendant of Adam? Whom does she belong to? Which comes first, God's daughter or Adam's daughter? (God's daughter.) Absolutely. Does that give you a good or bad feeling? (Good.)

Therefore we call God 'Father'. Centering upon True Love, God is supposed to be in the position of the first Father. However, mankind did not know this. Due to the Fall this relationship has been severed. Through sending the messiah, the savior of mankind, this cord between God and mankind will be reconnected. Do you understand? (Yes.) Through receiving the messiah, this false world which is centered upon false love, false life, false lineage and false conscience, will be restored. Therefore we call the history of restoration the history of salvation and the history of recreation. Since we lost the original family in the beginning of history, the Unification Church strives to rebuild the family. Through this we restore mankind. The family was reversed. In this time we have to make it the right side up. The marriage began with false parents. Now through True Parents we are headed towards the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now we understand the meaning of the original family don't we? (Yes.) Besides the four great realms of heart it also involves the three great kingships. [Father writes on the board.] Beginning with God and Adam and Eve, this represents the first and second generation and third generation. [indicating to the board] These three generations must become one. In terms of family relationships, God was unable to have relationships with His own grandchildren due to the Fall of man. Do you understand? [Indicating to the diagram on the board.] It is like the three stages of formation, growth and perfection. The creation began from three points as we have already explained. Through these three different stages we can form a four position foundation and eventually that can create a circular motion. Then finally, centered on True Love, we make a circular motion.

Even if a woman is very hysterical and on edge, when she truly loves her husband then that edge and hysterical character disappears. She becomes rounder. Because of this give and take relationship of love. Therefore our eyes are the most important organ in our body. Also our heart and kidney are important. In particular woman's sexual organ is important. It is shaped round. All those round shaped organs in your body are the important ones. Women's bodies do not have the rugged bone structure of men. Artists always used the form of a naked woman in order to perfect their skill of drawing.

Without your grandfather could you exist? (No.) Would you exist without your parents? (No.) We may call God our original grandfather. Adam and Eve are in the position of our parents and we are in the position of children. From our children's level we can become an extended family. Plus and minus become one here [indicating to the board] just as Adam and Eve became one. Then this [indicating to the board] becomes the seed and the center. Always when we connect these three different levels multiplication occurs. What is the difference between children's level and parents' level, or grandchildren's level and grandparents' level? Between husband and wife a horizontal relationship exists. But when we refer to the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents they form this relationship [indicating to the board]. When it comes to the family relationship, usually grandparents love their grandchildren more than parents love their children. Because by going through these different levels of love you can become more perfect when you join the spiritual world.

When we tilt this family tree sideways [indicating to diagram] then grandparents are in the position representing our past, while our parents represent the present and the children represent the future. It is all connected inseparably. But when we connect these three different points then we can have this sphere. Parents and children relationship, conjugal relationship, brother and sister relationship. All different kinds of relationships existing within this sphere are centered upon True Love. That is where God exists. That is why the formula for all mankind is the same. We all need parents, husband and wife, children and even grandchildren. We need three generations because we have to connect vertically as well as horizontally. If we connect to our parents, it stops in the middle. We need to connect vertically to our grand parents level. If we connect only to the parental level we stop here at the triangle [indicating to the board]. But if we connect to grandparents it becomes a sphere. Grandparents make a vertical connection. Through this four position foundation, this spherical, circular motion begins. Any way you look at it, three different generations are represented here [indicating to the board].

Do American families have this structure? If not you will soon disappear. Without the vertical connection to grandparents you will disappear. Grandparents represent the past. They also represent God. How old is God? His age is eternal. That means circular. Therefore we can claim that God is zero in age. Centering upon this one dot here [indicating to the board] we can draw as many millions of lines and circles as we want. Do you follow? Even looking at ourselves we sometimes even want to be the central person in the family, wanting to gain all the attention. We have the desire to be even greater than God. This is the vertical True Love line, through which we can be connected to greater levels. Looking from the vertical angle, centered upon myself, it expands to the family, society, nation, world and cosmic levels. Isn't this true? (Yes.) There is nothing else that can make this possible except True Love. True Love means investment of oneself without expectation.

When low and high pressure air masses have formed, suddenly they collide and make a circular movement. That is how it works. Do you need your grandparents or don't you? (YES.) Therefore we need to understand that the grandfathers and grandmothers who have been sent to senior citizens' homes cry because they miss their grandchildren. Here in America it is usual for children to expect their parents to call them in advance if they want to visit. But when the husband enters into the wife's bedroom, does he need to knock and gain approval in order to enter? (No.) Even if your husband is in a deep sleep, as his wife you can enter the room naked and pull back the blanket and sit on him. It is perfectly acceptable. There are no boundaries. Those American brothers and sisters who still wish your parents to give you a call in advance before they visit raise your hands. Those of you who want your spouse to gain your approval before entering into the bedroom raise your hands.

If your parents come when you are in the middle of your meal and you have no other food in the house, you should be able to offer your food to them. As a wife you should have the same heart towards your husband. Father would like to give an analogy. Suppose there is an area of low pressure over some American village and an area of medium sized high air pressure nearby. At the same time there exists an enormously high air pressure over Korea. Which area of high air pressure will help this low pressure area? The medium one from America or the enormous one from Korea? The one nearby or the one far away? (Far away.) Does that mean that the high air pressure in America just sits still while this high air pressure from Korea travels all the way across the Pacific Ocean to assist you? (No.) Of course the high air pressure nearby the low air pressure should be able to assist and fill the gap. But even so, if help is still needed, eventually a greater high pressure from some other place will come and fill in the gap. That is how it is. If there are difficulties in your own village then the village itself should be able to solve it. Don't expect your nation to solve the problem for you. This is the natural law.

Why did Reverend Moon come to America? Because the foundation of America, which is Christianity, is rotten and there is a huge sized area of low air pressure formed in America. That is why Reverend Moon came as high air pressure in order to fill the gap. Heaven sent me to America. American people do not realize this. This is the problem. Does this sound good or bad? (Good.) You may actually feel bad but you have to say good. But actually you have to change yourselves to be able to respond "good" naturally. You need to repent and then you can feel good. Without going through the way of indemnity there is no way to make a balanced world.

Therefore Reverend Moon encourages all American young couples to take your grandparents or parents out of the senior citizens homes and serve them at your home like you would serve God. Would you protest to Father? (No.) The conclusion is simple and clear. We have to be able to serve our parents and grandparents just as if they were God. Also we need to be able to treat our children the way in which we would treat God. Because they will become God also. After Adam and Eve died they were to become the invisible God. However, their children were to be come the visible God in this world. We should be able to offer the same level of love and heart to even our grandchildren. [Father draws on the board.] This is why a triangular relationship exists between God and Adam and Eve, then three different generations. But as Father mentioned earlier, God was able to love Adam and Eve but not His grandchildren.

In the position of children you are able to receive love from your parents as well as love from your grandparents. This means you are able to receive both vertical and horizontal love. Love from your parents and love from God. However, only one generation of God's love appeared at the time of Adam and Eve. Only when both horizontal and vertical love reach to here, [indicating on the board] then they can be expanded horizontally. The past, present and future concept can be extended into eternity. This is where God becomes the original ancestor of mankind. Centering upon God, now the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can be established. This is what we refer to as absolute kingship centered upon God. Not democracy. Can God be found through an election? Can the messiah be found through an election? No. This is our destiny and our fate [indicating to the diagram on the board]. The relationship between parents and children cannot be severed. However, one's destiny may be altered or changed. But when it comes to the relationship between heaven and earth, it is eternally unchanging. No one can change that. Do you understand this? (Yes.) This is how the concept of kingship centered upon God emerges out of this.

Unfortunately, centered upon Satan, all kinds of different kingships emerged and disappeared throughout history. However, when the time comes, all the different kingships will disappear and even democracy will disappear. Democracy represents the ideology of brotherhood; ruling party and opposition party ideology. It is a horizontal relationship. It is not parental in nature. Simply because it is a horizontal brotherhood ideology, they always compete and fight with one another. Because of the Fall of Man, the elder son, the father and the king all became satanic. The history of mankind has been the manifestation of the restoration of the elder son's birthright, the true father's position, and the true king's position. American democracy is going down the drain. It has nothing to be proud of. America must follow, not Reverend Moon's individual ideology, but rather Godism: the ideology coming from God. This is the original fundamental ideology which all humanity has to follow in order to return to their original home.

Once we reach to the level of restoring the positions of elder sonship, true parentship, and true kingship then there will be no more national boundaries. The whole world will become one world under God. Not one nation under God, but one world under God will emerge. America is in the position of the bride nation and also the position of the elder son. However, as a bride country, America is still sleeping, still unable to recognize the advent of the bridegroom. This is the problem. America's destiny is to be awakened and receive the bridegroom and serve him as the king of this bride nation. This is the first time in human history that the true king and true queen, centering upon True Love, have appeared on the earth. Is this clear? (Yes.) God lost all these three positions and they need to be restored back to Him.

Since America is in the position of elder son, she should be able to share her wealth with the rest of the world. The fortune which America is enjoying at this time, is not intended to be for America alone. Rather it is for the sake of the whole world. After World War II all the allied nations who won the war, were generous enough to give independence to the defeated nations. That was because of the brotherhood relationship. The elder brother gave blessing to the younger brother. This kind of phenomenon occurred. In doing so the whole world was supposed to prepare itself to receive the parents who appeared in 1960 through the Holy Wedding of True Parents. However, the world did not know this. We have to understand as Unification Church members, that the elder sonship, true parentship, and true kingship were the position of God in the beginning.

Who enabled Ronald Reagan and George Bush to become the presidents of the United States? Behind the scenes, God was working. How about the next president of the United States? There are many possible candidates out there. However, no one knows the future direction of America. Does the CIA know? Does the FBI know? Without understanding God's heart no one knows the direction of America. When Father gave this kind of message, in the past the CIA and FBI were shocked and tried to attack Father. However, now their attitude is different. Because they have witnessed that whatever Reverend Moon has proclaimed has always come to pass. After the 30,000 Couples Blessing, was there anyone in the world who believed that Reverend Moon would be able to bless 360,000 couples in three years? No. Only God and Reverend Moon were sure about it. During the last five month period this miracle took place. Our next goal is the 3.6 million Couples Blessing. Father considers it a piece of cake. (Laughter.)

How about America? Will America just sit back and do nothing? This is a big problem. The Blessing is actually centered upon Christianity. While Christians sit still and do nothing, other religious people receive the Blessing. God is fair! When the tide is coming in it flattens the entire area, even though the bottom is up and down. By filling up the gaps it makes a flat surface. When the tide begins to go out the upper water recedes first. In the Last Days those who come late will become first and the ones who were originally first will become last. There will be this reversal of order. When you hear Father's message this morning, do you feel that the whole nation of America, as well as all the nations of the world, needs this message in order to be saved? Or do you think that only this handful of people gathered here are the ones who need this message? (The whole world.) Imagine if this message were broadcast through the networks what kind of impact it would create. Don't you think that Father's message has the power to correct their wrong attitudes and misunderstandings?

In regard to the three great kingships, whilst Adam and Eve only received the love of God, Adam and Eve's children were able to receive love from their parents, Adam and Eve as well as from God. That is the way the four position foundation could be established. As Father mentioned earlier, the position of grandparents represents the past, the position of parents represents the present and children's position represents the future. The grandparents' positions represents the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. This is the family level heaven [indicating on the board]. This is the futuristic heaven. Therefore, from God's point of view, the hope of grandparents is to receive the seed of the future through their children and grandchildren. The hope of parents is to see this fruit. The hope of children is to become parents and grandparents. Through receiving the different levels of love from parents and grandparents, the children should be able to inherit a greater world than the parents level, Adam and Eve's level here. This represents the family level kingdom [indicating to the board]. But this represents the futuristic cosmic level Kingdom of Heaven on earth [indicating to the board].

We have already learned about the three great realms of heart. The three kingships represents this [indicating to the board]. This should occur within your family. Therefore the hope of each family should be that the grandparents should become kings, the parents should become kings, and the children should become kings. These all represent the different stages of past, present and future. This is the textbook model upon which God based the family when He first created. Where there is fighting there is destruction. When it comes to the royal familyship we are not referring simply to your own family. Rather we are referring to other families. For example Catholicism and Protestantism should become brothers and sisters and unite. They should become the peripheral families of the kingdom surrounding your own family kingdom. That is royal familyship.

Secular kingdoms and empires do not last long. The royal families are supposed to be in the position of sacrificing and devoting themselves on behalf of their people. But in fact this trend became reversed. The people were placed in the position of serving the royal family. That is why these kingdoms do not last long. In the ideal world it should be that such royal families serve their subjects. There are different stages to be gone through. [Father draws on the board.] In the royal family stage the people should come in the position of minus and become the object to the kingship family and vice versa. They then multiply themselves all the way up to God. By living for the sake of others we can establish these three great kingships. We can conclude that those who do not have grandchildren are unfortunate ones. You cannot fit into this formula without grandchildren.

Those who experience the three different stages of kingship and live their lives in service and love in the way Father has described, can enter into the Kingdom of God in heaven. They can become the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? (Yes.) In order to achieve all of the goals that Father has explained here, can we accomplish this by ourselves alone as individuals? (No.) Simply centering upon America or the Western world, can we achieve this? (No.) We should find balance. Just as water and air constantly flow down from a higher place to a lower place. What about love? Does love flow or does it remain in one place? (Flows.) Therefore, Americans should go beyond the national boundaries. That is how we can transcend all obstacles. Does your mind have perfect balance? What is the topic of Father's message which is now given to the world? True Family and I. What should come first True Family or I? When it comes to the concept, which comes first, I or the family? (I.) Even when it comes to Adam's family, can this family exist without Adam? (No.) Who should reach perfection first, Adam or Adam's family? (Adam.) Then in terms of concept, I comes first. It begins from the individual. When we refer to I we are referring to man and woman.

When man and woman find eternal balance, that is where the family emerges. Everyone, including God wants to live on that balanced point. Are there families in the secular world who are truly balanced? Can we find many husbands and wives in the secular world who do not fight? People fight so frequently that people regard it as normal. However, once you taste the perfect balance in life with no waves whatsoever, then when you see someone fighting you do not consider it normal at all. This is the position of husband [indicating on the board]. In a perfectly balanced husband and wife, if the wife makes a huge 360 degree circle, will there be any trouble? No. There are no obstacles because you are perfectly balanced between husband and wife. Therefore whatever size circle you want to make between husband and wife, it is always perfect. When you have that kind of perfect circle and balanced life then you will have great children. The fundamental point is myself. When we evaluate ourselves we must do so from the vertical angle, horizontal angle, relationship between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife. All should be the ideal angle which will form a perfect circle. Once this circle is formed then from wherever we reach there will always be a ninety degree meeting point. Therefore the surface will be equal. When we slice this circle into twelve different pieces, each piece will have the same size. Each will fit perfectly wherever you place it.

It is normal, for example, for the children to sleep in their grandparents' room and vice versa. Even if an adult son sleeps with his mother in his mother's arms it is not strange. What about American families? Do you do this? In this country we know that the crime of incest occurs within families. This means all of these twelve slices do not fit. Do you follow? Once we have this perfect ninety degree angle in terms of each slice there is nothing wrong. This is the standardized model given by God. Therefore we should be able to fit into this formula. Then we can enter into the Kingdom of God. Now we understand the meaning of the original family, don't we? (Yes.)

When it comes to the concept of Blessed couples, what percentage of the fullness of perfection is reached by these Blessed couples in regard to the original family level? What is the percentage in your imagination? As a Blessed couple of the Unification Church do you think that husband and wife should fight? (No.) What if something comes up that you have to fight over, what shall you do? If the husband goes to the right side then the wife should go far away from him. If there is a moment when you are about to say the final word in order to have a divorce, then you have to tell your spouse that you have to go to the bathroom. When you go to the bathroom and stay there a while, once you come out you may have changed your mind. If you stay long enough your husband may become curious as to why you are in there such a long time. Then he will knock and come into the bathroom. When your husband comes to visit you in the bathroom, do you imagine you would punch him or embrace him? There is more chance that you would build harmony again. Whenever there is a crisis between husband and wife and you are about to collide with one another, remember what Father has told you here this morning. Escape to the bath room. (Laughter.)

Husbands should consider their wives as their younger sisters and wives should consider their husbands as their elder brothers. That kind of relationship should come into play between you. Even if you have two hands, in order to make a noise with them they have to hit together. However, if you always keep them distant there will be no sound. If your husband is angry you have to keep smiling. Take the opposite position. We must protect our love relationship, even at the cost of our life. Do you understand? (Yes.) Are you truly living that kind of life now or are you wishing to live such a life? Answer Father please. (Wishing.) When will you actualize that kind of life? If you don't have that kind of experience in this world you will end up in hell.

Thinking about Reverend Moon objectively, do you consider him to be a great and intelligent person, or a mediocre person? (Great.) Is he foolish or smart? (Smart.) It is true, Father knows what America is all about and what the world means. Therefore, no matter what hardship he must face he never changes in his determination. Do you think that you can find anyone in the world who is able to change Reverend Moon's direction and determination? (No.) What about God? God Himself needs Reverend Moon in order to deal with this physical world. Therefore, God has to go where Father goes. Does that mean that Reverend Moon does not have to follow God, but rather God has to follow Reverend Moon all the time? Do you think that God can come down to this physical world and build the Kingdom of God on earth by Himself? (No.)

If God did not have to follow such a formula as this, then why did He wait until now? God could have come down and changed the world by Himself if He did not have to follow this formula. God is the absolute power owner and king. Why can He not come down on the earth and control everything? That is not God's wish. Because the original parents fell, True Parents are now here with this mission to accomplish. Therefore God has to follow and support Reverend Moon. Where is Reverend Moon at this point? Did he already overcome this opposing world, or is he still struggling with the opposition? Father has gone beyond this now. Therefore True Parents are just about ready to organize all the world's families. Because we lost everything at the family level and so we have to restore the families. From here we can connect at the tribal level. Only True Parents can go over this fallen realm. Otherwise God cannot separate humankind from this satanic realm. Hell on the earth and in the spiritual realm. God cannot go over this, neither can Satan. Only True Parents are able to go over this boundary.

Blind Christians are in some way crazy. If they continue in this way they will end up in hell. After World War II, Christianity was given the mission to restore the whole world centering upon the Christianity in America. However, because they did not open their eyes and receive Reverend Moon as the messiah, Christianity actually ruined the world. In 1952 the world could have been restored through Christianity. However, they failed. It was the time when this world could have been made one world under God.

After World War II Great Britain was in the position of Eve, America was in the position of Abel and France was in the position of Cain. With the unity of these three nations centered upon Christianity they should have been able to restore all the families under the banner of Christianity. They should have totally united with True Parents, receiving them as the messiah of mankind. At that time the whole world could have been restored. But for forty years they gave opposition to True Parents. Now finally after forty years, True Parents have won the victory at the world level. Therefore, True Parents are ready to embrace the whole world by restoring the families through the Blessing procedure. That is where we are standing. (Applause.)

As we see from the topic of Father's message this morning, the family begins with myself, the individual. Therefore the seed for the true family has to be sown again here. As a Unification Church member just as Jesus died on the cross for the sake of mankind, we have to bear the cross for the sake of our families, beginning from myself. Jesus did it for the sake of the nation. True Father has borne the cross for all mankind and the world. Who else persevered and received such persecution in the world except Reverend Moon? The whole world was opposing him. All of the founders of all the different religions did not lay this much foundation all over the world. Reverend Moon is the only one who has laid such a foundation that even other religions welcome him as a world religious figure. (Applause.) (Amen.)

How did Reverend Moon survive up until this point and become successful? Reverend Moon knew that day and night God constantly needs him. That is the way Reverend Moon has lived his life. Are we able to swap one real true Unification Church member with all the members of the Catholic faith in the world? (No.) When we mention true couples we are referring to the original position of Adam and Eve. Original couple. Can we swap this one couple with the 200 million Catholics? (No.) Why? This original couple belongs to God, whereas 200 million Catholics belong to the fallen world. We should have pride that even if all other families in the world disappear, so long as my couple survives and lives up to God's expectation then the world can be restored again.

Having a man in front of a woman, is it an obstacle, a nuisance or the greatest blessing for you to have? (Blessing.) It is in way a miracle. Suppose there had been no man in front of the woman, then how would you have been able to exist as woman? We all lived our life without truly appreciating that we have men and women. How much should we be joyful and happy? Have you ever thought about it? Even if we have this convex shape, without a concave shape it is useless. What can you do? When God first created man and woman, do you think He had the concept of concave and convex shapes first, or man and woman concept first? Did He have the sexual organ concept first as male and female, or just man and woman first? Answer clearly. God had the concept of the sexual organs of male and female first. We must understand that man and woman's sexual organs were the original point of human creation. Do you understand? From that point man and woman appeared.

Which comes first, the concept of evolution or the male and female concept? (Male and female.) The concept of male and female came into being from nowhere? Who designed the location of the male and female sexual organs in the center of the body? Did you have a choice? (No.) Who gave you that? (God.) Suppose the female is generally taller than the male. Or exactly the same height. Then there is no fun, no variety. From woman's point of view it is more fun when you make love that her husband has to reach down to her. This means she has to reach up on her tip toes to connect with him. You hug your husband and try to hang onto him so as not to be separated from him. When the wife tries to hang onto the husband so as not to be separated what is the attitude of the husband? Does he brush her aside? When they kiss one another at eighty-five degrees, would the husband resent it or enjoy it? Who is subject between man and woman? (Man.) What about American women? Are you subject?

When Father gives such a talk to us, all the men enjoy it. They feel that Father is the only one to be able to change women who have the bad habit of insisting that they are the subject. You women, do you like men? (Yes.) Man represents heaven and woman represents earth. That is why when you make love between husband and wife the man takes the position of heaven while woman takes the position of earth. Woman is shaped in such a way as to receive, like a container. Women have soft bone structure and soft skin. Men do not like rough skin. This is all relative. It is a good idea. This is the way in which we have to correct the order of living in society in the world. Father is also encouraging that you invite and bring your grandparents to your home, and live with them together and dedicate yourselves to them. Since Father and Mother have become grandparents our Unification Church members should voluntarily come forward to invite True Parents to your home and serve them. This line [indicating to the diagram on the board] should be longer than the length of the earth, the longest line in the world. If we have that quality of family in the Unification Church they will only prosper. When you live happily with your husband and wife in your family, suddenly True Parents may pay a visit to your home. Since you have only one bedroom, would you tell True Parents that they cannot stay with you. Or would you willingly give your bedroom to True Parents and evacuate to some place else? What is the heavenly way? To offer what you have. The duty as children is that if our parents have no food and no clothes then we should offer ours. Even if you have to struggle and suffer that should be our attitude. It is our responsibility. You all have your husbands. You blessed men all have your wives. Father is giving you a tip of how to have a happy life as husband and wife. Every morning as you wake up and dress, face one another fully dressed. Then the wife should run into her husband's arms and receive the greatest hug in the world. That is how you should begin your life every day. The sun rises from the east. The sunshine comes from the east. Man stands in the position of the east. Then the wife will really feel happiness. That is how you should begin your day.

Women like to wear necklaces. This symbolizes hanging around her husband's neck. Earrings hanging on your ear symbolize us hanging on in the air. Woman has to grab onto this man's sexual organ and not let it go. It is a belonging concept. Later you make up your face and put on your ring, think of your husband and wait for him in order to receive more love. That is the life of a wife.

Love should come first rather than taking a bath. When a woman makes up her face and places her ring on her finger, she patiently awaits her husband's return. Then as soon as her husband returns home some wives tell them to take a shower right away. The husband's desire is to share love first. When the wife tells the husband to shower and brush his teeth this causes him to lose the mood. The husband does not like it. That is what Father means. That's true. (Laughter.) Actually the wife should spring up and give a hug to her husband and perhaps eat together. Then send him to the bathroom. (Laughter.) If you truly practice that kind of life of love your husband will never visit some place else after work. He will come home straight away. (Laughter.) It is true. Imagine how much Father has thought about all such details in order to build a beautiful, harmonious ideal family relationship between husband and wife. If Father were to reveal all the secrets he has, you wouldn't be able to return home today. (Laughter.) Therefore, Father will save some. Please go and practice at least one of the tips Father gave you today. If it doesn't work come back and tell Father. (Laughter.)

It is natural that we all be called strange and crazy people. It is already after 10 a.m. and since 6 a.m. you have been sitting in one place without feeling tired. Still you open your mouths and laugh. Father also, a man who is almost eighty years of age, has spoken four hours and still is ready to go another several hours. Aren't we all crazy? (Laughter. Applause.) If Father keeps going on this way you will all want to stay here and sleep overnight, because you want to continue to listen to Father. Father will conclude here and finish his speech today. (Applause.)

Let us pray.

[Mr. Peter Kim prayed.]

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