The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


The Leaders' Meeting - June 9, 1995

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 9, 1995
East Garden
Translator -- Peter Kim

[Mr. Peter Kim calls upon the audience to welcome True Parents back home with applause.]

When it comes to the meaning of the history of restoration, the entire history of mankind has to be reversed beginning from Adam's family. The fallen human history began with Adam's family. Therefore, the culmination of the history of restoration comes through acquiring, firstly, the elder son's birthright; secondly, the restoration of True Parentship; and thirdly, the restoration of kingship. These three must be restored in order to conclude the history of restoration. This restoration has to be done firstly at the horizontal level. Because these three things were all lost at the horizontal level with Adam's family. The perfected Adam was supposed to stand in the position of the elder son of the entire mankind in front of God. At the same time, Adam was supposed to stand in the position of the True Parent of humankind. Eventually he would have stood in the position of the true king. These were the three major goals that Adam's family was supposed to have achieved.

Even though this foundation was lost at the time of Adam on the family level, when Jesus came he actually came as the second son. In terms of the satanic world point of view he was not in the position of the elder son. However, the history of restoration is the history of reversing. If we reverse the entire history, then Jesus could be in the position of the elder son. Through this process Jesus could have restored the elder son's birthright, True Parentship and kingship at the national level. However, due to the crucifixion of Jesus, that national level restoration failed. Because of that failure, Father is accomplishing this worldwide restoration based upon those three major steps.

Because of Adam's failure, then the children of Adam and Eve fought and the conclusion was tragic. That particular tragedy expanded to the national level at the time of Jesus. The failure in Jesus' time was at the national level and so it became further expanded to the point where the Lord of the Second Advent came. Now, the Lord of the Second Advent, as True Parents has to culminate this history which is now at the worldwide level of Cain and Abel confrontation. If Jesus had accomplished his mission at the national level, he would have still had the further mission to digest and embrace the Roman empire. In the same way, even if Father accomplishes his mission in this particular time period at the worldwide level, there is still a further step to go. That is the cosmic level where the entire spiritual world and physical world have to be embraced by Father. This can be interpreted as the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven. We should have this concept very clearly within us.

Once again Father would like to emphasize that at the time of Jesus, even if he had accomplished his mission at the national level, there would have still been the mission and responsibility of Jesus' followers and the Jewish people. This was that they be truly united in an embrace with one another and Jesus in order to restore and embrace the Roman empire which stood in the position of the world. Jesus was to stand in the position of the true subject of elder sonship, and the true subject of True Parentship, and the true subject of true kingship. Then the people of Israel were supposed to be in the position of true object of the elder sonship, true object of True Parentship, and true object of true kingship. By doing so they should have been totally united. If that truly had happened, who could have been the center of all those subject and object relationships at three different levels? True Mother at the time of Jesus. Because at the time of the Fall, Eve lost everything. At the time of the restoration course everything is in reverse. Eve can restore everything. That was supposed to become the foundation of the culture of Christianity.

However, because of the crucifixion, this very foundation was lost. But because of the resurrection of Jesus, in the spiritual realm these foundations have been established for the past 2000 years. The culmination of this expansion was illustrated clearly at the time of World War II through the allied countries of America, England and France, and the axis countries of Japan, Germany and Italy. This demonstrated clearly the separation between Cain and Abel spiritually. However, since the end of World War II when the allied countries won the victory, the substantial foundation was set to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. Based upon the Christian foundation, True Father appeared and they were supposed to unite with him totally so that the world could be restored.

In fact, this particular window of opportunity presented at the time of the allied countries' victory at the end of World War II, was the first time in the entire human history that the original Eve's position, elder sonship, True Parentship and kingship could have been restored. Had this occurred during the seven years following World War II then the entire Korean peninsula would have been united without any need for division between north and south. Of course centered upon the Moon tribe the entire Korean peninsula could have united. The center of this would have been Father's immediate family as the seed of this entire unification. But then centering upon True Father and True Mother the True Family would have been established and the true Moon clan would have been established and North and South Korea would have been united. Had this occurred, then the unification of the world would have been easy. The entire history of humankind would have culminated there.

As we know, Christianity and the countries centered upon Christianity, America, England and France, opposed Father. That is why this dream was shattered. Then Father was chased out into the wilderness, Father's family was torn apart, the nation of Korea was divided into two, and figures such as Kim Il Sung appeared as the symbol of Satan. Nothing was salvaged. Therefore Father had to work on making Kim Il Sung surrender naturally as well as the former Soviet Union centered upon Gorbachev. At the same time Father was working upon this country of America. Because Father had to restore this four thousand years of human history within the last forty years. Therefore Father began from the wilderness as a single person who was chased out. Everything was torn apart and taken away. Yet Father began rebuilding the foundation one step at a time up until this point. We can see all kinds of breakdowns occurring in the world; individual breakdown, family breakdown, value system breakdown. All manner of chaos has been happening in the world. This actually helped people to recognize that Father's ideology has to be the core and the force to unite all these broken down families and units of the world.

Due to the Fall we lost the family. In the last forty years we have seen millions of families broken down. Through the blessing Father has created new families with new heavenly traditions and sent them out to their own tribes in order to restore them. It is like reversing the modern current. Communistic countries opposed this, Kim Il Sung opposed, America opposed. But Father has been constantly pushing them backward and has been successful. In Korea the CARP movement has always been attacked by radical communistic students. However, an interesting phenomenon is occurring since the Declaration of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. These radical student groups are now working with our CARP movement and supporting us. In their analysis, in the past they heavily relied upon Kim Il Sung for the reunification of Korea. But since his death they see that there is no-one else other than Father to rely upon to accomplish this. Therefore they have now come to support our work in Korea.

Satan has worked hard to destroy all of the structures of the world. But now, even the satanic world itself has to recognize the victory of Father, from the individual level, tribal level and national level. Structurally, Father is now organizing and launching the attack from the family level, the tribal level and the national level. It must be recognized that to a certain extent, Father's ideology is now being accepted within the world. Everywhere in the world the family problem is the most important key, but nobody gives any solution to this except True Father. Within the family unit we find man, woman, elder son, younger son, elder daughter, younger daughter. Everything is included there. Man is the representative of the man's world and woman is the representative of the woman's world. The same is true of sons and daughters. Within this unit of the family we find true couple, true son and daughter, true brotherhood, true daughterhood. Everything is included there. Blessed families have to have that kind of concept. They represent everything historically. We must understand the historical value of a Blessed couple. We must have absolute conviction and faith that no matter what level of opposition may come to us we can still march forward and accomplish our mission. Blessed couples should stand on the foundation of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

At the time of the creation, God had that absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience within Him. God does not have any other concepts in His mind. From this concept comes the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. As Blessed couples we have to be able to go over these three absolute bases of faith, love and obedience. Do you clearly understand? We must have this clearly in our minds. Who then has to be ultimately responsible to restore this elder son's birthright, True Parentship, and kingship? Eve. Why? Because the Fall of man took place within Adam's family beginning with Eve. Eve is the one who chased out the future perfection of Adam, the future perfection of father, and the future perfection of king at the family level. Eve chased out these three possibilities. Father wants us to have a clear understanding of this reality.

Father would like to ask you, do you think the restoration of America will come about more easily and quickly or do you think that the restoration of Japan will come about more easily and quickly? Actually we need to restore the United Nations first because each nation belongs to the satanic realm. That satanic grip is very tight and will not be released easily. If we deal with the United Nations which is a worldwide organization, then the grip is more loose. Therefore it is easier to work with the United Nations because it is worldwide in concept. The satanic domination of the world is still occurring at the national level. If we go beyond the national level and deal with the United Nations, Satan cannot do so much. If the people of the entire world could have the understanding, belief and concept of living their lives for the sake of the entire world, then the unification of the world could be achieved easily. That very concept will build the Kingdom of God right here on earth which will lead to the Kingdom of God in heaven, centering upon True Love. Do you all understand that? This is the formula course. Without going through this formula course we cannot arrive at the solution.

When we look at the worldwide situation today, most problems are being caused by women. Satan is dancing around and pleased by what the women in the world are up to. They are causing all kinds of family breakdowns, going after free sex, enjoying their physical lives. Satan is enjoying all of these things and proclaiming that the entire world is almost within his grasp. This is totally opposite to the teachings and goals of the Unification Church. Unification Church members have this center core of faith from the individual level to the worldwide level. Therefore, when we recite the Family Pledge number two it states: Centering upon True Love we representatives of God and True Parents will become the sons and daughters of filial piety at the family level and patriots at the national level, saints at the worldwide level and holy sons and daughters at the cosmic level.

When we look at the world at large, we cannot find any concept of sons of filial piety, patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters. Because they all believe in everything centered upon their physical desire. They don't even think about anything else. In the world people even commit incest and do not care. This is how much the heavenly order has been broken down. There is absolutely no order within the satanic world right now. Therefore we have to restore it. You women, do you understand? Please answer Father. (Yes Father.) In God's mind there is no such concept as individualism. That is the seed sown by the Devil from the begging. Do you understand Father? (Yes Father.) We must have a clear understanding of this. This is not random talk by Father, rather this is the fundamental formula of mankind. What did Eve do at the time of the Fall? She caused the division of the mind and body of human beings, division and separation of husband and wife, division amongst the children. Eventually the very act of Eve's fall created the separation between heaven and earth which developed into the history of war.

God was not able to interfere with human history and do away with all of this evil power. However, God's representatives always offered to be hit and due to that indemnity condition God was able to take another step forward. For the sake of children throughout history, parents had to sacrifice their own lives in order for restoration to take place. The heavenly side has always been attacked first and through that condition restoration has been able to advance. By this method God has been exhibiting and showing to the children of Satan how parental heart has been working throughout history. By being sacrificed the people of the world, standing in the position of the children, realized what kind of sacrifice Parents offered. Through that heart the history of restoration has been possible. Through this realization, these children on Satan's side eventually began distancing themselves from Satan and moving towards God.

The history of restoration is that of being struck first and claiming back what originally belonged to you. Therefore, Father concluded that unless the mothers of American children here are willing to sacrifice your lives for the sake of these American children there is no hope to restore this nation of America. You should be willing to sacrifice even your life, shedding your blood. But when Father looks at American women in general, there are not so many who are able to do that. However, there are many who are totally against that kind of teaching and practice of life. God's providential viewpoint is 180 degrees different to that of all American women. How difficult is this to accomplish? Which way do you consider easier; pulling out your eyes or establishing True Mothership in America?

Even if we have to lose all five senses, it will still be easier than restoring American mothers. Because of these five senses, thousands of years of human history have been stained. How can we clean this up? Do you have the confidence to make this clean? No matter how difficult our situation is we have to go beyond this point and understand God and True Parent's anguish. Satan has tried to destroy True Parents' elder lineage.

The human history is one of conflict between mind and body. Who was the cause of this? Eve. Therefore the restoration of the Cain and Abel relationship can be interpreted as the history of restoring true man and true woman. The Cain and Abel unit is the key to restoring true man and true woman. Because of the separation of mind and body in the Garden of Eden, the mind developed into the culture centered upon religion and the body developed into the satanic culture. The mind is on God's side and the body is on Satan's side. We have to reunite them again. We are now at the worldwide level and centering upon the world of religion and politics, we need to bring them into total unity with one another. That is why Father has established the Religious Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace, and the Women's Federation for World Peace. When it comes to the relationship between the Religious Federation for World Peace and the United Nations, they are like Abel and Cain. Who has to accomplish this task? Women have to accomplish it. That is why Father founded the Women's Federation for World Peace for this purpose. Without the appearance of True Mother we cannot even think about uniting Cain and Abel.

Christianity opposed Father and was unable to fulfill its goal at the end of World War II. Now Mother should appear and unite Abel and Cain represented by America and the United Nations. America is in the position of Abel and the United Nations is in the position of Cain. Centering upon the Holy Spirit, Cain and Abel must now become substantially united. At the spiritual level, the Abel countries of America, England and France, and the Cain countries of Japan, Germany and Italy have to be united at the physical level. Jesus lost his body on the cross and so we have to restore Jesus' body through bringing about this physical unity of Cain and Abel. At the time of Jesus, there was failure at the national level. Now, at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, at the worldwide level this has to be accomplished through True Parents at this particular time. The Abel countries of America, England and France must be united and stand in the position to be united with True Parents' family. Centering upon True Parents, True Children will be in the Abel position and the free nations will be in the Cain position. Originally, Jesus was supposed to fulfill his mission by the age of forty but he failed. At the age of forty Father was supposed to be able to accomplish his entire goal; the unification of the entire world at the end of World War II.

Between the ages of thirty three and forty, Jesus was supposed to fulfill his mission. In the case of Father, from 1945 to 1952 was the seven year time period when Father could have accomplished his mission. But due to the failure of Christianity, this time period was postponed another forty years until 1992. Then finally True Mother emerged as a physical substantial True Mother to the entire world and proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament Age as a living Holy Mother. Prior to this declaration Mother was supposed to declare the liberation of the women of the world which she did on April 10, 1992. Without achieving the liberation of the women of the world they could not come up to True Mother's place. Therefore, Mother liberated all of these women and Mother stepped up to the True Mother position. Centering upon True Mother all women are connected as one body, centering upon Father, one man. Do you understand? All of womanhood can be connected with True Mother as one body and Satan cannot touch that.

Throughout history, women, beginning with Eve, were the cause of the murder of man, God's representative. In Adam's family, because of Eve, Adam was killed eventually. At the time of Jesus, because there was no substantial Eve, Jesus was killed at the national level. At the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, Father was chased out into the wilderness, symbolizing being killed by Christianity, the bride religion. The women of the world must now be totally united with True Mother and become one body centered upon True Father, one man. Women must realize that they are the ones who have killed ideal man three times throughout history. That makes women in the position of unforgivable sinners. That is how you should think. You should think that not one single cell of your body is worthy of dealing with God directly.

All women must be truly grateful and thankful to God to think that in spite of so much blood having been shed, and all kinds of difficulties caused throughout history by us, yet because of the heart and love of God and True Parents we are finally being forgiven. What else can we do except offer our gratitude to God? This is the point you have to start with. You women must prepare yourselves not to deal with the satanic world at all; not even through your looking, smelling, hearing, feeling or anything. You should cut off everything from the Satanic world and turn yourself towards God and become attuned to God. The only secret for you to be able to accomplish this is to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. That is the only way that you will be able to cleanse yourselves and attune yourselves to God.

The Lord of the Second Advent cannot simply appear out of the blue and proclaim himself. But due to this kind of formula course throughout history, now the Lord of the Second Advent finally appears in this world. If you accept this as a reality then you also must accept that you must go through the formula course which was given by True Parents. Why did Father create the Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace? Because Father could not trust the function of the United Nations any more. Because it is connected with Satan's side. Father feels that the time has come when we have to go beyond the United Nations level and unify everything. Who has to play the major role to do this? Because Eve, the mother figure separated human history originally, then women have to be at the vanguard of this work. Even though Cain and Abel exist through the organizations of the Religious Federation for World Peace and the United Nations, we still need an organization to stand in the position of the mother. Therefore Father created the Women's Federation for World Peace. Finally, for the first time in human history, the time has come when women in the world can play a major role in restoring this entire world, as long as they are totally united and become one with True Mother. Through True Mother women can play the major role in Mother's place at the horizontal level.

Just as True Mother herself is practicing this, the women in the world must obey True Father who is in the position of the true bridegroom. The Fall of man came about due to the disobedience of Eve. In order to restore that you must give your absolute obedience, absolute faith and abolute love to True Father. Because Eve failed to take this standpoint, everything was lost. Do you have a clear understanding now? (Yes.) If you truly understand Father's message today, then suppose Father tells sisters to go to Africa. Then they should be ready to answer willingly, without hesitation, that they will go. You should be able to do this if you have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. On the earth Father's position represents God's position.

Our goal is to restore our family, our nation and the world. This is our goal. We have to understand how extraordinary a mission it is. For the first time in human history one true man declares to the world: centering upon me, as true man, I want to motivate all of the women in the world in order to restore this world. American women particularly need to clearly understand this. American culture is the bride culture of Christianity; Eve's position. However, they lost everything. But now the bridegroom is teaching everything to you. You must understand this and follow with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Don't forget this. When it comes to doing your public mission, you have to drop everything and strictly follow God's command. Even if you gained everything else but lost God, then you have lost everything. We have to find God again and then everything else will fall into place.

The goal of establishing the Women's Federation for World Peace is to restore all the women of the world through True Mother. Women find themselves in all kinds of situations throughout the world, yet through declaring the liberation of the women of the world, True Mother can now finally unite them. Looking at the women of the world from Father's point of view, spiritually True Mother is like the original bride of the bridegroom. Whereas the rest of the women in the world are in the position of concubines. It is like a Cain and Abel relationship with True Mother standing in the position of Abel, and the rest of the women of the world in the position of Cain. Spiritually we can interpret it in this way. However, physically speaking, once you become totally one with True Mother we don't need the concept of concubine anymore. Because now you meet the perfected Adam who has restored the elder sonship. Therefore you no longer need to deal with the concept of Archangel which means you no longer need to be in the position of concubine.

The restored Adam has now appeared and so you no longer need the Archangelic type of husband. In the fallen world we can see from existing situations between the legal wife and the concubine or mistress, that often the concubine actually loves the man more. By the same token, you who stand spiritually in the position of concubine, should love True Father even more than True Mother loves Father. Your physical husbands are in the position of archangel-type husbands. True Father is in the position of true husband. Therefore, you have to love God through Father more than you love your physical husband. Without you doing this there is no way for restoration to take place. Now because of this kind of relationship the Unification Church is facing a tremendous amount of trouble and opposition.

Father has begun to give the blessing at the family level and even going beyond the family level. Do you understand? Because Eve originally separated mind and body in humankind, at the culmination of human history finally True Mother has appeared and declared the liberation of women. Through this, the entire body of women in the world can be united with True Mother and through this united with True Father becoming totally one. This is the time. You are in the same position as True Mother now because you are engrafted. You are not the fallen mother who is going downwards, but rather in the restored mother's position who is going upwards. In order to head upward, your mind and body should be totally united and become one with True Parents. Practically at what level? At the United Nations level. Do you understand?

Today the United Nations has only one function and that is dealing with the sovereignties of over 160 nations of the world. However, what they are lacking is religious activity and women's activity. That is why the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Religious Federation for World Peace are going to work with the United Nations. Then eventually this external United Nations will stand in the position of Cain and then a more internal level will be established centered upon the Youth Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace which will represent Abel. Once we have these two Cain and Abel United Nations totally united the entire world will begin turning to become the completely restored and perfected world. At that point we will take a break. (Laughter.)

Centering upon the family we will have the Youth Federation and the Family Federation. We will have the second generation in front of us; the external and internal aspects of the United Nations as Cain and Abel centered upon True Mother. Representing the family level, the Youth Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace will also be in the Cain and Abel positions centered upon True Mother. These will work together. Family levels can be divided into eight different stages, from the individual level to the cosmic level. The stages may be different but the formula course is the same; applicable to every different level. When you have that kind of qualification, that kind of conviction then you can claim that you are ready to follow True Father as a bride. This is the formula course.

On a larger scale, North America and South America are in the position of Cain and Abel. One is centered upon Protestantism and the other is centered upon Catholicism. North America, which is centered upon Protestantism and South America which is centered upon Catholicism, should become totally one as Cain and Abel. This would create a larger scale Abel position towards the rest of the world in the position of Cain. At the time of Jesus the thief on the right and the thief on the left were divided. Thus the entire world has been divided into left and right and there has been no solution to this dilemma until True Parents appeared. It is only centered upon True Parents that they can be united again. This is all just an expansion of the disunity that occurred within Adam's family at the time of the Fall.

The United States also has its Cain and Abel represented by the political world base and the religious world base. They should become united into one centered upon Eve, represented by Japanese women and American women's sisterhood. This has taken place based upon Japanese women's relationship with Korean women. Adam and Eve nations combined into one and then expanded to include the Archangel nations. All men are connected there. All men will like that. That means that women are connected from Adam's nation, Eve's nation and Archangel's nation centered upon the Christian world which means the bride culture background. All women are connected with this America which represents the Christian world, Abel's position. This is equivalent to restoring the lost Mother's position. Do you understand? All the American women have to do that kind of restoration. They must reach out to the Protestant world, unite with the Catholic world and bring them to the parents. They must become one, and they have to begin by uniting with South America.

That is why, since Father began his providence centered upon South America, Father has been launching this new campaign. Centering upon the Women's Federation for World Peace, high level representatives of each nation should become the heads of the Women's Federation for World Peace in each nation. To adopt them is our campaign. Once we have achieved that goal, all these men, no matter what position they may hold within a nation, will all become connected to the women. This is the historical course because we are now reaching the end of the history of restoration. Now husbands, who are in the position of archangel, must come through Eve, the mother figure. That is why the women of the world, the mothers must be united with True Mother and be on Father's side and restore your children and bring your husband along to be restored.

Are you willing to become the front line champions on the worldwide level, you poor ladies? What is the meaning of restoring the kingship? If there is a king figure it automatically means there has to be a queen figure. If you are in the position of queen you can command all of the men in the world. Once we become successful with this goal of uniting North and South America, then all the African kings of fifty one nations will immediately join with us. Then all the heads of the Women's Federation for World Peace in each nation will work with the United Nations. Just imagine what we will be able to do with that kind of unity and power. They can work with the young people, with the students. It is not an easy task, but it has to be done.

At the end of World War II, Christianity, centered upon this America, chased Father out into the wilderness. Because of that failure all American women were doomed to go to Hell. However, because of God's grace you have been liberated and given a second chance. Right now the United Nations has an enormous debt of almost 3 billion dollars. But suppose the Youth Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Religious Federation for World Peace jointly come up with the funds to pay off this debt. Do you think that the United Nations would welcome that? (Yes.) If we can collect say forty cents from the entire population of the world we can pay off this debt. If we do that don't you think that Father will gain the support of the world?

This is the first time in human history when we have the possibility to turn the entire world around. Therefore, if in your family your husband is not working hard, you wives should kick him out of the house and have him work for God. Vice versa, if your wife is not working hard, you husbands should kick her out of the house and have her work with True Parents. The same principle can be applied in terms of the parents and children relationship; they should chase each other out to do the public work. If we do that do you think that your family will perish or prosper? But we haven't practiced this principle. From now on, are you determined to accomplish this? This is your last chance. We need action by going out and meeting the people.

One of the major problems that the world is facing today is that of the environment. Since Father came to South America he began planting trees throughout the entire continent. The second biggest problem is that of pollution. Many pure and young people begin to flock into urban areas from the countryside and then become criminals. They become the cause of social evils and crimes. Therefore, we have to send them back to the countryside and have them work in the rural areas in order to develop. Because those youth coming from the countryside without skills and little education, end up with all manner of juvenile problems. That is why we have to send them back to where they belong. In order to achieve that goal, we have to cultivate and develop the countryside where we can plant trees, do fish farming and employ more modern methods of farming. This way the countryside can attract these young people back home.

We can interpret the Fall as Adam and Eve's failure to love the land, failure to love animals, failure to love each other and failure to love God. Where can we restore and accomplish the original ideal of creation? In the countryside, not in the urban cities. In order to do this we have to learn again how to love the land and animals. In order to do this we first have to acquire a ranch. We have to raise all kinds of animals, even lions and tigers. (Laughter.) When we have a surplus of animals we can bring hunters there and create equilibrium again. Through having an experience of loving this entire creation, we can learn the heart of God. How excited and happy God's heart felt just after the creation. We even have to raise rats and mice and release them. Even poisonous snakes as well. If you truly raise even poisonous snakes with your love then they would never bite you.

Father discovered something amazing recently in South America and that was eagles and a small chick playing together without harm. Father saw eight large eagles and one small chicken there with them, but they did not harm it. Father wondered what was happening. But Father was told that there was plenty of food for them and so they had no need to kill it. There are delicious bananas and papayas and all manner of fruits there. The rivers are filled with all manner of fish and so the eagles don't care to kill chicken for food.

If we bring all the troubled youth from the inner-city areas and have them live there, do you think that they would still fight each other? Once you fulfill your roles as mothers then Father will run out of work because you will do all the work. There will be nothing for Father to do anymore. Father plans to build an ideal Garden of Eden in South America with all kinds of flowers, trees and animals, and all kinds of performing arts. Through this all the youth of the world can be drawn there. Are you interested in this plan? (Yes.) Would you like to show your interest while you are sitting and laughing, or while you are running, or while you are working really hard? Which way are you going to show your interest? (Through working.)

If we compare Japanese and Americans we can see that the Japanese are like ants who are constantly working, even though they may move slowly, taking small steps. Whereas Americans can be compared to grasshoppers, taking the easy way. You may have a good time during summer but when winter comes the grasshopper will suffer. But Reverend Moon is working even harder than those Japanese ants. The Reverend Moon ant is constantly growing. When he was a small ant, people opposed him and were constantly trying to eat him up. But now he is so big that nobody can oppose him anymore. Even though America is a big country, she could not eat Father because he became as big as a mountain.

Father is going to solve this human pollution problem through educating and urging these young people from the countryside, who have become corrupted in the inner-cities, to go back to their home towns again. As long as the people of America care about their own country more than they care about the world, this people pollution will remain. It will even go on another 200 years without being resolved. We have to go beyond national boundaries in terms of love and care. Father is the only one, for the first time in human history, who has been devoting his entire life to restoring and loving this entire world going beyond national boundaries. Women now have to play this role in the world. If you are willing to do that then Father is going to teach you how to do that. Do you have confidence? (Yes.)

The third problem we face is that of famine. Every year we are losing over 15-20 million innocent lives because of the problem of famine. On the other hand American people waste a tremendous amount of food but nobody cares about this point. Father has been working on this problem day and night all these years. Since the world population is approximately 5 billion, if every 200 people unit took responsibility for one starving person, this famine problem could be solved. Who is going to do this? Unificationists are the ones to do it. That is why Father has been preparing this Oceanic Enterprise. As long as there is land and water, there is no need for people to die of hunger. As long as there is water the fish don't die. As long as there is food and land the animals don't starve. Therefore why should man, who is the highest being in creation, have to die of starvation? Mankind has not been taught properly. Please do not misunderstand Father. Father may go to South America and do some fishing here and there but that is not his goal. Father is concerned with saving all these innocent lives that we are losing every year. Fishing after the age of seventy is something Father does here and there, but this is not his primary goal.

There are certain species of fish, such as shrimp and squid that only live for one year. God created them in such a way that they can be food for mankind. Billions of fish die naturally every year. While we are losing innocent human lives what is so bad about catching and eating fish. We have to use fish as much as we can to save human lives. That is why Father is planning to create farms where we can raise abundant numbers of fish and animals so that we can save all these innocent lives. Besides these three major problems there is the problem of education. Tremendous efforts are being made by Reverend Moon to educate this world. Incredible financial sacrifice is being made in order to establish the World University Association through the University of Bridgeport so that people can be educated properly and thus be able to educate the people of the world. Eventually we will establish a United Nations University.

All of the so-called Ivy League Colleges were supposed to work together in order to educate the leaders of the world. However, they were so busy fighting and competing with one another that they did not produce any world level leaders. That is why Father is creating the United Nations University so that we can mobilize those good Universities and Colleges in order to educate and train world level leaders. Through this all of humanity can be educated. We are also considering correspondence courses as a means of educating. Even for the sake of human health, plans are being developed to combine oriental medicine and western medicine in order to produce a more unified medicine for the sake of humanity's health. Father wants to add spiritual medicine as well. We are not only talking about it, but we are actually doing it. The next six years from now until the year 2000 are critical. It is a time period when we must come up with the solution to the world's problems. Otherwise the entire world will perish.

In conclusion, do you think that we have to do all of these projects or not? (Yes.) Actually Father initiated this task fifteen years ago centered upon Uruguay. He began laying the foundation and connected it to Argentina and Brazil and Paraguay. Until the demise of communism and the Soviet Union, Paraguay was the base of the KGB operation for the entire South American continent. That is why Father could not touch it, but as soon as that period was over he initiated these projects centered upon Paraguay. That is why Father visited Paraguay and initiated so much there. What Father did in the country of Paraguay is so extraordinary and dramatic that persons in the position of reporting Father's activities in South America should be much more excited.

In the country of Uruguay, the formal education ends at college level. The government provides the funds for everyone to go to college there. The country of Uruguay is located between Argentina and Brazil. If Father were to remain in Uruguay for one full year then maybe the entire country could be turned around.

Father has been preparing all of you women so you can become heads of state, and representatives of each country to the United Nations. Now what do you think the next level will be that we will challenge? We will start building a super highway connecting the whole of South America which will ultimately link to the North American continent. Suppose a super highway is built that links all of those thirty two nations in the South American continent so that all kinds of trade can occur freely. The unity of these nations can become even stronger than those super power nations.

Then all the surplus food from Canada and America should be transported down to the border line between Mexico and the United States and stored there. Then when we need them, we can distribute them to the countries where they are needed via the super highway. Because in reality the United States has too much surplus that they are unable to store properly. Then they simply dump this out at sea. That is the reality.

Do you think that Father is bringing enormous benefit to this world or harming it? (Benefit.) But Father had to go through all kinds of misery in order to achieve this goal. In the world people have chased after the most expensive food in fancy restaurants while Father has tried to save time and money by eating hamburgers. That is the kind of life that Father has been living. Do you follow? In order to save these 20 million lives who are dying of starvation every year, Father officially announced this super highway idea fifteen years ago at the Science Conference in Seoul, Korea. Therefore, we have to build this super highway eventually in the African continent as well in order to save those people.

South America has plenty of electrical power available for us to be able to build electrical trains. Whereas a continent like Africa, has so little electrical power available. Therefore we can build a super highway utilizing the oceans and rivers in order to transport things. Suppose Father tells every American woman to be responsible to build one kilometer of super highway. Will you do that? Even if it costs you your house and property will you do so?

Are you willing to make a commitment today, that you will absolutely follow Father's direction and accomplish your mission? (YES!) Raise your hands. If you truly do what you pledge today, you will rest where Father will rest. You may be buried in the same garden or the same valley. If Father asks you to sell one-fifth of your entire assets are you willing to do so? If you have to sell your property and donate half of the proceeds you can do so and move into an apartment. If you do so America will be saved. At the time of Jesus there is a story that one particular person was supposed to sell his property and donate the money for the sake of God, but instead he hid some of his assets and was then struck by lightning and died. Father has spent every penny for the public purpose. When it comes to Father's own life he is very stingy. We have to know that. Once we truly understand this, then you cannot lift up your head in front of Father and argue about anything.

Father has spent so many hours shedding his sweat in order to explain to you today what Father has been doing in South America. What Father said today is like a providential declaration. Even if we don't take what Father said today seriously and keep up with it, the history will prove that what Father said was right and it was said centered upon God. History will prove this fact. [Mr. Kim invites the audience to stand to offer a half bow to True Father.]

Mansei! Mansei! Mansei! [APPLAUSE.]

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