The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


The Age Of Great Victory In The History Of God's Providence

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 23, 1995
Belvedere -- International Training Center
Translator - Peter Kim

Can one of you interpret this? Repeat after me: Chigeum butauneun supni sajuck tae seungni shidae. UTS Korean students: chigeum butauneun means from now on. [It's time for great victory?] Pretty close, yes. Supni sajuck tae seungni shidae means "The Age of Great Victory in the History of God's Providence." This is the vertical relationship [pointing to the blackboard]: from God, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Over here are Satan, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel.

We need the Age of Great Victory in the History of God's Providence because of the human fall. Now at the end of human history we have to restore the origin of history. Once we go back to the original point of history, what do we have? What does the history of God's providence mean? It is the history of restoration and also the history of indemnity. By paying indemnity we restore history.

Because we lost everything in Adam's family, we have to restore everything back from Adam's family. That is the reversal way. Therefore, in the end God and Adam's family will remain. Of course, this family includes Cain and Abel. No matter how long the course of human history, since we have to reverse history in order to restore it, we have no choice but to base restoration on the family unit. Our focus is not the national level or worldwide level, but the family. The family has to be restored first.

America is a superpower and is now the leading country of the world; there are many other powerful countries in the world, but there has been no God-centered Adam and Eve and no God-centered nation. The true America and the true religion have not existed. God and Adam's family is the original starting point. That is the absolute starting point which was lost at the fall. The reversal course of restoration is based on God's providential history. From God's point of view, what does it mean to restore human history? First, it means restoring elder sonship, parenthood, and kingship. Those three categories must be restored. Throughout restoration history there have always been obstacles. Those obstacles were these very three categories: elder sonship, parenthood, and kingship. Therefore, God's history of restoration has been focusing on getting rid of these obstacles. The course of history from God's point of view is 180 degrees opposite from Satan's point of view. We must go all the way down to the zero point in order to restore everything. Since this entire world has belonged to Satan ever since the human fall, we cannot make compromises with it if we want to restore this world. We have to deny it, we have to reject it.

In Buddhism and Christianity, people commonly leave their homes in order to pursue the religious way of life and achieve their spiritual goals, because they have to stay away from this evil world. Leaving home means denying and rejecting your family, your belongings and everything, and going out to the wilderness to start from scratch, even if it means doing it as a beggar. That is your life. You have to reject and deny everything in the satanic world; nothing that belongs to the satanic world should have anything to do with you. You have to completely cut it off.

If any religion had had such a strict discipline, urging people to cut off from the satanic world and be alone with God, then human history would have been different. Human history has declined, along with the Christian viewpoint and the religious world. There is no hope in those realms. Thus, religious people leave home in order to achieve their spiritual goals.

A second common religious practice is denying married life. Religious people have committed themselves to celibacy and staying single. The biggest headache for God has been the formation of the family in the wrong way, centered on Satan. Fallen people married wrong, with the wrong motivation and to the wrong people. These two have been the most difficult headaches for God. What is the usual beginning point of married life? Usually it begins from teenage years. In the Bible it says that people will reap what they sow. Therefore, at the end of the world, at the harvest time, we see a lot of chaos in marriage and family life, just like at the beginning. Because of the human fall there has been no family unity; parents divorce and families break up. Because Satan opposes God's will, he pushes people in a direction totally opposite from God's original ideal. Therefore, you will see a lot of destruction of marriages and all kinds of disorders, including free sex among teenagers, homosexuality, and all kinds of immoral behavior.

Instead of people keeping celibate and leaving home to pursue religious goals, all of these things will happen. At the end of the world, if we could keep all the families intact as heavenly families, we can build the Kingdom of God. But because of the human fall, we will see otherwise. Family destruction and chaos will take place. Instead of people staying celibate, teenagers will become involved in all kinds of problems. Free sex, homosexuality and all these kinds of problems are signs of the expanding satanic hell in this world. The modern world is an expansion of Satan's hell.

The third sign of Satan's world is the focus on privacy and individualism. As a result of the human fall, people are self-centered. The concern for privacy and extreme individualism in America means that America is still protecting the fence which Satan put around his realm to protect it. However, we have to destroy this fence and get out of this hell. Because of the human fall, we lost everything. From the cosmos to the individual, and from individual to the cosmos, all levels were lost because of the human fall. Satan put a fence around you and gave you the term individualism, confining you within that terminology. If you are focused on individualism, it means you have lost everything; those who are concerned about privacy are defending themselves from the surrounding world. They are totally separate from God's position and are living in a hell on earth, with no center for their lives. Having no individual center, no family, no nation, no world, no cosmos and no ideal, people have lost everything.

Certainly now is the time for harvest; thus, as the Bible says, people will reap what they have sown. We are reaching the end of human history, so we have to gather in the harvest. If the grapes are not real grapes, we have to burn them. We are harvesting the separation between Adam's mind and body, the family which Adam lost, the marriage which Adam and Eve betrayed, and the brotherhood which Cain and Abel lost. That origin and that seed has now expanded and multiplied into a worldwide base at the time of harvest. With no center and no connection with God's ideal, people have lost everything.

This is the time when we have to even deny ourselves. We have to deny humankind, the human race. Therefore, unless we see a religion that teaches people to deny themselves and even deny the entire world in order to return back to God, mankind has no hope for salvation. The responsibility and mission of religion is to have people totally deny this satanic world and restore this entire world back to God. That is the mission of religion. Because of the human fall, mind and body have been separated. Religions have represented the human mind, and the national sovereignties all over the world have represented the human body. The body is on Satan's side, while the mind is on God's side. However, because of the human fall, the body has had the sovereignty and has dominated the mind throughout history. That has been the problem. In our lifetime, every flesh body controls the mind. This is the reality of the modern world. The mind should be at the head, but instead the body exercises governing authority. The fact that every government has acted against religion has the same meaning as the body controlling the mind. Unless we make ultimate unification, we cannot reach God's side.

We need this understanding as a prerequisite to understanding the history of restoration. When we talk about the history of God's providence, we are talking about the entire history from the Old Testament to the New Testament and even the Completed Testament. Had people remained centered on God rather than falling, they would have started with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. These three criteria would have been the beginning point of human history, had there been no fall.

However, in the democratic world, people do not use terms such as absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. They don't use the term absolute even for their religion. In the democratic world, there are always two political parties, the ruling party and the opposition party. However, if human history had begun with this absolute faith, love and obedience, there would not have been two parties but just one single God-centered party. Democracy is the ideology of brotherhood. The human mind and body separated because of the fall, creating two separate parties. That is the origin of these two parties. Brotherhood is the spirit of democracy. The brotherhood ideology means the relationship between Cain and Abel, which on the worldwide level is democracy. Of course, when we look at America in isolation, we can see a Cain/Abel relationship between the political parties. In the worldwide situation, there is a Cain/Abel relationship between the theistic world and atheistic communism; thus the free world and communism began fighting. Which of the two brothers attacks first? The elder son attacks first and he represents Cain. Therefore, the elder son is the problem.

In restoration there is a reversal process. The younger brother restores the elder sonship, the birthright of the elder brother. That is the meaning of restoration. It's not an easy task. You have to conquer completely in order to restore the elder son's birthright. Because Satan divided the brothers, Cain and Abel, we must restore the birthright of the elder brother in order to establish the foundation to receive the messiah, the True Parents. That is the prerequisite. Otherwise we can't even think of receiving the messiah, who is our Parents.

What does the demise of communism mean? It means the surrender of the satanic-side elder son to the younger son, the Christian world, which is in the position of Abel. That is the significance of the demise of communism. Satan's tactic is always to use force. His side uses weapons and physical force, whatever it takes to conquer. What about God? By offering love and care, God always seeks a natural and voluntary surrender. You can see evidence of this during the world wars, when communism fought against the free world, and eventually communism surrendered. However, throughout history the satanic side has always attacked first. They attack first, but eventually they lose. Therefore, I declare that Satan's tactic is to hit first and then lose. On the contrary, God's strategy is to be hit first but in the end win the battle. You must clearly understand God's strategy and Satan's strategy.

The course of history was hidden for forty years. Of course, God's victory means victory for the Unification Church. Up to this point, America has been opposing me crazily. In addition, all the communist countries, beginning with the former Soviet Union and North Korea, have been opposing and persecuting me. In the end, who won the battle? [Father!] Just because you are Unificationists, you say I won. But don't give that answer just because you are Unificationists. It is also a factual record that historically nobody else could have done the kind of work I have done to bring about the demise of communism. Moreover, we are offering the solution to save America, which is perishing day by day.

We can't deny that the most fearful enemy for the democratic free world as well as the communist world has been Rev. Moon. I am the most fearful and hated figure. The free world absolutely hates me. This is not a concept; this is reality. Faced by that kind of opposition and persecution, how could I manage to fight against all these evil powers? I did so because I clearly understood the purpose of the history of God's restoration and all these explanations I gave you this morning. Without that power, I couldn't have done it. Is it true? [Yes!] How about you? [Yes.]

Where do the concepts of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience come from? They come from God, because at the time of creation God gave absolutely of Himself, investing and forgetting, investing and forgetting. That spirit was there. Also, God had absolute faith in His creation. Furthermore, He was absolutely one with the creation, which was His way of showing the standard of absolute love in this created world. These three concepts-absolute faith, love and obedience-come from God. These form the complete base for the creation. When you hear me talk about absolute faith, love and obedience, you understand, "Oh, that was the Sao Paulo Declaration that Father gave in Brazil."

You have to be absolutely obedient, love True Parents absolutely, and have absolute faith in True Parents. This actually begins on the individual level. We have to practice with ourselves first. We have to have absolute faith in ourselves, absolute love and absolute obedience. This is the formula course. Because God is like this, we who are the objects of God must follow in His footsteps.

What is the meaning of the fall? Because of the fall, we lost all these three qualities. Because we lost these three qualities at the time of the fall, we lost our pure, divine lineage, we lost our divine possessions, and we lost the realm of heart, which could have been completed within seven generations. Thus we lost the fifth stage, sixth stage, and seventh stage. Before we reached the eighth stage this happened, so we lost all those numbers. The concept of tribal messiah starts from individual, family and tribe. Because of the human fall all those were lost in the beginning.

In the satanic world, people cling to their possessions: their assets, money and wealth. Also, they consider their own satanic lineage to be very important. Furthermore, they interpret the realm of heart in their own horizontal way. The satanic world tries not to lose its lineage and its right of possession. Seeing that God intervenes and tries to convert the satanic lineage to a different lineage, Satan desperately puts up a strong opposition. Males in the satanic world have stained the virtue of many females, playing with love.

Women have made sacrifices as they have sought for a true man, or a true husband. However, no true man or true husband appeared in human history. When I say true man I don't mean Truman, the former president of the United States. I mean the real husband God wishes for. Christianity speaks of the symbolism of a bride seeking the bridegroom.

Many religions contain the concept of a returning lord. That lord is the messiah for whom people are waiting. Because of the fall in Adam's family, Satan took the position of God and took Adam and Eve away from God. Therefore, God has had no one. God was expelled. God lost even the throne to Satan and has been confined in His own place. God has lost the dignity of the creator of all things. The ideal of love has been completely infringed upon, and the blood lineage has been stained. Therefore, all that was lost has to be restored.

The American people mainly belong to the Anglo-Saxon race and lineage. The countries of South America started as Latin countries, with the Catholic heritage. They are not of the Anglo-Saxon lineage but of Latin lineage. They have been fighting. Because of the mix-up that took place in the beginning of history, because of the human fall, there are struggles even between North America and South America. Therefore, we have to solve the problem from the root. Because of the human fall, we lost faith, love and obedience and then lineage, possessions and the true realm of heart. That's why we must have the messiah.

In a way, America is dominating and subjugating the entire world. Does America belong to God? [No!] America is not God's property. All nations do not belong to God. It is the same for every country. Again, because of the human fall, we lost true lineage, true possessions and the true realm of heart. Because of that, Satan has been dominating this entire world.

At one point the communist world even claimed that there is no God; they said God was dead. Actually, God has been in that kind of position because He has been unable to do anything. Both the communist world and the free world are dominated by Satan. This is a hellish world. World-famous theologians said that God was dead, starting a dead-God theology. The atheistic world denies that God exists. Of course, the communist countries do not even believe God exists. However, in this free world, the theologians should have strong faith in God, but they also denied the existence of God by saying that God was dead. That means Satan took both sides, the atheistic side and the free-world side as well. Then how can we liberate God? Is there no way to liberate God? That is why God sends the messiah.

When you look at a fruit tree, then you will find the answer. When the autumn season comes, all the leaves fall off, but that doesn't mean that the entire tree is dead. Furthermore, while the leaves are falling you will find fruit which contains the seed of that particular tree. The messiah is like the fruit. The entire tree seems dead; it looks bare and naked, yet the seed of the tree, the spirit of the tree comes in the form of fruit. That is the messiah, who comes to save the entire world.

We can interpret the human fall using the analogy of the changing seasons. Because of the fall, God could not see the springtime, the season when flowers bloom and all the signs of life come out. Because of the fall God lost the spring. Furthermore, human civilization started from the tropical region and progressed to the temperate and eventually the cold, wintry civilization. Ultimately, of course, it returns to the original point, which is a tropical civilization where we see all the signs of life. In other words, God has to restore the spring season in which all life begins again. This free world and its culture and civilization represents the temperate climate and the autumn culture or autumn civilization, while the tropical countries represent the summer civilization. The communist world represents winter civilization. God never met the true spring season, when blossoming flowers and their fragrance spread the kind of love which connects to springtime. God lost that. Now is the time to chase away the winter civilization and even the summer civilization; we have to restore the spring civilization.

Korea belongs to this region of temperate civilization, but people from countries with temperate climates such as Korea, where there are four distinct seasons, can adjust to any culture or atmosphere, whether it is tropical, temperate, or even wintry Siberia weather. Wherever they go, they can adjust and survive. Even though it doesn't show on the surface, the seed should have the attributes of tropical weather, temperate weather and wintry weather. Whatever the weather or culture may be, the seed should contain all those potentials because it is a microcosm of the entire plant; it must contain every attribute of a particular plant or tree.

Korea may be a small country, but Koreans are not afraid of being on the borderline with gigantic countries such as China or Russia. They are not afraid of Japan or America either. No matter what gigantic country they may face, they don't care. In order to survive, the Koreans cross the border as freely as they want, searching for food and whatever they need. They are not afraid or scared.

The modern world considers Korea to be a problematic place. That's true. You check it out. Korea is a problem for the Soviet Union, China, Japan and America. Korea is a problem everywhere, even in underdeveloped countries and in Africa. In other words, Koreans are that versatile. Because of that quality, Koreans are the only ones who can surpass the Jewish people.

Moreover, Koreans started chewing up even the Mafia. No matter how strong the Mafia may be in America, they have to protect me. That is God's strategy.

The smartest fellow is God. He uses Satan's world all the time and swallows it up. I am educating you about Korea this morning.

Another characteristic of Koreans in general is that even if they have no house to live in or no automobile to drive, when they appear in public they wear their most expensive suit or whatever expensive thing they have so that they can appear to be somebody very important. When they go to a restaurant, they find the most expensive Chinese restaurant. And if they have a little bit more money, they will buy the most expensive, stylish car such as a Lincoln Continental or Mercedes Benz. If you follow a Korean who drives a Mercedes Benz and wears a $1,000 suit to his home, you will find that he lives in a tent.

From now on, a person's shelter will be a tent, not this kind of solid house. That will happen more and more. With only a van or mobile home equipped with all kinds of high-tech things, like TV sets and computers, you can manage everything. You may wonder how to educate your children if you have to go around like a gypsy. But that will not be a problem either, because video tapes will be developed in such a way that children can be educated through watching all sorts of video tapes. In the future we won't need schools. People don't want to study. [Amen!] Thus, you will be liberated from studying.

You may enjoy this kind of talk, yet you have to remember that when it comes to the history of restoration, we are talking about restoring the birthright of the elder son, restoring parenthood and restoring kingship. As I said earlier, although America may be influencing the world in the strongest way, subjugating the world in many ways, what position does America have now: that of the elder son or the younger son? [Younger son.] You have to know your situation clearly. American people have to know clearly what position they are in. Americans don't like to be the younger brother. They only like to be elder. It's true. However, God's providential viewpoint can't permit them to occupy the elder son's position. Okay or not okay? Okay or nokay? This is a new term: nokay, meaning not okay. If America held the position of elder son, it would fall into hell unless it could bring the younger son to the position of the elder son. No one can deny that. You have to recognize that.

Then what can you do as Americans? You have to give up all of your possessions, your wealth and your money, and give it to the poor people in Africa so they can enjoy life. America should treat them like an elder brother and stand behind them giving them love and support; otherwise, America has no hope of being saved. America should treat people in those poor countries like their own elder brothers, their parents and their king. We have to restore those three stages by showing our love toward the poor countries. This is the only way we can go to heaven. This is the Principle viewpoint. No one can deny that.

Which way shall we take: this way or that way? Most Americans like to go the opposite way, and that is bad. They must change. God wants a new history. God wants to record that the world has obtained happiness, freedom, hope, peace and unification. Otherwise there is no way. If we stand there, Satan's world cannot touch us. We need to start a new page. From whom? [Father.] The messiah and True Father, the True King. The messiah means the true elder, true father and true king.

That would have started with the first family in Eden. If Adam and Eve had achieved completion, they could have taken the position of the elder son, parents and king. There would have been no opposition, no Satan. Starting then their authority could have controlled history forever. This is God's original ideal of creation. This time period is called the age of great victory in the history of God's providence because this is the time for restoring everything. Again, if Adam and Eve had practiced absolute faith, love and obedience in the beginning, they would have become totally one with God.

God was in the position of subject and Adam was the object. The subject position always gives and invests for eternity. Giving for eternity means forming eternal value. If you stop after investing 100, you will harvest only the value of 100. But if you give eternally and constantly, your value will be limitless. In Adam's family, Adam was in the position of subject and Eve was in the position of object. Through give and take they should have become one. By doing so, God, Adam and Eve would have become one.

In the first family, Eve was in the position of mother, or subject, and her children, Cain and Abel, were in the position of object. Of course, Cain and Abel should have become one with their parents first and then eventually extended their relationship to God and become one with Him. That is how the scope expands and the range gets bigger. If the original human family had been formed with this kind of unity and oneness with God, nobody, not even Satan, could have interfered in their relationship. Even between Cain and Abel, Cain was originally in the position of plus and Abel was in the position of minus. They should have become one with their mother and eventually expanded to their father's realm and ultimately to God.

From God's point of view, connections take place vertically, with Adam first, next Eve, and then Cain and Abel all becoming one. If this kind of relationship had been established in the beginning without the human fall, Adam's family would have been like a fort which no power could destroy or intercept. Once Adam becomes totally one with God, Eve becomes totally one with Adam on that foundation; that means Eve doesn't have to deal with God directly. As long as she deals with Adam, who is completely one with God, she doesn't have to go all the way out to reach God and check everything with God. By the same token, once Eve and Adam and God are completely one, Cain and Abel don't have to go all the way to Adam and to God, because as long as they are totally one with Eve they are totally one with God. They have total freedom in terms of their relationships. We can apply the same principle to the relationship between Cain and Abel. Once they become totally one with their mother and among themselves, Abel doesn't have to go far to reach his mother or father and God. As long as he is totally one with Cain, he is one with God.

When we have these kinds of relationships, plus and minus, subject and object, we can enjoy total freedom, absolute freedom. Such freedom doesn't come by yourself but within the subject/object relationship. Communists insist that they are the only ones who have freedom. They deny the object. That's why they disappeared. As long as we have perfect harmony and unity between plus and minus, subject and object, no matter where you go or what you do, nobody can interfere with your work or your relationships. Even God cannot do that.

When we look around us, we see the mineral world, the plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom. Even in the mineral world, as you know, the plus/minus relationship exists. There are plus and minus particles, creating a circular movement. Nobody can destroy that movement or stop it. The particles exist for eternity in such a relationship. That is called freedom. Happiness, peace and love result from such circular movement. We can see the same phenomena in the plant kingdom and animal kingdom: plus and minus, plus and minus. The same principle applies to human beings. Once you and your spouse become totally one centered on God, nobody, not even the universe, can destroy your unity or stop your relationship. Even God cannot interfere. Can you find any single couple in America who is totally united centered on God? An ideal couple? [True Parents.]

This is the formula. This formula existed from the beginning of creation. The same formula applies in the history of restoration. Without completing this formula, there is no way to complete restoration. That means as long as we practice absolute faith, love and obedience and as long as there is absolute unity between subject and object, we are always ready for a higher level and nobody can interfere with our relationships.

In contrast to the theory of evolution, each species is distinct and absolute. Nobody can manipulate them. Therefore, the theory of evolution is not right. There is no time to go into the details. Just remember that the history of restoration follows the same principle which existed from the very beginning. Whenever there is unity between subject and object, that unity will be protected by the cosmos. However, if there is disunity between subject and object, even the universe will get rid of it.

In reference to absolute subject and absolute object, who or what is the absolute subject? [God.] God, because God never changes. God exists for eternity. Precious metals, such as gold or diamonds, are unchanging for eternity; people treasure gold and diamonds because they are unchanging. In human terms, those whose faith in God never wavers are the ones who will be saved, while those who change their minds will head for someplace else. What about the American people? Do Americans change all the time or are they steady? [Changing!] American people can be considered the most easily changeable people, whereas the oriental people are considered to be the opposite, unchangeable. If you keep changing, like American people, you will end up on the evil side. You will be taken by Satan. Extreme privacy and secular individualism are dangerous trends in America. If you keep pursuing those kinds of goals, then eventually you will lose your life. You may have to trade your life for something. Heavenly force protects this original, unchanging formula; however, if we keep changing there is no way to be protected, and we will be abandoned. Whatever has no partner will disappear. This is the principle formula.

Do you need your absolute partner? [Yes!] God created women with a concave form and men with a convex form, so they will fit together to make a perfect unity. That is how God created man and woman. Once the union is made, it is unchangeable. That is God's formula. But look at the situation in America, where marriages are breaking up. American people are heading to the dungeon of hell. Can you deny that? My teaching is right and should be accepted by everyone. Despite that, the world has tried every possible way to persecute me. I have become the most fearful figure in America and in the world. You Americans, do you have something to be proud of? Americans are on the brink of falling down to the dungeon of hell. Who can change that? Only Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. Nobody else can. Who can save the world and liberate it from free sex, homosexuality, drug abuse, lesbianism and frenzied dancing? [Father.] Only God. All of these are on the opposite side of God. Only God can break this pattern and change things. Who can save the people of the world? Not America. Unification members, representing the people of the world, can lift up the world.

Centering on the Anglo-Saxon race, Christianity and the American government, this Protestant-based country will assume the position of Abel and start working with South America, which is in the position of Cain, centered on Catholicism. Catholicism is in the position of elder brother, whereas Protestantism is in the position of younger brother. How can they be unified? Satan divided these two brothers. Therefore, now we have to bring the unity between these two. Once this unity between South America and North America, centered on Protestantism and Catholicism, is realized, they will take the plus position. Because God is working through these two continents, the eastern hemisphere will be in the position of minus, or object. God's providence will continue that way. The minus represents the elder brother's position, Cain's position. The two positions fight.

We already have a strong enough foundation in the Orient, centered on Korean Christianity, Japan and China, that those Christian leaders can say, "Let's liberate Rev. Moon from the persecution in America." That's the consensus. Since American leaders and the Christian world have been opposing me, the Asian people will rise up to protect me. One side opposes the other, but when they unite, God's providence advances. With the probable exception of the Anglo-Saxon people, the Asians and Hispanics who are living in America are praying for the success of the Washington Times. Once anybody understands this formula course, they will have to admit it. This is the course, the history of restoration progress.

Well, I covered the entire world spectrum, so let's get down to our individual level. The fundamental question we always ask is whether there is unity between our mind and body. What do you think? Are your mind and body separated or unified? Give a clear answer. [Separated.] Completely separated? If they are separated in a zig-zag manner, does that mean their destiny is a zig-zag heaven? Heaven cannot be like that. No matter how beautiful the zig-zag way may be, it belongs to Satan and the kingdom of hell. It will be torn like trash paper. Because our mind and body are not totally united, we became a trash can. We don't need that kind of trash can.

The most fearful problem is the separation of body and mind. World War I, II and III may be over now, but the battle between our mind and body is still going on. The most fearful warfare is within ourselves. Throughout the entire human history, there hasn't been anybody-including Mohammed or Jesus Christ-who had total unity between mind and body. Only the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parent, has total unity between mind and body.

Because unity was lost through the false parent, only the True Parent can restore it. We must understand that since we are fallen children, fallen people belonging to the fallen world, we need True Parents absolutely on every level, from the individual level to our children, our spouse, our parents and our tribe. The entire world, including all creation, needs True Parents; even God needs True Parents, because the ideal of God's creation culminating in humankind was to create True Parents. True Parents is the subject of all these different stages.

Every being in existence and every species should be the object of True Parents. Once you become totally one with anybody through love, you feel you belong to each other; therefore, if you become totally one with True Parents through True Love, that means you are engrafted to this lineage and have the right of possession.

Think about your eyesight. Whom did your eyes see first, True Parents or fallen parents? [Fallen parents.] What about the other organs? Because of the fall, did our spiritual and physical organs first enjoy happiness or sorrow? [Sorrow.] Sorrowful smell, sorrowful hearing, sorrowful taste, sorrowful speaking, sorrowful feeling-that was the beginning. Your five senses didn't see anything relating to True Parents. What about your sexual organ? Did you inherit this from True Parents or fallen parents? [Fallen parents.] Fallen. Human beings around the world have experienced such an inheritance and connection with the fallen blood lineage. How can one deny it? Only True Parents can fix it. Why? True Parents appear only once in history, to clearly explain its course, direction and result. Only one time in history will True Parents appear, creating a clear starting point, establishing a clear direction, and producing clear results.

True Parents understand the significance of individual value, family value, national value, worldwide value and the value of God's creation. No matter how weighty the contents may be, True Parents understand everything. We understand feeling and seeing; we clearly understand the five senses. Now is the time for a reasonable theory. Fallen concepts can be corrected, no problem. When I accomplish world unification, false concepts will be erased.

In Europe, the most troublesome headache is now the problem between Great Britain and Germany. The division between Catholicism and Protestantism started in Germany. German unification must be based on the unity between the cultures of the east and the west as well as the unity between Catholicism and Protestantism. East and West Germany developed two separate cultures, which need to come into unity. In a way, East Germany surrendered to West Germany, which is in the position of the free world. Unification among the European countries should develop following the same principle that applies to Germany.

If we achieve unification between North America and South America, we can apply this principle to the European continent and achieve the unification of all of Europe. After achieving unity between Protestantism and Catholicism in the Americas, we have to go to the origin of Christianity, which is Roman Catholicism. Once we restore that, then world unification will be achieved.

Digging further down we come to Judaism and even Islam. We have to embrace them and restore them too. We can go even deeper and restore Jacob's family, Abraham's family, Noah's family, and eventually Adam's family. Once we restore the original Cain/Abel relationship, the history of restoration will be complete.

Therefore, the key is the unification of North America and South America. This will determine whether we will be successful in bringing unity among the European countries and with the Vatican. From there, we can go back the reverse way through human history to the time of Jesus Christ, Moses, Jacob, Noah and ultimately to Adam's family. In other words, the critical point is unity between North America and South America. This will be expanded to the worldwide level, embracing Europe, Judaism, and Adam's family. From Adam's time, the entire world has been separated into plus and minus across the entire spectrum, from the individual level to the cosmic level.

Restoration follows the reversal way. The history of restoration takes place in such a way. Unification will begin from the individual level and return to it again after achieving all levels of unification up to the cosmic level. This age of great victory means not just a partial victory or a temporary unification but one final, grand victory in the history of God's providence.

Again, once unity between North America and South America is achieved, the battle between Protestantism and Catholicism in the European continent will be finished. Because the confrontation between Protestantism and Catholicism in the European continent was duplicated in Asia as well, the Asian continent has to be included in this process. That's why I came from Asia. Restoration goes through the reversal way, from the east to the west.

Once restoration is completed, where do you think I should stand, in the east or in the west? [In the east. At the center.] Well, strictly speaking, as a human being, I am Asian, right? Therefore, you can't say I should stand in the middle. In the original family, do you think Adam and Eve were westerners or Orientals? [Orientals.] Why? If we look at the ratios between the Asian and white and black races, the Asian race numbers about 3.2 billion people, the white race numbers about 800 million, the black race numbers about 600 million, and the rest belong to other races. What does that indicate? The Asians have the biggest slice of the pie. That means the history of the Asian race is probably the longest, right? The fewer the members of a race, the shorter their history and the greater probability that they were chased around.

The ancient civilizations emerged not in the very hot tropical areas or the cold wintry areas, but in temperate climates, with four distinctive seasons. Because people didn't like a gypsy type of life, they settled in warm regions. That was the beginning of civilization, centered of course on an agricultural and hunting culture. Whereas the Asians settled around rivers where the soil is fertile and the weather is warm, the white race initially chased after animals and did a lot of criminal work. When they were chased out because of their criminal activities, they escaped up north and stayed in the cold region, becoming white, resembling polar bears. The black race, on the other hand, went after a lazy and comfortable life where they could sit in the shade and enjoy the easy life. They settled in tropical regions because they didn't want to do farming work and cultivation. Nobody else who studied human history has come up with such an explanation.

Wherever you follow the history of the white race, there is always bloodshed. Even in Western movies, when a horse is injured they usually shoot the horse to end its life. The white race is based on a hunting culture. The sight of blood helps people get rid of stress. They enjoy bloodshed. The white race must realize that they have caused a lot of bloodshed throughout history, dragging along Christianity in the process. They are descendants of pirates. White people are a pirate race. England is the site of pirates. That is history. Usually hunters of wild game don't stay in one place, not even their house. They move like gypsies, following animals, and wherever they go they kill animals. Because of their mobility and their gypsy-like lifestyle, wherever they go they find a new woman. Also, among those hunters there is a common practice: a less successful hunter may kill a more successful hunter, confiscate all his belongings, and claim them as his own. Furthermore, because of their gypsy-like lifestyle, they find a new woman everywhere they go, and they do all kinds of crazy things. That's why we see all these crazy phenomena now at the end of world history.

I came from Asia to clean up this mess and change this gypsy-like hunting lifestyle. The people of the white race should learn from me about the true attitude of life which comes from the Orient. Therefore, the entire world, including America, must follow the footsteps of the oriental countries. Those black people whose ancestors sought an easy lifestyle must adopt a new lifestyle, which is hard work. You know Aesop's fable of the ant and the grasshopper. Easy-going people such as Blacks and Hispanics represent the grasshopper.

The white race likes to fight. Did the concept of bouts between knights originate from the Oriental culture, the western culture, or the black culture? Throughout their history, if two men both loved a particular woman they would fight and whoever won took the woman. That has happened throughout the history of the western world. How can you deny that?

In the western culture there is a common understanding that if somebody conquers you, you have to surrender to him. The loser doesn't have anything to say. But the white people did not know how to obtain the surrender of people's minds and spirits. White people did not know about that kind of spiritual power. Oriental people have that kind of spiritual power. Therefore, world leaders such as Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and Rev. Moon have appeared in the orient. Every one of them came from the East. They were not Westerners.

People in the Western world are followers in the minus position. The western world completely lost spiritual world power. I come from the opposite side. What shall you do? Will you deny me or follow me? [Follow!] You have been denying wrong habits, but how can you erase wrong attitudes? On your own, you don't have the power to erase all that. You must know your real situation and you must repent. You have to learn to be humble. Be humble and vertical! Until now you have only been horizontal. You have never had the vertical, central axis. Therefore, in America, mind and body, husband and wife, break apart. That is the historical reality. How can you deny that? No way. You have to recognize and acknowledge it. That is my teaching.

What does it mean to achieve this kind of absolute unity between God and Adam, Adam and Eve, and Eve and Cain and Abel? How do we achieve absolute faith, love and obedience? Because of the human fall we lost all of that; the human family fell centered on Satan. It was the same Adam, but he was no longer on God's side. Satan's side formed another family. The fallen Adam confronted Satan, saying, "You, Satan, if you hadn't caused me to fall I would have become the prince of the Kingdom of God in heaven. But because of the fall and because of you, now I became the prince of hell, the satanic realm." When Adam calls Satan a bad guy, the fight begins. That's why there is no unity between Satan and Adam. Even though Adam fell together with Eve, Adam confronts Eve and says, "Eve, you reversed the work of dominion. We could have achieved the ideal family, but you caused the fall. Why did you do it?" Adam blames Eve while Eve blames Adam. Because they are fighting in such a way, there is no unity. By the same token, Cain complains to his mother, Eve, saying, "If you hadn't fallen and bequeathed the fallen lineage to me, I would have become the prince of the heavenly kingdom. But because of your fallen lineage I belong to the satanic world." Then Eve, the mother, says, "I didn't ask you to come into this world. You were born." Thus the fighting goes on. Each one tries to give his burden and responsibility to somebody else.

People ordinarily tend to blame somebody else for their mistakes. If there is any way to make excuses, we try to excuse ourselves and put the blame on somebody else. Isn't it true? That's Satan's way. It's the opposite way from God's way. All levels of existence were taken from God's side and transferred to the satanic side. That means that God's original formula was erased. Thus, now we have to rebuild everything and re-create the God-centered formula.

Satan loves to occupy the top position. Since Satan still occupies the head part, God came all the way down to the bottom or tail part and started there from scratch. God started this history of restoration through Abel, who is in the lowest position in this state of affairs. Satan has many nations and tribes and cultures; whatever belongs to this world is Satan's. In contrast, God doesn't have anything. For several thousands of years of human history, God has had nothing. Now that I have come to the world after 6,000 years of human history, Satan's line of history and God's line of history are crossing and changing positions. How great a time period we are living in! At the same time, it is also fearful. This is both a great and fearful time. Unless you make unification between your mind and body, you cannot go back to the original formula world. This is the Principle viewpoint.

Your body is the left side while your mind side is the right side. Right wing and left wing began in Adam's family. Abel represented the right side while Cain represented the left side. History began from there, and each went a separate way. Satan achieved the national-level foundation, and the nation of Israel represented Cain while Judaism represented Abel horizontally. Without a unified foundation the mother could not appear. The mother means the bride. The messiah comes as the bridegroom. On such a foundation Mother could not appear. Preparation should have been made to receive the messiah. When he comes, preparations must be complete; this required unity between Cain and Abel, represented by Israel and Judaism. If that unity had occurred on the national level, it could have withstood the opposition from Rome, regardless of how great the opposition might have been. On that foundation a safe settlement would have taken place. Then Jesus would have automatically become the King of Kings. All the nations of the world could have combined as one nation under God, forming one world under God. One nation under God automatically connects to one world under God. That means a unified and peaceful world centering on Jesus. A Second Advent would not have been needed.

Since unity did not happen, everything was lost, causing Jesus to die on the cross. The discord between the two sides was portrayed by the right-hand thief and the left-hand thief, with Jesus' cross placed between them. This discord which originated from the family-level rift between Cain and Abel continued through the time of the First Advent, which took place on the national level, to the time of the Second Advent, which took place on the worldwide level.

England is an island and thus is in Eve's position. An island seeks the mainland, so England practiced piracy throughout the six continents and five oceans. As a result, it was once said the sun never set on the British Empire. What made it possible? Eve's power.

Jesus' death on the cross allowed Satan to take the Christian world, resulting in 400 years of persecution against Christians. On that foundation, the Christian culture developed and was represented by the Eve country, England. However, the English people roamed the world and cheated people. England invaded the oriental world and cheated nations out all kinds of art pieces. Every museum in London displays the accumulation of stolen works of art.

England as mother gave birth to America, which is the real son in Abel's position. Along with France, which is in Cain's position, they formed the right side of Jesus. That right side fought against the left side of Jesus, the satanic side, during World War II. The satanic side oppressed Christianity and had an anti-democratic ideology.

Japan is an island like England, and Japan inherited the Eve culture from England. Japan occupied Korea and ruled it for forty years. Japan wielded her power throughout China, Russia and other Asian countries such as the Philippines. Japan even fought against America and lost.

The victory of the Allied countries who were on God's side during World War II laid the foundation for the culture of the religious world to expand. That culture represented the bride culture. Thus the time was right to welcome the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent.

Those three victorious countries did not recognize the Messiah. They expected the Messiah to come from heaven on the clouds. That kind of expectation put all humanity on Satan's side. Because those three Allied countries ignored the Messiah, he didn't have a nation. He had no tribe, nothing. The Messiah ended up in the lowest position. At that time Korea was not a fully independent country. It was in a politically unsettled situation, under the influence of China, Russia, Japan and America.

For forty years after WWII America, representing the archangel position, helped develop many countries. However, Korea is the only country that bore fruit successfully. At the time of the Second Advent, America was in the position of the bride nation. If she had united with the returning bridegroom, that would have been the starting point for building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth without difficulty. The heavenly kingdom would have been built during the following seven years, from 1945 to 1952.

Jesus represented the restoration of Adam's worldwide base. Since that kind of mission was coming, many people in the position of Elijah or Jesus came to the archangel countries. That is the meaning behind the false messiahs and false prophets, such as the leader of the group at Waco. When this false period passes, the true messiah comes and proclaims himself.

Do you think that the English, Americans and French could have easily accepted me as the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II? Being a refugee from North Korea, I was in a position like a beggar; I was a young man with no possessions and no home. Christians all over the world were still waiting for the Lord of the Second Advent to come down from heaven. In the midst of that came a young man from a concentration camp in the north and declared to the world that the Lord of the Second Advent comes as a man in the flesh, not from heaven. He also proclaimed that the Old Testament and the New Testament would be completed through him. He announced that all the people in the world needed to be reborn through him. Do you think the people could easily believe him? [No.]

During the last forty years since the end of World War II, I had to maintain the position of the absolute God and the absolute parental center for mankind. I kept that position for all these years. As you know, I emphasized over and over that if Christianity, centered on America and the other Allied countries, had united with me as the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II, the entire world would have been restored within seven years. The Kingdom of God on earth would have been built within those seven years. But because of their failure, I lost everything. I lost the unification of Korea, and I lost my first wife and family. Having lost everything, I was chased out into the wilderness and had to climb back up from the bottom to this stage.

Because of the failure right after World War II, this satanic world has emerged. An evil emperor ruled for the last forty years in North Korea; he opposed me and even tried to get rid of the true messiah. However, seventy days after I declared the ceremony of Pal-chung (eight stages) and Parenthood, the Berlin Wall collapsed. Seventy days after we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church in Korea, Kim Il Sung passed away. Now that the forty-year hill was crossed, the false parent had to go. That's why Kim Il Sung disappeared. Also, with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, communism symbolically collapsed.

Nobody knows where the world is now headed. Those American leaders who have been reading the Washington Times editorials have come to the conclusion that only through reading it can one learn the true direction in which the world is headed. Now those leaders are turning around and starting to recognize it and show it respect.

The Washington Times has gained top awards among the newspapers in the world. More than 40,000 scholars from all over the world subscribe to the World & I magazine. Furthermore, by utilizing Nostalgia, the cable TV channel, we are now reaching almost every family in America. Eventually the network will be expanded to connect all six continents.

The time has changed. We no longer have to go out to the street corner seeking to win people one by one. No, we can sit in a nice office in front of a computer and use high technology to educate all 5 billion people at one time. I have said, "If they give me forty days to educate the people in the world, I can change the entire world." In Washington, DC, as well as at the Manhattan Center studio in New York, we have all the high-tech equipment we need to deal with the entire world. Hollywood thought they had the most advanced equipment, but now they realize that the Manhattan Center and other companies connected to our movement have even better ones. American members built it, didn't you? [Yes.]

Let's face the reality. If I go to Washington, DC, and settle there, various big shots, prominent former heads-of-state and all kinds of dignitaries will come to pay me a visit. That kind of foundation has been established, yet I quietly exited the North American continent and went to less inhabited parts of South America; it is like the boondocks out there.

Why do I escape to a place which has almost nothing? Because I want to save Christianity. The American government can't do that. The issue is the struggle between Protestantism and Catholicism. The government powers cannot resolve that. I am the only one who can combine these two forces of Christianity. Do you believe it? The Divine Principle clearly shows the completion of the Old and New Testaments and points the way to the Completed Testament.

There is no one in the entire world who is strong enough to oppose the power of truth. Countries such as America, Germany and Japan are all knocked out. When you watch the ocean, the tide comes in and the tide goes out. A new tide is now coming in. The Unification tide is moving in, and the water level will rise. Satan's love place is close to the completion place, while God's love is the perfection or completion level. Satan's love base is a national base, while God's love goes beyond the national base to the worldwide base. The worldwide base automatically overcomes the national base, no problem. That means that national bases will ultimately disappear.

We need a country strong enough to do God's mission. We have to build one country. Do you think we have enough power and knowledge and ability to build such a country? [YES!] If America and our members are truly united, we can carry out God's command.

We need a representative of Abel's position in the world. Abel's position is the son's position, and the son must absolutely follow the parents. All children should follow the parents' position. America is Cain's position, but if the American people follow True Parents' direction, they can gain the position of Abel. Then if I ask the American Protestants, in the position of Abel, to follow me, sell their houses and lands, and go to South America, what will you American people do? [Sell out.] If you really mean your yes answer, then a mass movement will take place. It will be like a hurricane. This is how we will march to build one world under God. Our goal is no longer one nation under God. [Yes!] So do you welcome that? [Yes!]

First, you have to sell your own personal property, and then we will start on the public property. Because the history of restoration is a reversal course, Cain and Abel have to be united first and resolve everything between them before reaching the parental level. Thus you have to resolve your own matters first.

There are many young, enthusiastic brothers and sisters in America, as well as in the CIS and Russia. Do you think those young Russian members will be the front runners, or will the American young members hold the front line? [We will!] But as I see the situation, for every thousand American youth there are a thousand different directions and ideas. In contrast, if we have a thousand young Russian members they will follow one direction, since they have been trained under communism. They have been trained in the three categories which I taught this morning: absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, although in a different way, of course. What about the American youth? American young people are still swimming in the midst of individualism. All ten fingers and all ten toes act in a different way. Is it easy or difficult to take a unified direction? [Difficult.] We must be serious about it.

Even though we stand this way, with this side being the right side and the other the left side, when I said, "Let's go back to our hometown," you turned around 180 degrees; what was the left side became the right side and what was the right side became the left side. Positions can be switched. Some of the countries from the former Soviet Union are saying, "Rev. Moon, if you come to our country, we will mobilize the entire nation and mobilize 360,000 couples for the upcoming August wedding. Also, we will adopt Unificationism as our national religion." Why don't I go there? Because if I go there and abandon this free world, I would be abandoning the 2,000-year foundation of Christianity. I know how much God has been suffering and paying indemnity to come to this point, and I simply cannot abandon that foundation.

Do you live like a grasshopper, just playing and eating and enjoying your life? [No!] Yes! On the other hand, the Japanese represent ants, who do not know anything but work. For their morning greeting, they say, "arigato." That means there are ten ants there. When Japanese people come to New York City they work until midnight, 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. At 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. they are already turning on the lights to start working again. The American people say, "Get out of here. We need more sleep." That's why I sent a lot of Japanese members all over the world. For example, Japanese brothers and sisters have been demonstrating a truly exemplary life here in America, filled with hard work, dedication and obedience. However, some American members laugh at them and consider them stupid for not knowing how to enjoy life. What would you do if I say that everybody in the world should follow the example of the Japanese brothers and sisters who are working hard and dedicating even their lives to save those people? Anybody who doesn't want to accept this proposal will be chased out from this globe. Does that mean that American people will be chased out first? Don't be too proud of yourselves. If the day passes by, night will come to America. Look around you. That kind of situation is clear. If it continues, there is no hope in America. It is not a laughing matter. Be serious. I spent twenty years of my life, the golden time period, in America. I don't want it to be wasted; I want to bring the harvest.

In restoration, Abel becomes the elder brother and Cain becomes the younger brother. In the secular sense, is it possible for the elder brother to become the younger brother and the younger brother to become the elder brother? No such model exists. As we learn from the story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob restored the elder son's birthright. Satan always subjugates and dominates from the higher level; the bigger plus dominates the smaller minus. However, in the history of restoration, God created the foundation from scratch and keeps forming a bigger plus, in order to rise step by step. As a result of the struggle between Cain and Abel, Abel was murdered by Cain. Because of that mistake, thousands and thousands of years of human history have repeated the struggle between Cain and Abel until the point that communists almost took over the control of the United Nations. Beginning right after World War II, the seven years from 1945 to 1952 was the period during which Christians around the world should have worked together and become united centering on the Lord of the Second Advent in order to build the Kingdom of God on earth. At the time of Jesus' crucifixion, the right-side and left-side thieves didn't have parental figures so they were killed, too. Therefore, now the world needs a parental figure who comes as the Lord of the Second Advent.

Even after the failure of worldwide Christianity after World War II, I have been working for the last forty years to set the foundation to save the world again and embrace the free world and the communist world, as Cain and Abel, centering on Mother. Counting from 1945 to 1960, fourteen years passed. Because Israel failed, national-level restoration had to be achieved centering on Korea. This fourteen-year period represents the completion of the Old Testament era. The twenty-year period from 1960 to 1980 represents the completion of the New Testament era. During this period we had to restore at least conditionally the national foundation on the worldwide level.

Since the declaration of God's Day in 1968 until 1988, the year of the Seoul Olympics, twenty years passed. If we add seven years, it brings us to 1995. This very year, 1995, is a critical year in God's dispensation. During this year we have to bring total unity between mind and body. For this reason, our body side, the economic side of the Unification Church, is suffering now.

Also, 1995 is an extension of 1994. Between 1994 and 2000 is an interval of six or seven years which is the most critical period in human history. Right after World War II, I needed only seven years to achieve restoration by 1952. That same time period has returned. Within this seven-year period until the year 2000, we must establish the Kingdom of God on earth, the world of peace and freedom and happiness centering on True Parents. That is our mission.

We must learn a lesson from the history of Israel. Even after they entered the walled city of Jericho, the people of Israel suffered because they didn't have a strong ideology or a spiritual foundation strong enough for building their nation in Jericho. That is why they are still suffering and going through all kinds of difficulties even today. In light of this, Unification Church members today must not repeat the same mistake. We should have a strong enough foundation spiritually as well as physically to build our nation, centering on True Parents. Just as the first generation of Israelites died in the wilderness and the second generation was able to enter the city of Jericho, the first generation of the Unification Church may suffer in a similar way. Therefore, the critical question is how to build unity between the first generation and the second generation. We also have to embrace the people who oppose the Unification Church, because we have to build the ideal world.

The shortcut to achieving this goal is through the blessing. Therefore, this year I am going to bless 360,000 couples from all over the world, even via satellite. Among those couples there will be many already-married couples and people from many different religions and races, representing the first generation. On account of their failure they should have been abandoned in the wilderness and eaten by vultures, but because of True Love I am giving them a way to be saved through this coming blessing. The second generation, in the role of Abel, are in the position to save the first-generation people. Therefore, you parents, as the first generation, must have absolute faith, love and obedience in regards to your children, for they are like your central figure.

With my appearance, the birthright of the elder son was restored for the first time in history. The entire world opposed me, yet I achieved this. The younger brother became the elder brother, restoring the birthright. Abel, the younger brother, is taking the original position of the elder brother and Cain, the elder brother, is taking the original position of the younger brother. That is how their brotherhood relationship is being restored. Then the false relationships of Satan's side will be erased. It's like the top coming down and becoming the bottom and bottom going up and becoming the top. There should be absolute spiritual unity.

If we apply this to the situation of America, Americans should go to Africa and serve Africans; then Africa will become America. No matter what avenue Americans use to keep their prosperity, America is doomed to perish unless it follows this formula. These are not my words; it is the Principle viewpoint. Wait and see how history develops. You will be eyewitnesses.

You realize that America is now going down the drain, don't you? By mobilizing only one-sixth of America's 240 million people, we could save all the 240 million Catholics in South America. It's not a difficult task. That is how we can build one world under God. One nation under God has been an American motto, centered on Christianity. But God wants one world under God, not just one nation. Then what is my motto: one world under God or one nation under God? [One world!] Do you welcome that or not? Really? [Yes!]

Thus we have restored the elder son's birthright. Up until 1992 there was no existence of Mother in the spiritual sense, because Mother always had to follow right behind me. Mother was like my shadow for thirty-two years, since the Holy Wedding in 1960. Just as Jesus Christ could not marry before his death at the age of thirty-three, Mother had to follow in my footsteps without making any sound. Therefore, 1992 became like the year of marriage for Mother, through making a declaration to the world, like Jesus Christ at the age of thirty-three. That's why since 1992 Mother has come to the front and made a declaration to the entire world through the Women's Federation for World Peace. Because she did this, all the 3 billion women in the world have become one body, united with Mother who is in Eve's position. All the women in the world are considered to be one single Eve's body, centered on True Mother. Every woman in the world is like a branch of True Mother, Eve. In other words, the supreme Eve appeared in the world. This supreme Eve now belongs not to the satanic side but to the heavenly side. Now the children of Eve-Cain and Abel-will branch out.

What about men? Men are in the position of archangel. That's why at the end of the world there will be countless divorce cases. At the time of the fall, Eve dealt with two male figures, the archangel and Adam. That's why at the end of the world, many of the same phenomena are taking place in America. Before being married, people sign a marriage contract. In other words, they don't take the object position but remain in the archangel position as a spouse.

Before free sex and similar phenomena took place, you recall the streaking fad-naked people running around. When they got naked and saw no distinction between man and woman, they said, "We are all friends." That developed into the practice of free sex. As friends, there is no distinction between the different sexes, so they could see no difference between man and woman, woman and man, woman and woman, or man and man kissing and sleeping together. "What's so bad about it?" they asked. That's their attitude. They called themselves friends while sleeping together as man and woman. Do you call that friendship? Just because they join concave and convex shapes together, is it a true relationship? That's the way of Satan, because Satan denies the right of possession.

American women in general became queens of their family. Isn't it true? You see that every day. When the husband and wife go for a drive, as they reach their destination the husband immediately jumps out of the car and opens the door for his wife, even though the husband was driving. He is acting like a servant. All the men in the world are in the position of archangel. Originally they were supposed to be in the position of Adam, but they turned into the archangel. So where is perfected Adam? Not in this world.

Because they chased the original Adam out, Adam went back to God. At the end of the world, this perfected Adam must come again. That is the messiah, according to Jewish and Christian beliefs. However, those who believe in Judaism and the Old Testament or in Christianity and the New Testament do not have the slightest idea that the messiah would come as a perfected Adam. Think about it logically: if we lost Adam we have to find him. Otherwise, God loses face as the Creator. God cannot just go ahead and destroy Satan and confiscate his possessions. God has to somehow apply His strategy so that Satan will naturally and voluntarily surrender and give everything back to God. That's the way God saves face. If there is the concept of Adam in God, there would be dual creatorship. We already admit that there is no concept of enemy. That's why even at the cross, Jesus Christ prayed to forgive the Roman soldiers. He wanted to completely empty his heart from any concept of enemy, because he didn't want to see dualism even after he passed away.

The same principle applies to my life. Think about the relationship between America and myself. America has been persecuting me, opposing me, and doing all kinds of tricks; finally it put me in prison. America was in the position of archangel, yet this archangel position tried to kill the one who came as the prince of God. Why is America in the position of archangel? If America, centered on world Christianity, had been totally united with the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II and fulfilled her mission, she would have been in the position of Eve. However, because of the failure at that time, America fell into the position of archangel. When America hits me, it means that the archangel is hitting Adam. America opposed me, so it became the archangel country. The Eve country is different from the archangel country. America and Japan were enemies fifty years ago. Japan became the Eve nation. The high-level nation that Satan had been occupying fell into ashes and ruins after World War II; it was in a miserable situation. The Lord of the Second Advent was in a miserable situation. England had been a high-level representative of Eve on the worldwide level. This time the Eve nation was chosen when it was at a low level, and during forty years it developed to a high level because I chose it as an Eve nation.

Japan and Germany and America, those three countries, have financial power. I chose young people from those three countries to go out to 120 nations as missionaries. At the time I commanded those three people to make unity, to become one. One representative of Japan, Germany and America went to each mission country. If those three ambassadors made unity in their mission country, there was no problem. If those three fought, it caused a big problem.

Now we have completed the restoration of elder sonship. It wasn't easy, but we did it. Next people need to find the mother and be united with her. Once unity between Cain and Abel is achieved, they become a larger-size minus-an object to the subject, who is Mother. They need to become one again with the mother. That is how Cain and Abel will be restored, accomplishing restoration up to the mother's level. After the restoration of elder sonship, the next level is the restoration of parenthood. Once we achieve this goal, people can be restored to the mother's level through the unity between Cain and Abel. Once people are cut off from the satanic side, they can naturally connect on the level of mother/child unity. They will be connected to Adam's level and form another level of unity. That is how parenthood will be restored.

This physical world is a horizontal world, but kingship involves developing the vertical concept of a God-given king. Finally, we will reach the level of God, the ultimate stage, and build total, absolute unity with Him. We are talking about absolute unity, not separation. On this level, there is unity in the center, from top to bottom, and in all directions. That's the final stage, the restoration of kingship. The literal translation of the phrase is: "restoration of the realm of the king's right."

Throughout human history there have been many different religions. Religious movements have come and gone; some still exist. The purpose of all of these religions is to restore these relationships and ultimately to secure these three major rights. In my situation, the entire human race opposed me and persecuted me. I started as one single person, reaching out to the entire human race. But now restoration, which is the reversal process, is taking place.

The elder sonship has been restored on the worldwide level. I am restoring nations in the positions of the left-side thief and right-side thief at the time of Jesus Christ's crucifixion. America and the communist world are like brothers in the process of restoration. In my position, Mother went out and gave this proclamation to the world through her forty-nation speaking tour. In the process, Mother embraced the children's position, Cain and Abel, united with them, and brought them back to the father.

This was and still is the mother's responsibility. America failed to accept the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II. Now Mother had to embrace this country again. She spoke on Capitol Hill, because America was in the position of bride. America had lost the bride's mission, but now Mother came as the True Bride and completed this bride's mission. She spoke in fifty states and was welcomed. She spoke at Capitol Hill, went to the United Nations, and finally embraced the entire world. America is in the position of Abel, and the entire free world is in the position of Cain on God's side. Thus, by giving the declaration at the United Nations, Mother embraced the entire free world. The bride's mission which had been lost was restored. Even after Mother accomplished her mission by embracing America through speaking on Capitol Hill, and by embracing the world through speaking at the United Nations, she had to move on to the horizontal level, embracing countries such as Japan and Germany. However, Satan doesn't want to give up everything at one time. That's why countries such as Germany and Japan are resisting. That's why there are some difficulties occurring in Germany and Japan. It is Mother's mission to go back there, embrace them, and resolve the situation. Once America, the United Nations, and Japan are united, then Adam's country, Korea, will be turned around, too.

Because of the human fall, we lost everything. I have been restoring this during the last forty years vertically, and now it is happening horizontally. America and the free world are uniting with Mother. Now we need a worldwide base. Mother made the foundation of embracing the children. America and the free world are influencing Japan. Even in your dreams you could not have imagined that Mother could address audiences at the U.S. Capitol and the Japanese Diet. The Diet is in the position of Abel, while the nation of Japan is in the position of Cain. That's why Mother went there and embraced both. She did the same in America. Therefore, centering on America, we can embrace the entire world through the United Nations.

True Mother has now symbolically restored and completed the mission of the bride right after World War II. The Allied countries of Great Britain, America and France are now replaced in God's providence by Japan, Germany and America. Right after World War II, America offered help to rebuild Japan and Germany; as a result these became the three central nations.

America took the position of the archangel on the side of heaven. America had to take this role because without America, there is no connection between Protestantism and Catholicism. In God's dispensation, the formation stage cannot be directly connected to the completion stage; the growth stage is necessary. The Old Testament era and the New Testament era represent the formation stage and the growth stage. The perfection stage can stand upon the foundation of the formation and growth stages. That's why I had no choice but to select America.

Once God chooses someone to do a certain mission and they fail, God can never go back to that person and choose again. However, the son can choose a person or nation a second time for a mission of restoration. That is an expression of love. I am in the son's position, and the course of restoration is headed by the son. Through the son, parents can be restored. Parents means the original point. In other words, since I chose America for the providence of restoration, I am responsible to see the result. That's why even though I had to experience incarceration, my conviction is that I have to restore this country, even if I lose my life in the process. I have to see it through to the end.

If you take a close look, religions in America are going down the drain. They are perishing day by day. In God's providence, Roman Catholicism was originally supposed to fulfill its mission and restore all humankind back to God. However, because of the corruption and failure of Catholicism, Protestantism emerged. Protestantism, centered on America and the western free world, tried to restore the world, but it failed too. Therefore, my strategy now is to combine these two forces, Protestantism and Catholicism, and use them as two united pillars to restore the entire world. This is the reason for the current project of combining the South and North American continents to work in South America.

God chose Christianity as the leader of all religions for the sake of restoring the entire humanity, yet the reality is that Catholicism and Protestantism are still fighting. How can God rely on these two fighting forces to achieve the goal? That's why they need me. As it says in John 3:16, God loved the world so much that He sent His begotten son, Jesus Christ. That means God sent Jesus Christ to save America for the sake of restoring the entire world. This did not happen because God particularly loved America; it was not because God wanted to save just this country. God doesn't have a nation concept; He only has a world concept. Has any other religion claimed that it will save the entire world? [No!] Does any other religion have the capability? What about the Unification Church? [Yes!] The goal sounds so big. Satan's side doesn't like that kind of sound. They call it a crazy sound.

Now you understand the formula. The history of restoration should begin from the individual and gradually develop to the tribal level, national level and worldwide level, but the most important level is now the national level. That is why God has been preparing the country of Korea for almost 5,000 years.

In the meantime a lot of good traditions and customs have been developed among the Korean people. For example, according to Korean tradition, whoever is in the position of elder son is owed respect even by his uncles and senior relatives, because of the importance of the lineage. Also, according to Korean tradition, absolute filial piety is considered the best virtue, followed by absolute fidelity. For hundreds of years such an extreme custom was practiced that after her husband died, the widow would not eat fine food or wear fancy clothes for three years; she wore only white rags. Also, after the father died, the eldest son would not go any place for three years; he would eat and sleep right in front of his father's tomb and wear only rags. He went through a three-year condition of prayer and mourning. That much filial piety was practiced. Another virtue was loyalty to the nation or patriotism. After a king died, the entire nation went through a period of extreme mourning.

Now I understand that such traditions have been practiced for thousands of years, because at the end of the world God wanted to establish the absolute family unit, the absolute husband/wife relationship, and the absolute elder sonship, and parenthood, and kingship.

However, American people would not understand that concept, because you are in the position of archangel. You may go around 360 degrees, but you don't know where the center is. Do you have anything to be proud of? Satan's side brings destruction. You take pride in everything connected to Satan's side. You are proud of your American citizenship, etc. Now America is completely controlled by Satan's side. Look at the environment. There is free sex. Does God want that? It is the most hated thing. The homosexual lifestyle breaks down the ideal pair system. Through the drug culture, people seek to regain the lost connection with the spiritual world; however, they can never regain that original connection by drugs. Such fallen systems are clear evidence of the connection with Satan. The Western world planted the seeds of evil. For instance, the English people promoted drug use in China, planting the seeds that resulted in a harvest of drug use by young people all over the world. There has been a breakdown of authority in America. That cannot be permitted on God's side. People need to make the deepest repentance. How can we escape such an atmosphere? God's formula requires taking the opposite direction. Only through repentance can this historical sin be erased.

At the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, if there had been ten righteous people, those cities would have been saved. Because of me, America still has hope. As my followers, you are that hope. Has anyone else come to America to point out all its evildoings and even curse it? Do you think I am the smartest man in the world, or the most foolish one? [Smartest!] The foolish place is America. Therefore, you must be alert and repent.

Until the Holy Wedding of True Parents in 1960 was the time to indemnify the Old Testament era, restoring the original Eve back to God's side. Because Jesus Christ couldn't get married, I had to make restoration through indemnity in order to receive Mother. The failures of the Israelites of the time of Jesus and the failures of the Old Testament period were restored by 1960, through having this Holy Wedding of True Parents. After True Parents' Holy Wedding of 1960, the following seven years were a time of worldwide persecution. Therefore, Mother and I had to go through a seven-year period as True Parents. Upon the completion of this seven-year period in 1968 I declared God's Day. During that period, I established Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and, finally, God's Day.

Upon that foundation I could expand to the worldwide level. Therefore, I started preparing to work on the worldwide level by coming to America. I couldn't come out of Korea right after the declaration of God's Day because Korea was in such a difficult situation. Kim Il Sung was waiting for any opportunity to invade South Korea. Therefore, for three years I had to set spiritual conditions in order to stop Kim Il Sung from invading South Korea, through blessing 777 couples, who symbolize the worldwide level, and doing various things to secure the country of Korea.

Originally, I received an American visa in 1960, but I didn't come. By then America was in moral decline, so it was not easy. That's why I set my own condition in Korea.

By 1971, I established an even greater condition than Kim Il Sung in North Korea by forming our patriotic movement in South Korea through the nationwide Victory Over Communism campaign. Thus South Korea was secured.

On December 18, 1971, I came to America to launch this worldwide providence. For twenty years, until the end of 1991, I completed all conditions on every level. Yet the Unification Church members were not ready to deal with top national-level leaders. That was the problem. You remember the campaigns I launched in Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, finally culminating at the Washington Monument Rally. In order to do that, I sent the One World Crusade to visit all fifty states, sweeping the entire country spiritually. Spiritually, the entire nation of America actually welcomed me then.

In 1975, I went back to Korea and held the Yoido Rally. Through that rally I made a good relationship with South Korea, and together we launched an attack against the persecution and opposition coming from America and the rest of the world. This was fourteen years after True Parents' Holy Wedding, counting from 1960 to the end of 1974. In 1975, I launched an attack against the opposition. Since this was the top of the growth period, Mother and I could horizontally launch an attack against the opposition from the entire world, centering on the national level, because the nation of Korea assisted and supported me.

The Roman Empire, Judaism and the nation of Israel joined in opposition to Jesus Christ and finally crucified him. In order to restore that, I had to somehow gain the support of the government, which was in the position of the Roman Empire. The Unification Church and the nation of Korea were in the position of Judaism and the nation of Israel, respectively. America was in the position of the Roman Empire and started opposing me. Thus the country of Korea and the Unification Church got together and started challenging America's opposition, pushing Cain to surrender. Upon that kind of victorious spiritual foundation I could challenge America, because I needed the worldwide foundation.

On the worldwide level, American Christianity had to be faced. That's why I brought the foundation I established in Korea and started challenging America. That is how I have been working for the last twenty years in this country, seeking to restore the Cain/Abel relationship in this country and on the worldwide level.

With the victorious foundation of True Parents, why can't we move the world now? Because the first generation Blessed couples didn't do their mission well. My mission as the messiah is to establish Blessed couples and work through these Blessed couples to restore the entire world. Yet, the Blessed couples have not been fully ready. If the Blessed couples had done their mission well, the incarceration in Danbury wouldn't have taken place. Just as Jesus Christ helped his disciples for forty days after the resurrection, for forty years after coming out of Danbury prison, I am going to do my absolute best to help you to restore this world and also indemnify the forty-year period since World War II.

Based on True Mother's victorious foundation of embracing America and Japan and the entire world, True Parents will march into Korea to bring about the reunification of Korea, restoring the fatherland. North Korea didn't even need Kim Il Sung anymore. That's why Kim Il Sung disappeared. The dialogue between the South Korean students and the North Korean students is taking place in order to enhance the reunification between North and South. Through Mother's forty-campus speaking tour in Korea right after she returned to Korea, the radical student groups who used to oppose our CARP activities in Korea have turned around. They had caused CARP to be chased out of many campuses. During Mother's speaking tour, however, these radical student groups turned around, started helping the CARP movement, and have become friendly with CARP. They are working along with CARP now.

Once we accomplish the reunification of North and South Korea, the next stage is the reunification of the entire world, which is easier because it is the battle between atheism and theism. Atheism will be eliminated. The separation between the western culture and the eastern culture will be neutralized. Based on the different religions, there are many different cultures all over the world, but gradually these kinds of differences will be narrowed and unification will take place. That's why I am even right now working on the reunification of North and South Korea and the reunification of the countries in the Middle East. Eventually I want to combine all these different religions. That's why I established the Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace. These two organizations represent unifying the mind and body, centering on parents.

Children are born from their parents. When mind and body unite, the process of restoration is complete. Thus the religious realm and the political realm worldwide, representing mind and body, will be united through my efforts. That is the task right now. In the meantime, I have been working with scholars through the PWPA, with journalists through the World Media Conference, with former heads of state through the Summit Council, and with young people through the Youth Federation for World Peace. We had CARP, but I have now organized World CARP. My goal is to combine all these different groups. The young people who opposed me on the campuses will be restored through paying indemnity. That is how God can forgive them; otherwise, we cannot build the Kingdom of God on earth. The kingdom can be built only through forgiveness.

Unificationism is the ideology which can save the world. Now, no matter what ideology you confront or what part of the world you visit, nobody can come forward to confront us and oppose us. Because we have overcome all the opposition and persecution up to this point, there is no room left for people to oppose us any more. From the individual level to the worldwide level, there will be no more opposition to our actions and movement, because people have opposed us to the maximum extent. Now they will ask for forgiveness. I had to go through all kinds of opposition and persecution in order to establish the Federation for World Peace, the Religious Federation for World Peace, and World CARP. I have been opposed all these years. Without exception, all the organizations and institutions I have established have received opposition. But now they are surrendering out of exhaustion. The outside people who opposed us are exhausted, but do you think I am exhausted too? [No!] I am enthusiastic. Anti-exhaustion! Wherever you go, if you open your arms as far as you can and sweep them around, nobody will stop you. By any chance, if there is anybody who opposes you, they will be condemned as a stupid person. If anybody opposes you, you can challenge them by saying, "Do you have organizations such as the Federation for World Peace, CARP, Summit Council, all these prominent international organizations dedicated to saving the world?" Once they realize their value, they will bow down to you and shrink down.

The title of this morning's sermon is: "The Age of Great Victory in the History of God's Providence." Now spring has come. Are you going to take a nap in your room? [No!] The tedious summer is over, the harvest has been gathered, and winter time has disappeared. Now we welcome the spring time. The tedious age has passed. Now we can enjoy freedom and happiness, eternal peace and hope. God will stay with us forever. Centering on God, we can do anything. We can go any place, any time. You understand clearly by using your brain; you should have enough knowledge to be able to grasp everything. I have confidence and guts. How about you? [Yes, Father.]

In front of God, we must demonstrate our absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. As His son, I am standing upon the foundation with absolute faith. Religions have used these three concepts to develop separate spheres, separate cultures and backgrounds, and separate traditions. God wanted to connect the individual base, family base, national base and worldwide base with absolute love. Our mission is based on the three concepts of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. My whole lifetime, I have lived by those three concepts.

Everything can be understood based on God's original position. Although Satan broke down the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, indemnity has been paid to lay the victorious foundation and now you can inherit True Parents' realm of victory. The only important concepts are absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. How absolute is your faith?

Whenever mind and body are fighting, whenever our standard of love is different from God's standard, then Satan automatically invades that place. Unless husband and wife achieve absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, they cannot connect with God's ideal world. The ideal world means the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual world. Will your children be able to connect with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience? Unless mind and body are one, unless husband and wife are one, and unless parents and children are one, Satan can invade. This is the conclusion of the total viewpoint of the Principle. If you have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you will gain the victory.

The individual viewpoint, the family viewpoint, the national viewpoint, the worldwide viewpoint, the cosmic viewpoint, and the viewpoint of God's love are all connected based on these three concepts. The original starting point of the universe was based on these three concepts. The victorious foundation depends on the restoration of these three concepts. We must understand cause and effect; otherwise, we cannot connect to that Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth and the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven, which is God's love world. You have to live according to absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. This is the formula for our life. God's eternal world starts from here.

This miserable world is like a jail. These three concepts, absolute faith, love and obedience, are the dividing line between heaven and hell. If all the American families totally unite with the spirit of these three criteria, do you think there would be divorce? [No.] Do you think the grandchildren would try to stay away from their grandparents? [No.] Do you think they would stay away from their parents? [No.] Do you think there would be a homosexual lifestyle? [No.] Some brutal mothers have killed their infant babies; do you think that kind of tragedy would take place? [No.] All immorality will be cleansed and only the heavenly ideal will prevail.

The time for entering the Completed Testament Age is based on these three major concepts. Because of the human fall, we lost Adam on the family level, tribal level, national level, worldwide level and cosmic level. Therefore, through these three major concepts, we can now restore Adam's whole family, from the individual to the cosmic levels. The left side of these three concepts is hell, while the right side is heaven. That means if we persevere with this spirit, we belong to heaven.

Now do you understand the will of God? [Yes.] What is it? The completion of the four-position foundation through three generations: the grandparents' level, the parents' level, and our level. Do you need grandparents in America? [Yes.] What about Americans in general, do they feel they need grandparents? [No.] They send them to the senior citizens' home. God stands in the first generation, Adam in the second generation, and their children in the third generation. We lost all three generations because of the fall. God longed to love grandchildren, but He didn't have a chance. Grandchildren should receive love from both the grandparents and their parents. Adam and Eve received only the love from God. They should have experienced love through the vertical parental relationship and the horizontal parental relationship, but they couldn't do that because of the fall. When the horizontal parents combine into one and become complete, their unity and love expands to the horizontal world. This is the formula, the seed. Once this seed is planted, it can expand to the horizontal world.

American grandparents are sad that they can't love their grandchildren and receive joy and love from them. We need three generations in order to accomplish the three levels of love: the parents' level, grandparents' and children's level. Because this is a circular movement, everyone is the same distance from the center. Only after grandparents love their grandchildren can they be equal in terms of the horizontal love relationship. This three-generational love must be practiced at home. God's love, parental love, and children's love must be put into practice.

We can call this three kingdoms of love. The grandparents represent the past, the Kingdom of God in the spirit world. Parents represent the kingship of this present physical world. Children, who are the grandchildren of the grandparents, represent the future world. If there are twelve children, they represent the entire world. God gave birth to only Adam and Eve, but as God's children Adam and Eve had the privilege of producing twelve or even twenty children. In that sense they are in an even better situation than God. So do you think you should have as many children as you can, or just a small number? [Many!] There are twelve different directions, and once you have twelve children and succeed in loving each of the twelve, you have set the condition of mastery over love. If you raise your twelve children successfully, you will resemble God that much more, because your mind makes a circular movement through offering your love to your twelve children. That means you gain all kinds of experiences.

Jesus Christ had twelve disciples. Moses led twelve tribes. In the Unification Church, the first thirty-six Blessed couples included twelve Adam's-type couples, twelve Noah's-type couples, and twelve Jacob's-type couples. Once twelve nations in the world become one, then the entire world will naturally be united. That's the meaning of the number twelve.

Have you served your grandparents at home? You should consider your grandparents to be God's emissaries to your family. God sends us ambassadors of heaven, and they are our grandparents. Beyond even the parental level is the kingship of the worldwide family. In the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, each generation will receive more love than the previous one. Each generation will seek to build on the national base and expand the world of God's dominion.

What are we as husband and wife? We are in the position of king and queen. You all want to become kings and queens, don't you? [Yes.] King and queen represent the center. This is only possible in the world of True Love.

To begin with, I want to create the circumstances that would allow anybody to travel freely anywhere within North and South America without a visa. Let's say there are 160 different nations in the world. On the vertical level, these nations will be restored horizontally through indemnity. When these 160 nations join together as brothers and sisters centering on parents, the Kingdom of God will begin, from the individual and family levels all the way to the worldwide level. The developed countries and the underdeveloped countries will be on the same line horizontally.

In your family, if one of your brothers is sick or somehow crippled, you have to pay more attention to him and give him more love, isn't it true? Mother is going to create such a model here and apply it to all the different nations. The United Nations was supposed to do this role, but it failed, so I am going to create a new one.

The entire human history was contaminated because of the false love from Satan's lineage. Even if the entire Empire State Building were given to me, as soon as I saw a trace of Satan's false love there, I would spit at it and not even touch it.

We are making a new start. After the fall, God didn't want to see or sense any sin. Therefore, the holy son, holy daughter and all the holy family must make a tent where God can dwell with them. Then brotherly expansion will be no problem. Once that tent is made, to restore one nation within seven years will be no problem. This proclamation shows the formula for all human beings. The prototype has been established, and everyone can learn it, follow it, and expand upon it. The same system can be constructed everywhere, and then God will automatically dwell everywhere. That will be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Think about how precious and how great it is that with these sinful hands and sinful eyes and sinful body you can start building the holy community, the holy nation and the holy palace to receive the Lord of the Second Advent and to have God dwell with you. Don't you think this is the greatest task we can have? [Yes!] Once we create the ideal community or nation where God can dwell with us and we can dwell with God, we will become the children of God. Do you like that idea? [Yes!] In order to do that, we have to restore our right to the heavenly blood lineage, our right to restore possessions to God's side, and the realm of heart. Upon that foundation, we will practice absolute faith, love and obedience. That will be the stage in which we enter the Kingdom of God.

Don't let people misunderstand me and say that I came to use people like slaves all over the world. No. Because of these three criteria, I had to go through all kinds of difficult situations during the past forty years. Those three concepts belong to the absolute God. When you stand in that kind of position, you automatically connect to God, the absolute being. You need to connect to the center, vertically and horizontally. No matter what force may hit you, God will protect this vertical being. We must persevere no matter what difficulty or problem may confront us. This is a one-way route; there is no going back.

With absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience, I am able to go everywhere. Being imprisoned six times was no problem. With these three concepts, we can tear down Satan's strong places. With these three concepts, we can connect the religious world to the worldwide foundation.

After World War II people should have welcomed the Second Advent. The Second Advent is based upon absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. True Parents come to restore everything in the past. Ultimately, the world will welcome us and people will be able to experience joy, freedom, happiness, and the fulfillment of all their dreams. That will be the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Well, True Parents are leaving America. You are the ones who have to build the Kingdom of God right here in America. Are you going to do that? [YES!] You don't need Parents? So you don't need True Parents, you don't need your own parents, and you don't even need God, because you know everything. As long as you take my teaching seriously and practice this throughout your whole life, if it doesn't come true you can accuse me when you join the spirit world, saying, "Father, you swindler! You cheated us on earth." I will just laugh at you, because I have absolute confidence that as long as you practice these three criteria properly, you will end up in the Kingdom of God in heaven. If you end up some place else and protest to me, I will immediately know that it happened because you made a mistake along the way.

This is the final point of my speech this morning: if you ask your hands, your eyes, your ears, and your most important organ, the sexual organ, whether you really practice my three major teachings, they will all have to say in unison: YES. Those who are confident that you can practice this teaching, raise your hands. That means that there are this many candidates who can enter the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah! Amen! Hallelujah! Amen! Now, focus your energy here, because this may be your last chance to see me in America. Mobilize all your energy now. If you want to see me, come to South America. God bless you!

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