The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


The Leaders' Conference - April 17, 1995

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 17, 1995
East Garden
Translator -- Peter Kim

Father desires to unite North and South America. South America is based upon the Latin culture, while North America is based upon Anglo-Saxon culture. It is like a Cain and Abel struggle. Therefore Father desires to have them united. In order to do this, internally Father wants to have things organized in such a way that they will combine and function as one continent. Catholicism is in the position of Cain and Protestantism in the position of Abel. When they combine into one, they will be able to lead the whole world and revive Christianity. Christianity's concern should be how to save the world, not simply the nation. From God's viewpoint we need one world under God. The Protestant world is in Abel's position, while the Catholic world is in Cain's position. Until these two Christian worlds are united, the world cannot find unity. Christianity as it stands today, divided into Cain and Abel, cannot save this world. Only when they combine into one will they be able to save this world. Who is able to bring them into one? This is our mission. True Parents' mission. No matter what difficulty we may face, we must understand this clearly.

The disciples of Jesus were always struggling and fighting with one another. Jacob's household was also divided with fighting among the brothers. There was also the division of Israel into north and south with the ten tribes in the north and two tribes in the south, representing the left and right wing. This kind of fighting went on among Jesus' disciples as well. Now North and South Americas combining into one will equal twelve nations. When these twelve unite into one, there will be no problem. Twelve nations united into one represents the world center. Do you understand? Therefore, no matter what, it is our mission to unite north and south.

Have you heard the recent news from South America concerning Father's last visit there? [No.] Father is directing Reverend Kwak to share the messages called "Sao Paulo Proclamation" given by True Father on True Parents' Day, "New Hope Farms Proclamation", and Father's future plan for South America as well as for the world. The proclamation was "Blessed Family Proclamation" and that means new era.

[Reverend Kwak now gives a report as directed by Father.]

Already you have received a public letter from the World Mission Department concerning Father's Sao Paulo Proclamation, as well as the New Hope Farm Proclamation. This time I met with many leaders, but they did not quite understand. Furthermore, even many attended Father's speeches in South America, still their understanding was not enough. Using this opportunity, I will introduce once again to all leaders Father's main content of the proclamations. Also I would like to more fully explain the significant meaning of this proclamation.

First, the Sao Paulo Declaration:

Through sacrifice and True Love, following the way of restoration by indemnity, True Parents have brought the victory step by step from the individual level to the cosmic level horizontally, and from the servant of servant level to the level of God vertically. On the 36th True Parents' Day Father made the Sao Paulo Declaration which proclaimed the beginning of the second forty-year course, a period in which all Unification Church members worldwide, must inherit True Parents' foundation of victory and fulfill their portion of responsibility. Centering upon True Parents' words given over the past forty years, especially those given at the new year, such as the mottoes, Father emphasized that the second forty-year course is the period when we must follow one step behind True Parents and accomplish what they have accomplished. During this period we have to establish True Parents' tradition as an absolute. Father spoke as follows:

On the way of God's will there can be no "self". We must reach the level of "zero" existence. There must be no arrogance or individualism. True Parents' life of tradition has been one of loving the earth, loving all things, loving all mankind and loving God, single-mindedly for the realization of God's will. This has been the path of pouring out True Love. We must inherit this life of tradition from True Parents. To do this, we should love the earth, the creation, mankind and God, and accomplish the mission of tribal messiah.

The official Second Forty-Year Course begins from March 31, 1995, on this 36th True Parents' Day. This is the period of our portion of responsibility which should be fulfilled on the level of Blessed families, centering on the second generation Blessed families. Being those who have inherited the victorious vertical and horizontal foundation of True Parents, our responsibility does not extend to the restoration of the cosmos, but Blessed families who have fulfilled the mission of tribal messiah must join together as one for the restoration of a nation. It may not necessarily take forty years to fulfill this. It could be accomplished within seven or even four years according to how well we fulfill our faith and portion of responsibility.

At this point in time, True Parents are initiating the establishment of a model ideal town and nation in South America. This has very great providential significance. The providence in South America is thus bringing and extending the victory and blessing of the Abel sphere, which was established by God, into the Cain sphere. Through this providence, the foundation of North America (Protestantism) in the position of Abel, is shifting and being joined to the foundation in South America (Catholicism). Next, the victory of this united Abel sphere must be connected to the Jewish sphere and they must become one. Then, the victory of this united and expanded sphere of Abel must be connected to the sphere of Islam and thus further expanded in unity. Finally, the victory and blessing of this greatly expanded Abel sphere must be connected to the spheres of other religions. This is the future direction of the providence.

Centering on North America, the worldwide Unification Church should make special effort to support South America. Just as we inherited the realm of victory from True Parents, we have to expand it and invest our utmost effort so that the Cain sphere can receive God's blessing."

Father makes now an important addition. As we just read, our responsibility is not necessarily forty years, even seven or four years could be sufficient. Father also mentioned that even four months could be sufficient, it all depends upon us. If a president of a nation were to join and follow True Parents direction, then to bring that nation would not be difficult. Firstly, Father explained that it would be possible to fulfill in such a short period of time because Satan's fundamental persecution is already over for us, because we all stand upon Father's worldwide victorious foundation. Father's name has to be liberated and this will lead to the way free of persecution. Secondly, Father must restore and lay indemnity conditions for the worldwide and cosmic level. Though Father's foundation exists in over 160 nations still he is one center having to sacrifice toward 160 nations. However, for us we have responsibility for one single nation, one single people, because Father's victorious foundation is already beyond the national level. However, Satan cannot go beyond the national base. Only God can go over the national level, so now Father is going over the national level, connecting this victorious condition to the cosmic world. Do you understand?

Satan is unable to follow at the worldwide base. Only the good archangel base can influence the earth, whereas the bad archangel base will be chased out. Do you understand? [Yes, Father.] Outside society has their individual center, family center, national center and world center, complicated at every level. Now the family has crumbled and no power on earth can bring about unity for that kind of family, nation or anything. That is Satan's complicated kingdom in the fallen world. Satan has created these complications in the world, and they are breaking down; it is that kind of situation. However, on the opposite side, God's place, centering upon True Father, has everything: the individual center, family center, tribal center, national center, world center, cosmic center and God's center of True Love. One pillar connecting and combining those eight levels, centering upon True Love combined into one vertical pillar. Once this pillar is set up with a vertical axis, no one can move it. No matter what may come against this pillar, Satan or even the American nation, it is strong enough to repel; it is that strong. Is this clear? [Yes.] You can control the spiritual world when you are in perfected Adam's position, Adam's family. You can control the spiritual world and everything. The spiritual world is in the archangel position. [Reverend Kwak continues to read the Sao Paolo Declaration.]

This is the history of restoration from the individual to the world level [indicating on the board]. There are two different ways to view it, both vertically and horizontally. Vertically speaking, at the individual level you progress through each level, family, tribe, society all the way through the cosmic level. Because this is the history of restoration, it will come down to the individual level again, eight different stages as shown here [indicating to the board]. At the same time it indemnified 4000 years of history since the time of Jacob. During World War II, the right side represented the free world centering upon Great Britain, America and France. While on the left hand side, representing the Satanic power, was Japan, Germany and Italy. [Father draws on the board indicating the diagram.] These Axis countries, in the position of Cain, attacked the Abel nations, the Allied countries. This took place at the worldwide level. At that point if worldwide Christianity had been united with Father no more vertical structure would have been necessary. Horizontally they would have been able to develop the different stages, individual level, family level, society level, all the way to the worldwide level without persecution.

Therefore, if right after World War II worldwide Christianity had been united with Father, even this horizontal eight different stages [indicating the diagram on the board] would have been completed and the entire world would have become one centering upon the Lord of the Second Advent. Allied countries were in the position of the spiritual side, and the Axis countries in the position of the physical side. The Allied countries were based upon Christianity and so we can place them in a more spiritual position. The Second World War was to clean up the battle between the spiritual and physical realms. Therefore, it was a great opportunity for the world to come into oneness without any persecution. Centering upon this individual family [indicating to the board], all the different stages of progression would have been accomplished up to the worldwide level. This represents the messiah's family, [indicating to the board] the messiah's tribe which is the extension of the family; the next level is an extension of this level and so on, the last being the worldwide stage. Looking at the worldwide stage accomplishment from the vertical viewpoint, it includes all the other smaller stages. This could have been accomplished during the seven years between 1945 and 1952. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Because World War II was supposed to have cleaned up the battle between the physical and spiritual side, had world Christianity become united with the Lord of the Second Advent, this entire world would have become one. There would have been no boundaries at the individual, family and national levels. No national boundaries would have existed. This would have been the culmination of 4000 years of historical restoration. Through all manner of various religions God had worked up to that point. Great Britain stood in the position of Eve, America stood in the position of Abel and France was in the position of Cain. These three had to become united, like the unity between mind and body. This originates from Adam's family. Within Adam's family there was Eve, and Cain and Abel. This formula was at the worldwide level during World War II. This one window of opportunity came right at the end of World War II for the bride culture of Christianity to unite the entire world and build the Kingdom of God on earth. If the bride, world Christianity, had embraced the bridegroom, the world would have become one.

The beginning of human history started with marriages centered upon Satan. This began on the family level, but multiplied and extended to the worldwide level. At the end of World War II, the entire fallen history could have been reversed. At the time of the reversal, beginning from True Parents' marriage, the entire world would have been restored through marriage. This is called the Blessing, because the mistake of the fall was made by marrying. Do you understand? Therefore, we have to go the reversal course to reach completion, going back to the original point. This progression took place through utilizing all manner of religions throughout the history. At the top of this level [indicating to the diagram], once we eliminate Satan this entire spectrum can be spread out at the horizontal level. Then there is no boundary whatsoever. This original level is here again. It begins again with the family [Father draws on the board] and spreads out. At the end of World War II, the Allied countries won the victory. However, for whom was the victory won? Not for the sake of America, not for the sake of Great Britain, not for the sake of France.

What is the meaning of the fall? The vertical relationship and horizontal relationship between God and Parents was cut off and eliminated. Therefore, the meaning of the victory of World War II was not for the sake of the countries. At the time of Adam's family, there was failure and the Cain and Abel relationship was destroyed. At the end of the World War II, that relationship was restored at the worldwide level for the sake of God, in order to build the Kingdom of God on earth. That was the meaning. After the fall the family base was lost. On every level, there was bad Eve and bad Cain and Abel, the tribe's bad Eve and bad Cain and Abel, and bad world Satan's side Eve and Cain and Abel. God's side is the opposite way. Who attacks first? Satan. Why?

How to again unify the mind and body? Mind and body were separated at the individual base in Adam and Eve, and expanded to the world level, including everything on the eight levels from the individual on up, culminating after World War II. Expanded to the world base after World War II, Japan, Germany and Italy represented Satan's side, the body side. England, America and France represented God's side and the spiritual side. God's side represents the mind and Satan's side represents the body. At the fall, the flesh side attacked the mind side. In the Garden of Eden, the body attacked the mind through the fall. The same happened on the world level, when the body side, represented by Japan, Germany and Italy, the world Satan's side, attacked the mind side, represented by England, America and France. At that time, 100 percent victory brought them back to that original point. Do you follow? Is it clear?

Without the fall, centering upon Adam's family, these eight stages could have been developed naturally and built the ideal world. Even though externally it was developed at the different stages, all of them belonged to Satan. That is why at the end of World War II, on the worldwide level it could have been reversed and restored. This is the point Father is trying to make here. World War II was equivalent to the war of Armageddon mentioned in the Bible, the war to eliminate Satan's power for eternity. Through the fall, mankind lost elder sonship, parentship and kingship. Therefore, those Allied countries, after the victory of World War II, were supposed to become totally one and restore the elder sonship position at the worldwide level. This means restoring the elder son's birthright and True Parents' position, and finally kingship on the earth. They were supposed to establish those three positions lost through the fall, but Adam's family lost the subject and object. Eve did not take the position of absolute faith in God, which means establishing God and humankind in the absolute relationship of Father and son. This would have led to brotherhood, centering on love. Love is the power to create one body, absolutely, out of the mind and body, not two. Absolute, centered love is a one body concept. Eve did not make oneness with God. Therefore, the absolute love concept was lost. They received the warning directly from God that they should not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They were supposed to obey absolutely. If they had, there would have been no fall.

If Adam and Eve had obeyed God absolutely, based upon their absolute faith and offered absolute love, then God would become the essence of their absoluteness. Eventually, God's love would have flown to mankind. Following this, the absolute society and world would have been established. In other words, God would have given the essence of their absoluteness back to human beings. However, Cain murdered Abel. In order to restore that relationship we need at least three criteria: absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. This is the only way that we would be able to restore this. These three concepts are most important, because without them we cannot perfect the concept of elder sonship and we cannot connect with True Father. Do you understand? [Yes, Father.] Without these three concepts, you cannot obtain kingship. In the Last Days, all of humankind has to follow these three concepts of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Satan understands this end time very well and he has created the individual hell and extended it to the world. Satan planted the free sex concept. Now it is on the world level, giving us the hardest time. Teenager's have this problem on a worldwide level. Homosexuality denies the opposite side; it is the position of the archangel. The lesbian concept also denies the opposite side. Those who follow those concepts will completely perish, all over the world. Do you understand? [Yes, Father.] DO YOU UNDERSTAND? [Yes, Father.]

Satan's atmosphere of hell is surrounding the earth. You have to break out from it. It is Satan's hell of individualism, Satan's kingship spirit. In God's world, everything is connected to everything else; there is no concept of private. The earth is connected to the plant world, and the plant world to the animal world, the animal world to the human world, the human world connects to God. Everything is connected. Satan knows that God wants to make a unified world. Satan figured out how to break it completely. Satan has made a complicated pattern in this world, a world of hell. Do you understand? If Reverend Moon did not come, you could not understand. How can you make the foundation for Parents otherwise? You would just be making the foundation to perish from this world. Satan's completion is death. This is God's viewpoint of the providence. Is this clear? [Yes.] America is full of individualism. To whom does America belong? Hell! They proclaim that we don't need grandparents, we don't need parents, we don't need men and women, we don't need brothers. This attitude has completely broken down the family system. Unificationists on the opposite side need to proclaim that we absolutely do need grandparents, parents, couples and children. We need the vertical and the horizontal. Do you understand? [Yes.] You have to understand this.

Right after World War II, it would have taken only seven years to build the Kingdom of God on earth centering upon the messiah, who was in the position of the True Parents of mankind. However, this entire world, based upon Christianity, chased the messiah out into the wilderness. Even though he was chased out into the wilderness, vertically he was still absolutely connected to God. However, the messiah lost all the objects of the physical world. Therefore, to indemnify this 4000 years of human history which God had prepared he needed to lay the condition in the last forty years to indemnify this. Satan had known God's and the messiah's plan, so he concentrated all of his efforts to destroy the foundation within America that the messiah needed. This is the only explanation as to why, after America achieved the position of the leading nation of the world, it has become almost destroyed internally now. America was the base of Christianity that the messiah needed to work with. This is the foundation that Satan has worked to destroy. This is why America is in the situation it is today.

Communism joined Christianity somehow. Satan took the communist world and influenced the Christian world against God. Thus Satan controlled both the Christian and communist worlds. Both combined to make a unified foundation against Reverend Moon. That is why Father had to destroy communism. Without separating communism from Christianity, there was no hope for Father to work with Christianity. [Father writes on the board.] The messiah replaced these original Christian providential countries of England, America and France. Now they have been replaced by Japan, America and Germany. After World War II, countries such as Japan and Germany were defeated and reduced almost to ashes. However, the messiah chose them to replace the original Allied countries. Therefore, they have prospered and received all of the benefits from the Western culture. Because we have to restore these original Allied countries, Father sent out missionaries from Japan, America and Germany as missionaries to the world. By doing so it was a kind of offensive against communism and Christianity from God's side.

The Carter Administration took the direction some years ago that Reverend Moon's strategy to spread his ideology throughout the world should be stopped. Just as Jesus was opposed and crucified through the joint effort of Judaism and the Roman Empire, when Father was launching this worldwide campaign Christianity, in the position of Judaism at the time of Jesus Christ, and communism, in the position of the Roman Empire, joined together to oppose Father. It was a duplication of what occurred at the time of Jesus. That is why Father has to walk the road of the cross in the twentieth century. The only difference is that Satan didn't have any way to eliminate the messiah this time, because this is not the tribal or national level. The twentieth century is the worldwide level. Now the Lord of the Second Advent is working at the worldwide level and so Satan could not eliminate him. However, opposition was still there. [Applause.] Father had to begin from scratch. He worked his way from the individual level all the way to the worldwide level.

During the last forty years Father has won the victory on each level from the individual all the way to the worldwide level. Father has now set up this worldwide level Cain and Abel continents of South America and North America. Through uniting these into Cain and Abel continents Father will establish a worldwide foundation. During the last twenty years, the Unification Church, centering upon Father, was in the position of Abel and American Christianity in the position of Cain. Christianity has opposed the Unification Church all along, but the result is that the Unification Church has been going up and Christianity has been going down. Now finally we have reached the point where American Christianity must work with the Unification Church. They need help from Reverend Moon and the Unification Church otherwise they will disappear. Looking at the relationship between American Christianity and the American government, then Christianity is in the position of Abel and the American government is in the position of Cain.

On the national level Cain and Abel must be united. Therefore, the Unification Church has been working to help America bring about this unity between Cain and Abel. The goal of the Unification Church is worldwide level Cain and Abel unity. The Unification Church has set the proper condition to claim the victory won in America on the worldwide level, between Cain and Abel-Christianity and the Unification Church-and now we are trying to combine North and South America at the worldwide level. The Japanese women who came to this country created unity with the archangel country women representatives. The time has now come for all the women in America to declare that they do not want free sex, homosexuality and lesbian practices. Due to all of these immoral practices, we cannot find ideal spouses. Rather, we want to look toward the Oriental countries of Japan and Korea to find our ideal partners.

Weak woman needs that unchangeable, eternal partner. Oriental men are small, but they have strong power. Western women want that Oriental man. Do you understand? Therefore, those American playboys won't have any place to go. They will have to divorce their spouses and live alone because they won't be able to find an ideal partner here. It is a world of hell here. The worst kind of world. Is this clear? [Yes, Father.] You American men do you really enjoy your privacy and your individualism? [No.] We have to solve this problem of individualism. No military power or power of knowledge can solve these problems. Against the power of hell you need a high spiritual leader who can save you from going down. Only God and Unificationism centering upon True Parents can do it; otherwise, there is no way. You have to understand this clearly. Did you fulfill your missions or enjoy your lives in your own way?

During this forty-year period, all Blessed couples were supposed to accomplish their missions and be united absolutely with True Parents, but they failed. Father alone has been working through all of these different stages. That is why Father does not go down this way [indicating the board], but the other way around. At this point Father came down and, in terms of restoration, Father now has to work with the second generation. Therefore, the second generation faces the same situation of having to be totally united with True Parents and restore all the stages. That is what is referred to as the second forty-year period. Do you understand? [Yes.] Because we lost that foundation, Father declared the home church campaign and all other necessary projects but we failed. Everybody, without exception, has to go through this process again. It is the only way to restore everything. We have to begin from this bottom point again. The tools that we need are absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. The same principle applies to Father himself. From the individual, family, society levels all the way to the worldwide level, Father himself applied this formula of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience and accomplished this much.

If Father fails to practice this criteria, Satan will kick him. That is why, for Father, there is no complaint. Always he applies the principle of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Even in prison, even on his death bed he will not waiver. Looking at the history of various religions, we can see that they all practice, one way or another, this principle of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. In so doing they produced many martyrs. Theirs was a history of suffering and agony. God is the Subject. What kind of Subject? The center of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Therefore, if God is in the position of Subject, we who are in the position of object have to inherit and practice these three principles. Without doing so, we cannot inherit God's eternal characteristics and God's blessing. At the time of the creation of Adam and Eve, God created them on the base of absolute faith, love and obedience because God himself was sacrificial. He invested everything in that spirit of absoluteness. Therefore, to be restored, we absolutely have to go through these eight different stages and practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. This is the key.

If the twelve disciples of Jesus had been able to demonstrate absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, Jesus would have never been crucified. Therefore, we Blessed couples of the Unification Church are supposed to be above the position of Jesus Christ's level. Therefore, we are supposed to be able to practice this absolute faith, love and obedience and then be absolutely united with True Parents. In reality we have been living freely on our own. We failed in restoring our Cain at the family, society, national and worldwide levels. Therefore, Father is now giving us a precious opportunity on a worldwide level that North American Protestant-based Christianity is now offering everything to restore South America, which is in the position of Cain at the worldwide level.

Just as we have witnessed Father, the founder of the Unification Church, investing every ounce of his energy so that he is in big debt because he invested for the sake of North America, standing in Abel's position saving America in Cain's position. All American people received Father's spirit. We have to save Cain, South America; then there will be no problems. This is high atmosphere. This is low atmosphere. Nature brings the high down. Americans are high, saying they don't need South America, calling it low level, and saying you dislike that. "Hmmm, we are high level; those South Americans are so bad." Now you must go the opposite way. American people, if you have land and a house then sell it out. Why? For the sake of saving your elder brother, South America. Without saving this elder brother, you cannot return to True Family and True Parents. You cannot find the True Family. You cannot find the true Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is a reasonable conclusion. No matter how smart you are, you cannot deny this. Is this really clear for you? [Yes, Father.] I cannot believe you.

This eight different stages is like a ladder that is broken; we have to reconnect and rebuild it. It is going to be easier than the course which Father took for forty years. It may take us only four years, because of Father's victory. We only need to accomplish the tribal messiah's role successfully and then we can follow Father's footsteps and it will be achieved nationally. Again, from the wilderness Father returned to this point [indicating to the board] and restored these eight different stages. Now only these eight different stages of the ladder are broken and left for us to repair. We must rebuild it, the ideology of founding nation, which is the Unification spirit and ideology. The problem is we don't have the nation. We need to restore the nation before we can restore the world. This is the transitional time from the national to the worldwide level. Do you understand? Father had no choice but to go to the lowest point once Christianity failed. The first time Father came to America he began at the national level dealing with the President and Secretary of State, but somehow they failed. This reversal has to take place once again. When the Catholic Christians in South America become united, then the world can be united.

Unless you follow Father's footsteps, there is no way to reveal these eight different steps of the ladder. Father is going to rebuild it, we simply have to support and help him. How can we support and help him? Through our absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. This democratic free world is decayed and finished, due to all kinds of individualism and privacy. Do you understand? [Yes.] Elder son's position, True Parents' position, and true kingship were all lost at the time of Adam. How can the brothers be unified, centering upon the mother? That creates an expansion. How else can they make such a wide place? This is the viewpoint of the purpose of God's history. No one else knew this secret, except Father. True Parents understand everything. True Children everywhere can hear something one time and immediately understand that concept. Once you clearly understand you can take action. [Yes, Father.] Now the modern world understands theoretically, but when it is clearly understood there will be no problem. We understand clearly, so we can recreate this without any difficulty. Can't we? [Yes, Father.] Really? [Yes, Father.] I cannot believe you. [We can do it, Father.] How did we lose all of this absolute faith, love and obedience? Adam and Eve did not take it seriously. Now is the time that we have to take it absolutely by offering our absolute faith, love and obedience. That is why this second forty-year period is needed. Reverend Kwak should now continue in his explanation to you.

[Reverend Kwak begins to explain once again.]

The 36th True Parents' Day was celebrated at the Brazilian headquarters church, which was dedicated by Father two years ago. The building itself is very big and beautifully restored. After the celebration of True Parents' Day, True Parents moved to the New Hope Farm with the international leaders. There Father proclaimed the New Hope Farm Declaration which I will now read to you.

True Parents made the New Hope Farm Declaration at 5 a.m. on April 3, 1995, in front of representative leaders of 160 nations gathered at the New Hope Farm in Brazil. This is one of the specific projects geared to the practical application of the Sao Paulo Declaration. It details the establishment of the model for an ideal society and ideal nation. Following is the essential content of what was proclaimed:

"Today's world is confronting a human crisis of sexual immorality, breakdown of families, and surging individualism. In addition, environmental pollution threatens the very existence of human life on our earth.

All mankind needs, now more than at any time before, a movement of people living together in mutual cooperation and True Love, and a movement to protect the environment; that is, to love and preserve nature. Most importantly, this movement should be led by religious people.

From the early days, True Parents have taught us that "Unless a person loves nature, which was created for mankind, he cannot say that he loves mankind. And unless he loves all people, who are created to be the true children of God, he cannot say that he loves God." It is natural that whoever loves God must love human beings, who were created to be God's children. Furthermore, how can a person say that he loves mankind and God unless he loves nature which was created for mankind?

In an ideal society or nation, the people, transcending national and racial barriers, will cooperate with each other to live harmoniously and in happiness. They will be conscious of being God's sons and daughters and one extended family which can meet as brothers and sisters centered upon True Parents. This is the place where all the Blessed families who have restored their blood lineage, the realm of ownership and their hearts under True Parents' language and culture, will accomplish the world of freedom, peace and unity. All people will co-exist in co-prosperity and common cause in this culture of God's heart. Therefore, this world will have nothing to do with corruption or injustice, or with war or crime. Mankind will eliminate the causes of pollution in the global environment, and love and protect nature as a true owner.

In this ideal model world, all of life's activities and labors will be expressed in the practice of joyful service for the sake of others based on a heart of love. Therefore, there will be equality in standard of living. For education, all the modern facilities of civilization will be utilized. On the foundation of Blessed families, education of heart and norm will take priority over academic education, physical education and technological education. Accordingly, this will be education for the purpose of raising up people of goodness who will follow the heavenly way.

The realization of ideals in this way is impossible without True Parents' thought, namely, the ideology of True Love for the sake of others. Adam lost faith through the fall, and all people are destined to pass through the way of restoration for which they need absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. God's providence has been working through religion to accomplish this. The absolute faith of providential figures such as Noah is therefore precious.

True Parents became the embodiment of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, gaining victory in the severe battle they faced not only on earth but also in the spirit world. True Parents are bequeathing their victorious foundation to us. We must imitate this tradition of True Parents in practice and resemble True Parents in the way they love the world, all things, mankind and God, so that we can establish the model of an ideal nation.

The New Hope Farm is a place for practicing precisely these things. It is where we invest and invest our love again, loving the earth, the water and nature. Many people of the world will come together as brothers and sisters here and practice the building of God's nation. By showing all people what we accomplish here we can educate them in how to establish a community of love transcending skin color, culture and nation. We can also show the standard of how to love and care for the creation. At the same time, we can awaken everyone to the fact that the global environment needs to be controlled internationally under this ideology. Here on this farm we can show mankind a model of how to rid the world of war, hunger and crime, and how to live in happiness and peace.

The 160 mission countries of the world will support this project with materials and manpower, and also with prayer. Youth from around the world will receive training and gain practical experience here. Then, they will return to their home countries and become the front line leaders in building ideal nations. At first this project will be supported at the continental level. As a first step, five people from each of forty nations will be sent. From May 1 of this year, the first two from each nation will go to participate in this historic movement."

This is the main content of the New Hope Farm Declaration. [Reverend Kwak reads the statement in Korean, then hears from True Father.] Father would like to add one important thing here, the Family Pledge content. This basic idea and practice of Father is always based upon the Family Pledge. Centering upon both of these proclamations, I would like to share with you a little more of the significance of these two important proclamations. First, our worldwide membership, including leaders, are a little confused in some cases. Already the Completed Testament era has begun. From now on what is their dispensational progress and direction? Some have questions regarding the future of the Unification community. However, the Sao Paulo Declaration makes our future direction and purpose very clear.

Beginning March 31, 1995, the second forty-year course began. If we understand well and digest the significance and meaning of the second forty-year course, then automatically our responsibility and goal becomes very clear. As you know, we are one stage behind True Parents. We should follow True Parents' tradition and lay conditions as to how we can inherit True Parents' tradition. From now on, all Unificationists need to educate themselves well and follow the main content of Father's forty-year course. In Korea I have almost completed one book of Father's words centering upon this past forty years, most especially centering upon the new year speeches. Since 1960, Father has been educating us through the yearly mottoes given each God's Day. After Father directed me to collect Father's past mottoes, I was so amazed at their content. All that Father has taught us year by year is not simply yearly mottoes; rather, all of these mottoes are linked to the whole mainstream of the dispensation. Furthermore, the entire forty yearly mottoes and new year speeches are so systematic and contain the complete content of what Father has reached. Centering upon these speeches we intend to make a book after translating the main points of these speeches. Centering upon this book, we should educate our followers. Without fully digesting and understanding Father's forty-year course, we cannot begin our second forty-year course. From now on, we have to educate our members with this content.

The subject of the second forty-year course is ourselves; the second generation era. The unit is no longer the individual, but rather a Blessed family unit. The second forty-year course has to always be viewed from the perspective of the family unit, with the second generation being the subject figure. Most importantly, it is the era of our portion of responsibility, not Heavenly Father or True Parents', but we ourselves. We are already standing upon Father's worldwide victorious foundation. Because of this foundation, we no longer meet persecution and hostility. We have already received amazing benefit and grace. Our goal is how to restore our own nation. Before restoring the nation, the subjects are the tribal messiahs who have fulfilled their own responsibility. After fulfilling their own responsibility, many tribal messiahs can join together and the next stage is the restoration of their own nation. Because of this Father emphasized tribal messiahship for so many years. All Blessed couples, centering upon the Family Pledge, need to take this as our living standard, then, after fulfilling tribal messiahship, restore the country together.

During this course, we should educate our followers. Many members feel that because this is the Completed Testament era, we should not expect to receive any more persecution or negativity. Members need to be educated using the analogy of the borderline between one day and another day-the midnight hour. Once midnight is reached the new day begins, but immediately following midnight darkness still exists. In 1993, the Completed Testament era began, but this is equivalent to the midnight hour in God's entire history. Dawn will definitely break, a new sun will rise. Still darkness prevails for a period of time. Fundamentally it is now impossible for Satan himself to attack True Parents directly, but Satan's regime is still surrounding and attacking many areas. The reality of this world is still under Satan's regime, but the important thing to remember is that midnight has past and dawn is coming. Furthermore, Satan's power to attack True Parents and the Unification community is fundamentally lost. If we follow Father's direction with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, we will be able to shorten the time of the coming of the dawn. Father has already told us that it could be possible within four months, if one national leader or prime minister were to become fully Father's son or daughter. The restoration of a nation would be easy. From the Sao Paulo Declaration, we should clearly know in which direction the Unification community is going and follow the guidelines of this declaration.

Secondly, the New Hope Farm Declaration: We national leaders stayed for six days at New Hope Farm with True Parents. Always our meeting began at 5 a.m., we listened to Father's guidance and after breakfast we would go out fishing or farming until it would be dark. We would then return home. After dinner, we would meet and Father would continuously teach until midnight. This is Father and Mother's lifestyle at the New Hope Farm. Please think about Father and Mother's age. Already in this country Father obtained an amazing victorious condition. Representatives of the Abel foundation of this country follow and support Father. Cain figure representatives also closely understand and support Father. Now the Washington Times' foundation has become amazingly important within this country. Externally Father has won such a wonderful victorious foundation already. Upon this kind of external victorious foundation, it would be normal to imagine that Father and Mother would remain in this country. After all, Father has many plans and has worked 360 degrees centered upon this country. Here there is a convenient environment, but Father chooses to go the way that is 180 degrees opposite to normal people's common sense and heads for the pioneering path in South America. In South America, the surrounding foundation is almost zero compared with this country. By himself he initiated the farm and stood on the front-line facing a difficult lifestyle. Many things are inconvenient and uncomfortable in that area.

The two goals are externally protecting the environment, and internally protecting people, beyond nationality, culture and race to create an ideal society. Only True Parents can conduct such a thing. This is not simply an idea, it is a reality. It has already begun. We need to educate world leaders with Father's goals and ideals. They should be aware of what Father is now doing. Until now, the most important issue for True Father was how he built the mainstream path to the worldwide and cosmic level. Father has already completed that victorious condition. Now he practically, vertically, is making an example for people. In this sense, all worldwide Unification members should understand the New Hope Farm ideal. Every member should participate. From each nation, five participants will go. The worldwide membership should go, train, return to their own country and build the ideal world centering upon their own country. This New Hope Farm is like a historical start, so please remember this. Centering upon this model, Father will build the heavenly kingdom on the earth.

Last, I want you to know that I observed Father's lifestyle on that farm. You should realize Father's present age. From now on, all worldwide Unification members and leaders have to follow Father's lifestyle. Anytime, any place, you have to imagine the heart of True Parents standing on the front line. From now on, we have no excuse. Heartistically, we have to re-educate ourselves, as well as the membership. The whole world membership needs to focus on Father's South American project. Where Father and Mother stay is our own base of heart. We need to become one with Father's tradition and lifestyle. We dedicate our lives one hundred percent to follow True Parents' lifestyle. You will do this, won't you? [Yes.] After receiving this proclamation content, please don't keep it for yourselves alone. You need to share it with your membership, educate them and distribute it throughout the entire organization. We should know what True Parents are now thinking and the main dispensation progress. Please be sure to distribute this content to the entire membership and educate them. Thank you very much.


[Father and Reverend Kwak speak back and forth in Korean; Reverend Kwak begins to speak again.]

I missed one declaration: The Family Declaration. Father explained to the international leaders the significance of the upcoming 360,000 Couples' Blessing. The number 36 is representative of the entire history of mankind and whole existence. When Father blessed 36 couples, it signified three groups of twelve couples. One group was representative of past history, one group was representative of present time and one group was representative of future history. This means that we refer to the first group as Adam's family couples, the second group as Noah's family couples, and the third group as Jacob's family couples. God's dispensational progress, centered upon Adam's family, resulted in failure. However, within Noah's family was a condition of sacrifice, because of Noah's amazing foundation of faith. Due to Ham's mistake, the outcome was failure. Centering upon Jacob's family, God succeeded in building the foundation of faith and substance. This was the first case in history. Adam's family is representative of the past and failure, Noah's family is representative of the sacrificial present existence, and Jacob's family is representative of the successful future. It is related to the whole of mankind. Someone who is already elevated to the spiritual world without Heavenly Father and True Parent's blessing falls into the category of failure, based on the past. On the earth, many people are sacrificed because of immorality and Satan's dominion over the earth. Noah's family representative is equivalent to present, existing mankind. The future, coming newborn generation is under True Parents' dominion. These are the successful future generations of Blessed children to be born. This is represented by Jacob's family.

The number 36 is such an important number, representing the entire history of mankind. For the upcoming blessing, Father decided on 360,000 couples, because the number 36 in Father's mind represents history and the whole of mankind. Through this blessing, Father wants to embrace and offer blessing under the minimum conditions. As you know, the blessing is most precious. The condition to receive the blessing is most important, especially if you are aware of the conditions surrounding the early blessings. Married couples' blessing condition was usually very difficult, with separation periods of more than seven years. Some couples were separated for more than fourteen years before the blessing, very difficult conditions. However, True Parents' heart wishes to embrace, if possible, entire mankind and the whole history and restore it in one moment. This kind of grace does not suddenly come about. It comes about due to True Parents' amazing worldwide victorious condition. Therefore, Satan is never arguing directly to True Parents. Based upon this victorious foundation, Father desires to give the blessing under minimum conditions.

The minimum conditions are: to recognize True Parents, to recognize that all fallen men need to restore their blood lineage, own things (ownership) and restore their heart. These conditions need to be restored by fallen mankind. First, from fallen lineage to heavenly lineage; second, restore ownership from Satan's ownership to True Parents' ownership; then our hearts have to be restored under God and True Parents. All blessing candidates should understand these three points. After the blessing, we never divorce or fall. Anyone who can understand and embrace these three conditions can become candidates for the blessing. How easy compared to very early times. Therefore, Father's heart is waiting to embrace all people one day. In Father's mind, 360,000 couples is certainly not enough. Why not 3.6 million couples or more? In this sense, all Unification leadership has to understand Father's heart and do our best until the blessing. Father directed me to emphasize to the worldwide leadership the need to guide the people through hard work and fulfill our responsibility.

Furthermore, Father taught us that after the blessing each continent has its own responsibility. Each continent is responsible for a certain number of candidates for the blessing. All worldwide leadership should clearly understand and educate the membership. We have to reach our goal, especially since Father has proclaimed the 360,000 Couples' Blessing to the worldwide leadership already. Since this has been proclaimed by Father, as Unificationists we have to accomplish this blessing number. Many countries have gained amazing results already through the spiritual world's help. Through the blessing, Father wants to share this grace to each religious community. According to Father's direction, we approached each religious leader requesting them to have their members participate in True Parents' blessing ceremony. This coming blessing is a very unique, historical event. There will be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and many other religious traditions represented.

[Father now begins to speak again.]

In the past, there has been fighting between Protestants and Catholics, and due to this they have come down. However, if they unite together under Father, they will both go up and save the world. Once these two combine into one, there will be no problem saving the world. For this great cause in God's providence, we will march to South America bringing the entire people of North America along with us. Are you going to do this or not? [YES.] Do you want to go there alone? [No.] As a tribal messiah bring 160 families along with you. If you do so, North and South America will be united instantly. Those who are determined enough to tighten their belts all the way, march and follow behind Father, raise your hands. [Father says, "Wow!"] You really raised both of your hands and I saw it clearly. Don't hesitate and escape. [APPLAUSE.] Father says we have no time to spare, so we will skip lunch.

This is the written direction, Father has covered most of it. [Father begins to read.]

April 17, 1995, directions at the world leaders' conference with True Father. Today is Easter Sunday, according to the Unification Church. This is a day of resurrection. How wonderful is this day.

1. God's ideal of creation and the "safe settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." This means the completion of God's ideal of creation from the family level all the way to the cosmic level. Do you understand? Based upon your family, you have safe settlement. That was the original, God's, ideal of creation beginning at the family level.

a) The original family lost the foundation of loving the earth, loving the creation, loving man and loving God. As Subject, God did everything, loved the earth, all created things, mankind and God. Man as an object did not fulfill these things. That was the fall. As a family, we should love the earth. Until this point, we didn't have this kind of concept. Without earth and soil, how can we produce all the things of creation? We have to love the earth and all things. This will be the foundation of loving man. Upon that foundation, we can learn how to love God. This is the base. To love the earth and all things, man and God, where do you think you will have to go? The New Hope Farm. At the New Hope Farm, there are countless kinds of birds, insects and fish. In the early morning, just before dawn, if Father sits quietly, he can hear all kinds of birds singing. It was nature's song to Father's ears.

In the autumn, people will sometimes refer to the orchestra of insects, but Father felt he heard the orchestra of birds in South America. Father also found that various kinds of fish create their own orchestra also. There is no fish that cannot sing; no matter how ugly it may look, it still can sing. [Laughter.] Father wondered if the nature of the South American people took after the creation. The fish rest themselves in the shade singing and waste their entire lives. [Laughter.] It is true. We should not resemble the South Americans in terms of their living attitude. As children of God, we have to be different then that. Even when we hear all kinds of singing from nature, instead of taking it for our own advantage we have to understand it as God's song. All these insects, birds and even fish are singing to praise God. Man took this incorrectly and abused it. Instead of singing and living to praise God, mankind has been stealing everything from Him. They have been cheating and lying. This has to stop.

We must unite the Protestant land of North America, with the Catholic land of South America and prepare the foundation strong enough to praise God and liberate God.

b) Centering upon True Parents, we must unite Cain and Abel. This is how we will establish the land where we can experience the safe settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, which is the ideal world.

c) We will expand education-focusing upon agriculture, forestry, oceanic studies and technology. By doing so, we can connect the safe settlement of True Parents and Completed Testament Age at the worldwide level. This is the type of education of which we are speaking.

d) We must complete a new nation centered upon God.

2. Traditional spirit comes from the unity between God and man.

We need: a) Absolute faith

b) Absolute love. Through absolute love, subject and object must become one.

c) Absolute obedience from the

individual level to the cosmic level and for eternity.

No matter what you may be, from the moment of birth until you join the spiritual world, all have to follow this formula. By doing so, absolute eternal life will dwell within me. That is how God's joy and happiness will dwell with me also, from birth to death eternally.

3. Centering upon goodness, eliminating evil and receiving the time of liberation. When Father refers to "goodness," he is referring to absolute goodness, eliminating Satan and meeting the age of liberation.

a) Transformation of lineage. Without transferring our lineage, there is no way to eliminate Satan from us. Transformation from the false lineage to the true lineage, centering upon True Parents. The fall occurred because of false parents, so now we have to be restored through True Parents. Transformation of ownership needs to take place. Whatever we may possess now does not belong to us, they are all stolen possessions. We have to offer all back to the original owner. At the time of Adam and Eve, they stole these things before their actual marriage. Ideally, we are supposed to return whatever we have back to God before our blessing.

If, right after World War II, those Allied countries had been united with Father, the Lord of the Second Advent, and begun to launch the Kingdom of God on earth, Father could have changed the constitution of the world and returned all possessions back to God.

We must realize that we are eating stolen food and living on stolen goods. Though you may not have stolen yourself, as long as you are using the stolen goods, you are still responsible. You know who is the owner of the stolen goods you are using and yet you don't return them. Do you understand? [Yes, Father.]

b) Restoration of the realm of heart. Father has been teaching us this for a long time. The individual is the formation stage, husband and wife are the growth level, and the tribal level is the perfection level. In terms of the realm of heart this is one category. When you look at your face, you see three different stages; eyes, nose and mouth. Without having these three stages connected together, there is no place to go.

c) Registration and the fatherland. This means registering in the Kingdom of God. You have to be registered as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, because we don't have the restored heavenly nation yet. Without having your birth record here in America, you cannot be issued with a passport as an American citizen. So it is, as far as registering in the Kingdom of God. The mission of the tribal messiahs is that you have to restore your Cain 360 families and have them register as heavenly citizens. By doing so, we can build the nation from that point on. The goal is to restore the nation, the fatherland.

d) The Kingdom of God on earth and Kingdom of God in heaven. When we build the nation, based upon one single race we will absorb all other races and build the fatherland. It will become the worldwide level.

e) Unity between mind and body and the unification of religions. There will be no more religions needed, only the True Love of the True Parents. The purpose of creating religions was to suppress bodily desires, so that the body could follow the mind. Your body is like a military base. We have to destroy it and have it obey the mind. Because of Satan's influence, our bodily desire always tries to subjugate the mind. From now on, not through believing in and practicing certain religious doctrines will you enter the Kingdom of God, but rather through practicing the True Love from True Parents you will be qualified to enter the Kingdom of God. Those who say that through believing in Jesus Christ alone we'll be able to enter the Kingdom of God are mistaken. There has to be God's love and the lineage has to be restored back to God. Unless we can usher in the age of the unification of religions, we cannot even think of building the Kingdom of God.

The different stages of the struggle have developed as tribal conflicts, national conflicts and the final stage is religious struggle and racial conflict. We have to go beyond these levels. Do you understand? Through love and peace, we must build the age of unity between God and mankind, the liberation of God and man. Once we are truly centered upon True Love we don't need national boundaries, racial boundaries, etc. There will only be peace and love remaining. That is where we can find true freedom and happiness.

I wish for you to complete the age of God's glory in eternity. Amen. [Amen.] We must succeed in the South American project. Do you understand clearly? [Yes.] Father now feels that even if he were to go away from you, since you understand clearly, you should be able to accomplish this mission. Do you think that Father has to remain here in America with you or should he go to South America and supervise everything there? [South America.] If Father doesn't want to go there, you should chase him out of America and send him to South America. The only reason Father has remained here in America until now is because we have been stubborn enough not to give up our possessions and North America is not ready to restore South America. Once America is ready; that is, Unificationists in America are fully equipped and ready, spiritually and physically to work with Father, there is no need for Father to remain in America. If we do that, then North and South America will become one with no boundary. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Even if you may feel a little bit skeptical about all that Father has explained, you just follow Father and see what will happen. Even more so, you have to push Father to go with this project to stand in the front line. Do you understand? [Yes.] American people in Cain position and Unificationists in Abel position need to combine into one. From a conditional viewpoint, this will all make completion. That is all. Do you understand clearly? [Yes.] Those who make pledge again, even though you may feel hungry, you have to shout like a person who is not hungry. Stand up. Shout out loud, "Let's go to South America!" [LET'S GO TO SOUTH AMERICA!] MANSEI! [MANSEI!] MANSEI! [MANSEI! MANSEI!] GOD BLESS YOU. [GOD BLESS YOU, FATHER. APPLAUSE.]

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