The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


The Leaders' Meeting - April 11, 1995

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 11, 1995
East Garden
Translator -- Sang Kil Han

[Report given here by Mr. Yoon]

The important point of Father's recent visit to Brazil concerned a speech Father gave on March 30, 1995 at Sao Paulo's Headquarters. There Father made the Sao Paulo Proclamation in which he said, that upon the inheritance of True Parents victorious realm the second forty year period is now beginning with the True Children as the center. This began from the 36th True Parents Day. This historical new era has begun and from now on we should absolutely obey True Parents. We should return to being a pure white blank sheet of paper and follow True Parents absolutely. If we truly try our best in this endeavor then the forty year period can be shortened. It all depends upon how we try. Blessed couples with families have the responsibility to educate their children and live up to the content of Family Pledge. Blessed parents should inherit True Parents heavenly tradition in order to educate their children.

North America represents Protestantism, whereas South America represents Catholicism. These two should become united into one. North America should support South America because the new second forty year providence has begun in South America. All providential activities will center upon South America. Based upon the unity between Protestantism and Catholicism represented by North and South America, this unity should extend to Europe. Protestantism representing Abel and Catholicism representing Cain they should become united. This unified Christianity should also unite with Judaism and that unity also extend to the unity between Christianity and Muslims. The unified Western hemisphere religions should also unite with the Eastern hemisphere religions. This kind of religious unification will become the base and foundation for world unity.

Another important speech which Father gave at New Hope Farm on April 3, 1995 was entitled, The New Hope Farm Proclamation. In this Father spoke of the restoration of lineage and rightful position, and that we should have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience and absolutely cut off Satan from ourselves. We can then actualize all that Father spoke of in the Sao Paulo Proclamation. Korea as the providential country and Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, these four countries that Father is now focusing on are on the opposite side of the earth to one another. From Korea to South America a kind of spiritual axis is being created. In a sense Father is trying to create, centering upon the four nations in South America, the restored ideal model nation.

During this speech Father spoke about Noah's course. During the course of 120 years Noah had to build the ark on the top of the mountain. We probably may have difficulty in understanding the personal difficulties and persecution he had to undergo at the time. To spend 120 years building an ark on the top of a mountain would surely indicate that he was crazy. He could have received all kinds of persecution directly from his immediate family. When Heavenly Father ordered Noah to undertake this task, and observed all the persecution Noah received on account of this, what kind of heart would Heavenly Father have at that time? We should understand this situation and from this lesson do our best in this forty year new providence in South America. We should most definitely create a more even distribution of wealth, not only within our membership, but worldwide. There needs to be a more equal and fare standard of living for all. There is presently too great of difference in the distribution of wealth, especially in South America. There is no middle class represented in South America. There are the wealthy and the very poor.

As tribal messiah candidates we should be able to solve the hunger problem of the world. Father has so often told us that there are over twenty million people dying of starvation each year. This new providence of Father's can be compared to the second exodus. We should be able to participate and fulfill our responsibility and create an ideal model nation in South America. Father also spoke about creating and writing the constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Blessed families should live by the strictest standard which Father has taught us. Only the families who strictly observe True Parents tradition have the right to participate in the seven holy days that we have. Father emphasized this. Father also said that those who observe the tradition of Family Pledge every Sunday morning without failure, and those who have kept purity within their families and maintained an exemplary standard throughout three generations, are the ones who can participate in the holy day celebrations. Father also instructed the Korean missionaries in South America to teach Korean to the members and Father's tradition.

We had a very good time there in spite of a very crowded and inconvenient situation. However, everybody felt within a few days that they could overcome the difficult feelings of living in a primitive situation and could feel a great deal of blessing and inspiration. From 5 a.m. until 12 midnight, sometimes later, Father really shared with us and guided us and then we had farm work and fishing and then late at night there would be further guidance. Through this intense schedule, everybody who was there really felt much inspiration and blessing in spite of the hot weather and inconvenience. I am sure that all of you will have the possibility to go there some day. It is a very nice place even though it is a little hot and there are mosquitoes that bother one. There is very good fishing down there. I have felt very grateful to True Parents that I was able to accompany them there and to serve them. It was a real privilege to be with Father closely and to serve him. I wish for each of you that experience. Father's spirit is always intense. He doesn't relax. Sometimes I would wonder why Father cannot relax. I would think to myself, this is only fishing he can take it easy. But he never does so. This really shows Father's spirit of desiring to accomplish the most. He never wastes a moment. This is what he is trying to show to us. He is always persistent and tries harder than anyone else to catch fish. That alone served as a great lesson for me. Father's example of spirit to pursue the goal that you set. No matter what it takes to accomplish this goal. This is what Father is trying to teach us through the fishing activities.

One fish has many many eggs and each egg can become one fish. In the course of nature many of them are in fact eaten by other fish, but if controlled the source of food could be unlimited. This is what Father has said to us many times. We can create fish powder. Whatever Father does, even in pursuits that could be relaxing, he is always thinking about mankind and the world restoration. I am sure that everyone who participated in the New Hope Farm activities felt the same thing. For this we are truly grateful to True Parents and the lessons learned. I hope that everyone of you will soon have the opportunity to go there and experience these things first hand for yourselves.

Thank you very much. [Applause.]

[Here Father Begins To Speak]

Dispensational history, as we all know, is the history of uniting Cain and Abel through the mother. In one word, humankind did not have a father. The fate of the Fall meant that mankind did not have a True Father to begin its history. Instead it had Satan as its center. Since we did not have Father, consequently we did not have real mother. Therefore we do not have True Mother, nor legitimate children. Looking back at human history it was as if God had lost the entire head part and therefore had to grasp hold of the tail of human history and try to restore everything backwards to the point of restoration of Parents.

Historical restoration went backwards and so Cain was the older brother and Abel the younger brother. However, in God's eyes the younger brother is in the position of the elder brother, as he is closer to God. For example, a daughter would become mother, and whoever might be mother would become a daughter. This is how God has been working out the restoration. We can explain the history of humankind in one word, one sentence: the struggle between Cain and Abel. Ever since the human history began with the Fall this path has been repeated until the coming of the messiah.

If you look back at human history you will observe that Satan had an individual, family, a country and his own world. Most importantly he possessed many nations, whereas God had nothing. Satan has been wielding his power to interfere with God's plan to introduce His own individual, God's own family, and God's own nation. Satan has consistently interfered with and sabotaged God's work. We can observe human history up until now in this way. Therefore no one is entitled to marry because it is illegitimate. Therefore, on God's side no individual was able to have a family. Therefore the family was non-existent as far as God was concerned.

When Jesus came as the messiah 2,000 years ago he won over the national level, Satan's national level was won over by Jesus. Standing upon that base Jesus was supposed to begin his family for the first time in human history. Until that time, no man had ever had any family in God's sight. The purpose of this is so that it will later link with the existing fallen families, nations and bring them to God through salvation. Without Jesus accomplishing this there was no condition for God to reach out to fallen families and nations of the world. At that time the world should have cooperated with Jesus and prepared to receive Mother. Judaism in the position of Abel and the nation of Israel in the position of Cain, should have worked in unity to receive Mother. At the time of Jesus we can see that the woman named Anna was preparing to receive Mother. No one knew clearly at that time what was going on. Now we can only say what should have been 2,000 years ago when Jesus came. Jesus struggled and struggled and no one ever dreamed of the dispensation. However, very simply, Judaism and Israel in the position of Cain and Abel should have joined together in order to support Jesus to receive Mother.

The positions of Cain and Abel were represented horizontally through Judaism and Israel, and in a vertical way through Zechariah's family and Joseph's family. Therefore the unity of Judaism and Israel and Zechariah's family and Joseph's family would have supported Jesus. For a king to reign he needs a queen. True Mother coming in the position of the queen would have enabled Jesus, as True Father, to reign. Once this clear axis was established then no nation would ever have come against God's new foundation. In other words, this family and nation centered upon Jesus, which Father has just described to us, would have been so well founded from Heaven to earth that no power could have damaged it. It would have meant that the Satanic nations no longer had a center.

Jesus was not understood by any of the horizontal elements of religion and nation, neither did he have the vertical understanding of his own kin. Not one member of either Zechariah's family or Joseph's family understood him. Jesus found himself all alone with absolutely no support or foundation. What is the key point of the failure of Jesus' mission? It was that Jesus was not able to form and keep the foundation of Parents. He was to be in the position of True Father but he was unable to realize this. Therefore, since he had no family he was without the kingship of a nation.

Therefore, instead of having the center of a good family, good parents and good nation, they fell back to bad family, bad kingship and Satan's world. At Jesus' time there was the possibility of restoring the good Parentship, good family, good eldership and good kingship. None of this was established at that time. The kingship should have occurred first and without it the real family would never have been able to stand. This eldership refers to elder brother. Jesus stood in the position of elder brother to all mankind existing up until his advent. Jesus was expected by God to restore eldership and Parentship and then kingship over the nation. Then the restored world which God intended would have come into being.

When Jesus was crucified he lost all of these elements. That means that God lost everything. Had Jesus received the support of the religion and nation, then he would have elevated himself to the position of parent. Then the nation would have been formed and all the existing fallen world would have connected with this foundation. In other words they would have been restored back to God. If this core would have been established, it would not have mattered how strong the fallen surrounding foundation was, it would have merely been a matter of time. The strong thrust of God's power would have restored all the nations of the world and brought them under God's dominion. The spiritual world would have poured down in support of the realization of this foundation at that time.

It is the same pattern as the good archangel helping and assisting mankind in the Garden of Eden. The good spirits are in the position of the good archangel. What we sadly realize is that everything was lost 2,000 years ago because of opposition of the satanic world. After Jesus was crucified it took him forty days to reorganize what had been lost and scattered. He gathered his disciples after forty days, and began a new spiritual movement centering upon the Mother spirit, or Holy Spirit in the upper room. Jesus had to begin a new spiritual foundation here on earth which was to have taken place in the physical form originally. However, due to the crucifixion it took place only in the spiritual form. This is how Christianity was born.

Originally Jesus was to have created this foundation with a physical body together with a physical Mother. But as he lost everything, he had to create a spiritual foundation with his spiritual body and the Holy Spirit as the spiritual mother. He tried to reindemnify everything that he failed to do physically in this spiritual manner. Therefore, without being born again through Jesus and the Holy Spirit we cannot be saved. Spiritually it is an extremely difficult task to bring forth Mother because this can only come about through the extreme upper spiritual world and extreme lower earth working together. This is not an easy task to accomplish. Jesus had to bring this about but, as we know, it was a very slow process to establish the foundation of Christianity.

We see the efficiency of Jesus' workings. In order to believe in Jesus at that time, you must have had an absolutely strong faith and love towards Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Without that no power could come through an individual to make a difference. How difficult it is. Therefore all the early Christians had to demonstrate strong faith, strong love and strong obedience and upon that base were able to connect to Jesus. Without that there was no way to connect to Jesus. Why does it have to be this way? Because this is what was lost. God lost mankind's absolute obedience, absolute love and absolute faith in Him. Adam and Eve lost all of these elements and Jesus had to restore them in order for mankind to be reborn through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Today all the Christians who are trying to reconnect to Jesus have to demonstrate absolutely strong faith and love and absolute obedience towards God and Jesus. They have to cry out and act like insane people then only with that power are you able to reconnect with Jesus. The connection with Jesus was that difficult. John the Baptist was in the Cain position to Jesus in the position of Abel. Had he firmly connected himself to Jesus then automatically all other followers would have automatically have been connected to Jesus. That is all that John the Baptist had to do. He was representing the Cain world.

We have understood why we need rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but we truly need physical rebirth. Two thousand years have elapsed since the time of Jesus and the providence goes on. Now, in this age this spiritual foundation of Christianity has been deployed horizontally through the forming of the nations of America, England and France. These nations represent the spiritual foundation of the workings of Christianity. Jesus together with the Holy Spirit would have occupied the true realm of this world. In order to legitimize by condition Jesus' realm, there appeared in opposition the satanic nations of Japan, Germany and Italy working directly against the allied power in World War II. These three allied nations in the war of Armageddon, attained victory and therefore they were ready to receive Father as the Second Coming. As soon as their victory was realized they were supposed to place their strong faith in the one whom history had been awaiting, namely the messiah. They should have demonstrated absolute faith, love and obedience towards the Lord of the Second Coming at that time.

Adam and Eve were supposed to have demonstrated absolute faith, love and obedience to God but they did not. Because they failed in this the Fall occurred and the misery of human history was a consequence. God tried to restore this failure during Jesus' time. He tried again at the end of World War II and now again during these last days. Absolute faith, love and obedience have to be restored by mankind at this time in history. Do you understand? (Yes.) During Jesus' time they were trying to restore these elements on the national base. Now we are standing on the world wide base. In this age there is no room for nationalistic sentiments. Absolute obedience, love and faith are what are needed now. There is no separation between human beings. God does not recognize race and nationality amongst His children. It is a total salvation which God intends. A salvation that will not exclude even one human being; everyone will be saved. In order to accomplish this the nation must demonstrate non-discriminatory love towards all nations of the world. This is what we should do now. By doing so and demonstrating absolute obedience to True Parents, God intends to bring about total salvation of the world. This is the broad picture of God's intention.

God's intention of having Adam and Eve demonstrate absolute faith, love and obedience was to establish the ideal formula for the Kingdom of Heaven. Until now nobody has established the perfect family base, national base and world base. At the time of Jesus the national base was to connect to this perfection base and create the world base of the Kingdom of Heaven. Until now Adam's family base has been lost, and Jesus' family base has been lost. That means the Kingdom of Heaven is vacant. This is not God's intention. This time is the completion of the third Adam at the world wide base. Satan's world comes against this world base of God. This occurred at the time of World War II. Japan represented the Eve nation on Satan's side. England represented the Eve nation on God's side. Both were island nations. Germany represented Abel on Satan's side. This was the most fearful position. Italy represented the Archangel nation on Satan's side. The archangel's position is always changeable. These three nations on the satanic side combined as a force against God's side.

After the victory of the allied nations, centered on God, this victorious world base was to connect to the messiah. These nations had to demonstrate absolute faith, love and obedience. These elements were lost at the time of Adam at the family level. At the time of Jesus they were lost at the national level. At the time of the Lord of the Second Coming they were to restore these two and connect to the world wide base. Then horizontally upon that foundation the victorious family, nation and world could have come about. Then automatically the Kingdom of Heaven would have come upon the earth. Do you follow me?

However, the reality was that the allied countries did not follow the Lord of the Second Advent. Father did not own anything at that time and to the eyes of America, England and France, Father, born in Korea, appeared to be a very shabby person. Could they bow down to Father and declare him the sole victorious person in the whole of history? Could they recognize Father at that time? They could not even imagine him to be the Father of all mankind, including America, France and England. Back in 1945 God expected them to accept Father in the position of Parent. Father appeared to be a shabby individual externally, but his quality was totally different. He was the winner of the historical victory. He was the one who has completely restored elder sonship; he was the one who restored all the failures of the nation and was himself the king of the restoration. He was an accomplished individual at that time. The allied nations who won the Second World War had the purpose to revere him, but they did not.

The Christian world was looking towards heaven for the messiah to come, just as the Israelites 2,000 years ago were waiting for Elijah to come from the clouds. But in actual fact John the Baptist came in a physical body representing Elijah. He had to come with a physical body because this is how the creation was made. However, John the Baptist denied that he was Elijah. Therefore the people of that time could not accept Jesus as the messiah because they did not see Elijah. Likewise, in 1945, they expected the messiah to come on the clouds and they could not accept Father as a man.

World War II was a very critical war and it was won by God's side. The satanic domain was shattered into pieces. All they needed to do was to reconnect with the heavenly person of the messiah and be firmly connected back to God and the whole world would have come into natural restoration. This is the secret for mankind today to know. Failure to recognize this is truly the arch crime of mankind. How can we miss this point that inheritance is passing in one direction. This was God's intent. How unrighteous can we be not to go along with God's intention. It's a bad situation that Father faces together with God. You have to learn Korean in order to hear directly from Father. Father realizes that the translation consistently misses the most important points. We understand generally what Father is saying, but not specifically.

England was the mother country that gave birth to America which is in the position of son. France was in the archangel position. America stands upon the foundation of the victory of World War II. America also won the war of independence from England and established the idea of the nation of America. The victorious nations were England, America and France. They had been attacked by the satanic nations of Japan, Germany and Italy. At the time of the allied nations victory, the world independently belonged to God no longer to Satan. Upon that foundation the messiah was to connect with these nations and so restore what was lost in Adam's family and at Jesus' time on the national level. Now all could be restored at the world wide level. Then the perfection of the family base, national base and world base could have occurred. Then God could have connected the entire world and the Kingdom of Heaven could have appeared on the earth at that time. This was the perfection level.

In 1945 all that England, America and France had to do was to understand this and have the attitude in their mind towards this direction. Believing in what Father said, loving him and obeying him. Upon this basis of absolute faith, love and obedience then the world would have been restored at that time. God's ideal would have been accomplished in approximately seven years and Father could have proclaimed a cosmic constitution. However, history witnessed the world chasing him out into the wilderness. Had things gone as God desired, everything would have come into the right direction. Everything was prepared to receive True Parents on the world wide level. The establishment of the Unification Church would never have been necessary. Between 1945 and 1952 the whole world history would have been consummated. Because it failed to come about, Father has had to do so many things that would not have been necessary had the allied nations followed him. Christianity was in the position of the bride religion but they chased their bridegroom out.

At the time of the Fall only one Adam was chased out of the Garden of Eden. In 1945, Christianity, through disobeying True Father, caused the whole of Christianity to be chased out of the Garden of Eden. The bride chased the bridegroom out then who came and occupied that bride? Satan occupied that bride. Today we see proof of this through the sexual confusion and promiscuity that rages. This is Satan's way of degradation of the Christian world.

North and South America will come into natural unification. Father hopes and wishes that this day will come very quickly and that America will realize its wrong doing. Realize, and ask for forgiveness. Father is wishing for the day when North and South America unifies and North and South Korea unifies. In the next six years we should complete all these before we return to Korea. Before Father does that he will go to Africa and create an environment where Africans can live. That is Father's schedule. Be prepared and think seriously for the great movement of races. We won't stay here forevermore. Now is the time for mass exodus, mass movement from one place to another to build the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to truly liberate all satanic affiliation and create a true people centered upon God and True Parents. Do you understand? This is not only for the sake of South America but for Africa also. Africa as a poor country has been exploited and misused. Father, with True Love, wants to embrace them. Father has spoken of the forty years of reindemnification and now Father is about to establish the New Hope Farm where he wishes to establish a completely new tradition of love of all things, love of mankind and love of God.

Ever since the failure of Adam's family God has been longing for the ideal family. Today we hear the concept of the global village, but we must work for the world family. We must be more advanced than Satan's world. Let us build the family which God lost through Adam and Eve's failure. The Family Pledge has been itemized into seven parts by Father. All of the seeds of the restoration of human history are listed there one by one. As you can see the consistent theme throughout is centered upon True Love. The core family is like the bone and the world around us is like the flesh. Both connected with one man to come to perfection. Do you understand? The world family, like a world village, is our object world. The world village as pursued by the world at large has no absolute concept. Satan's world does not have the concept of absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. Only God has this kind of concept. Is this clear? (Yes.) Really? (Yes.)

Father trusts that you understand now clearly regarding this point. Sometimes Father is amazed even at himself. How is he able to be so consistent throughout this forty years? May 1 of last year, Father bequeathed this forty years to the second generation. It can be shortened of course. On May 1 of this year Father declared that this would begin. With shedding our sweat, blood and tears we need to invest to provide food for humanity; then no religion will be necessary any longer. We will become religion-free. We will have accomplished the object of religion through our absolute faith, abolute love and absolute obedience. That is, in and of itself, the only religion you will ever need. You need to make sure that your mind is subject over your body. Until the present time the body has always worked against the spirit of mankind. This was also reflected by the political world persecuting the religious world throughout history. Now, centering upon your vertical mind, God's absolute pillar, we live lives of absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. And our bodies must follow this. Without this we can never connect with God's world. Is this clear? (Yes.)

[Father asks one congregant:] How do you feel having listened to Father? (He answers: "I think that it is an exciting goal. However, I think that it will take a lot more than the people in this room. Although I am personally excited about Father's goal.") Excitement doesn't belong to you. You have to give it to the other side, then unify. You have to create "my concept." Not take the opposite view. Do you understand? Not "Father's concept." Not "Unification Church concept." Rather "My concept." Otherwise we cannot go through the human way. Do you understand? No explanation or excuse at this time. We simply have to accomplish it. We have to be ready to take the lowly way, the farmer's way, laborer's way, factory worker's way, not the easy way. We have heard it said that for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is as difficult as a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Father feels, here is a Unification Church leader comfortable in a chair, how can I make him go through the transition of giving up everything and doing farming. If someone is on top, someone has to help him go down. Otherwise, the only way he can go down is to stumble down and he doesn't want you to do that, because you will die.

Father doesn't want you to die; he wants you to live. But do you imagine that he asks you to take this difficult path because he hates you so much? On the contrary. This year's motto is to inherit Father's foundation. Without accomplishing this we cannot inherit Father's foundation. You may not particularly care to toil as a farmer and laborer, but still if you do this at least you will understand True Father's tradition and sympathize with him. At least that will help you go to Heaven. Father is looking for that kind of individual in a nation, one who can receive that love concept. Those people who do heavy work will live in the Kingdom of Heaven. When Father leaves North America and goes to South America, should Father concentrate on helping North America or South America? (South America.) Should there be two roots or one root? (One root.) However, you want to have two roots. In your hearts you are pulling Father to help North America as well as South America. However, Father is leaving and that means he must concentrate upon South America. Father worked so hard to support the Washington Times. In Father's absence, should you North American members give up the Washington Times or should we support it? (Support it.) Father is not asking for your opinion, rather he is asking who amongst you is determined to support the Washington Times. Would you support it or would you not? Those who are ready to do so, not just as an opinion, but who is determined to support it, please raise your hands. Only one person didn't raise his hand and that was Father. (Laughter.)

As long as Parents are living this life the children must automatically follow. It is time now for us to reflect upon our lives until this point and be ready to embark upon a brand new era together with Father.

[Father calls upon Col. Han to pray.]

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