The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


Perfection Of The True Self And Safe Settlement Of The Family

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 5, 1995
Belvedere - International Training Center
Translator -- Il Hyon Kim

Father writes the title on the board: Chamjaah Wansung Gwa Kajung Anchak - Perfection of the True Self and Safe Settlement of the Family.

Did many Unification Theological Seminary students come here? [ Yes.] How many? [Many raise their hands.] Mr. Pak, the continental director, do you not gather anymore these days? You have to hold service gatherings in an earnest manner. As the last days gets nearer you must gather more often and with more devotion to worship service. Jim, the president, do you pay enough attention to Sunday Service? [Pardon me, Father.]

Listen carefully. You know very well that I have been working hard over the past months to bind together in sisterhood relationships the Japanese women and Korean women, and the American women and Japanese women. The things I do are quite different from the events that religious workers in general perform. You must know the fact that I go forth in step with the providential program.

Continual Growth Through Eight Stages

What is the providential program? Do you know? Until now, no one has known the providential program. You must know the fact that what the Unification Church is doing is not just something temporary that will pass away. Rather, we are establishing a standard by which history can be measured for eternity.

We all have to go through the eight stages of perfection: individual perfection, family perfection, tribal perfection, racial perfection, national perfection, worldwide perfection, cosmic perfection and Godly perfection. Since we all have to make such progress, we must not get comfortably fixed, adhering to old customs. This may be likened to a tree. A tree must grow.

Living things do not stand still for a moment. When you first joined the Unification Church, you were touched by the Word and shocked by the new revelation, and thus you renewed your mind and changed the direction of your life. Now it is twenty years later, and there has to be a difference accomplished over that span of time, but I question about how big a change you have brought about.

You may have rejoiced individually when you joined, and looked to your own resurrection. But you must know as a fact that you are to achieve the resurrection of eight stages going through family, tribe, race, nation, world, cosmos and God, down and up. Therefore, inside your heart there must be the self-perfected individual, family, nation, world, heaven and earth, and God.

That being the case, can God enter your hearts and stay there? As long as your families, the husband, wife, and children cannot enter there, God cannot enter your hearts and stay there. Think about it. Can God, who guides and governs the world, who created the entire universe, and who is eternal and able to pull the whole universe, enter into you? That is the question.

Established habits, manners and customs of these Americans have absolutely nothing to do with God's dispensation. Traditions centered on any nation and all the foundations based upon familiar old ways of thinking that Koreans, Japanese and any people of the world have today have absolutely nothing to do with God's dispensation.

You may come to Sunday Service here, not skipping any Sunday, as a habit, thinking that next year will be the same as this year. But it is not so. To a growing tree, this year is different from last year, and next year will be different from this year. There has to be a difference between last year and this year. Living things must grow.

Is this line going up or down? (Pointing at the bottom of a diagonal.) This is hell. You must know very well that you can have a connection with me only when you reach Heaven. Only when you enter into the realm of perfection, the realm of direct dominion, that is Heaven, can you establish a connection. Unless you penetrate into the realm of perfection, all your endeavors will be of no avail. The one who risks his life to reach there will live, as the Bible says.

All of you here, are you confident in your chances of living? Who is confident? Raise your hand. There is no one. The thing that becomes an issue when you go over the hill of death is your proof, that is, what kind of a being are you as you pass over.

That being the case, what are you going to do, if you get stopped and cannot go over forever? Just knowing me will not help you at all. This is the formula. Even if you are a king, or even if you are the man who created that formula, if you do not practice it, then you will fail.

Judgment by the Word

When you go to the spirit world, you will see all that I have said to you like a clear glass. You must know that. What I say to you here at Belvedere is not the same Word every time. What I promulgate here is for the sake of Heaven and earth. If you reject the Word here on earth, then the spirit world will remember having seen all of your actions, and you will be judged against that when you go to the spirit world. Everybody, including the leaders here, will be subjected to that judgment.

Jim, you have been the president for the past six years. How much progress have you achieved for the sake of America and for the sake of American members, and how many new members have you gathered throughout the United States? America is a huge country. How do you develop throughout this huge country, except through members? How many new members do you increase per day, per month, and per year? That is the question.

You don't care whether America meets with destruction or not. Even though whatever I say for the good of America is also for the sake of the whole world, you are just letting America go to the dogs, sitting around. You must realize the fact. I will not be here forever. I am seventy-six years old by Korean counting. I have already worked here for more than twenty years.

You have listened to me for over twenty years, as representatives of the world. Therefore, despite the fact that you must try to make the Word take root as something which can benefit the world, and that America must become the country that can move the world, you have actually incurred a debt.

You only wish to live in comfort. This is not the Kingdom of Heaven but hell. If you seek to live in comfort here, you must know that you will fall into a deeper hell. So now, which way are you headed? For the Kingdom of Heaven or hell? This is not playing games. You are in a different school. You are enrolled in an everlasting program. I am moving forward, adding one step at a time everyday, and that is my life.

If you don't have momentum, you go down. That means death. You don't need an explanation for that, you know it very well already. Then, since I have sown the Word here for a few decades, where am I going to harvest fruits of that Word?

Jesus and the Fig Tree

You must know that the more diligently you work the quicker you will restore America, instead of seeing it meet with destruction. I have worked hard for the sake of America because it represents the world as the awakening power. But you only represent yourselves, you do not work to represent the world. Then this country will not escape from its fall.

If this is all who gather when I am here at Belvedere, then how many gather when I am not around? Do you expect the spirit world to protect and love America when it is like this? Do you think the spirit world will leave those people who gathered here alone without calling them to account? They will have to be punished. It will be the opposite of your expectations. You will face a curse. You know that as Jesus was on his way back to Jerusalem, he was hungry, and seeing a fig tree by the road, he went up to it. But he found nothing on it except leaves, and Jesus cursed it not to bear fruit again. Immediately the tree withered.

What is the fruit? The Unification Church does not exist for the good of your own selves. It exists for the sake of the whole world, and you must get that into your heads, you lowly brood!

You utter things like, "Oh, we have to liberate God", and so forth. You liberate God? What do you think I am doing? Everything I do is for the purpose of liberating God. What does "being fallen" mean?

We all talk about Godism and Headwing Thought in our church. What is Godism? Since eui of chu eui (Chinese for "ism") stands for a sheep placed above the "I," and the sheep symbolizes the sacrificial offering, eui means "sacrificing myself". Chu of chu eui indicates the top of the king, which means God. So, is it easy to reach the position of a king? Can you reach there with ease? To reach there you must go over numerous stages, the eight stages of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God. You cannot reach there by aggrandizing yourselves.

America has become the kingdom of individualism, and its people are individualists. You must realize that America has become the kingdom of Satan. Think of it. Privacy? What the hell do you mean by asking for privacy for fallen junkies?

Privacy means that Satan wants to protect himself. By asking for privacy, Satan wants to safeguard the satanic world. America belongs to the satanic realm, not God's realm. Satan wants to prolong the history of the satanic world. But it is over, it is all over for him. Do you understand that?

What is Godism? It means the way to go forth having God at the center and tuning into Him. It is not the case that God is tuning into you. You must tune into Him. Why is that? Because you are fallen. You have lost your hometown. Being fallen is like having lost one's hometown.

The Four Points of Godism

Without having unification between mind and body and between families, you cannot reach the level of a united race, nation, and world. Also, you cannot run the whole distance of liberation of the universe by sitting around only listening to the Word, even if for ten thousand years. You need action.

Speaking of Godism; it is first absolute love-ism; second, it is absolute eternal life-ism; third, it is absolute lineage-ism; and fourth, it is absolute conscience-ism. When we say Godism, we mean these four points. Godism is what God originally wished to pursue, to realize. Only after the age of "ism" is passed will the safe settlement take place.

What is the meaning of "ism"? It means "direction". When we say things like nationalism, Communism, atheism, and theism, we are referring to direction. For the perfection of the true self, we must attain all the above.

Next, Headwing Thought. What does it mean? It simply means "true parentism". The term came about after the fall. In the original world we do not need this terminology. What is true parentism? It includes individual true parentism, family true parentism, tribal true parentism, racial parentism, national parentism, worldwide parentism, cosmic parentism, and Godly parentism, the whole eight stages.

Only after going through all those stages will the safe settlement take place. All these terminologies are not just passing words. They all are linked with and presently affecting you.

Because God could not materialize all these, that is, God could not attain absolute love-ism, absolute eternal life-ism, absolute lineage-ism, and absolute conscience-ism due to man's fall, God wants to go back through true parentism to achieve His ideal.

For the safe settlement of the family you need the perfection of the true self and the perfection of the family. But you have not reached there yet. The family settles safely on the basis of individual perfection. Have your families reached such a position? If not, all of you will end up in hell. I cannot pay indemnity for you. Do you want a Ph.D.? Then you have to go through the Ph.D. course and earn it. You have to obtain the graduation certificate yourselves. That is not Father's mission. It is your mission.

Father's job is to show you how to reach the perfection level. Throughout all my life I have worked to go over all the different levels, and finally I declared True Parents and the Safe Settlement of the Completed Testament Age. All the steps I have taken have been upward, not downward.

What about your families? Are they going upward or downward? Or have you stopped somewhere in-between? You stopped somewhere! Below this level belongs to all creation.

Now, do you care for your country? Your tribe? All humanity? No! You only care for yourselves. You must admit that. Is it clear?

The Door of True Parents

Our desire is learn how to go up to the level of safe settlement. Only when we reach there can we liberate God from His burden. Otherwise, it is impossible. This is the problem awaiting solution by fallen humanity.

What is Godism? Godism is inclusive of absolute love-ism, absolute eternal life-ism, absolute conscience-ism, and absolute lineage-ism. This means not leaving behind a trace of the fallen lineage for tens of thousands of years. How the hell could you ever have gotten into free sex acts, you fornicators!

How many Adam's and Eve's did God create? One Adam and one Eve, one absolute man and one absolute woman. Had they united with God they would have produced an ideal absolute family. But because they did not, they could not produce an ideal family. There were not True Parents after the fall, and that is why the struggle between Cain and Abel, the confusion, took place. That is why we need True Parents, absolutely.

What is the purpose of True Parents? Their purpose is to introduce and to restore absolute love-ism, absolute eternal life-ism, absolute lineage-ism, and absolute conscience-ism. To go into the Kingdom of Heaven you must go through the door of True Parents. So, have you become True Parents? Have you attained absolute love-ism? Humankind lost True Love. You aren't even aware that you lost True Love. Have you obtained eternal life? Without absolute love you cannot have eternal life.

God created man as His love partner. To love, you need a object. When there is a reciprocating relationship through absolute love between the subject and the object there will be absolute eternal life. Now you don't have eternal life. Do you have eternal life? Your mind and body fight against each other, don't they? You have only theoretical knowledge of these things, and do nothing in practice.

People might have some kind of concept about what one does when one goes through the university, the graduate school, and Ph.D. course, but if one doesn't have the contents, that is, the one, two, one hundred or even hundreds of actual written results of the work one does, what is the use of imagining about it?

So now, do you understand the meaning of Godism? [Yes.] Repeat after me. Choldae Sahrang chu eui, Choldae Saengmyong chu eui, Choldae Hyoltong chu eui, and Choldae Yangshim chu eui. The conscience of fallen people is zig zag, while originally it is supposed to be straight. Once you come into the Unification Church your conscience must be straight. I have taught you what and how the individual, the family and so on, all should be. The whole escalating eight stages; individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, cosmos, and God, have to be connected.

What is the difference between "ism" and "thought"? "Ism" indicates the direction, and "thought" indicates the method, the means. Thought explains how and what the individual, the family and so on are to do. All nations have their own respective national thought, like American national thought, Japanese national thought and so on. By the same token, Unification Thought and the Headwing Thought are the thought that explains how to unite centered on True Parents. What are "True Parents"? You all must become True Parents. That being the case, do you want to become a tribal messiah or a racial messiah or a national messiah? To be the national messiah you become the president of that country.

"Safe Settlement" is awe inspiring

You take whatever you achieve here on earth with you to the Kingdom of Heaven. There are many individual True Parents, and the best of them will go up to the level of the tribal True Parents throughout the world. Which level do you expect to reach when you go to the spirit world? Unless you have become a true parent and true family you cannot go into the Kingdom of Heaven. Absolutely not.

The family is the basic unit required to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is, when the Heavenly kingdom is organized, families become the basic units that fit the formula. A formulated configuration takes place, which can serve as a bridge between families and other units.

Therefore, unless you, the members of the Unification Church, realize the perfection of your family, you cannot go into the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the path that the True Parents walk, which is true parentism.

So, I ask you, Jim. Have you established yourself on the basis of true parentism? Has your family been united having you at the center? Have you and your family been of one accord with Godism? Since you are the representative of America, you must shed tears and blood by having become the sacrifice for all American families. A sacrificial offering does not have its own idea. You should discard notions such as, "Since I am an American . . .", "Since I am a man ..." and, "Since I am so and so . . ." If you think about your own family before you think about the world, you will fall into the meshes of punishment. If a sacrifice has its own ideas, it will get its head crushed. As the national leader, you must always think about the national cause. I always think about Heaven and earth first, before I even give a thought to my family, my sons and daughters, and my country. I never did the other way around. Only after we save the world, and only after we destroy the satanic world, can we think about our own families.

Terms such as "Safe Settlement", "True Parents", and "Completed Testament Age", all have awe inspiring meaning. It is even fearsome when you think about their meaning. Think about it! "Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament!" It was impossible even to imagine that it could happen. But it is reality. It means that the family won the fight in the satanic world. It means that the war has been won on the levels of tribe, nation, world, Heaven and earth, that the promises have been fulfilled and the age of the Completed Testament has safely settled. Satan no longer can make connections with me, saying that I am still a descendant of the fallen man.

Three Levels of Heart

What is the Fall? It is the reversal of Adam's having dominion over the archangel. Do you ever think about how difficult it is to subjugate all the satans in spirit world and on the earth and advance forward? And what is more, to be safely settled after that? That means, if you unite with me completely, having faith, you will then be able to do whatever I do wherever you go. It is not just empty talk. You wait and see. The satanic world will constantly meet with destruction.

The secular world has lost all relative centers and directions for the family, the tribe, the peoples, the nation, and the world to take. But the Unification Church is equipping itself with everything. It is a reversal of positions. The Unification Church was under the control of Satan, but now the situation is opposite.

The safe settlement of the Completed Testament means the coming of a big plus family centered on the True Parents' family, into which five billion people, the population of the world, are to enter as small minus families. Once they become completely united they will move up to the same place.

When that happens, you meet the condition whereby you can declare, "I have converted from Satan's lineage to God's lineage", "I have converted from Satan's ownership to God's ownership," and, "I have converted from Satan's realm of heart to God's realm of heart."

What is the realm of heart? There are three levels of heart: individual, family, and tribal. Those three different levels of heart are in a single category. They cannot be separated. That's why we use the term, "tribal messiah." Using tribal messiahship as a stepping stone, you can move up to the national level, worldwide level and so on. You cannot do it any other way. Therefore, we can call tribal messiahship the formula for the basic foundation.

Because all these, mentioned above, have been safely settled, you have this year's motto, "Let Us Inherit True Parents' Realm of Victory." This did not happen for a mere song. It was possible only because I could put in order all matters, such as those just mentioned, and I was able to accomplish True Parents' realm of victory. Therefore, as the direct lineal children of the True Parents, who have met the three conditions-one, conversion of lineage to that of True Parents; two, conversion of ownership to that of True Parents; and three, conversion of the realm of heart to that of True Parents-you can inherit what the True Parents have accomplished.

To be able to do that, you need to have both absolute faith and absolute unity. Why? Adam and Eve in Eden did not have absolute faith, and thus did not unite heartistically with God. Because of that, they lost everything. What man has lost on the level of the family has to be restored through making conditions of indemnity on the family level. If you blessed families just do as you please, you all will end up in hell.

True Parents' family is the subject and all the rest humanity of the world are the object. The subject and the object must become united. That is the original ideal of creation. Through this, all will be restored. Now, do you understand the meaning of this year's motto? [Yes.]

That is why you received the Family Pledge this year. In order to inherit the realm of True Parents' victory, you need the Family Pledge. You need absolute love, absolute life, absolute lineage, absolute conscience, absolute faith, and absolute unity. That is the reason each part of the Family Pledge begins with the phrase, "centering on True Love". To practice True Love you need to have union between mind and body, between husband and wife, and between you and your children. Have you achieved that?

Creating the Safe Settlement

The first step is to unite mind and body, the second is to unite husband and wife, and the third is to unite with children. There was a fight between mind and body within each spouse of the fallen couple, and a fight between themselves. Then Cain killed Abel. How can you expect a union when you mind and body fight against each other? You need mind and body union, conjugal union and children's union in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a formula.

Eden lost the family. The restoration course is the course of recreation. To recreate you must create the union between your mind and body. Most problems arise from the conflict between mind and body. Therefore, if that conflict is solved, all problems will be solved. The kind of a man who is full of internal conflict cannot appear in Heaven. The messiah cannot engraft himself on that kind of man, because that engrafting is done to create and expand a new kind of a tree.

Therefore, unless you have achieved union between your mind and body, you cannot recite the Family Pledge. If the couple fight against each other and you fight with your children, then you cannot recite the Pledge either. The family is that important. Eden lost the family. Therefore, only such a family, which has attained union between mind and body, between husband and wife, and among children, will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven automatically.

I proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" throughout forty nations, including America, Japan, and Korea, and at the United Nations. So now, when people hear "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age," they recognize that as talking about Reverend Moon's couple. Safe settlement takes place only because the proclamation has been made. If it had not been made there would not be safe settlement.

The whole world could not overcome the True Parents. The United States, its Capitol Hill, the United Nations, forty nations, and the university campuses as well, all could not expel the True Parents. Even Kim Il Sung, North Korea, and President Gorbachev welcomed and established the ties of blood brotherhood with me. And now they are following me. That is why the world could not expel me.

Look! Christian culture and the sphere of Europe, Islamic culture and the sphere of the Middle East, Confucian culture, and the Indian culture-the spheres of the four great religions, the spheres of four great cultures, and all those who are in conflict-all welcomed and embraced True Parents. That was how I attacked, and the opposition has been weak. That was how the Safe Settlement of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age came into being.

The Safe Settlement of the True Parents means that you become united with the True Parents and God, and the Safe Settlement of the Completed Testament Age means that all of this fallen world moves into the age of promises fulfilled. Now, even upon hearing me speak about the upcoming 360,000 Couples Blessing, no one opposes it and the whole world seems eager to receive the Blessing.

The Foundation to Liberate God

Now the family system of the secular world has been broken down. It has no foundation and no system whatsoever. But the Unification Church has all the foundations: the individual foundation, family foundation, tribal foundation, racial foundation, national foundation, worldwide foundation, cosmic foundation, and God's foundation, including the foundation to liberate God from His suffering and the foundation to make a new world of freedom. The world of freedom represents the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

So, the generations coming after will freely inherit all of this. That is why the term, "inheritance" is being used. All these things have to be put in order.

What is the topic today? Perfection of the true self and the safe settlement of the family. Perfection of the true self is attained through Godism, which embraces absolute love-ism, absolute life-ism, absolute lineage-ism, and absolute conscience-ism. The safe settlement of the family is attained through true parentism. The meaning of being settled safely here on earth is that the True Parents have already established the subjective family, to which all of humanity are to be respondents. With absolute faith and absolute unity in heart you are to be in union with True Parents, which is the requirement to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Isn't that logical? [Yes.]

Can you achieve the safe settlement of your family? [Yes.] You have to lead a life of a tribal messiah. I am responsible for and deal with one hundred and sixty nations, in which Blessed couples are being spread out. As tribal messiahs you must establish your own one hundred and sixty family foundation and link it to my world-level foundation. In other words, you have to have your foundation onto which the True Parents can engraft their victorious foundation. That is the process by which the True Parents hand their victory over to you. In the relationship between True Parents and true children, the children can inherit everything that the parents have.

Because of the Fall of man, God stays out of the world, the fallen realm. Only when the one hundred and sixty nations of the world serve and worship God will He be able to return to this world. By making the connection between your one hundred and sixty families and the one hundred and sixty nations of the world you can inherit this foundation, that is, you can invite God into your own tribes, families, and individual selves. When that happens, God can finally have dominion over all creation. That was the original ideal of creation.

Admission into the Kingdom of Heaven

Then, what do you think? Do you absolutely need one hundred and sixty families? [Yes.] Why is that? It is in order to inherit all that the True Parents and God have victoriously accomplished. So now you understand the importance of tribal messiahship. Without it you cannot follow me. That means you cannot enter Kingdom of Heaven. That also means that you cannot liberate yourselves from the satanic world. Regardless of all difficulties involved, you must go over and accomplish tribal messiahship.

Only when you fulfill tribal messiahship of one hundred and sixty families, are you qualified to register for admission into the Kingdom of Heaven. Even in this world you need a passport and visas to get into other countries, don't you? You need, absolutely, the passport, visa and registration to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you need them? [Yes.]

Once you obtain that passport, you can travel east, west, north, and south, for a thousand years or even for ten thousand years, you can go anywhere, anytime, freely. If you don't have it, no matter how many sons and daughters and descendants you procreate, you will still remain as people without a nation. Can you imagine how great a curse your descendants would receive?

This scenario comes from my visualization through the system of restoration, which is based upon the theory of recreation through conditions of indemnity. This is reality. You must strengthen your tribal messiahship. If you don't attain the completion of the foundation, no matter what else you do, the spirit world cannot assist you. Your ancestors cannot get down to the earth and help you. But by having the foundation spread wide horizontally, with many family sites throughout the world, the spirit world can connect to the world.

Without the passport and visa you cannot get through the twelve pearl gates. But if you do have the passport you can pass through any gate, get into Heaven, go back down to the earth, and go into individual homes without any problem, being totally free to travel anywhere in the created world. That indicates how important it is that you accomplish the foundation of one hundred and sixty family tribal messiahship. Without the foundation, you don't have a nation. Do you know about the Vietnamese boat people? You will become like that.

But in the future it will become easier to secure that number of families. There will be a worldwide education campaign using mass media, including television and radio. When that happens, you will lose in the competition. Reverend Moon's name will be resurrected in the memory of the secular world, rising above the levels of family, tribe, nation, and world, reaching the whole of humanity across the globe. Then the whole of humanity will say they have understood the teachings of Reverend Moon. That will take a mere week's campaign using mass media. They will then outpace you.

Just Understanding is Not Enough

The outside Christian world will look at you and say, "What in the world have the Unification members been doing? Reverend Moon has been teaching about tribal messiahship for the past five years, but what has happened? Maybe Reverend Moon has been working with the wrong kind of people, foolish people." They will outpace you easily. Since they are all over, in villages, towns and cities, they will not have difficulty reaching families horizontally. Now all the nations belong to the Christian world. That means that you will be standing at the tail of the whole race in a few years. By not fulfilling your responsibility, you won't remain at the head section but will fall to the tail section. There are seven different upward stages from the tail section, where you will be, to the head section, which can be compared to the distance from hell to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is up to you; it is your responsibility to determine where you want to be! Understand?

Just understanding will not connect you. You need to take action and produce results. There's no other way around it. It is not God's mission, not True Parents' mission, but your mission. God and True Parents taught you everything very clearly. You don't have any excuse. You are Unification Church students. How are you going to pass the exam?

Today I have given you complete and detailed explanation. You attain the perfection of your true self through absolute love-ism, absolute life-ism, absolute lineage-ism, and absolute conscience-ism. Through the safe settlement of family and True Parents, which compensates for what was lost in the fall of the first family, we can connect the one hundred and sixty families coming through tribal messiahship by following True Parents, and thus take possession of the one hundred and sixty nations. This will enable you to travel back and forth anywhere freely, including to the Heavenly Kingdom, the entire spirit world and earth. The inheritance is inevitable, and it is a fate rather than a mere destiny.

The Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth will belong to you only after you are able to register for entrance. After registration, you can call it "my country," "my nation," and "my kingdom." How? The King of that kingdom is our True Parent and true God, and by uniting with them you can become true children. The true children can inherit the parent's property, and it is based on the Principle.

Do you need tribal messiahship? [Yes.] No! [Yes.] Take freedom! [No.] You don't have to sit here. You go back to your own neighborhood and, by going through the course of forty years of indemnificatory suffering, receiving persecution as a true parent to restore God's four thousand year history, you work at it. I am sure you can resurrect one hundred and sixty families within a year.

Why don't you take a rest from today on, and forget about tribal messiahship! [No.] Do you mean, "K - N - O - W?" [Laughter.] Do you need it? [Absolutely.]

If the Emperor of Japan happens to learn the Divine Principle and decides to receive the Blessing, then the whole Japanese population, one hundred and twenty million people, would be ready to receive the Blessing from True Parents within a week. All at one time! That means a whole nation registering. Once that happens, many hundred levels of tribal messiahs will be created, each tribal messiah having one hundred and sixty families. "Level" here means ancestors. Many thousands of levels of ancestors will appear. The four thousand years will create an infinite number of different levels.

If the Emperor unites with True Parents and becomes the second generation ancestor, and the rest of the people enter under the third generation and below, then many thousand of years of difference in terms of generations will be created. How miserable the bottom generation people must feel, since all were once at the same level, the same place! But by being able to connect and register first, you can become your neighbor's ancestor from thousands of generations back. That is the supreme importance of tribal messiahship!

Saving Your Ancestors

Since I have told you everything, it is up to you. From now on, I will go up to a mountain and set up a tent and live in it. I will sleep there for forty years. [Laughter.] I mean it. Will you take a rest too, because I do? [No.] Since God toiled to stop people from drinking the beer and liquor Satan created, I might connect myself through a hose to the beer and liquor plant Satan set up and sleep for ten years, constantly taking in the liquid and relieving myself, just to dissolve God's bitter resentment. I can do that, but you can't, because you come under the condition of not having fulfilled tribal messiahship. Once you have done it, you can follow me. [Laughter and applause.]

While you are enjoying the moment sitting together, with laughter, there will be several thousands of years of generations created. Depending on the date of registration, the ancestral order will be determined, and the later generations will have to bow to the ancestors from the earlier generations.

Although the fall brought about varieties of language, culture, and many other things throughout the world, through the Blessing and registration, a mass migration, as when people gather into a nation, will take place for the first time. Since Caucasian people are to take the lead, they have this arrogance, being proud of themselves and taking a zig zag course, while African people with a humble and head-bowing attitude take a straight direction. When Caucasian people go to Africa, zig-zagging will slow you down and cause you to stay behind the people going straight. Isn't that true? [Yes.]

A mass migration will take place. On the satanic side, Stalin forcefully sent Koreans under guard to a desert in the middle of Asia, dumping them and leaving them for dead. Satan apocalyptically showed the world an example of what mass migration is like, using Korean people. Mass migration! A mass migration will definitely take place, but in the heavenly way this time.

The interesting thing is how, like enemies becoming relatives when their children get married, the people you used to laugh at will become your ancestors.

I try to save America, the country that played the enemy to me, for the sake of the world. You should play the same game. Any one who does not wish to save his ancestors will have to go to hell.

Godism represents absolute True Love-ism, absolute True Life-ism, absolute True Lineage-ism, and absolute True Conscience-ism. Headwing thought means true parentism, that is, you should become True Parents and fulfill tribal messiahship. The tribal messiah must restore the family messiahs. When the nation gets established in the future, the national messiah will restore tribal messiahs and family messiahs.

I am the center of one hundred and sixty nations. Since the messiahship is centered on the family, the family messiah, the tribal messiah, and the national messiah will make up one category. They are like formation, growth, and perfection stages of the growth period. Through this process all nations will be restored, and this will make up the world. There could be a dozen tribal messiahs. But if all Christians from the old days are restored, a hundred or even several hundred could establish tribal messiahship, meaning that there will not be enough people left for you to restore.

The satanic world will be completely conquered, and there will be no place for Satan to stand. The True Parents are the center of all one hundred and sixty nations and the king of the nations that will make up the Kingdom of Heaven. He is the king of kings. So now you clearly understand about perfection of the true self and the safe settlement of the family.

Unification of Catholic and Protestant

The declaration of the True Parents was made in 1992, the Safe Settlement of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age in 1993, and the right of possession of the realm of True Parents' victory this year. This will complete the preparation.

From now, we go to South America. When we make South America and North America unite, the whole world will become unified. South America is mostly Catholic and represents Cain's position, while North America is mainly Protestant and represents Abel's position. Cain and Abel are still fighting now. But they must unite with each other centered on God and True Parents. They cannot achieve this unification themselves. God and True Parents can and will do it. This will bring the contents of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Completed Testament onto a linear, horizontal grounding. Thus, by setting up the God-centered vertical axis, this unification of two continents, north and south, will lead to the unification of the world.

Even though Europe still remains the battleground for the Catholics, which is the Old Testament, Cain position, and the Protestants, which is the New Testament, Abel position, through True Parents' teaching, it can come to its unification as in the case of North and South America. This will complete the unification of the whole world. So, for this preparation Father has to go down to South America, which is eagerly waiting for him. This is the providential viewpoint.

Since I have fulfilled perfection of the true self and the safe settlement of the family and am letting you inherit it all, you will no longer have difficulty achieving the Kingdom of Heaven in your family. Adam and Eve lost their family in Eden. You must restore the family. Do you need "perfection of the true self and the safe settlement of the family"? [Yes.] Then you must get ready to pack up and move. You may have to migrate to build God's nation, into which all humanity can enter. To build this kind of Godly nation is the hope and the objective of this fallen world.

Who would like to work to achieve this? Raise your hands. I always see you raising both of your hands. Raising hands, even if both, will not bring victory. You need action. Results! Okay. Go ahead and pray.

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