The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


True Father's Forty Years of Life Alone Excerpts (Part One)

April 24, 1994

Now people realize that the world must come into unification and it is about to unite. How this will take place is something which eludes people. What we do see clearly at this time is that human history is not made and lived by humankind at all. It is not only man who leads and lives human history, but there is also Satan and God. Satan is always treading in front and God and humankind following.

Each country and religion had a relatively clear purpose when they began and flourished. But at this time in history the nations of the world do not know where to turn. Neither do religions realize what is the goal of their particular religion.

The reason the world is ignorant of its fate is because they do not know the origin of human beings and human history. The non-religious world does not know where it is headed because it does not know where it began. Even the religious world is ignorant as to the origin of life and religion. This is where the confusion stems from.

The concept of the Second Advent not only exists within Christianity but also within Buddhism. All Buddhists believe that in the Last Days the advent of the Buddha is imminent. Confucianism and all other major religions believe in the concept of the Second Advent, the advent of the Messiah. We could give many definitions of the Messiah, but definitely one is that the Messiah comes with the explanation, or the teaching, of the purpose of human history.

In the Last Days when the Lord comes again the left wing and right wing will come together and unite once and for all.

The Christian cultural world is representative of the bride. Everyone is awaiting the coming of the bridegroom, which is the Second Advent.

In the Last Days, women and children together will be visited by God. Just as the fall occurred within the family and the mother and children were lost, so in the Last Days at the world level, the same pattern will be followed. All children, Cain and Abel, must united with Mother and be restored to this lost foundation. Christianity as a bride religion is to wait for the bridegroom to come.

Since the unification of the world or the unification of Cain and Abel did not happen at the world level, it became symbolized by North and South Korea-North Korea representing the entire Cain world, and South Korea representing the entire Abel world. Kim Il Sung appears as the second advent on Satan's side; everybody calls him `Father' in North Korea. South Korea, in the Abel position, has True Father, Sun Myung Moon.

The world outside does not know these details clearly. However, they do know that human being can bring about the unification of North and South Korea. They realize that no politician, no man of power or qualification, can do this except Rev. Moon. This is a commonly accepted idea. Not only do South Korean people have this understanding, but Kim Il Sung himself also knows this. Without the help of Father, unification can never be achieved.

The world we are about to create is one harmonious, heavenly world. Today the world's religions are confronting tremendous confusion. They do not know where to turn. However, it is not complicated at all. At the fall, man's mind and body still continue to struggle. This all came about because of the fall. The solution is to return to the place prior to the fall.

Adam fell when he was a teenager and in today's world we see all manner of fallen behavior taking place amongst teenagers. Free sex and homosexuality have no place in God's world. However, we see these things rampant here in this society. Satan is making the claim before God that because Adam and Eve fell, then in this harvest time what was originally sown has to be harvested. There is no word that God can say to successfully ward off this attack by Satan. Rather, Heavenly Father has to remain silent and look on in misery.

All families have to be restored because that is the place where the fall originated. In the family we must set things straight. Now it is upside down but we have to bring it right side up. The nation cannot do this; America cannot do this. Only individual families can do this.

Christians are still struggling because their theology is incorrect. They believe that Christ will come from the clouds. In Jesus' time also, the Jewish people were awaiting the coming of Elijah in a chariot of fire from the clouds before the coming of the Messiah. However, such phenomena did not take place, but Jesus still came. Likewise, at the end of the New Testament era, it is exactly the same.

At the end of the Old Testament Age, Elijah did come. Who was Elijah? John the Baptist. How can John the Baptist be Elijah? Because he came in the role of Elijah. The people were unable to distinguish that fact. At this time also Jesus is to come again and, indeed, he does. However, not Jesus in person but the Lord of the Second Advent will come. Sun Myung Moon comes with the same mission as Jesus in the same way that John the Baptist came with the same mission as Elijah.

By the same token, when Jesus comes again, in the form of Sun Myung Moon, they will try to kill him, too. Indeed, they did try. Ironically, the ones who opposed Father the most were the Christians. Just as the early Christians met with the most opposition from the chosen people themselves, so in this time the Christians have tried to eliminate Father for various reasons.

The very people who are supposed to benefit from him try to oppose him and to kill him, but he desperately tries to save them.

The key to world peace is to bring mind and body into unity and also man and woman into unity, which is another form of mind and body. The core of the American problem lies in the family, and the center of the family is the mother. If the mother plays her role correctly, then that is the way to restore the family. For the sake of world peace, individual mind and body must come into unity; then within the family, husband and wife come into unity-until finally, parents and children come into unity.

America must listen to Rev. Moon; otherwise it will not have a correct direction to go in. That can only mean that it will decline, and the world will decline with it. The world does not know where to go; if it continues to go this way and that, it too will perish. It has to go in the right direction.

Until now, the typical religious thinking was at the individual level at best. It is not the individual who is so important, but rather the nation and world. Always the larger aspect is the point of God's concern. If the nations listens and goes to Heaven, then the individual will automatically go to Heaven. If the president of the nation has the wisdom to understand this and enacts a law to follow this path, then in no time at all the country would be saved.

What the tribe consists of is a relatively small number of individual families. When restoration takes place within these families- individual mind and body becoming one, the family becoming one and uniting with True Parents-then that is exactly where world peace begins. Otherwise it is all too conceptual.

This is where Heaven on earth literally begins, not conceptually but literally. Do you understand? It is the building block for the Kingdom of Heaven. That is where the palace of life, love and lineage begins. What does Heaven on earth mean? Peace, happiness, unification, and the ideal world: all these things begin from the family, not from the nation and world. The seed of happiness, peace and unification is within the family. There our mind and body, man and woman, and Cain and Abel children must all become one.

It is much easier to accomplish something when we understand it clearly. The unification of mind and body, husband and wife and children, makes an ideal model of an ideal family. Father's role is to make Heaven on earth at the family level. How this is accomplished is unification between mind and body, unity between husband and wife, and unity among the children. That is the starting point. Everything that humankind desires-peace, happiness and all goodness-begins from the accomplishment of this.

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