The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Leaders' Meeting - December 22, 1994

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 22, 1994
East Garden
Translator - Peter Kim

The progress of restoration doesn't just happen. We must go through the course of indemnity, which is the opposite way from the fall.

As you know, right after World War II centering on Christianity, which was a bride culture, if the Allied countries, such as America, England and France, were totally united and followed God's will, that was the time that we could have built the Kingdom of God on earth right here and God's kingdom would have spread all over the world. At that time that the countries such as America, England and France were in the position of mind, or Abel, and the enemy countries such as Japan, Germany and Italy were in the position of body, or Cain. So, centering on Christianity's mind and Abel position, if the world had been united, the Kingdom of God would have been established. It would have been possible to complete the building of the Kingdom of God on earth within seven years from 1945, the year World War II was over, until 1952, only seven years.

Just imagine, around that time right after World War II Father could have blessed all those Catholic fathers and nuns and Christian leaders. Then Father could have sent them out as tribal messiahs all over the world and the building of the Kingdom of God on earth would have been a piece of cake. It just would have taken organization, systematizing this particular tribal messiahship.

Therefore, centering on this Christian culture, absorbing and digesting the satanic, secular culture would have been easy. But, because of the failure of Christianity right after World War II, democratic countries such as America have been used as a kind of base for communist propaganda and all kinds of secular crimes, such as sexual, drug and juvenile problems. All kinds of social problems are rampant all over the world because of the failure at that time.

Also, it's true that we are witnessing with our own eyes that this very country, America, would have become the central country which would have been used as the tool to build the Kingdom of God on earth, but right now it is the opposite. This country is now the source of all kinds of evil all over the world, spreading all kinds of social evils. That's what we are witnessing.

Therefore Reverend Moon from the beginning, right after World War II, has been standing alone to fight against this evil force from the individual level, family level, and worldwide level. All kinds of opposition and persecution have been there; however, Father overcame all those stages of opposition and persecution and right now the time has come that the world is welcoming Reverend Moon with both arms.

Of course it was a human tragedy that Adam and Eve fell away from God. Then at the time of Jesus Christ, who came as the messiah, mankind betrayed him and lost him; that was another tragedy. However, the worst tragedy was when the second messiah came. The entire world, instead of welcoming and receiving him as the True Parents and the messiah, objected and persecuted him. That was the worst crime. And actually, whether you like it or not, America played a major role in opposing and persecuting Father, particularly at the time of the Carter administration and so forth.

But then what's the significance of the time period we are living in right now? This is comparable to the time right after World War II, when the world was almost united under Christianity. But this time the Unification Church is in the position of Abel and Christianity is in the position of Cain. Right after World War II, upon the foundation of the unification of world Christianity, they could have received Father as the king upon their foundation of unity; then from that point on, the whole world could have been unified. However, because of the failure, Father walked his own course from the individual level to the worldwide level, all the way for forty years until now.

This time period is also restoring kingship centering on heavenly, royal princess and king, the course of restoring that particular position from the individual level. Because Cain and Abel were standing in the position of heavenly prince and princess, if Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve would have become the filial sons and daughters and patriots to their countries, their parents would have been in the position of kings and queens naturally. One thing Father wants you to remember is since May 1 of this year, which was the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church, in seventy days Kim Il Sung passed away.

One thing we have to understand, as Father said, right after World War II, centering on Christianity, if the entire world had accepted and welcomed Father as the messiah, Kim Il Sung wouldn't have appeared in the history of mankind. But because of their failure Kim Il Sung appeared and ruled half of the Korean peninsula for almost fifty years, but now the time has come that Kim Il Sung is gone. So, within seven years period we'll have another opportunity to build the Kingdom of God on earth. Also, it was exactly seventy days from May 1 that Kim Il Sung passed, and exactly seventy days after Father's declaration of Pal Chong Shik in Kodiak three years ago when Father declared Heavenly Fatherism, then the former Soviet Union fell.

Father predicted even earlier that no matter how hard communism may try, before the eighth leader communism would fall. So Gorbachev was the eighth head of state of the former Soviet Union. If you read Father's speech book some time ago Father predicted that. It's not a coincidence. Think about it; communism fell within these eight different heads of state and also Kim Il Sung passed away seventy days after May 1 of this year, exactly seventy days. That's the way, when it comes to the history of mankind and history of any providential countries, it doesn't go by random happening; it goes by the formula of history.

If the world had accepted Father as the messiah, savior, right after World War II, a large scale of movement would have taken place. For example, because Father would have blessed millions and millions of couples interracially, internationally, and intercontinentally who would follow their spouses and families from one continent to another continent, one nation to another nation, this kind of movement would have taken place all over the world. So that way by doing so a new political system and national system would have taken place. In other words, centering on Blessed couples, Blessed families, a new culture and new civilization would have been formed. That was God's plan. But because of the failure right after the world war it didn't take place and it took forty years for Father until today.

Now since communism is gone, Christianity must be united; it doesn't matter, Catholicism or Protestantism, they should be united to chase away all these social evils and crimes. That's our responsibility. In other words, the direction of all the minds of the people in the world is now clear towards God, so opposition, opposing power is getting weakened and almost disappearing in the world. The meaning of the Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age is that all the horizontal brothers and sisters in the world and all the parents of the world must be united together and start building the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven. This is the significance of the motto centering on True Parents. Centering on the True Parents, all the Blessed couples will be in the position of object and their children will follow as well. In other words, the time has come that all the people in the world without any exceptions, must receive the Blessing from True Parents.

So what's the meaning of the Completed Testament Age? This is the time that God's ideal of love is to be accomplished and perfected by fulfilling our five percent of responsibility on earth. It's like Adam and Eve without falling, in other words doing their five percent of responsibility to perfect themselves and build the perfect family. When it comes to the Fall of man, we're talking about the fall of the original Adam's family. When you look at the families here, the world here, on the right-hand side heavenly families standing; on the left-hand side satanic families standing, horizontally they are on the same level. So, in the course of restoration the positions will be changed, like from left to right and from right to left. The elder brother goes in the position of younger brother and the younger brother, as elder brother. This is the time.

Of course there are many super nations, big countries and small countries all over the world, but as long as our fatherland Korea, south and north, is divided into Cain and Abel, the world, all the countries, will be divided into Cain nations and Abel nations. We have been working with North Korea in many different ways, in many different areas since Father's visit there.

Providentially speaking, now the time has come that North Korea must listen to Father, Reverend Moon. That's why Father's birthplace, Jung Ju, will be decorated and developed under the banner of Jung Ju Peace Park. The North Korean government will build a peace park in Father's birthplace.

So therefore, if mankind finds the place where they can build real peace on earth, then the entire world will pay attention to that. The time has come. Also, the time has come that the intellectuals and scholars, the educated people come to understand that this is the time that beyond cultural, racial, and national barriers, beyond even your traditions and customs and habits centering on Christianity, mankind can find hope to build peace on earth. (Applause.)

Also, as you know Father established his foundation, built his career in helping those starving people, like twenty million people dying of starvation every year. So, Father has been working to save those people for the last twenty years. That has been recorded as his career. That's why Father has been focusing on this oceanic enterprise so much because when it comes to the resources of the oceanic enterprises it's just limitless, abundant because each fish can lay millions and millions of eggs; in other words, we can hatch them.

Because of Father's love and effort in these oceanic enterprises to save the people dying in hunger, now even in this country, people who know about the oceanic business have come to trust Father's ability. So, how can we save those people who are dying of starvation, worldwide, because people are still dying. While people in a country like America are dieting to lose their weight because they have too much fat, in other places people are dying of starvation every day, every moment. Suppose God is watching above us-do you think God will be happy, watching American people doing that while other people are starving and dying? Also, have you thought of any country, particularly rich countries like America and other developed countries, do you think they are really coming forward to be responsible to save all those poor countries who are losing thousands and thousands of lives every day because of hunger? They don't even dream.

Therefore the terminology "True Parents" is very fearful. There are billions and billions of parents in the world, yet they abandon their dying children by the millions. They know their children are dying but they don't do anything. However True Parents can't tolerate that kind of abuse, that kind of negligence. True Parents must save the lives of those children. The reason those parents lose their children, let their children die, is because they don't know how to save them.

But from Father's point of view, he doesn't understand why they can't save them. As long as there is land and water, why can't they produce something which they can feed their children and save them? Animals can live there. They can raise fish there. And if people can live, then fish and animals can live. Man is supposed to be the superior being among all the creation, then why, with animals and fish, can't they live? As long as there are animals and fish that you can feed on, why can't you survive? Why can't you make your children survive? Because they are ignorant in farming and in raising animals and doing fish farms. Catching fish, hunting. Think about it; it's simple. If they truly know how to do farming, how to catch fish, how to hunt or raise animals, then there is no reason that they should die.

Last time when Father visited Brazil, he was told that there is one particular swamp area along the borderline between Paraguay and Brazil which is twice as big as the land of Japan. In that particular swamp area there are over 3,600 different species of fish. In that swamp alone, 3,600! So, think about it, if we can utilize these different species of fish to do fish farming all over the world, where the lakes and rivers are abundant, we can feed the entire humanity. So Father's question is, since we know that we are losing over twenty million innocent lives every year because of starvation, what position should we take? Should we just watch them die away every day, like forty thousand to sixty thousand people? Even if we starve, we skip our meals, we should do our absolute best to save their lives.

If, as the ratio goes, 200 people as a unit save one person's life every year, the entire five billion people can live together without losing lives because of starvation. Is that an impossible task for mankind? Even though our movement has been pouring money into this oceanic enterprise for the last twenty years, it has been losing money. No profit has been generated. It has been constant investment after investment: no profit. That's the way God has been investing in mankind. Also you know well, because you learned from Father, that God has been investing all the time and forgot; he never remembered what he invested for the sake of mankind. By the same token, True Parents have been doing the same thing and we know that well, don't we? But because of Father's foundation all these years, constant investment, yet not remembering, because of this foundation, now the people start recognizing Father's foundation and they start bowing their heads. While Father has been doing this kind of task the last twenty years, Father didn't really make propaganda. Father didn't really promote his work, but he was doing it silently.

We can't deny that Father has been investing every ounce of his energy, his material power and spiritual power for the sake of the entire mankind all these years.

Let's look at ourselves. We somehow started as college students, pioneers or single members and over the years we got Blessed. We have our family, we have our children, so instead of devoting ourselves even more because we are Blessed, we somehow compromised our standard and we care for our own families first before we care for the entire mankind. Isn't it true? It has become a problem. In other words, Father is still in the front line spearheading, yet we can't even follow him. We follow for a while and then we just give up. The situation is such that your mind wants to keep following Father's direction, yet many times your wife is crying behind your back and your children grab your leg. Isn't it true?

What about Father's situation? Look at Father's own situation. While Father is leading, spearheading this entire worldwide movement such as, for example, the American headquarters, they are opening their hands for help from Father. Comparing to our own situations, whatever mission we may have, whatever businesses we are in charge of, the burden on Father's shoulders is maybe thousands of times heavier than ours. But, when we are in a difficult situation, instead of trying to help Father, lighten Father's burden, we come forward and ask for help from Father. That has been our attitude. If that kind of family is in front of you, do you think that family has a future?

Father was told that last year and this year were the most difficult years in Japan. So, they almost lost hope and there was no light whatsoever. Have you really been worried about this kind of miserable situation, just like your own family situation? Have you? Has the entire movement? We must pay attention to that.

Last time when Father was in South America, Father was in a way shocked by imagining that if as much money as has been invested in America, was spent for the sake of South America, what kind of situation could we face today? There's no racial discrimination. They are not arrogant people. When they see new immigrants coming from foreign countries, instead of discriminating against them, they help them and support them without any racial discrimination. What about America? American people are so proud as the number one country in the world. But that's the way that America has been greeting the entire world instead of helping. Even so, the reason Father has put effort and money into this country, billions and billions of dollars, is because Father knows that the center of Christianity is here in this country, America. That's why Father helped Christianity to be revived and to be restored to change the position from second son to elder son.

The politicians, the media organizations, and scholars from universities all over the world: these are the three major powers which will move the world from now on. Along with these three major powers of the world, if we can inspire high school students and college students, the entire world will start to change. Do you follow? In other words, once we revive high school kids and college students, this youth problem can be solved. How about now? Satan has occupied all the youth all over the world, but we have to restore them back.

It doesn't matter what religion you may have been following, whether it's Christianity or Buddhism or whatever, the time for the first generation is gone; the time for the second generation is dawning. When we say second generation we are talking about high school kids and college kids. That's why before Father left for Korea last time, Father asked you to focus on witnessing to the second generation people, high school students and college students. Don't worry about adults, so called adult people, because tribal messiahs are supposed to witness to them. If we stick with witnessing to the first generation people all the time, then we will automatically lose second generation people. In other words, we will lose both. But if we stick with witnessing to the second generation people, we will save both first and second. Do you follow?

When it comes to the course of restoration there is always Cain and Abel relationship; that's the formula. This is the formula for the restoration. Cain and Abel, Mother: this is individual, family, all the way to the eighth level, heaven and earth. At the time of the Fall of man, centering on Satan and Adam, this mother's position was lost. Therefore, mankind was directed to hell. It's a formula just like in ourselves, where there is a Cain/Abel relationship between mind and body. In other words, our body which is Cain has been controlling and subjugating our mind who is Abel. But actually it should be the other way around. Expansion of these individual Cain and Abel relationships within ourselves, mind and body, is the world Cain and Abel.

So, the Holy Spirit is in the position of mother. By doing so, the Holy Spirit in the mother's position will restore this Cain and Abel relationship. The extension of these relationships appeared in World War II between Great Britain, America and France, with France in the position of Cain, America in the position of Abel and Great Britain in the position of mother, or the Holy Spirit. But this time, instead of making a relationship with Satan and fallen Adam, the mother will unite with God and restored Adam, and naturally mankind will head for the Kingdom of God in heaven. This is on the worldwide scale. This time the mother figure, the Holy Spirit position, will have to be united, her bridegroom who comes as the messiah naturally will become one with God. In other words, there is no way for anybody to be restored, to be saved again, unless they are born through the Holy Spirit, mother's spirit, again. Fallen humankind is standing in the Abel position. From there you have to separate into half, and take the mind position. Cain and Abel divide and grow up. Abel grows up more. After that, the position of the elder and younger is exchanged. The authority changes. From there, we can go back to the original position-God's place. This is the formula.

So, that's why, when we look at the world, even in America, the husbands are in the position of archangel, and wives are in the position of mother, Eve's position. In other words, mothers must embrace all the children and restore them through her and eventually restore the husband, who is in the position of archangel to her. Mostly, because of the wives, in other words, mothers' failure in this country, divorce takes place, because mothers couldn't really offer their love to embrace their children and build a solid family. In other words, the failure of America and free world is mostly because of women, wives.

What about the spread of the disease AIDS. Do you think it was caused mainly by men or women? If any woman finds out that she has AIDS, in order to take revenge on man, she usually offers herself to dozens of different men, and men get the same disease. But man has a better attitude when it comes to taking revenge on other people because of the disease they got from somebody else; they are more generous. They are more careful about it. But women, just like in the Garden of Eden, a woman was the cause of the problem. In the Unification Church, usually the women are the problem. Many wives and mothers are constantly bugging their husbands; instead of just blindly following True Parents and doing the missionary work or the spiritual work, they say: "Why don't you go to college and graduate school and learn skills so that you can make money?" And they are doing the same thing to their children.

When it comes to following the course of God's dispensation, is there anybody else who is more blindly following God's will than Father himself? (No.) That means that you may think that you have been just following God's will blindly all these years, but when you watch Father, Father is even a million times more blindly following God's will. Do you think so? Then, after he has done that, did Father fail? (No.) Father has been supporting God's will all these years blindly without any reservation. We have all kinds of excuses. Even after the Fall of man, Adam added many different excuses: "Oh God, I fell because of Eve." Eve's excuse was: "God, Adam whom you created, didn't do his responsibility so we failed." So they didn't admit their own mistake; nobody did. Usually we have a tendency to think: "Oh well, I did what I could and I was right, but because of somebody else or because of some circumstances, the mistake took place."

And former enemy countries like Japan, Germany, and Italy initiated World War II; they should become one now and belong to the messiah. And if those six countries totally become one with the messiah, Rev. Moon, the world can be restored. Suppose you were born fifty years ago, and Rev. Moon came saying "I am the messiah"-would you believe in him as the messiah, 50 years ago? (Yes.) But now you do not have any choice but believing in Father. Since Father declared Safe Settlement of True Parents and Completed Testament Age, all kinds of significant ceremonies have occurred. No matter what Father may say you understand the wisdom of receiving from Father, so keep your heart open to receive.

But because of the failure of these six countries receiving and welcoming Father as the messiah right after World War II, Father had to stand alone all those years, for forty years. During those forty years, Father had to overcome all the different levels of difficulties and persecutions. He overcame all the hurdles, and from prison level, one after another, one by one, he was restoring and he came to this level today. Imagine how sad God and True Parents were when they knew that the entire world centering on Christianity should have accepted Father as the messiah of mankind, yet they failed right after World War II. How sad they were. Can you imagine that? God was alone, think of that. If Father, Rev. Moon, had given up right after World War II, when the opposition took place and the entire world failed in welcoming Father, then God might have abandoned this entire world and started creating a new world and new mankind. But Father said to God: "God, please don't worry about it; I will take full responsibility and I will start from scratch again, alone."

That's why, even if Father was in prison, Father never prayed to God to help him, he never shed tears because of pain. He always told God, "Father, I am still alive. I will make it all the way through." That has been Father's promise to God.

Each time Father was in prison he jumped one level and he went up another level. It was zigzag, but he was constantly progressing. He never doubted. There was no room whatsoever to give any complaints centered on himself. Father was more than confident that he had to take this responsibility to restore back the entire mankind because of the fall of Adam and Eve. Father prayed that "Of course the entire world is opposing me because of Satan, but even if God opposes me, I will go" because Father knew the course of indemnity. Think about it: Father had to indemnify the 4000 years of history in 40 years. How difficult it was! These 40 years' course of indemnification ended this year, May 1, that's why Father came up with Safe Settlement of True Parents and Completed Testament Age; it is a great motto.

Perfection must take place on earth, completion, unity between mind and body must take place on earth, here. Of course, there have been millions and millions of different conflicts and battles and wars throughout history, but the final war among mankind is the battle between mind and body. So, man and woman must be responsible; but we are in a much better situation, because we are taught by True Parents how to fight this war. When it comes to Father's level, Father had to deal with the entire world, all the different religions and nations and people to come up to this point. But our responsibility is restoring ourselves, I mean, winning the battle between mind and body and establishing our family centered on True Love, and doing tribal messiahship up to 160 families. We can't trust secular people, people out there, we have to know that. If you give your total trust, you will always be hurt, you'll lose something. Therefore, we Blessed couples must be united and give total trust to one another. Therefore, our course is clear: we must go through the completion as an individual, family, tribe and nation; we have to go that far-no exception.

Because Father's life course has been such a way that from individual level, family level, tribal level, national level, all these eight different stages, Father won victory and came this far. Eight stages. So therefore, Father has the room to deal on an individual level, and even on a family level, because he won the victory; and even tribal, national level, world level. So that's why the time has come when the leader of a country can turn around and can totally be united with True Parents and accept True Parents as the messiah, then the entire country can be turned around and be Blessed.

In other words, suppose there is any large organization which decides to be united with Father, then the entire people who belong to that group can follow the same path. So, shared wedding time has come. We don't have to deal on the individual level-but the group level. You know, Father established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. About 13 different religions belong to this group, and many of those who are over 50 years old respect Father, they pay reverence to Father. Suppose some of those religions, the leader or founder of the religions, decided to go with Father's proposal and be united with Father, the entire religion, the people who belong to that particular religion, can be Blessed and turned around.

Because of this formula, when it comes to the course of the formula of restoration, there is always Cain and Abel relationship to be restored first; that's why this is the time that Unification Church is in the position of Abel and Christianity is in the position of Cain. As you know, Father has educated 179,000 Japanese women leaders this year alone in Korea, and they are not the only ones. As they were educated, Father always made sister-relationships between one Korean woman and one Japanese woman and so forth, so we are talking about 358,000 women leaders from both Japan and Korea who are already educated and somehow connected together. Now this is the time that we have to connect them to American women. That's why Father is planning to bring 4,000 Japanese VIP women leaders to America from the beginning of next year.

Of course, those women will be the wives of the Christian ministers. Father wants to combine all these Christian ministers' wives together and let them fulfill the responsibility to restore the failure of the Christianity of America. The Christian culture is the bride culture. Do you understand? After World War II the bride is needed in restoration. That means that the church leaders' wives should combine all the Christian world. Eve has to spread the bride's foundation of Christianity; this is the center of the American culture background. So Father already initiated this project, and it's going to have a big impact. The entire capital city of Washington, D.C., stood up and were visibly shaken up by this project because the rumor already got out and people have come to know that Rev. Moon is going to bring 4,000 Japanese VIPs to make the sister relationship with 4,000 American women leaders.

Also, the people in Washington, D.C., know that next year will be the 50th year since the end of World War II. There is no other significant event or rally whatsoever coming up, but Rev. Moon's project will mark the 50th year commemoration of World War II. So, the direction is set that Cain and Abel, in other words, Christianity in America and the Unification movement, will be united. First, centered on Mother, and of course going through Mother, they will be united with Father and God. Christianity is in the position of Cain, the Unification movement is in the position of Abel. Of course in the beginning it was family level, but this time, universal level. Do you understand?

What about the relationship between North America and South America? North America is in the position of plus, and South America minus, because North America represents Protestantism and South America represents Catholicism. Father saw that in Brazil this time, the South American country like Brazil is totally opposite of America in many ways. Still the spiritual battle is going on. When the Unification movement and Christianity in North America become one, now the next stage is making North America and South America one, and of course, expanding to the worldwide scale.

Of course, centered upon True Parents, the formula is the same, the course is the same, because the conflict between Catholicism in South America and Protestantism in North America stemmed from the conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism in Europe, particularly centered on Germany. But when this North American-South American unity is established, the European unity can be established, because Germany is playing the major role in Europe. It doesn't matter if we are talking about Catholicism or Protestantism, Germany is the center. Germany is where the center initiated by Martin Luther, the Reformation took place, which was the original Protestants. That's why Father said conflict between Protestantism and Catholicism stemmed from Germany, in Europe.

Even when it comes to the unification between West Germany and East Germany, it involves the unification of culture, but what kind of culture is existing in Europe? The Christian culture. That's why we're talking about conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism in Europe, centered on Germany. So, once the unity between North America and South America takes place, unity between Catholicism and Protestantism in Europe, centered on Germany, can be done. The entire European continent can be unified, because when it comes to the country of Germany, West Germany stands for plus and East Germany minus, and of course they have to go through True Mother, Father and God. So, once this unity between Protestantism and Catholicism in Europe takes place, it doesn't matter whether Great Britain, France and other countries are not cooperating; once the religious unification takes place, everything can be done there.

After that we have to pay attention to Roman Catholicism and Judaism. At the time of Jesus Christ, Jesus was in the position of plus and the Roman Empire was in the position of minus. At that time, actually the course of restoration was the same, centering on this unity: the mother, father and God. That was the stage. Even when it comes to the relationship between Judaism and the country of Israel, Judaism was the plus and Israel minus, and they could have gone through the same formula: mother, father and God. Because of the failure of Israel, the country, and Judaism, to unite together, preparing the people and nation to receive the messiah, this didn't take place. If the country of Israel and Judaism had been united with the messiah, Jesus Christ, that would have taken place. In order to prepare the people of Israel and the country of Israel, actually God worked through Rebecca and Tamar to separate the Cain side and the Abel side, and that was the foundation upon which Israel and the people of Israel stood. That's why they should have united with Jesus Christ to be restored.

Think about the time of Jacob: Through the mother, Jacob won the elder sonship from Esau. Also, at the time of Tamar, Perez and Zerah, Perez took the elder son's position from Zerah through his mother Tamar, and elder sonship was restored. In each case, the mother's role was critical. In Jesus Christ's family centering on Mary, Zachariah and Joseph's family, there was Cain and Abel relationship there too. It's still the same formula. This is the reversing course: from the individual level to the church level in America, then North America-South America, Europe, then worldwide-level. Then at the time of Jesus Christ, the country of Israel and Judaism, they should have followed the same formula. Do you understand?

So, please remember that the position of the Unification Church, the Unification movement to the world is Abel and Christianity out there is in the position of Cain. America was created by Anglo-Saxons and also by Protestantism; but South America was built by Latin cultures which were mainly Catholic. Again Cain and Abel. Again the course is: America should be united with the Unification Church to be restored and then save South America by being united. Then once the unification between North America and South America takes place, we can expand this to solve the problems like Middle East countries, Korea and all over the world. Israel is the plus side, and the Arab countries are the minus side. It has the same meaning as North Korea on the Cain side and South Korea on the Abel side. How can they unify? They can only do it centering on Mother. In Korea, Mother made this connection by speaking out at forty universities. Through this, the communist students connected to CARP members and there was a restoration of the elder position. They created unity between the north side students which represented a minus and CARP which represented the plus and combined into one. So the next CARP convention will take place from Feb. 4 of 1995 in the city of Beijing in China. Of course, hundreds of North Korean students will participate. When it comes to the unification of countries, actually, the political powers, the government powers can't do much. Kim Il Sung passed away. South Korea doesn't have any way out now. South Korea must follow the trend of the world.

In the past, when it comes to our CARP activities in South Korea, all those radical student groups, particularly those inspired by communism and sometimes even the communist groups, chased our CARP movement from all the campuses, over 200 campuses. But now, the trend was reversed and all these radical student groups are supporting our CARP activities in over 200 university campuses in Korea. (Applause.) It's the process of restoring elder sonship in terms of the student activities. Therefore, Father established the representatives of second generation, CARP, since South Korean CARP activities stand in position of Abel plus, North Korean student groups in the position of the Cain minus. When they become totally united and one with True Parents, unification will follow naturally; the entire nation will follow. Father says that the beginning of the reunification of Korea will begin from unifying the high school students and the college students, so naturally after their unification, the national unification will follow.

And then after February, the CARP convention in Beijing, China, in April next year Father is planning the WFWP conference convention. And then after that, Father will initiate an exchange program between the elementary school kids under the age of sixteen years, middle school kids, between South and North. This kind of exchange program will take place. Once True Parents appear, the children under sixteen years of age, who do not have anything to do with the fall, will have freedom to go back and forth. They will be under Mother's care. That's why this kind of exchange program can take place. They will move back and forth between North and South, the DMZ line in Korea, for ten years; then it will become like one nation, naturally, without any resistance. That's what's called unification by True Love. (Applause.) That's what Father is pushing. This is all done by a formula course.

So, when you are going out for witnessing to anybody, you are in the position of God. You invest every ounce of your energy and forget about it. So, as a leader of the church, you have to mobilize all those exemplary women members in your region or wherever you belong to and let them set the standard, let them do the work and set the tradition; that's the formula, just like Father is doing. Even if there is no foundation whatsoever, you go out to create everything from nothing. That's the formula and you invest everything there and do not remember. In other words, you must go through hardship. You have to shed tears and blood and sweat there. Then, you will become the tradition for your coming generations. Father knows that very secret. That's why Father never even thought about having an easy life throughout his entire life.

Even the last time when we were in South America, Father woke up before 5 o'clock and stayed up until midnight, 1 a.m., but young men like me (the translator) and Rev. Kim and other people, we were always following Father, never ahead of Father. Even in terms of preparing the fishing equipment and this and that for fishing, we were handy enough, but we did not prepare enough ahead. From Father's point of view, because Father is in the position of parents of mankind, Father must show to mankind, the way to go, to follow. That's why even though Father knew that we were not really in the position, in the right place, and doing the right job, Father just ignored and forgave us and still led us. Again, the course of restoration is the course of recreation. Isn't it true? God lost everything. By whom did He lose everything? By man and woman. Those men can't understand God's original Divine Principle purpose. They are ignorant of that position. How can they cultivate a victorious Divine Principle course? Until now, the hope of history has been that purpose. Only when the messiah appears in the world can he make a clean, well-understood course. Messiah means True Parents. Do you understand True Parents? True Parents are teaching God's True Love. The ultimate original base and Adam's perfected position are connected automatically through that love. Without them fallen humankind cannot reach the perfected position. No matter how difficult it may be, you have to think how you can connect to that original True Parents' love atmosphere. That is the most important thing.

When it comes to world Christianity, Christianity represents the bride culture and has been waiting for the time this bride receives a bridegroom to be married. Again Father is emphasizing on this formula course, because now the time has come, even in the Korean peninsula and in America, when we look at the situation here as Father explained earlier between the Unification movement and Christianity as Abel and Cain. Once this unification takes place, now the expansion of this is North America and South America, unification takes place and eventually it will lead to the unification of Catholicism and Protestantism in Europe centered on Germany, which will influence the unification between Judaism and Islam, Christianity and Islam in the Middle East, which will bring world peace and unity.

When it comes to the tribal messiah here, centered on Mother, we have Father and God and her son will be in the position of Abel and they are supposed to restore 160 families, in the position of Cain, minus. It's the responsibility of tribal messiahship as you know; you understand. Without accomplishing this level, you can't progress, because this itself should become plus, Abel, and then expand to reach the societal ("people's") level, from tribal level to people's level. The restoration of race, or people, in this case, and the next level will become national level restoration. This becomes the plus; the nation will become the minus, then of course this becomes plus and the entire world becomes minus. To begin with, centered on Blessed couples, the restoration of the world will take place. So again, this course of restoration, indemnifying, will take place on the individual, U.C., Christianity, North America and South America levels. Then, the European continents centered on Germany and Judaism, Islam will go all the way back, the reverse course to Adam's family. Do you understand? Father just walked from Adam's family to the world level and coming back, he showed us how to reverse the course back to Adam's family. It's the record of victory on each stage from Adam's family, Noah's family, Jacob's family, Moses' family, to Jesus Christ and worldwide level, and going backward, the reverse course.

Therefore, once the unification of North, South America, the world takes place, centered on True Parents, it won't matter if North and South Korea are not unified yet. All of this can be possible right away. Do you understand? Yes. That's why our responsibility as a Unificationist is working with the Christian churches in America, because Christian churches don't have any way out now, except working with us. In order to restore the entire world, we may have to sacrifice a nation. Isn't it true? When it comes to the nation of America, United States of America, is America God's nation or a secular nation? (One brother answers "God's nation", then, "No, secular nation, maybe coming back." Followed by laughter.) After coming back there will be unification. South America and North America are moving back. We don't need to come back; always focus on unifying that world base. By using that formula everywhere, you can travel freely. Unifying Europe will be no problem. The unification of the Middle East, Islam and Israel will be no problem. A unified North Korea and South Korea will be no problem. Do you understand? We are at the last terminal point. How can we make North and South America unite? Only by centering on True Parents. In order to do that, who has to be sacrificed in America, between Christianity and the Unification movement? (Unification movement.) (Then laughter.) Well even though you say Unification movement, your face is twisted, because you don't like it. But don't you think we must do this task? Yes.

Is there anybody who knows where the biggest ranch in the United States of America is and how big it is? In Texas, how big is that? 500 thousand acres? Which one is that; is it the King Ranch? Isn't that about one million acres? Father was told the King Ranch in Texas is about 900 thousand acres. Well if so, then how would you like to have an even bigger ranch than the King Ranch, the biggest ranch in America, in South America? Father felt good when he heard that the Brazilian people said, "Well the country of Brazil is bigger than mainland America! We are bigger!" And they said, "American people have opposed Reverend Moon; however, when you come to South America we'll always welcome you with open arms!"

So therefore, according to Principle, now is the time that you, American brothers and sisters, all have to move to South America and set the standard by shedding tears and sweat and blood, just like Father has done here for the last twenty years in North America. That's the way you can inherit Father's tradition. That's the way you can inherit Father's spirit completely. That's the way you can inherit Father's tradition. You should go way out, down to South America and represent Father's spirit there. Do you understand? Represent and also unify all South and North America into one unified world. This is the victorious foundation of God which is a formula that can be used all over the world. Do you like it? (Yes!) Huh? (Yes!) Father doesn't like that! I haven't anything. Father has done his portion. Now it is time for you to do the work. Do you agree? Yes. But Father will do the coaching. Do you follow?

Since Father declared this year, the Safe Settlement of True Parents and Completed Testament Age, which is in the position of the subject, before the end of this year, Father had to establish someplace as the position of object. That's why Father went to South America hurriedly. The entire nation of Brazil was welcoming him. So Father went down there to find out what's going on and Father found the most poor country, Paraguay, deserves God's blessing. So Father is willing to bring all the blessing from North America and even a country like Brazil, to give to a poor country like Paraguay. Do you like that? Just like bringing reunification to the Korean peninsula, Father wants to see the reunification between North America and South America. The Korean peninsula is plus and South America, Paraguay, is a minus. Based on that, if North and South America can combine with that center, they can become the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? The Korean side plus and the American side minus will combine into one. It all makes up a complete nation. This is the viewpoint of the providential perspective. Do you like it? From now on it is a new starting time. There will be no persecution, only a welcome everywhere. It will be joyful, with singing and dancing, making noise everywhere-the noise of welcome. Would you like that? Providentially, that time has come. Because if Father continues to invest more in America, more than he has done up to this point, even God will blame Father, God will scold Father and hit down this country too. That's why when Father left from Kodiak this year, after twenty years of establishing a foundation there, Father passed on his foundation and tradition to three representatives, one Korean representative, President Koo Bae Park and one Japanese representative Inouye san, and one American representative, David Rogers. They should continue to keep the tradition of Father there.

Also, Father wants to see that all the tradition, materials and know-how established and built in this country will be transferred to South America. That's why Father called Mr. Inouye down to South America from Alaska and he is still in South America to check around many different countries for the ocean.

In Unification Church history was there any regular vacation? No! (Laughter.) But once you follow Father's footsteps closely, you can enjoy all kinds of vacations, because now Father has foundations all over the world, in cold places, hot places, cool places, every place. You can have the entire river as your swimming pool, that's why Father wants to develop a hobby industry. Hobby means catching fish and hunting animals and giving them to starving people. How wonderful a job that is! Hobby means interesting, an interesting living style. Everywhere there is enjoyment-singing, dancing, making noise, everything. That is the hobby industry.

So, the time has come that up to this point, Father had to deal with all sort of difficulties, of persecutions to accomplish this much, but your time, is easy time. You don't have to deal with that kind of persecution. Father is establishing the foundation in South America, so if you want to bring your entire tribe to South America and be trained there, educate them there, then your entire tribe can be restored. You can fulfill your tribal messiahship. Let's go to South America!! (Applause.)

Up until now, Japan has been supporting American activities. And of course, as a Korean national, centered in Korea, Father has been leading the Japanese church. Korea is in the position of Adam, and Japan, Eve. That's why they are one nation. They are not separated. America is the archangel country, so therefore, this archangel must be the descendant of Adam and Eve. So now archangel's position is to restore this destroyed, satanic world back to God. Satan has been dominating and controlling the national level throughout history; however this restored Adam must control and restore the entire world, nation. That's why the archangel country, America, is in the position of Abel when it comes to the relationship with South America, in the position of Cain. So, North America's role, responsibility, is saving South America. As long as North America becomes united centered on True Parents, then this formula course of restoration will take place. Is it true? Yes or no?

Then it's time to organize. As you know, our Japanese Church has been selling their houses and all their assets to support our activities in America. If you're not sure about it, go and visit Japan and see for yourself. By the same token, if our American members, all of you, are willing to sell your houses and assets in order to save South America, and contribute the money to help the poor people there, then the unification between North America and South America will naturally take place.

You see Father already established a strong enough foundation. On top of that, if the country truly comes up with almost one million acres of land, offering Father to build the ideal community, or ideal city there, then this kind of project is approved by the government, the national assembly, and this becomes public knowledge all over the South American nations, then South America will join together, team up together, and launch this special project. They will proclaim that Reverend Moon's ideal village effort is the most interesting in the world, and is making a peaceful foundation and value system. They will say, "We understood what Reverend Moon was doing so we helped him by giving land, instead of selling it." This is the most hopeful, peaceful world building idea. Radio stations, television stations and daily news companies will go there and use their power to proclaim this message over South America. We'll help them make South America into one ideal country-no problem!

Using television stations and daily newspapers and radio stations which are day and night connecting to several countries is the easy way. They can continue to proclaim this action for several months. What kind of result would this bring over the continent of South America? There would be a complete turnaround. Don't you think so? The American government would help after that. "We the American government didn't know what Reverend Moon was doing all these years and we were against him, but now we understand the wonderful value of his work." All of humankind wants to be involved in that kind of purpose. From now we will help South America and make that kind of atmosphere. America will receive the same by taking action. They will proclaim after that how they helped in the expansion of this purpose over the world. Don't you think so? Think about it; that time is not far away. The time is at hand. Many hands are joining in making that result. That kind of time is visiting us. Don't forget this-it is the cosmic world turning grace providential viewpoint. Will you take it or not?

Father feels that you can do everything without him being present here, because you know everything. Father saw the situation in South America. If you have a decent size ranch, just by raising cows and livestock there, you can be self-sufficient, because there are abundant resources there, water, grass, weather and whatever you need. Father is planning to develop an exemplary orchard there, even for the tropical fruits, so that this kind of orchard technique can be transferred to the continent of Africa and they can duplicate the same thing.

So once we obtain say, one million acres of land, then Father will divide them into 160 nations and then give 300 livestock to each country. So, they can raise them there and they will produce many offspring; then after their training, when they go back to their own countries, they can take them back and duplicate the same thing they do here on our ranch. If you keep spending money, your money will dry up; however, if you keep raising cows, new offspring will be produced and the number will increase. By doing so, as long as we don't lose money by operating this kind of ranch, you'll start generating profits. We can multiply, duplicate these kinds of ranches, farms all over the world and then you all can become the owner of a good, large size ranch or farm and you can be proud of yourself.

For example, Father is talking about the land price of one particular ranch which was offered to him in Paraguay. It's a 3,000 acre ranch. 3,000 acres is pretty big isn't it? And this particular ranch is raising 700 cows. And of course, the ranch house there has all kinds of machinery and chicken coops. I don't know how many hundreds of chickens and ducks and things like that, but they offered the entire ranch with all the livestock as a package. It's relatively cheap when we compare it to the price of American farms and ranches here. That's why Father sees the potential there to build our ideal village and Father will keep coaching us on how to do it.

On our ranch there, we will build our own kindergarten and elementary school, even high schools. That will be an ideal, colorless, global village where all five different races live together harmoniously. So again, Father says after these representatives from 160 nations, are trained here and return to their own countries they'll duplicate the same thing there, that's the way we can expand building the ideal village globally.

Are you interested? Well, it'll be nice if you participate, because Father will develop fishing places, hunting grounds and all kinds of hobbies that you will enjoy. Father is commanding Rev. Joong Hyun Pak and our President James Baughman, to make preparations. The country of Brazil has twenty- seven states, which are called provinces; in America we call them states. But there are some small states among those twenty-seven, so Father said we'll combine those few small states and make twenty-five states. Then since America has fifty states, two American states will connect with one state of Brazil.

So, America will send fifty representatives, in other words, one from each state, to Brazil, and they will be trained. At the same time, they will continue witnessing to people there. Their immediate responsibility at least will be one spiritual child per American.

After they increase the numbers there, they will be sent out to the rest of the countries in South America, thirty-one countries. Of course, in each state of Brazil, two American representatives will come there, and then as soon as they increase the membership the rest of the members will be sent out to the rest of the countries.

Those who still remain in Brazil, will support the countries where their spiritual children were sent. So those who are supposed to go to South America, from today on, you should start learning Spanish and Portuguese, because you shouldn't spend too much time learning languages once you arrive there. You should prepare here. Well, if you're not prepared, you will be sent to the ranch first and then while you are working there, you will have to learn the language! (Laughter.)

Working hard, that is our purpose! Father feels that the English speaking people will learn Spanish or Portuguese relatively easily, because your origin is the same, Latin, right? So you have to be good enough to speak the language to do witnessing. So since you have to hold the Divine Principle book when you give Divine Principle lectures, it will be easier as long as you can read Spanish or Portuguese. No problem. No problema! (Father laughs.)

When we compare to Father's situation when Father first came to America and started witnessing to people, our task from now on will be just nothing. If you Americans go there, they will respect you. Because they generally know that when American people come there, they act kind of arrogant. But when they see the Unification Church American members come there and be humble and nice, they'll really be respecting you.

Once we develop the Brazilian movement there, America will follow, automatically. Which way do you think is easier, between restoring the country of America back to God or American members going to Brazil and restore the country of Brazil back to God? Two representatives from two states in America will come to one state in Brazil; of course, when they come from America to Brazil, they will not come there alone! They will bring their members, because the leaders will go there, sometimes the CARP members will go there to do CARP work, maybe Women's Federation members will go there with the members and do the activities of Women's Federation there. Sometimes you can take turns between the states in America to go there; one state's representatives will be there to work and another stays in America.

Father has the experience of doing this. In the late 1980's, Father sent almost all the Western European members to the Eastern European countries to do witnessing, and now, the result is, our membership in Eastern European countries is bigger than the membership of the Western European countries. Now Eastern European countries are helping Western European countries.

Actually, Brazil has a lot of members, maybe more members than America. Because we already have Brazilian members, Japanese members and Korean missionaries there, therefore if American members go there, it'll be more ideal. So there is no way out, except we have to unify North America and South America, in other words, Abel and Cain, otherwise we can't go through the course of restoration.

When it comes to our life, our church life itself is in the position of Abel and our family life is in the position of Cain. Don't consider your family life as the Abel! What is this role? If you have to leave your country and do a mission, do the will of God, you have to make sure that you have a strong enough foundation among your tribe, so that your entire tribe can support your work overseas.

What's the meaning of Family Pledge? After the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Unification Church, this Family Pledge came out. Throughout human history there was never such a thing as Family Pledge. Since this Family Pledge is declared and available here for mankind, satanic families have no way to remain in denial of it.

What is Number 1 of Family Pledge? Only upon the victorious foundation Father has established, after the forty years of indemnity course, which indemnified four thousand years of human history, this Family Pledge could become reality, could come out. So actually, Family Pledge means establishing the Kingdom of God on earth; that's the meaning of it.

From Number 1 to Number 7, every number begins with what? Centered on True Love. This expression, centered on True Love, means God's love and the love of True Parents should be totally united, without having anything to do with the fall, and become the ideal world, ideal world of love. Because of the Fall of man, up to this point and throughout history, all the religions encouraged people to live singly, without being married, following the ascetic life. Also, they were encouraged to leave their family, not building their family. Why?

It was because the people who embraced the fallen family and lived within the fallen families were supposed to be changed, denying the fallen family. So the course of indemnity is actually the reversal course. That's why usually people were encouraged to come out of their family and didn't deal with the family life. Also, because of the Fall of man, the marriage went wrong; that's why they were encouraged not to marry, but to keep their ascetic life without being married.

That's why Father says, centered on True Love means centered on God's love. We are related to God through blood lineage. That's why the prerequisite for anybody to recite Family Pledge is that your mind and body must be united, the parents and children must be united and the children must be united among themselves. Only after that, are you qualified to recite the Family Pledge. Therefore, as Unification Church members, especially Blessed couples, we should recite this Family Pledge as many times as possible. For example, each mealtime, before you go to bed, and each time you wake up.

When you recite this Family Pledge, you have to question yourself, if your mind and body are totally united. This will be like the model of your life, also the guideline of your daily life. It should become like that. Make sure that your mind and body are united, husband and wife are totally united, and your children are totally united. If you're not qualified to recite Family Pledge, it's a misery for you and for your family. So this is like a shield for your family and yourself.

That's why Number 1 says, Our families centered on True Love, pledge to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation by restoring the original homeland. That means we are going back to our homeland, that's what Father says.

When Father says homeland, it means original Eden, because mankind was chased out of the Garden of Eden. So when Father says, restoring the original homeland, it means restoring the original Garden of Eden-Adam and Eve's position before the fall. Do you understand? So, because of the Fall of man we lost the original homeland which was the Garden of Eden, and now we have to restore that. Because our homeland is still occupied by satanic people, Satan, therefore we have to restore it back and build the Kingdom of God right there. Because True Parents already won the victory, True Parents want us to inherit the foundation, and that's why we can do this.

Adam's family lost everything by losing the Garden of Eden, yet True Parents came and established everything back again, and that's why we are able to establish the original homeland, which is the original Garden of Eden. Father established the worldwide foundation, but our responsibility is to restore our own tribal homeland, tribal level homeland. Father represents 160 nations and 4,000 years, but we have to restore only 160 families; that's the way we inherit Father's tradition, foundation. By witnessing, restoring 160 families, we set the condition that we restore 160 nations. Just like once one family gets turned around, the expansion of that will be the entire world turned around.

Therefore we must not go out of the boundary of True Parents' life and True Parents' teaching. We should stay within the boundary.

Number 2 says Our families, centered on True Love, pledge to perfect the way of filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world and holy sons and daughters in the cosmos by dedicating ourselves to God and True Parents and becoming a central family that represents the cosmos.

Why should we do this? Because the world out there, up to this point, didn't have any filial sons and daughters in the satanic world on the family level, no patriots on the national level, no saints on the world level, no holy sons and daughters on the cosmic level. But since True Parents came, True Parents played all the heavenly roles of filial son, patriot, holy son and saint. Therefore, we must do the same thing, just like Adam's family which was the central family, and at the same time the representative family of mankind.

When we are married here in America, we are not just one single married couple, but we represent the entire American people, also the entire mankind as a married couple. This True Love can be bound in the position of representative of the entire humanity. Binding takes place only in that position; in other words, we'll be in the same position as Adam and Eve without the fall. (Father writing on the blackboard.)

Father is drawing the eight different stages, reversing order. Adam and Eve are supposed to be at the pinnacle, top, of these eight different stages. And following Adam and Eve's tradition, the stages get bigger and larger and this represents the kingship. So in other words, the center of individual, family, tribe, nation and world, every level, is Adam. Just like us, we are the center of our family, tribe, people, and nation; that's the way we want to be. Don't we want that? (Yes.)

Adam and Eve can become husband and wife, only centered on God. Adam and Eve become husband and wife centered on God, they become one with God. Let's say they have three children, three sons, and each son will make a family, that represents another family, which means three families will be produced by Adam's family; again, each family will become one with God.

In terms of value, they are equal. Of course, the level is different, but each family has their own right to deal with God, vertically. Then each family of Adam's children will have their own children's family, like grandchildren of Adam's family, but above them vertically, only God is there, with whom they deal. In terms of value, it's still the same for Adam's family, Adam's children's families, and Adam's grandchildren's families.

In other words, when they marry, when they get Blessed, they get Blessed in the position where they represent the entire humanity. That's what Father talks about when it comes to the value. That's why, even from the stage of kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school, if all the children are being educated with this kind of education and value system, by the time they reach the age for marriage, they will absolutely understand that there is only one spouse. Absolutely only one partnership. Not two! So God made only one man and one woman. That's why in each of your families, your wife represents the entire 2.5 billion women in the world and your husband represents the entire 2.5 billion men in the world. That's why the relationship between husband and wife must be absolute, one absolute being to another absolute being; there'll be no second chance alternative.

This absolute couple, one husband and one wife, will go through all these eight different stages and land on earth, here, the same Adam's family comes this way and Adam's grandchildren's families. So on each spot they landed, they can develop these eight stages again.

Without having a clear understanding of this relationship, we can't become the filial sons to God and we can't become a patriot in the heavenly nation. We can't become the saint of the heavenly world and we can't become the holy sons or daughters in the cosmos. This is the key that we have to understand and practice.

When it comes to the concept of holy son, the holy son must obey the heavenly royal codes as well as the physical world's laws and regulations here, not just dealing with the physical world, but also the heavenly, spirit world. In the spirit world there are lands, powers and nations, just like we have here in the physical world. See that's why the holy son stage is the final stage, because holy sons and daughters deal with not only this physical world's royal families, the laws and regulations, but those in the spirit world too.

So once we restore our original homeland indicated in Number 1, then in Number 2, we should become the filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters, because God couldn't own those people up until now.

Then Number 3: Number 3 represents the textbook at the time of God's creation, centered on man's heartistic relationship. We have to fulfill three great kingships and four great realms of heart. What are the four great realms of heart? The completion of brotherhood, heart of childrenhood, completion of the heart of brotherhood, the completion of the heart of conjugal relationship between husband and wife and then last is parents, heart of parental relationship. That means, centered on True Love, the moment you get Blessed, this will be accomplished, this will be completed, these four great realms of the heart.

When it comes to the completion, the fulfillment of the four great realms of heart, between husband and wife, they help each other to complete those four realms of heart; that's a kind of mutual relationship, they should help each other. Once you become one with your spouse, centered on love, that means your wife will be like your twin sister at the time of your birth, then she will be like your wife, then your mother, sister, wife and mother. So your wife will be in the position of all different roles there. That's why once you destroy that kind of relationship with your spouse, with your wife, that means you destroy all the realms of heart: of children, brotherhood, conjugal relationship and parental relationship.

What's the ultimate relationship of love? That means the total unity between the concave and the convex shape. Once these two different shapes fit together and become totally one, that's the end of it. That's why you have to deal with your wife, just like with your twin sister, your wife and your mother. You should be willing to die together with your wife, when the time comes! That's how important your wife is.

Once you reach that level of perfection, when it comes to the relationship between the spouses, you can claim yourselves to be God's children, God's couple.

Then what are the three great kingships? Because of the Fall of man, because of the fall of Adam and Eve, God couldn't own the three different generations of kingship, only two. One of the most miserable tragedies we witness in American families is that of the grandparents. American grandparents can't enjoy their life with their grandchildren. They are restricted. Do your grandparents just pop out of no place, out of thin air? No. They grow from the stage of a child too. So once they become grandparents, their hearts become like a little child again. It's like becoming a child again. That's why when they become really old, they become absent-minded, they forget and their behavior is a little bit more childish, don't you feel so? That's why grandparents and grandchildren should play together, live together.

As a grandfather, Father is experiencing that his grandchildren are more lovable than his own children. Even when Father is away, Father misses his grandchildren more than his own children. So that's why Father feels sorry for those aged people, grandparents level people, who are actually left alone. Your grandparents represent your past, sent by God, representing your past like a special emissary. And your parents or yourself are like the present king and queen, representing the modern, present world.

Your children, who are the grandchildren of your parents, are the children who can be loved by your grandparents, whereas Adam and Eve didn't have any chance to be loved by God, because of their fall. God could love only one generation before the fall, Adam and Eve. That's why we need one more generation, the grandchildren generation, from God's point of view. That's why we should serve grandparents just like we serve God, and we should serve our parents, just like we serve our kings and queens in the modern world. And we have to treat and serve our grandchildren just like our future kings and queens. That's the way.

That's why the third generation can receive love from both generations, their parents' generation and grandparents' generation.

Then what is the meaning of the realm of the royal family? It means that even though you are Blessed and you produce your own Blessed children, you still need your spiritual children, who will be in the Cain position compared to your own physical children who will be in the Abel position. By restoring the spiritual children through your tribal messiahship, accomplishing your tribal messiahship, they who are actually physically elder children, should become the younger children.

In other words, your physical children should restore the elder sonship, then your spiritual children will become the royal family members and together with them, you'll be able to enter the Kingdom of God. That's why Father said, the realm of the royal families. Because Cain and Abel became the enemies on the horizontal level, so now horizontally they have to be restored. The Cain and Abel relationship has to be restored. Without having anything to do with the fall, Cain and Abel should restore their original relationship and become God's children. This is the restoration of the Cain and Abel relationship. So once we go back and restore our homeland and we do filial son's responsibility, patriot's, saint's and holy son's and daughter's, then we have to accomplish our textbook course and then that's the end of it, which is Number 3.

What is Number 4 then? It says Our family, centered on True Love, pledges to fully realize the world of freedom, peace and happiness. We're not talking about realizing the individual family alone, but we are talking about realizing the entire world and cosmos as the entire cosmic family, so that's why it says Our family, centered on True Love, pledges to fully realize the world of freedom, peace, and unification and happiness. Father added one more term, here, before happiness; Father said freedom, peace, unification and happiness by creating one great family on the cosmic level which is God's ideal of creation.

In other words, you should be able to adjust yourself to any kind of environment surrounding you. Don't just become a self-centered, self-righteous person or family, because humanity is considered as one cosmic family. Once, even though we establish or realize this cosmic family worldwide, we shouldn't just follow the physical world's norm and order, but we have to cope with the spirit world's, heavenly world's order and norm, too. That's Number 5. Our family, centered on True Love, pledges to strive daily for greater development toward the unity between the spirit world, which is subject, and the visible world, which is object.

That encompasses all sorts of races and religions -embraces-because in the spirit world all different religions and races will be guided and embraced together in order to build the Kingdom of God. Just like the spirit world exists and has total unification, even in this physical world we should have absolute unification, regardless of the religions, different religions and races; that's what we have to practice here. We have to experience and feel God's sorrow and joy while we're living our life here on earth. Do you understand? This is the course of restoration Father described in this Family Pledge.

So who unifies the spirit world and physical world? Man-we do. Every day in our daily life, we must not move backward, but we have to move forward, march forward, that's what's called pledges to strive daily for greater development toward the unity between the spirit world and the physical world. In other words, don't just stay in one place and stick to that place and just enjoy your life, but keep moving around and give good influence to other people and help people all over the world.

Just like we have different seasons-after spring we have summer, then autumn, then winter-once the world gets rid of all these national boundaries and this and that, we should be able to move around the world freely so that we can experience many different cultures, weather, whatever is available there. And of course when you move around, you must not bring harm to them but you should be able to help them so they can be even more inspired to march forward. That doesn't mean that you can take it easy; you have to work hard. For example, when you pass by a farm, you see a lot of weeds growing in the rice paddy or anyplace, then without being asked you should be able to go in there and pull the weeds. If any road is dirty you should clean the road and just keep going. That kind of offering should be there.

Number 6: What is it? Number 6, our family: When we practice that kind of sacrificial life, our family centered on True Love pledges to become an ideal family. That multiplies God's blessing to our surroundings by being the family that represents God and True Parents, Father said. So once your family becomes this kind of heavenly, sacrificial, ideal family, when you move around, you are not going around to take something from people, but you go around to share the blessing from God with other people. For example, even though you do all kinds of service, sacrifice for the sake of your neighbors, if they still oppose you and just persecute you and you just keep on doing it, then just forget but keep on doing it so that your influence and your good deeds will be spread around. This is the most precious treasure you own, given by True Parents. If you truly, truly offer yourself to help other people or, you know, to support other people, people can't oppose you. So when you offer yourself for the service, you know, for other people's sake, then you have to think about not just one family but hundreds of families, neighboring families, or thousands of families. Because once you become a heavenly family, God and even Satan expects you to multiply the heavenly family among your neighbors.

So, that's why Father is telling you that you should carry cassette tapes, videotapes or Divine Principle books, over 30 copies of them, which contain Divine Principle teaching. Even while you're driving or passing by some place, if you see somebody and you feel like you can talk to them, then get their address or talk to them, lend your cassette tapes or videotapes, whatever they want or can utilize, and then let them study Divine Principle. If you don't do this kind of work, in other words, you are not spreading the truth that you received from True Parents and God. Your ancestors from the spirit world will punish you, will persecute you. And your neighbors' ancestors even, because your neighbors' ancestors are anxious to see you teaching their descendants. They will criticize and persecute you by saying that "Your Family Pledge says this and that, but you don't practice that. What is it?" So if you have any good material, then you just share with your neighbors. Do you understand? (Yes.) If you don't practice this, what Father is teaching you today, when you join the spirit world, you will be penalized. It's like a contract, agreement with God. That's why we said this pledge. So you understand Number 6.

Number 7 says Our family centered on True Love pledges to fully realize the world of shimjung culture that is connected to the original blood lineage. What is original blood lineage? Father says that's Adam and Eve's original blood lineage before the fall, centered on True Love. So we have to develop this shimjung culture which God can be happy with and enjoy, which has nothing to do with Satan. So contents of the shimjung culture is one, and direction of it is one too, the same one, only one, not two.

You all had your parents and grandparents before you, didn't you? What about your children, your husband and your nation? Well, as Father described, you have your spouse, parents, grandparents, children, your nation and the world, yet are you willing to trade all of them with True Parents? Who is more precious to you? (True Parents.) Even though we live with True Parents on the horizontal level, vertically speaking there are eight different stages between True Parents and us. That's why if you want to inherit all of this treasure from True Parents, you have to give absolute obedience to True Parents, and be absolutely united with absolute love.

Because of the lack of absolute love and absolute faith, Adam and Eve fell. Because of the fall, Adam's family lost the blood lineage, the original blood lineage. That's why, in order to indemnify this lost blood lineage, satanic blood lineage, the Israel people practiced circumcision. What is circumcision? It is the cutting, and see the blood running out of the tip of the man's symbol, right? At the time of Noah, what kind of judgment was there? The flood, the water. So, instead of going through the circumcision, that time was the water judgment, at the time of Noah it's like a baptism, the way of baptism, you understand? That's why when John the Baptist came, instead of practicing circumcision, what did he practice? Baptism. It was not just a random happening, but it was God's will. Because Eve lost the faith, in order to indemnify the lost faith by Eve, this judgment of circumcision, judgment of body, which is flood judgment, must be gone through. And then Abraham appeared, who is the ancestor of faith. And we still need ancestors of love. Messiah means the love ancestor. The Garden of Eden was lost after the fall. Man lost faith, lost heart. How can that be restored so that God has absolute faith, absolute love? This is the time.

So this is the course actually in order to indemnify what we lost in Adam's family. You understand? We lost blood lineage, so we have to pay indemnity through the judgment on our body which was the flood, and restoring the faith and then love. That's why the original ancestor of faith should be like a gypsy. Abraham left his home and became like a gypsy. And at the same time, the ancestor of love which was represented by Jesus Christ, didn't have any family, he didn't have any origin, no nation, no roots even, but only God. That's why we all must become the ancestors of faith for our tribe and ancestors of love for our tribes on the worldwide level. In the time or era of Completed Testament Age, we must exercise and show the absolute faith, even greater than faith of Abraham, and we must show and practice love more than Jesus Christ did, love your enemy.

Otherwise you can't enter the Kingdom of God. When he says love your enemy, we are not talking about loving just one individual enemy, but we are talking about the enemy nation, which contains individual enemy, tribal enemy, national enemy, entire nation. America took the position of enemy towards Father. Japan and the entire world did, too. How can we save them? They can only be saved by connecting to the True Love place. Otherwise there is no way. Except for that, there is no way. So when you have to love the enemy nations, you have to love your enemy more than your family, your wife, your nation, and anything else; you have to offer your love.

Because of the opposition, the failure of the Allied countries right after World War II, Father lost every foundation: his family foundation, his tribal foundation, everything, that's why he had to begin from scratch again. That's the reason that Father's first wife, Sung Jin Nim's mother, left Father, and Father had to abandon his hometown, and even his homeland, home nation, because he had to restore them back in the reverse way. Of course, it was almost an impossible task for the Allied countries to welcome Father as the messiah of mankind and follow Father's direction. However, if those Allied countries had done it right after World War II, Father could have built the Kingdom of God on earth within seven years; actually Father said it wouldn't have taken more than three years after World War II. Because Father was ready, even at the age of forty, that he could stand on top of this globe and subjugate, rule the world, but because the failure of the Allied countries, again, Father had to wait for forty years, and Father is looking at the age of eighty to do the same thing.

When Father reads his own speech which was given in the beginning of the '70s and '60s, Father already had taught us everything; it's not new what he's teaching us now, he has done it before; we've forgotten. When it comes to the restoration of yourself, you are the one who has to make the decision for yourself, your parents can't do it for you. Father already taught you clearly; the course of history of Father's victory is already recorded and it's given to you already, so it's your asset, you have to practice that. So please remember, when you recite the Family Pledge, make sure that your mind and body are totally united, husband and wife are in great unity, your couple and children are in total unity, because the family's the unit.

Even if you want to stay where True Parents stay in the spirit world, unless you practice this, you fulfill the conditions indicated in this Family Pledge, you can't do that. You understand? So please understand that this is the kind of norm of liberating the entire mankind and the world. So we have to offer our love and care to brothers and sisters all over the world so that we can restore them back and enter the Kingdom of God together as brothers and sisters.

So suppose you have ten members in your family; think about how you can invite ten different brothers from ten different nations to your family, and offer all kind of hospitalities and love and care. In the secular world, satanic world, if even one single person comes to your family and becomes a burden on your family, you don't like it, but in our situation, even if ten more people come to your family to live together, you should be happy. Just like God is missing and longing for the entire humanity, we should do the same thing; if anybody comes, we should welcome them, we should be missing those people.

Well, as we see every day here, the families in America, the free world, are being destroyed, separated and divided every day. However, we are different races, our families are intact. If you move to South America you can restore your family or your tribes easily. Invite them all the way to South America where you stay and offer your hospitality, your love and care, and they will be restored easily. Therefore, Father is ordering all the American members, brothers and sisters, when you have vacation, like summer vacation, or winter vacation, you choose one, and try to go down to South America, offer yourself to do witnessing there. Father will visit South America often from now on. So in order for you to be able to meet True Father, instead of staying in America, North America, if you go to South America, you may be able to do that more easily. Do you need True Father? (Yes.) Because Father is planning to show you the direction, to set the direction which you can follow.

Also he wants to show you the shortcut by which you can accomplish your mission and responsibility before he passes into the spirit world. Father is also planning to send many missionaries to South America. Will America lose to South America? (No.) Father saw that the Catholic Church is almost lost now, almost gone in South America. It's just a name.

Well, Father called this special meeting to culminate this year 1994; however, right after this meeting on the 26th of December, Father will leave for Korea. Since Father wants all the Unification Church brothers and sisters to know how to do fishing and hunting, from this past year, January, Father initiated fishing tournaments and hunting tournaments in Cheju Island. That was the First Annual Fishing Tournament for World Peace and Hunting Tournament for World Peace; therefore, next year from January 7th to January 8th we will have it. (Applause.)

Even in the world of ballet, when Father first initiated this ballet, people didn't understand, but now it's been several years already, Father's Universal Ballet Company, has come up to the top, world-level. Think about the Kirov Ballet Academy in Washington, D.C. It's well-known, now, unique, the best in the country. The school, the Ballet Academy, has become so famous and so desired by future ballerinas all over the country, that when our school was selecting one hundred students, over 1,600 candidates came to be selected, but we took only 100 out of 1,600. The competition is pretty tough there.

So that's why even when Father says we should buy ranches in South America, develop farms and teach you how to do farming and ranching, stick with it. If you truly put your heart into it, and you become an expert, instead of visiting 160 different nations, in that particular ideal village which Father is building, you can visit 160 nations; it's only a matter of jumping over a fence, then you can visit another country like that.

In the future, mankind won't need any houses, established houses; they would just travel around by vehicles, and any place they feel like staying, they'll stop over, spend the night, then keep on going. Do you like that? That's the world Father wants to create. (Applause.)

Well, since you came here by Father's call, and we have this all day long conference and reporting session, what do you feel, how do you feel? (Applause; Thank you, Father.) Originally, Father wanted to call you here on the 24th and give this conference, but because of the Christmas fundraising, Father called you here today and tonight Father will let you go home and do your unfinished fundraising.

Again, Father wants you to remember that we can move the entire world; in other words, we can move the United Nations, which will eventually move the entire world.

Since Father will not be here on God's Day, Father wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy God's Day. (Father leads "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy God's Day" singing in English.)

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