The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 10, 1993
Belvedere International Training Center
Interpreter Col. Sang Kil Han

Reappearance refers to the fact that 2,000 years ago the Messiah came. The 2,000 year history since then was a re-indemnification. The second advent of the Messiah took place at the end of World War II. However, he had to re-indemnify Christian history during the last 40 years, and at last the proclamation of the coming of the Messiah now has taken place.

We all know that if the will of God had been done at the time of creation, there would have been no need for a second coming, because salvation would not have been necessary. The purpose of creation would have been achieved at that time. Heaven on earth and in heaven would have come into existence naturally, and the history of restoration would not have had to come about. That Kingdom of Heaven would have started as a family unit and extended into the clan, the society, the nation, the world and the spirit world. Adam's family would have formed the world at that time. This family would have been the center of the clan, society and world.

If Adam's family had become perfect, the perfect clan, society, nation and world would have come to exist naturally, without even trying. So the perfection of Adam's family was the prototype for all perfected beings. Then who is Adam and who is Eve? Adam and Eve are the king and queen who represent heaven and earth. We can see that all men and women desire to become kings and queens themselves. This is because that is the way they were created. That kingship, starting from the family king, would lead to the king of the clan, nation, world and spirit world. Who would inherit the position of king? The elder son. So the family is the unit, and as the number of families increases, so does the Kingdom. The family is the building block of the Kingdom.

The Results of the Fall of Man

Thus, with God's purpose in mind, we can look at the transition from the Old Testament era to the New Testament era, and the transition today to the Completed Testament era. All of these things took place as a result of the fall. This is a rather complicated process of salvation, which would not have been necessary if Adam's family had not fallen.

What became of the family because of the fall? Both man and woman left God and went to Satan. The ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven vanished To be saved means to correct their blood lineage. Without correcting the lineage, God can take no part in His creation, especially in fallen human life. Today we lament over all the evil we see. Why did the perfect God let this happen? It was because of the fall. So the satanic world expanded from its satanic origin. The purpose of salvation is to do anything and everything necessary to restore the results of the fall at every level.

Because man and woman did not start in God's lineage, they have no foundation to connect to God. Centering on Satan, Adam followed Satan, Eve followed Adam, Cain followed Eve and Abel followed Cain. But what we see today in True Parents is Adam following God, Eve following Adam, Cain following Eve and Abel following Cain. These two patterns are completely opposite, 180 degrees different. One is hell, the other, heaven.

When we look at the world today, what do we see? Hell. Is that God's world or Satan's world? Satan's. What about the great nation of America? It is in Satan's world. False love, not true love, reigns. Where is true love and a true lineage? We cannot find it anywhere. Lineage comes from the love between husband and wife. So the purpose of salvation is to put Adam and Eve into their true position. In order to cure a disease, you have to operate on the sick person. For God, this operation is nothing other than the method of straightening out the lineage, changing the lineage and putting true love into it.

Through the Bible we see God and Adam, father and son. Satan took Eve from God and then took Adam from God, and then he took the children. We have to restore this by paying the price. Satan took Eve, and then through the children went deeper into the abyss. Restoration had to start from Abel, the last in line. God took hold of Abel and worked His restoration strategy. What is this strategy? It is to reach Cain by working directly through Abel. After the fall, the brothers became enemies. So as a result of the fall, the members of what should have been a united family all became enemies of each other.

Satan's objective is to separate and keep divided, so he can exercise his dominion. God's purpose is to make one -one world composed of united families. God's world would look like one huge individual man. Satan deforms that and divides it as much as possible. By doing so, he stops God and perpetuates his own evil reign. In history, what God is trying to do and what Satan is trying to do are completely opposite. Satan encourages separation and fighting. God tries to have people sacrificially love and unite. These are completely opposite. In the Last Days, what do we see? Satan's world will become very apparent in human life from the family to the clan, nation, world and spirit world. It is completely ungodly; it is something which God hates.

On the worldwide level, through the first, second and third world wars, God has been separating what is His side from what is Satan's side. By doing so, God has expanded His domain. Looking at history, we clearly can see that Satan strikes first. But then God, who is beaten first, eventually is the victor It is Satan's pattern to strike first and God's pattern to be struck, then win. We can see this in everyday life as well. If an elder brother or sister strikes any of their brothers or sisters first, everyone, including the parents, takes the side of the one who is struck. God is always on the side of the one who is struck. In the three world wars, the ones who struck first, lost.

We must understand that Christianity played an important role here. In both the First and Second World Wars, England and America were struck first. In all three wars the aggressors looked as if they would win, but then they eventually lost, because God was not with them. We can see so clearly that God is struck first and then gains it back. In school we may see a person who, although he is not doing anything wrong, is persecuted and suffers. But at the end, good always wins. We can draw another logical conclusion: the better religions are persecuted more, because Satan does not want them to continue. But God, through these important religions, tries to do away with Satan. Satan also knows that through these religions restoration is continuing, so he tries to stop them.

Where does this pattern of fighting and struggle originate? It originates in the individual's mind and body. The mind is on God's side and the body is on Satan's side. The struggle expands from the individual to the family, clan, nation and world, and the world will divide into religious and non-religious spheres. This is symbolized by the two thieves at Jesus' crucifixion. They represent the left and right wings, which fight against each other. Also, Barabbas, who escaped crucifixion, represents Islam, which fights against Christianity. Christianity lined up with the right wing and Islam lined up with the left wing; So this great separation takes place in the Last Days. We see the division of left and right wings in Korea and the division between religions in the Middle East. The world-level task is how to solve these divisions and unite the two sides. The satanic world must come to an end. When the satanic world comes to an end, God's world must begin, which means that God has to take over and rearrange the world.

The base of Satan's world is satanic families and nations. Take America, for example. The typical family will have three generations grandfather, father and son. But we see that these three generations are fighting among each other. The family is almost annihilated. The country itself is more divided than united. It is being reduced to total individualism. Individualism is based on the one who doesn't care for the nation, tribe or family. He eventually comes to deny even his own purpose. This is what we see, to our dismay, in America. To hippies there is no world and no family, and this eventually leads to suicide. Free sex is commonplace. This is what God hates most. He created man and woman to follow strict discipline about this. We can explain this as being 180 degrees different from what God meant to have happen. The position of owner and servant is reversed. The servant has become the king and the king has become the servant. This is what happened in communism. They call someone a bad name -bourgeoisie -and then just try to destroy them.

The essence of God is love. Love's central point is emotion and deep feeling. Free sex denies this; they participate in a physical, mechanical love devoid of emotion. In the extreme there is incest, a behavior which in God's ideal is worse than that of animals. The grandfather lives with his own daughter in-law. God cannot imagine this; it is 180 degrees apart from God's direction. What God promotes, Satan destroys. Homosexuality, alcohol and drugs degrade love; they have no place in God's Kingdom. This world is clearly hell. If you have no idea of heaven, imagine the complete opposite of this world, which is hell. Snake like dancing is a tool of Satan to achieve his goal. This is true; it is not a laughing matter. It makes people behave in crazy ways. Satan is boasting of what he has achieved and is laughing at God, saying, "How can you make Your Kingdom out of this?"

We now know which way God is going; it is 180 degrees different from where Satan is now. Satan's voice is encouraging people to drink more, smoke cigarettes, take drugs and indulge in free sex, to "enjoy life." Do Unification Church members practice free sex? (No.) What percentage "no?" (One hundred percent no!) We know that is a very strong position. How about homosexuality? (No! ) What stance does America's new president take on homosexuality? (Supports.) Ignorance; without his intending, he is agreeing with Satan. The way for America's survival and prosperity in the future is to go against the way it is walking now. To go the opposite way is God's direction.

Everyone in America is enjoying his life without hardship or suffering, but here in the Unification Church members are working hard, suffering and wanting to pay more indemnity. Is that good or not? (Good.) But you cannot enjoy Christmas and celebrate happy New Year in the conventional way. You don't like what Satan's world does. You seem very foolish, but are you wise to be so or not? (Wise.) The world turns against us and says, "Moonie, Moonie!" But if you stop to think about it, what has Reverend Moon done in America that is so bad? People first think he must have done something wrong, but actually he hasn't done anything wrong. We can rightfully conclude that those who go against the satanic world are the ones going God's way. God is in that desperate situation, with Satan and the whole world opposing Him. Because all satans say, "Reverend Moon is a bad person," we can deduce that Reverend Moon is the person God loves the most. That is the way history looks at it.

How God Restores

There was a time when it was very difficult to distinguish between God and Satan, but today it is very easy to discern God and Satan. They work 180 degrees differently. So the Unification Church is very much the center of God's dispensation. If we were truly bad, we would diminish, but actually we are growing and growing. With whose help? (God's help. ) When we go as a blessed family to our hometown, our direction is very straight. We do not drink, smoke or practice free sex, but rather we try to bring the people into God's direction. This is new to them, but somehow they come to like it.

Satan's world has no hope, and the people of the world are completely disoriented, not knowing east from west. There is more and more corruption, in many different forms. Sometimes they see a Unificationist family and their eyes pop open. They are amazed. They say, "Don't follow the Moonies," but we Unificationists are the only ones going to heaven. All of Satan's side is going in the other direction, to hell. The Unification Church is going up steadily to heaven. The world is going towards hell. There is the formidable disease of AIDS. Are human beings susceptible to AIDS? (Yes.) Do Unification Church members ever contract AIDS? (No.)

Satan strikes, but God mends and repairs. And the Unification Church works to repair what the satanic world has broken. It is so simple; in one hour the essence of satanic history has been explained. But if you lack this knowledge, you could not solve this problem in one million years. It is very sad. There was one poll concerning sexual experiences in one school. Only one young man had not had sex, and it turned out he was a blessed child. He explained his position and won the respect of a majority of his class. It's sad, but that situation exists today.

What is the Unification Church going to do? It is going to unify the left and the right and the Christian world and Islamic world. No one other than Reverend Moon and the Unificationists can go between two people and reconcile them. America, representing the right wing, struck Reverend Moon. The left wing, as well as Christianity and Islam also struck Reverend Moon. The fact that they struck Reverend Moon, without any clear reason, puts them on Satan's side. Ironically, this Christian nation struck Reverend Moon and is now on Satan's side. This fact has never occurred to them. It means they are striking God.

Who hated Reverend Moon more, Christians or Jews? There is no doubt that the communists are on Satan's side, but even the religious people are now on Satan's side. The Jews and the Christians came against me and God. Clearly, the 2,000 years of suffering which Christians went through took them to a high and powerful position. But why, in a mere 40 years, have they plummeted down and been reduced to complete powerlessness? It is because they came against Reverend Moon. We look at gorgeous churches and synagogues, but now they are only 10% to 15% filled. Those who are there are old; pretty soon they will go to the grave. Then there will be no one. This is true for all religions.

So what are the Unificationists doing? We are going to restore the family and nation. If we restore the family and the clan, then the country will be restored. This is where to make an impact. When the family and clan are restored, the country will be restored automatically. There are many countries with populations of less than 10 million. When we come to have a prototype country that is under God's domain, will all the other 160 countries follow? (Yes.)

How could America, which God fostered, and which was so righteous, decline in a mere 40 years? It is because they opposed Reverend Moon and God. Reverend Moon has established the historical record for bearing suffering and persecution. So what is Reverend Moon thinking and saying? Is he praying to God, "Please stop this persecution"? No. Rev Moon knew, as he continually said every Sunday, "The world will decline and perish, but Reverend Moon and the Unification Church will not. We will stay and prosper by doing God's will."

So Father has been thinking and preparing to receive the broken world and restore it. The individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world have come and hit me. These are the phenomena of persecution. Be hit first and then inherit. Whenever we go, to New York or Washington, we can see clearly that the society is closer to Satan. Unification Church members do not wear makeup, but they shine with beauty. You don't have to anguish over deciding whom to marry. So the more we are present, the more Satan shakes, but God's hope becomes bigger. As Satan disappears from this world, God's comfort is restored. Amen.

All of this is the result of Reverend Moon being struck and persecuted so much, so Father doesn't mind being struck. (Thank you, Father.) Until now, humankind was in the dark; they were ignorant of their own fall. Consider communism; it was ruthless and formidable, reaching to the top of the world. The small Reverend Moon said to them, "You will be phased out and cease to exist." And it came to pass, didn't it? Now Father is proclaiming to the entire satanic world, "You will cease to exist." This is Father's proclamation today.

There is no way for us to deny the existence of Satan. We know that he exists and walks about the earth. We also know that God is moving behind Satan, trying to repair the situation and make a better world. There is not a single person, family, tribe or country that did not come against Father. Everyone went against Reverend Moon. As a result, God will now inherit all that foundation, bring it into His domain and make it righteous. Since Father cannot let the world perish, saying he has nothing to do with it, Father worked to make connections with everything. He made all the conditions to prevent the people from perishing. Father makes all sorts of world-level arrangements to reconnect everyone and everything back to God, at his own expense. Father has a relationship to every Unification Church member, so even if they die or are washed out into the satanic world, Father later can pull them back to God. You have good security.

Actually, have you ever stopped to wonder if there is anything that Father doesn't do? There's no such thing; he does everything. Now we know these are phenomena of the Last Days. So what is the conclusion? Pay no attention to anything else; just hold on to Reverend Moon. Thus, when Father gives a direction, we can reply confidently, "Yes." We don't discuss it; we just go ahead, because we know that we are better off that way. There are a lot of Japanese members who are accustomed to following old Japanese leaders, but now Father appoints one Korean leader and directs that everyone follow him. The American members want Father to choose a different leader. Fathers choice is very colorful -but the color doesn't matter.

Restoration of the Lineage of God

Now we know the basics of history and the basics of God's work, which is the restoration and salvation history. Therefore, let us now discuss the main theme, the reappearance of the Messiah. God's situation has been that He has not a single women or child whom He can claim as being on His side. God centers on Eve, Cain and Abel, that means the mother and children, whereas Satan has Adam. (At this point Father is explaining while drawing diagrams.)

Satan worked upon Eve, and the fall took place. We have to reverse the fall; we have to go the opposite way. False lineage and false love came to exist. We have to create true love and a true lineage. In the Old Testament era, indemnity was paid with an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It was one-for-one indemnity, simple reverse indemnity. Where does this indemnity take place in the Old Testament? With Jacob and Esau, and their mother, Rebecca. This indemnified the fall. Just as in the fall, when God the Father was deceived, in this family the father, Isaac, was deceived. So Rebecca deceived for a good purpose and restored the fall. Jacob then did the work of a true Abel and subjugated Cain. From that point, the true restoration course started.

However, Esau and Jacob were grown men; the restoration they accomplished did not take place in the womb, at the root. Therefore a subsequent stage, one of restoration in the womb, took place with Tamar, Perez and Zerah. Tamar deceived her father-in-law, Judah, and his son, her husband, and then gave birth to the twins, Perez and Zerah. Thus within the womb, restoration took place. He who was to be the elder son became the younger son, and he who was to be the younger son became the elder son, perfectly restoring the elder sonship in God's eyes. We see restoration by indemnity took place.

Tracing it back to the womb, the elder sonship was restored. From this point Israel, the victor, comes. Even today these puzzles have not been solved. Many scholars today say they were just immoral. But from there, from Judah, Jesus' lineage came. No one knew God's plan, but now we can see it so clearly. That was a restored lineage, God's lineage. From there began the real history of the Israelites. They grew into a large nation. How did Israel become a victor? By clearing his lineage; his blood was purified. Israel means victor.

For 2,000 years, history flowed. In order to end evil and restore goodness, you need clean blood, God's blood. Two thousand years later, Mary conceived and gave birth to Jesus. Mary was in Eve's position, Rebecca's position and Tamar's position. But she was on a national level, instead of a family or tribal level. Mary, in the same way, deceived her father-in-law and her husband. For Mary, it was hard to understand why she had to deceive her husband and father-in-law and conceive a baby. But she gave birth to Jesus. That was not a simple thing. At that time what she did called for death by stoning. Joseph was righteous enough to protect her. That means that Adam protected her. So when Jesus was born, Satan had no claim on him, because of his lineage and these conditions of indemnity. So we know what Jesus is called as a result of this: the first begotten son. He is the first begotten son, because through him, for the first time in history, all blood can be cleansed and all people can be reconnected to God. It took 4,000 years for God to do that, in ways so mysterious to us.

At that point, Mary was supposed to bring Jesus and John the Baptist into unity, which would signify Cain and Abel becoming one. That was Mary's mission. John was in the Cain position and Jesus was in the position of God's son. But we know what has actually happened. Did they unite into one? No, they failed to do that. If Mary had achieved that, certainly Jesus would not have had to die. He would have gone on victoriously to complete his mission. But he did not. Instead he was crucified and there came into being the division of the world into left and right. That means throughout the world, Cain and Abel continued to be separated. Cain's religion, Islam, and the Abel religion, Christianity, have fought many times. Leah and Rachel should have become one, and Mary was supposed to do the same. But Leah and Rachel did not unite, and that was the origin of the division of Israel into ten tribes and two tribes, and this also was the very origin of Islam.

So Mary in a most concrete way should have arranged Jesus' marriage quickly. Who was to be Jesus' bride? It was to have been the sister of John the Baptist. Mary had to get the woman from the Cain side and bring her to Jesus. There was no woman available on the Abel side, so she had to get the woman from Cain's side. If Mary had worked with all her might to accomplish this, she would have been successful. Then purified blood and a new lineage could have come into existence. Restoration would have been very quick.

By doing that, the mother and son would have come into unity and restored Eve's failure. If Abel had united with Cain, then the mother would have been restored to the original position. That is the tragedy of the Israelite history. There were two options; one was the mother uniting Cain and Abel, and the other was Cain and Abel uniting and restoring their mother. They could have done it either way. The Jewish religion was in Abel's position, the nation of Israel was in Cain's position on a national level; these two should have united. Then Cain and Abel on a national level would have restored a national level mother. The mission of Israel was to bring Cain and Abel into unity, to restore the mother's position. Restoration must reverse the fall.

The chosen people must prepare for the coming Lord. God created all things and then created Adam. With the model of Adam, He created Eve. Once Cain and Abel have united and have restored the mother, Eve, Adam's perfection can come about. Adam cannot be restored until this is complete. This is the way they failed in Adam's family, so they lost the kingship on the family level. This now needs to be restored on a national level, however, with countries in these positions. This is what the Old Testament is all about; this is Israel's mission, the national level. Then when the Messiah came, that was the end of the Old Testament and the conclusion of the national level. The New Testament era, which Jesus did not complete, is the world level era.

If the Old Testament had come to a successful conclusion, Jesus could have restored the nation and world within 40 years. However, because of Jesus' crucifixion, it took 2,000 years for the world to be restored spiritually. Through Jesus' crucifixion, the divisions of left wing and right wing, and Islam and Christianity, came into being, and they fought each other. When Jesus died, this division came about, and it must be restored before he comes again. This is exactly what Father is working on. The Interreligious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace are meant to bring together left and right, and Christianity and Islam, and to make them become harmonious.

Thus we can understand the providential significance of World War II. Under God, there were Cain and Abel within the Allied forces, and under Satan there were Cain and Abel within the Axis forces. We all know who they were. The significance of World War II was that it resulted in all sides coming into unity. Cain and Abel united on the world level. The unity of spiritual and physical and mind and body came about. World War II accomplished this unity. This was the fruit of God's work. For the first time in history, centering on Christianity, the fallen side was defeated and God's side was victorious.

There was the repetition of positions: England as mother, America as Abel and France as Cain. Just as with Rebecca and Jacob, England and America should have become one. England gave birth to America. England is an island and America is a continent. The mother, England, would come under the dominion of her own son and receive influence from him, in order for the Lord to come. America was in Abel's position, and France was in Cain's position, similar to John the Baptist. By winning World War II, the unity of the whole was established, although, looking back, it was only for a short time. Even though the fall took place on a family level, it now must be restored on a world level. The mother and her two sons, Cain and Abel, must now look for Adam, her husband. Adam is the Lord of the Second Advent.

Looking back at Jesus' time, Jesus was the Messiah. The country of Israel, as Gain, and Judaism, as Abel, had to come into unity with their mother. Together they had to look for Jesus. Let's look back and examine if they did that. What if Jesus had been born not as a carpenter, but as a royal prince? What if Jesus had come as the son in a rabbi's family? If he had, he would have been connected to Satan's lineage. Jesus' family tree was simple; he did not have too many relatives. Jesus was a stepson, not a legitimate first son. Mary should not have lived with Joseph. We know so little about that, but look back 2,000 years and imagine. They should have kept this as a closely guarded secret amongst themselves. But someone knew, and talked. "Oh, you are keeping your wife, who gave birth to an illegitimate child." Do you think this didn't spread all around their family and clan? Yes; they could not erase that information. No matter what Jesus said or claimed to be, they all knew that he was an illegitimate child. How could God make an illegitimate child the Messiah?

John's disciples asked Jesus, "If you are the Messiah, where is Elijah?" Elijah was supposed to come first. Their presupposition was that the Messiah was to come on the clouds. They were waiting for someone to come from the sky. So even though God sent Jesus as King of Kings, because Elijah hadn't come and because Jesus was illegitimate, do you think it was easy for people to follow him? No. Look at how history goes; you be the judge. Even today, the Jewish people don't recognize what happened. Only 8% or 10% of the Jewish people became Christian. Jesus was a perfect heretic to them, and remains so even to this day. If 2,000 years after he came they cannot believe in Jesus, how could they have believed at that time? If Jesus had been accepted when he came, restoration would have taken a mere 40 years. History would have been very different. But he died, and he has to come again.

History at the End of World War II

So, at the end of World War II the world was unified under England, America and France. At that time, Reverend Moon came. Was it easy for them to know that and believe him? Based upon what we saw at Jesus' time, could these great nations have followed him? Cain and Abel and Eve's purpose is to find the Lord. But he doesn't come from the sky; he comes as a human being. Just as at Jesus' time, they had a difficult time believing. Wise man in these nations should have gone to Rev. Moon and offered to follow and serve him. But this idea never occurred to them; they had no idea that God expected this of them. It was exactly the same situation as at Jesus' time. People were looking at the sky. With that knowledge, we understand why they oppose Father. So even though Rev. Moon was not crucified physically, it amounted to the same thing, because everyone denied him.

These nations should have become one with Father. If they had, heaven on earth would have been achieved almost instantaneously. It would have taken only seven years to restore the world to the ideal, period. But the failure of 2,000 years ago was repeated. Just as Jesus was denied, Reverend Moon was denied. So what was waiting for Rev. Moon? God and Reverend Moon were chased out into the wilderness. God worked so hard for 6,000 years to establish a victory. That victory was lost overnight. Everything was claimed by Satan, and Reverend Moon was chased out into the wilderness. Nobody other than Father knew this. The whole of humankind was within arm's reach, ready to be saved, but no one came. Overnight, the whole foundation which God prepared was dumped into Satan's camp, and now this one single person, Reverend Moon, together with God, had to figure out some plan to re-indemnify the whole foundation.

When Reverend Moon was opposed, on whose side was God? Reverend Moon's. Imagine the whole foundation of 6,000 years, gone in an instant. Reverend Moon was the only one left with the knowledge of what he was supposed to do and what the world needed. God came to Reverend Moon -there were just these two miserable persons in the entire world. Everything else was given back to Satan. Satan was rampant, he did anything he wanted, and God was completely defenseless. Just as Jesus had the right and left side thieves, Reverend Moon too had to work something out. So Father took the Unification Church and put Christianity behind him, and he worked to re-indemnify the entire foundation. This meant that he had to re-indemnify the Old and New Testament eras.

Father had no foundation he could inherit. He had to restore the Old Testament era. After completing this, Father's Blessing, the Marriage of the Lamb, took place in 1960, exactly 14 years after the liberation of Korea at the end of World War II. Since humankind fell in the perfection level of the growth stage, in the fourteenth year the marriage took place. Then Father embarked on the three 7-year courses. These took place, and, centering on America, they were completed in 1981. This was the completion of the New Testament era.

The countries which God selected, England, America and France, failed at the end of World War II. Father had to re-indemnify this, selecting Japan, America and Germany. Germany and Japan were devastated, and thus were in the same situation as Reverend Moon. God could not choose America again, but Father could and did. God is in the first generation position, and Father is in the second generation position. Father could legitimately take America again even though it previously had failed. Why is America necessary? There is no other country like America. America is unique, in that the Old Testament and New Testament are here. So Father leniently, though decisively, took America in. If Father had not done this, America would have gone down terribly. America is now holding onto the thread of hope because of the Unification Church members. Look at Korea and Japan, two enemy countries, along with America-Japan and America-Germany. They all are enemy countries. All these countries had failed God. But Reverend Moon took these enemies and worked the restoration. How difficult and impossible this was. God and Father had to work to their utmost capacity to bring it about.

Father sent missionaries out to the world from Japan, America and Germany. Father told the missionaries to unite, no matter what. If they had done so, each country would have been restored much faster. You know what happened to these missionaries. The Japanese said, "I have been in the church the longest, so you must follow me." The Americans said, "No, be realistic. America is the center now." Look at Germany, they would never let themselves be outdone. "Even though we are the third, look at our technology, we are a nation of excellence." There was incredible fighting; they made as much noise as the satanic world, not any different. Father understood well; he got the remnants, so that's what results. Satan took the best.

Americans said, "Why do we need the Koreans and the Japanese? Why is America the archangel nation?" This is not just Father's interpretation; America speaks for itself. Free sex and homosexuality are not the traits of Adam and Eve, but of the archangel. Angels are not allowed to have a spouse. Since they are not allowed a woman, they take men, in great numbers. Also, individual ownership is highly questionable in God's eyes. America's wealth is for the world. If Americans try to keep it for themselves, they will decline.

It is very simple, and not only for America. Look at the Roman Empire. The Israelites considered themselves to be the chosen nation, and thought that when God brings victory all the world would come under them and worship them. It never occurred to them that God would sacrifice them to restore the whole world. Look at the British Empire; there was a time when the sun never set on England's territories. They thought that they should be worshiped and respected by the whole world. It didn't happen that way. America is the same. Americans don't think that America is for the world.

America is the only Abel country. The Catholic countries are in Cain's position. America is the only independent Protestant country. If Americans think that the world is for them, then America will suffer. Look at ourselves. If, as Father goes higher and higher, we think everyone should come and worship us, then the Unification Church will suffer the same fate. Do not think, "Oh, I'm an early blessed couple and everyone should take care of me." Do not think that now that you are blessed, God is going to live with you. No; you are blessed for a reason. It is so that God can accomplish restoration through you. We must attend God, not settle down and think, "I am the center of the universe." That is not God's heart. God's heart is that if He muse, He will sacrifice us to restore the entire world. When Father sent us to be Tribal Messiahs, his idea was not that we stay in a high place and be respected and supported. Father's idea is for us to become a servant and go and save the world. The Tribal Messiah's position is the same as Jesus' position. If we become more and more comfortable, we will decline.

The Way of the Messiah

In "The Reappearance of the Second Coming," what does reappearance mean? The Lord of the Second Advent was to appear in 1945, but since that foundation was lost, he must reappear now. From 1945 to 1952 was seven years, and from 1952 to 1992 was forty years, during which time Father re-indemnified everything. Why 40 years? Father has to restore the 4,000 years of Israelite and Christian history. But Father cannot live 4,000 years or even 400 years, so his only option was to do it in 40 years. Within this mere 40 years, Father re-indemnified the entire 4,000 years of the Old and New Testament eras. All realms of individuals, families, tribes and nations and the whole world itself opposed Father. God and Father were chased out into the wilderness, and they now have climbed up each wall inch by inch and have pulled down each wall of the eight stages, from the individual wall to cosmic wall.

Reverend Moon went straight, taking no detours. Until now, all American members did not want to put the Unification Church out front. But that is not what God wants. When we fight, we must proclaim. The Unification Church developed because we did not hide our name. How can God help us if we hide our name? We should be the same as David proclaiming his name before Goliath. When Father went to prison he said, "I am the head of the Unification Church." Until now all the Unification Church leaders did not disclose that they are Unification Church members. The way we conducted ourselves was as losers. Father did all the fighting, and without Father's effort we would not be here. We have to repent deeply at this time for what we owe to Father.

Father proclaimed the messiahship, not to ignorant people, but to people of the top status in the world. We must now teach simply: the Messiah is here; we must follow him to prosper We see that this morning's teaching cannot be rivaled by even 100 scholars. So we can only imagine the painful, miserable experiences Father had in his career. Although we can only imagine, we should imagine it. We are going against Father if we do not proclaim our identity. Consider all the indemnity that was paid throughout history, and compare that to Father's 40 years of suffering and intense pain.

How much easier is it to go the way of God after learning and knowing everything there is to know through Father? We don't have to zigzag; we don't have to fumble or struggle; all we have to do is, with this clear knowledge, follow the way of righteousness, which is God's way. Imagine the past, when God tried to do something centering on some person, and that person didn't know, and God was not allowed to teach him. It was very difficult for God to work through him, and so he failed, and God had to pick up another one, and another one. Look at Father. Father figured out all these things by himself, so he made it extremely easy for God to work.

In the ordinary tempo of God's providence, to go over this stage as Father has would have taken hundreds of years, but look at what Father did. Within 40 years he has done it all, and it was never easy. There were hundreds of times more Cains than appeared in prior history, and Father had to go through it all, because Father knew the Principle. We all know the Divine Principle, thanks to Father; we didn't pay the price but we were given it. Therefore we can pass over what would otherwise take us 10,000 without any problem, in the spirit world. With what we know, we can pass over thousands of years of time in the spirit world with one jump.

To some of us, this still may sound conceptual. If it does, you have to repent, because, conceptual as it may seem, Father lives based upon Divine Principle, betting his life with such pain, and moves on to actually accomplish in deed. It is as if we were in Africa, surrounded by countless raw diamonds, everywhere so common and easy to pick up that we see no value in them. Father, however, has an educated mind, and he sees what is a diamond, and he knows what is only glass. That is the analogy; that is the difference between Father and us. Divine Principle: we must begin to know how important it is. Father knows, because he worked for it. We must feel a strong impact this morning concerning the necessity that we understand Divine Principle and how it came to be.

There were eight stages, and Father won the victory on each of them. Twenty one years of Father's 40 years of indemnity took place here in America. He brought enemies of America to America -Japanese and Germans -and made them all contribute to America. He did this even though America was not deserving in God's eyes. America failed God so miserably, so God did not even want to look at America again. America was in that situation. Especially this is true of the Christian churches of America. Father took responsibility for them again. Knowing how miserable they are, still Father steadfastly put everything he had into them for 20 years.

Even though Father did that, American Christian leaders and Christian leaders all over the world say they cannot see how the world can keep going in the future. They have no hope, no perspective. This is America's situation, completely confused. From now on, how can America lead the world? America doesn't have the vision. Who has it? Reverend Moon. Therefore, the way for the Christian churches in America to survive from now is to follow the Unification Church. The Unification Church explains the meaning of the entire Bible, solving its problems and explaining it completely and clearly. Many American Christian people will turn completely around and begin moving in a new direction just by hearing the Divine Principle one time. We have that strong power in the Divine Principle. Do you understand? (Yes, yes!) Powerful, powerful.

People of any intelligence will turn around completely by connecting with Divine Principle and Reverend Moon's thought one time. Look at the communist world leaders; through a 4 or 5 day training course they completely turn to God's side. It's no problem. Now look at the youth of the former Soviet world. They have completely come to Reverend Moon's side. Until now, American young people have been against me, saying, "How about that Reverend Moon; he is a heretic, we don't like what he is doing." It is so miserable that the younger generation has been going that way. But there is hope, l believe. We have brought students, even from famous universities, to Moscow, where they could study Divine Principle for two weeks with Soviet students teaching these Ivy League students. Do you understand? How shameful the American situation is! You should continue to develop that strategy now.

So Father has fought against the evils of America and won, and fought against communism and won; he fought against Kim Il Sung and won. He won all the victories, and the necessary foundation is coming back to his own family. You must know that from this point on, for a long time, wherever we go, there is no one who has any legitimate basis to come against Reverend Moon or us. No one can intelligently deny this; neither the scholarly world nor the economic world, nor the political world. They have no vision. Reverend Moon is the only one who can provide vision to the political world, without which the political world cannot continue meaningfully. The same is true for the religious world; there is no world which can survive without Reverend Moon's teaching.

In the beginning, many years ago, Father went down to Washington. At that time, they did not believe in Father, because they did not understand what Father was teaching, and they still thought they were higher beings than Father. But today, it's completely different. When Father goes to Washington, they meet Father in a different way. They talk about Reverend Moon being there; the word gets around very quickly. If Reverend Moon is not that important, why do they bother to talk about him like that? Japan, Russia, anywhere Reverend Moon goes, people's eyes open up and they become very attentive. It is the same in China and also North Korea -Mother eventually will go to North Korea and deliver a speech. (Applause.)

The mass wedding of 30,000 couples has made a great impact in many different areas, because all parents, no matter which country or cultural background, know that children are very difficult to influence and control, that they will never listen to parents. But here, Reverend Moon gives the blessing to 30,000 couples at one time, accomplishing it all within a few days. That speaks millions of words to them; they realize, "Oh, so that's the power of Reverend Moon." No religious leader nor the president of any nation can accomplish such a feat; it's unheard of. Not even Kim Il Sung, who is the greatest and most efficient dictator, can make anyone listen to him like that. And Father is no dictator the 30,000 couples came to Korea and went through marriage enthusiastically and joyfully, of their own will. (Applause.) In the next three years we will reach Father's goal of 360,000 couples. Then we perhaps don't need to do so much; the world will pretty much take care of itself.

On another track, each country has its own national religion. Some South American countries are Catholic; everyone follows their national religion. If Unificationism is adopted as a national religion and Russia is one country seriously contemplating this -that's all; it is finished. It could be more like 3,600,000 couples, all at one time. Where can the young people who are searching for meaning and truth go, except to the Unification Church? Everyone should at least poke their head into the Unification Church and see what we are doing. And those who are serious about marriage must peek into the Unification Church at some time or other. Once they do, they find the place of eternal value, in marriage as well as in all other aspects of life. (Applause.)

We are on the way to the unified world. We tend to think that we must keep working like this for another hundred years. No, the unified world is quite within our vision now; it is very near, much nearer than we think. And Father created this under such opposition, but today there is not so much opposition. l blessed many couples, thousands of couples from all over the world, creating the world foundation. Father is only a man with one family, and he made this foundation over the span of 40 years. How long did it take Father to make this foundation all over the world? Not so long. Do you understand? It has not been so long! I am welcomed everywhere now.

This is not a concept; it is reality. The historical age which Father envisioned as a concept is now reality. Now, look everywhere; it is reality. Father is talking about something not so far away; it is close, next door. That concept is actualized as concrete activity taking place in reality. How far away is the unified world? Not so far. Look everywhere. Satan's world is falling down; it has completely no hope, it is falling, falling, becoming old, everywhere. Satan's world is completely ending on the earth; God's world is the destination and final hope. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

So, after crossing victoriously over the pinnacle of the world, the country and the clan, now Father comes back to the family. Where is the ultimate solution of this entangled, complicated, fallen history? It is not in the country; it comes down to the individual's mind and body, to the individual and the family. This is the key position to solve, because Adam fell within the family. So now. as Father has said over and over, the time of witnessing only to individuals is obsolete; we must witness on the family level, to entire families. Until now, throughout history, it was very difficult to move from the family to the clan, and from the clan to the nation, and so forth. But now all the walls have come down; Father brought them down. So, God can travel without restriction with Father and with his family. We are going back to the family, and restoring families, not individuals. Therefore we go home for tribal messiahship.

Compare this with Jesus 2,000 years ago ascending to heaven. Now, 2,000 years later, at the second advent, the Lord of the Second Advent as the True Parents will bring in and restore hundreds of thousands and even millions of families on the horizontal level. Of course, we have been proceeding in such a way that our goal is the restoration of the world, but you don't have to tackle the world problems, those are far too big. All you have to do is pay attention to your own clan. Then you will inherit the right of influence based upon Father's victory over the nation and world. The key to the victory is with Father. So Father is the victor on all levels: the Adam kingdom, family kingdom, national kingdom and world kingdom. All we need to do is mind our own clan and bring our own clan, then the restoration of the world will be accomplished.

Here is the analogy: Father not only restored the historical failures of humanity, but made the complete foundation intact. It is a good tree, with perfected roots, but the tree has no branches or twigs. The center root, center trunk and center bud all are connected to Father, so all we need to do is create lots of branches and twigs. These form the complete mainstream -the center root, trunk, branch and center bud. By this analogy, all we need to do is add the branches. This is a perfect tree. Do you follow? Once we connect, then everybody will resurrect. All which was created for tens of thousands of years around the world will in a short time resurrect and be living again.

Our Mission Is To Proclaim the Messiah

So after he reappears, the Lord of the Second Advent will find again Eve's nation, Cain's nation and Abel's nation. England, France and Italy are enemies to each other; Father will restore this. For the first time in history, these enemy nations will come to America, help America and make America more united. Such a thing has never been witnessed before in history. Never before have we seen countries saving an enemy country, as these countries have come to save America.

Therefore, America now stands with the precious chance to restore everything which they were to have done, but failed in the past, not only once but twice. Now America can be restored and continue to prosper. We know the USA movement, United to Serve America, and the Women's Federation for World Peace. America is the representative of the Christian civilization realm; it is the bride's country and bride's religion. We have all often heard that Christianity is the religion in the position of the bride who is to meet the bridegroom. That bridegroom is the Lord of the Second Advent who is to come. They had one chance to meet the groom, but they failed. But now the time has come around and they are in the position to meet him again, and they had better succeed this time.

By Americans doing that, they restore the mission which they failed, to serve for the sake of the whole world. By successfully completing their mission now, and by continuing to work for the sake of the world, they are made alive again. Now is their second chance. So America had better realize the real meaning and value of the Unification Church, and they will, too, centering on True Mother. She recreates or reestablishes the foundation which God realized in 1945 at the victorious end of World War II, centering on America. It failed, but now it is arranged again. The whole world now is in position to get in touch directly with Reverend Moon. Until now, Mother has been following Father like a shadow. Now, the whole world is in the perfect place and time to meet the groom; all brides are about to meet the groom. We are in that time identity. Now Mother is in the position to stand with Father, not following, not just tagging along, but with an equal foundation. Therefore, Father established the Women's Federation for World Peace and proclaimed the equality of women and the liberation of women. During this time, from 1952 for forty years until 1992, Mother has made the entire unified foundation to reach out to the whole world, like Father.

It seems like a casual thing, as if Father could say at any time, "Liberation of women." But the proclamation of the liberation of is the same foundation the Christians lost 40 years ago, and only after restoring that can women successfully meet the bridegroom. Meeting the bridegroom successfully qualifies women to be liberated. That's the position which Father is mentioning as having been established.

Father prayed for the seven main nations in God's providence, Korea, Japan, America, Germany, Italy, England and France, continuously for 40 years. This phase of the dispensation is what Mother undertook, giving speeches in the seven nations, and doing restoration work centering on the seven nations. The religion of the bride failed at the task of engrafting, but now Mother is restoring this failure. She has visited the seven nations, and now she engrafts again and makes the complete foundation which the successful bride's religion should have accomplished. Only after Mother accomplished that could the liberation of women take place. (Applause.)

After World War II, all the brides were ready to meet the groom. Now we are back in that position. They are approaching the groom. Wherever Mother went, she was welcomed. The women of each country knew the position they are in. This includes the communist countries of Russia, China and, by March, North Korea. Mother will be going there and delivering the speech about God. The founding rally was April 10, 1992, and within one year's time, by the end of March, 1993, Mother will accomplish the historically successful completion of this mission. She will re-graft that for which humanity lost the chance in 1945.

Now we can go back and proclaim the Messiahship in our own tribe and in our own home. We shout it out and speak it more frequently than we have eaten in our past lifetime. More than we moved our mouths to chew food, we should speak the proclamation this time. Father wants us to move our mouths. It is not your own life about which Father is concerned, but the hundreds of thousands of lives which must be saved through you. Of course, by doing that, we will live, too.

Talk and talk, even in your sleep, talk about the Messiah and the proclamation of True Parents. We will record on tape that we must believe in the Messiah and meet the Messiah before we can live again; otherwise we will perish. We pray that over and over again, continuously throughout all 24 hours. "They say there is a new Messiah coming: find out about it!" It is the True Parents. "TP," and the True Nation, "TN." To understand the possibility of saving the nation, we must understand about our parents. This is synonymous: the reappearance of the Lord of the Second Advent means that now he has completed the perfection of his family. The new era follows automatically.

The new family, actually, the family of Adam in the Garden of Eden, would have begun and continued directly into Heaven, but that did not happen. Now the new family appears, the original, completed, perfected family appears, and now begins the new era. We can call this the Completed Testament Age on the world level. Do you follow? (Yes.) As we can well imagine, Satan is getting more and more numb. He is witnessing the beginning of mass numbers of blessed families. We can have 36 million, even 360 million; Father does not mind. The fallen world is now erased, the restored world is now complete; this means there is 180 degrees difference now from the past, and wherever we go there is heaven. First, we have to quickly transfer lineage, transfer ownership and transfer the realm of heart from that of Satan into that of God.

True love is the key foundation. Through true love we live for the sake of others rather than for the sake of self. In the satanic world, everyone lives for the sake of "me." Is that 180 degrees the same or different from us? (Different.) We live for the sake of whom? (Others.) Living for the sake of others means that the family lives for the clan, and for the race, which has hundreds of thousands of families in it, and for the nation, which has a lot of races in it, and for the world, which has a lot of nations in it, and therefore millions and millions of families in it. So families sacrifice for the sake of the clan; the clan sacrifices for the sake of the race and country, and the race and country sacrifice for the sake of the world. In that way, the smaller one will sacrifice for the larger objective in God.

All the spirit world will practice this, without exception; since we practice it here, they naturally practice it there. Thus, everywhere we go it is our domain, because it is God's domain. Would you American blessed couples like Father to visit your blessed home? (Yes.) To visit or to stay? (Stay.) Why? (Because we love you.) Yes, because you love Father, but how did you come to love him? You're that good. It is because Father loved you so much. With or without us knowing, Father opened up our way, not only the individual way, but the family way, and even the clan's way and nation's way. God loved the world, and so He gave the Messiah. The Messiah is necessary for me, and for us, on earth and in the spirit world. So we are all going in one direction.

We passed beyond the New Testament, because the wall of Tribal Messiahship has been surmounted, and now is the time that we can reach out. The era of the Completed Testament means that without further indemnity of any kind, Father can send out the Tribal Messiahs. Then every person and family can return to God, return to the Kingdom of Heaven, and partake in the kingship of the Kingdom of God, by becoming one with a Tribal Messiah. It's a wondrous thing which is happening. Everyone in our home can be restored and connected to the Kingdom of Heaven; even our physical parents, who gave birth to us physically but still remain in the fallen world, can be connected to God Himself instantaneously. Everywhere we go we can make this happen, without indemnity.

Now, God no longer is restricted in His freedom to appear; God can go anywhere, following Tribal Messiahs. God can go and God can come; this never happened before in history. For the first time since God created Adam's family, God can live in there, He can stay there if He wishes; He can go somewhere else if He wants to; He can travel as much as He will, to any country. With all the different Tribal Messiahs, He can do the same. That means He can go everywhere, in and out, as He pleases; He can dominate with absolute love and put everything under His dominion.

God is everywhere now, so everywhere cannot help but become the Kingdom of Heaven. The unified world, centering on God, can connect on every level: the unified family level, unified nation, unified world and unified cosmos level. Do you understand? God can go back freely through that point of connection. Until now, Satan made many walls, protecting his own world. Now we can tear the walls down, all over the world, tear them down and be completely free. Centering on the Tribal Messiahs connecting to their tribes, all families will connect after God goes everywhere. Every family and every individual will connect, everywhere. That is the original ideal of God on the earth. Now He is forming the body of a complete nation. How wonderful an age we are living in now! Amen! (Amen! Applause.)

The main thing is that we now can live with God, freely. There are four realms of heart and three kingships. How can we create the family? This is the blessed couples' family mission. This is the last terminal, our destination. So it is clear. This can connect with God everywhere, from the individual foundation, to the family and all over the world, in heaven, too. This is the completion of liberation.

Those who can create the brilliant blessed families in the new age of the Completed Testament, raise your hands. It is no problem, and you understand clearly now. (Yes.) Once you understand, making it happen is no problem. That is your mission; not Father's mission. (Yes! ) Until now, God was helping you and Father was helping you. Now you understand, and so you can do it, no problem. You don't need God, you don't need. . . (Laughter.) It's true! Liberate God and True Parents. Do you understand? (Yes!) Clear, clear.

Col. Han prays:

The Women's Federation rallies are completed in all the states, are they not? (Yes. ) Mrs. Spurgin, we must begin from the state level. After we do the states, we come down lower and lower, to the county level and to the actual physical family level. In the family there are the father and children. Man is in the archangel's position, and so Father and the children should become one. We have our True Mother, and the children, Cain and Abel, return to the mother's womb and then eventually become one with Father. With this condition, then, Father has new, original sons and daughters, namely us. Finally, we must come back to where we are. We must first become one with the True Mother, then we come to Father, and then we return to where we are.

We must return to the position where we are reborn in the position correlative to Father's own physical children. Obviously it is not possible physically, but conditionally it is possible, and God will accept the condition, based upon true love. It is just like we are returning into Father's body before being conceived as a fetus. Do you understand? We've got to travel back and return. Then we will have connected with true love. It is like electricity from a generator, traveling around a circuit, going back and completing the cycle. One time we have to do that. That is the true meaning of "to be born again" in true love and True Father.

Later on the wife and children will come to obey the husband. This must happen before we really can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, this will be the predominant pattern in the Unification Church in the future: centering on the mother, the children will become one and eventually come to the father and return. So the family is the unit, not the individual. Be blessed, then go into Tribal Messiahship, connect them back to the mother as children, and return to the father. So, True Mother is the real entity of the Holy Spirit, but she is not a spirit, she is a physical mother.

It is the time for all of us to be able to live on the face of the earth. As Father has said repeatedly, it is not strange, yet wondrous, that even Premier and Mrs. Deng's son, and the second generation in China, all like Father. No one taught them; no one told them to do that. And Kim Il Sung's son is no exception. It is all due to the Principle. Women should not rest, even though you worked hard until now. Until now, the man played the key role in the dispensational recovery, but now is the time of the woman's role, which is much more important. The men took the rule of the world, and always they messed things up. Now it is up to the women, by Principle, to really start working and make it a successful world. Once we become one with Father, we can do it; the women will become successful. This is the real solution to the world's problems. Divine Principle points in one direction; everything is consistent.

Unification begins within each one of us, in the mind and body relationship. Upon Unification faith can come peace, happiness and freedom. American Unificationists should know that. Freedom with mind and body -with what kind of freedom can we make the foundation of freedom? The mind and body have to unite. The problem is "me." The ideal world is the unification world. You will get freedom and peace in the ideal world. The Unification Church should be teaching that to all people.

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