The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

World Leaders Conference with Father - September 8, 1993

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 8, 1993; 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 am
Unofficial Notes
East Garden

90 leaders from 58 States including several national leaders were present.

You need to know the purpose of these kinds of meetings. We do not understand so we must notice the transfer of time. This is a different time than before. We must be aware that a visible peak is available. Everyone should ascent and go higher. There is no more distance between us and the peak.

The concept of nation and country still exists but it has no longer any meaning. There is now one plain or territory. America, Japan an Korea are all experiencing great confusion. North Korea also can not go on without the presence of True Parents or the Unification Church. We are on the top and one with God and Heaven.

The visible Father (True Father) at the horizontal center, allows the vertical Father (Heavenly Father) to stay present centering on the horizontal Father. All nations revolve around this point. The Proclamation of True Parents made this possible.

Through the vertical True Love Father and the vertical True Love Parents everything on Earth and Heaven is meeting at this focal point. All earthly families who are living with True Parents are living with God and also in the Spiritual World. Now 5 Billion people can connect with True Family. It took the earth tens of thousands of years to come to this point.

Earth from the bottom to the top Eight stages and the Spirit World eight stages from top to bottom. All eight stages have now converged standing one with God. 360 are now sitting in the same place. Father shook all families and broke all barriers an walls to bring this about (Religions included).

The Homosexual Phenomena

No country can do anything about the homosexual phenomena, especially America. This "culture" has no family, no parents, no child. It is ungodly. The grandfather's and father's can go to any female in this culture and violate them. This behavior does not even exist in the animal kingdom. This is extremely wicked.

In a Church Sister's testimony she confessed that she herself and her eight sister were molested by her father an some uncles. There is no parent-child love and no other type of love in that family. It would have been better to be molested by another person from outside the family. When father's, brother's and uncles do this it is subhuman behavior, it is a violation of God's Principles. Until she heard the Divine Principle she did not know this. After the Church she could open her heart and confess.

In Gay life there is no trust sexually between male an female in the family. The AIDS epidemic will take the lives of hundreds of million people within the next twelve years. Most of the Free World will be wiped out. Oriental and African Countries will not be affected so badly, They can change quicker. They will see the direction the western world is heading into and make a drastic change in a different direction. Even with a strong Christianity and Government there is no solution. The Unification Church is the only solution, Do you know this?

No one is above the Unification Church

The question is at this time, how will the Unification Church organize itself to attack and control America. This is a most urgent task. We must mobilize the media to teach DP. Divine Principle must be given to America right away. One on one witnessing is difficult and time consuming. Now the time of "One Plain" has come. Once the flame is ignited, all can catch fire. More than before now that people and all things are on one plain, everyone can be reached. Unification Church is now on the top and other's (Capitol Hill, United Nations, etc.) can see that they are on the same level and are not above the Unification Church.

True Parents emerged above the plain and went to the Peak. Now they are visible, the world will change it's position. Capitol Hill and the UN staff can see the power and influence of the Unification Church more than any nation. UC power is the UC individual and family. They are better than other individuals and families. Ten thousand times better. One UC family is so precious, no one would want to trade it.

Ten thousand families will want to invite you to join them to follow their standard but you will not budge. So one UC family has the value of ten thousand families. The UC value system is clear. We have a clear view of God and Family. Now this is just becoming visible. One to three years form now this will become more visible, just you wait. Now is the time for Father and us to settle down. Where?

Should Father go to America, Japan (unfortunately not now, you must accept Mother first). The Abel (Unification Church) and Cain (World) struggle is within the family. Now the restoration of brothers has occurred. Parents are the bride and groom and central point of the nation. Mother is surrounded by the children. For hundreds of years Cain and Abel failed until today. If you succeed in Tribal Messiah Ship you will be in the completed position of Adam. True Parents and Cain and Abel were going 180 in different directions. Father won this battle by Himself. Any of eight stages can connect on all levels in all directions and can be one with Father and one with God.

Cain and Abel can become one through loving mother and through mother becoming one with father. It does not matter how low your position is you are on the same level as Father and God through the center. Father is at the same place as Jesus but successful. Father is a National Level Messiah, we are Tribal Messiah's. The one focal point of history is the restoration of Cain and Abel and True Parents. There are Cain and Abel on every level of the eight stages. Once there is victory on stage one, then you can go up to stage two and continue on up to the final level (8) and total victory.

Human history is a constant extension of Cain and Abel struggles to bring the victory. Cain (Christian Religion), and Abel (Unification Church) must become one towards True Parents forming a new country which will be God's country. 100 000 citizens represent one country. Forty years ago America was in the bride's position. Father indemnified this whole providence to accomplish what should have been done forty years ago.

Father gathered all of America through Mother (52 city speaking tour) then trained the UN countries through Her. Mother and Father have restored America the Archangel country on God's side. Father needs an Eve nation. By the Archangel country using it's power to influence the Eve nation Japan centering on Mother, Japan could unite with Father. Lastly, Korea is divided into Cain and Abel. The archangel country America divided Korea.

For forty years Kim Il Sung reigned as the false king while Father went into the wilderness. Now America and Japan are leading Korea through Mother to Father. An independent nation of Korea will be one. On August first 1993 and again on September eighth Father gave the declaration of "Returning to the Homeland".

Father must come here to America to proclaim this and thus Mother left today for Japan. The Archangel and Eve country must help Parents to unify North and South Korea. Kim IL Sung will follow Father to the free world because his foothold is getting smaller, whereas Father started small and His foothold is getting broader and broader.

Our Unification Church foothold will become broader and broader also. We will become very busy. Now Father's and our main task for the next seven years is to bring the whole world into one direction. Our urgent task is how to digest the Christian foundation or thought. When we make our headway, the whole world will follow. So have confidence and guts an win. Once you believe that this is the right way of life and achieve victory the world will follow.

If president Bill Clinton will make one right move, he can change America quickly. All he needs to do is allow us to teach DP in the White House. This will be a 180 change and if this happens Clinton will have the power of God. Unification Church can win over anyone in theology. This will be a child adult relationship. Our mind an body must come into unity. This will form an absolute True Love Center. No power can separate man and woman who are standing on the True Love Center. An seemingly unending war to bring Cain and Abel together has failed.

In Father's lifetime the victory can come. So the World Federation For Peace (Cain) and the Women's Federation For World Peace (Abel) must unite. The key for unification is the individual and family base. The mission of Tribal Messiah Ship is to bring Cain and Abel into unity. The Clan Messiah Ship is the foundation for National Messiah Ship unity. Father will stay in His Hometown in Korea. History is the restoration of the original creation. The Original Creation is Plus and Minus or Subject and Object. Father will bequeath to us all of this foundation. We must have no concept. The worst attitude to have is that this is not reality.

If the Tribal Messiah says "I do not want to do the Tribal Messiah mission", this is a great mistake. Tribal Messiah ship is everything and you can do it. Because Abel was not killed by Cain but was allowed to rise is extremely meaningful. Satan has to retreat. In the past people had to attend Father seven years to receive the UC Blessing. Now centered on True Parents a seven day workshop and a pledge for unity with True Parents and True Family is enough qualification for the Blessing.

How blessed we are to be living at this end time, the end of the satanic world. We should take what the Abel Spirit World can give out an run with it. Teach the world what is means to be God's family.

Hyun Nim (Older Brother) Abbanim (Father) and Ommanim (Mother) is all we need to know to bring the world into oneness. If you ask God to come, He will not come. If there is unity with True Love between man and woman there is no need to ask God to come, He will be there. God is male and female. Woman began as man at the center. Teach your Clan DP in four months time and they will come and follow you. Make a big banner to advertise about True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.

Promise people they can own God, creation and all things. Tell them to come to a lecture explaining how to obtain these things. Tell them it's a money back guarantee and that they can get back ten times what they have invested. The one who puts out more advertisement will the champion .

Jesus sought the country to no avail. Only based on your Tribal Messiah victory you can register to the Heavenly Country. All things on the horizontal plain did not come by itself. It came through Father's foundation. Application for citizenship in Heaven must have a victorious Tribal Messiah Ship. Father indemnified Jesus' foundation of 12, 36, 72, and 120 (at Jesus time there were 120 nations). Now that there are 160 nations a world wide blessing must be given to these nations. Therefore we must bring in 160 families instead of the 120.

There are four levels of Blessings we should pass. First the Church Blessing, second the Tribal Blessing, third the National Blessing and fourth the World Blessing. In the next seven years Father will go back to Korea and we are going back to our own Hometown. We are one level lower than Father but have the same quality. To teach other's the Principle we should repeat it over an over many times. It's just like learning a foreign language, through repetition we will know it faster.

You must understand DP very well but to just understand is not enough, you must teach other's. This is the best method of learning. To pass the test of vertical oneness with True Parents an True Family we need to pass a DP test with a minimum result of 50%.

Father knew how viable the title of True Parents is so He did not mind challenging this title. Our position is different than Parents position. The difference is that we will inherit the Blessing of True Parents only to the degree we persevere. Freedom to travel is authorized by satan. He is the referee and we are the contestants. If you did the right thing God will look at satan to see what kind of work he will give you. Father was persecuted to the limit by the world. Now the world must let Him do as He likes.

As a State Leader to get to the same level as outside State Leaders all you have to do is give them a lecture. The time has come. Don't let yourself be persecuted. Ask your persecutor "Did you ever listen to DP and do you know the truth about Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. Don't be pushed around! In order to turn around one third of 5 Billion family members in 40 days you must use media power.

Jesus had 40 days to achieve His work. We must launch an all out offensive media plan to reach all American families.

At this point Mr. Ju, the president of the Washington Times gives a testimony of the success of the paper and it's wire and wireless Newspaper and cable expansion. The Washington Times has purchased 14 local newspapers and 12 cable-network channels. If you are interested to find out more about this testimony, please call Rev. Clarke.

After the testimony Father continues:

There is a war ahead of us, a war between good and evil. How to develop the circulation of the Washington Times to 50 branches in 50 States is our challenge. How to establish a nostalgia network with 50 cable channels an branches for wire and wireless communications is our challenge.

The material is already prepared (Mother's Speech, DP). The Washington Times will soon produce an introductory video to show what they are doing. We should find a capable person in the newspaper or cable business and connect them to the Washington Times network so that they can open a Washington Times branch office in your Hometown area. Many local newspaper presidents go to Washington D.C. to make connections there. Each State must find ten people to bring to Washington.

Three Point Plan To Find People.

1. Connect, learn, then teach (connect all UC, AFC, ACC, USA, WFWP etc. leadership to this foundation).

2. Then make traffic (Groups traveling back and forth to Washington from your Hometown).

3. a) Use this foundation for a revival meeting (Invite politicians, media people, educators and clergy to participate and speak at the revival).

b) Utilize fully the foundation Father has created for you.

c) The theme is "Saving the Nation" philosophy.

Married couples are already settled in their lifestyle but young people can dedicate five years of the prime of their life to the "Saving the Nation" philosophy campaign. On top of this they will find a new spouse here. At least one third of the people should be university or college students. The purpose is to make a good foundation and to increase circulation of the media network. The goal is to connect 500 media people, with ten in each State.

World Leaders Instructions September 8, 1993 Federation of World Peace and the UN.

The future mission of the UN is to create a peaceful world. Therefore it needs to be rebuild.

I. To nurture the world leadership (to educate through Bridgeport University and create a World University Alliance). To educate the conscientious leadership of the world. Right now they are too nationalistic. We must re-educate them about world awareness. They should not have their own nation but the world in mind.

II. To educate and create world wide important people.

III. To provide them with the essence of religion and thought or religious thought (eternal life and spirit world).

IV. To educate, consult, and monitor Washington Times research personnel.

V. Connect members of the Summit Club with the above foundation.

Women's Federation an the UN.

I. 180 degree turn centered on the family.

a) Strengthen mother child relationship centered on DP.

b) To become completely one with True Parents and after that receive the Blessing.

c) Become one with Tribal Messiah Ship and Family Messiah Ship centered on the woman. One style of life centered on the woman.

II. 180 degree turn centered on Tribal Messiah Ship.

a) To attain unity between tribe an race and to strengthen that organization.

b) To strengthen the arm of True Parents thought.

c) Unity in mind (spirit) and body in everyday life.

III. 180 degree turn centered on God's direction

a) Forty years of wilderness with the spirit of landing after founding a nation (Individual Messiah, Family Messiah, Tribal Messiah, and Racial Messiah). All will become one and found a Country Messiah.

IV. 180 degree turn centered on National Tribal Messiah.

a) To make a Blessed Couple into a Heavenly Couple.

b) Founding a vertical country

c) Three Generations of Grandfather, Father, Son. Parents are the equalization for all children to unify Fatherland, Heaven and Earth.

d) By becoming one with True Parents you can become one with the world, cosmos and God.

Most important is the fulfillment of the woman's responsibility.

V. Founding a Unified World House an the Family Party (Founding of these two - women's role is the Unified World House to establish a training school to teach the children with the main purpose to prevent them from falling. - Men's role is the Family Party. Men will take the foundation of education and connect each house to the national level).

1) Man and woman must become united and bring the WFWP and man's FWP into unity.

a) From the family level

b) From the national level

c) From the world level

d) From the Heaven realm

e) From the unified Heaven and Earth

f) From the world wide Blessed Families becoming the center.

VI. Media Federation For World Peace.

1) To strengthen the world body

2) To form a common body

a) To prevent the Canaan thought and trend.

b) To arm with the thought of faith

c) To unify all directions

d) To form communication among staff personnel.

e) To form a world wide ethical direction.

f) To train supra national personnel.

g) To strengthen Godism and Headwing thought.

VII. World Professors Peace Academy and the University Federation.

1. To form communication beyond the individual and family within itself in order to form Blessed Families.

2. To bring professors and genius education to the world level.

3. Centering on the professors bring the Summit Club and the Media World together to strengthen leadership (Professor Genius Summit Club and Media).

VIII. To strengthen to the utmost Godism and Headwing Thought.

IX. The Seven Year Course to the Year 2000 and Our Mission

1. Form the Women's Federation for World Peace System by the Unification Church uniting with the Christian Church's Foundation.

2. The WFWP (female) and the MFWP (male) must become one.

3. The Unification Church Academy (House) and the Family Party will form the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth vertically and horizontally.

4. True Mother leaves to Japan for the sake of Korea. This serves as preparation for Father to return to the country.

Father's last comments:

The age of the True Parents goes beyond the nation. Husband and wife can not cheat one another. Keep corruption away, especially the brothers. Through quickly strengthening the Women's Organization there will be no police system in the future. Tribal Messiah Ship will replace it.

How much money a country gives to help other's is the best system. The welfare system is a waste. Did Father serve this country or did He receive from this country? Once we join the UC we should a to it not take from it. If we do, in the Spiritual World we will be living in shame which is Hell. Do not be indebted. The welfare system is a sure way to destroy this country. UC members are encouraged not to go on welfare.

Abel is Abel because He is closer to God. Abel lives for the sake of Cain. Abel is to educate Cain. In the UC we have it all wrong and must change our attitude. Abel must lead a harder life than Cain, do not seek an easy life. We must change our life style 180 from when we were younger. Always share Father's words and make this a basic pattern of life.

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