The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Blessed Couples = Tribal Messiah

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Father's Speech to Members at Shimjeung Gardens
May 24, 1993
(Unofficial Notes)

What is the meaning of messiah -- True Parents. Because of the Fall we have a term called messiah; without the Fall the only thing necessary is True Parents or Original Parents.

The Messiah is bringing True Love and the seed of True Life. Because of the Fall we have all had a wrong seed to life--therefore the messiah comes to transfer to a heavenly seed from a Satanic one-- create a heavenly lineage. Because we have the wrong lineage then the messiah must come. At the consummation of restoration history we need True Parents, not the messiah.

People are talking about the Fall of man, but they don't really understand clearly the Fall of Man. Therefore they don't comprehend the term True Parents -- seems to be a strange word. Because of Father's discoveries of the Fall of Man's hidden meaning then confusion is being cleared up.

The History of Restoration is to find the messiah who can rise up out of humanity, reach God, then go back to the people as God's instrument of love. God has been separated from mankind so far away, with no way to relate to man. The messiah is the one to go everywhere to bring God down to humanity all the way down even into your own living room, your home.

After W.W.II Great Britain was chosen as Eve, Cain and Abel were France and America. However, we know that because of the failure and rejection of the messiah the world also rejected God. Therefore God and Father felt the same rejection, were cast out of this world together.

Father had to reconstruct the same situation that existed right after W.W.II. That was the moment that the Proclamation of the Messiah should have been made. However, we know that never happened in 1945 and was delayed until this moment.

After W.W.II the Christian nations were in a position of supreme power and if they had received the messiah at that time then the age of True Parents would have begun at that time. Now 48 years later Father is making that declaration to the world. Father's task now is to unite North and South Korea. Kim Il Sung is a Satanic messiah. In North Korea he is called Father.

The US role is very important, together with Japan.

Those who oppose Father in the future are getting weaker and weaker. Do not fear opposition. If Father was not so victorious then it wouldn't get people from the opposing camp so worked up. People in the audience were ashamed of the reaction of those people who tried to disrupt the event. We took those people away for their own protection because the audience was so upset at them.

What should Blessed Couples do from now on?-- Tribal Messiahship. We don't need any Headquarters, we don't need any big organization, just Tribal Messiahship.

Humanity has sprung forth from a satanic root. Father has now brought forth the Tree of Life, now this tree needs branches, that is the blessed couples. Now Father is being Messiah on a worldwide level, national level etc.

If there was no Fall where would the messiahship begin? --Not from the world, nation or tribe, but from the family. Family level messiahship is the beginning. The messiah and True Parents are the same thing. Your job is relatively simple to become branches of the tree of love. The tree had to establish itself vertically including planting deep roots which couldn't be shaken. This involved rooting out the false tree-- restoring all of the history of fallen mankind to establish a true Tree of Life. Now our mission is the establishment of the horizontal foundation, i.e. as branches of the Tree of Life we have three level of ancestors. Formation: our own parents, Growth: Jesus, Completion: True Parents. This is our vertical lineage.

Father has completed the victorious realm of each level of human ancestry-- therefore Satan s accusations have no basis and cannot stick. As we know the Fall took place in the growth stage. Now Father has proclaimed the Completion stage and therefore out of Satan s realm of accusation.

Within the success of True Parents there are three levels of victory: Completion: True Parents, Growth: Jesus, Formation: Adam and Eve. Victory on each level.

Now through Tribal Messiahship we are on the same level that Jesus was on. We have the same kind of role as Jesus. We have the position and authority as blessed couples to go out and save people-- bring salvation to people.

Jesus wasn't blessed. There was no Marriage of the Lamb. Since we are blessed, we have completed the Adam and Eve level. Now we can go out and save our own parents, our own brothers and sisters, and bring them to the blessing.

Three generations shall join together with you. Even though you are younger your grandparents, parents and elder brothers and sisters will recognize that you are the new ancestor of your lineage. Physical age has nothing to do with it, you are spiritually their elder, engrafted onto to True Adam's family.

Father raised us up, likewise we can raise up those of our lineage all the way to perfection. Adam and Eve were in the parent position. Jesus was in the parent position. True Parents are also in the parents position. Now we must fill the same role as Tribal Messiah because of our blessing. We must understand the value of our blessing -- we have a chance to do over what Jesus himself couldn't do and after 2000 years of Christian history still no way for him to accomplish. Our blessing has that kind of value because we are engrafted to the True Parents.

Jesus was to have conquered Rome and the whole world, but wasn't able to go that far.

The mission of Tribal Messiahship is to first of all restore your ancestors. Without restoring your ancestors, you are alone, just your family by itself. As Tribal Messiah you must first of all restore your own parents, that is your first job. Unless you do that you cannot restore others. Your own family is first.

Our second mission is to restore our hometown. Our parents have been living in the fallen hometown. As we restore our parents, we must restore everything connected to our parents. This represents property or ownership.

When you have 160 families registered in your tribe you have the completed Tribal Messiahship. T.M. must be done even at the price of your life-- it cannot be done lightly. Even Jesus is in Paradise, having not completed everything and must come down to be engrafted onto the True Parents. Likewise if we don't accomplish the realm of perfection of earth then we must go back after going to spirit world.

As Abel you must love Cain at the price of your life-- love Cain before you love your own children or else Cain will be jealous and want to kill your children. You must give up everything to practice loving your enemy.

Restoration of Ancestors, i.e. Adam and Eve Restoration of Hometown, Adam and Eve's surroundings Attend and live with God-- realm of heart.

The Kingdom of Heaven is when the dwelling of God is with you and your family. Then your hometown is no longer a dwelling place for Satan but for God and the kingdom of heaven of your tribe on earth. If you are failing in your Tribal Messiah mission then you are restricting God from being in your hometown. Therefore is T.M. a mediocre responsibility or an absolute responsibility? It is the same thing with Father. Throughout his entire life Father has been desperate to fulfill his mission. Today is the Declaration of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, that is nothing more than the completion of the purpose of creation. What is the Completed Testament Era? It is where the ideal of creation has been accomplished. Who is at the center of that ideal?-- True Parents. Tribal Messiahship is that important for the blessed couple. By doing your Tribal Messiahship work you are actually preserving your blessing. We may be worrying about mundane things, my children need to go to a good school, I have to get a job, etc., but compared with Tribal Messiahship which is more important-- mundane things or Tribal Messiahship? If your husband doesn't want to do it what should you do? Kick him out? How about your children? Kick them out. I am not trying to figure out a strategy of how I can push you to work harder. This is the truth and it is entirely up to you. When the Exodus happened 600,000 people all came out wanting to go to Canaan. The bigger the tribe you can bring into the promised land the more blessed you will be. Once you get the Tribal Messiah foundation started it is without end, a chain reaction, one family is connected to another and it spreads out, on and on.

Talking about it is wonderful, but doing it is not easy-- it takes all of your effort. When you go to your hometown you should exceed the record of serving set by any of your ancestors, because you are the first ever Tribal Messiah for your hometown. So you must set the standard. There is absolutely no room for complaint as T.M. Can you do it?

It is 28 years after establishing the first Holy Ground. Tonight's audience was just like a Moonie audience. Father practiced his speech so many times and also prayed many hours in preparation. That is the standard you must use before giving lectures in order to have spiritual power.

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