The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Investing in the Heavenly Blessed Couples

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Sunday, February 7th 1993
Unofficial Notes
Father Speaks ( 5 hrs. 15 min.)

When we say Heaven, what do we mean by that? Heaven means everything except what is connected to hell. The Hudson River's huge water mass flows into the ocean. All waters go from high to low. Air pressure also flows down from the highest to the lowest.

What about human society? We can find high, middle and low class societies. What is your guess. in human society does everything flow from the high to the low? All nature shows that everything flows from the top to bottom and the high to low.

Human Society Not Natural

The only exception is the human society and this is not natural. In the Spirit World everything flows from high to low as well.

Man always struggles because of The Fall of Man. Man represents Heaven and his mind always wants to give to the body but the body refuses. satan is the master of this and thus we must eliminate satan.

Men, even tough it is against nature still want to go the highest places. This is true especially for the most wicked people like the Mafia for instance.

God always upholds lawfulness, whereas satan is absolutely lawless. satan is always against the natural way but he knows the correct way very well. Still he goes against God.

There are roughly two categories of people. There a consciences people and not so conscientious people. When satan tries to establish relationships with man, how does he do that? He always starts with the individual, a man or a woman. This is exactly how the fall took place.

Who Do I Belong To

The body and mind each have five senses. The mind (spirit) has eyes, a nose, ears and mouth etc. The mind always directs us in a certain way and then the body rebels. Who do I belong to at this time, the mind or the body? Are we pushing the body further each time to obey the mind or not? Am I going to be a mind person or a body person? MIND! If you are totally a mind person then you would no longer have to fight. As long as you are fighting, you are a body person.

Bow Down To What Is Right

We all know what is right or wrong! Even if we do not like what's right, still we must bow down to what is right. When the judgment day comes, we must face it ourselves. To save us from this fate, God gave us religion. Religion always tells you "don't do what you want to do, deny yourself!" The reason for this is that the five senses of the body always go against God. Is it normal for God to make man go against what they want to do? YES! In this situation it is, God is protecting us!

How big are the chances of a person in a high religious position who does not know these facts to get to Heaven? His chances are almost zero!

Kings Of Individualism

Americans are Christians but at the same time they are the kings of individualism. Did God want that? Of course not! For God to see this represents a failure. If we continue to live in this way here in America we will all go to hell.

We can see clearly that the Christians are in the ungodly position. They do not know what's good or bad and thus they are against many good things.

There are low, middle and high class religions. In each class there should be an example or representative of that type of religion. Religion that centers on the family alone will be rejected by the one which focuses on the clan, nation, world etc. This is also true in the secular world. We always want to get up to the highest level.

The Democratic world accepts religion and want to do God's will. The Communist world denies God and religion. Even atheism and theism begins with man or woman. Communism has on ideology but Democracy has many different ideologies. They should have united and disposed of Communism but they are fighting each other.

Why could Communism not take over the world? Because the free world centered on Christianity has sacrificed for others and even loved the enemy. There is no other religion like that. God has always loved the enemy so that all can be saved. The body is our enemy, that is why God put the Christians at the center of all religions.

After WW II we had the chance to save the whole world. What if now a strong religion arises? The leader of that religion must sacrifice himself and his family to save the Christians. If we have a world religion that upholds God's will and loves the enemy, God will certainly support it.

God's People Never Boast

What about us? Our true history is Abel sacrificing for Cain. Christians do not know this. We have a tradition that later Cain will voluntarily push up Abel. God's people never say how much they have done. God never boasts but just does more. We do things for the whole, we marry for the sake of the nation. We get the nation for the sake of the world.

No matter how big a river is, when it runs into the ocean it becomes salt water. The same is true for the Spirit World and we will all go there. We must take on the characteristics of the Spirit World while on earth. Religious people live a life in preparation for the Spirit World. Then they can live there easily. We must practice the life of the Spirit World here on earth.

Is there anything you really like what Father asks you to do? Fasting, Fund Raising, Witnessing, etc. We know enough but we do not act enough on what we know. This is why many times our conscience hurts.

We Can Go Only One Way

We are not comfortable if we are not doing what Father asks us to do. Instead of walking we only move like a crab, very slow and sideways. Is that a normal Moonie? NO! We should go 180 forward but many turn back. But we have no choice, we can only go one way, 180 . The deeper the ocean the saltier it is because salt is heavier than water. Where is the Palace of Heaven if salt water represents Heaven? It would be in the lowest point or corner of the ocean.

God is the Highest and Cleanest. The higher a religion is the more it must understand God's hard work and help other religions. This religion must also love the satanic world. When religions fight each other they will have big problems in the Spirit World. How can they reach God? The Unification Church embraces all even the satanic world. We do not call others heretics just because they believe wrong.

Only Father is serious to save the Communist world. Christians should be doing that but they are doing nothing. Thus God must really love Rev. Moon and the Unification Church and protect them. We all agree on that but it did not come natural.

The Wall Has A Fixed Mind

No one in history has ever spoken like Father. The blocks in the wall must be very happy. These blocks represent a fixed mind, our mind always wanders and falls asleep. Are we happier than the walls?

How much debt do we have? How much have we been given by God? The Christians were the most persecuted people and did the most for mankind. America inherited all of that sacrifice. Are they aware of it? What are they doing now? America must embrace everyone and turn around. But what America wants to do is get rid of everyone and turn around alone.

If it continues that way this big nation will fall. But we few Moonies can apply the breaks to prevent this nation from falling if we work hard. Are these few Moonies enough to apply the breaks to this runaway train? We are in a serious situation. America is dying, how can we dose off.

Hollywood Must Go

When Father asks guests to come to Atlantic City it's not easy to survive there. But while there Father stays awake the longest to apply the breaks. These gambling places must go. Hollywood must also go. Father can stop anytime but gamblers can not. These places are also dens of prostitution. All these places must be saved. Should Father go there then or not? The good doctor cures everyone.

Drinking in itself is not a sin, but if it controls you it is bad. Even in matters of love we have to apply control.

Has there ever been a True Man and True Woman Couple? God is the big "plus" and all of us are the small "minus." If Father is the "plus" in the Unification Church, you all must be the "minus" 100%.

Women want men to do what they want. It can be good at times because we are equal. But when that situation is finished women must take their proper position again. America also always thinks that they in the top position.

What are we? Are we good, bad or in between? GOOD! We are definitely not in the middle. If someone criticizes us and we get angry, we are on Satan's side. At the least you must be quiet.

Has God even found one couple which is totally united with Him? No! this is very serious. Only God knows how painful it has been for Him. But it is not difficult to imagine.

Religions say that God is perfect don't worry about Him. They have no idea about the suffering heart of God.

Father Came To Save This Nation

When we compare men and women, who is slightly better? At least our minds want to be at the center of manhood (womanhood). Father came to America to teach and to save this nation. But everyone said that He came to exploit this nation and make you all slaves. This is totally false! Father came here to make you better people.

God working with people had to start over and over again because of their failure. But God needs only one prototype formula man and one prototype formula woman. When women recognize and know this prototype woman they will be jealous and put her down. What do women love most? Most of all they love men, next is power, money and authority.

The fastest way to destroy men and stop him from returning to God is through drugs and homosexuality. Who wants to go to a dance hall? What if God is telling you to go dancing with your loving husband. Would you be happy? YES! What if you danced naked in your home and do not want to do anything else? Is that bad? NO! God will support you all the way. But if you do it with another man will that be alright in God's eyes? NO! We must clearly understand that.

Zigzag Only Tolerable

Even if members go zigzag it's tolerable as long as we advance. Some members have been fifty years in the Church but the one year old member goes the straightest line.. Does this happen in our Church? Yes! Elders will say that you do not respect seniority.

We must understand customs and language to promote goodness. You feel more comfortable speaking in English. The same is true for Father, He is more comfortable speaking in Korean.

At the breakfast table only Korean is spoken and the English speaking leaders do not understand. This must be resolved or it will have a lasting effect on our Church. English is the world language now but God is following Rev. Moon so you must learn Korean. Father spoke for many years filling 300 volumes of sermons all in Korean. You must learn your ancestors language.

True Parents Are Forever

True Parents are for ever and there are only one set of True Parents. Imagine that there are some Christians living very righteous and obedient. Upon meeting the Unification Church they join. Within one year they will understand and realize Father's value. They will shoot straight up with confidence and pull ahead of us.

While climbing a mountain you realize that some people are already ahead of you. At the top they are having a party, dancing and waiting for you. You are climbing with your family and they are a little slow. You thus go and pull ahead of your family and join them at the top dancing with them. Then after a while you go back and get your family. Would you not do it this way? It is alright to go that way.

American leaders thinks that Father likes the Koreans first, the Japanese second and the Americans third. How can Father help that if you do not speak Korean. The Messiah comes totally obedient. When God says die, He will die. When God says walk, He will walk etc.

The Messiah Uproots God's Suffering

The Messiah knows how hard God worked and wants to uproot God's suffering. In prison Father never prayed about what He should do! He told God to leave everything up to Him. Even if Father goes to hell, God will be a protective fence for Father.

When Father gets to the Kingdom of Heaven He will be happy just to sit in the corner somewhere. Anyone who wants to be the Messiah must go that way.

Father has a certain standard in mind concerning Tribal Messiah ship. If the standard is not met it will create a problem. Judgment will come based on Father's standard. Father wants us to be better.

Loudly Proclaim The Messiah

Have you supported Father in doing difficult things or have you even been pulling Him down? Have you proclaimed loudly that the Messiah is here. Because of who Father is we are in a very high position as His disciples. We should push Father higher at a faster speed.

Why not have a business card or a name tag saying "Disciple of Rev. Moon". How many times are we witnessing about America and Rev. Moon every day? Television Networks and all the other media should proclaim Rev. Moon as the Messiah. He is much more important than the president.

God Needed A Woman Like Mother

What about His Bride. She must be totally obedient to the Messiah. Mother is totally united with Father. In the early days Father left Mother behind many times and went out with other women. Mother was told as she was getting in the car that she could not go. Mother was very disappointed but she obeyed. Mother had to learn to love those who hated her. God needed a woman like that.

Mother has indemnified many women's path's. She must smooth her edges so smooth that she can relate to person's of all age groups who would want to harm her.

70 and 80 year olds were jealous of Mother because she took their (the spirit world told them so, ask them) husband. At that time every woman was crazy for Father and wanted to marry Him. If Father was bad He could have exploited that situation.

Very Annoying

Spirit World told these old women where Father would go and they would be there waiting for Father smiling. There was a time in history when God gave all women a chance to meet the Messiah as Bride. Can you imagine how annoying this was to have an 80 year old woman tell you that she is your Bride? It was very annoying to say the least but Father pretended to like it. because the "election" for the position of the Bride was not over yet.

They even moved closer to the Church, prepared meals and even a bed for Father every day. This was very fearful. Father would kid them at times saying that to fulfill the four position foundation you must be able to have a baby. You are 80 years old, you can not have a baby anymore. However, they came back with proof centered on the Bible that they still could have babies. Just look at Sarah and other biblical women.

Father knew the Divine Principle and the Spirit World and eventually the ladies understood also. Father told them should you select me or should I select a wife. At the Fall of Man it was Eve who chose Adam. Now Adam has to select His wife.

Father knew Adam's responsibility and taught them as sisters, raised them up and eventually Blessed them. Mother's course is that of a daughter, sister, wife and mother to Father to restore what Adam and Eve had lost.

All women knew each other in the congregation and wondered who the Bride would be. This was a time of the transfer of the Bridal Foundation.

Mother's Incredible Course

Now Mother must love all women from the Abel position. If Mother had been strong with these ladies and told them that she was in the Abel position, they would have poisoned her. The Spirit World had such a strong influence on these women. It told them that if you wipe out Mother you can be the Bride etc.

Father had to push Mother away at times to protect her. Father and Mother had a clear brother and sister relationship. Thousands of generations of women's resentments were dumped upon Mother. Father told Mother a little bit of what she should expect. If that happens Father told her, just hang on tight to me.

Father is the only person satan has no claim over and mother is like a shadow. When all was overcome satan had to say to mother "you are a great woman." It was so difficult to lay the foundation we are standing on right now. Father went an even more difficult path in paving the way for men's salvation.

Father wants to share so much to you but it would many more days to explain. If you understand clearly then you have no reason to be proud and arrogant. You must be humble. You should have known this much sooner.

Prison The Worst Thing

Father is restoring men's course. The worst thing is to go to prison. Who did this to Father? Men! Why? They see the women behave strangely with Father, giving up all things and follow Father. If Father had not been blessed to this day the same phenomena would have taken place here with American and German woman. Oh boy, that would have been vicious.

Even though Father represents all men they still accuse Him. Women came to Father and He collected all the blessings from the past and passed them on to Mother.

Father had to put Cain into he elder brother position, still they even beat up on Him in prison. But now, forty years later they are bowing down to Father naturally. America will also do this. American women, do you know enough now why we should bow down to Father? YES! How about you men? YES!

(?)God can give up all religions and all of humankind but can not give up Father.(?) The translation is not so good sometimes, Father has to stop and correct the translator at times. Doing so He looses His train of thought and has to look for something new to say in the same context.

Victory Through Persecution

Follow Father's way by being beaten. This will happen no more than three times. After that you will rise to a higher level. The people on Satan's side will eventually follow Father because of the depth of His teaching and the love He showed to the world.

When we follow Father 100% then God can love our children 100%. All generations are now the "First Generation" centered on True Love. In order to have children that can love totally, you must love Father totally? All levels have been restored by Father.

No more accusation can now come from satan, he knows that Father has won. Father can go anywhere now.

Can you imagine the wife of the president giving a speech to the Chinese women with the approval of the Chinese Government?

The Era of Women

Now the "Era of Women" has arrived. Mother will lead and Father will follow her. So many women on earth and in the Spirit World can now untangle their regrets for everything bad men have done against them. Even if women did not know on Earth how badly she was mistreated, when she went to the Spirit World, she understood clearly. She comes now down to Earth furiously.

Men now must obey women absolutely and bow down to women from every angle (360 ), men must obey all around.

Christianity is the Bride Religion. You women are now a step ahead of the Christians. Father treats you like Queens. Western women must now bow down to the Oriental woman and obey them, other wise there is now way to connect.

But you Western women will say "Oh, Father is only saying that because He is Oriental! YES? NO! absolutely not! You all should scream much louder than Father. Father never fell into the trap that caught all other men.

Mother Beyond Accusation

Mother too, she can't be accused anymore. All women must inherit that and the American women are no exception. Don't ever forget this. If we resemble True Parents, satan can not accuse us anymore and we will be free.

Now a prototype couple exists and we can mass produce it. God will give the same value to all couples. The main factory for producing these couples is Belvedere. The branch factories are the Tribal Messiahs. Do you understand all this? We must bring results to be like True Parents. If you pledge that then Father no longer has to be concerned with you.

This is how much Heavenly Father has invested through True Parents in you! And now He gives all of this away freely. You must absolutely follow otherwise you will loose your Blessing. We must absolutely realize the investment Heavenly Father and True Parents have made in the Blessed Couples.

The catholic Nuns and Monks must also get married. The same is true for the Buddhists. They only did not marry because there were no married True Parents.

There is only one Messiah and He has True Love and the True Life Seed. If all three nations had united at the end of WW II, in 1952 the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth would have been established. But everything was lost.

Religion No Longer Needed

Now it is forty years later and all victorious foundations have been laid. On this foundation Father set up the Tribal Messiah's and sent them out. How can we connect to Home Town? Your children will continue your work. We do not need religion anymore. Tribal Messiah ship is all we need.

We do not need recognition, we just go ahead and bring victory. Then the ideal world will come! Do you want this? YES! This is not so easy but if you are committed to Father, satan can not occupy you.

Pay Your Share

If you do not like the Unification Church way you wipe out all of human history and loose all foundations. You must follow the destined course and pay your share of indemnity. We can not escape that. Your Tribal Messiah Mission is your destiny.

You have a life connection with True Parents here at Belvedere. Right now it is most important to unite the Korean peninsula and resolve the Israel and Islam situation.

General Motors and IBM are the biggest corporations in America. But there is no comparison to what has been invested in those companies and what has been invested in the Blessed Couples. We need to understand this value clearly. What a staggering impact it will make when our tree grows up to the level of the fallen trees.

You have to hang on to your tribe by the skin of your teeth. Once you let go, it is very much more difficult to get hold of your tribe the second time over.

Investment In Blessed Couples Bigger Than All Of Creation

God invested much in America but more investment has been made in the Blessed Couples. Even more investment than it took to create the world and all the creation put together. With that understanding any opposition becomes meaningless. That is Father's mind set.

Father wants all of us to become more special and more capable people than Father is. In the last 20 years we saw what Father was doing and heard His teachings. Are we going to shoot straight and establish perfection quickly or are we going to wobble around? SHOOT STRAIGHT! We must become 100% Tribal Messiahs.

Forever Free

Will you Blessed Couples go the easy way? If you do that you will be spit upon and satan will just laugh at you and even God will smash you..

Will you become better than Father? YES! (3x)! When you do that you will become forever free. Do you want Father to visit your home? YES! Then you must prepare for that. True Parents are forever. Please begin to take ownership.

This is the first Sunday in February. From now on Father will teach step by step about Blessed Couples.

Japanese Blessed Couples please raise your hands. You are all fighters. There are so many of you. This can not be America, in must be Japan..

Will the Japanese women work harder than the American women? Japanese women are way better than the American women. You American women should never be outworked by the Japanese women.

American Women Like Grasshoppers

The Japanese women are like ants, Arigato. The American women are too easy going now, they are like grasshoppers. American women laugh too much and dance too much. When you get tired you lay down and not get up.

Father has been speaking now for 5 1/4 hours but actually its only about 2 3/4 hours for Father since the translator takes time also, sometimes he speaks longer than Father.

Father wants you all to be successful. Father knew how much investment had been made in the Blessed Couples. Please recognize this and do not take it lightly.

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