The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Resurrection of the Women of the World and Liberation Part II

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Monday, February 1st 1993
Unofficial Notes
Father Speaks (4 hrs. 40 min)

Men represent Heaven and women represent Earth. United men and women represent God's ideal. Heaven is vertical and Earth is horizontal.

In the West not much emphasis is put on the vertical and horizontal but in the East this is very important. Mind and Body must become one in both men and women. The mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. We want the two worlds of vertical and horizontal to belong to us.

The vertical is bigger and better but we must always consider both elements, because both make up the whole world. There are three dimensions, up-down, right-left, front-rear. If we turn around 360 we can change direction but the center never changes or moves. Our mind occupies that central position.

The West represents the material, analytical and science world. The East is more spiritual inclined and puts everything into perspective. If man did not fall the physical blessing and the spiritual blessing would grow together. Because of the Fall of Man if you have more physical blessing the spiritual blessings decline.

Russians Are More In Tune

Russia was totally focused on the material but ironically they have none. They are more spiritual and in tune. The democratic world boast spirituality and have many churches but have no spiritual power or faith.

For Heaven and Earth to become one, man and woman must become one. To own one man and one woman means to own the whole Universe. But that is only possible through True Love. The owner of True Love is God and True Father.

God created man first to represent Heaven. God did not literally take a rib out of Adam. This means that God made woman in the image of man. Up, right and front represents Heaven. Down, left and rear represents Earth.

Without True Love nothing can be brought into unity. When we give birth to a child both father and mother protect it. The father protects both the mother and the child. The whole family must turn and move together. Mother and child can not go into different directions. The father must love the mother first before she can love the child. Vertical love is here deployed horizontally. True Love will make this possible. Once we know this clearly we will not have broken families.

Erroneous Concept

There is the erroneous concept in the West and even in the East that men and women are equal. If men and women turn around in different directions, life becomes very confusing. There can not be two axis. Only one axis can exist, man.

When a boy and a girl grow up boys grow up taller and woman grow wider at the hip. We were made that way. The soft touch is not for the woman but for the children. We must be clear about the center in the family. It is the woman who takes care of everything in the house. She loves the earth and the Universe and she absolutely loves her husband. Doing so she receives reciprocal love from her husband. We must become like that to get into God's warehouse which is Heaven. The mind represents Heaven. Women must love Heaven and men.

Since men represent Heaven they do not have to try so hard to love heaven. Women must try harder and man must make sure that they do so. Otherwise it will be difficult for them to harmonize.

Women make friends easily. Man does not bow down so much, he is vertical. Women are peace makers. Women are usually doing more evangelical work in the church. But there are no great women evangelists in the world. They are all men.

Man is the Subject, woman is the object. What is the difference? The bigger more knowledgeable will become a leader. The biggest tree in the forest stands out and dominates everything. Women can't be like men, women follow religious leaders. There is no way to unify anything unless God and man become one.

Satan Divides Everybody

Through the fall satan took the position of God. He is the evil father that changes all the time. Under him there is no unity possible, he divides everybody.

All colors are represented here. Everyone wants to live in a moderate climate zone. The white people come from the North Pole. They are like polar bears. The black people come from the South. If everyone would live in the same climate zone all would have the same color. But this did not happen, why? Satan divided! Some people were cast out and had to flee not to be killed.

The white people went to the North. The British and Scandinavians became pirates. They were not a good quality people. The white race shed much blood.

The pirates kidnapped all women, food and material to build a stronger pirate race. Bad men plundered good women. How could they get God's blessing? The women that were kidnapped must have prayed a lot. They were taken to an Island country and through their fervent prayers it became a Christian nation. These women were determined to raise better children than they would have in their home land. This is what most likely happened.

The White Man Did The Most Evil

What about those who were pushed South. They became very lazy because it was so hot they rested much. Food was plentiful and they became a bit lazy. They danced much and there was not much discipline between man and woman.

All major religions have sprung up in the East. England, France and Germany colonized tropical countries. They did their business through women not men. The opium war destroyed the men in China. The women became easily westernized and accepted the comfort and ease of the West. The men were gotten rid off through opium. Now we can see the Cause and Effect principle at work. Drugs are now a big problem in the West. Who did more evil? The white man! The white people always attacked and shed much blood. This soil (America) belongs to the oriental race (Indians). The White people came, killed and took away their country.

Women At The Mercy Of Men

Now we understand for the first time the root of racial conflict. We even have to accept the possibility of religious war. How did the white race come to accept Christianity? Not because they were good but because women put much heart into their families. They changed even the bad men. Through women God has advanced religion. Why? Women pray more. Man do not have much to pray for. They already have everything at their finger tips.

Women have always been at the mercy of men and have been hurt much by men. All age group of women will agree to that and tell you so. In terms of love women were hurt by men. Women would be content with one husband, it is man who wants to have more than one woman. Wherever he goes he wants to start a new family.

However, women look for a better husband than her own as well. But men will not allow their wives to become unethical. Fights in the family usually concern love. When the man returns from his travels the wife asks who did you see and love?

Women can sit still in the house and be happy. Women are very good at that. Men could not do that, he likes to be always on the go. This is an important matter and must be understood.

Love Trains Of Misery

There were many love trains in human history. These trains carried the most tears, misery and bloodshed. Is there any other train more miserable? NO! In one generation all can be thrown out because of false love.

Where is the lineage centered on a pure woman? Imagine your ancestors, they were all zigzagging throughout history. Some where good and others were bad, some were killers and some were thieves. Have you thought of how to establish a pure lineage? It is impossible in this world. The only way to be pure is to isolate the child from the rest of the world.

Impure Life

How can God make a pure lineage when all is so black and impure? We behave as if we are most pure but we are the product of a fallen lineage. Who started the free sex idea men or women? Now even incest is taking place. The grandfather generation abuses the grandchild generation. This is Satan's work. They feel guilty at first but then tell themselves not to feel that way. Is free sex limited by age? No! Even the very oldest take the very youngest.

It is the Grandparents responsibility to assure that their offspring lives right. They want pure love and when that is not available they use the children. College professors and High School teachers look for the love of their students. Who cries more because of love? Women! What are we going to do about it? Can the president or the religious leaders change this? NO! Both are making the same mistake.

Who Shall be Corrected First

This is a very sick situation and all are badly affected by this. The women of the world are at stake here and this is a bad situation. Who shall we correct first men or women? The women are about to die because of false love. What if we just wipe the men out? This is not good for the women either.

Maybe we should send the men away and reeducate them? God does not want to do that either. But we must repair this situation at all cost. God has thought about this situation too. He wants to do it with the least amount of change, without taking extreme measures. God is doing it through the religious realm.

Christianity teaches us what the bride should be like and then the Bridegroom comes. Where does He come from? He comes from Heaven. Women prayed for one true man who will lead us to eternity. All women would like to meet a pure man to marry. Women want to receive the true love seed. No woman has ever received the True Love Seed.

Men Mutilated Love

There are billions of women who prayed for a pure man and the True Love Seed. God could not but answer those prayers.

Men have mutilated love historically. One movement must arise centered on women who will stand up deny men. God will not blame women for doing that.

True Love, True Father, True Family is what we all want but we can't find it anywhere. Everyone is bad. So should we erase the human race? If we do this we will also have a problem. Before God can erase the old bad families He must set up the new good family. this is the meaning of the Messiah, the Lord and Savior and True Parents. Then we can deny the old evil father, family, country and world.

Individualism is bad but in this case it is acceptable. But we need everybody, we can't live alone. We established the Mass-Weddings to resolve all these problems. We are breaking cultural, language and color barriers. Are there many white people who would like to marry a black person? This happens only in the Unification Church. The world opposes us now but that will soon stop. They will get over the shock. The crux of our being is True Love and True Family. God wanted us to live like that from the very beginning. We all wanted that but could not have it until now.

The True Gospel Has Come

Of Course satan opposed all of that. The more important something is, the more opposition will come. God was the only one who could resolve all these problems.

The True Gospel has come now. There are 5 billion people on the earth today. Out of this number .65 billion are black, .85 billion are white and 3.2 billion are yellow. The yellow race will rise and will become the dominant race. The pacific era is coming. In the future three out of four marriages will be with the yellow race.

Now the West is looking to the East to get closer. How do you propose for marriage? Men usually initiates the proposal. What if the men only propose to the oriental women and the white women do not get any proposals?

White Women Will Change

When that happens the white women will change and become like the oriental woman, more humble. How can Father make the white woman more humble? They must become like the oriental woman. You American women do you despise the oriental women or do you want to be like them? Look at only one thing, your faith. Japanese women are not much to look at but who's standard of faith is higher, that of the Japanese woman or the American woman?

You must admit that the Japanese women's faith is higher. (?)Father was much persecuted for that but it was all worth while. Now there are many high positioned men who quietly changed and support Father. This will elevate True Parents.(?)

Who is higher, the president or Rev. Moon? Would you rather listen to Clinton or to Rev. Moon? Father is the complete opposite from president Clinton.

Blessed Couples Live Worry Free

Praise should come for all the Mass- Weddings True Parents held. This would be well deserved. We are living a good life and it will get better. Blessed Couples can live worry free because they can trust their spouses. They sleep well and even gain weight when their spouse is on a mission some place.

The Bride religion is waiting for one Groom only but there are many brides. How can this be balanced out? Only through the Principle of Restoration can this be rounded out. First there was Adam, then Jesus and now there is Sun Myung Moon. The world does not believe that as yet, but they are shaking. They are not so confident in their heads. Now the new seed has been started by God through Rev. Moon.

Historians agree that 1960 a new era began. After 1960 many small nations gained freedom. This represented brothers preparing to meet True Parents. Eve must become one with True Parents and must bring all women to them.

Father Cast Out Into Wilderness

The Cain and Abel nations must become one with the mother nation and receive the Messiah.. Father was cast out into the wilderness after WW II and all opposed Him. The kingdom could have come seven years after WW II in 1952. In the year 1992 everything that should have been established in 1952 has been restored.

God chose England, France and America but those nations were lost after WW II. now Father selected three nations. Father chose America only because the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age were represented here. The Completed Testament Age can only start on that foundation.

Mother Restored Brides

Wherever Father goes, God will follow. Father achieved victory in one generation. He restored 4000 years of human history. Mother successfully restored the Brides who were waiting for the groom in 1945. That chapter is completed now in 1992. The next step is to restore the realm of Islam and the Middle East. So many Tribal Messiahs were sent out for that purpose. They can all connect to Father through the Tribal Messiahs.

History is a struggle between Cain and Abel. When Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim were born Mother ate seaweed soup. The disciples ate the soup also as a condition or sign to be born again. We are born again at the same time when the True Children are born. You must go through Father and Mother and inherit their life to be able to go to Heaven.

Now we have nothing to do with the satanic world. We must steer clear from drugs, immorality, and homosexuality. Hope for your children to get blessed at the same time as Father's children. Three generations of Fathers children will get blessed to Koreans, after that they will take part in international Blessings.

Father's family has now 43 member including Heung Jin Nim. Many more will come so the base to connect with True Family will be much bigger. This is the hope of all the Unification Church members. Our standard must be the highest. The True Family, Father's Family will be the highest. Then the 36 Couples follow next.

Live Prosperous Lives

From now on the Blessed Families should live a prosperous life. Your children can't marry satanic world children. The Holy Wine Ceremony means that you are born again. All fruits of the earth should be in that wine.

God cannot deny the love of the first Father and Mother. It is an incredible pain for God to recognize fallen parents but unless He does, True Parents have no foundation to stand. In God's world there is no concept of an enemy. God can't be God if He has an enemy. If an enemy remains as an enemy, restoration is not possible. satan always claims that you must love him, thus the principle of loving your enemy.

Without loving your enemy you can not go to Heaven. Love your enemy as your elder brother. God had to withstand incredible pain at Jesus' crucifixion. Jesus also loved the enemy who killed Him and satan thus had to separate from Jesus. You too must pray to have God save your enemies.

Father sent the Japanese who tortured Him home so that their lives could be spared. Now Japan came back to pay their debt to Father. Have we ever consoled or praised Father? Father is the greatest Son to America.

Father has two women, Sun Jin Nim's mother and True Mother. They should not fight. Because Leah and Rachel fought later on the 10 tribes of Israel and the two tribes of Judah also fought.

Also Elizabeth and Mary should have united. John the Baptist was like an elder brother to Jesus. Elizabeth in Leah's position, Mary in Rachel's position. They did not know and Zachariah did not know either. John the Baptist's sister should have become Jesus' wife.

Problems With In-Laws

In the Eastern culture there are always difficulties between the daughter and the mother in law. The same is true between the husband and the sister in law. God endured, True Parents endured and you must also endure and love the enemy. If you do not love the enemy, there will be no heaven for you.

Think about God's position, it is somewhat like this...Someone has kidnapped your wife and the man is living with her. Still you as the rightful husband must love both of them. Those who achieve that kind of heart will be accepted in both Heaven and hell.

In hell millions of people will come to you and see you as their savior. The sister in law must be the most obedient sister to reverse the process of the fall. American women dislike this the most. But in the other hand they can be the first to set an example to the world. Women cause most divorces (75%) and they complain much but they play a key role in the restoration.

Women will bring the children together and then persuade the husband to come along and unite with the Tribal Messiah. Women resurrect by going back into Mother's womb and Father's bone marrow.

A "Family Unit" President For The USA

Everyone born after 1945 are on the side of Heaven and can go back to Mother's womb. They can just pretend that they have not jet been born. All this should have happened in 1945 but it is happening now. Women play a key role now and men must just follow.

Ignorance will not lead you to Heaven. Men must win salvation through women. Soon a woman president will be elected in the USA. Women will bring victory to men. A family unit should actually be elected as president based on the unity of the family.

We are saying good bye to democracy. You must study Father's birthday speech about the summery of human history and teach it to everyone. We have printed a "Proclamation of the Messiah" booklet. Two speeches are in the book, one speech explains how young people should live and behave and the second speech explains what mother's should know.

Harvest Time Has Come

You must distribute those booklets together with the Divine Principle Books. We do not need anymore workshops or lectures. We just let people read the book. Japan has 300 000 members but have only 47 lecturers who can lecture from the heart. This is a crime. Now with the books all 300 000 can do it. When people have questions they can call you up and you can explain. You can also visit or call them. We are past the indemnity time, now is the harvest time.

We must expand quickly, Korean, Japanese and American women must unite and the husbands must support them. Western and Oriental women are hard to unite but the Western women must listen to the Oriental. Korean first, Western individualism is too close to the fall. Western women must follow someone to overcome the consequences of the fall.

Four Nation Condominiums

Soon we will have condominiums where Korean, Japanese, American and German families can live together and raise their children. If the American and German women truly understand and unite, everything will go fast and easy. We must also unify the language, that means we must learn to speak Korean. The high level family will always be Korean.

Your dream is to be part of the Royal Family. For three Years we should live with together with three other families, four families total. Why must we do this? God desires it! The Spirit World is set up like that. Those who are confident that they will not die here on earth won't have to do it.

Raise your hands if you understand what you have to do and pledge to do it.

Thank You.

God Bless You.

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