The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Resurrection of the Women of the World and Liberation Part I

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Sunday, January 31st 1993
Unofficial Notes
Father Speaks (2 Hrs.)

There are may ways to express this title: "Resurrection of the Women of the World which will lead us to Liberation." The only way out of this dilemma is to learn Korean. We must deny inconvenience than things will become easier. There is much to deny in this life.

Deny Satanic Influence

Resurrection means to be born again. We can be born again only if we deny our previous way of life. The Bible teaches man much about denial. satan has influence everywhere in the world. This satanic influence must be eliminated first before God can come.

Everything has order, up is always up, down is always down, right is always right, and left is always left. However, right can become left by turning 180 degrees. Without that we can not principally change direction.

The Fall of Man caused "up" to be "down." What is wrongfully up must now come down and vice versa. There is a crossing point on all levels from the individual to the world level. History is a succession of denials and we are fighting one war after another.

We are the fruit of history, we are not here by coincidence. We are at the crossing point. We all have mind and body. Our body has many strings attached, how shall we deal with this. The mind, which represents religion has also many strings attached. How can we throw out the bad things.

Adopt New Things That Are Right

The Body of a nation is in the same position. Religion as well is no exception. Maybe we should use the best of each nation and the best of each religion. So how then should I live as an individual? In order to liquidate the old false things we must adopt new things that are right.

There is a lot of work to be done to throw out the false things on all levels. These are the last days where Ideology and thought is trying to influence man in a good way. History went through a straight line because of conscience. Only love and harmonize the positions of up, down, left, right, front and rear and these positions can only be maintained by True Love. We are experiencing a pull from two sides only because of the Fall of Man.

There are many different ways of thinking but if God exists, He must have one idea. We must ask the Question, did God have the world in mind first when He created or an individual. He clearly had the WORLD in mind. This is the absolute standard.

Someone has to follow and someone must lead. Many nations go in different directions that's why war has been inevitable. Now that communism is gone, does everyone say let's follow America! NO!

Reestablish Proper Positions

Everyone and everything exists in Subject and Object relationships. How can we reestablish the proper positions that is the big question. Up, down, left, right, front and rear must turn around and find the right center. There is only one correct position at center, thus there can only be one center.

We must find one individual who represents all levels up to the cosmic level. He would even represent the women of the world. The women should also say that they represent the men of the world too. The pair system is very important. Situated in one position we must also consider and think of all the other positions as well. That is very important. One position has all the other's in mind.

When you say up you automatically recognize the down position. Without down there can not be up. In motion the same principle applies also. Motion from below is to go up. This is motion for the sake of serving others. If you do not have someone else in mind when you do something, it has no value. That is God's unchanging principle.

satan on the other hand does everything for the sake of ME. Women have been born for men and men absolutely need women and vice versa. The whole Universe functions like this. Without knowing this the development of the Universe is impossible.

The more we move for everyone, the bigger we will get. There are many members here but who is the real Moonie? If Father is Subject, there can only be one true Object, True Mother.

If everyone wanted to be served well than there would be conflict. If we all have the mind and action to serve each other we will prosper and grow.

America is the "kingdom of individualism." It is defiant of the Principle. Universal Fate will eventually catch up with this way of life. However, Universal Fate will protect the principled life. Live for the sake of others and you will feel good because the Universal Fate will protect you..

Everything is rolling and we even roll with the women. Rolling is like dancing. We dance for the sake of each other but in the outside world people dance to exploit each other.

Do you like or love Rev. Moon? LOVE! Will you thus take from Him or give to Him? GIVE! When you pray will God take advantage of you? NO! God does not like those who take advantage of anyone. God is watching America. If America will serve others this nation will survive.

Looks Or Mind?

You women and man do you pay more attention to the looks of a person or to the mind? MIND! That is good since the mind lives for the sake of all directions. Even if the person is you marry is ugly but has a good mind you will be well off.

Women who love all the women of the world are great. Father lives for the sake of the world there is no denying that. When the husband loves his wife she will love him more in return. Then he will love her more etc. Love grows isn't it true? YES! I don't know. Is it evening or morning right now? Evening? No morning.

James Baughman are you going to get a salary? When someone is working for a company without pay, He soon will be at the top.

Suing The Washington Times

God has no concept of suing anyone. Father has spent $1 Billion in America and much of that money went to The Washington Times. There are some people at The Washington Times who want to hang on to their position at higher pay. They can not get it because the money is not there so they are suing for it.

If you have much money do you want to put it into Father's pockets? YES! I must be in the wrong place. If America does not pay back what Father has invested in this nation it will stop and eventually decline. If America makes more money to serve the world it will become prosperous. This is not a stupid idea, this is true. You feel good hearing this but doing it is very difficult.

We have to have a revolution to change the false way of thinking to the correct way. Everyone without exception wants peace in the world, but no one will get it except through this principle. When we apply this in our lives we will become the top people of the Universe. Don't we all want to be that?

Our world of imagination will substantially be created for us by God when we live for others. Father continues to live in that way. Eventually the whole world will surrender and be rolled in by us. It feels good but the action necessary to bring us to this point does not feel so good.

Father has been speaking for more than an hour now but has not touched the topic yet. Father spoke 14 hours on Friday and on Saturday He spoke a long time too. So Father does not feel Himself today and maybe He will only give a short talk today. Father did not even get started with the introduction. Hundreds of hours will not be enough for Father to express everything about men and women. So shall we stop here? NO!

You Come Up Here And Talk

One of you can come up her and continue. You all want to be the top persons of the Universe so you can come up here and talk. So, shall we continue tomorrow morning? Maybe only the women should come tomorrow.

You must have the confidence that you are representing the whole Universe. Only then are you considered to be a real person. History has never even seen a person like this, not even a child.

America has abandoned many nations and left them to die. But God even loves this wicked nation thinking that He has to educate it more. We are talking about an awesome formula. All want to be the best. If you think you represent the Universe you will grow up to become such a person.

There is no woman that does not love me because I loved all women. The man who loves all women will be loved by woman. If you women want to love such a man it is not wrong but you must prepare yourselves to deserve Him.

You do not want to be outdone by Father, right? YES! The only way to not be outdone is to love the world. If there is a small woman working hard without sleeping and eating and she brings a 100 000 people, will Father go to her and ask her what she was doing? Will He say that? NO! Father will say "good, do more, you are better than me.

If you say you love the world better than me God will follow that woman even to hell. If you do more than Father asks you to do, Father will love her more. We are all capable of becoming such a person.

Alright, we will stop right her and continue tomorrow February first. The one who translates should be the most happy because of the short speech but then he translates only 50% anyway.

Do not erase this title from the board it is a very important title.

God Bless you.

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