The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Victorious True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center,
Grand Ballroom
Thursday, January 28th 1993
Unofficial Notes Father Speaks (4 Hrs.)

Can you read the title? Victorious True Parents. What was the 1993 slogan? "New Family and Fatherland Unification". We are now also living in the Completed Testament Age.

Seminary graduates please stand up. Many did not come. There should be 800 graduates here but I see only about 200. Have you graduates done the right thing? What did you do? You were to lead the nation to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. A nation is nothing without leaders. An army must have leaders, we are the Heavenly Army.

Red And White Blood Cells

There are red cells and white cells in our blood stream. They have an aggressive and a defensive role with the white cells being aggressive and the red cells being defensive. Our members have represent the same function as the white and red blood cells.

The graduates are the white blood cells and the members are the red blood cells. You are the policemen to protect this nation. Our red and white cells must be strong otherwise our movement will not prosper.

The issue in America today is should homosexuals and lesbians be allowed in the armed forces. The graduates should come in and fight for God here. If the army allows bad sexual behavior it will decline. How can you make love when the enemy attacks.

You can not imagine how much Father sacrificed to get the seminary going. Many members around the world sacrificed for the seminary as well. You are indebted to them. Many women have suffered in the past and you are indebted to them also. They did not sacrifice only for you bur for this nation. Father wants to reassure you that you Father is looking at you as the elite of our movement, the white cells of our blood stream.

Graduates Awesome Mission

You are the leaders to save this nation. In 1975 Father needed many leaders to send to all the nations. Instead of sending you there Father sent you to the Unification Theological Seminary because it was important for the future of this nation. Your mission is most awesome and fearful.

As the elite of this movement you are directly under the True Parents. Thus you must report to Father. Those who understand this raise your hands. Please sit down.

We all know that human history is fallen. The basic question for any man or woman growing up is, why are we born and why are we born as man and woman? Why does this distinction exist? These are fundamental questions.

Women throughout history have always been oppressed. Now many movements have sprung up for women's liberation. Many women around the world think "why have I been born as a woman? Why could I not have been born as a man?" Maybe this is not rue in America but everywhere else in the world women think this way.

Women's Tragic Life

The life of women has always been connected with tragedy. Women have historically been victimized. Who has been attacked more by the opposite sex, man or woman? At least 95% of criminal assaults have been committed by men against women. Women's heart has always some regret and resentment.

Many women ask why this inequality still prevails. That is a big question. If God is a good God, why has He not solved this problem? Maybe it is because God is not able to resolve the problem or if He is able to resolve it when will He do it? Or maybe there is no God at all? We must understand the answer to all these questions clearly.

There is no man or woman who is perfect thus they can't come under the direct dominion of God. Because of the Fall of Man there is not perfection and God cannot interfere with man directly. Satan totally destroyed man's value.

Women are born for men and vice versa. Why is it that way? It is for the purpose and fulfillment of love! There can be no perfection centered on the self. The Fall took place because of Adam's and Eve's self centered action. They did it for self gratification. This is 180 degrees opposite from God's ideal.

The Bible tells us that the cause of the fall was the eating of a fruit. But the act of eating does not reflect the awful consequences of the Fall of Man. The fall was of sexual nature. they hid their lower parts. The sexual organ are most destructive when misused. The whole universe will collapse if we continue in this way.

God lives for the sake of other's and satan is 180 degrees opposite. God gives and creates by giving totally. Self centered love will get you into hell.

Salvation = Restoration = Recreation. We must totally indemnify the past. The Old Testament is an age of equal indemnity. With such a law, restoration is not possible.

Three things need to be restored: 1. Restoration of the Environment 2. Restoration of the Object 3. Restoration of Reciprocal Relationships between Subject and Object.

Only One Way

Everything exists in Subject and Object relationships. When you enter the Unification Church this will come into effect immediately. Father is the subject and you are the object. There is only one way.

The Unification Church is the training ground for True Love. The family is in the center position of this training. All five colors of the races of the world are present here. Everyone is organized in subject and object relationships. We always look for a greater subject.

We are also structured into two layers, Subject and Object and Mind and Body, vertical and horizontal. The vertical and the horizontal must meet at a 90 degree angle. True Love travels the shortest line. The True Love lines always meet at a 90 degree angle. Perverted love lines never meet at that angle.

Your conscience is born out of your vertical parents while your body is born out of your horizontal parents. With this scale you can evaluate the whole world.

Your facial features and your body reflect the horizontal and vertical. When you see someone's face off balance (eyes, nose, mouth) it is a reflection of the internal state.

Your sex organs are on the vertical line. Man represents the vertical. Life originates in man. No matter how great you women are, you do not have the seed of life to bring forth children.

Digest And Convert

When Father goes to a casino in Atlantic City He represents the absolute good going into something evil. Father figures out how to subjugate the atmosphere and digest the evil. You live in a satanic world. You digest this evil and convert it to goodness.

(Two of the USA ministers, Dr. Grant, Rev. Don Sills and ambassador Chavez were in the audience. Father had much give and take with them. Some people feel that much of the sermon was tailored to specifically educate them. Rev. Don Sills was blessed in Korea in August of 1992.)

What about you great ministers and diplomat. Can you answer me this question? Does God have to live under the law of true Love?

(Dr. Grant blushing a bit answered that God was the origin and essence of love but did not completely answer the question at least as I understood him.)

Father told him that he was half right and proceeded to answer the question. Even God comes under the law of True Love. When God created man and woman He wanted them to relate to Him in True Love. Thus God has to live under the same law.

When a father asks his children to live according to a certain law the children will ask him "what about you father, will you live by that law also?" He will answer "of course I will live by the same law!" If he does not, his children will also not live by the law.

Unification Is Everything

Without unity hope, joy and freedom can not come. Unification is everything that is why we are the Unification Church. Everything is harmonious and has balance in the Universe. True Love is most important. True Love incredibly focuses your senses. You become totally blind to other things. This is especially true when teenagers date.

Those who do not need love raise your hands. You live for love don't you? Men and women hold each other's sex organ. This is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. When you get married you do not marry a face but the love organ. If someone does not have this organ you put him into the trash.

The Love Palace is very powerful. It is also the Life and Blood lineage Palace. When God has total control over these three palaces the world will be in Heaven. The three Palaces are the most precious but satan made them the most low.

Ministers Don't Know Basics

Through the Fall we became victims of satanic love which is the enemy of God. Christian ministers teach every Sunday but they do not know the basics.

Did Adam and Eve have children after they were kicked out to the Garden of Eden? (Question directed to the ministers) YES! How long after? Almost immediately! Did God bless them? NO! satan did! Adam and Eve were kicked into the realm of satanic love, life and lineage.

This was not God's plan but His ideal still remains and we must restore it. Mother Eve took two children into the satanic world and God will have to claim them back.

Worse than WW I and WW II is WW III. This is the battle between God and satan for the mind of man. This mind battle can not be won unless the world unites with Rev. Moon.

God is going through a growth process together and in relationship with man. God the "Love Subject" needs an object, man, to fulfill His ideal.

If you are not fallen you bring children of God into the world. Then there is no religious life, no prayer and no church needed. We are born for True Love. A couple is as one not two.

The will of satan is to keep all mankind under his rule in hell permanently. But God wants to take men to Heaven so that satan can not take them. Heaven and hell are 180 different from each other. How can we make these two contradictory camps into one?

The fallen world has no way to do it. It needs the Messiah. He comes with the power, authority, truth and love of God. He unites Mind and Body, the family, all levels and converts the world of false love into a world of True Love, Life and Lineage. Thus the Messiah can not come on the clouds.

Your Body The Monster

Here is the formula for salvation:

You have in your body the environment of + and -. The mind is + and the Body is -. However, the Fall reversed this set-up. All the saints of the past have failed to point out the core of salvation. Your body is the monster, more fearful than WW II. We must resolve this problem here on earth before we die.

The Archangel must receive the love of Adam and Eve then he can go to Heaven. You are in the position of Adam and Eve. When you go to Heaven, satan will be there at the gate and ask you if you have loved him as an unfallen angel. If you have not done that, you can not go through the gate.

Profound Teaching

This is why Jesus taught to love your enemy. This is a profound teaching. No matter how great a minister you are and how many sermon's you give, unless you love the enemy you can't go to Heaven.

My enemies are America and Christianity. How am I going to win over those enemies. God's way is to get hit and win. Everybody opposed Father but I do not hate those who opposed me. It is natural for the world to go against me.

Father is USA to Serve

Just think of it, I came to take over and discard the old evil ways. People do not like that. But no matter how many people oppose Rev. Moon God is on His side. Father is in the USA not for revenge but to serve.

Father loved the USA, Russia and even North Korea. Father has truly loved His enemies to the ultimate degree. Satan has to bow down to Father because he can no longer complain about not being loved. Father truly is the model of how to love the enemy.

Father established a lot of projects like the ACC and USA (United to Save America) to save this nation. You Americans must love and sacrifice more for this nation than Father did. But many came only to the movement to exploit it. Now Father is stepping back to let Americans take over.

Bush received much from Father but Bush did not respond. Look at where he is now, he is done. Republicans' only hope is to unite with Father. Father spent much of His resources here in America, for whom? There are only a few white people in the world but 3.2 billion of the yellow race.

The New Christianity

Father invested much money here in the USA and the seminary. This is a true example of loving the enemy. Now that Christianity has failed we have established a "New Christianity" under the Unification Church. We must pull the Christians out of their churches and bring them to the New Christianity.

Europe, Russia, China and Korea are all under Father. If the USA does not respond Father will go to those countries.

What is the meaning of the "Victory of True Parents?"

Tales Of Deception

God's ideal was destroyed by satan. Now God wants to cleanse the lineage of Adam and Eve and Lucifer. Eve deceived Adam and both went to satan's side. Judaism is in the Abel position and Israel in the Cain position. Eve the mother deceived God the Father and Adam his son.

Rebecca in the position of Eve also deceived father and son (Isaac and Esau). Her action restored Eve's action. Later the children Jacob and Esau united.

This whole formula was repeated with Tamar. She deceived her Father in law and his son. to have a child. She had twins and this whole process of the elder serving the younger was accomplished right in the womb by the second child being born first.

Much later Tamar's foundation was passed on to Mary the mother of Jesus. She also deceived her father (=God=Father) and her fiancee Jacob (=Adam=Son). Because of Mary's obedience Jesus could be born a sinless man.

Jesus is the true olive tree and Christians are saved by engrafting into that tree. But because of the crucifixion there was no physical salvation and thus the Second Coming became necessary.

Jesus was supposed to be married and then go to Rome. He should have converted Rome and if that had happened there would not have been a Pope, Catholicism, Protestantism and Churches etc.

Because Jesus lost His body there is no nation for the Christians in the New Testament Age. After WW II England was in the position of mother, America in the position of Abel and France in the position of Cain. If Cain and Abel had united they could have found the Messiah, True Parents.

Do You Believe That?

Only True Parents can change the fallen love, life and lineage into the Heavenly True Love, Life and Lineage. Who are the True Parents? The Saviors of Mankind! Do you really believe that?

It was not God's will for Jesus to be born in a stable. John the Baptist failed very badly, he testified to Jesus only once. Because of the persecution of Jesus from the Jews restoration had to be prolonged. Barabbas should have been killed not Jesus.

The Jews were completely homeless after 700 years. God gave the Jews 700 years to repent and follow Jesus. If they had done that than Islam would never have come about. Even today the Jews do not accept Jesus. The Jews paid much indemnity for killing Jesus. Wherever they went they were persecuted and 6 million were killed during WW II. Only the True Parents can forgive them. Now is their opportunity to come forward.

Gone With The Wind

At the Second Coming the same mistake was made. The United Allied Nations were to come to Mother and accept True Parents. But that did not happen. Christianity which was in the Bride position and the rest of the world denied Father. He was cast out into the wilderness and the whole world was claimed by satan.

4000 years of Hebraism and 2000 years of Christianity was "gone with the wind." How can we have hope after that? God could only trust the Messiah. Christianity was totally out of the picture under satan's domain. God and the Messiah were pretty miserable. Now what was there to do? We lost everything. 4000 years were lost. God gave Father 40 years to restore everything. For 40 years Father had to make a new foundation restoring human history and replacing Christianity. A long and lonely march began. The mission was to restore what took place at the cross, unify the Left and the Right and Christianity and Barabbas (Islam).

Father chose a new line-up of nations, Japan is the Eve Nation, America the Archangel Nation and Korea the Adam Nation.

Why did Father give America another chance? Because Father needed a nation where both the Old Testament (Hebraism) and the New Testament (Christianity) were embodied. Germany became the Heavenly Cain Nation. Because Father chose Japan and Germany they experienced a quick economic recovery.

Crucified Without Dying

Father had to go through the crucifixion without dying. Father established the Federation for World Peace (body) and the Religious Federation for World Peace (mind). During the 40 years Father spent 20 years here in America. The 2000 years of the New Testament Age was restored in 20 years.

If Father had been accepted in 1945 the Kingdom of Heaven could have come within seven years, by 1952. But that did not happen and it took 40 more years to restore all this. Since 1960 Mother followed Father like a shadow but now Mother has become Father's equal.

Restoration Centered On True Mother

Seven years ago Father started the "Asian Federation for World Peace." Now in 1992 Mother took over the "Women's Federation for World Peace." In this movement the Korean women are the elder sisters centered on Mother. The Japanese, American, European, Russian and Oceanic Women, in that order, must be grafted into Mother. Mother gave women true liberation. All restoration has been done. Now the world has one more opportunity to unite with God's providence.

Jesus lost His body in Asia. Thus a new culture is dawning in Asia. But the western world will not be neglected. That is the reason Father came here.

Two Monsters

There is still much division in the world even though communism is gone. Father is the only one who can resolve the problems of the world. The first priority is to unite North and South Korea. There are two monsters in Korea, Father and Kim IL Sung. Kim Il Sung will only unite through True Love. When that happens the Religious World and the Left and Right will also unite.

American women must educate the children properly and bring them to Heaven. The American family must be totally united. There are eight barriers and when all are broken down anyone can come freely to God by uniting with the True Family. When that is done everything is accomplished and nothing else needs to be done. For this purpose Father has set up Tribal Messiah's everywhere.

Participants Of Victorious Human History

Jesus was all alone and very lonely. True Parents have a large foundation and can send out thousands of Tribal Messiah's to expand the territory even more. The Tribal Messiah's are the branches of the Messianic Tree. without the TM's True Parents tree would be a very slim tree, but with the TM's the tree will cover the whole earth.. You are part of the victorious human history. Everything has been done completely. You just engraft through Tribal Messiah ship.

You can liberate your ancestors back to the level before the fall because you are part of the sinless parents. Home Town is your place of birth. You must return there and restore your relatives. This is most important now.

The goal for the next Blessing is to have 360 000 participants. You are the only people who understand this Heavenly Secret. How proud you are! Be bold now, the time of liberation has come!

All you UTS Graduates what are you going to do? Work for three meals a day or the restoration of the world.?

Found It, Lived It, Fulfilled It Do you think God loves Rev. Moon or not? Even if you make up this kind of story as fiction God would give you a reward. Father not only discovered this truth he lived it and fulfilled every detail of it.

Now you can get it freely! Why? Father is in the Parent position and you are the children. The parental heart is to give all. You are in the position of True Children, are you happy about that or unhappy?

"Victorious True Parents" is our title and True Parents have been victorious What is our slogan for this year?

"The New Family and Fatherland Unification." "The New Family" means the True Family and the "Fatherland" means the world.

We must imitate Father, it is our mission. Father represents the perfection of all levels. There are four great levels of heart, the level of Son, Brother, Parent and Grand Parent.

There are three great levels of Kingship, the Kingship of the Family, the Nation and the World.

America The Core Of satan's Work

America is in the very core of satan's work. Homosexuality, lesbianism, free sex and drugs are totally crushing this nation. God does not like homosexuals. You heard an incredible story today, but it is not a story. Father has discovered it, lived it and fulfilled everything.

Mother started to speak on April 10th of 1992 for the Women's Federation for World Peace. In seven months she covered sic continents and declared True Love and testified to Father. She restored the free world, the Bride realm and womanhood.

Mother restored 7000 years of human history and covered all that what Father did in His 70 years. Women now must absolutely stick to Mother.

Three Reasons To Repent

Women have three reasons they must repent for. 1. Killing Adam in the Garden of Eden 2. Rejecting the Bridegroom Jesus 3. Almost killing the Second Advent.

You rejected your husband three times. By Mother doing this restoration you can also be happy and victorious but you must absolutely unite with Mother.

(?)Anyone born after True Parents' Blessing in 1960 are considered Second Generation. Why? What is the difference between them and you the Blessed Couples. Even though you follow True Parents you still live in the satanic world but have not been under satanic dominion.(?) (?)All born after 1960 are considered the same with one slight difference. They are almost like sinless children who decided to get married on their own.(?)

(?)You also inherit the benefit of being winner in WW II. Those born after 1945 are considered Second Generation. They will enjoy a slightly different privilege, something like the Israelites in Egypt who painted their door post with the blood of a lamb.(?)

Today's Agenda

Tribal restoration is the agenda now. Jesus had 120 disciples and you must have them also. Totally unite with True Mother, be bold and give out the Divine Principle Books. Give out 30 Books and let the people read them for 30 days. Contact them during that time and ask them how they are doing. Collect the DP Books after 30 days and give them to other's. Repeat the cycle if needed.

There is no need to teach in front of a black board. Put more value on the Books and also use Principle Video Tapes. You have powerful armament now. Eventually we will broadcast Divine Principle all over the World. Those who will fulfill Tribal Messiah Ship raise your hands and say "Yes, True Parents" (3X).


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