The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

New Families and the Completed Testament

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Sunday, January 17 1993
Unofficial Notes
Father Speaks ( 3 Hrs. 30 min.)

The term Completed Testament is used only by us. In America all families are old families who are controlled by satan.

Why could God not control His creation? He did not have even one family. Two people get together and become one. Men (east) represent Heaven and women (west) represent Earth and through their unity the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is created.

There are many problems between East and West and religious and none-religious people. When we look closer at human problems, we realize that all problems come from "Men and Women Problems!" When they can come together all problems can be easily resolved . The lack of unity within the family creates all problems.

Neither men nor women can live emotionally well without each other. To live well we need knowledge and emotion. Emotion triggers your happiness. What is more important emotion or intellect? God said that it was good after each day of creating. His emotions were stimulated and He experienced great joy.

When Subject and Object are in harmony then there is happiness. When you are happy everything good is included.

Emotions More Important

In the Orient we say Intellect, Emotion and Will but it should be Emotion, Will and Intellect.

The West represents the intellect whereas the East represents emotion. Emotions are closer to religion and in the East people pursue joy and peace. The people in the West pursue knowledge. But everyone should seek for happiness because it includes "Good", whereas "Good" does not include happiness.

Heart is in the center of the family not knowledge. We all love Mother right? YES! What do you prefer, a beautiful mother or a mother of heart? Even if your mother has only one eye it does not matter, what matters is that she has heart. Heart overrules everything.

There is no revolution possible in the realm of Heart. If as a family you are united in heart, then you are a happy family. The emotional content of the family is most important.

All the problems of the World will end when men and women come to together in harmony. Problems can not be resolved on the world level or through social programs. It is the family problem that needs to be resolved. If that is accomplished all "world problems" and "social problems" will be resolved.

Mind And Body Problems

You can not establish World Peace by force. World Peace starts in the family. In your own family you can see many problems. Beginning with the Grand Parents, the Parents and all relatives we can recognize that all have individual problems. All these problems relate back to the lack of mind and body unity.

The mind and body problem is found in the Grand Parents, your Parents, in You and in your children. This is true for the husbands and the wife's side, a total of 16 people have these problems.

World Peace can't be established just on the individual level. Women who have no problem, please raise your hands. Everything relates back to mind and body problems.

Why did God not create a world of love? Without understanding the Fall of Man there is no explanation. Even religious people have problems. All problems start with me! Unless I can resolve my problems I can not establish a family.

If there is no Mind and Body unity there can be no freedom. If you think you are free, freedom will laugh at you.

A building can only be build on plain level ground. When your mind is always fighting your body, you are up and down and go through peaks and valleys. This takes much of your energy and you can not build a proper life for yourself. Because you are constantly fighting a war there is no motivation to do anything else.

All those who seek happiness only find "fighting happiness." If you are fighting a war between your mind and body you are in Hell. When your mind and body are united you are in Heaven. What is our chance of going to Hell? 80% or 20%? You know best yourself . Why does the mind and body fight? If that is the rule of creation then everything else in the world should also be at war and fight against each other.

Christians are going to church pray a little and think they are going to Heaven. They think that Rev. Moon and the Unification Church are heretics. But even God can't resolve the problems unless one individual does it first. Man and Women can easily become one according to

Women always say that they are higher than men but if women continue that way they can not progress. In America the women are up. Is that true?

(One sister responds with a loud "yes")

Thank You! Yes, that is true! After Jesus was crucified, who went to Heaven, men or women? Men went to heaven. Men represent Heaven, women represent Earth. If it was the other way around, the world would be a dark place.

Abide By Natural Law

If women are on top of men, it is against the Principle. Women dominating in the family and society must be corrected, not ignored. We must abide by the natural law before we can prosper.

Men with a heavy beard are wild and strong. Women like that type of men. Men with very light beard are actually not so masculine.

Individuals are in question here. "World Peace Through The Individual" would this slogan be wrong or right? It is right! Unless an individual unites his mind an body he can't unite with other's. World Peace comes from the individual. Hope, Peace and Freedom are found in Mind and Body Unification.

Demonstrations for Peace, Hope and Freedom are of no use. People demonstrating do not know what they are doing. The Unification Church is an important and serious name. We have everything, Hope, Peace and Freedom.

There are many different levels of Unification. From the individual, family, clan, race, nation, world, spirit world and God. If we go through those levels we will have peace on Earth. This is our destiny and God's destiny. But how will we be able to get there if we only fight on the individual level.

There are 5 billion people in the world and half of them are women. At rush hour in New York City an incredible stream of people is on the streets. Impossible to put them in order but at least we can divide them into men and women.

What would our world be like if there were only men and no women? What kind of a world would it be? Many men would not want to go out on the street at night. It would be too scary, they would be afraid of the dark.

What if there were only women? It would be a lot worse, many rumors would be started. There would be complete chaos if there were only men or women.

Love Order

Everyone goes home at night because of love between men and women. This is how the world comes into order. If millions of men are in love with millions of women, there will be no problem. No matter how many people are out on the street with love there is no problem.

What is the meaning of the Blessing? The purpose is to set up a prototype. God needs first a perfect individual and than a perfect family. The standard of that family must be absolute. There can be only one such family in the beginning, if there are two families, one must be fake.

God must have a man and woman prototype. Man represents Heaven and woman represents Earth. Earth and Heaven can come together into unity when man and woman who both have united mind and body come together. That will create True Peace.

Mind and body unity of every individual comes first. If a woman has not created mind and body unity and goes to her husband expecting to find that unity it is not good. The same is true for man.

Which Woman Here Is Perfect?

Any woman who can claim that she is a perfect woman, raise your hands. (NO ONE) Still you have been married and had children nevertheless. That is wrong love but still you claim "your" children and "your" husband.

You so called Blessed Couples could get away with it until now because of ignorance. Men going to the wife's chambers, is that right? Can you really go? You are wrong but still you have an erection and continue. God would want stop you but you still go on. This is a deep sin. The same is true for women. If there is no mind and body unity such behavior is wrong.

If there is no mind and body unity in woman she can still hear, see and smell. Who's ear's, eyes and nose are they? satan's! Our hands are also a problem. During your lifetime how many hours have your five senses been in harmony? One hour, one week, one month? This is a serious question! How many hours of life did you live in unification? It is very important but you do not even think about it.

Internal Unification

In the past only unification of the outside was taught. For the first time Father taught about internal unification. There were so many events in human history but those were only for one purpose, to create one Bridegroom and one Bride. This is straight out of the Bible. Christianity is the religion of the Bride and Bridegroom. The earth provides the Bride and the Bridegroom is provided by Heaven.

Jesus was to create one nation, that was God's desire. But there was no unity by the Israelites centered on Jesus and Jesus was crucified. At the cross were Jesus, the right wing, the left wing, Barabbas and Christianity. Jesus and the right wing became one but Barabbas and the left wing are still enemies. Christianity is in the position of Judaism at this age and America is in the position of Rome.

After WWII England, France and America were to unite and receive the Messiah. Who is the Messiah? One man, Rev. Moon.

No Bride For Jesus

At Jesus time, everyone in Jesus' clan knew that Jesus was illegitimate. The did not believe the Holy Spirit conception and even the children despised Him. He could not get married because no one wanted to give a bride to such a groom. Everyone knew that Jesus owned nothing.

The Messiah comes back the same way, no clan, no nation and no money. God prepared England, France and America and these nations should have received the Messiah. Could they accept Rev. Moon as the Bridegroom at the end of WW II? They did not know anything. Thus God had to let these nations go to satan's side. God could only rely on Rev. Moon.

From that point on it was only Rev. Moon and God, all else was lost to satan. Even now at this time it is more natural to reject Rev. Moon. But whenever people deny Father, satan moves in. satan became the owner of these three nations.

But we can not allow that to continue and must indemnify those mistakes. We can not die. How miserable God and Rev. Moon were to loose everything. Now Father had to go back 4000 years and restore all the historical failures. This could not be done in 400 years but had to be done in Father's lifetime, in 40 years. Father has done that victoriously by 1992. If that had not taken place there is no telling what the world would be like today.

Barabbas and the left control the twelve tribes of Israel. Thus Israel had to give up the land to Barabbas. Barabbas lived and Jesus died. Because the Christians rejected Father, the Unification Church cam about.

Only God And Father

Father had to restore everything in 40 years. From 1945 + 7 years = 1952 to 1992. Father did it in that time. It was only Father and God in the beginning, everyone else was under satanic dominion.

God had to give up all religions. They became useless. Only Father could select three nations again, Japan, America and Germany.

America was fit to be executed so why did Father choose this nation again? Because Judaism and Christianity were represented in this nation. Father hated to do this but there was no other nation like that available. Father had no choice but to choose America again.

The Left and Islam as well as the Right and Christianity must come together and be the bride to the Messiah.

America became the greatest country over the course of 200 years and was on it's highest peak when it won WW II. But when it rejected the Messiah it fell down very fast. God had blessed America because of the Abel type Protestant Movement which was above the catholic church. This was for one purpose only - to receive the Messiah.

Only God and Rev. Moon know the details, but now you know also. Because we know, we have Tribal Messiah qualifications. There is still time to save this nation, we can still do it.

Look at Russia, they are taking over. Father spoke here for 20 years and still the USA does not follow. The Unification Church must restore America. We have worked hard to bring the Left and Right together. This is actually the job of Christianity but they no longer have the authority to do anything.

The Moslem Blessing has the significance of bringing the Left and the Right together. 30,000 were Blessed with representatives from every nation including North Korea.

Divided by the cross 2000 years ago, unification is now reappearing. Father did it all single-handedly. He fought against the USA and won.

Father proclaimed that America would perish. Christian churches are filled only with old people, like a cemetery. Many young people in America but they do not have any faith in their or any other country. Maybe Rev. Moon has the solution for the unbelievers. Only Father could make patriots out of hippies. Father broke down all the walls. Now you can go and witness everywhere. You do not have to worry about being a martyr because you preach the truth.

What was lost at the end of WW II in America was restored again in 1992. Mother has been following Father quietly but now has taken the initiative and spoke 131 times to the Women's Federation for World Peace.

Completed Testament Era

In 1952 the foundation for the Completed Testament Era was laid and now in 1992 we are beginning to live in that era.

Korea, Japan, America, Germany, England, France and Italy again stand in the position together with God. Now the satanic time has been erased and God's time is coming. Now centering on True Family 5 Billion peoples families can be objects to the True Family. Now the prototype is here. Now we can reproduce any number of Blessed Families. Satan made the whole world and especially the families hell. But now it's God's time and all will be restored.

The whole established world is our enemy. Immorality, homosexuality and incest is destroying America. Love and Emotion have become degraded because of free sex. Emotions have been completely wiped out. That is why there is wide spread alcohol and drug abuse. If you use drugs, you are like a car that is being crushed.

People do not even know that satan is behind all of this. Aids can be good if it discourages free sex.

There is wide spread individualism in this nation. Individualism means that I do not need my grand parents, parents, clan, nation and world. After a while suicide will be the only way out.

Those who are opposed to satan the most must be on God's side. Father told America, Communism and even satan that they must follow True Parents. The Kingdom of Heaven appears when Father proclaims this truth.

TM Competition

A library in Heaven was also created. It took God 6000 years to make a Messiah. But now, in a very short time, the Messiah is sending out thousands of Tribal Messiah's throughout the world. It would be good for the TM's to have a competition to see who has the best results.

Focus your witnessing on the mother. Through her you will get to the children. Women in the family are in the mother's position and the husbands are in the Archangel position.

(?)Father chased satan out and now He should receive all those who are older than 16 years. Married couples can now be treated as if they did not fall but just had an early marriage. All children born now can be on God's side and come to Father.(?)

Sun Jin Nim's Mother

Leah and her daughter should have become one and unite with Rachel. The same principle applied at Jesus' time. Mary and Elizabeth should have united and Elizabeth should have helped Mary. Jesus's Bride should have been John the Baptist's sister. Everything should have happened in that family.

Satan caused Sun Jin Nims mother to oppose to oppose Father. Mother should help her and make unity. Father has to make unity no matter what. In True Love there are no enemies. We must love our enemies.

Sun Jin Nim's mother says that there is no one greater that his Father but still she opposed Father. It was her who divorced Father and she admits that. Mother had to restore her path.

Jesus 12 Apostles and 70 Disciples never got married either and we must indemnify that. Actually we have an easy job. Only in the Spirit World will we realize how much we are indebted to Father. How can we ever repay Him. But the heart of Parents is to give freely and forget that they gave.

Do Nothing And Go To Hell

We must restore all families and untangle all fallen relationships. For this purpose Father set up Tribal Messiah's. As a Tribal Messiah you must restore your clan. If you do nothing, you will go to hell.

If you love the children of your enemies, you have done it all. Nothing is more difficult to do. We must never forget how hard Father worked to give us life. (?)Families born in the Completed Testament Age are in a corresponding position to True Family.(?) They must be better than Jesus' Family. He never got married. Jesus wanted to have son's and daughters too. Father has established all positions. He is the Family Messiah, King Messiah, World Messiah and Cosmic Messiah. Father is the root.

Those who are born during Father's 40 year course belong to Father. Especially those between 16 and 33 years of age. Those over the age of 50 are out of the picture.

Time Of Judgment

The whole world will come to connect to the Second Generation Blessed Couples. We are entering the great time of Judgment. This judgment will be based on

1. Truth 2. Character 3. Heart

The Fall of Man took place because Adam and Eve did not follow the truth. We her have received an incredible depth of truth. Satan can not use us because we know the truth. We know not to use drugs because it is satan's weapon.

Even though your character may not be so developed, with the truth we can win everything. We must inherit the Shim Jung of Heavenly Father.

Are you confident? We are now ready to enter the four heartistic realms and the realm of the three Kingships.

Heartistic realms: 1. Good Son (Daughter) 2. Good Brother (Sister) 3. Good Husband (Wife) 4. Good Father (Mother)

Kingships: 1. Children Kingship 2. Parents Kingship 3. Grandparents Kingship What is our motto for this year? "The New Family and Fatherland Unification." The Fatherland is not Korea but the whole world. Family and Clans put together will create the Fatherland.

When North and South Korea will come into unity, the rest of the world will also unite. Both North Korea and South Korea have a Father. But one is a fake. True Father is going up and the false father is going down.

True Parents perfected the son, brother, husband and father positions. Now the only thing satan can do is to disappear from the earth.

Thank you very much.

God Bless You.

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