The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1993

To UTS Graduates

Sun Myung Moon
January 28, 1993
Grand Ballroom, New Yorker Hotel
Excerpt from unofficial notes

UTS graduates should be leaders in the Heavenly Kingdom. A Kingdom needs leaders. The Unification Church is a Heavenly Army, but without leaders an army has no meaning, it is irrelevant. In the human body there are two kinds of cells, red blood cells and white blood cells. Red cells are like the police, white cells are like the army. They protect the body from any foreign invasion. Members of the Unification Church are like policemen, protecting the movement against alien intrusion or foreign elements. UTS graduates are like the white blood cells; they are the army of our movement, the fighters. They have a higher position, a greater responsibility. When the armed forces of any nation, including the U.S., are going down, that country will be attacked. This applies to the human body as well as the Unification Church. Therefore this is the time that UTS graduates must stand up and fight to win this battle.

You have no idea how much persecution Father went through to create UTS. Father won the most miserable battle he never gave in, creating UTS and setting the tradition. Before 1990 students were given full scholarship. So many members sacrificed for your education you are indebted to them. Especially many women suffered and sacrificed for you. They did not sacrifice themselves just for your sake, but for the country, for the sake of mankind, so that you could become a leader in the movement. Father has called UTS graduates here today to reassure you that he looks at you as leaders in our movement, the white blood cells of the body. You are truly the elite for the public, heavenly cause. You are being called to make yourself a sacrifice for the greater victory of Heaven. Now is time for self-reflection, to correct your past, to look at the present situation in your life of faith. What is your future? What should your future be as a "white blood cell?" Father feels a special affinity towards UTS graduates. In the beginning, Father drove 2 1/2 hours every day to see you. If one day he didn't see you he felt something was missing. Father went so often to Barrytown in order to teach the right tradition to the first classes. Father was thinking he has to create path finders with whom he can set up the proper tradition. Now Father doesn't go every day.

The first graduating class has unforgettable memories of Father pushing them into the water to go CARP fishing! Father stayed up all night with the students, making the nets by hand. Father created Ocean Church with the most important purpose of giving you an unforgettable memory, to teach you something about tradition. "Father was with me in the cold, late at night, making nets with me." A new tradition for the sake of posterity. How many of you alumni really value those days? Father was thinking that he had to prepare for the day to provide leadership for a declining America.

America today is now in a very miserable situation but still it must be saved. The young people are dying.

One time Jesus went through a grove of trees, cursing the fruitless tree. Father thinks the same way, walking down the street cursing the lack of leadership in this country. Father's 21 years in America cannot have been spent in vain. When Father leaves America how many of you will bear fruit in America? There is a certain price and sacrifice needed to save this country. Father cannot be here permanently. He must go to Asia, there are 3.2 billion people waiting to be saved. Father wants to know, how many of you will say "Father go. We will become like Rev. Moon and save the U.S." Father's purpose in coming here today is to bundle you up, to bind you together in word, promise and deed.

UTS must initiate to save the America movement. "We will take care of this country, Father." The flame of UTS has been burning. I want it to burn among you. I want you to become the savior of this nation. You were trained personally by Father. No one else can speak that way. You can give the heart of Father to others. Each graduate can multiply himself by 3 people who go to UTS; in this way, the torch shall be handed down to others. With that heart Father has assembled you today. The resurrection among the people of America shall begin with you. Someone has to ignite it. Father is looking to you.

1995 will mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of UTS. By that time there will be over 1000 alumni. These are the forces that will ignite this moral revolution. The good seed must be taken and spread. Father cannot imagine you will be lesser than your own children. You are the inheritor's of Father's tradition and spirit. If you keep that pledge, America shall not decline. You must lead your juniors and your children. UTS is the monument, the embodiment of the spirit. You have to recruit people for UTS and create a volcanic explosion in America. You should think, I will be the central figure for that movement. As much as Father has loved you and UTS you shall love others and UTS. Let's make another great time for UTS. Action is much more visible than your words. Words are cheap, whereas action is expensive. It is what you have done that counts.

This meeting is very historical for UTS. Every God's Day, UTS grads should be reminded to bring 3 people to UTS. Not only students, also give a donation of $10,000/year $7500 for tuition, $2500 for building restoration. People and money. When a letter comes from President Kim, don't complain; you should feel it is an intimate letter. If you don't want to receive such a letter, raise your hand. You can skip 1 meal a day to sponsor a student. When Father went to school he walked 1 1/2 miles every day, saving a 5 cent train fare in order to give to poor people. When Father went back to Seoul he retraced this path he had walked as a student and found everything changed except for one tree which still remained; he went up to this tree and hugged it like a long lost brother. The tree testified to what Father did.

This country is in trouble, the cultural sphere has no direction. The only hope is Father. No one can take responsibility except Unificationists. In order to prepare for this day I raised you. You are the defenders of this tradition. It is the time for action. We have to rouse this country with a new spirit of life and restoration.

Last year Father initiated United to Serve America and completed 2,500 rallies. This year Father wants to reach young people with correct moral values. We have to win the high schools. When the Jewish people left Egypt they should have each taken 1 Egyptian with them. The 600,000 would have become 1.2 million.

If they had done so it would have been a completely different exodus. All of you under the age of 47 are in the chosen, second son position. In 1968 Father installed God's Day, he was 47 years old. He felt so young with so much power then. Today Father is launching a new crusade.

Become an influential person, command votes, become a person who is sought after by your senator and congressman. Have a showdown, turn the tables upside down! When you have correct purpose, you can be strong and make a big commotion TAKE ACTION! Have hope and conviction go around and visit every home as your home, as Father did. Father always proclaimed you should become a good troublemaker. Those harboring big ambition have to learn how to manage your body.

When you do so, Father's foundation will become your realm. 

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