The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Goal of Restoration is to Restore Adam's Family

Sun Myung Moon
Excerpt from Blessing and Ideal Family

The goal of restoration is to restore Adam's family. God started His providence of salvation immediately after the fall of Adam and Eve. However, Cain killed Abel and the providence of salvation centering on Adam's family moved to Noah's family. Centering on Noah's family, God planned to destroy all the people through the flood judgment in order to set up a family which was free from Satan's condition of accusation, and to form a foundation for the providence on earth. This was prolonged again to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, to the age of Moses, to Jesus and to our age today. Therefore, our final goal in the providence of restoration is to search for Adam's lost family.

For what has God been searching until today? He has not been searching for a subject. He has been searching for an ideal object. He has been searching for an object with the internal and external content of the world created through God as the model. What will be the base of this result? It will be a family. Nothing else but a family can represent the universe.

What will conclude the entire history? The final point will be reached centering around all things of creation, parents and children, and family. This is the root of the universe. Without parents, no child can be born. Children who were born of their parents should gain dominion over all things centered on the parents. This foundation will expand at once.

For what has God been searching throughout the six-thousand-year providence of restoration? What did He have to find before searching for a nation, tribe or church? It was a family. In other words, He had to find his reciprocal partner and a family. In order for a nation to be formed, there must be a family. Therefore, what is the origin of everything? It is a family.

Adam's family, which was the ancestor of humankind, was destroyed; therefore it must be restored. Jesus had to come as the unfallen Adam. Therefore, Jesus came as the second Adam. Because our first human ancestor Adam became a fallen ancestor, God sent Jesus as the unfallen true ancestor of humankind, in order to set up the original will. We must search for and find Adam's family centering on this true ancestor.

If we look at the Bible, it says that the first human ancestors fell. When the human ancestor fell, did he fall alone or with another person? (Two of them fell.) That is the problem. Even if there were a fall, if it were only one person, the problem would be simple. If only one fell, God as the Creator could have created another one.

Why will it start from a family? It is because all the incidents started from a family. In other words, it started from the family of Adam and Eve. The fact that we lost God, expelled the archangelic world, lost the world of all things, lost human value, lost human love -- all started from Adam's family. These all occurred because one man and woman met each other wrongly.

The salvation of an individual, which the religious groups, especially Christianity, have had as their goal or as their faith, does not refer to individual perfection, but only to a primitive salvation which represents the start of one stage.

The goal of salvation is conceptualized as a base of one family. By the salvation of a family being the base, we mean a family which can lead the world and take responsibility for saving the world. To form a family of that realm of heart has to be the highest ideal in our life of faith. 

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