The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Opening of Training for Missionary Leaders

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 3, 1993
Kodiak, Alaska
Translator: Zin Moon Kim

Did you study the Korean language? I already declared that from 1990 on I would not speak a foreign language. Those who can understand Korean, raise your hands, please. [No hands are raised.] That means that there is no one who can participate in this international training. If my words are not esteemed throughout the world, unification cannot come. I am the center of the providence, and if you do not become one with the central figure you cannot be part of God's providence.

[Father asks one brother who went to Korea to study:] How much do you understand? (Ten percent.) How many years did you stay in Korea? (Three years.) Those of you who went to Korea to study, how much Korean do you understand? Fifty percent? (Ten percent.) Ha-a-a-a. You are young; you can learn Korean, no problem. How old are you? (Forty- eight.) Too young! From now on missionaries should learn Korean. Do you think that is necessary? (Yes.) Why? (To understand Father's heart.)

[In English:] You are leaders. Why do you have to learn Korean? First, because it is the mother tongue; it doesn't belong to any country. Second, so you can read my speeches directly and understand the contents. There is vast knowledge in them. You as leaders need to know my speeches; you need to read the original book, not the German, English, Spanish or French translation. These foreign languages are not the original book; theirs is not the original content. Without knowing the contents you cannot be a leader.

Until I was forty years old, countries came against me; people from all levels, high and low, opposed me. Now even high-level Americans want to know what I am doing. It is amazing. The age of forty has that meaning. If you are grounded in my knowledge, you will become the center of any country. Therefore, you have to learn Korean.

You are living in the same age as me. You need to know the words I am speaking. God's concept is that there should be only one language. Language barriers are a difficult problem in the Western world. Forget the concept of age. Memorize. Compare your age to my age. Study Korean every night for a year. Memorize three pages a night.

High-level professors throughout the world are now studying my thought and are learning Korean. Suppose they ask you how many years you have been a member of the Unification Church, and you answer twenty years. They will want to know what kind of mission you have had, and you will answer foreign missionary-leadership. Then they will ask you if you read the contents of a speech at a certain place on a certain day and whether you read it in the original book? If you answer that you read it in translation, they will spit. The one who understands even one word of the original will become the center. If they challenge you with one of my statements and you reply, "I didn't know that; I didn't read that," where is your authority and dignity as a Unification leader? You have to have a deeper understanding than high-level professors. Elevate your knowledge.

From now on you have to start to learn the mother tongue. Can you do it or not? (Yes.) How much time do you need: six months? one year? two years? Shorter time or longer time? (Shorter time.) Three months, then? (Laughter.) I permit one year. You can memorize a two-hundred page book in one year. Unifying religion and culture

[In Korean:] From now, God's providence is not centered on individual nations, but on the whole. To bring about a peaceful, unified world, there must be an ideology which is bigger than one nation. Without a unified thought, there cannot be a unified world. We have to be superior to the secular nations and the ideologies they possess. Religion is an ideology which nations cannot control. Until this time, there has been no religion which could lead the world into oneness. In order to overcome the limits of established religions, a religion must appear which can lead all religions into oneness. That is the Unification Church.

All spheres of life-scientific, academic, media, technical-must be overcome by this ideology. The most difficult sphere to win over is religion and ideology. The Unification Church has to face the spheres of ideology, represented by America and Soviet Russia, and religions, including Islam and Confucianism. From laymen to top leaders, our church has to confront religious people. I made World Scripture as a base for unifying all religions. Theologians from thirteen religions came and competed to put the teachings of their own religions into this World Scripture. All religions have fought each other. Muslims and Jews do not sit down together. However, when I initiated such a book, they could come together. Therefore, because of me and because of our church they can have a common service. All theologians and religious leaders understand that without Reverend Moon such a work could not be done.

In 1989, I established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace- the next year, the Federation for World Peace. With these two organizations we can establish one ideal world. To say the words is easy, but to bring it into reality was not easy. By these two organizations, the religious world and the political world can unite into one.

Where are we heading? To the world of peace. A peaceful world is not many worlds, but one world centered on God. Therefore, Godism, or headwing ideology, is needed. Headwing ideology does not belong to me or to any person, but to God. It starts from the ideal of True Father. The phrase "True Father" has appeared for the first time in history. Before this, there was no true father, no true family, no true world. There was just a false father, false family and false world. Every nation needs True Parents. There is no exception. Every person needs True Parents. [In English: "True" means absolute, forever.]

Now the concept of True Parents has been established. This is the ultimate concept for the Christian world. From May 13 until a few days ago, myself and Mother went on a tour of the United States. Centering on True Parents, a completely new age is beginning. [In English: How God has been persecuted throughout history! How miserable His situation has been! Now True Parents have been proclaimed.] This was a historic event. No such thing has happened before. The title of our speech was "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." Every person and every nation should follow the contents of that speech. In that speech, everything is clearly stated. The whole process of restoration is explained, from the individual level up until God. Not only on this earth but also in the spiritual world, we will establish a God-centered ideal world. Centered on True Parents, the absolute individual, absolute family, absolute tribe, absolute nation and absolute world is clearly asserted. Furthermore, it says that we will liberate God. God has been suffering until this time, so without the liberation of God, there cannot be world peace.

Missionaries must be equipped with this ideology. You represent your own nation as children of God. What language would God want you to use? If you use two languages, there will be two cultures, two habits, two traditions. We need to establish one culture. There is one road to establish it, one method. There is one course that leads to the world of peace. There is one tradition.

Give your nation the truth

The time has come when the whole world must be concerned about me. From now on, American Christianity must follow me. The things which are happening in America will affect your country right away. I brought you here to connect the situation in America with your countries. This workshop is very important. You have to stand in the subject position and bring the outside world to the objective position. You have to give the truth which will re-create the nation.

Where can you obtain the resources for your nation? In which countries are the books of my speeches being translated? Organize a committee to translate these speeches into your own language. Unless you supply people with material, how can they be informed? Without resources, how can they be re-created? The only source is my speeches. If you don't do this, your nation will perish.

[In English:] The seventy years of communist expansion began with one book. You cannot accomplish enough just by speaking; give people the book and then discuss it. High-level people will be interested.

[In Korean:] First, you need to translate them into your language. Now is the right time to give out my speeches. After they read the translation, people will want to read the original.

Even if you have been a church member for twenty or thirty years, you have nothing to be proud of. Outside scholars will criticize you. Scholars and theologians have been very critical of me, but they have nothing with which to accuse me. You need to have ability and subjective power.

[In English:] I stand firm as the absolute subject. No one who criticizes me can change me. I stirred up the whole world. People are angry because I said, "You have to follow me." God's strategy is first to be hit and then gain the victory. People talk about a "Moon Mafia" (laughter) or compare me to Khomeini, but without me, no one has the power to wipe out corruption.

After World War II, America lost everything, including the free world. The American secular culture has been spreading across the world. Satan sought to break the absolute family foundation, which is the core of God's providence. People have lost their vertical connection and engage in free sex, forming connections in all kinds of zigzag ways. Grandfathers have sex with granddaughters, mothers with children, uncles with nieces. How much misery this has caused! With homosexuality and lesbianism, society has turned completely upside down. Our mission is to clean it all up.

People look at our international marriages between enemy nations. They compare their families and children to ours, and they see us taking the clear and straight way. Who is standing on a higher level: American people or the children of our interracial couples? (The children of our interracial couples.) Our couples represent the central family system. Last year, thirty thousand couples were blessed. There were sixty thousand people from one hundred thirty-one countries. There were mixed colors: white, yellow, black. However, people got married with the same concept, the same words, working for the same ideal world. After ten years, what kind of world it will be!

After this training, you have to have the same guts inside you as I do. I came to America as one man and stirred up all America. Satan's side thinks I am a bad problem-maker, but God's side considers me a good problem-maker.

Erect the cornerstone and the pillars of the new world. All the preparations are made. Now we have to construct the true world palace according to the ideal family formula, ideal tribe formula, ideal nation formula, ideal world formula, ideal cosmos formula and ideal God. The same formula extends from the individual base to the family base, tribal base, national base and worldwide base to God. When we follow this vertical way, connecting with God and the spirit world, to work horizontally will be no problem.

You are God's children. Should God's mind and body be unified? Is your mind fighting or unified? (It's on the way. Laughter.) When will you reach unification? (Laughter.) On the way!

Make up your mind and tell yourself, "I am a representative of True Parents." Work for individual perfection, family perfection, tribal perfection and national perfection. Be a good influence on the nearby nations, overcoming boundaries. Teach headwing ideology, combining right wing and left wing, centering on God. This is not my concept but God's concept. The Unification Church is the church of all humankind and God. Set up the vertical connection, centering on true love and the principle. Set up your house and your tribe.

Will you do it? How many years will it take you? What kind of foundation have you made? Is your situation today the same as it was ten years ago? Are you asking for someone to help you, or are you determined to march on forever?

In spite of all opposition, I am still marching on. People did not want me to do it, but look at the result: True Parents and the Completed Testament Age have been proclaimed to lawmakers. They have to follow.

The conditions are established

[In Korean:] Now all the conditions are made by which we can push the world toward God's goal. If I go to Washington, D.C., everyone recognizes me. Will you do as I suggest?

There are three groups here: missionaries, American regional leaders and Unification Theological Seminar graduates. In addition, we have special guests. Dr. Lee is the second member of Mother's trinity and works with the Women's Federation for World Peace. She has a Ph.D. in education and will go before Mother, connecting with the Eve, Archangel and Adam nations.

We must establish internal connections and march forward. I will send Adam country representatives and Eve country representatives to your countries. You represent the elder son, and the leader of your country represents the younger son. You should unite and work together with the representatives of Adam and Eve countries, setting up the family system with Cain and Abel. Then there can be no corruption. Parents and children cannot separate. Brothers cannot separate. Such a system applies worldwide. The three archangel nations (the United States, China and Russia) cannot take Eve because of its connection with Adam. There are now five thousand Korean-Japanese blessed couples.

I have been continually talking with American members for more than twenty years, trying to raise up the archangel spirit. America has no ownership. It lost the family concept. These satanic concepts must be cleaned up.

[Edited for Today's World, based on a transcript of the tape and unofficial notes by a workshop participant. Father's voice was often nearly inaudible while speaking in English, and the content of such passages can be only partially presented.]

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