The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Declaration of Return to the Home Country

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 1, 1993
Tarrytown, New York
Translator: Sang Kil Han

The word "Israelites" means those that are dedicated to standing on the heartistic foundation of God, in the realms of lineage, ownership and heart. Therefore, they must be set apart and dedicated to God. The mission of the Israelites is to live with God on the individual as well as the family level. Simple as that may seem, it will automatically expand to tribes, nations and the whole world.

Adam and Eve were God's second generation. God was supposed to be able to dwell with the third generation and call them His own, but because of the fall this did not materialize. God has to restore the third generation from the fallen world.

High ideals

How lofty are the aspirations of the spirit? The spirit wants to attain the greatest heights possible. Both men and women want to be the best in the world. How can there be eternal peace and happiness if each individual wants to be the highest? Because of the fall it looks as if there can never be peace, happiness, nor the absence of struggle. Since we lost God at the fall, the proper solution to this aspiration is to make God our own.

We reach as high as we can go, and at the pinnacle we find God. Should only one person be eligible to attain that point? The question is how every human being can reach that point. There must be an immense sphere, encompassing both the highest pinnacle and the greatest expanse. Everyone has lofty ideals, and the universe is big enough to encompass all of them. The ideal is to become as tall as possible, as wide as possible, and as long as possible in order to embrace the huge universe.

Like our aspirations, God's embrace extends to the far reaches of the cosmos. God says to us, "You can have as much as you want." Our thoughts and desires have to expand, and we must have an object through which we can accomplish our goals. Through give and take between mind and body, we become bigger. Through give and take with our spouse, we become even larger. There is no limit to how much you can expand.

You may think you have achieved a great deal as an individual, but there is an even further realm for you to reach. God is embracing the universe, so you should at least be able to embrace your spouse. Suppose there is a woman whose mind is so narrow that she chases her husband out after one year. Compare such a woman to the universe, which is so big that it can embrace anything. Would the universe respect her or laugh at her for being so small? [Father makes a spitting noise.] It would despise her.

The ladder of love

For each person there is a ladder enabling him or her to reach true love. How many steps does your love-ladder have? If you say, "I care only about my family," you have attained one step. If you say, "I care only about my own country," you have climbed two steps. Don't American people typically limit themselves to one or two steps? Some don't even go one step, because they don't have a family. God has a ladder of love, too. We want to take after God's ladder of love.

If your mind keeps stretching and you can act on that expanse, what you encompass becomes your property. The bigger your thinking and the more you can carry it out, the greater person you become.

Man and woman should become one so they can expand their realm and embrace a larger area. The man's eye and woman's eye, the man's mouth and woman's mouth constantly have give and take. Mind and mind, part and part revolving, so excitement. As we go round and round, we are excited and uplifted.

Do you fight with your spouse in the morning? When you get up, do you think about what you want your spouse to do for you or what you can do for your spouse? Between man and woman, which one wants to be served by the spouse? [Male voice: woman!] When an American woman sends her husband off to work in the morning, does she expect him to come and kiss her, burdening him, or does she run to kiss him? Which one? You American women: which one? Does it take so much effort to move a few steps to kiss him, instead of asking him to come and kiss you? When a husband comes to work in ecstasy, floating on the clouds because his wife came and kissed him, the office people will notice. If there are three or four people in the world like that, the world will become a different world-Kingdom of Heaven.

If you want to be able to expand or contract at will, you need this. [Father huffs and puffs.] Did you know that the earth itself expands and contracts? It is never the same size. It expands and contracts, like breathing.

All things in existence need not only vertical but horizontal deployment. You can test this theory-take something that you love very much, give it to someone, and see how much more joy you get out of it. By giving, multiplication begins. What you keep to yourself does not multiply. If you give with a true heart, the recipient will want to return to you something bigger. Then, of course, you want to return something even bigger.

Seek to give rather than receive

The country I am speaking about needs both upper and lower spheres, right and left spheres, and front and rear spheres. The country encompasses individuals, families, property and hundreds of thousands of years of history. Here on earth we have to be concerned about three major things: food, clothing and shelter. In the spirit world, there is no need for these. According to your level of achievement, you have enough to eat and wear, and a place to live in the spirit world. You cannot go below or above the realm which you deserve. If you want to reach a higher place, you have to go through the necessary steps.

Certain groups of people are more frequently on welfare. Whatever the reason may be, they are people who work less than others. In the spirit world, however, there is no welfare. People may think that they can receive money without working and be well off. However, no matter how much money you get for free, you will never become well-to-do. If somebody gives something to you, you should return something, or at least serve them.

Those who love to receive and hate to give will end up in a dark realm of spirit world. Those who join the Unification Church for personal benefit will drop away when there is nothing more to gain. In contrast, those who join the Unification Church with the desire to expand it will never perish.

New emphasis: home country

Now I am declaring the return to home country. Home country is naturally bigger than homeland. Many homelands will make one home country. Three years ago I declared homeland. Now I am declaring home country. Did you go to your homeland? I said tribal messiahs should go and serve God in their homeland.

[Father writes on the blackboard.] First is land, second ancestors, and third, living with God. This is our homeland. God must have the land upon which He can love Adam and Eve and where they can live with God. However, this process did not happen because of the fall. Now we must go back and do it. We must return to our home country with our tribes. Both here on earth and in the spirit world, we must bring our family back to the country. We cannot go alone.

After forty years in the wilderness, the Israelites returned to their country. When Jesus lost his body [from this point, Father gave the rest of his sermon in English], the Muslim world took over the home country of the twelve tribes of Israel. The loss of Jesus' body represented the loss of the blessed land.

Kim Il Sung said, "I am the father." Reverend Moon says, "I am the father." The parents separated into two blocs, and the fathers fight. How can they combine into one? Not by pushing power. My mission will be accomplished by surrounding Kim Il Sung, Satan's [chosen] father.

No one opposed us

In Texas, David [Koresh] was fighting the government with weapons. I stood up. All American leaders proclaimed: "This is a dangerous time. Father, don't do that." However, this is our chance, the time and place for resurrection. Do you understand? [Translator: Where there is death there is also resurrection.] Reverend Moon, the real Second Advent, marches on. You can analyze which is the good one, and which is the bad one.

Members objected to me talking about the Completed Testament. I spoke the truth. The fifty-state rallies were victorious. Not one man stood against us. High level people are going down, down, down. Compared to them we are going up, up, up. Ultimately we will surround the Christian world. Who did it? Not Father only. Mother too. This is the victorious foundation. No one can deny us this. Not Satan, not any country, not any organization. Our concept embraces every kind of historical concept.

Where is America headed?

The world is a dungeon of hell. There is no cooperation. The world tells American people, "Yankee, go home." Do American people have a home? No home. Husband and wife don't have children. They are separate, sad. Homosexuality is the terminal point of secular humanism. This is homeland? American people themselves don't like that. I proclaim that kind of concept WRONG!

Everywhere I visit, the older people turn around. They know where this country is heading: to the dungeons of hell, to rolling perishment! Ask American people, "Is there hope for your country?"

I stand here as the central pillar, in the elder position. Americans lost their parents, their family, their nation and their world base. They want to take everything freely. [Father makes spitting noise.] This is the reality in America. I went to the main cities to cast a heavenly bomb. A new age is coming to America. I made the rally on Capitol Hill.

No matter how proud Americans are, they are going down a dead-end road. America doesn't have the real family system. America doesn't have the real nation. I have the formula for both. The grandparents are in the position of king and queen of the past, the parents are in the position of present king and queen, and the next generation are the princes and princesses. The family system is set up centering on True Parents' ideal. The Completed Testament is coming. The sun is rising all over the world. All creatures receive light from the sun.

In America everything that is alive will prosper, center on True Parents, and connect with one center. This is not a concept. There is already a victorious foundation in fifty states, blessed by God. Bring in the roots this morning and connect to True Parents. The individual kingdom foundation, family kingdom foundation, tribal kingdom foundation, and national kingdom foundation will be centered on God and True Parents.

August first is a memorial day

This ceremony is on the first of August. We are starting again. This is a memorial day. Now is the Unification Church's time. The sun is rising.

People can compare and choose. Unification Church members cannot compare with secular people. American people don't have tribes, so I made tribes.

After World War II, Christianity should have taken the Christian concept and occupied the whole world, unifying it under the slogan, "One world under God." From the beginning the purpose of the Christian world was to establish one world under God. Who is the owner? The Second Advent. The Second Advent is God's side, the true son king, the true family king, the true tribal king, the true national king, the true world king and the true cosmic king. God has all authority, and He bequeathed it to the Second Advent. He is the owner, fulfilling the real purpose of the individual. He is making the real family, real tribe, real race, real nation and real world. He is making the real cosmic king's victorious family foundation.

God is following not America, not Christianity, but Reverend Moon. When everything was lost, I had to reclaim True Parents' position. There was no easy way. Satan occupied four thousand years of history. I had to reclaim it. It was a heavy mission, to restore the individual, family, nation, world. How serious a situation it was, you don't know. Mother doesn't know. The children don't know. I had to make a highway for the world.

Who owns that foundation? The first owner is God, the next owner is me, and the third owner is true mankind. No matter how much people oppose my teaching, there is only one way for the world to move forward. When did you pay indemnity on the individual level, tribal level or national level? You didn't pay restitution even for the individual base. I did everything. Why? This is the parents' mission. Adam and Eve made mistakes, so payment must be made by parents.

God made a foundation that never changed. We have to make that kind of absolute system and teach that concept. The parents' mission is to restore the Old Testament (all things) and the New Testament (children). The Completed Testament means parents, and based on parents, property is decided. We must restore all things, restore children, restore parents and restore God's position. This is the kingship of parents, and from this kingship will emerge true childhood and peoplehood. True Parents represent the authority position, connected to the original family of Adam. We represent the vertical height and horizontal breadth of the ideal world, centering on true love. We represent hope.

Plant God's seed on earth Since you also have that individual value, you can start making that kind of family. Be a tribal subject, a national subject, a world subject and a cosmic subject. Mankind inherits God's living seed and can plant it on earth, horizontally making God's children, God's seed on earth. The bigger family has the most blessed foundation. When the conjugal heart, the parental heart, the brotherly heart and the children's heart become complete, they form a sphere, representing God.

The fruit of everything is marriage. God originally created everything centering on love. Man represents the east hemisphere; he is half completed. No matter how handsome he is, man needs the opposite partner, the woman's hemisphere. Man is the representative of God, who has the life seed.

American women say, "I don't want to marry, but I want to have a child." Why did American women come to that kind of miserable situation? Incest. The American family system has turned upside down. The grandpa occupies the granddaughter. For a woman to receive that kind of treatment is worse than anything. [Father makes spitting sound.] She says, "I don't like man." The grandpa has sexual intercourse with his granddaughter or his niece. She casts aside her parents, grandparents and brothers, saying that she doesn't need them. She is against men. But she cannot live alone. When the woman absolutely doesn't like men, or the man doesn't like women, the comforting partner for the man is man, and for the woman is woman. In this way, incest leads to free sex. How can you call that the original world?

The homosexual man puts his "stick" in this hole. Think about it. [Father spits.] The sexual organ is the most precious place, the love palace. Palace means "the starting house." The original starting house must not change. God wants to dwell in that center. It is the connecting root for the ideal parents, ideal family, ideal nation and ideal world. By falling, mankind lost that and lost everything.

When the woman meets the man she feels an exciting power in her mind and body. When she touches the man close, there is a connecting current, an electric power. Centering on love, man's life and woman's life connect. Man and woman are blessed to be one body, centering on love. The sexual organ is the love palace and the life palace. In that life palace you connect with happiness; you connect with the nation. It is the place of true parenthood, true ownership, true teaching. You can freely connect in sex intercourse in the unified, ideal couple's world.

When man and woman's body and mind mix, their lineages mix and connect into one. With shooting power you conceive children. During her first experience of love the woman feels stimulating, high-level excitement. "Ah-h-h-h. I am happy as a que-e-e-n!" The man says "I am as happy as a king!" All five senses focus here: pf-f-f-f-f! After such a course children appear. Here you find formation, growth, perfection.

The tide is changing

The true language ultimately makes up the true cultural background, true habits and true lifestyle. It takes three generations to make a complete change.

No man can deny that my words are correct. When you go to the spirit world you will find the exact concepts I am teaching. Americans talk about freedom and being joyful. I am telling you to become an ant! American people like dancing and joking. You don't want to be an ant. You are proud of your cultural background, but you don't have a value system. The Japanese always occupy everything. You don't have ownership, because it is changing to the Eastern world. The tide is changing due to heavenly destiny. This time compares to the Korean War. The spirit world is coming, so I am pushing.

Universal existence combines both vertical and horizontal dimensions. America doesn't have a vertical pillar. Americans need ninety degrees and Koreans need ninety degrees. They should combine. Germany, Japan and America were enemies, so they should make combinations with each other.

People have horizontal and vertical characteristics. The mind is vertical and the body horizontal. There is only one central, vertical position, that of true love. True love is the royal pillar. It takes the subject place forever. If you take such a position, everybody will automatically connect with it.

Home nation is our purpose

I sent you back to hometown. Hometown is not our purpose; home nation is. The Israelites had hometowns, but they didn't have their home nation. They needed to connect to the Messiah to found their home nation.

America represents the Christian world because it inherited the Israelite family system. However, after World War II they did not connect with the Second Advent. For the first time in history, the real husband was in this world. He appeared in order to find the real wife. The unity of Cain and Abel is the foundation for the bride's position. After World War II, England was in Eve's position, America in Abel's position, and France in Cain's position. Anglo-Saxons connected with England founded America. Eve, Abel and Cain were planted on the individual level, and the harvest was on the world level. The enmity between mother and son and between brother and brother bore fruit on the national level. England fought America, and England fought France. However, during World War II they became Allies. God made the fruit. On the other side, Japan was Eve, Germany was Adam, and Italy followed, like an Archangel.

The Old Testament contains the promise of the Messiah. The Israelites had absolute faith in that promise. Elijah, the heavenly-side Cain, came to clean up the way for the Messiah. Elijah ascended nine hundred years before Jesus in a fiery chariot to heaven. Then John the Baptist came in the heavenly Cain position, and all Israel could have followed him to the Messiah.

Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah, meaning that he himself was the Messiah. The Old Testament portrayed the Messiah as a powerful figure, a king. Jesus was the son of a carpenter; they did not see that as a messianic position. Also, everyone knew that he was the fruit of illicit love.

Who was Jesus' father? Christians say that Jesus was born to a virgin. Without man is it possible to conceive? [Impossible.] Who is Jesus' father? [Zachariah.] Who taught that? [You did.] Several times in six months I said that. Who is Jesus' father? Zachariah.

Now America is in the Cain position, Korea is in the Adam position, and Japan is in the Eve position. Japan and Korea were enemies, and Japan and America were enemies. Do you like Japan? [Silence, then laughter.] Do you like Japan? [Yes.] Forty years ago they were your enemy. The Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament centering on God made a new foundation. I am in the bridge position between the secular world and heaven. This is God's secret, not mine. The owner is God. Centering on true love, everything becomes complete. The Messiah stands as the owner, inheriting everything. You can inherit ownership by following the formula way. Have absolute faith. Those who analyze everything to see how it can benefit your viewpoint cannot endure indemnity. Get rid of your concepts and connect to God's side. Follow Adam's way. Follow the Eve nation. Don't just follow but dedicate yourself to Japan and the Adam nation. Take the servant's position.

The corruption of God's ideal

You don't like it when I say that America and the Western world stand in an archangel position. The archangel position didn't have partnership. Free sex denies partnership and disconnects people from the family system, losing grandparents, parents, conjugal love and children. Satan takes people to the dungeon of hell. The mission of the satanic archangel position is to destroy the original ideal base, corrupting the ideal of creation. America is the exhibition hall of free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism. One generation can wipe out humankind. If Satan makes all humankind crumble, even God cannot remake the ideal world.

American husbands say, "I cannot go back home. My wife is like a devil." Parents cannot go home because their children took over ownership, like a devil. People completely deny their parents. Satan made this foundation.

Christianity received so much persecution throughout two thousand years. They achieved prosperity. After World War II, America was in the king's position of the free world. It held the leader's position, enjoying great prosperity and absolute ownership. This one independent nation should have formed one world under God. It had a glorious, valuable position. After World War II, the victorious free world turned back to Satan's side. The Korean War represented a complete breakdown. How could one small Korean guy connect to all the world? Nobody could believe it.

Regardless of the opposition, the Messiah is correct in God's viewpoint. God's side is hit first and then takes over. For forty years, every individual, family and nation opposed me. Did America or any nation say, "We will help and follow Reverend Moon"? No. Pf-f-ft. After Danbury I ascended into heaven, just like Jesus. Now, seven years after Danbury, that position is restored.

The proper positions

The American government denied me, but it will ultimately recognize me. It cannot oppose me forever. Is my way declining or prospering? [Prospering.] Will it end or keep marching on? [Keep marching on.]

America and the Christian world failed to make the worldwide bride foundation, chasing me into the wilderness, like Jesus. John the Baptist did not connect with Jesus, so he lost everything. Jesus went to the wilderness, and the nation of Israel was chased into the wilderness, too.

Cain and Abel must combine and connect with Eve. This is the time of the Second Advent. All nations will become one, making one world under God. For the first time in history, religious and cultural backgrounds will unite to form the national base for the ideal, peaceful world. Those countries have to unite with God's side and connect to the Messiah.

In this country, man is in the archangel position. Centering on man in the fallen position, people cannot find the Messiah. Man's fallen position keeps people from finding the ideal world. American women deny archangelic men and pursue free sex. In American families, women are like queens, grasping all the power in the family. The husband is like a servant, saying "I want money. I want to spend this much today." The angel gave Eve that authority.

The true husband went through training from World War I to World War II. But women did not meet the original husband and chased out the Second Advent. Now the second generation in the Christian world oppose God. After World War II there has been a vacuum in the free world. God permitted it. Kh-kh-kh! Satan corrupted God's ideal. Americans like sexual jokes. Satan completely occupied this territory. No one can take a stand against that kind of phenomena. People deny the nation, the society and the family.

Did I sit down and disappear after that release from the dungeon of hell? No matter how much I was pushed down, I didn't die but was lifted up. For seven years the Western world opposed this new world. During the seven years I made the victorious foundation.

Stand at the zero point

The crossing point between the two worlds is the zero position. To stand in the center you must have no concept. The Japanese women need to say, "I am not Japanese." If you are recognized as a Japanese woman, think of that as being connected to Satan's tradition. The same applies to Americans too. When people ask if you are Jewish, say that you belong to the heavenly race.

The zero point is the place of change. Those who are off the zero point are Satan's type. Those who are completely on the zero point are God's type. Even one percent difference distinguishes between Satan's world and God's world. No matter how difficult your situation is with fallen ancestors, unless you reach the zero point and pass through it you cannot connect with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Don't say, "True Parents never taught me." I am teaching the correct system. How can you take the individual viewpoint, family viewpoint or tribe viewpoint, as opposed to the cosmic viewpoint and God's heart? If you lose everything, will you blame your difficulty on me?

You have to realign yourselves and make a complete foundation. True Parents are raising the vertical ladder which fallen people need to climb. Keep looking up. It's fearful, isn't it? The only straight ladder is True Parents' ladder.

On April 10, 1992, women representatives gathered from seventy-two nations in Seoul for a victorious conference. From there we proclaimed women's liberation all over the world. Which direction should liberated women take? Mother's way. There is only one way, and Mother is following me. People change their minds and change the color of clothes they wear. Everywhere Mother goes she wears pink. Wear the color pink, and connect with Mother.

There is one women's tree. Mother is the central root and central trunk. [Father draws on the blackboard.] Satan has a deep root, but Mother's root is deeper. If you connect with that, growing will be no problem. For the first time, the world's women are connecting with my teaching. All women ultimately need to connect with Mother. Their lines are thin and they need to connect with Mother's big line. Women all over the world connect to the Women's Federation for World Peace. It is the most powerful women's organization in history, because it connects the providential viewpoint to women's organizations.

When all womankind comes to God's side, they represent one woman. God looks at all humankind as one woman and one man. Man represents the archangel position, the woman Eve's position, and I the husband's position. This is the horizontal expansion of the family foundation.

Expansion of messiahship

The center of the nation is the family. I sent out tribal messiahs. The foundation to stand as a tribal messiah is the family messiahship. The family messiahship is the formation stage, tribal messiahship is the growth stage, and national messiahship is the perfection stage. This is horizontal restoration, connecting family, tribe and nation. The world "Messiah" is the trunk position. There is one trunk position. That is my position. I made the original victorious trunk: the family trunk, tribal trunk, national trunk and worldwide trunk. It expands horizontally as Mother connects with all women.

After World War II, the Christian world was standing in the heavenly archangel position. The Christian world was in the Abel position and the free world in the Cain position, making preparations for the bride, the queen, the owner of the earthly palace. However, they opposed the Second Advent, following the pattern of the Old Testament Age.

In 1992, Mother made a victorious foundation, a national base, as she fought to digest the Christian world. This year she extended it to fifty states. No one stood against Father and Mother. This means that the lost archangel is now welcoming Eve and the Second Adam.

The American archangel is following Mother, restoring the original situation of Adam, Eve and the archangel. Now the archangel is being influenced. In the US capital, True Parents and the Completed Testament Age was proclaimed. Next it will be proclaimed to all the embassies, restoring the lost foundation after World War II centering on America. The free world will come back to me again.

Go to the senators, representatives and ambassadors and explain this. American couples should contact organizations that can teach this kind of concept. Otherwise, American families and the American nation will disappear.

Do you have my guts?

This is the crucial confrontation. Japan and Korea are making noises. I say, "I don't care." How about you? Are you connected with me? Do you have my guts? Huh? Huh? Do you have my guts? You did not cross the forty years of wilderness. Centering on me, you will restore the home town and home nation. We have to build the nation. Restore your personality, your dignity and your position. You have to complete your tribal messiah mission and then register in the heavenly nation.

Through the women's organization, Mother embraces the children. Once the center is set up, to embrace children is no problem. From now on, women have to take this position and connect with the original husband. Your husband is in the archangel position. The children stand in the position of Adam's seed, connecting to Eve. When Cain and Abel unify, they can connect to the Father's position and become one with True Parents' family. When the mother and children welcome the Messiah and completely follow him, they can be blessed and move to God's side.

The worst fallen archangel did not overturn my victory. Father and Mother are the center. At the time of the fall, the archangel took the mother to his side. Now the archangel must connect to the Eve nation and help it. Mother goes in September to Japan. On Capitol Hill, the fifty states of America welcomed Mother. If Japan goes against that, Japan will be a barbarian nation. Those who don't know the Christian concept are barbarians.

Japan should combine with Korea. The Archangel, Eve and Adam nations should combine. Who made the separation on the Korean peninsula? America and Japan. America represents God's archangel, China the Asian archangel, and the Soviet Union the worst archangel. Those three archangels, along with Adam, want to occupy Japan. I am the original husband. I surround those three archangels and ask, "What are you doing? Do you have ownership?" Only I can make a peaceful world. They cannot unite in their opposition to Japan. The outside world cannot deny the actions of the Unification Eve. The secular world will disappear. [Father spits.] Eve, the archangel and Adam will connect in an unbreakable partnership.

The starting point for the new nation

Korean women are the elder sisters, the Japanese women the younger sister, and the women of the world the youngest-three generations connected by one line. The women and children combine to form the family foundation. For the national foundation, Mother and the archangel connect with the Father. All individual, family and national foundations will connect, and South Korea will be stirred up, centering on me. Ultimately, North Korea will be no problem. Satan, the fallen archangel, will connect with the heavenly archangel position, centering on America, Red China, and Russia, and Eve's country. Their position is getting narrower, while my position is expanding. Unless he follows me, Kim Il Sung will pass away. China says that after Kim Il Sung dies, they will no longer recognize North Korea as a country. Through this kind of phenomena we can unify the Korean peninsula.

Go through Satan's side, through Cain and Abel, and through the fighting world. No matter how severe the situation in front of us, we will pass over. You have to have that confidence and that determination. Today, August 1, commemorates that determination. After July, all this area [Father writes on blackboard] is turning. Eve is the center for Cain and Abel. The archangel follows Eve, and then the Eve nation and Adam nation connect. Today, August 1, is the exact starting point of that nation. This is the parents' world and the Completed Testament age. The world will welcome me and the Unification Church, and within several years, the world can be put in order.

We have to save the nation. Today's motto is, "New Family, Independence, Home Town." Every country will follow our example, and there will be no persecution. I am making a three-level organizational system. You need to be trained according to that orderly system. You have to have tradition, education and action. Carry out God's tradition and True Parents' tradition, connecting with God's viewpoint of history. Following my example, you have to construct something yourself, without help from anyone. Be independent, and then help others. Don't take a debtor position. No matter how difficult it is, add something to the heavenly side every day. Follow God's tradition working and adding to the other side. Then you will be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven.

For the sake of the nation, we march on. The mission of blessed couples is to form the ideal nation. How important the tribal messiah mission is! Without connecting with this mission, you cannot stand on the earth world or spiritual world. After you complete your tribal messiah mission, you have to register as citizens of the nation. How big your tribe is will connect with the happiness you will possess forever in the heavenly world.

Children connect with Parents' foundation

True Parents made a proclamation and got the victory in fifty states. Shouldn't children connect with the parents' foundation? In the twelve cities where I spoke, True Parents' children have to inherit that tradition. Especially in the three biggest cities-New York, Los Angeles and Chicago-they should proclaim what True Parents taught. My children, as the Abel-position children, will now take that role. You, as Cain-position blessed couples, should connect with that base. In this way, families in the Cain position will connect with families in the Abel position and True Parents' family to make a worldwide foundation that will eliminate Satan's settlement on the earth. Your couple and your children have to do this. For the first time I am teaching that all blessed couples have to go this way. This is the tradition that the family, nation and world have to follow.

Centering on Father's family, four blessed children and their families-representing East, West, South and North-will make a sacrifice. No matter how difficult the situation of their family is, they want to protect Father's family. You have to obey the principle, sacrificing and dedicating yourself one time without complaint in order to protect Father's position. If you don't have that kind of tradition, you have to set it, centering on True Parents' blessed couples. The Cain-side blessed couples have to inherit the tradition through True Parents' family blessed couples. From there you will automatically connect to the direction of twelve tribes and seventy- two elders. Otherwise, you cannot enter the world of the Israelites.

No matter how hard you worked in the past, the final purpose of the tribal messiah mission is to save one hundred sixty people, representing the one hundred sixty nations (like the one hundred sixty nations that participated in the Seoul Olympics and the one hundred sixty member nations of the United Nations). At the time of the Seoul Olympics, all one hundred sixty nations passed the period of indemnity, centering on True Parents.

No matter how difficult your situation is, you have to live in your hometown three more years. Why three years more? You need to eat and digest the elements from the original land. Like a child, drink the water and eat the food there. That is Abel food, not Cain food.

Did I end my work here in a diminished way or a victorious way? [Victorious.] Now you clearly know the way. You have to save your children and your husband, connecting them to True Parents. With that victorious foundation, you can connect with the country, the original ideal world.

[The translator prayed, and then Father invited everyone age fifteen and older to East Garden.]

[Edited for Today's World.]

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