The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Returning To The Home Country

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

These are excerpts taken from the sermon given on August 1, 1993 at the Belvedere International Training Center in Tarrytown , NY. The translator was Sang Kil Han.

Why is there struggle

When can we find eternal peace and happiness? Looking from our own perspective, eternally it is not going to be possible. This is the logical deduction that we will reach. Then people will say that there is no such being as God, but they are missing the one very basic fact: humankind fell. That is why it looks as if there will be no peace or happiness. It looks like there will always be struggle and competition, but it is due to the fall that we lost God.

Principle of creation

Through give and take of mind and body, an individual becomes bigger and then takes a spouse. There is give and take between the two of them and this results in something larger, and so it proceeds. There is no limit to how much one may expand.

Going to work

In the morning, do you fight between husband and wife? When you get up in the morning is your thought to do something for your husband or to have your husband do something for you? This is a very practical problem. Between man and woman, which of them wants the spouse to do more for them? Would that be the woman or man? When an American woman sends her husband to work in the morning, does she stand somewhere expecting her husband to come and kiss her before he leaves, therefore burdening him, or does she run and kiss him to send him off? In the former case, this is a problem and the husband is going to have a long and perhaps difficult day. Does it take so much effort to move a few steps and kiss him? If you go to kiss him to send him off he will go off dancing and flying to begin his day. Such a husband, a "floating-on-the-clouds" husband, will cause his fellow workers to wonder about him. If there are two or three or four persons in the world like that, the world becomes the Kingdom of Heaven.

How to receive joy

Share your most prized possession with someone else and see how much more joy you receive. It is because that is where multiplication begins. If you keep something for yourself it does not multiply, but if you give and share then multiplication occurs. If you truly give with a sincere heart then it will be returned to you even bigger. If we give with a willing and happy heart, then when it returns it is much bigger. Then you want to return again, even more than you received.

On spirit world

Do you think revolution is possible in the spirit world? Do they demonstrate there? Why would demonstration be necessary in the spirit world? The difference between this earthly world and the spirit world is that here we have to be concerned about three major things: food, clothing and a place to live. In the spiritual world we do not need these things because they are given. According to your level, you have enough to eat, wear and a place to dwell. In the communist world they artificially made up classes, but in the spiritual world it is very rigid and very fair. You cannot go below or beyond your rightful place; whatever you deserve is what you get. If you want to reach a higher place you have to go through the steps necessary to reach it.

In the spirit world, the notion of welfare does not exist. Welfare means even though you are not working, you are receiving money. In that status you will never become rich, because if someone gives you something then you are expected to return it. We must see that if we only like to receive but not give, then we end up in the spirit world which is dark. If somebody joins the Unification Church in order to receive benefit from the church, he will eventually drop away when there is no more benefit to be had. But the one who joins the Unification Church with the desire to make it bigger and better, as does Father, automatically goes to the spirit world that he or she deserves and will never perish.

Jesus' body

The Israelites' purpose in coming back was to establish the country. By losing Jesus' body, God lost all the tribes and the tribal land. Through the loss of Jesus' body, the Israelites lost the lands of the twelve tribes. These lands were distributed to the Islamic world. Israel lost its land when Jesus' body was lost and ever since has been fighting with its Islamic brothers.

Seize the time

America's capitol city has been very powerful, but they did not inherit the time. The owner of the time has power, and can inherit the way of the future. Act with decisiveness. People who seize the time have all the power. Now America is diminishing and going the way of death, straight down to hell. However, it won't die. From whom did it receive its new life? Look around. It wasn't from the Christian world.

Our society

Does any American have a home? To have no home means to lack parents. They don't have husbands, wives, or children. Everyone is separated. So everywhere in America we see hippies, homosexuals and lesbians practicing free sex. This is what they have. Does this give rise to hope? American people themselves are not happy with it.

Returning Jesus

From the beginning, the purpose of Christianity was to create one world under God, but they did not know who the true owner was to be. The true sovereign is not the American president nor the English king, but the Lord of the Second Advent. He is the king as a true son, as a true father, a true leader of a tribe, the true national leader, the true world leader, and the true center of the cosmos. God had authority on every level. He bequeathed it at the Second Advent, when Jesus was sent to earth to work through him.

Faith, truth & love

God's ideal for Adam and Eve never changed. Like God, it is absolute and unchanging. Unification thought teaches absolute faith, absolute truth and absolute love. Absolute faith is the way of the Old Testament. Absolute value, centering on human value, is from the New Testament age, and absolute love is revealed with the Completed Testament Age and True Parents' mission. The Old Testament represented the creation (all things). The New Testament represented the children and the Completed Testament represents parents.

Why we marry

God originally created so that man could connect to Him through love. Why is it necessary for man and woman to love? Man represents the eastern hemisphere, which is only one half. Therefore, no matter how famous he may be, he needs the opposite part of himself.

American women have the idea that they don't want to marry, but they still want to have children. Why have American women come to that miserable conclusion? Because of incest. The American family is completely confused. Centering on the man's line a grandfather may misuse his daughter-in-law. He thinks that sexually misusing his granddaughter is no problem. This is worse than the conduct of animals.

Women abused in this way will absolutely not like men. Grandsons are abused, too, as well as nieces. No children like being abused. As they grow up, they will reject everything. Therefore, children come to feel they don't need grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters or children. Through this breakdown of family morality and ethics, men and women come to hate one another. This leads to homosexuality and lesbianism. Men take comfort with other men and women take comfort with other women.

Where did this phenomenon of separation begin? This all began with incest. It is the result of free sex. How can people affected by this return to the original world? All these people feel that love is the enemy, that love is destructive. Think about how terrible is the very act of homosexuality. Animals do not behave in that dirty way. The human sexual organs were originally to be the palace of sacred love, the center in which God wanted to dwell.

When a virgin man and virgin woman meet for the first time, there is an exciting electric power in their minds and bodies. Touching each other, that current connects them. Love is the only way for there to exist a connection between man's life and woman's life. Otherwise, their lives cannot connect. A man and woman who have received the blessing can connect as one body. East and west can connect in one global position. How wonderful this is!

For a woman, her husband is her absolute truth. For a man, his wife is his absolute truth. How do you like that? Is that okay? Maybe you don't need True Love, saying, "I don't like women, but I want True Love." The man who thinks that way will never find love. It is only from your True Love partner that you can find love.

Men and women's minds, bodies and blood make oneness, and this is the place where the creation of children occurs. In this act of exchanging ownership and occupying each other, there is high level of excitement for both man and woman. A woman feels, "This is the highest level standing. I am a happy queen!" The man thinks, "I am a happy king." All five senses, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting and feeling, focus on one point. A wave of True Love passes through both partners and afterwards, children appear.

Jesus' course

The Old Testament promised the Israelites that the Messiah would be sent to save them. The Israelites absolutely believed the Messiah would come. However, all the Israelites believed that Elijah would come down from heaven in a fiery chariot before the coming of the Messiah. John the Baptist was Elijah; Jesus understood this although no one else did.

Centering on John the Baptist, the Israelite nation could have united with the Messiah. At that time the Israelites didn't know that. Crowds gathered all around the nation, causing a stir and making a problem for the Roman government. That phenomena was taking place in the provincial territories. Jesus told them that John was Elijah, but he could not convince them. The Israelites responded with, "He wants to become the Messiah! He is the king of the devils." Without John's testimony, they would automatically accuse Jesus of heresy. They eventually did exactly that.

Not so far away

The noise of the outside secular world, no matter how loud, will disappear. The original purpose is that Eve and Adam unite. That partnership doesn't waver anywhere or anytime. This is Divine Principle's original viewpoint and nothing can change this. The time for this fulfillment is not so far away.

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