The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

We Are the Kingdom of Heaven for All Things

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 20, 1993 Kodiak, Alaska

Originally mankind didn't need these kinds of major holidays, but we need them because of the dispensation of the restoration of history. Without the fall of man, the entire physical world and spiritual world would have been totally united centered on true love. There would have been only one celebration day-the first one and the last one-True Parents' Day. In that ideal, God would have become our vertical parent and the True Parents our horizontal parents. With both vertical and horizontal parents, the spiritual and physical worlds would have been totally united in true love. When the vertical father, who is God, and the horizontal parents, who are True Parents, meet and unite in one central, ninety degree angle, each individual family can orient themselves around them and have the same kind of relationship with God and True Parents.

Just as in heaven there are many different levels, in the physical world there will be levels of hierarchy, from the family to the clan, tribe, nation, and world levels. However, since that pattern was not established, the dispensation of restoration was needed.

The three providential ages

The Old Testament Age was the preparation period for receiving the Messiah, and when the Messiah was received, the New Testament Age started. Therefore, I established Parents' Day first, upon the completion of the Old Testament Age or national level foundation, in 1960.

At the consummation of the New Testament Age and the new beginning of the Completed Testament Age, I proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. This is like circular movement, returning to the original point of establishing God's ideal. Of course, in the meantime, I established Children's Day and Mamul ui Nal, or Day of All Things, and God's Day. By establishing God's Day, on January 1, 1968, I established the condition in this physical world to conditionally receive God.

Today is the thirty-fourth Day of All Things. If God's dispensation continues to progress this way, by the year 2000 the entire world will be under God's dominion. All nations will follow the tradition that I set, because they will gradually come to realize that there is no alternative for this decaying, sick society but to follow my tradition. That day is not far away.

The proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age makes your families tremendously valuable and precious. The family encompasses parents, children and all things. Just as I established Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day on the worldwide level, each of you should be able to establish those days in your family and completely unite with God. Otherwise, we cannot build the ideal world-the Kingdom of Heaven on earth-which God desired in the beginning. We must be able to create families that show the total unity and harmony and beauty which God desired in the beginning when He created Adam and Eve.

God is revealed visibly by True Parents

Husbands and wives in particular must be able to inherit True Parents' tradition and implant it in your family, demonstrating an exemplary life. You may not be able to see True Parents' family in this physical world all the time; however, when you join the spirit world you will be able to see True Parents' family on a horizontal level continually. God is our vertical Father, but He is revealed only through True Parents, because in True Parents' heart is where God dwells. Therefore, through True Parents' heart, you will be able to connect all the families in the world on the horizontal level.

Even when you join the spirit world you won't be able to see God. When God created the universe, He created all things first and then Adam and Eve, because God wanted to show Himself in this physical world through all things. God created Adam and Eve as His hyung sang and wanted them to dominate this entire world and bring the result back to the spirit world. The same thing will happen when True Parents enter the spirit world. True Parents will have God dwelling within themselves, and in the spirit world you will be able to view God only through True Parents. Just as true love brings our mind and body into unity, true love is the only factor that can bring God and human beings into total vertical and horizontal unity.

Therefore, where true love is, there is God. Where true love is, there is eternal life. Where true love is, you can enjoy eternal happiness and peace. In the spirit world, True Parents' family will be totally united with God, since God will be dwelling within the True Parents. You also have to establish that kind of exemplary family unit in this physical world, because without experiencing a true love relationship between husband and wife, you can't find true, eternal life, eternal happiness, or true ideals. True love has the power to bind together the whole cosmos.

When you know these truths, can you fight with your husband or wife? Can you think of falling in love with anybody besides your spouse? When God created His children, there was only one man and one woman. Nobody else was around. You must be able to create and establish that kind of perfect, harmonious family in this world. If you can't become an object to that kind of standard, you will be in big trouble when you join the spirit world, because the standard of the family unit in the spirit world is so high.

I sometimes hear of fighting between husband and wife in which the woman, because she is more muscular and strong, beats up her husband. That's not the Principled way. To be perfectly centered on true love, you absolutely need your object. The object is crucially important. Before you can even think about true love, you must focus on developing the subject-object relationship. To attack the subject- object relationship means to go against the universal power and God's ideal. Therefore, the only place where true love can settle comfortably is not in a man's mind or a woman's mind, but where the man and woman experience perfect harmony and unity.

When you create such a relationship between husband and wife, you can declare that the entire universe resembles you and resembles your family. As we learned from Divine Principle, all levels of plus and minus -from atoms to minerals to plants and animals-are totally united, not because of any kind of force, but centered on true love. True love is the key. Because we need true love, we need subject- object relationships; because we need true love, we need the family unit.

The word "family" already includes children and parents and all things. In your family, once husband and wife unite as parents, your children will revolve around you as the planets revolve around the sun. Your children will be circling around the parents, and then all things will revolve around your family, just like the universe. What is the chain that connects all these elements? True love. True love is the only power.

The goal of all things

Throughout the universe, all things exist for the subject, the center. The center of the entire world is human beings, so all things exist, develop and progress for the purpose of serving human beings, who are at the center, like the nucleus. For example, when you eat breakfast, you must think that you are eating love-the original love which God put into all things at the time of creation.

Everything that we take in fulfills its purpose by being eaten by a higher dimensional being, a human being. In this way it makes a quantum leap from its horizontal level to serve the higher level of love, taking the vertical route of love back to God. Of course, when all things are taken by human beings, they are happy because the human being's purpose is higher and because through them they fulfill the higher level of love.

All things want to become part of the cells which feel love, because they are the most sensitive part of the human being. Which part is that loving part of the human being? The sexual organs are where man and woman become totally one with each other and one with God. Because of the fall, those particular parts have been considered as the worst and dirtiest, yet they are the most holy places. For both men and women, when the love gate is open the entire world is open; when the love gate is closed the entire world is closed. In other words, the opening of that gate determines happiness and peace. Where do you expect God's true children to be born? From those organs which are totally united with God and centered on true love.

Of course, all things want to be part of that particular section of the human being's body. However, once there is total unity centered on true love, not just that particular part, but the entire human being's body becomes like that particular loving organ. Your mind and your body and all your cells will be totally united and join in cheering Mansei. The purpose of all the created things in this world, from the smallest particles on up, is to become a portion of such a holy body and reach the level of unity and harmony that will eventually lead them to God Himself. Each of the one hundred seven or one hundred eight elements in this world is heading for that goal. Just as human beings don't want to die for no reason, nothing in creation wants to die unless its death serves a greater purpose. When particles and atoms are taken in by higher things, for them it is like they are going into the Kingdom of Heaven. That's the definition of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Again, the final goal of all things is to reach the spot where husband and wife experience total unity centered on true love. That is how all things can set a condition of contributing their portion of responsibility toward building the ideal world, toward making this entire world totally united with God.

When the wife puts on makeup and wears beautiful clothes, she is seeking to elicit a good feeling from her husband and build unity with him. Husbands seek to be attractive for the same reason. The same principle applies to all things in the world: they do things to please human beings and create unity with them.

Then why has the world of all things been crying up to this point? Because they lost the base upon which they could reach the Kingdom of Heaven. Even in the Bible it says that because of the human fall, man lost that base, so all things are crying. That very base upon which the Kingdom of Heaven was supposed to be built for the sake of human beings and all things was destroyed. Therefore, the dispensation of God's restoration had to begin and has been continuing.

Serve the public purpose

When you know these principles, you cannot bring anything or any money that was illegally or unethically obtained to provide for your wife or children. It's a sin. If you do that, your body will start shrinking. To do that is worse than forcing poison into your children's mouths. Therefore, you must learn how to respect public life and public things.

In the world, and particularly here in America, individualism is rampant. However, it is very important to develop this public concept. Satan has been running away from this public concept and forcing everybody down to the individual level, or individual ideal. However, God takes the individualistic ideal and extends it to the public and worldwide level, in order to reach the central point, chasing Satan out in the process. Satan got kicked out of the worldwide level and went down, down, down, finally to the individual level. Once he gets kicked out of this individual level, Satan will just disappear. Sometimes on a fruit tree, unhealthy fruits will fall before they get ripe, while the ripe ones remain until the end, ultimately producing new seeds for the next generation.

You must learn a lesson from this. Suppose you are working for a company, a private company or a public company, and you steal some things-money or whatever-in order to try to provide for your family. That is a manifestation of fallen nature. You can never run away from fallen nature. In contrast, you should try to bring valuables from your home to serve the public purpose. That is how you can get closer and closer to the Kingdom of Heaven up in heaven.

Don't be ashamed in front of all things. They all have eyes and feelings. They are looking forward to reaching the Kingdom of Heaven through you. However, when you misuse public things, they know the road is blocked.

Your eyes, nose and mouth are part of one system, representing God. What you take in through your mouth helps your eyes, nose and ears survive. Breathing air through your nose keeps your mouth, ears and eyes alive. If your eyes were fixed in one direction for eternity, you would not be able to survive. However, your eyes have the ability to move around in order to help protect your entire body. Every organ of your body exists for the sake of the entire being, not just its particular section. By the same token, each family exists not for itself, but for the sake of all families. Therefore, we must not destroy the entire base where the Kingdom of Heaven can be built, as was done before. That's why all things have been crying until now. We must not repeat the same mistake.

All things, human beings, and God are all one system, not isolated existences. God is the axis around which parents, children and all things revolve. That's the way they form the pair system. Then, does man need woman? Does woman need man? To say that the entire universe is created because of true love means that everything is connected to you, not separated. All things are as close to you as a strand of your hair. When you scrub your skin, sometimes you see the dirt and dead skin rubbed away. New skin grew and the old went away.

In the Old Testament Age all things were sacrificed. In the New Testament Age the children were sacrificed, with Christians being martyred. In the Completed Testament Age the parents are sacrificed, because parents have been heartistically burdened and have endured much suffering. You can see the chain reaction: for the sake of children, God sacrificed all things, for the sake of parents God sacrificed His children, and for the sake of God, True Parents have been sacrificed heartistically. That's the way they all became one. Therefore, the responsibility of the parents' position was so difficult. We had to attain an even higher realm of heart than Adam and Eve. Think about the course of indemnity True Parents had to walk up to this point, going through the levels of the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world. In order to reach a position higher than that of Adam and Eve before the fall, we had to go through such a difficult course of heartistic indemnity. That path was so thorny that it can be called the "heartistic cross."

This is the first time I have ever explained this to anybody. On this thirty-fourth Day of All Things, I want you to know that we are the Kingdom of Heaven for all things. I could explain this only because I already proclaimed the True Parents and Completed Testament Age.

America and Japan used to be enemy countries, but because of the love relationship and unity between one Japanese husband and American wife here, all things can look at this beautiful couple and cheer Mansei!

When you open the gate, open it wide so that nothing is in the way. Unite your mind and body, build unity between husband and wife, and raise your true love flag all the way to the Kingdom of Heaven up in heaven. You should each make such banners of love.

With its homosexuality and drug abuse, America is like a garbage bin or toilet bowl. Even to think about it makes me angry. Darwin's theory of evolution doesn't fit. For the sake of love, men and women die. For the sake of love, parents or even children can give their life. Even the absolute and omnipotent God cannot disregard the law of true love. God has to respect and obey the law of true love. Who is higher, true love or God? God is lonely without an object; therefore, God created human beings as the object of true love. Man alone feels lonely, woman alone feels lonely. What are they looking for? Man goes after woman, and woman goes after man. Even grandfathers and grandmothers hang onto that loving organ to sustain their life. Father and Mother do same thing. We all do that. Nobody can dismiss this kind of universal law. This is the law of the universe, which is eternal. Everybody has to obey it, whether you like it or not. When we know this principle, do you think America will survive if it continues the way it is going?

Man's love-organ is a one-way street; it seeks after one particular thing, wife's sexual organ. How can you make the foundation to connect with everything? Through the most important organ of a man or woman: the most holy place, the love palace, life palace, blood lineage palace. When you understand this very precious principle you can produce precious children. They will be princes and princesses in this world and the spirit world. They will become the bridge upon which God will walk to rebuild the world.

Do you understand that the Kingdom of Heaven for all things is right here with you? Some people may think that for a church leader to talk about the human sexual organ is not good, but you need a clear understanding of the truth. When you have a complete understanding of the significance and preciousness of your sexual organ, you will recognize it as the origin of the love palace, the life palace and the blood lineage palace. If you accomplish this task, you can go into the Kingdom of Heaven directly without any trouble. However, if you have any difficulty in doing that, then you are in trouble.

Heavenly love-making

The secular world now is giving a lot of sex education to the children, so I want to ask you a question this morning. When you make love, who has to have the upper position, husband or wife? Among American people, most of the time the woman takes the upper position. Because the man is usually heavier than the woman, it may seem easier for the woman to be on top. If you want to do that, you have to think about God, heaven and earth revolving, and maybe today it is your turn to be up. That way you are following the Principle. Another question: when you are about to make love who takes the lead? The man shouldn't just take initiative and put his organ into the woman's organ, but when the woman is ready, she should lead the man's organ into her organ. The man can't see the way. When the man is ready to act, if he goes alone into the place he is like a robber; the woman should take the lead and bring him in and receive him. That's one of the reasons why husband and wife shouldn't fight. If your wife is still upset and doesn't want to lead you, there is no fun.

In lovemaking, there must be absolute unity and harmony. If you really have an urge to hit your wife, she can say, "Just wait one minute and after we make love, if you still feel like hitting me, then go ahead and hit me." However, after the lovemaking, that feeling will be gone. That's the medicine that can cure any kind of disease. It's true. No matter how angry or upset you may be, just be patient for several minutes and make love. Then all the negative feeling will be gone. It is truly a panacea, isn't it?

On this Day of All Things I am giving you a holy talk, but actually it's the truth, and we are dealing with it in reality. Therefore, when husband and wife make love, you can make any kind of noise. You can be noisier than the pigeons. You can make noise like lightning and thunder, and it's okay. Up to this point, this kind of sex has been considered dirty or shameful, but when all humanity truly understands and accepts sex as precious, enjoyable and holy, what a wonderful world we can have! When that time comes, the children will hear their parents making noise at night and that will be their sex education. You can tell them, "When you grow up and live with your wife, you can make that kind of noise too." It's natural, open education. That's much more effective than the sex education that is going on right now.

Do you understand that all things are waiting for the real owner to arrive, touch them and eat them, or whatever they want to do? From particles to atoms to minerals, all things have a long way to go in order to reach God. Plants are eaten by animals, which are eaten by man in order reach God. Therefore, we should have pity on them. We should comfort all things. When you have perfect, harmonious love- making with your wife, you can tell all things, "We did it for the sake of you." Then all things will be happy.

Now you understand why all things have been crying. After my talk today you can go out and to relate to all things with a fresh feeling. You can see the preciousness and usefulness of all things. Even poisonous snakes, which may be harmful to human beings, have a medicinal purpose. Snake meat promotes health and vitality; in addition, it makes men more virile.

Salmon are examples of true love

One of the reasons I love salmon, and king salmon in particular, is because of its bravery. The king salmon travels all five oceans of the world and comes back. Even without adding salt or any seasoning, you can roast it and it is tasty. You can't even imagine how brave the salmon is.

Salmon leave the river of their birth and return to exactly the same place in four or six years' time. After Adam and Eve's fall, it took six thousand years for mankind to return to the original place where they fell. Just like humankind, salmon make such a circle. The salmon have the concept of returning to the original love place, making love in the same river and same spot where they were spawned. For the sake of their offspring they make love and they die.

They sacrifice themselves for love.

The Unification Church is like the love race, following such a concept. If asked whether they are willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of their children, not many people would say yes. When you catch a king salmon, you can tell the fish, "I am sorry to catch you, but I will use you to serve greater purpose." Think about how wonderful such a world is. Unification Church members must inherit this kind of concept. The salmon's final destination is not a comfortable place; rather, it is a cold place which people don't particularly care about. Silver salmon even spawn in the winter weather of December and January. Nobody likes cold weather, but when I consider all the facts about the king salmon and other salmon, I think the Unification Church members should love the salmon and learn lessons from them.

The word "salmon" can be interpreted as "salvation Moonie." Therefore, I hope that all Unification Church members take after salmon, particularly blessed couples. Suppose husband and wife go out together to the ocean, catch a beautiful salmon, and say to it: "We are sorry to catch you today, but we have a greater purpose. We want to emulate your lifestyle and even sacrifice our life for the sake our children and for all of humanity." If you mount the fish and place it where you can look at it, every time you see that fish you will be reminded of those goals.

Think of God as a fisherman with a fishing pole, trying to catch a human being. Suppose I am the king of the king salmon, and God is trying to catch me, following me everywhere.

Think of America as big and strong like a whale, and think of me as the king of the king salmon, hunting and striking this big whale. King salmon vs. the whale: what a match! That's the way I am trying to awaken this country America. It is like the battle between David and Goliath.

The preciousness of your family

On this special ceremonial day, please remember how precious your family is. Through your family, heaven and earth can be united and harmonized. The world of God's original creation would have prospered naturally without any negative element, had it not been for the fall of man. We would have been able to join the spirit world naturally, without being concerned about restoration. However, we still have to restore ourselves and the entire world.

In order to serve me and follow my footsteps all these years, Mother had to pay tremendous indemnity. Your task as a tribal messiah is nothing compared to what Mother had to do and what True Parents had to do.

Please build happy families and raise your children properly. Your family must serve grandparents, even if you don't have your own physical grandparents. In the future, I may distribute some Oriental grandparents among your families. To form the ideal family model, three levels must connect as one. Three generations-grandparents, parents and children-must be united to form the four position foundation. This is the formula course. Satan destroyed this formula course, so I rebuilt it. Satan knew God's ideal; that's why he separated parents and children, destroying every level.

Now America has come to know my value. From today again, Mother is resuming her speaking tour, and soon she will speak on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The time is not far away when the royal palaces in Great Britain and in Japan will welcome Mother. Those two countries, like Cain and Abel, will hear True Parents. Then the world will be restored.

Actually, America has the key to restore this entire world. However, if America rejects me, I will go to Moscow.

Therefore, I am giving you the blessing to build a beautiful family where God, all things, and all people will long to come and dwell. This is the blessing on this particular Day of All Things from True Parents. Will you do that?

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